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 Thingamy2006-11-19 21:30
by Flemming Funch

Thingamy. This is what it says on the site:
One single system to run your business.

No need for other enterprise software nor middleware.

No need for hierarchies nor information tree structures.

No need for management to run the workflow.

Enter the future at your own pace, start small or big.

Refine your business model and processes continuously.

And yes, you're not the first to utter unbelievable, bollocks, bullshit, etc. under your breath.
We like that, leaves us only one task: Prove that the system actually works.

Would that not be kind of cool if we did?
And what is it? Well, it is a piece of software, which apparently one can model any kind of business process in, very quickly, and then you have the application to run your business right away. So, seems like you can create your Enterprise Resource Planning system in a few hours, and it would do ordering and accounting, etc. It is based on some kind of object-oriented, rules-based database thing, that is also a webserver, with an Ajax interface.

I watched the introductory video. Which indeed shows that you can do something like that very quickly, and one gets the idea that it is basically made of simple building blocks. But it is also very complicated to do, as it was in no way clear how exactly to do it, and the components weren't really explained.

But this is the kind of application I've tried to write several times. A universal application with simple building blocks that lets you create any kind of application, and it is operational right away. But it is very hard to make something that really is universal. And if you more or less succeed, it might be very hard to explain it to anybody. Which might become the problem with this Thingamy thing.

It doesn't seem to have been released yet, so I can guess it maybe is hard to get all the details right. And maybe it promises too much. It sort of implies you can create your business based on this. Focus on the value you offer, and Thingamy will easily take care of all the details. Of course it isn't quite that easy.

But I'm looking forward to seeing where it is going.

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12 Dec 2006 @ 12:09 by ming : Thingamy
Hm, you're right, the site seems to be down right now. And, yes, that would be in France, around Nice.  

20 Apr 2016 @ 19:17 by Journey @ : YYUdbsTQGyKhblpeIXj
It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and provides prgisatamdc solutions.  

21 Apr 2016 @ 02:02 by Takeo @ : EAXhUgkNFiHcazWPi
This piece was cogent, wenltwrit-el, and pithy.  

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