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Becoming a sexually healthy culture

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 Becoming a sexually healthy culture2002-12-15 23:59
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The article Cannibal Culture at Kuro5hin, provides an excellent and detailed overview of the world of sexual fetishes, and what the causes might or might not be for perversions and sexual violence in our culture. What is consensual and what is not? What is healthy and what is not? He reaches conclusions I agree with. This is hardcore stuff, not for the faint of heart, but important. See, the inevitable conclusions are the opposite of what the most moralizing anti-pornography advocates would have us believe. In short, the real perverts are those who are trying to suppress and control sexual expression, and particularly those who administer institutionalized violence and mental torture against little children. I.e. strict, moralizing, usually religious, parents who beat their children and try to hammer into them that sex is evil. And the perverted preachers who reinforce such behavior, having the audacity to invoke God in condemning joyful sexuality. Notice that here in the U.S. more than 60% of newborn boy babies have their sex organs violently mutilated right after they're born, just because some puritan doctors in the 1850s thought it would be a great way of stopping them from masturbating. No great wonder that this is such a violent and sexually repressed country.

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