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Thursday, June 3, 2004day link 

 Where Social Networking needs to go
Marc Canter on Broadband Mechanics, via Quickdraft Blog
Though explicit social networking could be considered the hot new trend in software today, it is a solution without a context. Only by placing digital Identity, social networking and web services into a particular context – can their full potential be exploited.

Next generation on-line communities will combine all their predecessor’s features (message boards and blogging/RSS) with a timely relevance to individuals and particular groups of people.

What’s been missing from social networking up until now are the activities and transactions that should follow once people have found each other!
Yes! So we can find each other - then what? It is not that hard to find each other any longer. But then what do we do? Send e-mail to each other? We could use better ways of existing in the same space as a bunch of other people, and sharing things we need and want to share, without over-simplified approaches like us having to join the same forum on some proprietary site. We need ways of not having to worry about the details. I should be able to concentrate on what I'd like to share with who, and from whom I'm interested in what, rather than having to bounce around trying to end up on as members of the same forums as them.
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 Counting the Costs of the Drug War
picture A good article on alternet about the costs of the drug "war".
Each year, the U.S. government spends more than $30 billion on the drug war and arrests more than 1.5 million people on drug-related charges. More than 318,000 people are now behind bars in the U.S. for drug violations. This is more than the total number of people incarcerated for all crimes in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined.
Well, I believe that the meaning of an action is the result that it gets. The purpose of the drug war is obviously to finance a multi-billion dollar criminal cartel, to make sure that the american population get unpredictable bad quality drugs, paying as much as possible for them, and it is to acquire hundreds of thousands of prison slaves who can work for the commercial prison industry for next to nothing.

If we even assumed it for a moment to be a worthwhile goal to inspire people to use fewer drugs, of the kind not manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry, then prohibition and criminalization has the worst possible record. In Holland, where one can freely buy hashis in coffeeshops, there are half as many cannabis users as in the United States, and Holland has amongst the lowest rates in the world of hard drug use, overdoses, drug crime, murders, and any other bad stuff that relates to drugs. See here, here, here or here. As several of these articles point out, the real studies are mostly forbidden reading in places like the U.S.

The drug war is a criminal scam. Its likely aim is the complete opposite of what it claims.
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