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 The important question2004-05-31 05:48
by Flemming Funch

Via Empowerment Illustrated:
According to Andrew Cohen ... the most important question you can ask yourself is 'What would you do if you knew that you would die tomorrow?' The answer is that you would want to unburden yourself of feelings of guilt and shame. You would want to become transparent to loved ones and to god. And there are many cases of dying people doing this very movingly. The next question is 'why not start doing it now?' The ego hates the idea of doing this and will avoid it right up to the moment of physical death. And overcoming the ego is the only way to liberate the authentic self and experience the energy of evolutionary enlightenment.
Yeah, the things to do today are probably the things you would rush out doing if you knew you would die tomorrow. The mental and emotional exercise of considering what that would be, brings out what is really important. For most people it brings up who you need to tell that you love them. Things you need to apologize for. Somebody you need to be present with, without worrying about what they've been or what they should do or what you should do.

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31 May 2004 @ 09:32 by swanny : Cat Stevens
But I Might Die Tonight

by Cat Stevens

Don't want to work away
Doin' just what they all say
"Work hard boy and you'll find
One day you'll have a job like mine"

'Cause I know for sure
Nobody should be that poor
To say yes or sink low
Because you happen to say so, say
so, you say so

I don't want to work away
Doing just what they all say
"Work hard boy and you'll find
One day you'll have a job like mine,
job like mine, a job like mine"

"Be wise, look ahead
Use your eyes" he said
"Be straight, think right
But I might die tonight!"  

31 May 2004 @ 09:52 by swanny : Very Astute
This is an ulitmate question
unfortuneately it as no easy answer

It goes along with the question
When is the best time to plant a tree
or learn to play the piano?

The best time to plant a tree
was 10 years ago
The second best time is today....

Carlos Castenada addresses this question
as well within the "Way of the Warrior"
"Each act should be performed as though
it is ones last act .... ones last battle....
in this way each act is given the power
and respect it merits"
Don Juan

These though are almost in complete opposition
to the nature of society and the establishment.
and its delayed gratification......
Much work and many years are required to
become a doctor for instance or
rocket scientist.....
These constitute the extremes then and somewhere
in the middle is the balance or comprimise.....
yet it is well to review such insights on a constant
basis and this then gives ones life a framework
and still allows for some dreams as well.....
It does though "cut through the crap"


31 May 2004 @ 10:00 by spiritseek : the break through
I see this as a break through into giving and receiving love. Being truely compassionate will change us and create heaven on earth, without it we just go round and round.  

31 May 2004 @ 14:16 by b : Contemplating Death
A good discription is given in "Advice on Dying and Living a better Life" by the Dalai Lama. Knowing you are going to die sharpens the intellect and allows the spirit(the being itself) to go free. The mind looks for solutions to cancel the impending death. The being must shed all earthly ties when the body is dropped. The comparison in life is letting go - just let it go.  

1 Jun 2004 @ 15:54 by Klaus Gormsen @ : death is the guru
Yes the QUESTION is fantastic, - what would you do if yoy knew you would die tomorrow. But it is not so fantastic to be told what "the answer is". That´s really authoritarian, and I am not sure I would give an answer anywhere near that. Had I been asked friday or saturday this week, my answer would have been for instance: Be nonstop 24 hours at the copenhagen carnival, dance, sing kiss and love everybody, die with my boots on in the crowd dancing in ecstasy to the wild samba drums. I cant say that today - because the carnival is over. :-(  

1 Jun 2004 @ 16:10 by ming : Answer
You're completely right. The thing to do is of course to connect with one's own answer. Who's to say that the answer is to go around apologizing to everybody. And the authentic answer of course depends on what's right at this moment, not what's on some list of things one is supposed to do.  

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