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Laws of Self-Organization

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 Laws of Self-Organization2002-11-13 23:36
pictureby Flemming Funch

Chris Corrigan provides some hints from Open Space Technology about how one might intentionally create the conditions for group/community formation, by invoking the laws of self-organization.

"[...] Stuart Kauffman distilled down those laws to these five conditions which need to be in place to invoke self-organizing systems:
A nutrient environment
Diversity and complexity
A drive for improvement
Sparse connections
Activity at the edge of chaos
In Open Space the nutrient environment is provided by a theme and an invitation that nurtures participation. Diversity and complexity is embodied by the invitation list and a complex organizing idea ("How do we form a community?" is a good question). A drive for improvement is the inherent passion that people bring to the work. Sparse connections mean that people come to an Open Space meeting without an agenda, and not knowing what will happen. This allows them to be free to establish the connections they need to make to create communities or groups. And finally activity at the edge of chaos finds its purest expression in the group of people all standing in front of the agenda wall searching for the conversations they want to have. It is out of the rolling and boiling chaos that order comes, as people settle into conversations and establish deep connections that lead to groups and communities forming."

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14 Nov 2002 @ 06:19 by martha : Santa Barbara
Ming- I recently attended a meeting of the Santa Barbara group connected to FCE (foundation for conscious evolution). They have created a group of like minded individuals embracing Barbara Marx Hubbard's concept of conscious evolution. In the meeting there were two people to facilitate the meeting. Everyone can speak and great respect is given to each comment. The respectful approach along with being open created an inviting, warm atmosphere. They are slowly bringing forth this new way of consciousness into group settings. The experience made me realize how much is lacking in corporate america and our goverment.
Last night on wisdom radio Barbara interviewed Barry Soble who is helping to pioneer this type of work. I suggest anyone interested listen to the rerun of the show. Go to wisdommedia.com and click under archives in the radio section.
ps- i know you know about it ming. more for everyone else's benefit.  

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29 Apr 2016 @ 05:51 by Andralyn @ : WVYPfpGvrpRsLKwIxhJ
Your thnkniig matches mine - great minds think alike!  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:13 by Earthwind @ : knDIflSnXsHg
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