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Phonecam endurance

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 Phonecam endurance2003-12-30 15:57
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This guy, Phillip Torrone, took a picture with his phone cam every 1/2 hour for 21 days. Wow, that almost a fakir trick, like David Blaine not eating for 44 days. You know, he has to wake up during the night every 1/2 hour to take those pictures. And it is actually a pretty interesting art project. Of course he never seems to change his expression whether he's awake or sleeping, let alone smile once in a while, but that might just be who he is. But he gets around to some interesting places. Anyway, his site is nice too otherwise, if you're a gadget freak as well. He builds robots and picks up a different cellphone depending on what mood he's in.

I'd really like a camera phone too. Even though I have a very nice digital camera that I can easily have in the pocket all the time, it is still a bit of a process before I can, say, put it in my weblog. OK, I just need to download it to my disk and upload a picture to a post, but it is still enough work that I wouldn't think of doing that multiple times per day.

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1 comment

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:24 by Caelyn @ : lxwBTzcbkYzBTFTzkHXn
Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brghetenid my day!  

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