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Shell Chairman seems to Care

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 Shell Chairman seems to Care2004-06-18 17:28
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What is the world coming to? The chairman of Shell Oil, Ron Oxburgh, is admitting that the threat of climate change makes him really very worried for the planet. Article at Guardian. He in part talks about how we urgently need to capture the emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, probably a major contributor to global warming, and store it underground, a technique which is called carbon sequestration.
"Sequestration is difficult, but if we don't have sequestration then I see very little hope for the world."

"No one can be comfortable at the prospect of continuing to pump out the amounts of carbon dioxide that we are pumping out at present ... with consequences that we really can't predict but are probably not good."

"You probably have to put it under the sea but there are other possibilities. You may be able to trap it in solids or something like that."

"The timescale might be impossible, in which case I'm really very worried for the planet because I don't see any other approach."
Does he really care, or is he just voicing his support for something that probably isn't going to happen anyway? I don't know. Shell is indeed a company that invests quite a bit in alternative energy sources. Do they do that just to hedge their bets, or are they willing to do something to guide things in a different direction?

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19 Jun 2004 @ 04:27 by jazzolog : A Theory
I've heard that the melting of the permafrost layer is making oil exploration mighty difficult in the Arctic. The trucks and machines get bogged down, stuck and sink. Quite possibly the bottom line motivates the oilmen to get on board in hope of more tax relief. I do suspect they'll come up with alternative fuels when they've sucked oil profits dry.  

21 Jun 2004 @ 01:47 by lugon @ : nuclear gaia
the author of the gaia theory suggests going nuclear - ???

just yesterday i read a story about open space technology in which a factory did a previously-thought-as-impossible task, in 2 weeks (instead of 6 months) ... by self-organizing (source: OSLIST)  

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