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 Lost heritage2003-04-15 14:22
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In relation to the plundering of the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities Scott Rosenberg says:
"For a war that wasn't about oil...
I imagine the planners in Washington consider the looting that has wrecked Iraqi cultural edifices, including the legendary National Museum of Antiquities in Baghdad, in the wake of the U.S. "liberation" to be so much minor "collateral damage" -- eggs that have to be broken to make the omelette, that sort of thing. "Regrettable," you know. "Can we move on to the next question?"

But I can't help thinking about this: While U.S. forces were unable to protect museums in Baghdad (or Mosul, as Salon's Phillip Robertson reported) from looting crowds destroying millennia-old artifacts, it seemed to have plenty of troops available to protect the Iraqi oil ministry in Baghdad. And of course seizing and protecting the oil fields in both southern and northern Iraq was not beyond the capacity of our forces. Priorities are priorities!"
Raven mentions some of what was lost. Scroll down. The picture is a mask of the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna. 5,500 years old and one of the earliest known examples of representational sculputure. The list is long. 10's of thousands of items. Well, some of them will come back, I'm sure, after spending years in somebody's garage. But it is a mess.

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15 Apr 2003 @ 17:01 by newdawn : spoils of war?
how very sad and unnecessary. A loss for future generations.  

3 Mar 2010 @ 17:52 by leanna @ : worshippers
the worshippers pray for the god by a man and woman . that the gods sign that they have a deity.the breaker holdin hands to the chests to use to be honor of the gods  

19 Dec 2014 @ 12:12 by Hajnalka @ : dyKUNwlZfX
But I like the macabre sense of humor, tugohh. I can imagine these guys wearing the tee-shirt that says Yea, tugohh I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil 'cause I am the meanest SOB in the Valley!  

23 Dec 2014 @ 08:48 by Umang @ : nKsZhjneaPSZIYzwU
I've already got my cobcamek ready for when somebody throws footwear at me after I have deceived my nation into destroying their country and torturing and killing their family, friends, and neighbors for no reason I can sensibly explain:"Nice sandal. Last season."  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:17 by Kacy @ : lASeVikHXUSORkRT
Hi, Angie! Thanks for visiting my blog! You've got some great recipes here. I'm lovin' the idea of a marshmallow cheese. In your post you didn't mention if you liked it or how it tasted? Is this something you would make ag?iia~ingrnd  

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