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 Living Machines2002-11-18 22:24
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"'Living Machines' are whole systems approaches to treating wastewater. They are solar-powered, accelerated versions of the water treatment facilities found in mature natural systems. Incorporating helpful microbes, plants, snails and fish into diverse, self-organizing and responsive communities, Living Machines are site-specific, biological solutions that re-route waste streams into resources." That is from this introduction. See companies like Ocean Arks or Living Machines that create ecologically sound ways of dealing with waste water, often better than any purely technological solution could accomplish. A lot of good stuff seems to be going on in the State of Vermont, with companies such as Ben & Jerry's leading the way.

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1 comment

18 Nov 2002 @ 22:36 by ashanti : Permaculture
Sounds great! Similar to what we do with
{link:http://www.rustlers.co.za/pages/permaculture.html|Permaculture} over here in South Africa.  

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