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Ingenious email-harvester honeypot

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 Ingenious email-harvester honeypot2003-06-19 23:59
by Flemming Funch

From BoingBoing:
Merlin Mann outlines an ingenious procedure for identifying spammers' email-harvesters' IP addresses and user-agents:

"In each page I serve, I include a bogus email address, encoded with the date of access as well as the host IP address and embedded in a comment. [Apache's server-side includes are great!] This has allowed me to trace spam back to specific hosts and/or robots.

One of the first I caught with this technique was the robot with the user agent "Mozilla/4.0 efp@gmx.net", which always seems to come from argon.oxeo.com - it's identified it above as simply rude."
Simple and clever. Well, relatively simple for a programmer. Now, if we could coordinate the gathering of a lot of that kind of data. I.e. mapping spam to who mined the address in the first place.

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22 Jun 2003 @ 20:42 by James @ : Interview with the Spammer
The following from a recent email regarding this issue:

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12 Jul 2003 @ 17:49 by maxtobin : Thanks for this link Ming.
The integrity of any system requires the ability to have a transparent way to control what comes in and then goes out. I believe it is very important to develop open robust systems that allow for only integral communications. Hell when I'm already at my best 'fighting weight' I don't need all that spam that promises me I can loose unwanted weight or increase the size of certain parts of my anatomy. Hee hee. I feel like Poo the Bear with these honey pots coming into my world view.  

22 Aug 2016 @ 04:49 by National drink of Pakistan @ : Malik
A tragedy around Pakistan is constantly on the worsen when relief resources and guide fall far wanting what is called for. More guide is frantically needed as being the potential for scores of fatalities takes place to loom.  

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