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 Transformational Processing in Russia2002-05-29 23:17
pictureby Flemming Funch

I somehow have ended up with quite a following for my Transformational Processing materials in the Russian speaking part of the world. Which is both wonderful and sort of strange. Well, it is natural enough in that it is the only place where my books have actually been published, by a publisher, in hardcover books you can buy in a bookstore. But it is sort of odd that thousands of people read my words in Russian, and have gone out and had, often marvelous, results with thousands of clients. Odd because I often have a hard time communicating with them, but the stuff really works for them.

What sometimes stumps me a bit is that some of the requests and inquiries I get are much more .. eh .. official than the inquiries I get from English speaking area. So I get more people who want a license to open up a Transformational Processing Institute in their part of the world. There's a fine gentleman in Kazahkstan who has been busy at work with that recently, and who's training students already. And there have been various inquiries from university professors who wanted it to be part of the curriculum at their university. And a number of requests for me going and teaching workshops. I haven't gotten around to making that happen, but it is still exiting.

For myself, some of the most rewarding messages I get are when people who've studied my books report back the results they've gotten in helping people transform. Everything ranging from recovery from the traumas of war, crime and rape, to the more everyday matters of relationship issues, and motivating oneself, and pursuing what one dreams about.

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30 May 2002 @ 03:15 by istvan : Transformers
Somehow i missed this project in the past, thanks for posting this information.
I have barely had time to read much of the site [ http://www.worldtrans.org/transproc.html ] ,but i am wery interested.
To create a New Civilisation, transformation of the old is the basic requirement, and it have to start on personal levels.
Perhaps the Russians realize the value in this and going for it. I have a deep respect for the Russian culture in spite of what the Russians did to my people during the Kommunist area.
Perhaps i can help you facilitate some of the difficulties you have in your communications with them. I used to speak the language, but it is mostly gone now, perhaps it could be revived.  

30 May 2002 @ 04:01 by shawa : Good News, Ming!
I´m really glad for you (and for them!) :-)  

30 May 2002 @ 09:27 by magical_melody : How exciting indeed!
Flemming, Congratulations! Must be exciting receiving this type of feedback from these people all being impacted through your writing. Opportunities abound. I wish you well in whatever you decide re: the workshops. Blessings, Magical Melody  

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