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 Slow Mo Flow2011-02-01 00:05
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I had kept in the back of my mind the memory of the best feedback anybody ever gave me on my blog. I hadn't made an effort to remember exactly who said it or what they said, but I remembered the core feeling of it. But now that I suddenly decided to find it again, I had quite some difficulty doing so. My blog doesn't have a search on feeling. But finally I found it. It is from this article: The things to do. It might well surprise you that I think it is the best comment I got, because it certainly isn't the most glowing praise I've received. Lots of people have said some very, very nice things about me, and I'm happy for it. But this was more about providing an insight. In this case an insight into how and why I write. This is the central part of the comment from lugon:
I don't think I'll spoil any secret if I say something of what's in Ming's writing. It's just slow mo! Just imagine a bike running across the fields: it leaves many small curves untouched. Ming just takes it slow and so his bike touches all those small curves. Which is interesting, considering it looks like he's at full speed all the time.
That rang a number of bells for me. Nobody else has ever described it like that, before or after. I love writing, or rather, I love when I manage to express something real in writing. I don't do it very often. I've actually done it rather little in the last few years. When I get away from it, I have a hard time finding the path again. I might make attempts, but it just isn't right. But when it is right, it is like that. Freezing the moment and describing everything that's in it, while simultaneously being full speed ahead. It is really just being mindful of the experience one is having. But I want to live there more.

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1 Feb 2011 @ 20:08 by eduardo : introspection
Every time I zoom in, I miss out. How is it that I seem to expand my consciousness as I go deeper in my thoughts?  

1 Feb 2011 @ 22:16 by ming : Looking
We sometimes miss the difference between frozen thought and live looking. If you're busy looking at a neatly packaged thought from the past, life might pass you by in the meantime. If you're engaged in actually looking at what is here, unfolding, you can keep going, to any depth. Consciousness expands from the looking, not from the thinking.  

5 Feb 2011 @ 15:39 by a-d : Andrius, here .....
( in the field of ) Agriculture / Sustainable farming/living ....this fits indeed into all those directions where the Game has to go --IF Hu/Mankind wants to survive! Survival (of the Fittest /Game/ --as it was labelled long time ago, though it has NOT made it possible for anyone to survive!..... The PATH to survival: to Life Ever Lasting STARTS at the the line of SUSTAINABLE LIVING... and its earmarks are to work on broadening the buffer zone between Living well and dying slowly to ever wider and safer and surer etc! ... like having an ever bigger "For A Rainy Day" !!! and THAT is what learning Life MASTERY is all about!.... That Path is long and windy today!.... so much today to UN-learn at every turn!... and starting all anew on the SUSTAINABLE path is the KEY to LIFE . and it all starts here:
and here: http://www.yesmagazine.org/new-economy/social-investment
and here: http://www.heavenlyearth.net/

Sooo good to see you again Andrius! been thinking of you every once in a while...thinking "what ever happened to Andrius???...."  

5 Feb 2011 @ 21:24 by ming : Figuring things out
Cool project, Andrius. Essentially, patterns for figuring things out, which might open the door to a reusable pattern language of some kind, right?

I have occasionally said that I like to collect patterns. But I'm not much of a list maker, so it is maybe more that I enjoy them when I experience them. Anyway, I'll try to think of some more.

For the financing of your project, have you thought about sites like: http://www.kickstarter.com/  

7 Feb 2011 @ 19:12 by a-d : Ahhhh... no....
it is not me... I do not know Dervaes family personally. Here is more though.... absolutely wonderful! You might want to add this into your Collection of Games that will change the world into a better place!...:)

at oe point I ran into Nahrada's site ..coz... I know Wibowo and the Wiser Earth idea from a few years back ...

Thanks for the link. though this link works better : http://transitioninaction.com/profile/FranzNahrada

Be 'Cool' and stay warm !!!... *l* smile! :) hugs/A-d  

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