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Culture in Decline? No, Rebirth!

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 Culture in Decline? No, Rebirth!2003-03-13 16:09
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From Paul Hughes at Planet P:
"Over at tech-report.com they are having their Friday night topic on whether we are witnessing the decline of western civilization or not. Here is my response:

I think we are witnessing both the decline of the old culture, and something new emerging in the trenches. We are seeing the old structures, the old art, literature, behaviors, all of these things succumbing to rapid social and technological change. We had modernism, post-modernism, and now the death of post-modernism. We've had music, re-mixed music, and now re-mixed re-mixes. We have people like Eminem who emobdy this creative deconstructionism. We are also seeing the western (corrupted) politic going thru its last, desperate moves for total world domination, and possible destruction on a massive global scale. In part, this is simply nature taking its course with the old power elite. Their days are numbered and they know it. Thats why they are reacting with draconian legislation like the DMCA, PATRIOT 1 and possibly II, Total Information Awareness, etc. But they won't be able to keep up in the end with the highly coherent, decentralized, ad-hoc network of like minds that is emerging. We are witnessing the birth of network culture - a global brain if you will.

This new emergent decentralized global brain is more cohesive, more intelligent than anything before it. Assuming the old structures don't collapse catastrophically, we will live to see the birth of a full-fledged networked culture ushering in a new renaissance of creativity and innovation beyond everything thats happened before it combined."
Indeed. I'm with you. It is inevitable. The main parts to be decided are whether the outdated old mastodonts will morph relatively quietly or whether they'll try to trample the rest of us while they still can.

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14 Mar 2003 @ 10:50 by shawa : They will...
... and they can. They can, and they will. They won´t be able to silence all of us, though the shave might be close if a global war erupts. Let´s hope some of us networking brains survive!...  

14 Mar 2003 @ 11:29 by sharie : Drama King
This post brings to mind the WWII nazi reaction when the U.S. soldiers began to invade Germany. The nazi soldiers started killing all their prisoners. I think this is how Bush will respond when he sees his delusion collapsing before his very eyes... he'll order all the nuclear missiles to be fired. But there is a way this won't happen, I've seen it coming ever since he moved into the White House, and seized control of trillions of dollars of public funds. Boy, this is quite a drama playing out.  

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