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Boston Harbor is cleaning itself

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 Boston Harbor is cleaning itself2002-12-26 04:55
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by Flemming Funch

APP/ENN: "Microbes in the water may have a greater capacity to devour fuel waste than originally thought, a new study found, suggesting the harbor could cleanse itself within 20 years, barring any major fuel leaks, according to Derek Lovley, a microbiologist at the University of Massachusetts. [...] The key appears to be the presence of sulfate, a salt of sulfuric acid which is abundant in seawater, Lovley said. The microbes appear to use it as a substitute for oxygen, breaking down the waste in the same way humans use oxygen to break down their food."

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1 comment

29 Apr 2016 @ 00:38 by Sequoia @ : yiPnMOkBoA
That's what we've all been waiting for! Great pogstni!  

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