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 Dynamic Facilitation2002-12-04 22:54
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by Flemming Funch

Tom Atlee: Dynamic Facilitation/Choice-creating: "'Dynamic facilitation', created by consultant Jim Rough, is a facilitation style that follows the energy of a group without constraining that energy to agendas or exercises. Using this style, someone can facilitate a highly co-creative process Jim calls 'choice-creating'." Lots of good stuff referenced from Tom's presentation. And see Jim Rough's site and book. The site has this chart on a page about self-organizing change:

Two Models of Change

Manageable (Type 1)
Self-Organizing (Type 2)

e.g. a machine, monarchy, traditional meeting

e.g. a living organism, democracy, dialogue

How order is determined It is organized by someone
(extrinsic forces)
  • Build it / Do it... with no mistakes
  • Closed boundaries
  • Mostly stable with periodic disorder
Order comes from within
(intrinsic energy)
  • Explore / trial and error
  • Open boundaries
  • Dynamic... between chaos and order
Thinking Stay rational
....avoid the unconscious mind
  • Decide on goals ... avoid feelings
  • Discern and analyze
  • Stop things from going wrong
Be creative
....work with the unconscious mind
  • Energy driven... include feelings
  • Generate and synthesize
  • Seek what's right ... i.e. quality
Leadership Manage to get results
  • Can measure progress
  • Emphasize extrinsic motivation
  • Static process... step by step
Facilitate the process
  • Use milestones to reflect on progress
  • Emphasize intrinsic motivation
    ....(mission, vision)
  • Dynamic process... the flow
Orientation Stop things from going wrong
  • There are objective constraints
  • All is measurable
  • Eliminate chaos
Help things go right
  • Expect breakthroughs
  • Measuring can affect the process
  • Some chaos is essential

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1 comment

5 Dec 2002 @ 03:43 by shawa : I work with groups.
Nice synthesis. Thanks for the info.  

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