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Thursday, October 27, 2005day link 

Euan quoting Theodore Zeldin:
Conversation is different from talk

Talk in the past was about rising up the social scale. Etiquette - not what you thought. You had your place in society and that was it.

Conversation is a new thing. Conversation means who you keep company with. Not just the exchange of words - a social activity. When society was hierarchical we had one kind of conversation - now we need to invent a new kind of conversation. An exploration and self revelation. You each reveal things about what are important to you in your lives. You have admitted each other into private worlds and created links - you create shared experiences.

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 Categories and Tags
The categories I originally set up for the entries in my blog here are pretty non-sensical to me. They just don't fit, so I pick one fairly haphazardly. A fixed list of categories just doesn't work any longer. I think I'll have to switch to tags. Which is the same thing, but without the obligation for it to add up to a small list of logical global file folders. Just add one when you feel like it.

I did add tags to my blog software a while back. I'm just not using them myself here.
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