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 Tech Bloom2003-11-24 05:20
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Excellent op-ed piece "Tech Bloom in full flower" by Alex Steffen.
"The conventional wisdom, during the Tech Boom, was that what drove innovation was the lure of giant piles of cash. That idea now rubs shoulders with the Berlin Wall. What makes creative people tingle are interesting problems, the chance to impress their friends and caffeine. Freed from the pursuit of paper millions, geeks are doing what geeks, by nature, really want to be doing: making cool stuff.

Not just making it, but giving it away. Saying the Tech Bloom is not commercially driven is like saying Mother Teresa had an interest in the poor.

Which may be why the media haven't quite gotten the magnitude of what's happening here: It's not about investments. If the Tech Boom had a graven image, it was the bull on Wall Street. The Tech Bloom is more likely to be found dancing around the desert at Burning Man, the annual festival where money is taboo, everything's a gift and creative participation is synonymous with cool."
Indeed, it is great news. Very cool things are being developed by people who do it because it needs to be done, because it is fun, because other people like it. Money has very little to do with it. It is unstoppable. Imagine when the whole world works like that.

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25 Nov 2003 @ 05:32 by jstarrs : Well, I'm gonna wait...
...until my landlord gets the idea, first!
(just kidding!)  

25 Nov 2003 @ 05:45 by istvan : Ownwreship restricts
We spend most of our energy to construct images of who we are and spend the rest of the energy to maintain these self images in attempts to have the larges world to recognise who we are.By releising the attachment to our crations we can grow beyond them and may eventually rich perfection, whatever that means, but at least we have reliesed the handles of baggage that we no longer need to be able to enter new landscapes of creativity.  

25 Nov 2003 @ 18:33 by magical_melody : That's the idea that needs to grow more!
Seems that most of us Earthlings need to learn some lessons regards the issue of value. Many have really distorted ideas and responses regards giving and receiving due to personal wounding! When we can give without conditions or limitations - and truly open to receive without fear, shame or guilt, magical spaces will open for us all! It appears that there needs to be more healing for humanity to open to these levels of love and abundance. I feel we are called to come into honouring and respecting our personal sacred space and time and that of others in that process. Seems that when we have this sacred valuing of one another's energy and spaces down, then perhaps the givingness and ability to truly receive without barriers will transform the world!  

26 Nov 2003 @ 05:35 by ming : Giving
There's possibly very down-to-earth economic reasons that will guide people towards such a transformation. I think we're increasingly moving towards situations where you won't make money if you hoard your stuff, but you will be well rewarded for getting it out into people's hands the easiest and cheapest possible way. And, often, the best basis for abundant remuneration would be to give something very useful away to a great many people, and then be available to help them out with it further. So I think the very cool thing is that even people without noble spiritual aspirations will have to admit that it just works better that way.  

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