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 Russian Transformation2003-11-17 12:26
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A new friend from Moscow mentioned to me that my Transformational Processing books are out in their third printing in Russian. And that she's run into many psychologists who're raving about them. Which is fabulous of course. But it is also a little strange in that I didn't at all know they were reprinted. I might have made too casual an agreement with the translator who's representing them on my behalf. But, regardless, the key point for me is that they get into the hands of people who can benefit from them, and not necessarily that I make money from it, although it would be nice. It is also a little strange to be more famous somewhere where I don't understand the language, rather than anywhere where I do. Anyway, after a little searching I managed to find the publisher's site. It is in Russian, but a run through an automatic translator reveals that it in part says something approximately like this:
"In the book by simple and accessible language are thoroughly revealed the principles, technology and the practice of psychological consultation. Its author, being based on the rich practical experience, proposes to the attention of the readers the effective and flexible system of psychological aid, which absorbed into himself the newest achievements in this region. With the aid of this book it is possible not only to be introduced to the theory of psychological consultation, but also to study it in practice, using the proposed exercises; and also to become acquainted with the philosophical bases of the described approaches and technician.

Because of the consistency of construction and the living metaphorical style of the author, this book will interest professionals in psychological consultation, and all those, who are interested in personal development, psychological aid to itself and their close one. In the formulation of the book the figures of the author are used."
Not a perfect translation, obviously, but it gives the idea. ".. the living metaphorical style of the author" - heheh, I like that. And the fact that I can write "simple and accessible" Russian. Apparently you can buy the first book here. 343 rubels.

I'm wondering if I should maybe change my mind and pursue getting them published in English. I never really thought that would be appropriate, as they're in the format of instruction manuals, and I really imagined a rather limited audience for them.

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17 Nov 2003 @ 23:37 by waalstraat : Great Idea Flemming
Perhaps you can call them THe Transformational Processing Workbooks
(A Change Workshop with excercises). I would buy them in Holland but only if you would sign them for me...heh, heh,  

18 Nov 2003 @ 20:36 by maxtobin : Shit Flemming
Need to tighten up on the contractual agreements I'd say. Then see that you have a VERY VALUABLE point of view, and unique experience to bring to any collaborative process. I guess that the books are still available to download (I have downloaded one part and intend to read before we get stuck on a deserted island). Maybe a request that if people find them valuable they may care to send a donation to help the publishing venture.  

19 Nov 2003 @ 02:13 by tsebastian : TP wows & whys
Hi Flemming, The workbooks are great, I have personally benefitted and still am. Very impressive knowledge you have put together. Seems like those Russians have been suppressed so long they have a tendency to excess on the other end now. A dramatization.
Question about processing. I noticed that you mentioned that you do not see very many clients any more. Why? Is it too difficult to make a living doing this? Is it hard to find clients? Are they too resistent? Are you just burned out on people and their "problems"?
I am contemplating quitting my day job and facilitating on a more full time basis and would apprciate input from you. (or any other people who have been down this road).

19 Nov 2003 @ 04:09 by ming : Russia
Well, part of the deal was essentially that it would be cheaper in Russia to print hardcover books than to copy spiral bound folders in a copy shop, which is what I did in the US. So Dimitri, who translated the books for nothing, went around to publishing houses until he found somebody sympathetic to publishing it. And I don't think anybody saw much money from it. Dimitry certainly didn't. The main consideration was to get them out to people who wanted them. If it were in English speaking countries I probably wouldn't make such an agreement. Although, if the choice was between getting the books out widely, making no money, versus to a few people and getting a nice amount per book, I'd choose the former.  

19 Nov 2003 @ 04:18 by ming : TP practice
Sebastian, no, I wasn't really burned by any kind of problems with having a practice doing Transformational Processing. It was mainly that my interest drifted to what I could do with groups, and what technical things I might do on the Internet. So I was putting no energy at all into getting new clients, and still some showed up and insisted on sessions.

When I was actively focusing mainly on doing TP sessions, I saw a number of clients every day. That of course involves doing some promotion to get it started. So, I was advertising each month in a couple of new age magazines, and I occasionally went to expos and did demonstrations. And it was quite viable as a business.

In general, I haven't found clients I couldn't help. The only difficult people I've run into have been people who already were very attached to some other model, which told them why they are screwed up and why they will remain so for a long time, and why fast transformation isn't possible. You might find that particularly with AA people, fundamentally religious people, scientologists, and others. Doesn't mean you can't help them, but you might have to work on the reasons why not first. Send me an e-mail and I'll give you more details if you want.

So, you'd need to think through what kind of people to try to attract. There are a great many people who are very ready for great change, and who will be very satisfying to work with.  

19 Sep 2004 @ 14:27 by Klaus Gormsen @ : Transformational Processing
Ja altså Flemming efter at have beskæftiget mig med området i over 30 år, synes jeg at dine manualer er noget af det mest geniale der overhovede´t er skrevet her, og at de derfor burde komme ud på dansk - måske i Flemming Funchs oversættelse? Jeg ønsker mig af fremtiden, at du bruger dit geni til at arbejde videre med TP processer og gøre dem endnu mere effektive og strømlinede.
Vi har lige åbnet et nyt Gensidig Terapi Center på Lyngby Hovedgade, der har fået navnet "Center for FølelsesTransformation"!  

19 Sep 2004 @ 14:47 by ming : TP på dansk
Det lyder da helt fint. Og tak for de rosende ord. Ja, måske skulle jeg oversætte dem til dansk. Hm, jeg ved ikke om jeg skulle arbejde på forlag der måske ville være interesserede.

Anyway, med hvordan jeg fører det videre, så prøver jeg jo ligesom at lytte til hvad der er brug for. Så dine ord er værdigfuldt input.  

21 Sep 2004 @ 09:08 by Claus B. Hansen @ : In Russian for the fourth time :-) ...

Hi Flemming,
tak for sidst hos Lonnie og Morten :-) ...

Vedr. din bog på russisk ... jeg fik lige en grim tanke ;-) ...

Du skriver:

"Not a perfect translation, obviously, but it gives the idea. ".. the living metaphorical style of the author" - heheh, I like that. And the fact that I can write "simple and accessible" Russian."

Måske ses du slet ikke længere derovre som forfatteren ... måske har din oversætter kapret bogen og æren ?

Jeg håber ikke, at det er så :-) ...

Venlig hilsen
Claus B, Hansen

21 Sep 2004 @ 10:03 by ming : På Russisk
Det kunne godt være sket, men det tror jeg nu ikke. Det er jo mit navn der står der øverst. Og jeg kender oversætteren godt nok til at vide hvordan han fungerer. Han fik nogle få hundred dollars ud af det, og bevægede sig så videre til andre gøremål. Og fra hvad jeg hører fra andre mennesker, så associerer de det absolut med mig. Men det er jo stadig lidt mærkeligt at jeg dårlig kan følge med i hvad der sker.  

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