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 Cosmic Self2005-07-26 00:03
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Upwinger, on FutureHi, via Bird on the Moon:
In the end, evolution on this planet will have been the growth of an immortal spark of Divinity from an invisible evolutionary trigger to a hyperspatial Entity with complete mastery of Space and Time.

What began as an implicate order tightly knotted into the subquantum fabric of reality will end as a fully explicate architecture of dazzling supernatural complexity, an interplanetary flowering into Deity.

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26 Jul 2005 @ 18:20 by astrid : Ming,
right on! : )  

27 Jul 2005 @ 15:28 by scotty : Absolutely Flemming !!

actually - I couldn't have said it better myself !! *wink*  

28 Jul 2005 @ 17:50 by whistle blower @ : flu wikie
Unless a flu pandemic gets in the way.  

28 Jul 2005 @ 17:52 by whistle blower @ : flu wikie
hmm, your software strips urls - so fluwikie.com + paho.org/English/DD/PIN/perspectives22.htm  

2 Aug 2005 @ 20:17 by astrid : Paul,
Connection refused!.....  

11 Aug 2005 @ 23:36 by ming : Cosmic Self
Works now. Ha, Paul, the world is small. I didn't even notice. Haven't gotten around to paying much attention recently. A great piece!  

19 Dec 2014 @ 20:16 by Kalin @ : sYrevzIyMOlShQInLhY
Interesting article. It is exretmely unfortunate that over the last several years, the travel industry has already been able to to deal with terrorism, SARS, tsunamis, influenza, swine flu, as well as first ever true global economic downturn. Through everthing the industry has proven to be strong, resilient along with dynamic, locating new methods to deal with hardship. There are always fresh troubles and the possiblility to which the field must once again adapt and reply.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 11:58 by Saputra @ : XwcizFQyicojBnCcLAo
Oh my! This sings to me! Your blog post was such a lovely surpirse in my in box this morning! Made me want to get my watercolors out it is so inspiring! I absolutely love this! After years of computer illustration I just washed my windsor newton series 7 brushes and got them all conditioned I'm ready to go! I will look for your tree of life ceramics these are beyond stunning!  

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