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 US=MS2003-03-04 20:32
by Flemming Funch

From CommonMe and PseudoRandom:
"If you want to understand how the world views the US, it is probably very similar to the way we view Microsoft:

  • Extremely successful, much of it appears to be undeserved.
  • We are totally dependent upon them, and there isn't much of an alternative.
  • Becoming too successful in our niche simply means that we will attract their attention.
  • We like it when we see them fail.
  • We are uncomfortable when we see them fail because they just keep working at it until they get it right -- they will always be back. Unless, of course, it is determined to be an uninteresting market.
  • They don't care about us. We are just a source of revenue. The quality of their products and support is only as much as absolutely necessary to keep us in the fold.
  • We hate them, but if they offered us a job, we would join them in a second and gleefully begin to oppress our former colleagues."
  • Hm, interesting comparison. Now, what is likely to bring Microsoft down into a more humble place is *Open Source*. What does that bring to the comparison? Will the American Empire fall, just like the Soviet Union did, because new technologies and spontaneous cooperation makes it impossible to block open communication, and much more desirable to be free to gather your own information and make your own choices? Maybe it is inevitable that a slow and centralized bureaucracy eventually becomes irrelevant. Even one that controls thousands of nuclear warheads, and the mass media, and the production facilities, and the banks.

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    4 Mar 2003 @ 23:50 by unity1 : time for a new OS
    hi ming, thanks for the advice re my shrinking news log, In my opionion nothing will bring down the american empire than a natural holocoaust. Unless of course the next president is Green....probably not much chance of that. I do beleive however that 'slow bureaucracy will eventually become irrelevant as more NGO's take over their role and do it better....once the corporation is de personalized and made a non person. Nope I thing a total new OS is in order along the lines of LINUX, free, you just pay for packaging, people friendly and much more open to other sources of programers imgination. The days of monopoly is coming to an end  

    5 Mar 2003 @ 19:23 by dcaark : We can easily create a new OS!!!
    If we spend our energy and intellect working to create a new more balanced and inclusive economy we can save America and the world. I don't think that can be accomplished through any political party regardless of how idealistic and altruistic that party may be in the beginning.  

    6 Mar 2003 @ 01:23 by ming : New OS
    I agree. Politics won't do it. A new way of relating to each other economically is probably the best starting point.  

    29 Apr 2016 @ 04:00 by Tike @ : QDDVczEjxBDvgKYiGEW
    eee szei:ntirstenem Ben, 18 vagy hany eves vagy, ebben a korban nem a leendö csaladodrol kene abrandoznod. addig meg veled is sok dolog fog törtenni, hidd el nagyon-nagyon ritka, hogy talalkozol valakivel 18 evesen, es vele eled le az eleted. bar lehet csak az en eletfelfogasom mas, mint a tied.  

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