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 Le Web 32006-12-12 21:43
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I hadn't paid good attention, but yesterday and today has been the Le Web 3 conference in Paris. I see many people I know and normally enjoy to listen to in the speaker list, and it sounded like the kind of tech conference I would enjoy going to. ... But, reading some of what people are saying in their blogs, it sounds like something went awfully wrong. The program was changed in the last moment, some people were bumped and replaced with several politicians who delivered political speeches. Most notably Nikolas Sarkozy. Ha, yes, everybody in France knows who he is. The top cop, tough interior minister, candidate for the presidency, and one of the most hated figures in France. Allowing him to speak at a cool tech conference is an obvious disaster asking to happen. Read an overview of commentary on the conference, and links to more, from Tom Morris. Sounds like my friend Loic LeMeur screwed up there. He was the main organizer, and, well, I would normally have expected him to be more savvy than that. Looking around at the various blog comments on the conference, it sounds like pretty much everybody hated Sarkozy, and they're pissed about having the conference they paid for highjacked for political purposes.

....[Later:] Loic has a long post responding to the criticism and giving his take on it. I think I agree with him. It is worth the risk to open up a conference like that to the outside world, including politicians. Like, Shimon Perez also attended and apparently gave an inspiring speech, and good things came out of that. As Loic said, the main mistake was maybe to not ask for feedback from the audience before changing the program. Most people would probably have said "Go ahead". Bloggers hate not being part of the process.

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13 Dec 2006 @ 13:41 by ming : Friend
Not really. Oh, I don't know him very well, but we say hello when we meet and I normally have quite a bit of respect for him. Loic is pretty much the most well-known French blogger, gets around a lot, and normally has his finger on the pulse of what is going on.  

14 Dec 2006 @ 02:14 by Greg @ : French are nothing but haters
French are nothing but haters anyway. Loic is a great guy and I respect him a lot.

He has so much hate from french suckers. He needs to move thats what he needs to do.  

20 Dec 2014 @ 03:03 by Ronald @ : hJocfoFRex
Scoble,I'm sure your salary has gone up. From what I hear and from ppolee I've spoken with that have worked at MS, they are notoriously low paying compared other IT companies.Anyway, you've not really said anything about why you're online 24/7. So you can chat with your friends? What does this accomplish that a phone call cannot do. So you can see them over a web cam. OK. Big deal.I have times when I never want to talk with ppolee, don't want to see them, hear from them, even give them the opportunity to contact me.I have a funny feeling that one day you will somehow regret making your entire life a fishbowl. Life is meant to be shared, but there has to be a modicum of privacy along with that life.Scoble, I suggest you try what Wil Wheaton did take your family on a vacation and stay off the grid for one week. Take a mobile phone, but only use it for emergency use. Stay at a hotel or B&B that doesn't offer the Internet. No TV. Read the newspaper in the AM over your coffee. Talk with your family. No extraneous distraction. I'll bet your wife would thank you immensely for the undivided attention.  

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