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 101 Things to Do2006-05-17 18:01
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by Flemming Funch

This is the idea. One makes a list of 101 things to do over 1001 days. Things to do that are realistic, but also stretching. I.e. something you want to do, or that would be fun to do, but which you wouldn't necessarily get around to doing otherwise. Carving an ice sculpture, skinny dipping in the Carribean, put money in random parking meters that have run out, stay up all night and finish a book, ride the metro from one end to the other. And you'll have 1001 days to finish the list, which is about 2.75 years, which is plenty of time, so one doesn't have to be stressed about it. And it might be small or big things. One chooses oneself.

Apparently a lot of people are doing this, and I think it is a cool idea. Putting on your to-do list to do senseless life-affirming things that make you feel good, and which stretch your boundaries a bit. You can find a list of people's lists in the sidebar of that page. There are people who build their blog around the progress with their list. Like 101 Things to Do.

Hm, personally I'm a bit ambivalent on making a list like that public. Not that I generally mind sharing my thoughts with the whole world, but somehow I find to-do lists more intimate. Mine would probably be more politically incorrect than my normal blog writing. But it is inspiring to see what other people want to do.

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1 comment

28 May 2006 @ 23:23 by ming : 101 things
Seems like some people launch their list without having finished it, so I guess you can just put in on the list.  

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