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High yield from India's GM crops

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 High yield from India's GM crops2003-02-11 23:59
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BBC report that farmers in India have had success with cotton crops that were genetically modified to resist insects. They achieved dramatically increased yields and needed significantly less pesticide treatment.

Is that good? I'm not sure. What I mostly have against GM is that it is manipulation of nature done by people who largely don't know what they're doing. Like people making nuclear bombs in their kitchens without bothering to check what they actually do. They don't think about the whole system. But neither does traditional mainstream farmers. They seem equally oblivious to the needs of ecosystems. Lots of technologies, like genetic engineering, might be a perfectly fine idea, if they were in knowledgable and responsible hands. I don't think they are.

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12 Feb 2003 @ 02:54 by sevenlamb : Is this good?
Well, is selling the regenerative source of your body's bone marrow to a casino good?

This amounts to basically the same thing, in a far deadlier version — since it affects the entirety of the biosphere, almost instantaneously. Most people are not yet intellectually equipped to understand the -unimaginable- deadliness of this specific problem.

The development and strategic deployment of these technologies is ocurring at 'exactly the wrong time' in human and biospheric history, meaning, before we've reMembered what exactly a large living cell like a world -is-. Actually, we're still deeply enmeshed in our denials and forgettings on this frontier, all of our 'interesting talk' notwithstanding.

Let me give a clear example as a toyModel of why this specific momentum is amongst the most deadly modern threats to our species and children.

2003: Technology and understanding for genetic manipulation of microbes generally available.
2005: A single individual crafts a microbe which threatens atmospheric erasure (all life terminated) through modification of soil microbes involved in carbon-uptake cycles of atmoshperic regeneration.
2012: Dead planet. No possibility of further atmosphere, or life chemistries.

The same thing can be accomplished accidentally.

We must understand and activate our human and personal priorities as a common and unified global people to immediately thwart these momentums. And this is precisely the kind of issue that we must, as children and a global people, actively, effectively, and rapidly -succeed- in opposing.  

13 Feb 2003 @ 18:37 by maxtobin : Fabric of Creation
This is the issue that motivated me to 'get political' MONSANTO is without a doubt a last bastion of the old seperatist consciousness, which is the poor deluded mind imagining that we are all isolated entities totally independent of each other. NOT SO!! the heart knowing is that we are indeed all of the ONE and this "science" must tear the very fabric of creation itself to insert the new genetic constructs. Truly playing GOD without the consciousness of God's divine plan is, to put it mildly, opening a can of worms that could well devour the planet completly.  

16 Jun 2004 @ 17:55 by Meghan @ : hi there
hi, good site :)  

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