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Tuesday, March 30, 2004day link 

picture picture picture Looking at FunHi, I don't even get what it is. I must be getting old. The Wired article explains it better. Or at least they talk about the more interesting feature: the ability to give others virtual gifts that cost real money. So, first of all, FunHi is an online community and hangout place. It is social networking software. It seems to target people around 20 who like to talk like gangstas all the time.

There is a gift store, which allows people to buy gifts for people they like. Which mostly means that guys will try to attract the attention of the girls who've uploaded the most enjoyable bikini pictures. The gifts are simply a small GIF file with a picture of something. Like flowers or a private jet. The gifts start at 1 cent. And there's nothing wrong with the gifts that cost 1 or 5 cents. But, somehow, the social dynamic of showing a list of who gave what gifts to what person, and them being listed in reverse price order, means that some people will be very motivated to buy the expensive gifts. Like the $14.99 jet plane or the $30 credit card. Remember, they're just GIF pictures. You don't even download them. And, remember, you pay for them with a real credit card.

Now, why didn't I think of that? I must be too honest.
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 Corporate Weblogging Elevator Pitch
picture Weblogsinc.com has a contest to come up with the perfect elevator pitch for corporate weblogging. You know, you're an enthusiastic weblogger yourself, and you think your company would draw great benefits from developing a weblogging culture, and now you're incidentally alone with the CEO for a minute while going up the elevator. What exactly would you say now that you have his full attention?

Judith Meskill is organizing the contest. I'm one of the judges, so I won't be submitting anything myself. But if you have an interest in corporate blogging, and you think you know how to present your case, go and fill in your submission.

You can find some tips about elevator pitches here or here. Some very good advice, if you ever have anything to present to anybody.
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