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 The Meatrix2003-11-25 05:46
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Mentioned by Bushman and others. Go watch The Meatrix. A fabulous little flash movie where Moopheus will show you the real world. First of all it is a very funny and perfectly done takeoff of The Matrix. Secondly, it introduces the issue of the destructiveness of factory farming in meat production, and presents activist resources and alternatives. Thirdly, the movie is a "Free Range Flash Activism Grant". I.e. a design company called Free Range Graphics invited non-profit organizations to apply for the production of a free Flash movie. Not only is that very nice of them, and a powerful tool for activism, but it is of course also an excellent promotion for their company. Something to learn from there. Win-win and support the common good.

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28 Nov 2003 @ 17:22 by George Dafermos @ : funny your last words are "common good"
coz we (the GGPL working group..ooops we're now the CGPL group) contacted the people behind the website (i've no idea who they actually are and we've yet to hear from them) and expressed our support for what they're doing and introduced them to the Common Good Public License as a possible, and in my opinion, inevitable extention of what they're doing.

had your post come to an end without those specific two words, i wouldn't have said that, but anyway, i very much agree with what you're saying. besides, culture and art is always politics.  

28 Nov 2003 @ 17:26 by George Dafermos @ : "funny" is not used neither in a
negative nor ironic sense in my above comment. may be the choice of words was not that proper as some people interpret phrases of the kind "funny you said that" as containing an ironic flavour. not my intention.  

28 Nov 2003 @ 17:28 by ming : funny you said that...
Oh, I didn't perceive it that way at all, but I get what you mean. Great about the Common Good Public License!  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:40 by Artrell @ : OvHXbHsUUnvpDZLCt
I will be putting this daizzlng insight to good use in no time.  

19 Aug 2016 @ 09:00 by National drink of Pakistan @ : Malik
A tragedy around Pakistan is constantly on the worsen when relief resources and guide fall far wanting what is called for. More guide is frantically needed as being the potential for scores of fatalities takes place to loom.  

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