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 Working Publically
pictureOne of the threads the Minciu Sodas Laboratory is exploring is that of "Working Publically". It doesn't quite reflect on the website yet, but it takes place on some of their mailing list discussion groups that I'm on. The same kind of thing is also going on on an increasing number of web logs (~news logs}, particularly amongst well-known techies on the net, like Jon Udell, Dave Winer or Adam Curry
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 Los Angeles Futures
pictureHere is a great little online book from some people I really respect. It is by Paul Glover, who's the inventor and champion of "Ithaca Hours", the alternative local currency system in Ithaca, New York, and it is illustrated mostly by Thomas Slagle, whose work I've really enjoyed in the past. He does large paintings of scenes from alternative futures for Los Angeles. Anyway, the book/website is a detailed vision about a different, much more sustainable, future metropolis.
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 The Ocean of Possibilities
pictureYou are floating in an infinite ocean of possibilities. Anything and everything that you can think of is happening somewhere in the ocean. It will happen whether you are there or not.

The ocean has waves and currents. Wherever the currents take you there will be events to experience. The events will be provided for you by immense forces beyond your immediate comprehension and control.

If you don't know where to go you will still go somewhere. If you don't care where you go then just hang on and your path will develop a meaning in itself that you can study.

If there are places you want to go, then the ocean is at your complete service. It will take you wherever you need to go, and it will provide suitable experiences for you. However, it is a requirement that you must let the streams take you, you cannot control the ocean.
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 Going beyond Normalcy
pictureHere's another old article of mine. A significant obstacle to getting to anything really NEW is that most people navigate in a greater or lesser degree by what appears NORMAL. We've mostly given up on understanding everything around us fully, so, very often we'll just sort of look around us and notice what others are doing and saying, and we'll base our actions on that. We'll do that even if the actions around us really make little sense. So, if people drive cars fueled by former leaves and dinosaurs (oil), we might think we're being really radical by demanding that they should use it a little more slowly and drive longer on it. Where we might have gotten much further by changing the underlying assumptions altogether.
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 Inspiring thoughts on valentines day
My wife forwarded the message below to me. As did several others. I guess it is quotes from different sources, so the authors are not clear. But it adds up beautifully
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 Choose the best thought
picture There's a very simple technique that I have found to be very helpful in changing one's outlook for the better, particularly in times where things seem gloomy. The principle is simply:

 - - Always choose the best thought that is available at the moment - -

No matter what situation you're in, there are always multiple choices available as to how you might think about it right now. And amongst those choices, even if they're all relatively gloomy, there will be a best (most positive, most constructive) thought. Choose that one.
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 Radiant Thinking
pictureI'm going to try bringing up some of my older writings once in a while, at least when I don't have time to write something new. Let me apologize if it sometimes sounds like I'm all-knowing and I'm telling everybody else what to think. That might indeed be because it often is articles that come from a context where I was supposed to be teaching something. Anyway, the little piece below seems to be fitting at this point, thinking about the global brain and how to extend more neurons amongst us in the noosphere.
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 Never give up
One of the ways I evaluate whether I'm doing the *right* thing, or whether I think others are, is to check whether it is the kind of thing that one will never give up on. That's maybe a little hard to explain, but if one is following a path of purpose through one's life, it isn't a matter of trying this and that, starting things and failing, trying to guess what one should do, etc. Oh, one's activities might include all of those things, and it is quite noble to dare to take risks, to explore untried avenues, and to fail and keep going. But underneath it all there's something that won't fail. If you're doing what you're here to do, there is no failure. There is no way you can fail.
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pictureThe one of the speakers at the Awakened World conference who touched me the most was Oriah Mountain Dreamer. She speaks about authenticity and intimacy, and she speaks about living in the tension between admitting one's human frailties and flaws, and remaining connected with a deep knowing of what life is about. And she thoroughly embodies what she's speaking. She's the author of the piece below:

"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. ...

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 Looking Deeper

Many messages are being circulated, with calls for healing, peace, compassion; with condolences and sympathy; with information about possible causes, reasons, etc. Many emotions are being expressed. Anger, fear, indifference, compassion, love.

I can't possibly forward all that people have asked me to forward, but I will again include a few messages below that I find to be of value.

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 There's no us and them
pictureThis cartoon in a Sacramento newspaper was vigorously condemned by a lot of people who seemed to find the association with Vietnam very insulting. The cartoonist said that he meant to show that there are innocent victims of violence everywhere, and we're all vulnerable.

Personally it says to me that there is no us versus them. Office workers of New York running from a collapsing skyscraper aren't inherently any different from children in Vietnam running from napalm bombs. They're all human, all vulnerable, all victims of something they don't personally have anything to do with.
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 Healing after today's events
Our world was suddenly changed today, by the horrifying and tragic events in New York and Washington. What it means in the long run is impossible to say at this point.

But what is certain is that, depending on how we individually respond to this, now and in the coming time, we have the opportunity to shape the world that will emerge from this. However devastating this seemed, we have the opportunity to participate in creating a better world from this, or despite of this.

Affirm to yourself that we ARE building a better world, no matter what might point in any other direction. The vast majority of all of us on this planet want us to succeed. And there are many, many of us. Use this as motivation to commit yourself more deeply to the growing of a peaceful world for ALL of us. Don't just sit and wait for it to happen. YOUR piece of the greater puzzle is essential.

Many messages about meditations, calls for healing, rumors, news, personal stories, etc. have gone out today. I include a few selected messages and excerpts below.
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