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 Traveling and Blogging2004-04-22 15:24
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Jon Husband is spending a few weeks traveling around in Europe and meeting friends, from online or off:
He Stole My Dream ...

... he did, that wonderchicken:
"As many who read my stuff regularly know, I've been travelling around the planet for about 15 years now, and writing about it, when the mood struck me. My semi-secret dream has always always been to make a living from doing so -- travelling, writing, meeting people and drinking their odd, skull-cracking native beverages, writing about that, and moving on, weaving a bit."
I´ve been doing this, sort-of, for the last 5 weeks (two more to go) - London, the Chilterns, Paris, Amsterdam, the Dutch seaside, small-town Netherlands, Berlin, Antwerp (?), Toulouse (?).

Only problem is ... I have been to busy being 'in the present' to do much writing or blogging.

That's a big problem, if I hope to somehow make the living that allows the travel. So far, this has been made possible by the grace of my partner how many women would let their partner go off for 6 or 7 weeks, all on his own, dining with ex-girlfriends in Paris and Amstrerdam, not checking in but once a week.
I as well wouldn't mind making a living while traveling. At least I think I'd like to. Usually I find it quite exhausting to travel and take a while to recover from each time. But you see things you wouldn't have seen otherwise - different places, people, new friends.

But I haven't either found a way of making anybody actually pay me for it very often. So, if I scrape the bottom of my wallet I can go somewhere at the most once per month.

And as to the blogging, I find too that I'm usually so much in the moment that I don't get around to writing very much about what I experience when I go somewhere. I write best when I'm stationary and I have a big overview and some extra time. Sort of paradoxical.

Anyway, I hope you make it by Toulouse too, Jon, or that we somehow magically meet somewhere else.

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25 Apr 2004 @ 12:37 by Ton Zijlstra @ : Hope he makes it to Toulouse as well
Hi Flemming,

It was a great pleasure to have Jon as a guest in Enschede, and I heard a lot that makes me convinced you two would have great conversations as well. Hope you meet him in Toulouse, Jon said he was planning to.....  

18 Feb 2006 @ 19:48 by Allan Karl @ : Traveling & Blogging
I re-read this today as it came up in "Other stories in STORIES" at the bottom of the WorldRider post and if you haven't read it again, Ming, it's worth a read. My whole trip around the world was focused on making the "dream" that you mentioned and JH hinted at. I wasn't getting paid. I had a few sponsors and a tentative publishing deal. Really want to write that book. So maybe there's hope in getting a few shillings for traveling, eh?  

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