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 The Yamashita Treasure2004-01-08 04:00
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Here's an article from Manila Times last month, in part about a book about what happened to the "Yamashita Treasure", a huge amount of gold that the Japanese army had looted and hid in the Philippines during WWII in various hidden places, managed by an elusive network called "Golden Lily", initiated by Emperor Hirohito, apparently.
Some of these repositories have been found. The key figure in their discovery was Severino Garcia Diaz Santa Romana (an alias), who was on the staff of General MacArthur’s chief intelligence officer, General Willoughby. Santa Romana saw a Japanese ship being unloaded and heavy boxes deposited in a tunnel whose entrance was sealed with a dynamite blast.

After the war, Santa Romana and then Captain Edward Lansdale of the OSS (the precursor of the CIA) tortured the driver of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, Japan’s last commander in the Philippines, into revealing some of the Golden Lily sites.

Hand-picked troops of the US Army Corps of Engineers opened about a dozen Golden Lily sites in valleys north of Manila. They found gold ingots “higher than their heads.”

Lansdale reported the find to MacArthur in Tokyo, who ordered him to brief Truman’s security adviser, Clark Clifford.

According to the Seagraves, MacArthur himself and Henry Stimson flew to Manila secretly to inspect the treasure caves. They concluded that the Golden Lily sites in the Philippines contained several billion dollars’ worth of gold.

In order to keep the discoveries secret, MacArthur decided to have Yamashita tried by a court-martial for war crimes and then hanged on February 23, 1946.

Lansdale was put in charge of the recovery of the Golden Lily treasures. The Seagraves aver that Santa Romana was instructed by members of Stimson’s staff to deposit the gold in 176 banks in 42 countries. The deposits were in his name or in one of his many aliases. Negotiable certificates were issued by the banks against the gold deposits.

It was this money, the Seagraves alleged, that the CIA used to buy politicians in Japan, Greece, Italy, the UK and many other countries around the world. It also paid for the secret rearmament of Japan after the outbreak of the Korean War.

In 1974 Santa Romana died. He left a hand-written will that named Tarciana Rodriguez and Luz Rambano, his common-law wife, as his heirs.

With the help of Melvin Belli, a San Francisco lawyer, Rambano filed a suit against John Reed, the CEO of Citibank, for the “wrongful conversion” of some $20 billion of Santa Romana’s gold. The case is still unresolved.

Tarciana is Luz's cousin, and was actually only mentioned for a small amount in Santa Romana's will. But it seems she succeeded in maneuvering things around so that it looked like she was due a lot more. And she's tried a lot of things to get hold of that, without success either.

Anyway, an intriguing and hairy story, obviously. Torturing Yamashita's driver - that wasn't very nice Santa!

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8 Jan 2004 @ 04:08 by jstarrs : Check out...
...Neil Stephenson's novel 'Cryptonomicon' for more details on this. A great, great book! Also treats the beginnings of computors, IBM, II World War. Brilliant!

8 Jan 2004 @ 08:33 by martha : interesting ming
"US Army Corps of Engineers opened about a dozen Golden Lily sites in valleys north of Manila".- I wonder if my pa was involved since he was in the group. Sorry I can' ask him (weil I could but not sure what answer I would get since he has passed...LOL)  

8 Jan 2004 @ 11:22 by ming : Gold
Hey, maybe he left a hidden gold cache for you somewhere.  

8 Jan 2004 @ 11:24 by ming : Cryptonomicon
Jeff, I'm actually 1/3 through Cryptonomicon. Yeah, it is great.  

9 Jan 2004 @ 07:22 by jstarrs : He's got the first of a new triology...
...coming out, historomanovel stuff, going way back to the 1700's to cover cryptology, called Quicksilver.
Julian - yep, synchronicity! Did you like it?
ps - great blog you have, also, thanks!  

9 Jan 2004 @ 08:35 by ming : Neal Stephenson
I love his books. I've also read Snowcrash and The Diamond Age.  

14 Jan 2004 @ 16:35 by majong @ : wers d gold
Well rumors saying marcos got the golden buddha any info?

18 Jan 2004 @ 22:36 by joseph @ : mail
i think you need to have more impormation  

20 Jan 2004 @ 12:42 by MACER @ : The Yamashita Treasure
I have recently become interested in the history of all the WWII stolen gold, and I am in awe of all the information I am finding. Here is a link for more info if anyone is interested. http://www.spiritone.com/%7Egdy52150/goldp10.html.

I'm off to the Philipines with my shovel next month. LOL  

24 Jan 2004 @ 20:00 by masa @ : truth
It is hard to believe but I guess it's true. I inherited a map from my Japanese father who'd been a spy for the Japanese army. I just don't know how to get to it.  

1 Feb 2004 @ 13:45 by bill dale @ : confirmation of Seagraves Research
Have been to the Philippines many time; have tried to get access to cetain accounts at UBS and was univited to meetings at the bank; was ushered out of Citibank office of J. Reed. I think Seagraves is right on the money with his research and conclusions.  

1 Feb 2004 @ 20:03 by ming : Accounts
Anything related to Luz' 300 billion trust fund account at UBS? Anyway, yes, from all I've heard, this seems to be in the right ballpark.  

26 Feb 2004 @ 22:26 by daniel @ : gold is the key
The Golden Lily gold is true. How else can the Japs finance a war costing them US$5M a day? Gold was used to pay off their soldiers. The CIA might have gotten hold of some but Marcos got hold of the biggest sites. How else can he keep the Philippine economy stable when US$150M of capital per day for 2 years was flying out of Manila everyday right after he declared Martial Law in 1972? Several sites are still untouched, reserved for the Filipinos who suffered much under the Japs, the Americans and even the Filipino politicians. Call me at (63)9209202199 for more discussion or email me at danielredona@hotmail.com.  

3 Mar 2004 @ 23:28 by bernardino tordillo @ : gold story
dear mr. funch,
that was a good story, by the way theres a lot more finds in my place in leyte. maybe if someone wants to make one good story for himself, come and bring youre stuff im sure theres a lot more to find. cause my place was the last hold fo the japs.  

22 Mar 2004 @ 18:13 by boylara @ : yamshita treasure
email me and i can show you some artifacts like stones and maps....even the symbols meaning. its high time to let other people know the truth  

12 Apr 2004 @ 02:18 by Benigno J. Caoibes, jr. @ : I have a site
I have a treasure site within my 17 hectare private property here in Batangas.

It has a creek full of manmade rock signs such as but not limited to: heart, X, face, number 3 and 7, a rock with a sharp and straight cut in the middle, the wall where rain water falls has a rock protruding in the middle, and many more.

i am looking for someone who could accurately pin point where the exact location to dig and how deep.

my. tel. 0916 384 35 70
or 043 2115 575
Balayan, Batangas  

15 Apr 2004 @ 03:00 by quinax @ : farm tractors unearth japanese jars
I've got 20 ha. sugarcane plantation,my tractor unearthed broken parts of treasure jars but we connot locate where the remaining parts.adjacent to my area was the major japanese encampment during WWII.lot's of stone maps and manmade s

if somebody who,s interested to scan my area would greatly welcome.

e mail to:
Sagay City,Negros Occidental  

3 Jun 2004 @ 21:09 by Hannah @ : something to know
The long-standing Yamashita Shrine in Northern part of the Philippines signifies that this part of the country holds true to wat some referred to as "myth".Reliable soures say there was one person abducted by "a group of people" in the Northern part, blindfolded, and was brought to the cave of treasure. He was asked for a favor he cudnt make.He was led out, blindfolded again.Im not asking anyone to believe it.But historians cud recall, the Northern Part of the Philippines was has a long-stretching coastline that facilitated the escape of the Japanese during the war.

Natives of the place can attest the riches buried deep down.Poison (chemicals which were used to protect the treasure) and traps abound "gold areas".Marks such as carved stones,trees,rivers,and footsteps served as guide to the tunnels.But there's something more interesting: time, and reflection of the Moon can lead to open the secrets of the "myth".
Im not trying to raise anyone's curiosity....lets just say..just wana impart a little information.  

1 Jul 2004 @ 02:01 by rey @ : "yamashita treasure"
It's God's treasures (Isaiah 45:3)...and Marcos was given a divinely-appointed access and stewardship over it for a purpose: God's endtime harvest of souls! Have you heard of the prophecy that God will use the Filipino nation to evangelize the world?

If the above seems incredible, here's another: Marcos is still alive! How else can God's endtime plan be fulfilled? For only he was given the key to the treasures...unless God had changed His mind (which He never does).  

9 Jul 2004 @ 19:42 by Pidot @ : "treasure operation"
In southern Philippines,my friends found a huge arrow pointing to the river.The river floor was checked and they discovered a man-made tunnel. They diverted the water flows, then pumped the water out from the tunnel.What they discovered was a big seven-foot high engraved heart shape with a curve tail on the tunnel wall.The middle of the engraved heart,a deep hole was made/ enough for the whole arm to insert in.I saw the picture taken from a film camera.Do you think it is a japanese treasure site? please let me know,,,,  

11 Jul 2004 @ 22:13 by Emiliano L. Garchitorena @ : Treasure hunting
A lot of you guys offered to share information, unfortunately once contacted no reply. We all need a lot of information in order to locate this stuff, you can share if it is found. Providing small info help but locating the exact spot require good assesstment. so let help each other and enjoy what we could find.  

16 Jul 2004 @ 04:35 by james @ : im interested

21 Jul 2004 @ 10:10 by joe @ : treasure hunt
we are an amature treasure hunter in southern philippines and we encounter lots of clue and signs but ended up nowhere.needs knowledgeable partner with reliable scanner.  

3 Aug 2004 @ 06:53 by jef @ : treasure
we have a find up north luzon.one of of our companions died with it's poison trap, fortunately he was able to bring home 2 bars of gold weighing 6.5 kilograms for each bar.We know the site but our problem is how to get hands on the treasure without getting poisoned. the site is within a poisoned waterfall, the water has no exit and is infested with some kind of bacteria that when you come in contact with the water the affected area will become very itchy.
Any one familiar with this kind of trap and how are we gonna overcome it?
e-mail me if you please...  

3 Aug 2004 @ 06:56 by jef @ : scanner
about scanners...
we have scanners and we have a group available to excavate any find.
e-mail me if you want business.  

3 Aug 2004 @ 09:52 by joe @ : scanner
jef,we are from davao,what brand of scanner you are using,because we have magnetometer but still it doesnt do any good.if you are interested,whats your deal and are you willing to go to davao?  

12 Aug 2004 @ 00:28 by dodz @ : scanner
i want a gold detector or scanner, what is your deal? we found stonee signs & wood in my homelot at 30 ft.  

19 Aug 2004 @ 11:43 by issac @ : somebudy who interested to:
i have 3 positive location existing never been touch to any terasure hunters sociaty,
we need only an assistant to deal with the digging some decoy and posionous gas exist in the area 4men died already,the position is a little bet a shollow
the dept not less than 20"  

3 Sep 2004 @ 08:21 by L P SANCHEZ @ : own a site & yamashita map
I'm a Fil-Am living here in the US. I own the property and would like to meet someone who is willing to travel and invest in Yamashita Treasure.  

10 Sep 2004 @ 11:02 by lindy @ : needs help
got signs and symbols and japanese characters in one of our haciendas here in cadiz city, negros occidental. If anyone who have a good scanner and is much willing to help. I could negotiate any deal that would help us both.

Please contact me at +639168456110. Only interested parties please.  

19 Sep 2004 @ 07:57 by gboy @ : Re: Yamashita treasure
We have found more than 100 Japs ww2 treasure sites, thru more than 20 years of treasure hunting experience,extensive research,exploration, and actual operation.For those interested to finance our projects.EMAIL: gergio2004@yahoo.com CELFON: +63 9103216315  

21 Sep 2004 @ 02:37 by ernesto sebua @ : scanner
I have a scanner from Accurate Locators Inc. Model Future I-160, I am interested to do business with anybody in the Philippines whose sites are safe enough to operate. The scanner mentioned has a Notebook computer attached into it for 3D imaging. You can see the actual image underneath down to 10 meters. any interested parties,please don't hesitate to contact me at(63)919-4615229 or send me an e-mail to ernsebua@yahoo.com  

22 Sep 2004 @ 16:16 by LHENNE @ : TRANSLATION OF STONES
can you please help me translate those stones(heart shape, phyramid & etc) that i've seen in our place? i beleive that that there is a hidden treasure in there.we had this masako code & japanese international code, is it realiable to use??? can someone help me too......  

24 Sep 2004 @ 02:07 by jesus saves @ : just a messenger
everyone is wrong  

24 Sep 2004 @ 03:08 by lhenne @ : translation of stones shape
if anyone can have any info on the translation of stones pls email me at nrln_thumbelina@yahoo.com  

29 Sep 2004 @ 02:34 by Allen @ : "Detectors, Scanners, Au Symbol Meanings
"Im in the Norhtern Part of Philippines. Here there are lots of Japanese signs and symbols, Some are already destroyed by residents here but i have all the informations of it. We are located in a mountainous area. Some already find golds place in box, gold bars, including old coins placed in expensive jars. We have still lots of Golds undiscover, Our problem is Scanners or something hi-tech detectors we are only using sticks. Some residents had been selling golds they found in low prices becoz of ignorance on where to sell them. If youre interested to help me, I assured your life's safety-you will return without harm bringing with you your share but you have to consider that Hiking is very much needed. Thus, incase anyone has scanners or detectors(except sticks) who is willing to help then you must consider hiking and other adjustments in our hunting as part of the Game.

29 Sep 2004 @ 02:55 by Allen @ : "Treasures in our place"
"There are lots of reality to be told when it comes to treasure in our place, Stories seen by old folks during the war until the end of it, many spends time digging but only a very few succeeded in finding the treasures because of lacking knowledge of the sign's meaning and lack of detectors." Anybody who can help youre very much welcome. There are many more things to be discussed just email me if ure interested. Again, "I ASSURE YOUR SAFETY!" Just email me or reply to this.  

29 Sep 2004 @ 03:03 by Allen @ : "Japanese coming back every summer"
"Some Japanese or the same Japanese are coming in our place bringing gifts, candies, goods, and others to amuse the people. There purpose actually is to take back there golds. They pray to whichever they pray, I have witnessed them.
"Not only during summer but also almost any month of January up to May - the summer months. I dislike these ugly Japs because they are so "Kuripot!" they do not share the residents anything they found. The residents are loving people easy to deal with! If you know how to deal with them!"

17 Oct 2004 @ 02:54 by jan corvera @ : treasure signs
I happened to dig a dogtag with a U.S. soldier name with Unit T44 and serial nr on it. Also a big stone with markings scribbles on it. the stone looks like a foot or turtle shape.  

17 Oct 2004 @ 03:22 by jan corvera @ : treasure signs
I happened to dig a dogtag with a U.S. soldier name with Unit T44 and serial nr on it. there were also lots of artifacts. Also a big stone with markings scribbles on it. the stone looks like a foot or turtle shape.The place is private property, well fenced and secured. Any interested tresure hunter may contact me at 0917-833-3760 for further detail.  

1 Nov 2004 @ 03:29 by sam yamato @ : can help with symbols
email me for help in treasure symbols  

3 Nov 2004 @ 06:05 by lhenne @ : signs and symbols
to ern sebua:i was not able to download the attachment that you emailed to me cause it has a virus, can you email it again?  

3 Nov 2004 @ 06:11 by lhenne @ : email add
to mr sam yamato: can you please email me (nrln_thumbelina@yahoo.com) if you have time? you were not able to attach your email add and i just wanna have some words with you  

3 Nov 2004 @ 10:20 by ma-an @ : can you read japanese maps?
We had various japanese treasure maps on hand but cannot decipher a single word. mr. yamato can you help us? You can e-mail me aha348@yahoo.com  

17 Nov 2004 @ 12:56 by shang @ : needs help on symbols and signs
we have a site. Several people (knows a little about signs and symbols) who have gone to the site would tell us that the place is a treasure site. Some of these signs are heart, arrows, dolphin (head without body, trees shaped pyramid, signs carved on rocks and many more. One obvious site is a man made falls and the other site is pointing to the mountains (both sites are connected. Some would even tell that the place have many sites as revealed by so many signs and symbols all over the place (both water and land). The problem is that, we cannot locate the exact location of the treasure because signs and symbols are really complicated to understand. Only a few can be determined but the rest remained a ?. Pls help me identify those things. To mr. yamato, pls email me at shaira6@lycos.com  

22 Nov 2004 @ 12:28 by jef @ : treasure symbols available
i have a few copies of treasure symbols, and we have in our company a japinoy who is an expert on the matter.  

30 Nov 2004 @ 11:59 by Hermann Star @ : Professional Treasure Hunter
Hi" if you want to know more about treasure techniques just inform or ask me anytime,about treasure signs,how to notice dealing of scam gold buying,how to know if there is treasure in your site and many more advise about treasure.  

2 Jan 2005 @ 00:57 by virgilio a. sy @ : How treasure was burried?
I would like to ask how the yamashita treasure has been burried and what are the signed. Many treasures hunters I knew failed to locate the treasure. Does it mean the map they are bringing is not accurate?  

4 Jan 2005 @ 06:43 by Glart @ : About BLLM No. 17
14 inches square concrete with nails in the middle Marking X written on the top BLLM No. 17 what is the meaning of this?  

20 Jan 2005 @ 02:28 by basty @ : signs
i came from negros oriental, our place was the last stronghold of the japanese army.from the story of the old folks here, they found japanese soldiers burried boxes and drums in the mountain where they hide. we saw signs carved on the stones and rocks.when we tried to dig we saw lots of stone with carved sign on it.lots of local villagers found gold coins and bars accidentally.do you think this is what they said the YAMASHITA TREASURE?  

27 Jan 2005 @ 05:12 by ogie guzman @ : yamashita treasure
I know yamashita treasure is true, I ahve joined sevweral projects seen so many signs, and markings;but the difficult part is when you are ugged by the unseen spirits who guards the place! any knowhow to combat this?  

28 Jan 2005 @ 17:42 by Michael @ : need help
we have a small farm somewhere in mountain of northern luzon one day of december while we are planting we found a three big rocks with mark on top, a handpainted square with dot at center and letter G and a key, we are in need of help to analyze what is the meaning of that mark... some elders says that our place is a camp of a japanese soldiers during WWII... can you help us??? if you can pls. send me an e mail. this is true story and we hope that you can help us  

10 Feb 2005 @ 19:02 by ciasi98 @ : Cave on mountain within a river dam
I use to live in northern luzon, our town has numerous japanese garissons and the mountains there are the last fighting ground between the Japs and USAFFE -guerilia units. I still remember when im in high school, a big part of the mountain cave-in. One japanese camp was situated near a river. The camp was bombarded by us war planes. Does this means a treasure might be buried there or a treasure site? I also remember that old folks telling us that there is a marker that when the sunset's down, the shadow of the marker tip is where the treasure buried. But the marker is lost? What do you think folks, do you think treasures are buried somewhere on this areas???  

16 Feb 2005 @ 08:52 by carlos @ : japanese markings
i live somewhere in northern luzon. we have dug up stones with strange japanese markings in the face of a mountain near the cordillera mountain ranges. we need people who know how to read these signs and help us locate the treasure. anyone interested can e-mail me and i will show the signs we unearthed.  

21 Feb 2005 @ 09:30 by Ariel Abao @ : any good buyer
I have a friend who said that he have seen a golden budha, the handler is a native who live up high in the mountains. They are looking for a buyer. The buyer can do any testing to know if it is fake or not. He must be willing to come, safty is not a problem,If you are interested you can contact me.09169698789  

7 Mar 2005 @ 14:19 by Michael Abrera @ : inquiry
we have a small farm somewhere in mountain of northern luzon one day of december while we are planting we found a three big rocks 1 meter below the ground with mark on top, a handpainted square with dot at center and number 6 and a key, we are in need of help to analyze what is the meaning of that mark... some elders says that our place is a camp of a japanese soldiers during WWII... can you help us??? if you can pls. send me an e mail. this is true story and we hope that you can help us  

13 Mar 2005 @ 01:23 by Francis Reyes @ : need help
please give me a copy of treasure signs so that i will know if there is really a treasure in our house. Some peapole say that there is a treasure. thank you  

31 Mar 2005 @ 07:47 by emmanuel daclan @ : treasure in our lot in the philippines
can you give me a japaness sign sothat i can check if that sign sign is treasure or not. and sothat i can locate the treasure. ive seen a rectangle in the stone and greater sign at the side of the rectangle and the tip of the greater sign is a comma what does it mean.  

1 Apr 2005 @ 12:11 by emmanuel daclan @ : want to finance
if you are a japanes and can read sign please contact me with this email address dacs_y2r@yahoo.com. you can be my business partner.  

9 Apr 2005 @ 03:29 by maykho @ : letter
hello,can u send me the map of yamashita treasure here in mindanao..pls.pls.pls
co'z here in my town we have some prospect,that some of yamashita treasure has planted here and we saw some sign bout the treasure,sign like the sun...Hope u can send me the map co'z i need to study that map  

16 Apr 2005 @ 07:54 by alwyn @ : cement dissolver/'melter'
hello, is there anyone who knows any chemical that 'melts' a cement that is too tough? ive heard there are seven (7) of them but i dont know what are they. and, Is there anyone here who can email or give me any link to read symbols or characters used by the japanes during ww2? anyone. thanks...  

17 Apr 2005 @ 09:57 by guideman @ : to alwyn

i can help you but can you tell about story why you need chemical? did you see the "nitso" txt me 09224794384  

23 Apr 2005 @ 00:11 by chugz @ : help for treasure signs
can anyone give me a copy of symbols on buried yamashita treasure signs?. thanx  

23 Apr 2005 @ 16:51 by joseph @ : site unfinish project very positive
may site ako. 25 meters nahukay namin. gawa ito sa semento na may halong shell..may mga layer, each layer may semento na may ibat- ibang shell..nasa layer na kami ng box kasolumakas ang tubig. that time nasira yung pump namin...ang kailangan lang ng project na yon ay sub-pump at generator..di na kase kaya ng tito ko bumili ng gamit na yon. kaya need ko help niyo...dont you worry, positive yung site ko 100%...may marker at totally artificial yung site....may proof ako kung bakit positive iyon... kung intersado kau, pls.. text or call me +63 0921 3608215  

25 Apr 2005 @ 08:35 by Paul Yao @ : Need financier
We have site in Quezon City scanned several times with different model of high tech scanners and the result is 100% positive. We need only guys who are willing to finance the project. Before the operation, interested financier will bring scanners for them to prove that the area is positive. If the financiers are satisfied with the results of their scanners, thats the time we have to sit down and plan on how to operate. Target is 18 tons gold deposit.  

25 Apr 2005 @ 09:38 by Paul Yao @ : Need Financier for 7 days operation
The site was formerly a Japanese military camp in Quezon City. The target is 18 tons burried only in 15 feet within the man made tunnel. We need financier to do a mechanical operation to unearth the said deposits which will last only for 7 days. Financier will bring their own scanner to scanned the area before the proper operation. Interested? call me at 0918-599-9381 and i will show you the print out result of Sub-surface Interface Radar (S.R.R # 2 # 10 models). We can operate right away if you are willing to finance. Thanks paul  

28 Apr 2005 @ 09:20 by pathfinder @ : looking for maps.

is there anybody who could provide me information for any possible treasure hunting projects here in davao city.


29 Apr 2005 @ 03:14 by Gigi Baterna @ : Gold treasure signs and symbols
Hi, Im Gigi and I know a location in the farm with a huge turtle shape stone with its head and feet's out halfway , its one left eye is close and the other is open. I want to know if this is a Japanese treasure and Im willing to be a business partner with somebody who is willing too. I need treasure signs and symbols please send me. Thanks  

29 Apr 2005 @ 08:50 by CK @ : anyone interested....
hi! just wondering if there is anyone who would be interested to be my business partner. Im looking for someone who is trustworthy. I have various location in mindanao( agusan del sur, bukidnon, misamis occidental and lanao del norte) which Koreans and Japanese we're interested to buy the land but the lands are owned by my family. I could provide information regarding the locations specially in lanao del norte.  

3 May 2005 @ 08:45 by JOSEPH @ : JAPANESE CODES


3 May 2005 @ 16:06 by shang @ : needs chemical solution
Hello... anybody knows a chemical that can melt very hard rocks? Inside these rocks contain treasure. The japs tricks people by using this hard coated treasure rock to look like a natural rock. Also d same hard coat thing is used in making believable "nitso" or tomb to avoid suspicions from people. Only a chemical solution can solve this problem. Pls to anyone there... hope u can help us. we have lots of these rocks and tombs..d only problem is dat we dont have any access on these chemicals..we badly need this chemical solution...we r located n mindanao. to anyone interested email me : shaira6@lycos.com  

5 May 2005 @ 09:34 by robert @ : Japanese Codes
To Joseph:
Hi! I'm from Cebu, and I'm very interested on Japanese Codes. How can I have a copy of them from you?  

6 May 2005 @ 16:24 by joseph @ : investor please











JUST TEXT ME THRU MY CEL 0921 360 82 15... JOSEPH...


6 May 2005 @ 16:32 by joseph @ : re: japanese codes..robert

sorry,, di alam kung paano kita mapapakopya ng codes...malayo ka sa akin,,kung may pupunta d2 o kung may pupunta jan na kakilala mo,, mit na lang kami tapos paabot ko sa kanya...complete codes yun..codes ni gen. mahoma,tanaka, at yamashita...

kaw nalng gawa paraan,,text me nalng 0921 360 8215

sensya na ha...  

9 May 2005 @ 07:07 by GUIDEMAN @ : PARA LAHAT


13 May 2005 @ 14:25 by rick @ : codes/scanners
please email me to whoever know about japanese treasure signs and symbols.
i also need scanners and detectors pls contact me 09213650286 tnx. we can do business.
From: Davao City, Phils.
e-add: lrickv2000@yahoo.com  

13 May 2005 @ 15:17 by JOSEPH @ : CODES

13 May 2005 @ 15:54 by rick @ : josep
get ko na joseph, di ko pala na refresh web page kaya di na update..  

13 May 2005 @ 15:56 by rick @ : Online
online ka pa ba? yung nick ko pala sa yahoo messenger lrickv2000 at kay sir Benjamin yung kaibigan ko samonteben nick nya...
hope usap tayo dun .. tnx  

14 May 2005 @ 05:15 by robert @ : Codes
Ok, thanks a lot. I have to find ways for that. Actually I have a lot of realtives who are now leaving in Manila but they very busy on their jobs. Also, I know they will only laugh when they know that i'm interested in this kind of business.
Alam mo, may nahukay na treasure don sa amin noong 1990. Matagal na yun pero mga foreigner ang nakahukay don sa dating kampo ng mga Japanese soldier. Don nagsimula ang lahat na halos lahat ng tao ay ginto ang pinag-uusapan. Mayroon na ring mga treasure hunter na pumasok doon kaso lang di naka penetrate masyado kasi alam na ng mga tao doon kung ano ang pakay nila.

Sa totoo lang may partial na mapa ako about our place na mayroon talagang treasure doon. Nakuha ko ito mula sa landlord ng inuupahan kong bahay dito sa city nung nag-aaral pako. Naging kaibigan ko siya nung sinabi kong may nahukay sa amin. Sabi niya ang kanyang inay daw ay mayroong mga mapa regarding sa cebu and nagkataon ding sa amin yun. But, his mother no longer wanted to share the map since the accident that happened to their family. Ang ginawa namin ninakaw niya ang mapa at kinopya ito kaso lang hindi niya nakuha lahat ng detalye.

Our place is located in a mountainous barangay and I believe that their are a lot of signs and symbols that can be found here.

Ang problema lang namin, wala kaming detector. Mayroon bang nagtitinda dito sa Pilipinas about this equipment?

Here is my email add: jojge21_gsm@yahoo.com  

19 May 2005 @ 04:20 by boylara @ : spindle forum
pasyal ko sa site ng spindle forum..gamit ko yahoo sa search engine tapos type nyo spindle forum..den punta kasuo sa treasure hunting site ..dami kayo matutunan o di kaya sa treasurenet.com sa forum nito search nyo lang philippines dami kayo matutunan  

19 May 2005 @ 13:22 by curiousguy @ : yamashita treasure poisonous gases

19 May 2005 @ 13:25 by curiosguy @ : yamashita treasure poisonous gases
EMAIL ME AT: mark_legaspi14@yahoo.com

24 May 2005 @ 08:05 by Ressen S. Miguel @ : markings and symbols
can somebody send me a copy of japanese treasure symbols and markings. thanks :)  

24 May 2005 @ 08:07 by Ressen @ : markings and symbols
can somebody send me a copy of japanese treasure symbols and markings. thanks :)
Please send me in my e-mail (ressen_2002@yahoo.com) thanks :)  

24 May 2005 @ 08:28 by seacrap @ : to curiousguy re:poison gas
the poison gas is Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), you hit a bottle with 2 chambers, one containing liquid sulphuric acid, the other a powder of either potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide that when broken and mixed yields a very volatile and lightweight yet invisible cloud of hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN) which will quickly interfere with your breathing. In 5 minutes a person is dead in an enclosed area...Prevention...1.dont break the glass....2...wear a gas mask with respirator impregnated with salts...I think GPR can detect this if you have...better a higher frequency of GPR...much better...buy also a chemical detector...medyo mahal lang nga ang mga ito....  

24 May 2005 @ 08:42 by seacrap @ : to all looking for cement dissolver
before you buy for a dissolver...try a service of a GPR...this equipment see-through a cement/rocks also....to see whats inside that rock...sayang lang dissolver nyo...baka barrier pa lang ang rock na nakita nyo...hindi pa yung
sa treasure mismo....if your sure that the treasure's inside...buy a dissover..
http://www.romixchem.com/removing.html THIS IS THE SITE....  

24 May 2005 @ 15:55 by gerry lee @ : need copy of japanese symbols
i need copy of japanese symbols and markings ..........pls help me............email at duderacer2005@yahoo.com  

25 May 2005 @ 04:48 by gerry lee @ : what is PO 1039
i need to know the meaning of PO 1039 it is engraved in a small pc of metal which is 16kgs in weight..........the other pieces of metal when formed the whole power of the whole town when out like its absobring the power...........  

26 May 2005 @ 05:53 by diphole @ : i have a dig site too...
how deep do they usually bury the treasures? can anybody give me a copy of the symbols and markings? PLS. thanks.. email me at lightspeedwit@yahoo.com
is there a specific\common coordinate they bury the treasure???  

28 May 2005 @ 17:17 by au hunter x @ : are u looking for a japs code:
anyone who would like to have a copy of japs codes, not free, contact or text me

31 May 2005 @ 10:53 by loren @ : Scanner
I'm looking for a gold scanner. Anyone who has one, pls. email me..  

31 May 2005 @ 20:57 by Melo @ : Marcos Gold
I recently purchased a gigantic gold coin with the portrait of Ferdinand and
Her Highness Imelda Marcos at Ebay action. After reading the book of The Marcos Dynasty be Sterling Seagrave page 341 quote"One official said even the thousands of gold coins minted bearing the likeness of Imelda and Ferdinand, found in Malacanang after they fled could not have come from the Central Bank Reserves.Marcos belives in the number 777. Look at this gold coin and you will arrive at 777- You see 1972-1977 ( 7 7 7) V anniversary plus 2 = 7
1972 (the 9 written upside down is a 7) 19=7 7 then V + 2 =7 arriving at 777
Again the year 1977 can be written where 9 written upside down 19=7 7 7 arriving at the number 777. Could this be a code created by Marcos trying to conceal the true nature of this coin. I ve collected alot of gold coins from different countries and yes this coin is gigantic in nature. I honestly believe, Marcos tried to convert this japanesse gold or black gold into a legitimate form. His official seal and melt it later on. If you are curious about this coin there are a few a Ebay by typing 1977 piso.  

31 May 2005 @ 21:02 by Melo @ : Marcos Gold Coin
I meant 1972 where 9 (written upside down is 6+1 = 7) The V was the fifth anniversary V + 2 = 7. The year 1977 where 9 written upside down looks 6 + the
first digit 1 in 1977 = 7 7 7.
Do the Math and see if you could add something to it. 777 was Marcos lucky number.  

1 Jun 2005 @ 04:16 by Paul Yao @ : Scanner
For sale brand new latest hightech scanner, complete with laptop computer type. You can do scanning even you are in the boat or via helocopter and you will see the accurate result of your area. Price Php 3.5M Interested? and you want to know the price? call or text me at 0918-599-9381 look for paul or email me at paulyao05@yahoo.com thanks  

5 Jun 2005 @ 16:48 by alex @ : sign and simbols
hi sana naman mabigyan nyo ako ng Japaness sign and simbol, compleate, may locatin ako in Cagayan Vally, at i am one of the interpreter but some of my knowledge in the sign ay nalimutan ko na kasi ninakaw ang kopya ko, hope email nyo ko or offline message nyoko sa messenger ko, at the moment ay nasa Netherland ako at kung kayo ay interesado sa pagbili ng detector, ay meron dito at hightect makikita mo kung ano meron sa ilalim, yun ang tinatawag na GPR Ground Penetrating Radar, at may laptop pa iyun i try it and is nice kahit na lata ng sadinas makikita mo at may kulay ito i mean grafics, so please emeil me anytime,  

7 Jun 2005 @ 08:20 by atchhew!!! @ : SIGN,CODES,MARKINGS

8 Jun 2005 @ 16:49 by jeff @ : needs help
there's a rough cement along the seashore and a horseshoe like sign nearby, it's a privately owned..not only that, i also found a cemented heartlike shape with pin above it under a mango tree...it is located somewhere part of bicol region.. interested??email me @ anoucons@yahoo.com. GOD BLESS....  

10 Jun 2005 @ 07:40 by shang @ : just sharing
Haloooo sa lahat!! sinong me alam ng meaning ng perfect heart? Naka engraved kc un sa pagkalaking bato na me ksma pang iba.. Ung isang bato ay ginawang ulo ng isda na me lumalabas na tubig sa nakanganga nitong bunganga. |Tapos ang katawan ng isda ay pakalaki laking nakabalibag sa ibabang bahagi ng falls na nakatusok naman sa isang bundok. Me kakatwa pa nga rong batong ulo ng tao pero walang katawan. Weird anoh?? Meron pa dung pagkalaking inverted J na nakaukit sa bato. Sa ibang bato naman me mga "w" na nakasulat. Halos yata lahat ng bato na nandun kakatwa tlaga dahil kakaiba ang mga ito sa karamihan.. Me bato pa na babaeng buntis.. Ang lahat ng sinabi ko ay makikita sa isang manmade falls in a far flung area along the borders of Davao Del Sur and Sultan Kudarat provinces. Kung sino man mkabasa ni2 sana share mo rin ano view mo sa deniscribe ko.. The site is untouched, still intact and the place is safe.. Katunayan dun pa naliligo mga tao kung may okasyon.. Un nga lng talagang dadayuhin mo ang lugar shaira6@lycos.com  

10 Jun 2005 @ 17:01 by MARY LOU EVANGELISTA @ : tresure site
i would like to have a reliable individual who could provide us help in retrieving possible treasure in a land that we own, previously some one was helping us and he wanted more than what we have previously agreed so i stop the operation we are at thirty feet interested email me.  

16 Jun 2005 @ 14:58 by Ben @ : love treaure hunting
Negros Yamashita Treasure

In 1945 2nd World War Japanese soldiers were surrendered but some of them escaped. And one of them was put in prison in Palawan. And his companion were killed.
There was one of his Filipino inmates where he handed the information and simple map or direction of the hidden treasure they keeped at Negros. He confessed about the treasure because he knew that by that moment he will be put in a firing line for execution. When this Filipino inmate free he gave this map and information to my bestfriend who is now 76 years old.
In 1953, they started to follow the map instructions to retrieve the five gold bars beside the waterfall at the depth of 6 feet. And once this 5 gold bars taken in the said instructions it will serve as their expenses to retrieve again the last large number of gold bars deposited by the Japanese. The stock pile was done by bombing the sides of the waterfall to cover the treasure. They covered it with cement before bombing the place.

I strongly believe that it’s true because of what we have seen in the location. The location was right at the center bottom of the waterfall, facing the East and it is the seventh waterfall from the bottom of the mountain.
It was over a thousand of a Filipino prisoners of war who were forced to carry and killed them after all. And we’ve been proven because at the upper part of this area, there were bones and skulls scattered around.
The first group who have been explored really got the five (5) gold bars being instructed by the Japanese prisoner and weighing approximately 6.5 kilos, the same weighing and sizes found by some fortunate fellows not so far at this place, but while on their way home they were intercept by the HUK or HUKBALAHAP (Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon) or (the 1950’s Filipino Armed Forces Men against Japanese soldiers) and they forced to surrender their five (5) gold bars. And one of those adventurers was my bestfriend, he was only 16 years old that time. All of them were Trauma and never desire to go back the place because it was dangerous. Right now all of his companion during their exploration in the treasure were dead because of old age. And fortunately in the year 2000 we invited him to visit again that place where my bestfriend explored. And he can still remember all the places where they passed, working on and the place where they were intercept by the armed men. We found out that this seventh waterfall has a different surroundings and condition of landscape. Because the stones and rocks are all broken, there are broken logs under the stockpiles. I am sure it was due to bombings not a natural phenomenon.
So we started to dig up a hole of 10 by 10 feet. Not following the instructions given by the Japanese information. The instruction of the Japanese was at first, move the three big rocks that holds the stockpile. Then, after this rocks moved down lower portion of the creek, then start clearing until reaching the location. And the rain can help to move the stock pile down to clear the area.
But we didn’t follow the right procedure for the first time because we thought that by so doing we can work it easily and we make it in a short period of time. Then last December 2002, it keeps on raining that collapsed the hole we dig up. But we reached 27 feet, and found the cement that covers the treasure. And at the 15th feet before we reached the cement, we found a helmet of a Japanese Soldier.
This was the last buried treasure of Yamashita. Some sub-content of these treasure were the maps of all buried treasure in the area.
We have spent worth P150,000.00 for almost one (1) year of operation and almost two-thirds (2/3) of the stockpile moved out because we have now followed the right instruction.
The group are very willing to start the operation again, but because we don’t have sufficient financial support as of now, the group has decided that who ever like to invest or join us financially, we are willing to talk it over under the terms and conditions. One is, financially provided, no fire arms and fire men involved for each of our safety or to be secured and away from temptation, this is for life and NOT for death transaction. Thank you very much and more power to our treasure hunting.

For any interested or questions, please contact the no. provided below and look for Ruben Baballo or Lyben Baballo: azerconman@yahoo.com or 09155588096 and 09193128605  

21 Jun 2005 @ 03:43 by ado rytz @ : markings
i would like to ask if you can give me what are the signs and marking of the japanese treasure in the phils. I have 3 hectars lot in Samal island in davao and i would like to try if there are any of those things there. please email me of those things. thank you and more power. my email address is: bloodyme78@yahoo.com  

21 Jun 2005 @ 06:28 by karlos @ : codes? obsolete!!!!
most codes that have been handed over and over again are obsolete.... pity... for those interested parties for actual trove and cache treasure search call me at 0916 4321632... madami akong project area... mga financer kuno ang sumusuko kasi mga palpak like ung may initials nito R.F. beleive it or not... madaming mababaw na caches... dito ako sa luzon.  

21 Jun 2005 @ 08:45 by Cyrus Preglo @ : signs and symbols
please send me signs and symbols in treasure hunting. i live in a place once occupied by japnese soldiers. They buried so huge amount of gold in the area. The caves, and rocks here have japanese writings and symbols or signs which I find difficulty in translating . . . . please send me, please . . . .  

24 Jun 2005 @ 01:24 by harakiri @ : mababaw ??? he he he he
ask ko lang kung mababaw ba talaga yun mga site mo...




24 Jun 2005 @ 13:01 by erick @ : treasures code and signs
anybody could help me to have a copy of treasures hunters code and signs...i have found some treasure's sign but i cant understand the exact interpretation for that particullar signs...i found a japanese bamboo which planted into three groups, in a triangular location i also found a statue of a man inside the cave which about 5 to 5 feet in height...can you please explain me about those signs...thanks  

24 Jun 2005 @ 13:03 by erick @ : treasures code and signs
anybody could help me to have a copy of treasures hunters code and signs...i have found some treasure's sign but i cant understand the exact interpretation for that particullar signs...i found a japanese bamboo which planted into three groups, in a triangular location i also found a statue of a man inside the cave which about 5 to 6 feet in height...can you please explain me about those signs...please email me rick_ariata@yahoo.com  

25 Jun 2005 @ 03:42 by boss @ : treasure
i need financier.treasure site-palacpalac, pozorrubio, pangasinan. place was a detachment of the japs during the war. ive seen the map and there are 2 deposits in the area, artifacts such as broken china wares, stone artifacts such as heart, snail and a hand etched in stone, iron spikes etc recovered. pls email or call 09225383799  

26 Jun 2005 @ 00:39 by Louie @ : Help!!...... Plz!!
Anybody here knows where the treasure came from?! the specific place plz.... May God Bless you..... Here's my email: louie_donna19@yahoo.com  

28 Jun 2005 @ 08:26 by red @ : my dad is a hunter
i have a copy anof codes and signs.... redline0027@yahoo.com  

30 Jun 2005 @ 11:00 by hunter_max32 @ : scanners/detectors
hello to everyone,i was surfing the net when i come across this site, and i was curious, if the yamashita treasures do 'exists'!, well to make the long story short, when i was a child, my lolo used to bring me to his 'lot', and he always told me that this lot is somewhat 'special', i didnt know what he meant by that, till this time. I want to know what this special lot holds...and if there is someone who wants to share this experience with me, u can get hold of me thru my c.p. 09153453913. Till the next adventures of hunter-max..  

30 Jun 2005 @ 16:03 by Paul Yao @ : looking for financier
We have site in Quezon City scanned several times with different model of high tech scanners and the result is 100% positive. We need only guys who are willing to finance the project. Before the operation, interested financier will bring scanners for them to prove that the area is positive. If the financiers are satisfied with the results of their scanners, thats the time we have to sit down and plan on how to operate. Target is 18 tons gold deposit. Interested? Pls call 0918-599-9381 thanks paul  

30 Jun 2005 @ 16:10 by Paul Yao @ : Scanner
For sale scanner, pls contact me at 0918-599-9381 thanks paul  

1 Jul 2005 @ 07:15 by shang @ : just asking
tanong sana ako kung merong pabiling buk bout treasure signs n symbold sa davao ct? kulang kc ung copy namin. please email me at shaira6@lycos.com thnx!  

3 Jul 2005 @ 11:28 by JAMES @ : HELP -DETECTION!




PLS... TEXT ME 0921 360 82 15  

5 Jul 2005 @ 09:45 by hunter_max32 @ : scanners
To Mr. Paul Yao, Good day mr. yao, nais ko lang malaman kung anong model ng scanner mo, and if you want i have a business proposition for you. Taga manila ako. Can we meet. My cp. no. is 09153453913. I hope we can do business. tnx.  

5 Jul 2005 @ 15:31 by faith yan @ : japanese codes!!!
i have here a lists of japanese codes,, it is a not so clear copy which make it not easy to read and so i am hoping for someone who'll help me to find a clear copy,, pls. just email me,,, thanks  

7 Jul 2005 @ 08:22 by San Miguel @ : Need serious assistance
I need a serious financer/s for the speedy recovery of the Yamashita Treasure project located in Northern Luzon.(Pangasinan) I'm willing to travel whoever is interested regarding this project or you may contact me at (702) 376-1844. I own the site in the Philippines and have yamashita map in my position.  

10 Jul 2005 @ 05:03 by manny @ : need finacer
this is no joke.if you are interested to finance please email me i'll sent you pictures of sign. and after that you deside if you are interested to operate. location is in cebu. gold bars inin the cement neer river. thanks.....  

10 Jul 2005 @ 11:10 by Gen Lopez @ : Great New Book
There is a new book about to be released about an Australian who has been recovering Yamashita gold in northern Luzon. His web site is www.astekpublications.com.au I was with him on two successful trips. I am retired Philippines military. Sterling Seagraves has done the review on the book. You can download a free eBook Sample of the book. It is expected to be released in August. The writer has helped many Filipinos with their projects. He is a friend of Robert Curtis and has some real maps.  

12 Jul 2005 @ 04:41 by rick @ : Great New Book! new site !
www.astekpublications.com Site under construction... but E-book is downloadable :)  

16 Jul 2005 @ 08:24 by boyet or gigi casingal @ : Let's HUNT

16 Jul 2005 @ 08:29 by BOYET OR GIGI CASINGAL @ : LET'S HUNT

17 Jul 2005 @ 08:42 by Norman Millares @ : Gold Buyer Available
I'm glad to inform you that we have exactly what you are looking for.The Principal Buyer is from an international private firm engaged solely on business of buying documented and undocumented gold bars. They operate in a legal and lawful manner under the rule of international laws. I want to assure you that this is not a fraud and is doing business with all good intentions. If
you are interested, kindly grant us the assurance that you are likewise
in good faith of doing business with us, then rest assured we are going
to have a fruitful negotiation. If you are interested text or call 09202563235.  

20 Jul 2005 @ 14:31 by randy @ : help
may nakita kaming marker sa bundok, naghukay kami at umabot sa 18ft. bago pa umabot dun bandang 14ft ay may nakita kaming metal sheet. binutas namin yun hanggang umabot na kami ng 18ft.ang nakita namin naman sun ay ispalto na parang alketran... ano po ang ibig sabihin non????? malapit na kaya yun o malayo pa??? para po sa inyong lahat na nag te treasure, paki sagot naman po ang katanungan ko. tnx  

20 Jul 2005 @ 14:32 by randy @ : help
may nakita kaming marker sa bundok, naghukay kami at umabot sa 18ft. bago pa umabot dun bandang 14ft ay may nakita kaming metal sheet. binutas namin yun hanggang umabot na kami ng 18ft.ang nakita namin naman dun ay ispalto na parang alketran... ano po ang ibig sabihin non????? malapit na kaya yun o malayo pa??? para po sa inyong lahat na nag te treasure, paki sagot naman po ang katanungan ko. tnx  

21 Jul 2005 @ 06:54 by Norman @ : GOLD BUYER


21 Jul 2005 @ 15:32 by Brian @ : yamashita lang ba may treasure d2?
hi peeps!ganda naman ng site na 'to...pero bakit yamashita lang? how about ang Father ng Uncle ko? MASAKO..nwei,hindi po lahat ng books na may japs codes or signs ay totoo.dapat marunong kayo sa actual..sa mga nabasa ko d2,simple lang ang mga signs...sa mga taga north lalo na sa cagayan valley...baka kilala ko kayo.hehebaka nga kagrupo nyo yon nagtakbo ng gold..hwag mapikon ang tamaan ok! sa mga taga quirino province,alam nyo yon nagbukel mountain diba,umakyat kayo sa taas may hagdan doon pababa pero patagilid kayo papasok sa loob.may 1 drum doon na dapo,then ispalto ang nxt...butasan mo then items! may balete sa kabila ng bundok,pansinin m ang ilalim,may tunnel na sarado..pag nabuksan nyo,3boxes of gold. 120pcs per box...sa brgy. diego silang at guribang,nay apat na balete at 25 na hagdan.lahat ng steps may laman...cge, magsawa kayo.hwag lang nyo kunin ang mga kweba kung ayaw nyo mpahamak...kung gusto nyo palanan,lakarin mo mula isabela hangang boundary ng palanan,mag malaking puno ng suha,sa barangy LUCBAN...may tolda sa tabi nya,2ft. lang tinakip namin...pwede nyo hakutin 500 pcs. of gold bars...hay naku, marami pa kayong hindi alam... :)isa lang akong bata, 23 y/o.kng di ako kapanipaniwala sa inyo,ok lang.hehehe email nyo ako baka magustuhan ko kayo... napasok nyo na ba ang PALASYO ng JAPANESE!? HOW ABOUT PALANAN? 70,000 metric tons og bars..wala pang budha at diamonds...3yrs po nila hinakot yan.thats enaf..marami na ako nasabi.. HI sa mga grupo na tinakbuhan ako! ako ito, BRIAN!!! sa mga politika n nanloko sa amin ni uncle, nagtiwala kami sa inyo...inagaw nyo n nga bakit pa nyo kami pinaghahanap? mauubos din mga kayamanan nyo!!! email me here squall_888@lycos.com  

21 Jul 2005 @ 15:45 by Brian @ : Treasure sites
kung cno man yan kumuha ng gold sa arko ng cemetery,ingatan mo na yan.at yon damortis tren station, dpat nag iwan kayo kc may sumpa yon. pero di nyo nahanap yon 2x3x2m na cement ryt? hahaha tinakpan namin yan ng 2ft.wala sa station,going sa dagat nyo makikita.sa taga BALER, sa tabing dagat..sa semento n harang sa tubig sa corner,tabi ng kalsada hukayin nyo yon buhangin 2 meters..makukuha nyo ang cement. 47 pcs.of gold ang laman..sa BAGUIO naman po, sa LA Trinidad sa hanging bridge ung una...nasa ibaba ng biyak na bato,matulis pointing to a heart shaped stone na red may X sa gitna. mag unahan na po kayo!  

21 Jul 2005 @ 15:49 by Brian @ : again...
kung interesado kayo, call me 09219798128 tnx!  

22 Jul 2005 @ 13:19 by joe @ : hi
Brian naka onlyn ka pa ba?  

23 Jul 2005 @ 08:22 by Mhegs @ : Hi Brian
Grabi ka talaga Brian. Marami ka na palang alam sa treasure hunting. At naku! kawawa ka naman na tnakbohan kayo. Sana pinag usapan or may kasunduan bago kukunin ang Gold. Papa ko nga may hinuhukay din sa negros kaya lng na stop yon dahil walang financer siguro hinihintay pa ako mag abroad para maka finance dun. Malapit na yon makukuha.

Just curioius about pointing some sites where there are deposited bar of gold. Why dont you secretly go with your family and take those bars of Gold? You cant really trust persons who is ambitious of money. AT makasarili. Magpasama ka kaya sa mga malapit mong kaibigan at pamilya para sa inyo na ang lahat na Gold.  

23 Jul 2005 @ 08:42 by Mhegs @ : Brian
Hi ang lakas mo talaga Brian!!!! you cant really trust persons who are ambitious and selfish of their wealth. So go with your family and friend and dont tell anyone whom you dont know well that you're going to take the Golds.  

23 Jul 2005 @ 10:47 by Brian @ : Mhegs
sa dami po ba naman aanhin ko po naman lahat...opo,mahirap magtiwala sa mga gahaman kahit may KASUNDUAN hindi tlga nasusunod! bliv me! cge po, hangang sa susunod.. :)meron nakalaan para sa Family ko. cge,tnx again..gtg peeps! bye!

sa mga pupunta sa sites na binigay ko, make sure marunong kayo humawak ng gold baka ilang oras lang tunaw n kamay nyo ok...  

23 Jul 2005 @ 15:40 by Paul Yao @ : Scanner/buyer
We have scanner for sale. Our filipino buyer is willing to buy a genuine gold. wag kayo magbenta sa foteigner at kung pwede sa filipino buyer lang para matulungan natin ang bansa natin, okey? just contact me kung mron totoo kayo hawak na ginto okey? thanks and email me at paulyao05@yahoo.com  

25 Jul 2005 @ 15:21 by rendz @ : brian
gud day sayo...
kahanga hanga naman ang mga site na sinabi mo, mga site na meron kamong deposit. pero wala kang nabanggit sa area ng bataan kung saan nandun ang mas malaking mga deposit. alam mo ba ang lugar at kwento ng rehas na bakal? yung 3ng perfect pyramid na malaki pa daw sa new era ang laki ng ilalim, at ang deposit daw ay humigit sa 100 trucks ang nakalagay... mga sekretong lugar na napupuntahan ng mga tao, pero wala silang alam sa treasure. hindi naman ako treasure hunter, pero mahilig akong makinig ng kwento tungkol dun, siguro kung makakakita ako ng aktual na nag aahon ng gold bars eh baka maingganyo na akong sumubok. may itatanong nga pala ako sayo brian", alam mo din ba ang black coltar? alketran at ispalto? sabi kasi nila pag nakita na daw yun eh malapit na. bakit yung kapit bahay namin eh lumampas na dun pero wala namang nakita o nakuhang gold. may paliwanag kaba dun?  

26 Jul 2005 @ 15:39 by rendz @ : brian
gud day sayo brian,
siguro hindi mo pa nababasa yung tinatanong ko sayo... magtatanong pa naman sana ako sayo ulit tungkol sa paghuhukay ng treasure. tama ka, hindi lang yamashita ang nag baon ng mga gold bar, si tanaka ay nagbaon din. ganon din si general homa. may kanya kanya silang hinawakan na lugar, kagaya sa amin sa bicol, si tanaka ang may hawak ng kayamanan dun.
nabanggit mo pala yung batong pointer na nakaturo sa bato na korting heart sa ilalim ng tulay... batong pula nga yun, ang tawag dun ay manganise. ang ganong bato na kinortihang puso ay ibig sabihin n malaki din ang naka deposit sa lugar nya. siguro magtataka ka kung bakit ko alam yung ibang bagay tungkol sa treasure", kasi lolo ko ang nagturo non lahat sa akin... maraming beses na silang nagtagumppay pero para lang ding walang nangyari, may nag samantala at may gahaman. may aktual akong nakikitang naghuhukay ap pinapakita pa nila sa akin yung balon. ang nakakapagtaka eh wala yun sa mga natrabaho ng lolo ko. ang sabi nalang nila sa akin eh yamashita treasure daw kasi talaga yun at napakaraming panligaw para hindi makuha... may makita ka man eh yung ilang kahon lang, pero yung tonetoneladang bara eh hindi mo makikita. yung kapit bahay ko eh nakakita ng metal sheet sa lalim na 18ft, binutas nila yon at ang nkita naman nila ay alketran na may dilaw na malagkit na parang pintura, kaya lang wala parin silang nakitang bara. may alam ka ba tungkol dun?
reply ka nalang pag nabasa mo itong mga tanong ko, kung gusto mo lang mag share... gud day ulit  

27 Jul 2005 @ 15:24 by randy @ : brian
gud day sayo brian. kumusta kana? sana ay ok ka lang dyan... tnx nga pala sa tulong mo ha", kung pwede nga lang kitang papuntahin sa amin lalo na sa site eh ginawa ko na. alam ko namang kasing di ka din kasi pupunta kasi alam ko naman kung ano ang problema mo. sana matulungan mo pa ako sa mga darating na araw, lalo na pag malapit na siguro. itatanong ko sana sa iyo kung posible bang hindi ma detect yung deposit dun sa site na sinabi ko sayo? kasi last week may pinapunta akong tao dun at nagbayad ako para sa service ng detector nya. naikot na yung site namin pero ang sabi nya ay wala daw... nakakawalang gana talaga dahil sa lalim at laki ng hukay namin ay parang nagsayang lang ba kami ng pagod. buti nalang eh andyan ka. pwede ba talagang hindi ma detect yun? lalo na tatlo pa yung sabi mo na naka deposit dun. o posibleng may anti detector yun kaya wala syang nakita dun?
maraming salamat talaga sayo", gud day and take care  

29 Jul 2005 @ 09:09 by Cliffhanger @ : Warbooties of Davao
Am from Davao City I cover the area of the whole of Davao in researching,profilling ,investigating,documenting the The Japanese Imperial Army Warbooties of these sector since 1988.If you need my help please feel to email me or contact me my celno. is 09192323712. Happy Hunting.Nice to meet you guys.  

30 Jul 2005 @ 05:48 by brian @ : rendz
gud day! sa bataan ba kamo? wala dyan ang pinaka malaking dposit..kung gusto mo ng site sa bataan, hanapin m yun bondok na pag titigan mo may malaking bato hugis 4. sa gitna ng 4, mkikita mo yun maliit na butas papasok. punta k sa pinakamalalim na chamber..good luck nalang po sa iyo.wala namn cguro ako dpat pa2nayan dito sa site... :) sa taga batangas na 2mwag sa akin salamat, hintayin nyo ako kung mahintay nyo ako ng gagastos dyan. sa taga bataan,galingan mnyo kc maliit yan hukay nyo. halos matapatan nyo na ang underground tunnel may 7 ons dyan.. hangang sa muli peeps!  

2 Aug 2005 @ 17:17 by Stuart Crammond @ : GOLD and FRNs
Anyone can email me re FRNS or any such Treausre in Phillys. we have few projects savaging out of Manila at present. 2 on Islands. Interesting to hear good peoples views and comments as we have been here for 27 years ! we know about the US involvment with Currency, bonds and Au during the FReserve establishment !!!!!! And what tricks they played.. we kow the big wigs and USSS agents and their stings, scams and phonies.. its a whole big ploy.. BUT by jolly,.. theres GOLD here and there and everywhere.. just impossible to do anything with it !!!! Unless of course ????  

3 Aug 2005 @ 09:45 by Brian @ : Im in danger!
peeps, i think i got to go na... marami na masyado ako nrcve na international calls.. nakakatakot cla, lalo na nakakalula alok nila. alam na rin nila yun private email addy ko.kay kuya joe caoibes,tatawagan ko nalang po kayo pag ok na.kay ate nitz,tnx din po. lalo na kay ate EMILY & Family, salamat sa inyo...:) papalit na ako #, ako nalang po tatawag or magtxt sa inyo. God Bless you all here!  

3 Aug 2005 @ 10:00 by Brian @ : Randy
Bro, may msgs. ka pla 4 me dito...hehehe sabi ko naman syo,pag malapit na may darating na problema.ano na ngayon,ha? hwag mo tigilan yan, kung sundin mo yun sukat ng hukay na sinabi ko sayo walang duda mabubuksan mo yan. ayaw mo yun, pag nabuksan yan hakot nalang kayo..bakit ba kc hindi mo mahanap yun bato na may laman? sayang din yun, bka maitapon nyo. hehehe yung ibang tao,simotin nila ang laman ng kweba,pero yun ang hwag mong gagawin.magtira ka kahit isa lang, hwag mo iuwi ang budha,kunin mo lang laman nyan at ibalik mo sa bansa kung kanino ang budha...icpin mo nalang kung pano...:) yun Yc, Y=, 7k yun apat na arrow at bilog, yun 3 boxes na may ukit na 3,yun dalawang X na triangle ang dulo, di ka pa ba ganahan dyan?! meron pa yung may B,ryt? pare parehong meaning, hwag ka lang malito. icpin mo lahat yun cnabi ko sa txt at nun nag usap tayo at kung saan mo kukunin ang laman sa loob. hwag ka matakot sa loob,kung makita mo yun malaking ahas, artificial lang yon ok.kunin mo yun mata,daan ka sa kanan ng ahas hwag kaliwa. pasensya kung di ako gaano reply syo, mahirap ang load! hahaha tsaka, kadalasan na sa txt mo inuulit mo itanong. isulat mo nalang lahat yun txt ko sau! :) cge bro, magtxt ka nalang ulit. magdasal kc kayo! hehehehe cge, good luck!  

3 Aug 2005 @ 10:05 by brian @ : Richard
Tol,sana magkita tayo bago ako mkaalis... may ipapa akyat ako sayo, 100 meters dretso pataas yun falls, andun yun bluewsh diamonds na malalaki. nun 1950's binenta ni uncle ang isa,$13M... may anim pang natitira doon. marami nang natives ang nakakapansin kc kumikinang na animoy may generator sa taas.sinlaki yun ng water jag. cge, pag bumaba ka na dyan sa palanan, txt mo ako.tnx. ingat kayo dyan ng dada mo..  

3 Aug 2005 @ 10:51 by allan m @ : treasure sign
meron bng nkkalam pano mgbasa ng japs treasure sign?  

3 Aug 2005 @ 13:10 by joe @ : thank u brian
tol,thanks sa lahat na tulong mo txt mo nalang ako sa bagong
number mo,hindi pa namin naumpisahan pag hukay dahil inantay
pa nag pinsan ko yun kuya niya na magmula pa sa angeles city,
ayaan mo tol,kung positive yun site ikaw ang una makaalam,txt
kta para makapunta ka naman dito sa amin....mag-ingat ka tol
madami activo mga dayuhan dto sa atin na naghuhukay(japan,us
china man)taking advantage sila mentras mgulo ang goberno ntin
dto.kung may budget na tol yun puno sa acacia ang isunod natin...  

5 Aug 2005 @ 14:50 by jhun gasgonia @ : @brian
tol, baka naman may alam kang site dito s parteng cavite... may nagsabi sa akin na meron dito sa may carmona & GMA... prob nga lang ruined na ung mga japanese symbols. email me na lng.tnx.  

7 Aug 2005 @ 12:16 by helper @ : Stuart Crammond GOLD and FRNs
Good day! If you realy interested of Golds and FRNs give me your e-mail address and your cellphone number. I can help you.  

7 Aug 2005 @ 17:06 by Jolly @ : signs and symbols
tol, pwd bng mkahingi ng articles about signs and sybols ng japanese hidden treasures tsaka ung 2ngkol sa mga booby traps. tnx. God Bless!  

7 Aug 2005 @ 17:54 by detector @ : treasure
hello fellow hunters... kung may sight kayo within clark and bamban area i may help if i find it promising may detector ako try natinU  

8 Aug 2005 @ 02:32 by Rexie @ : Teasures here in South Cotabato
Tol Brian baka may alam ka na treasure location dito sa general santos city / sarangani province. email me nman ol. tanx  

8 Aug 2005 @ 02:42 by rexie @ : Signs and markings
Tol brian pede ako makahingi na treasure sign ang marking. tanx uli tol....
more power to you.  

10 Aug 2005 @ 03:09 by Jerry @ : Buried Treasure in Northern Cebu
Hi treasure Hunters,Good day to all !!! is there anyone knw a treasure site in norhern part of Cebu,like San Remegio,Bogo,Tabogon,Medillin,? Thanks a lot to all for giving me a page here....God bless you all!!!!

12 Aug 2005 @ 01:09 by napoleon @ : signs
am just looking for anybody who's familiar with Gurain mountain and Pantar Bato of
Central Mindanao.  

12 Aug 2005 @ 14:42 by alvz @ : tough cement dissolver
Hello everybody please give me the name of the chemical that melts a tough cement. where can i buy it? ive heard there are seven (7) of them but i don't kno what are they. thanks you very much...  

13 Aug 2005 @ 03:37 by Joperon @ : Site in fairview & laguna
to Brian: please give me the location you mentioned at irri, los banos and fairview. sana may sim k ng sun cell para makausap kita ng unlimited. oliver 09224797363 / 09282158131 / 09277803484  

13 Aug 2005 @ 03:43 by joperon @ : submersible pump
Hi to all TH: meron bang available n sub. pump for sale or we can negotiate. we're working on the laguna site may next project na kasunod in the same bgy.  

13 Aug 2005 @ 11:35 by jovy fernandez @ : may hinuhukay din kami
hello... may hinuhukay din kami dito sa bicol... 15 meters na ang lalim namin... alam kong malapit na kami sa object kaya lang di talaga namin matumbok kung saan. ang katunayan mainit na sa ilalim ng cave. malapit sa dagat ang site pero bundok ang pinagtaguan sa isang cave... kailangan naming matiyak kung saan talaga... pls help us kung sinoman ang mayroong detector... wag kayong mag-alala mabuti kaming tao.. anyone who is interested ma contact me on my email add... asero59@yahoo.com salamat....  

13 Aug 2005 @ 13:51 by jhun gasgonia @ : to all fellow hunters
to all fellow hunters.... pahingi naman po ng copy ng japanese signs & symbols.... email nyo n lng po.... salamat  

14 Aug 2005 @ 13:07 by jerry ticson @ : signs & symbols

15 Aug 2005 @ 07:09 by RAUL Mc.Enrich enrique @ : i have six(6) buried golds treasure know
if you hve enought money to finance that six buried gold treasure, you can e-mail me or txt(09165213222),all of that was detected already.the problem is
the financial...god bless you...  

15 Aug 2005 @ 09:49 by oliver @ : scanners/detectors
Gud pm my fellow tresure hunters here in the philippines!kung sino man may scanner/detectors within metro manila or neighboring cities,and willing makipag join ventures with me,pls contact me, 09153453913,oliver name ko.I have a business proposition for u.tnx. Godbless.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 06:42 by paukl yao @ : scanner
For sale brand new latest hightech scanner, complete with laptop computer type. You can do scanning even you are in the boat or via helocopter and you will see the accurate result of your area. Price Php 3.5M Interested? and you want to know the price? call or text me at 0918-599-9381 look for paul or email me at paulyao05@yahoo.com thanks  

16 Aug 2005 @ 12:24 by cliffhanger @ : Cliffhanging for Brian
Tol di pa ako nakabili ng seat harness para doon sa waterfalls na ipakyat mo sa akin,at magdagdag pa ako ng static rope para doble at makasiguro tayo,Di ako naka tuloy Palanan maalon at may bagyo,antay lang ako konting budget ko at Akyatin ko na Waterfalls mo, yan ang paborito ko na object;Rappeling o cliffhanging.madaling kunin ang mga object na ganyan..Ingat Bro.  

16 Aug 2005 @ 17:09 by cherokee eagle @ : For your eyes only ( FYEO )
Greetings brian. Have sent you txt via ur previous CP number ( per ur comment 21 July 2005. Sent you email as well on ur adrs at squall_888@lycos.com per ur
21 July commentary. brod need 2 consult with you on our projects pls help us. have come to know the danger you are facing based on ur 3 Aug comment.to protect our identities pls send ur reply 2 my email adrs i.e. eaglestormalpha8@yahoo.com or 09172798128.  

17 Aug 2005 @ 03:59 by Cliffhanger @ : Dadiangas,South Cotabato JIF Warbooties
To Rexie,If you know Calaja Area in Conel,Gen. Santos city thre are many hidden,buried treasures(J.I.F.)in that Area.Adm.NAKONE'S treasure is found there under his bunker or tunnel but very difficult and costly to operate try to look for the small one's or give aways. Try to locate and be fiendly with the B'laan natives in the area they might be able to give you some reliable information,some of them are even Japanese descendant zand knows some of the location of the treasure within that area up to the foot of Mt. Matutum and Mt. Magulo. You might be able to stumble into the gravesite of the late Gen. ONO whom we tried to locate in the 70's when my late dad was still Liaison Officer of the Japanese Consulate in Davao City. Calaja is riddle with tunnels or bunkers.The site where Atty. Flaviano ones operated is the suspected barred down entrance leading to the Bunker or HQ of the late Admiral he was a friend of my late dad.I cannot operate that object or treasure because it needs a big budget or funding,it's NO JOKE to operate a Japanese World War II Tunnel,so first look for the small object or Infantry's loot,used a reliable detector maybe a Garrett Master Hunter with Depth Multiflier will do this good for shallow object,and choose good,honest,no smoke,no drink,no women,discipline partners and be prayerfull.Sorry I cannot be there to pinpoint to you the site coz am still here doin explorATION ,DOCUMENTATION,ETC.,IN nORTHEASTERN Luzon.Goodluck..my cel no. is 09192323712  

17 Aug 2005 @ 08:52 by Arxs Roxas @ : need ur help... BRIAN
may alam ka pa bang specific site d2 sa LIMAY, BATAAN? Positive sa detectors ang area ko pero 40 feet na nahukay namin wala pa rin. sa 30ft may nakaharang na 2 malaking bato magkapatong at nakadikit ng cement kaya nag-reroute kami sa side nun. marami ng nakuha d2 sa limay pero mababaw lang. ang most recent platinum bars.
Need your reply...tnx
God Bless  

17 Aug 2005 @ 08:54 by Arxs Roxas @ : Brian
Email me na lang BRIAN if u have time...mukhang sobrang busy ka pero hintay ko email mo...
Tnx uli  

19 Aug 2005 @ 11:55 by unkwon @ : Arxs Roxas
galing lang ako Dinalupihan sa san pablo. not sure san yan site mo. nandyan po ba yun dalawang manga na 150meters ang distance magkabilaan po ng ilog yan puno.pasensya na po muna kung wala pa ako time, sa uulitin nalang po.marami pa kc ako sinusubaybayan sa ngayon..God bless  

19 Aug 2005 @ 12:10 by mali! unknown hehehe @ : Arxs Roxas....

19 Aug 2005 @ 12:16 by RaL @ : NEED HELP AND ADVICING
yamashita treasure  

19 Aug 2005 @ 12:24 by RaL @ : 49 ft pero la parin
helo, may site kami sa davao nakahukay na kami maraming mga signs kagaya ng heart shape na bato, x, asphalt cement layer covering, 2 ft layer na sand nd gravel, 2 ft layer mga kahoy at dahon, malaking bato nagcover 1.2x1.5 meters mga red painted na stones, sun or flower engraving sa bato , may layer na red painted sand, ngayon 49ft na kami pero la parin object.. ano coment nyo po??? meron ba object or wala??? lalim na kasi. pls reply kayo need your help email nyo ako or sa yahoo messenger ral_3173@yahoo  

19 Aug 2005 @ 12:31 by RaL @ : to Arx Roxas BRIAN
oi kumusta site nyo/? lalim narin yata yan. bakit kayo nag reroute?? may signs paba kayo nakuha after rerouting??? naka experience na din kami nyan pero hndi kami nag reroute kinuha namin ang malaking bato sa 30-40 ft na namin.. ngayon 49ft na pero meron pa signs ... pero hanggang saan ba ito??? need help sino ba may advice nito?? tnx po  

20 Aug 2005 @ 02:15 by rexie @ : to CLIFFHANGER
Tol salamat sa info. i know the place kalaja in conel. saka pagkakaalam nakakuha na ata si atty. Flaviano dyan sa are na yan. May alam kaba na specific na place sa may mt. matutum area or sa conel? heres my number tol. (09202084121)  

20 Aug 2005 @ 09:46 by cliffhanger @ : Depthness of Treasure in Davao
To: RAL og GenSan,Malalim ang mga baon ng treasure ng Japs sa Davao kasi Navy ang majority nag baon nyan,baka aabot ka pa ng 100plus ft. kasi mukhang malaking object yan hinuhukay ninyo hindi sucker deposit o give away yan.yun mag object sa Buhangin Davao City tag 52 ft. and lalim ng mga cement vault o mga drums,kaya baka mahigit pa dyan yun lalim sa hinuhukay mo pero pag naka encounter ka na ng uling o charcoal malapit na yan kasi ganyan ang set up sa Davao Area.. To: Rexie of GSC..Yun sa Missing HQ ni Admiral Nakone and alam kung object sa Calaja subalit mahiral e operate kasi tunnel yun at malaking gastos si Atty. Flaviano milyon ang inubos dyan,si Doreck Mejorada din etc.etc.Kkaya mag hanap ka ng maliit dyan na object,mag reaearch ka tulad ng ginagawa namin,kaibiganin mo mga B,laan dyan sa Calaja o Mt. Matutum may alam yan sila. Cge Happy Hunting and goodluck!  

20 Aug 2005 @ 11:13 by RaL @ : going 51 ft
helo ulit, going 51 ft na kami sa aming syt 50 ft na kami ngayon pero nag hukay kami ng maliit na butas para malaman ano ang nasa ilalim. maitim na sand ang nasa ilalim at parang may smooth surface cement. hopefully object na..  

23 Aug 2005 @ 02:18 by teenieweenie @ : treasure scanner
hidden treasure sites found with signs like arrow lady!sfoot triangle dog with one eye closed cemented area as big as 100 meters long 8 meters wide found while digging a house located in negros oriental.we need a business partner to finance the excavation but most important is the scanner to determine the exact location of the buried treasure.interested parties may email at tennessewaltz@yahoo.com or call cell no 09209264808.  

23 Aug 2005 @ 08:56 by Cliffhanger @ : Depthness of Treasure
Bakit paliliit butas ninyo baka lalo kayo mahirapan nyan,gaano ka kapal yun maitim na sand?one foot,2feet,3feet? minsan 4 feet yan,INGAT baka sand trap yan,alalay lang dapat nakatali yun forward digger or abantero baka higupin sya pailalim. Ang alam ko after the fine black sand object na,either Cement vault tulad sa Mandug or Takahashi Butai Treasure.GOODLUCK! Just don't get too jittery or excited just relax and praY! bAKA MAWALA OBJECT NINYO,wAG MAGISIP NG hINDI MAGANDA.COOL LANG!AT WAG MAGDALA NG ARMAS MALAPIT SA BUTAS BAWAAL YAN!  

23 Aug 2005 @ 12:58 by cherokee eagle @ : BRIAN : The Eagle has Landed
Greetings Brian.Confirmed 2 sites positive. Personally went there with my knights.c Gabriela Silang kahit matanda na mukhang may asim pa. ung ghost town kita ko na ung driftwood dun pa ung nail sa gitna tapat nung masikip na barrier. very busy areas to kid. kailangan blitzkrieg operation ng nighthawks maganda lang very minimum risk.thank you for the S.O.S.hope to c u again sometime after you get back within 10 days.nakaplano na kmi proper timing lang kailangan.  

23 Aug 2005 @ 13:44 by darkheart @ : all hunters
guys... any info naman kung meron d2 s cavite na treasure site.. kc im thinking parang wala akong naririnig na news ng ganyan d2... tnx... email nyo kko kung my alam kayo...salamat!  

24 Aug 2005 @ 07:17 by darrel @ : To Brian
The gift of information or truth is the best one can ever have. Lucky for you pare, dami mo alam na info tungkol sa tagong yaman sa ting bansa. Meron din akong naririnig na sites sa amin sa La Union (along Marcos Highway). Ask me lang kung meron ba talagang nakabaon dun. Sabi ng mga t-hunters napakarami daw nakabaon dun dahil yun ang simula ng mahabang akyat papuntang Baguio. Totoo ba 'to? Meron ka bang alam na saktong lugar? Meron pala me site na me malaking crack stone at sa baba nito eh malaking bato na turtle-shaped. Location nito, more or less 100 meters above a river.  

26 Aug 2005 @ 04:26 by Arxs Roxas @ : Brian
D2 ang site ko sa Limay, Bataan. Sitio Anahao to be more specific. Last year may nagpuntang kano d2 may hinahanap na 3 puno ng mangga na naka-triangle.  

31 Aug 2005 @ 01:07 by oliver @ : THAPI MEMBERSHIP
Fellow THs: What are the required papers before undertaking a project aside from THAPI license.  

1 Sep 2005 @ 07:11 by leo @ : Brian
Gud day..
kahanga hanga ng mga sinabi mong sites brian.. I hope naka-log nako sa site na i2 a monht ago pero ndi e, kkapasok ko pa lng sa site na i2 and kakabasa ko pa lng mga mesage ng ating fellow hunters... mgka2lad din tau ng kapalaran pagdating sa gold hunting.. tinakbuhan din kami ng mga kasama namin na police la union,pgkatpos lasisngin ang katiwala at bantay dun sa site, na ndi ko na maremember mga pangalan nila.. diyos na lng bahala sa kanila.
Sa ngaun my project kami d2 sa pangasinan, nadetect kc ang site and base dun sa detector, positve daw so wev started to operate amonth ago. nakarecover na kmi ng mga debris ng kahoy at uling at mga sand at stones, nasa 11 ft. na kami.. wer located specificaly on part of Aguilar , pangasinan. Malakas ang tubig kaya 2mitibag nga lng pero wer hoping dt tings wil get beter...
Curious lng ako kng meron ka ring alam na treasure site d2 sa amin.. kh8 maliit lng na volume ok na.... bigyan mo naman kami d2 sa part ng aguilar, bugallon o san carlos man, ok na...
syangapla, galing na rin ang kuya ko at bayaw sa PALANAN pra mgtreasure kaso kulang sa equipment at ung panahon ang di sumang-ayon kya bumalik cla d2..

any volume kh8 maliit wil do, basta bgyan mo lng kmi ng pgkuhanan ng png-finance.. png-initial lng ba..

hoping 4 ur response,

email me na lng at:

1 Sep 2005 @ 07:15 by ed @ : recent reports in the newspapers
to all unbelievers and detractors of the 'fabled' yamashita treasure...why the heck are you even looking at this site? Hahaa! Pero seriously its all a hoax, lolo Ferdie told me so before he croaked. So sana all you reporters do other socially relevant stories. Leave us deluded treasure hunters in peace and make sure you tell the BIR too. :)  

1 Sep 2005 @ 12:39 by redpajero @ : GPR
http://www.gii.co.il/html/ground/ground_gpr.html This is powerful enuf to penetrate deep soil up to 1000 feet with precision. They are leasing the equipment to anyone whois interested. It is reliable to locate deep grounds of oil wells here in Kuwait. It is affordable too. Check this out..Anyone interested on selling gold bullions email me.  

2 Sep 2005 @ 01:59 by ed @ : maps
Does anyone here have the Curtis maps? Curtis took pictures before he had them burned but we know there are other maps he doesnt know about. These are wax paper maps drawn with Indian Ink and it had various seals on it. Besides these maps, there were commanders other than yamashita who had maps...and besides people would have made back up copies, or probably made their own and snuck them out. If anyone wants help interpreting them please get in touch with me. Thank you.  

3 Sep 2005 @ 04:07 by Jaime Palos @ : Rock wall slab like tombstone
Hi, I have a friend who's father-in-law owns a lot with a cathedral size cave apparently used by the Japanese during the WWII. Facing the cave entrance is a rock wall around 40ft high.He noticed a rectangular stone slab precisely cut and fitted in what appears to be a rectangular hole in the middle of the wall.Any clue on what this is??? Thanks, Jaime  

3 Sep 2005 @ 05:42 by redpajero @ : English Beware
If you are on this chatroom, And if you are really want to help pay our debt ($92 Billion only). Let help ourselves in a filipino way.....Dont speak or write ENNGLISH...Use Tagalog or more secured is using ur mother-tongue dialects. You are totally 24/7 monitored by foreigners and the fact is they invest on GSM scanner. And you what this is? Everytime you give cell fone numbers on this chatroom, ur conversation is monitored even your location (nearest cellsite anywhere within Philippine soil. Another trick..To all foreigners...i am monitoring you no matter what because i own tourism spot places in both Cebu and Boracay. So take note, GSM scanner scans your gold bullion whereabouts or transactions by calls same thing GPR scans underground for Yamashita treasures. Same technology for treasure hunting. My suggestion..Use throwaway emails (hotmail or Yahoo) and chat thru their messenger services. And beware of humnitarian group in our localities, they have hidden intention or agenda beside helping our poor folks. Peace Corps have few staff of undercover CIA.

Additional Research


In March 2001 George Bush junior sent a naval envoy consisting of 2 warships with navy sqeals to the Philippines to relieve President Arrayo of her stash of ingots held in the family vaults under mount Apo, thus ensuring herself victory in the 2004 election

Welcome to the Philippines..Hello Garci..  

3 Sep 2005 @ 05:53 by REDPAJERO @ : Crypt your messages
Plan your transaction on a hardcoded conversation Trick is to confused eavesdropper. Believe me and youre safeguarding your investments. Evrything is in traded on filipino dialect or roughly mixes with local dialects.  

4 Sep 2005 @ 02:39 by brian @ : jerry ticson
may poison tlga yan pero nasa 1dipa lalim lang ang item... :) diamonds po. at kung hukayin pa ng mas malalim, mas marami. gudluck!  

4 Sep 2005 @ 02:56 by brian @ : darrel
hwag mo na galawin dyan sa marcos h.w...dun ka lang sa kapatagan ng l.u. dami dyan nagkalat... kung kaya mo, yun underground ng SF tennis court! hehehe or hanapi mo yung dating tren station sa aringay... harap ata yun ng chool? near shell station ata...or sa taboc bridge sa san juan. may tatlong puno ng bamboo dun,sa gitna items. blablabla....dami nakakabasay. hehehe cge, gudluck!  

4 Sep 2005 @ 03:12 by unknown @ : redpajero
If you are on this chatroom, And if you are really want to help pay our debt ($92 Billion only).--- gnawa na po namin twice! pero anong nangyari?! binolsa! well, if hello garci monitoring us... hello madam! naalala mo ba yun 98 bars na kinuha mo sa amin!? at 1 budha b4 election?! hello????????? masaya a na ba? kahit monitor nyo kami, babagsak ka ba rin! bumaba ka at ipapasigurado ko sa iyo, aangat ang pinas dahil sa gold bullion na para sa pinas! tse! hope u d**!  

4 Sep 2005 @ 03:17 by FYEO @ : cherokee eagle
sorry for late reply. kamusta proj sa bulacan? nakita mo na pala statue, ingat lang kayo kung kunin nyo yun.at yun manga tree,baka ma makakita sa inyo.pasensya kung di ko kayo nasamahan sa markina..nxt tym nalang po. txt po kita mamaya, or sunod na araw sa new # ko. GBU  

4 Sep 2005 @ 23:37 by JB @ : Site sa Southern Cebu?
Sinong may alam na site dito sa Southern part sa Cebu? marami na kami sinubukan pero wala parin wa la pa kasi kaming detector.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 01:39 by ed @ : RE: Red Pajero
I'd like to warn everyone here, what Red Pajero is saying is true. CIA fronts in this country include firms like Bovis and Bechtel. There are also Peace Corps volunteers, U.N. staff and J.I.L. pastors who are CIA personnel. On top of these groups there are freelancers---supposed oil exploration firms, ex Air America Pilots, Mitsui personnel and retired CIA people. Don't worry they wont be after the small suckers sites, they are after the 9 remeaining 777 sites or bigger. Talking in tagalog wont help either, they heve language experts for everything.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 04:10 by may @ : Gold Find!!!
Hey mga kapatid, nakita ko na ang kayamanan 777 na tonelada ng ginto sa davao. Ang problema ko lang tulungan niyo ako kung pano ko babayaran ang utang ng pilipinas para ako na presidente.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 04:20 by redpajero @ : To ED
Thanks for your support, im here in Kuwait right after Aquino killed at MIA(now NAIA)and i stayed here to work in Middle East exploring the soil of foriegn land which is not ours. Everyone must know the greediness of foreigners with regards to Yamashita gold. I would like to ask anyone, Do we have cooperative body or company for refining gold approved by DTI and with full support of Central Bank. Do we have secured money transfer. The Y hunters are until considered today by filipinos' perception are ILLUSYONado or just plain old fantasy or concoction of hearsays. $300 Billion worth of Yamashita Golds still buried under Philippines soils. What we dug up is just a small quantity of treasure, our government hated us treasure hunters, The media was trying to debunk the findings or discourage the readers (i was journalist too at Tempo b4). We need to propagate the good news with authentic proofs. Needless to say, we need to inform ating mamamayan in optimistic approach at any diverse ways. I used to idolize Gloria because she was classmate of Clinton. I found article about her shadowy involvement. Again monitoring, local translators are employees too and we respect them. They have no intentions to reveal most details or they divert into wrong words. My second advise was to protect your dealings from our translators. Good crypting in a filipino way is the guaranteed success. To all treasure hunters, i know ur on internet most of the time, u can sell ur stuffs directly to foreign buyers which is based on current metal exchange rate in Europe or america with careful study of logistics and refining. HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/ Check this out..This is the satellite-based GPR. Actually this is the top of the line GPR. USA has all of this stuff. Initial as part of Star Wars program by Reagan. HAARP can even create artificial earthquakes on the target. They hit IRAN twice for this and my personal investigation, Mt. Pinatubo unleashed its power thru this. Reason, to discourage the Philippine government from negotiating the lease renewal because the US wants to store Nukes in the Clark and Subic but we refused the option. Enuff said.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 04:52 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
Yes most wire transfers are fairly reliable nowadays...but I would caution you against going through any government agency or bank to do your transactions. Mahirap talaga mag-refine nang gold and besides you cannot sell it in large quantities and hope to get par value with spot prices. Besides, if its in bullion form it would have been registered, if its not then most banks won't take it because its probably stolen. What you can probably do is get your gold to a country called Lichenstien, any bank there would issue you bearer certificates (hirap gastusin kasi hindi tinatanggap nila Lhuiller hehe) and thats what you pay whoever you wana deal with. Kung mahirap pa rin to, you can try my doctor. He's very famous in Hong Kong and he will make your gold dissappear pero malaking discount. Pero limited quantities like three bars a week only, Problema lang I lost his number pero you can just walk in at any one of his four restaurants there and in Macao and ask for him. His name is Dr. Stanley Ho, very old Chinese guy but very good with conversations and stories. He always buys my stuff.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 05:41 by darrel @ : Brian
Thanks 4 the info. Just curious bakit do pwede galawin along marcos highway. Dun kasi yung lupa ko at kung pupunta pa me sa kapatagan delikado kasi andaming nag-ooperate dun, karamihan pa naman militar o kaya pulitiko. Hindi kaya yung lugar na hawak ko e one of the 9 remaining 777/999 sites na sinasabi ni Ed? Kasi mas malaki pa sa bahay ang sinasabi kung turtle-shaped na bato, me big volume sign pa nakapatong sa dalawang bato, double x sa tabi nito na makikita sa me bungad papasok sa site. Sabi ng mga war veteran sa amin, 1 regiment daw ang nagkuta sa amin, that means , 4 batallions kasi napaka-strategic nung lugar.Closing of the war eh 4 high ranking Jap officials ang nagtago doon. Ongoing ang operation nung mayor sa kabilang bundok dun kung saan hinahanap ang dating daan na tunnel.Pero ang lugar ko di pa nagagalaw dahil pinag-aaralan ko munang mabuti. Just need confirmation kung meron nga dun sa site ko.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 06:32 by redpajero @ : ED
i guess putting up legal gold refining factory is the best solution to all treasure hunter and must be based in Davao. Fair trading will suffice the continous operation. What hinders the selling also of gold bullions because of Hallmarks from our neighboring countries marked on it and considered as scrap and not 22KT or metal test not done. 2 factors involved are nonrefine (which considered as stolen war loot goods) and refine( either from Yamashita or from gold panners harvest). Which is which and what is what. A geniune market doesnt need government intervention (exporting or serving as instrument for trasure backed CB). Trust between local seller and refiner has to establish first before big volume production in progress. Nagsalita lang ako ng English because i am more discpline in read/write in English kesa tagalog. At wala naman akong transaction dito. To Darrel, GPR your site but you must ride the chopper at lower attitude and pretend you do topographic mapping of your site. No one will interfere on your quest. Thanks  

5 Sep 2005 @ 07:59 by Ed @ : To Darrel
ganito gawin mo, kuha ka nang arkitekto, pagawan mo nang plano nang memorial park yang property mo....tapos ipa-process mo yung development permit. Habang hinihintay mo yon, ikaw renta o bili nang ground penetrating radar, i scan mo nang mabuti yung site mo. kung may duda ka kung saan maghuhukay e-mail me privately, I have equipment that I can lend to you (for a few bars diba?. Its better than any of what the guys on the other side of the hill are using. Tapos very important---lagyan mo nang bakod yan, lagyan mo no trespassing sign, pakawala ka nang mga rottwieler at mag invest ka na sa mga legal but powerful guns and some security guards (mga kamag anak mo puwede). Suggestion ko SPAS 15 na naka full auto config na, tapos balahan mo nang slug ammo. Kahit armored car or engine block tatagos yan at automatic pa. Maghukay ka nang summer pag sure ka na sa location. Dalawang 777 site nasa Teresa, yung 999 baka nandyan. Click on my name above to get my email. Thanks ingat.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 08:08 by Ed @ : To Darrel
Oo nga pala, tracer ammo na bilhin mo para hindi ka na rin gumastos sa night vision at laser sights. Maraming nabibili dyan sa Ali Mall sa Cubao.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 08:14 by REDPAJERO @ : To ED
How much do you think is the decent price of a gold bar (6 kilo a piece) purchase onsite so seller has safe marketing. And how a much a ton if buy by lot. To Darrel, use the cheap motion detectors that will surround your parameter. Any intruder must be stop. And make use of band of watchers by night using nightvision. You can all purchase used equipment on www.ebay.com (USA) site. Goodluck  

5 Sep 2005 @ 08:16 by Ed @ : to Darrel
And if even one of those sanamagan Japanese tourists show up make sure you tell them 'Shko Shko Kuda Sai!' for me, before you open fire. Yung mga yan binayonet pamilya namin buti nga binagsakan sila nang atom bomb.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 08:32 by ed @ : Red Pajero
Pare, I don't know kasi my buyer does his own testing and I dont ask questions too much. I dont know who would actually buy a ton of the stuff. Some ex NPA commanders claimed to have a ton and tried to sell some in Paombong two years ago, they were all shot (wink wink). My buyer tested one of my bars and he buys 3 bars a week. 6.5 kilogram bars at Php 250,000 each, cash. I can't sell to anyone else...thats the agreement.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 08:35 by REDPAJERO @ : HIROSHIMA
Thanks for your sour taste of Japs. If you watch movies, Pearl Harbor gave an executive decision by US president to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My aunt survive from 4 bayonet stabs on her chest but she is still alive now. Luckily, hindi ko ina ang napag-tripan. My hero is the bomber pilot of Enola Gay. Ringing tone ng cellfone ko is Enolay Gay by OMB (80's)Hehe..SPAS is good but theres a way for treasure hunting without causing casualties. Ma Karma kayo if you shed a blood. Even i believe the war loot Yamashita treasures are spiritually guarded by local areas townfolk who died on that area. So please the spirits with pure heart and in mind. Pray with good intentions. Okay? Keep a good work, Darrel. I pray for you.  

5 Sep 2005 @ 09:39 by Ed @ : Brian
Pare how come ang dami mong alam na sites? I'm sure may hinukay ka na rin pero bakit ang dami mong alam? hehe. Are you interested in recovery? I know of a few sites pero public locations and grabe ang logistics na kailangan. Would you like to work together? Kung interesado ka I have the most reliable equipment available. Kung gusto mo mga quick and dirty digs ok lang, I can be anywhere in Luzon on weekends. Mga Vizmin locations I need a week to get there. Wala ako masyadong alam sa mga maps and signs pero pag nandun na kayang kaya nang equipment. I used to go around with my Lolo pero hes gone now. email me kun ok sayo  

5 Sep 2005 @ 09:52 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
Pare I assure you I have a heart of gold hahaha. Pero marami talagang tarantado dyan...numero uno na yung emperor nila biro mo nananahimik mga tao dito at sa nanking ininvade ba naman? Kaya all you shushi eating heathens who wana recover your blood money in this country...I dip my bullets in holy water first before putting them in magazines so that you have a little respite before join your forefathers in hell. Ewan ko lang sa shinto kung may hell...meron ba guys?  

5 Sep 2005 @ 10:41 by Ed and Brian @ : recovery
Hey Guys, i used to have Red Pajero. I sold to a guy i knew here in Kuwait. He told me stories of Yamashita gold recovery in Davao. Sounds real but just one day he showed me proof and thats it. No doubts,I believe now. I wanted to help this guy in anything advices for mineral exploration for free and you know why because his boss is billionaire in Kuwait ) Al-Sabah royal family. He is satisfied working as clerk with mean salary enuf to feed his family. He came to me for feasibility study of putting up a gold refining factory in smale scale but of hi-end equipments finance by him thru the kindness of Royal Family. Maybe i will bank on this guy. I hope you heard this guy contacting any hunter in this chatroom. Todays religion has nothing to protect you from harm. I believe in philippine prehistoric ritual but not voodoo. Invoking good spirits before start hunting for yamashita treasure. THis is sound advice..  

5 Sep 2005 @ 12:14 by redpajero @ : by Ed and Brian @ : recover
last entry was mine..sorry for typo error. Thanks  

6 Sep 2005 @ 02:11 by Ed @ : Our National Debt
Guys if you have any illusions about paying our national debt, don't bother. The BIR will tax you, the other countries from which the stuff came from will claim it and someone in government will steal it before they give you a receipt. Eto pa masaklap, alam niyo ba na yung utang na yan ay kapalit nang recovered portions nang treasure? Pinautang yan kay Lolo Ferdie kasi wala nang ibang buyer nang ganyan kalaki, isang massive laundering operation yan. When the money got here ayan kinurakot na nila, clean money. Mahirap talaga basta blood money, tandaan niyo lang na bawat gold bar na hawak niyo siguro 100+ na tao ang nahirapan at namatay. Mabubuti tayong tao kaya dapat manigurado tayo na huwag bumalik ang ating nakuhang kayamanan sa mga masasamang loob. Kung may mga taga gobyerno dito, pasensya na po, alam kung mababait naman kayo lalo na pag tinututukan nang baril. Please use your wealth responsibly, give it to charitable institutions and our veterans. Huwag tayong bumili nang mga Japanese goods and use it to advance yourselves. Good luck to you all.  

6 Sep 2005 @ 02:17 by Ed @ : Our National Debt
Oo nga pala I almost forgot...DO NOT give to any Japanese institutions, the Peace Corps, the salvation army, NAMFREL, PAGCOR and any of the American Baptist churches here...kaya nandito ang mga yan dahil sa treasure.  

6 Sep 2005 @ 03:21 by redpajero @ : Debt
your right Ed, filipino pilipino people still terribly ignorant about same issue all over again from generation to generation. I realized that when i left Philipines, the debt was barely $5 Bln. What the heck it rose to $90+Bln? $85 Bln hidden and unaccounted? THe difference between you and me is that im away from Phil and i realized we have lots of ideas in common. We can OUTSMART BIR in many ways. Blood money will haunt those greedy people for lifetime. OUr media doesnt care at all but to poison the general public. My friend here got offer from Patrick Carbonel (is he trusted seller of gold?)and i told him to contact BRIAN if he come from Davao or any part of mindanao. Patrick is selling Yamashita golds at a price based on international metal exchange and of course with some discount. hallmark is i think a big issue because is not tradeable and must be re-melt to another bars.. WHat do u think?  

6 Sep 2005 @ 07:38 by ed @ : redpajero
pare use my private email for your other questions.  

6 Sep 2005 @ 11:04 by redpajero @ : Ed email
I sent you email but came back. Can you send me a message so i can reply you. Need of help on more details. Thanks.  

7 Sep 2005 @ 01:26 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
try this merx688@yahoo.com.ph ayan. Kulang nang .ph.  

7 Sep 2005 @ 01:31 by darrel @ : To Ed
Tried to e-mail you too but the message returned. Thanks by the way for the advice. Much as i wish it, I cannot pursue your advice. It's simply too costly. It would be too obvious if in case I pursue your proposal. The place is still too rural. Besides the site used to be a public land. Only lately did we have it titled. People come on and off the place because down the hill is a picnic area and the other side of the creek is still a public land so there's no way we can prevent people to pass through our lot. We cannot operate simultaneously with the other group (financed by the current mayor)on the other side of the hill. As of now, what I'm doing is to research more about the gold loot, ww2, Japanese loot, tunneling, etc. The most basic thing that i need right now is a GPR. I have all the codes and meaning of signs but a GPR can simplify things. There are just too many signs in the site. Regardless of my knowledge of the codes, the signs and markers are confusing. Last summer, a priest-friend recommended me a contact from Baguio who has a GPR but he was asking too much. Moreover, I learned that he's connected with the 'big' fishes in Baguio. I had no idea on how to swim with them. That's simply suicidal on my part. Well, if you have a GPR as you've mentioned, we might as well come to terms and start a good and trusting working partnership? I'm employed here in Manila so we can meet any time.  

7 Sep 2005 @ 01:51 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
RE: HAARP, the U.S. has no such satellites that could send radar signals into the Earth's surface. What they have are modern cousins of the old LANDSAT series...lots of high res cameras that can take pictures in different lightwaves and even those have trouble penetrating through thick cloud cover and triple canopy jungle, and they don't send radio signals into the ground. They are in fact, blind. Besides just to retask a satellite would cost millions...tapos mauubos pa ang useful life nun. Its cheaper to send people to look for the treasure  

7 Sep 2005 @ 02:01 by Ed @ : To Darrel
Try that new e-mail pare. I understand your concerns paano kaya ginawa ni Bryan? Alam mo yan ang pinakadelikado na part nang recovery e. My first find was in Benguet and nobody saw anything. I'm in Manila also, try mo yan email...also how do we get Brian to reply medyo interesting yang character na yan a, sama natin gusto mo? hehe.  

7 Sep 2005 @ 02:22 by Ed @ : GPR
People, a GPR is a significant investment and most, if not all the people who own one here in the Philippines are actively involved in searching for gold. The government monitors the importation of such equipment, dati metal detectors ngayon yan. They track who has one...some politicians (kasi sila lang naman puwedeng bumili at mag import nyan right?) will lease it out to you tapos they will take over the find later. Ingat lang guys, mine nga pinadala namin sa Lubang and sa airport pa lang we were extensively questioned and later followed. Mahal tuloy i-transport kasi mainit sa mata. Use it sparingly...you will attract attention.  

7 Sep 2005 @ 02:46 by darrel @ : Ed
Brian seems to be busy nowadays. Initially, I was wondering where he got all the informations about the exact locations. The one he disclosed as one possible site in La Union, below tennis court, was already recovered. He responded to me just once. Perhaps he's just busy assisting pepole in their recoveries. It's always a blessing to have one knowledgeable partner in this venture, that is, if Brian concedes.  

7 Sep 2005 @ 03:17 by redpajero @ : Ed
You should read star wars program. HAARP is just a landbased antenna arrays and cant hit the target like microwave oven but it is powerful enuf to heat up the target when a US govt wants to send a sattelites to bounce back the signal from haarp to the target back to earth. This is a weaponry in disquise a typical communication techniques. Of course, portable GPR is handy for personal use. THis is the hot item in Philippines next to chainsaw restriction because of illegal logging actiities. Pare, check ur email. dont u know ph is philippines hehe  

7 Sep 2005 @ 04:43 by Ed @ : to darrel and red pajero
Darrel, i sent you an email, it bounced try sending me one. yung kay red pajero ok pumasok. thats my real adress talagang may ph sa huli. Darell, parang maliliit lang yung mga sites kasi yung mga alam ko...3 to 4 years na hindi pa nauubos lahat and may armed guards pa rin hanggang ngayon. Lets try to get him in kasi sa totoo lang nakakatakot talaga yung ibang booby traps (yung ibang bars gold na nga pero nakbabad sa acid, akala mo wet lang siya, hindi mo nakikita yan sa mga equipment!) we need all the help we can get. I willl be out of town pero I shud be back by next week. Brian if you can read this...what can you tell me about a particular church in cebu? hehe help naman o. Thanks  

7 Sep 2005 @ 05:06 by Ed @ : to darrel
pare im having trouble sending you mail iF i send you one, it bounces RIght back, E i doNt wanna give out my contact DetailS here naman whaT we need is a securE line of communication that cant be hacked Right? ;)usap tayo doon  

7 Sep 2005 @ 05:46 by darrel @ : Ed
K. I'll try to e-mail you again then!  

7 Sep 2005 @ 07:54 by suga suga @ : Any gold bars for sale?
email me for details. I have $5 million budget  

7 Sep 2005 @ 12:33 by redpajero @ : matamis na babae
meron sa opisina namin bumibli pala ng ginto... nabigla ako..sino kaya to..panggap na mayaman..puro naman kaming lalaki d2. tingnan mong aypi adres  

7 Sep 2005 @ 12:43 by RedPajero @ : GPR needs NTC licence
just want to know if its legal to own or operate with license or mag-colorum na lang kasi baka mapag-initan ng ating gobyerno.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 01:19 by Ed @ : GPR
dont register it, if you have the receipt then you can prove that its yours diba? most people won't know what it is kasi e...only the engineers, archeologists and other hunters would know. yung amin is towed on the ground not hand held we tell people its survey equipment kasi we have disputes with titles  

8 Sep 2005 @ 03:25 by redpajero @ : Ed
Thanks for the INfo, i didnt know the difference between towed unit than the handheld one. towed one papano ang custom declaration if bring it in? i can manage on handheld. Another thing i would like to ask, how do we test the gold bar(bullion) in front of the seller? Certainly xray is not practical. Is it 6Kg standard weight? Any chemical to use and necessary to assay it? i havent hold the bar before but my buddy was a treasure hunter. It runs in his family. I will invest in the future to help those who are in need of financing. I think i have to study the danger of poisonous gas used by Japs used to protect the treasure. Sa mga taong me gustong mapagpatuloy sa kanilang sadyang mahukay ang kayamanan, baka makatulong ako at pilit kong mapagaralan ang sistema sa pag execute ng proyekto sa pinakbilis na paraan sa pinakamataas na kalidad na gamit. Pero uwi muna ako pinas. I guess who needs financing must have land title in his/her name. Im not swapang but business is business.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 03:44 by Ben @ : Last buried Yamashita trea. in Negros
In 1945 2nd World War Japanese soldiers were surrendered but some of them escaped. And one of them was put in prison in Palawan. And his companion were killed.
There was one of his Filipino inmates where he handed the information and simple map or direction of the hidden treasure they keeped at Negros. He confessed about the treasure because he knew that by that moment he will be put in a firing line for execution. When this Filipino inmate free he gave this map and information to my bestfriend who is now 76 years old.
In 1953, they started to follow the map instructions to retrieve the five gold bars beside the waterfall at the depth of 6 feet. And once this 5 gold bars taken in the said instructions it will serve as their expenses to retrieve again the last large number of gold bars deposited by the Japanese. The stock pile was done by bombing the sides of the waterfall to cover the treasure. They covered it with cement before bombing the place.

I strongly believe that it’s true because of what we have seen in the location. The location was right at the center bottom of the waterfall, facing the East and it is the seventh waterfall from the bottom of the mountain.
It was over a thousand of a Filipino prisoners of war who were forced to carry and killed them after all. And we’ve been proven because at the upper part of this area, there were bones and skulls scattered around.
The first group who have been explored really got the five (5) gold bars being instructed by the Japanese prisoner and weighing approximately 6.5 kilos, the same weighing and sizes found by some fortunate fellows not so far at this place, but while on their way home they were intercept by the HUK or HUKBALAHAP (Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon) or (the 1950’s Filipino Armed Forces Men against Japanese soldiers) and they forced to surrender their five (5) gold bars. And one of those adventurers was my bestfriend, he was only 16 years old that time. All of them were Trauma and never desire to go back the place because it was dangerous. Right now all of his companion during their exploration in the treasure were dead because of old age. And fortunately in the year 2000 we invited him to visit again that place where my bestfriend explored. And he can still remember all the places where they passed, working on and the place where they were intercept by the armed men. We found out that this seventh waterfall has a different surroundings and condition of landscape. Because the stones and rocks are all broken, there are broken logs under the stockpiles. I am sure it was due to bombings not a natural phenomenon.
So we started to dig up a hole of 10 by 10 feet. Not following the instructions given by the Japanese information. The instruction of the Japanese was at first, move the three big rocks that holds the stockpile. Then, after this rocks moved down lower portion of the creek, then start clearing until reaching the location. And the rain can help to move the stock pile down to clear the area.
But we didn’t follow the right procedure for the first time because we thought that by so doing we can work it easily and we make it in a short period of time. Then last December 2002, it keeps on raining that collapsed the hole we dig up. But we reached 27 feet, and found the cement that covers the treasure. And at the 15th feet before we reached the cement, we found a helmet of a Japanese Soldier.
This was the last buried treasure of Yamashita. Some sub-content of these treasure were the maps of all buried treasure in the area.
We have spent worth P150,000.00 for almost one (1) year of operation and almost two-thirds (2/3) of the stockpile moved out because we have now followed the right instruction.
The group are very willing to start the operation again, but because we don’t have sufficient financial support as of now, the group has decided that who ever like to invest or join us financially, we are willing to talk it over under the terms and conditions. One is, financially provided, no fire arms and fire men involved for each of our safety or to be secured and away from temptation, this is for life and NOT for death transaction. Thank you very much and more power to our treasure hunting.

For any interested or questions, please contact the no. provided below and look for Ruben Baballo or Lyben Baballo: zerconman@yahoo.com or 09155588096 and 09193128605  

8 Sep 2005 @ 04:12 by Ed @ : Ben
This article was posted before. I tried to email you but the messages bounced back. I was at the waterfall you mentioned last April.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 04:15 by boylara @ : brian saan ka
Brian..email ka sa akin..narinig mo pa yun namatay sa isabela last week....kasali ka ba dun sa project...pinuntahan ko yun sinasabi mo sa Quirino...nakuha na ba yun???sa mga nag popost dito...punta kayo sa spindle forum dami kayo matutunan http://www.bc-alter.net/dfriesen/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl
yan yun website...mag register lang kayo...  

8 Sep 2005 @ 04:18 by Ed @ : Ben
Hmmm...how are you gonna get a backhoe up that mountain hehe hirap no? How are you gonna use dynamite without attracting attention? Then how do you keep the water out of the cavern when you do manage to blow it? those were my thoughts when i looked at that waterfall.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 04:26 by Ed @ : Red Pajero+
ganito ikaw gawa...para mabilis....ikaw kuha one of the bricks from the pile, ikaw pili random. bring the bar to the town, go to the nearest hospital, get a bolo and hack off a piece of the bar. Give the piece to a messenger and ask him to have it checked with any cebuana lhuiller pawnshop in the area, pay for a full assay, believe me, they are the best equipped in any rural area...now take the bar...go to the hospital's MRI machine, scan it for any gaps or fillers. If you have time...may chemistry book ka naman siguro, get the atomic weight, get the volume, put the bar on the scale, recompute for weight distortions near the equator ayan! that should be sufficient  

8 Sep 2005 @ 04:49 by Darrel @ : Ben/RedPajero/Ed
This message appears twice here. The first was dated June 16 as you see above. But as I was going over it again, I couldn't help but compare your location with my site. There's also a creek. Both sides of the creek were obviously bombed due to the debris deliberately and neatly piled on the center-bottom of the waterfall. Near a century-old manggo tree (4-5 mtrs. beside the creek) is a sign (engraved in a slab of stone) which means the entrance of the tunnel is on the right side of the waterfall. I checked the waterfall and there's exactly the entrance but blocked by three large stones. Due to heavy rains, the slabs of stones are visible. There's also a marker of two half-stones (3 mts.lenght), meaning - map of other deposits in the place is buried together with the main deposit of that site. With this, my conclusion says that my site contains not only a big deposit but also a map of other deposits in the nearby areas if not of the whole town itself. The huge turtle-stone is facing a river and is 10 mts. near the tunnel entrance. Down the river are big stones (markers) which edges are perfectly angled up in the direction of the turtle stone and the tunnel entrance located more or less 100 mts. above. Perhaps, Redpajero and Ed can help me out in the future.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 04:59 by redpajero @ : Ed and Ben
Thanks again for extraordinary procedures of testing the gold. I forgot to tell u that i think the conversion of a utility vehicle into mobile laboratory is feasible and thats what i have in mind. Small scale of assay gadget for testing (much similar used by Lhuileer) and table top MRI will be enuf. I guess it will all fit in the vehicle. If i hack it off is it ok? how about mallet or maso? The chemistry is insuffiecient unless you have to make use of water displacement to determine the volume and mass by weight and compare it to Specific gravity..will data be accurate? What do u think?
Ben..I had been to Negros too but never see a waterfall beside one in the Benedicto hway from murcia to san carlos. You also posted in other treasure hunt websites. Cut and paste is easy but make sure contact number will be the same always. Did u GPR it?  

8 Sep 2005 @ 05:30 by brian @ : BEN
gud day! BEN, hu r u? can u email me ur secret code(s) pls...im with JR now. do u knw him? 4get carmensita,traydor sya...email me ok... squall_888@lycos.com hope to hear fr u asap. tnx!  

8 Sep 2005 @ 05:42 by Brian @ : Darrel and Ed
kahanga-hanga naman kau...:) email me squall_888@lycos.com im going to manila asap, kindly send me ur cp# too para matxt ko kayo.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 05:51 by brian @ : Boy Lara
saan sa Quirino? sa hagdan po ba? sa nagbukel? sa pilak-pilak? wala pa nakuha dyan...ayaw ko na pakialaman yung nagbukel, narating ko na yung aspalto na takip tinutokan kami ng baril... oh musta na mister policeman! kung nababasa mo ito, magtanda ka na ha?! hehehe kilala kita, w8 mo at babalikan ka namin kahit opisyal ka dyan...sori kung di ako reply sa msgs. m0. san po ba project mo ngayon? hindi ako kasama sa mga namatay...hehehe di cla marunong eh,matigas ang ulo nila.yun ang mapapala sa mga sakim. cge, sa uulitin.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 06:00 by Ed @ : Darrel and Brian
Brian! ok il email u my number. Darrel, seems to me malalim yan i dont know if the others here have a similar opinion. More important is that you should keep your site and efforts secret if you know what I mean.  

8 Sep 2005 @ 06:10 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
Very good my friend your chemistry teacher taught you well hahaha specific gravity is the only way to determine if it is gold! hack it pare its so soft you can easily cut through it  

8 Sep 2005 @ 06:24 by brian @ : DIADI Creek
follow nyo diadi creek, pataas po...sa dulo makikita nyo yun tatlong bato naka balagbag po sa creek. yan tatlo may laman... makikita nyo rin yun malaking bato na may nakadikit na horse shoe?.. :) sa ilalim nya, drums of gold. sa BAYOMBONG naman tayo...sa creek, hanapin yun dalawa manga,may pako yun dalawa nakaturo sa cement!. or sa SOLANO, nasa mataas na bundok yun tatlong manga. punta ka sa petron station sa bungad papasok solano, makikita nyo yun manga. may cable yon tatlo, papunta sa gita, nakatali yun 5 boxes of diamonds... tsktsk tsk... tama na...hehehe sa uulitin. ingat lang kayo ha! may nagbabantay dyan...  

8 Sep 2005 @ 08:28 by Ed @ : This place is getting spooky :)
Gee, I wonder how many spooks there are here already. How is the weather there in Langley boys? Or are you closer? From Manila Pen...look out your window see that restaurant called nielsen tower? In the basement of that building is a tunnel which ends up in the basement of the old Fort Bonifacio museum...When Uncle Douglas' crew examined those tunnels they found adjacent tunnels full of gold bars...you have to wonder....did they check the floor?  

8 Sep 2005 @ 08:33 by Ed @ : spooks
Tunnel branches off from McKinley road...one going into the Pasig River the other end going to the Nichols elementary school...nothing but snakes and rubble, looks like it was intentionally blocked...why would someone block this part? There must be another lateral tunnel which is under...thats right the NAIA runway! Paano yan? hahaha  

8 Sep 2005 @ 09:46 by explorer @ : Taken
Ed, a load at NAIA was taken some 5 years ago. Mga kaibigan, am new sa site na ito, nakaaliw ang mga discussions nyo. I can help you guys with my knowledge din. I have 2 on going projects  

8 Sep 2005 @ 13:13 by REDPAJERO @ : ED , Brian and the other sellers
i want to establish myself as legitimate buyer of gold bullion if i got orders here in Kuwait. I may start from scratch but i want to help first my buddy because he is in progress. Meantime i will undergo careful study about a financing on diggings where our kababayan needs full assistance. I got lots of email. Seems many are in dire needs of Big Help. I have no ties with our Phil Govt or any agencies.. If anyone here have grudges against Japs, yes i do have and it lingers on me til my last breathe. I guess i still have to keep asking ED or Brian for additional assurances (not Yamashita Map). I guess its time to move on. Ill let you know when i will go home. I miss Philippines too..  

8 Sep 2005 @ 23:51 by Darrre @ : Ed
My brother-in-law,who serves as the caretaker ofthesite,informed melately that there were two vehicles going around the town. Two of them were Japanese and the rest were Filipinos. It so happened that my brother-inlaw,a tricycle driver, was the one asked by the Ilokano-speaking guy where in the place was the old Japanese road (footbridge) and the huge round crackstone.(By the way, the old Japanese road is'nt passable anymore and the foundations were washed out by the river. The new road is more or less 200 mts. downstream from the old one.) Since he knew the place , that's actually our site, he kept silent and led them to another direction away from the site. I tried to e-mail you again Ed but my message bounced back. You share a common opinion as to the depth of the deposit in my site. I already tried meeting with some treasure hunters here in Manila but had always to back off and refused to meet them for the second time because I would learn that they're connected (either counsin, brother, partner) of well-known politicians or former men of Marcos in the North. At the moment, some of Marcos' "Rolex Twelve" are operating in the North. Most of them areformer military generals. Kawawa talaga tayung mga maliliit!  

9 Sep 2005 @ 00:26 by Ed @ : Darrel
Pare get in touch with Brian hes in a better position to advise you there. How come my email is bouncing? Ikaw rin nagbabaounce...if you can email brian he has my contact details. Thanks.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 02:23 by boylara @ : brian...di ko pulis
brian di ko pulis at isa pa di ko kilala grupo mo o ikaw..parehas lang na Thunter tayo na walang connection..lakas lang ang loob...pasyal ka sa spindle forum at basahin mo mga post ko dun..boylara din ang handle ko dun......di mo nga sinasagot mga email ko...  

9 Sep 2005 @ 02:46 by Explorer @ : Traps

This is my second post but just to let you in into a little known fact intended to help you in your current or future projects. Many diggings have failed and will fail because they do not take into account how the Jap Engineers have placed the commodities. Apart from bombs, poison gases, water traps and so forth, there is also a unique feature of many treasure sites that are buried deeper than 25 feet. The Japs have created a system of diversionary tunnels made of soft sand, water or sometimes hollow which are intended to cause the commodity to sink or disappear deep deep down into difficult depths. These are activated if the approach to the item is incorrect, e.g. If you detect an item and dig for it directly, chances are the weight and pressure on top of the item as you get near causes the platform upon which the item is placed on to give way. It does sink into a hollow channel which will cause it to fall 100 feet down. And before you know you it, your treasure disappears, biglang nawawala and is then interpreted by many as kinuha ng mga spirits, dwende etc. This has happened to many projects after spending so much time and money into it. How do we know this ? Some foreign explorers who have spent at least 10 years in these projects have finally deciphered it. I am now sharing this info to help you out. I am currently working on 1 project which has that as feature.

So what to do.
1) Aside from scanning the commodity, you equally have to scan for the tunnel system or contraptions where it can fall. How do you do that ? Use scanners that have the capability. I recommend using Fitzgerald scanners ( see their website )
2) Once you have accurately pinpointed your commodities, its borders and traps, do not be so trigger happy as to approach the commodities directly. Plug the traps and channel systems first with sturdy structures that can hold the weight of your load depending on how heavy it is. A good and experienced scanner should be able to detect volume as well.

3) Go after the items after the escape channels have been plugged but do so keeping in mind other hazards - e.g. bombs and gases.

4) What to do with gases ? Find a Japanese supplier of neutralizers. American neutralizers don't work. It can be very costly though. What type of gases ? Sarin and other nerve gases. I suggest you do some research first to study the risks and how to overcome it.

5) Keep your operation as covert and secure as possible to avoid potential trouble.

6) Pray hard, for safety, security and success.

Well I guess that's enough contribution for now, para lang makatulong sa inyong efforts. Good luck.

PS to Red Pajero, am waiting for a response from your end re an email I sent you yesterday.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 02:48 by boylara @ : Sierra Madre Sites (spindle forum)

1) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1
- cave/waterfalls, full of gold (est. 300 tons)
- 48 pcs. 6 kg initially hauled in 1986
- area spotted by our team Sept.04

2) Dumagat Secret Treasure 2
- cliffwall cave with log bridge,full of black bricks/gold (est.200 tons), spotted by local natives 2003

3) El Sombrero 1
- cave with gold stockfile (est.200 tons)& fatigue box with big padlock,spotted by natives 1986,failed attempt exploration 2003.

4) El Sombrero 2
- cave with gold stockfile (est.1082 tons written on walls) with 7 chambers and 7 Budhas, spotted in 1991 by local natives, yesterday other treasure group attempt to relocate this site.

5) Snake cave Treasure
- cliffwall cave with 2 giant statue snake and gold stockfile, climbed by bird nest hunters in 2004

6) Padlock Cave
- cave with steel grill fence and big padlock, spotted by local natives 2000.

7) Caged Budha Cave
- cliffwall cave with 2" diameter iron grill fence inside is 2 feet Budha, climbed by local natives 2002.

3 Budha Cave
- cave has 2 pcs. (2 feet Budha), 1 pc. (3 feet budha) with colored wiring traps, spotted by local natives 2004

9) Killer Budha of Digoyo
- spotter was killed when he atempt to lift 200 kg Budha in 2004

10) Underground Temple
- underground temple with 12 pillars (8 feet tall) 6 feet apaprt with 18 stairways leading to unknown chamber.

11) Gen. Tanaka and Gen. Tamaso cache
- 12 meters by 12 meters gold stockfile in hidden chambers, the dead body of Gen. Tamaso was on top of the gold stockfile.

12) Flagpole treasure
- flagpole of Gen. Tanaka treasure has 300 pcs gold bars underneath according to the map.

13) Underwater 2-metal box
- native diver discovered scattered white metal bars beside 2 chained metal box underwater aprox. 20 feet deep in 2000.

14) 5 Lonely Tomb Cave
- 5 lonely tomb lying inside the cave discovered in1995.

These are the latest update given to us by our Dumagat natives guides they spotted treasure sites in Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, these sites is found in the middle of the jungle, needs complete camping and climbing gears to operate. We want to relocate, explore or possibly haul this sites....  

9 Sep 2005 @ 02:49 by jef @ : RWA Au Metal Buyer/Redeemer
We buy documented or undocumented au metal bars minimum of 100kgs with purity not lower than 18 karats following Internationally Recognized Buying Procedure. Email and contact me to discuss details regarding final implementation.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 02:49 by boylara @ : Spindle Forum
Its understandable that both of you are still surprise with big volume treasure,maybe you guys still lack treasure research both in actual experience, reading materials or treasure hunters actual experience...

These are my basis for big volume treasures:
1) 2 of my partner/friends were able to actual ENTER TREASURE CAVES AND CHAMBER.
a) Richie - in 1989, during buy/sell operation, he was blindfolded by natives and led to cave treasure chamber, he saw 4 treasure chamber...each est. 100 tons per chamber....he earned 2.5 million pesos during that buy/sell transaction....he cannot go back to the area bcoz he was blindfolded and armed people guarding the area...his only souviner is PICTURE of 4 pcs gold bars he transact...since then he join with me and never stop looking for our own treasure cave...
b) Boni - in 1991, together with his nephews,they were able to enter treasure cave with 29 gold stockfiles (21feet by 21 feet high each stockfile), they recover a few bars but 200 troops of FVR hunted them down...even up to now...
2) Our old folks hauled tons gold during Marcos time...all transaction are fully docmented from the bank up to export business front...we even have pictures of CIA Frank B. Higdon and Bustader together with our old folks, who facilitates the gold transfer during Marcos time...
3) We have several treasure maps that tells the big volume treasures. and Dumagat natives who personally saw their treasure cave chambers.
4) Read the books of Asian Loot, Gold Warriors,Tiger's treasure,Marcos gold..you will nderstand the extet of Japan plunder of Asia.
5) EX: When Japan looted China...how many millions wedding rings/golden teeth, personal jewelries, 5 centuries of chinese art/treasures, pawnshops,banks, mining,...etc...do you think 30 shiploads of treasure is enough in China alone? How about other Asian countries and treasure of Europe who deposit it in their Asian countries colony... remember,in Europe the war there started in 1939...1941 in Asia.

Why Japs buried treasure in the Philippines?

9 Sep 2005 @ 02:56 by Ed @ : to darrel
Pare ayaw ko rin nang rolex hehe i only buy omega watches :)  

9 Sep 2005 @ 03:02 by boylara @ : Ed..
Ed..taga saan ka...  

9 Sep 2005 @ 03:03 by darrel @ : boylara
You cannot blame Brian if he has his own suspicions. There are really some characters here who have dark motives. We are supposed to be helping one another for the easier realization of our individual goals. This site should serve as a rallying point of unity and brotherhood among us who are into this most risky business. The success of one here is also a success of all. At least we have shared ourselves and knowledge about the looted gold. Everybody has his own tragic experience in the past, consequently, we become more cautious and careful with our decisions and moves.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 03:11 by Explorer @ : Boylara
I believe you and there is much much more. The Philippines is simply loaded and can be one of the richest nations on earth. Last weekend, my friends and I did a scanning in some towns in a nearby province while driving a car using a Fitgerald scanner that works even from a distance, and believe you me, we detected 15 sites. There are even so called hots spots na kung saan may load every 50 meters.

But there is also a conspiracy to hide the volumes of gold that are here. If all these treasures were unearthed and gold will suddenly flood the world market, the prices of gold will drop and will cause many countries to collapse whose currencies are pegged on gold. Think also of its impact on the mining industry world wide and the loss of jobs it will create. Again may domino effect din to many corrollary industries. So I suggest we explore 1 site a time ok so we do not cause the world to panic. I will call you January.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 03:13 by Bicolanong Uragon @ : la lang
Mga tsong, ang mga ginagawa nyo ay mahihina - puro yabang lang! Eto ang D-Best!!!
1. Lolo ng kaibigan ko (nung buhay pa!), e WWII vet. Bago masakop ng mga Hapon ang Tabaco City, sila at iba pang matataas na opisyal ay tumungo sa Bry. San Vicente at mga kalapit na barangay, dala ang mga mahahalagang bagay gaya ng mga antique na rebulto at mga ginto ng San Juan Church - Kung saan dito sa simbahan ding ito ipinag katiwala ang mga kayamanan ng mga kilalang ring tao.

Sa pag atras ng mga Bicolano Fighters, sila ay nasukol sa bandang itaas ng san Vicente, na kung saan itinago nila ang mga kayamang dala nila at iginuhit ang mapa para balikan, (ayon sa nakita kong Mapa ito ay malapit sa riles ng tren(ngayon di na ginagamit) at pagitan ng dalawang bundok). -Evidence 1. 1st hand story of the Vet. 2. Actual Map (framed). 3. Localities of San Vicente. -Reported about stash of gold and coins recovered from the river.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 03:19 by Ed @ : BoyLara
If you mean where I was born, I was borni in tawi tawi. If you mean where my parents are from, they are from Ilocos. If you mean where I grew up, I have been to almost every city in the PI before I was 15. If you mean where I went to school, where else would rich people send their smartest kids? hehe  

9 Sep 2005 @ 04:09 by juan @ : brian
Brian, bigyan mo naman ako ng magandang site dito sa northern cagayan specifically sa area ng Sta. Ana at Gonzaga, maraming TH dito pero lahat mukhang ganid kaya siguro di nabibigyan. Yung sinabi mo sa Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya wala bang mga poison or booby traps mga yun? How about sa Kasibu, wala ka ba alam dun brod? Just one break bro marami na siguro tayo matutulungan.

Boylara, kaanu-ano mo si Congressman Lara? or baka ikaw si Boy dela Cruz? Mga native sa cagayan at sa aurora, bigyan mo lang ng MUSKADA at BIGAS pwede mo nang utusan kahit saan, kaso lang natuto na rin ang mga native na yan na magsindikato at gumawa ng istorya makakain lang at magkapera. Dati mga nakapantalon ang nangloloko sa mga nakabahag, pero ngayon baliktad na, nakabahag na ang nangloloko sa nakapantalon. Kahit saan ka pumunta sa Ifugao, Kalinga, Apayao, Mountain Province, Cagayan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Aurora, Ilocos, Isabela, etc... nagkalat ang mga sindikatong nitivo... lahat yan tinuruan at bata ng malalaking sindikato.

Explorer, i think that is an exaggeration of the real T' hidden in The PI. I believe there are true bigsites but there is just a few of them. If all the stories told here are true and the claims of those authors of T'books written are true... what are these knowledgeable people doing with their stories? just stories? We used hightech scanners and MDs etc... but the gold is not always where it was detected.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 05:16 by redpajero @ : Explorer (robert page)
i read ur email yesterday and ill get back to you just within a coupe of hrs. Im still assessing the complete turnkey project in TH but to render services as well as financing. In my experience in oil exploration, its a diffrent approach on digging T gold. Its kind of shadowy company that will catered only for TH. If u ask, will i registered on SEC, i will but i have other category of business to FRONT it. pano bang sabihin sa ingles. I think dredging business, NDT services or Water Drilling business or any similar logistics support on geology exploration. I have different appraoch and may need mobile laboratory for onsite testing. Whats ur location,Explorer? Im still here in Kuwait. EXplorer, i think u need seismic devices detecting the underground deeper250ft with wider area of scanning. Think about that method.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 05:30 by Ed @ : red Pajero
ako front ko memorial park developer  

9 Sep 2005 @ 05:52 by REDPAJERO @ : ed
mahirap yang memorial, maraming patay lalapit sa iyo and when it comes to City Hall permit, every place you conduct diggings they will investigate ur place of ur project evry step on the way. How can u execute a TH on waterfall if theres a treasure underneath. Memorial development on the riverside? Hwag mapikon..just im curious..What im saying is portability of the company and with regards to logistics as well as equipments. My blueprint welcomes TH big or small. Explorer, i think its good idea i will resell also neutralizers to Sarin and other gas. Business din ako dyan, Gas Masks too. Or Gas Detector. At least im complete at hindi nakakahiya.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 06:18 by Explorer @ : Treasure Sites
Juan, Sterling and Peggy Seagraves (Gold Warriors, 2003 - order book from Amazon.com : see also Armand Ang's Brutal Holocaust, 2005 - available at Power Books) puts the number of Golden Lily Sites to be 170+. These are huge loads which contain large volumes similar to those mentioned by Boylara. These were treasure obtained from 13 countries conquered by Japan in South East Asia. Some were shipped directly to Japan via large ships but when the Americans started policing the Waters, they were hidden here with the idea that RP will be annexed after the War. Hidding them was under the supervision of Princh Chichibu, 2nd brother of Hirohito) Some of these were unearthed by Marcos, some by the Americans after the War and some by Anonymous individuals over time. But many more exist. I know of 4 sites being operated on right now, 1 in Cagayan de Oro, 1 in Bicol and in Quezon. There are 4 more sites I am familiar with but will require Millions to finance and medyo mahirap becasue of the public location (2 in Metro Manila). There are also the big sites hidden by Yamashita and his generals. Then there are the thousand other small sites ranging from 4 bars to a 1 ton which each detachment of Japs had, to motivate them to win the war so they can encash it afterwards. In the course of the fighting, they either buried these systematically or haphazardly in their retreat. Of course it is difficult to prove this now because those who discover will never tell. But I am working on 2 right now, so I hope to give you a thumbs up once it turns out positive, based on the gadgets we are using. I have also failed miserably in past projects and am learning from it.

Regarding scanners, I also used High Tech gadgets in the past (NASA developed) and also ordinary ones (Garett and similar make - which only detect Hot Rocks or highly mineralized rocks which confuses you ). The best are Fitzgerald made.

Para sa iba nating kasama, ito ay pampagana para sa inyong mga pangarap.

9 Sep 2005 @ 07:07 by Explorer @ : Red Pajero
Partner, I am currently based in Manila with 2 on going projects as I mentioned in my email - 1 small, 1 big. No need for a siesmic device. the 250 ft project we are working is in the finish line. The entire depth was cemented with super hard russian cement. The poison gases have been the major problem since the beginning.

In terms of investing, your best mode with best ROI is to operate or open an entire site. All the other equipment can be rented out from a construction company. The gas neutralizers however need to be bought from Japan. Gas suits is available from a local company who imports it from the US and Singapore. As early as now though you will need to develop a good team if you want to be professional in your approach. You will need a mining engineer who will be your project manager, you need a team of sturdy and young diggers, a bomb expert, a doctor. You will need an excellent scanner. I can refere you to some foreign project consultants as well.

As for assaying and selling, you need not go into it, magulo. There are 3 major american companies based in the Philippines who can assay and will buy at 20 to 25 % discount from the LMER (London Metal Exchange Rate) and who will help you open your accounts offshore since you are talking big.

Best kung covert, pero if you need a cover, I think a drilling company is best.

I hope this helps.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 08:00 by Ed @ : Explorer
Hi whatdo you think of the products made by Ferranti? Is Fitzgerald better?  

9 Sep 2005 @ 08:09 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
Yes memorial park with waterfalls landscaping and beside a creek...Look at my Forest Lake project in Davao, nice no? You just pay the municipal offocials and they don't come at all. If you do oil drilling, the local mayor will get nosy and will have you watched!  

9 Sep 2005 @ 08:10 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
Hey you could even smuggle the gold out and the equipment in in the hearses hehe  

9 Sep 2005 @ 09:11 by redpajero @ : Davao
If ur in davao most of the time. i guess i want to meet you there with the buyer. Email sent. need ur time to review it. I have to fly to davao asap. i cant compete u for memorial park developer. Masyadong rare ang line of business. 10 tons  

9 Sep 2005 @ 11:19 by ed @ : red pajero
i cannot sell to anyone else except my existing buyer, i have been warned pare sorry the other guys here are selling  

9 Sep 2005 @ 11:43 by Ed @ : darrel
pare the email keeps bouncing how can we get in touch? hmmm...lets figure out a way  

9 Sep 2005 @ 12:03 by Ed @ : to Darrel
Pare whats your course? You have any hobbies? Any unusual dialects we could converse in? hehe  

9 Sep 2005 @ 14:08 by brian @ : boy lara
pasensya po kung di ko nasagot emails mo...yung sizes po ng budha na cnabi mo,di po ata tama. :) yun lang po masasabi ko. sori kung ako ang mali...hehehe nwei, baka nagkamali lang ng sukat. mahirap ata mag operate dyan, mahirap umakyat. wala pa ata exit.kung meron man, maliligaw ka naman...hehehe! alam mo ba san ang pig mountain? may malaking bato, itim na kahoy sa tabi nta at nakaturo ang pako sa bato...sa bato may arrow pababa, naka ukit ang 13 na budha...:) may hole xa na maliit, ilawan mo makikita mo yung mga budha... mga kalbo.joke alam mo ba san ang Mt.Anay? 105 boxes ang pinasok sa kweba,at 7 times cla bumalik bale 105x7 db? :) marami ka na rin cguro nadiscover dyan ah! :) kilala mo ba c kelvin garcia? or c ka jing jing? marami clang tao dyan sa sierra madre.  

9 Sep 2005 @ 14:19 by brian @ : darrel
marker lang po yung bridge...:) nwei, kadalasan nasa east ang items. madali lang yan kung mahanap mo yun dinaanan nila. marami po katulad yan site nyo. email nyo nalang po ako. :) kita tayo nila kuya ed kung gusto nya...hehehe  

9 Sep 2005 @ 14:34 by brian @ : Explorer
kaw po ba c murakami? tama ba?... hehehe  

9 Sep 2005 @ 15:41 by Emily @ : Not only Jap. treasure!
Hindi lang hapon sa tingin ko ang nakapagbaon ng yaman sa pilipinas may chinese at spanish din. laging sinasabi pag may nahukay galing yan kay yamashita ( kung talagang may nahukay). But think it first folks kasi ang chinese nagtigil din dito pati spanish. Noong unang panahon walang banko, san kaya sila nagtatago ng yaman? hindi ko din alam! baka sa ilalim ng bahay. Ang style ng bahay ng spanish laging may underground don kasi sila nagiistock ng food europian style na hanggang ngayon ganyan sa europa. Pero naniniwala ako na ang yaman o ginto na namelt during that time galing mismo dito sa atin. Naghariharian ang Espanya, noon pa may mining company na at ilang bulubundukin natin din ang nakuhaah ng ginto that time, natural resourses at minelt tinatakan. then dumating ang hapon nasakop ang pilipinas that time madami ng nakabaon na yaman dito na naagaw ng hapon sa spanish at may dala din sila galing some other asian country. At may bitbit din ang spanish dito sa pinas. Wala pa kong nakikitang pruweba about Japanese treasure pero meron ng chinese treasure, Puerto galera don nakuha ng mga scuba diver ang chinese antiques under the sea. I think it's Australian group who discovered that treasure and nagtayo sila ng resort/bar Captains Bar. San pedro laguna, accidentaly habang habang nirerenovate ang riles ng tren may nasagi ang isa sa trabahador, Gusi ng mga gold coins mismo sa riles ng tren ng san pedro. 2 gusi ng Spanish gold coins, nagkagulo nag-agawan , nag away- away mga tao hindi naman din nila napakinabangan dahil kinuha ng gobyerno at dadalhin daw sa National Museum. And Many more. Thats all!  

9 Sep 2005 @ 16:09 by Emily @ : GPR
To anyone who wants to rent gpr, ingat lang po! Bumili na lang kayo kung meron din lang kayong pambili it worth 2million pesos. May bagong technology ang Germany Exp5000. Isuot mo lang para ka ng sa mata makikita mo na underground up to 75ft. With built-in gps(global positioning system). Only Big constraction company owned that kind of equipment here in p.i. Kasi sila lang ang may rights gumamit para sa mga itatayong building at tulay kadalasan ginagamitan nila ng gpr. Kaya kung sino man ang namomoroblema dalhin yan dito mabuti pa mag established muna kayo ng costraction company para mas madali mag-import ng gpr para hindi kayo masita sa custom. Goodluck na lang sa inyo at sana matagpuan niyo ang hinahanap niyo! Hello, kay Datu Makahilo Sigahan ng Basilan at Dr. Villanueva,sana nakakarma na kayo dahil sa inyo bumagsak ang kumpanya namin!!! Ganon din kina Mr. Goerge Vincoy, Jhun Gaerlan at Catalina Domingo buhay magkikita-kita pa rin tayo at makakarma din kayo sa panlulukong ginawa niyo sa amin! Wish ko lang na may kakilala silang nakakabasa nito at ibalita sa kanila. Kaya sa mga gustong magfinance be careful po sa mga taong yan!  

10 Sep 2005 @ 11:13 by redpajero @ : Sellers wanted for KUWAIT
Topic: Needs gold sellers at big volum destination Kuwait > i add new forum sa spindle baka trip nyo mag tinda ng AU  

10 Sep 2005 @ 13:29 by juan @ : Brian
brian, di mo man ako pinansin bro!  

10 Sep 2005 @ 14:01 by unknown @ : JUAN
juan? ay oo nga po pla...sori. wala po poison/traps yun sites na binibigay ko....punta ka nalang sa Sta. Maria Isabela,dretso ka lang... pag marating m yung kalsada nila na lupa, then semento agad...magbilang ka na dun ng kanto. sa pangalawang kanto, kanan ka. sa dulo ngn kanto, may narra tree doon, makikita mo yun PAKO sa narra. sa ilalim ng tree, dalawang drum. yun tinuturo naman ng pako, 7mts slant ang hukay...malaki po nakalagay don. para pag mapapadaan ako sa lugar na yan, makikita ko kayo. :) gudluck!  

10 Sep 2005 @ 17:06 by brian @ : unknown
cno ikaw? bakit mo alam yan site na yan? binabantayan ko yan ah...ilan lang ang cnabihan ko ng site na yan...malalaman ko rin kung cno ka. ingat ka lang ok. hahnapin po kita!  

10 Sep 2005 @ 18:03 by brian @ : darrel
There's also a marker of two half-stones (3 mts.lenght), meaning - map of other deposits in the place is buried together with the main deposit of that site. ---- hindi po yan map... :) sign po yan ng cave or entrance ng cave na metric tons ang deposit...nasa bato na yan ang distance, lalim, at kung saan mo kukunin ang items inside. sa paligid mo, mag bato dyan pag tinaob mo, big arrow makikita mo. perfect arrow like dis ------> pointing to the entrance. happy hunting! :)  

11 Sep 2005 @ 09:55 by Ed @ : brian and darrel
O kung gusto niyong mgkita just tell me im just in one of the islnds at the moment, looking at church catacombs hehe. Re darrel's site, I tend to agree with Brian pare. Baka nga walang map doon Paper doesnt last long, it disintegrates, you could use cloth pero kumakalat yung ink and kinakain nang anay, you could use leather pero the ink also fades and it gets distorted, the best is a mixture of paper and cloth fibers but thats very hard to make...besides kung may map baka masira lang siya. Remember some of the sites require the use of heavy equipment and even exposives. May mga examples ba na ganoon? May hawak kang map na nagpipinpoint pa nang location nang isa pang map? Just asking, pardon my ignorance.  

11 Sep 2005 @ 10:18 by Ben @ : ask ur email add
Hi redpajero! will you please give me your email add so that i could tell you furthermore. I;m looking forward to hear from you. Thanks!  

11 Sep 2005 @ 10:26 by Ben @ : Repajero!
Please! give me ur email add. thanks!  

11 Sep 2005 @ 10:30 by juan @ : cliffhanger
kumusta sir? need ko lang malaman kung positive itong site na to, actually parang cave ito na may ganitong sign sa bunganga. Pwedeng matulog apat na tao sa loob at kahit bumagyo ay hindi mababsa ang tao sa loob. Ipinahukay na namin pero takot na ituloy kasi nangangamoy patay yung hinuhukay.

11 Sep 2005 @ 10:32 by juan @ : cliffhanger

11 Sep 2005 @ 12:14 by letlet @ : Bicolanong Uragon
totoo man yan?garo dai ako nagtutubod ay..hehehe  

11 Sep 2005 @ 12:23 by Concerned @ : Brian and unknown
For me brian and unknown is only one person.Kamusta na pare?Dami mong sinasabing site wala ka pa ring nakukuha.Maniniwala lang ako sayo kung may mapapatunayan ka.Financer mo isa sa mga nagchat dito.Nasan na ang pangako mo sa kanila.San ka ba talaga nag-operate sa La Union o Isabela?Mukhang yong sinabi ni unknown ang inooperate mo para kay ms.yon na.Mabait sila pare sana maging tapat ka bilib na bilib silang mag-asawa sayo!Kung totoo ang mga sinasabi mo patunayan hindi puro dada.Kawawa yong mag-asawa, kung wala talaga ipagtapat muna, para maasikaso na nila pag-alis nila.Concern lang ako sa mag-asawa kasi napakabait nila at nagtiwala sila sayo kahit hindi ka pa gaanong kakilala.They already proved something to you it's time for you to prove yourself to them!Ayusin mo pare,dahil hindi gahaman ang mga nakilala mo,matulungin silang tao at alam mo yan.God bless them yon lang masasabi ko!  

11 Sep 2005 @ 12:36 by Brian @ : Ed and Darrel
opo, set nyo kung kelan tayo pwede magkita.email me nalang po,hwag d2. wala na ako masabi. hahaha  

11 Sep 2005 @ 12:45 by Brian @ : Cliffhanger
musta na po? kelan ang balik nyo palanan? nakita mo ba bermuda mountain? how about sa boundary ng alam mo na, sa balete. pumasok ka ba sa ilalim ng balete? sya nga pla,kung nasa palanan kau, try nyo lakarin papunta isabela. kuha kayo ng guide nyo na taga dun,tapos ang tumbok nyo sa isabela san mariano. sa kalagitnaan ng lakad nyo,hanapin nyo yung napakalaking puno ng suha. kuha ka ng bareta, itusok mo ng 2ft east. :) kung mahanapan nyo...yung falls with bluish diamonds, tsaka nalang yon.kami nalang po kukuha.nasa manila po ba kau ngayon?  

11 Sep 2005 @ 13:05 by brian @ : Concerned
oh really? so, sinasabi mong manloloko ako? hehehe nwei, wla po ako dapat patunayan sayo.kay kuya at ate, meron.pano po kung mapatunayan ko sa kanila? ano gagawin ko sayo? im sure nagkita na tayo sa kanila..dapat kc eh, dapat sumama ka sa operation. natutuwa lang ako sa sinabi mo, magpakilala ka dapat.thank you sa'yo! dapat alam mo ang sitwasyon bago ka magsalita. kung lolokohin ko cla, bakit pa ako magpapakuha ng picture sa kanila? eh, di pwede nila ako ipahanap sa batas! lam mo,pakilala ka sa akin at magpapakilala ako sa'yo ng bigla. di ko alam kung ano intentions mo,sana masaya ka sa gnagawa mo.don't call me pare.bigay mo sa akin address mo, puntahan po kita.cge, patunayan ko na rin cguro sa'yo, pero may kapalit...icpin mo kung ano. di mo kc naicp na may namomonitor d2 sa ming.tv eh,kanya kanyang diskarte yan para mahuli cla. naicp mo nga ba yon? hindi ata.ingat ka po ha?... :)  

11 Sep 2005 @ 13:10 by brian @ : ate and kuya
narcve nyo naman po txt ko. :) nakakagulat nga eh, nakakapag painit ng ulo yan CONCERNED na yan? hindi nya alam yung Unknown at Brian... diba ikaw ang may alam dun ate? hahaha daanin nalang sa tawa...wish ko lang magkita kami nang naninira sa akin. ay hindi pla paninira, concern lang po xa sa inyo...y kaya? dahil ba sa proj nilang anu?! yung anu?.. :) tama ba ako?  

11 Sep 2005 @ 13:15 by brian @ : ate and kuya
cge po, txt nalang tayo. regards kay kuya.... gagawin ko sana yung txt nyo sa akin ngayon lang pero hindi na cguro. :) kawawa naman xa or ako. huhuhu :)  

11 Sep 2005 @ 13:20 by brian @ : Concerned
Gusto mo rin ba ng site? :) kaya ka nag-kakaganyan?i don't care naman kung wala maniwala sa akin eh,db ganon talaga. lahat po ng nakakabasa dito, may sariling pag iicp. ah,ewan ko sayo. gawin mo kung ano guso mo. kung san ka masaya, suportahan taka.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 03:26 by redpajero @ : ben
Ben, hindi mo ba nakikita ang email pagkatapos ng BY. Whats ur location? Me magandang balita?  

12 Sep 2005 @ 03:40 by brownman @ : to all
need filipino buyers for palladium.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 03:43 by fritz @ : brian
brian, paano ba maghandle ng au? just want to know sakali maka hits. Any body here wants to share their gasmask and finance?  

12 Sep 2005 @ 03:47 by brownman @ : to all
We need buyers for palladium. We need people connected to the us government/ embassy, we have connections to holders of Uranium belonging to the US Army, we want to negotiate the return of the Uranium to the US... finder's fee is okay.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 04:54 by redpajero @ : Brian
Sir, naiforward sakin ang email mo sa friend ko. Siya ang inaasahan ko sa transaction na pangmalakasan. Nakalula yung alok mo, dre. Send ka nga pictures ng AU sa kanya at closeup ng bulaklak at di ko magets ang serial number at 2006. Puwede ba ako mag email sayo direct.Ano email address mo. 73 kaya bilhin yan yun akala mo at di aayaw o susuko.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 05:14 by cool @ : Brownman
I can touch base you possible US buyer of U235, is ur commodity authentic ?  

12 Sep 2005 @ 07:00 by Atong @ : The yamashita treasure
Can anyone offers a site scanning here in Bayombong, N.V  

12 Sep 2005 @ 11:03 by Brownman @ : To all
We suspect it as palladium checking it to it's chemical and metallurgic properties. Does anybody here buy palladium? We give sample for assay to sure and direct buyers only.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 11:18 by redpajero @ : brownman
are you Jack Ryan in the SUM OF ALL FEARS?  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:04 by Ed @ : brownman
Geez man, stick to treasure hunting where the heck did you get that? Questions lang kasi this concerns your safety...is it in rods? like pencils? or is it a ball like a billiard ball? If its a ball then its weapons grade, do not touch it you will die of radiation. What is it attached to? May wires ba nakakabit?

Where did you get that? Subic? Clark? The U.S. has a record of ALL their stuff, paper and right down to every batch's atomic characteristics, they have teams called N.E.S.T. to recover those things from terrorists (baka mapagkamalan kayo, be careful) On top of that there are PLENTY of organizations out there who wouldnt mind killing us poor filipinos for it. Ingat.

You know thats wierd those thing arent even suppose to leave U.S. Soil (mainland, their ships, their embassies, their offshore bases). The Philippine ambassador to the U.S. is A. del Rosario, his number is in the yellow pages.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:05 by Brownman @ : redpajero
nope, i don't know jack ryan and i don't watch movies. i'm just a typical brown skinned man concerned of bringing these U's to the goodguys. the location of the U's are actually on unsafegrounds in the south and what i fear is that the U's may fall to the badguys since they control most part of the area where these are hid. the Phi may have all the treasures in the world but it has also the most deadliest weapons hidden, from biological and chemical weapons to the highest form of atomic weapon ready to explode. If two atomic bombs exploded in the japan, there might be a third atomic and maybe more... why is there a Uranium in the state of a warhead found in the Philippines? We just need the goodguys handle the U's, that's for sure, unless the badguys found it first and that we can do nothing about it anymore. possible destination of the warheads if the badguys get it first will be somewhere Nokor or Indonesia.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:17 by brownman @ : ed
thanks, i didn't think of that... maybe it would be better to contact A. del Rosario, a fellow filipino can be more trustworthy. the group who confided this to me are actually our treasure hunting friends in the south... they thought they were digging for gold but find out to be U. That's why we decided to look for US connections to avoid mapagkamalan as terorista.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:18 by Ed @ : Brownman
Look at your periodic table ha, Atomic number 92 -- Uranium, atomic weight 238 point something something. the 235 preceding it is Uranium 235, a lighter, man made isotope that is the result of using it as fuel in a nuclear reactor, its more unstable (bigger and faster bang). The ball is U 235/238 --- most part 235 some parts 238. U does not mean unused, if that thing were used it would have been blown up. But dont worry its hard to detonate that...you could just get sick from radiation. If you have an old copy of 'the sum of all fears' it explains everything--including the part where terrorists would kill for it. Ingat.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:34 by Ed @ : Brownman
Hey brownman, baka naman this is a practical joke? Please don't take offense pare, none intended but this sounds too Clancy-ish. Im sure redPajero would agree. If not, the proper procedure would be for you to call our ambassador, have him request their ambassador to call the CINCPAC theater commander (I dont know who it is currently, I lost track after Macarthur hehe). They will fly in a NEST team and relieve you of your ahem...balls  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:41 by redpajero @ : Brownman
U dont have to elaborate. It is the same old scripts written and now it prophesized now here in Phlippines for real? I didnt know theres badguys and thers gudguys. Sorry, i cant tell the difference. I guess its a good catch whoever got it first. Or its only ur vehicle to comb mountains for treasures u know that. I cant find a GPR equipped with geiger not unless custom made it. Well, i guess i watch too much Hollywood movies. If youre brown skin man, i guess ur a black guy or suntanned white guy but typical brown skinned man are filipinos. Make sure you pay the finder's fee before SEALS safeguard it. You will put a finder at grave risk without NBC orient or EOD seminar one who traced the U will be watched everysteps on the way from ABOVE. Just take extra precaution and thats all. COOL, me pamilyado kaba? Handa ka naba sa iyong kalagayan? Brownman, dont take it seriously..  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:47 by Ed @ : Brownman
Ganito ikaw gawa, kuha ka pinakapowerful mong radio transmitter, lagay mo sa 172.5 MHZ and transmit this message repeatedly in morse code...'BROKEN ARROW' ayan! amybe do that for a whole hour. If your in Mindanao all the Orions, Hawkeyes and Predators plus all U.S. warships will home into your location and land there. It will save you from buying load to call them up. They monitor that channel 24/7  

12 Sep 2005 @ 12:51 by Ed @ : Spooks
Hey Langley boys is that the right frequency? or does he need to use 282.8 Mhz NATO joint forces SAR voice and DHF? Its been a while, please help out my friend here.  

12 Sep 2005 @ 13:31 by Ed @ : to Art Bell
Halika rito sapakan tayo you low IQ, uneducated, short dicked lamebrain  

13 Sep 2005 @ 01:47 by Cool @ : Brownman at iba pa
Towards the end of the War, bago yata binomba ang Nagasaki at Hiroshima, nag sneak in ang mga Kano sa Pilipinas ng several attache cases ng U. Binalak nila magmanufacture dito ng bomba pero inumpisahan sa pagdala mga materiales. Ang kaso yung Airflane nila ay nashot down yata, nawala etc, at kung saan di nila alam. They sent a special team to recover it, pero no luck. Ang balibalita ay may mga nakaretreive pakonti konti. Si Ramos daw ay mayroon din na retreive. Kung ayaw mong ibenta, huwaran ka pero roughly $ 50 M ang value ng bawat attachement case na yan. Good luck brownman  

13 Sep 2005 @ 01:54 by Cool @ : Paladium
Brownman, pa assay mo muna ang Palladium mo sa McPhar Georservices Company sa Makati (see Directory for Acme Lab). Tanong ka na rin sa kanila kung sino bumibili kung mataas ang content nyan.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 02:08 by Ed @ : cool and brownman
So WWII pa ang U na yan? Nakalagay sa attache cases? Was it an entire planeload? E who the heck will pay 50 million US for that except the US Government? If its not the U.S. then it has to be a hostile government (terrorist states). In the former soviet republics you could buy an entire warhead for the price of two benzes, why pay 50 million for that?  

13 Sep 2005 @ 02:21 by rexie @ : Cliffhanger and Brian
Tol Cliff napusok ko na ang Calaja, saka may na meet ako na tao kasamahan ni manero sa Ilaga Group may nakita syang punong kahoy sa may kalaja may butas ito na kasya ang tao. Mya butas din ang kahoy papunta sa ilalim tapos pinasok nya ito may nakita sya dun na dalawang truck na tinabunan ng trapal at pinalibutan ng wires. Balak ko nga pasukin kaso natatakot ako baka may mga eplosives na nakatanim.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 02:26 by rexie @ : Cliffhanger & Brian
Tol Cliff alam mo bang yung butterfky mountain dito sa may mt. matutum? meron kc ako na encounter na hapon na pinahahanap yan. pro alam ko na ang area kaso diko sinabi. Sa may river meron cave na di makikita ng tao. natuklasan ko yun nung pinuntahan nmin ang site. malilit lng ang butas pro kasya ang tao. Di ako pumasok kc maraming ahas na maliliit baka kc marami pa sa loob na mlalaki heheheh. kung alam mo ito tol paki advaise nman ano gawin ko para mapasok ang are.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 02:40 by Darrel @ : Brian/Ed
Thanks for the interpretation Brian. Your're right, my site is located exactly east of the footbridge. As regards the halfstones I mentioned, I actually based the meaning of the two half stones from two sets of codes and signs I got from a friend connected with the THAPI. Perhaps, not all codes are accurate afterall. Actually, there are two sets of half stones, one pair is perfectly round if they fit together (2 1/2 mts. diameter), the other pair is flat w/ elongated shape (lenght-3mts.). Last summer, we tried moving the other half (elongated one) but nothing was engraved under it. Di na namin binaliktad yung kalahati dahil sobrang bigat, di namin kaya kahit lima kami. We'll try moving it next time. I hope I can bring you to the site for you to see personally the other markers (mostly engraved in stones/rocks). Here are the major eyecatching markers: 1. big crack stone (half buried), 2. turtle-shape stone(pag inakyat sa taas or nasa likod ka ng pagong, me butas na parang cone- 1 ft ang lalim), 3. two perfectly shaped round stones ( one stone with more or less 5 mts. diameter and the other is more or less 10 mts. diameter) bigger than the turtle stone, 4. double xx engraved on the side of a stone/rock which a big volume-sign stone is resting, 5. two mirror-shaped stones, one facing the east, the other facing the west. Ed, I was assuming the map left with the deposit was engraved on a rock or stone, not on paper, for obvious reason - to withstand time! As to my course, I took Philo in Baguio and Theo in Manila. Ilocano is my provincial tongue but I know how to speak Pangasenese. Brian, you remain a mystery to me until i see you in person. You simply know a lot, don't you? Hope we can meet soon!  

13 Sep 2005 @ 05:57 by dexters jaymarks @ : Yamashita Treasure
Can anyone offers a site scanning here in Bambang , Nueva Vizcaya.Specifically here in Poblacion, Bambang.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 07:12 by redpajero @ : Ed , Brian, Xplr
do u have idea kung me mobile-type kang MRI machine to check every bar? YUn portable lang. Yung enuf to load one bar at the time. Ed , did u read my email?  

13 Sep 2005 @ 10:47 by juan @ : anyone
To all TH here: any idea where to buy gasmask with built-in respirators? Also any idea how to get rid of booby traps inside caves? How to detonate 'em?  

13 Sep 2005 @ 12:13 by Ed @ : darrel
Darrel: Ok e paano yan my email keeps bouncing. Id really like to see your site. Re : ur comment on why brian knows so much - think about it pare, how is it philosophically possible hehe? Are you familiar with the principle of occam's razor? :) That guy is a real asset.

Red Pajero : wala pa atang mobile na MRI that can be carried by one person, may nakita akong ganyan nasa airplane.  

13 Sep 2005 @ 12:16 by paul @ : scanner
For sale brand new latest hightech scanner, complete with laptop computer type. You can do scanning even you are in the boat and you will see the accurate result of your area. Price Php 3.5M Interested? and you want to know the price? call or text me at 0918-599-9381 look for paul or email me at paulyao05@yahoo.com thanks

25 Apr 2005 @ 09:38 by Paul Yao @ : NEED FINANCIER FOR 7 DAYS OPERATION
The site was formerly a Japanese military camp and located in business area within Quezon City. Scanned several times with different model of high tech scanners and the result was 100% positive. The target is 18 tons buried only in 15 to 20 feet within the man made tunnel. We need financier to do a mechanical operation to unearth the said deposits which will last only for 7 days. Before the operation, interested financier will bring their own scanners for them to prove that the area is positive. If the financiers are satisfied with the results of their scanners, that’s the time we have to sit down to discuss our terms and conditions and plan on how to operate. Interested? Call me at 0918-599-9381 or email me at paulyao05@yahoo.com I will show you the print out result of Sub-surface Interface Radar (S.I.R # 2, # 10 models). We can operate right away if you are willing to finance. Thanks paul  

13 Sep 2005 @ 12:43 by fm @ : AU sale must be in Philippines only
To All Treasure Hunters,

To sell Gold Bullion or in Tons is not easy nowadays. But if we have gold inventories in our hands today, it’s better for us to dispose/sale within in the Philippines only to support with our ailing economy. Gold deposits (Huge) have a vital role to improve and stabilize the economy. We have banks here in our country willing to purchase or accept unrefined gold bullion or any volume of Gold and other precious metals. You have only to access the right persons who have the capacity to absorb regardless of volume as long as the commodities are genuine or will pass within the standard procedures of the assayers. The moment you dispose your own gold to other countries, it will be a big loss to you, to your families & relatives, to your constituents, to all Filipinos and to our ECONOMY. Please if you know somebody who has a gold bullion inventories, you have to convince them to dispose their commodities within our beloved country. Any information on the above matter, you have to write me through email and attach your documents (pictures of commodities) as a proof that you have gold in your position. We will reply only to those who are serious about the above matter. Attached herewith are our procedures for your perusal and evaluation. Thanks.

Edsa Extension, Pasay City

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to buy a pure gold from 18 karats to 24 karats subject for the approval of our authorized assayer.


1. LMER PRICE – Less 20% less 5% and less 5%. The breakdowns are as follows: 20% goes to buyer, 5% agent commission on buyer side and 5% agent commission on seller side.
2. A test buy of 6.2 kilos to 225 kilos is required in order to establish a believable relationship between buyer and seller.
3. Over 90% of all the sellers are not real; therefore our buyers will not expose themselves unless the seller is willing to show proof of their GOLD and other precious metals.
4. Since the buyer has been established for several years in the Philippines, has a licensed office address and is licensed with the Security and Exchange Commission.
5. The burden of proof MUST start with the seller.
6. Upon assay of the commodity and will pass on the standard requirement of the buyer within one (1) hour, seller will be paid in CASH OR THROUGH BANK MANAGERS CHECK ready to in cash to any bank nationwide.
7. All buying transactions must be in the office of the buyer only.
8. Volume transactions will follow and will be treated on V.I.P basis.
9. Buyer will not give any cash advance intended whatsoever to the needs of the seller for them to transport their commodities.
10. If the Gold and other precious metals are intact in any banks safety deposit worldwide, seller will submit authenticated and verifiable Xerox copy of documents subject for verification. If all documents are ok, buyer will set meeting schedule to discuss the price offered.

No request will be granted to the seller side without complying the above procedures.

Respectfully yours,

Ferdi (fm777_888@yahoo.com.ph  

13 Sep 2005 @ 13:02 by Ed @ : FM
1. Do you buy on an as is where is basis? Will the items be transported and delivered to this office? If so, who covers the freight?

2. Will this transaction be confidential? Will I be taxed? Will there be records or documentation?

3. Who makes the assay? Shouldnt it be a third party in plain view of both buyer and seller?

4. What kind of security would you have for the seller in your office during the assay and during the delivery of the goods. Can the seller for instance, bring his own security?

5. Do you also take other things: gold and silver coins, gemstones, gold jewelry, other precious metals, gold tooth fillings etc.?

Thank you  

13 Sep 2005 @ 13:05 by Ed @ : FM
oh those are actual gold tooth fillings in huge sacks probably mixed with mercury amalgam. Gross pero just asking  

14 Sep 2005 @ 00:22 by eD @ : for juan
The best respirators and chemical suits are carried by the engeineering battalions of the U.S. marines and their chemical warfare teams. If you are near any balikatan exercises, those soldiers can be bribed (each of them has the gas mask and the protectove overalls at least). Juat send hem a girl or two, theyll just report their equipment lost or stolen and the quarter master will replace it. My friends have been able to obtain SAWs and night vision equipment for as little as $ 3,000, those are a lot more complicated and expensive the suits which they dont use as much.

With regard to gases, just use an old miner's trick...bring a few lovebirds and parakeets in cages. They minute those things start panicking and die...run for it! hehe hope this helps.  

14 Sep 2005 @ 02:39 by Explorer @ : Juan, gas mask
Juan, contact Panpisco Technologies for Gas Mask and Chemical Suit and also for breathing apparatus. President is Bernard Dy, office number is 6361528. Good luck.  

14 Sep 2005 @ 02:56 by Explorer @ : Juan, booby traps
The best is to get a good scanner that can look into the terrain around the commodites as well as the traps. That way you can study a route that avoids the traps. If you are going for big load, expect gas however and prepare for it. The Japs made sure that whoever pursues these items will pay for it with their dear life. So expect and prepare for the worst and dont take anything for granted.

In addition - Zach Anderson of Figure.8m.com discusses the traps which you can take into consideration.

Zach talks about the gases as Cyanide. Other research talks about Sarin. At any rate I think you should be ready with an antidote in case of gas poisoining. Atrophine Sulphate injected IM or IV can be lifesaving. Ask a Doctor how to use it and appropriate dose in these cases. You can buy them with a Doctors Rx.

Goodluck. I hope we are all safe in our explorations, I guess we are here to help each other stay alive.  

14 Sep 2005 @ 04:56 by KOSTAS @ : scanner
is garret 2005 depth multiplier is accurate?  

14 Sep 2005 @ 04:59 by KOSTAS @ : BRIAN
Bro, pede ba makahingi ng positive loc somewhere in Bgy Ambitacay, Capas, La Union...,Sto. Tomas La Union.....?  

14 Sep 2005 @ 05:05 by KOSTAS @ : BRIAN
I have met one of the pointer of APO, si Col Soria aka Ka Celing, he informed me a positive loc in Paoay Cathedral at saka map in km 320 Bgy Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya.

One moreMy friend is still in contact with Victoriano Bayaban, nasa 89 yrs old na kaso ang gusto niyang tulong ay kung papano maillalabas yung mga deposito sa mga priv bank d2 sa atin para maipambayad daw sa utang ng pinas. Nawala yung mga GBC nya during the last day in Malacanang at ang kanyang natitirang identity na pwedeng gamitin ay ang hand and footrint nya.

Have anyone heard of Col Soria and Victoriano Bayaban.  

14 Sep 2005 @ 05:11 by brian @ : KOSTAS
email me. squall_888@lycos.com  

14 Sep 2005 @ 06:28 by seacrap @ : kostas
what do you want to know about victoriano bayaban...email me doodle2be@yahoo.com  

14 Sep 2005 @ 07:44 by Explorer @ : Kostas, Scanner
Pards, wala ako bilib sa Garrett. Nalugi na ako due to false positive readings in the past. Mag fitzgerald ka na lang.  

14 Sep 2005 @ 11:25 by Ed @ : kostas
Ang Garrett ok na GPS pero i dont think they make GPRs diba metal detectors lang?  

14 Sep 2005 @ 22:28 by jerry @ : reply to brian

14 Sep 2005 @ 23:22 by darrel @ : Ed
Occam's razor? It's a medieval philosophical principle which was named after William Ockam, a Franciscan monk. "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate"-'plurality should not be posited without neccesity'. This is sometimes called 'principle of unnecessary plurality', principle of parsimony', or 'principle of simplicity'. The common assumption is, everything can be explained even without assuming the existence of an extra metaphysical Divine Being (God). Most often used by atheist, Occam's razor is employed to debunk the idea of God and his role in the universe. By logic/reason, all realities can be explained through simplication. The loophole of this principle lies solely on the fact that this can be applied to natural theology but not in revealed theology. Occam's razor can be used in explaining God on the basis of reason, but never on the basis of faith. Faith and reason are simply two different realms. What's the significance of this in treasure hunting? Well, in our current venture, Occam's razor makes so much sense not only in trying to figure out how Brian has so much knowledge on this common concern but also in the whole process of treasure hunting itself.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 00:40 by Ed @ : Darrel
Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate. Exactly! There's only one explanation why he has that knowledge...even if you have the maps, you would not be able to determine the things he is puting forward. Are you ADMU Darrel? Audentes Fortuna Juvat  

15 Sep 2005 @ 01:25 by Darrel @ : Ed
Yeah! Fortune favors the bold.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 08:07 by redpajero @ : TH

check this out  

15 Sep 2005 @ 08:14 by Ed @ : MAD
Guys has anyone ever heard or used a Magnetic Anomaly Detector (M.A.D.)? It detects metal in huge quantities and in great depths but its application has primarily been ASW warfare...its mounted on choppers that fly over waters with suspected submerged submarines. Has anyone worked with this? Will it be able to do the same thing over land? Thanks.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 08:45 by redpajero @ : Ed
Yes , it is possible. Basically it compares manmade magnetic field with earth's magnetic. Works well on the sea. Titanic wreckage discovery,MAD was used.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 09:26 by Royal @ : RWA Au Metal Buyer/Redeemer
Looking for the trustees of Marcos. If you know one, post a message and we'll reach you out. We are looking for 5 trustees more. Live out the dream... this nation will be great!  

15 Sep 2005 @ 09:33 by Royal @ : @ all
Scammers are not welcome. We have a check list for scammers and all we want is to deal with the genuine trustees. Trustees are persons holding the metal certificates of marcos in their name. Santa Romana is just a story like Santa Claus...  

15 Sep 2005 @ 10:12 by redpajero @ : Royal
Is your location, Angeles city or any part of Pampanga? Narinig ko yun scripted lines mo noon pa dailyinquirer na Sunday news. If im not mistaken, sorry for my wrong guess.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 11:58 by hero @ : Royal
e-mail me hero_ng_bayan1986@yahoo.com  

15 Sep 2005 @ 16:00 by Ed @ : Royal
Hey Royal, I don't have any certificates but would you like to test my blood for its DNA? hehe You might find it a bit unusual.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 16:07 by Ed @ : Royal
Sta. Romana/Diaz is real. He llived in Tacloban and if you mean that he LOOKS LIKE santa claus without the white hair and beard...you would be correct.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 16:22 by Ed @ : Royal
oo nga pala si St. Nicholas is real. Yung wala talaga for sure yung easter bunny and yung three dollar bill.  

15 Sep 2005 @ 22:23 by satogen @ : MARCOS TRUSTEE
i have one known trustee of marcos


15 Sep 2005 @ 22:28 by seacrap @ : STA ROMANA
sta romana is real...you should be reading a lot of articles regarding japanese loot ww2 first before you can conclude on marcos trustees....  

16 Sep 2005 @ 04:15 by jerry @ : Markings
Is there anyone who can help me to interpret this markings that i found...hand carve in a stone facing West... foot print...Big heart carve at the wall inside the Cave...and ang big X mark carve in a wall....we found this in different location....thanks a lot....happy hunting......:)  

16 Sep 2005 @ 05:43 by redpajero @ : Transporter
do you have info about an american guy in the philippines who help TH in transporting AU by land? He is convoying to secure the trip from ambush. He is one of top security guy of Delta Force (not the movie). ANy idea of whereabouts? something like sounding philtech  

16 Sep 2005 @ 07:07 by seacrap @ : PHILTEC

Office location: 2216 Pasong Tamo, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 813-2062, 813-2065

indeed they buy and escort your commodities...much safer kaya lang foreigner...  

16 Sep 2005 @ 07:23 by redpajero @ : seacrap
salamat SEACRAP, dont know kung malaking tax babayaran ko. I forgot to ask kung escorting is reliable or not. Anyone here have experience with these guys? Just asking..  

16 Sep 2005 @ 10:03 by cno_ako @ : Royal
Do you really think na yung 5 na yan magpapakita pa? Hindi na siguro, sigorado pala.  

16 Sep 2005 @ 12:28 by fm @ : ed
1. Do you buy on an as is where is basis? Will the items be transported and delivered to this office? If so, who covers the freight?
Ed We buys au and other precious metals anywhere as long as within the bank only. But seller should come out our initial requirement for us to proceed in other place (Inside of the bank nationwide). We don’t transact any places for the safety of both sides. We’ve lot of experiences that seller invited us to their areas, but sad to say hold up followed us. Bring your commodity to our office for assay. Freight and safety will be shouldered by real seller. Even your are going to dispose your commodity to anywhere in the world, buyer will give you instructions to bring your au to their nearest refinery for processing before payment will be made. We do the same, you have to bring your initial commodity delivery to our office for assay then payment will follow in a form of cash or any bank instrument available.

2. Will this transaction be confidential? Will I be taxed? Will there be records or documentation?
Yes all transactions will be treated as highly confidential. Taxes will be discussed separately. Documentation will be issued only to real seller.

3. Who makes the assay? Shouldnt it be a third party in plain view of both buyer and seller?
Assay will be done in front of the seller. No third party will be involved to determine the grade of the commodities.
4. What kind of security would you have for the seller in your office during the assay and during the delivery of the goods. Can the seller for instance, bring his own security?
Seller will provide their own security from their location to the buyer office. For the security reason, seller should bring their trusted securities.

5. Do you also take other things: gold and silver coins, gemstones, gold jewelry, other precious metals, gold tooth fillings etc.?
We do buy also your above mentioned precious metals provided that all are genuine.

Thank you

13 Sep 2005 @ 13:05 by Ed @ : FM
oh those are actual gold tooth fillings in huge sacks probably mixed with mercury amalgam. Gross pero just asking

I cannot answer you about that; we are only after in Gold bars, Buddha’s, Diamonds and other bankable precious metals.

Ed for us to discuss this matter privately, please email me thanks


16 Sep 2005 @ 12:31 by fm @ : filipino advise to all TH
Yes, to all sellers of gold, please dispose only within the Philippines. Filipinos before (sellers) who brought or deposited their Gold in other countries made a very big mistake just like Severino Sta. Romana who deposited his huge commodities to 56 countries around the world and until now, none of his relatives or nearest kin and even filipino enjoyed that opportunity. Mostly banks in foreign countries where sta romana deposited his precious metals denied the existence of his deposits after he (Sta. Romana) died last 1974. Now, foreign countries where the trillions of dollars of Sta romana deposited are enjoyed with their government and constituents who supposedly are enjoyed by Philippine Government and Filipinos nowadays. If the undetermined amount of precious metals of Mr. Sta. Romana was deposited to our Philippine Central Bank or to any commercial banks, maybe our economy will not be affected despite of any fluctuation of any currencies around the world. Remember the Asian crisis before? Other countries in Asia were not severely affected due to their gold reserve deposits. I remember an industrialized country in Asia which was affected by the currency crisis warned that those speculators (country) who are involved in manipulation of Asian currency will not stop within the month; they will unload their 35,000 metric tons of gold in the world market. Speculator was scared before, the moment gold will be flooded in the world market, price of precious metals will decrease and economies around the world be affected.

It’s not too late for us Filipinos! Still 60% to 80% of total au deposits buried here in our country are not yet recovered. If we have gold bullion in our hands, let us dispose to our local bank buyers or Filipino private buyers within the Philippines only. Gold property is the most powerful to any cash currencies. Cash money that circulates around the world is backed up with gold deposits. No gold, no cash!

Let us follow the Jews principles that their gold are not for sale to any foreign land, but deposited to their own control and look, their economy never swayed despite of uncontrolled peace.

Filipinos, be an instrument of building of our nation towards economic recovery if we are willing to give and take. Sell your Gold within the Philippines only. Anybody who wants to share a good ideas with me, please email me at fm777_888@yahoo.com . Possible we could meet each other to those who are serious only thanks FM  

16 Sep 2005 @ 12:33 by paulyao @ : need financier
The site was formerly a Japanese military camp and located in business area within Quezon City. Scanned several times with different model of high tech scanners and the result was 100% positive. The target is 18 tons buried only in 15 to 20 feet within the man made tunnel. We need financier to do a mechanical operation to unearth the said deposits which will last only for 7 days. Before the operation, interested financier will bring their own scanners for them to prove that the area is positive. If the financiers are satisfied with the results of their scanners, that’s the time we have to sit down to discuss our terms and conditions and plan on how to operate. Interested? Call me at 0918-599-9381 or email me at paulyao05@yahoo.com I will show you the print out result of Sub-surface Interface Radar (S.I.R # 2, # 10 models). We can operate right away if you are willing to finance.

To RedPajero, if you are interested with this project, pls email me and will send you a copy of scanner result. After this project, we are going to open one site with 3 chambers within the area of Better Living Subdivision Parañaque (Near Ninoy International Airport). After this, we will go to another area to operate 1 vessel of Gold Bars, Budha and diamond deposits buried in M. Fortich Bukidnon (Live Pointer Still alive at 97 years old now) and Cotabato areas for major operation. Thanks paul  

16 Sep 2005 @ 13:55 by Ed @ : FM
Thanks for your reply, If you don't mind...what particular institution do you represent? I am a bit apprehensive about contacting people with your particular initials :) and the triple 7 on your email makes me even more...ahem, concerned.


16 Sep 2005 @ 14:32 by Ed @ : To all TH hunters and Ex hunters
Guys, if you do score a hit please take FM's appeal seriously. You should first secure what you have and maintain absolute secrecy. I'm sure everyone knows of flying squads who are organized specifically to knock over our goods while in transit. Do not even trust the banking industry or the government. Be wary of spending it abroad. You pay for anything in excess of 5,000 dollars in cash in the States and the cash register automatically notifies the IRS, the FBI and the INS.

Second, you have to liquidate what you have and put up legitimate businessed in the country employing Filipinos. Do not spend it abroad or buy products and services made by the zaibatsus. Remember that those people started and bankrolled the war and even used slave labor. Use the money here, remember how many people died for that gold bar in your hand. Do you honor them by giving the very people who made them suffer the benefit of that gold? What you have is a golden oportunity to turn blood money into something good. Start businesses, donate to the needy, do not let anyone (especially the government and its constituents) get control of that because it will disappear and be put to some politician's personal use.

Honor our war dead. Honor our veterans. Honor their children. Make enemies pay dearly.


17 Sep 2005 @ 05:27 by darrel @ : Ed
Is this what we call empowerment of the oppressed? Yeah! You're right Ed! It's high time we learn from the mistakes of those self-serving polticians.  

17 Sep 2005 @ 05:42 by Ed @ : Darrel
Pare your email keeps bouncing have you tried lately? Hehe talo na naman tayo nang mga tauhan n Robin Hood hehe  

17 Sep 2005 @ 05:44 by Ed @ : Spooks
Don't bother tracing the URLS guys, Im mobile everytme I post and so are the jumpers ;)  

17 Sep 2005 @ 11:50 by Royal @ : Satogen
You must have post your email too man... for verification.  

17 Sep 2005 @ 12:35 by Satogen @ : Royal
your first post @by Royal @, now by Royal @ i dont think your the first Royal that post the first time man...im asking you to post in the first ip address...the first pc that you used so that i may know the real Royal....kase tol anybody can use the name Royal here...by then i could be transacting to a bogus Royal! FYI...if the trustees you have has a gbc of foreign account...consider it gone! its will be impossible to retreive it...you will be jailed also in the foreign land...if its local...hmmmm.. there are some possibilities...but usually the holders of gbc are not the real holders..they just got it from nowhere be it authentic or not...the real holder should have the supporting signature maybe foot of palm print....i have that...  

17 Sep 2005 @ 12:38 by Ed @ : MAD/redPajero
Pere where can we access a MAD? Apart from the U.S. and Japanese Navies has one here in this country? Kasya ba yan sa bag? Paano kung may iron ore sa mountain...will you get false readings? Kailangan ba naka mount yan sa chopper? Just asking kasi dami mong alam e.  

18 Sep 2005 @ 01:50 by anlene @ : so close to Au
hi experienced TH... I'd like to know what is/are the signs if the Au is really so close to your hands na? ano yung pinaka sign na malapit na kayo sa au? is the stones' color? the odor? the soil texture? or what?? plss give me some info.. tnx and goodluck!  

18 Sep 2005 @ 01:53 by anlene @ : same as the pic?
is it the same as the picture shown above? ganyan ba ang itsura kapag so close na ang au sa inyong mga kamay??  

18 Sep 2005 @ 03:19 by Ed @ : anlene
Im not experienced at all pero I think iba iba yung ways that they buried those things so you really need the map and you need to know the signs they left behind. They used different materials...concrete, black sand, timber, concrete you will find some of these even if its not the right path...kasi sometimes they try to lead you away from the horde and into the traps...mga bombs, mga cyanide bottles, poison gas, water traps, cave ins, mga bamboo or steel spikes na may excrement (patay ka sa infection). Yung mga talented dyan sa mga sign reading and digging are all here in this forum.

Siguro kung nakita mo yung bombs, medyo malapit ka na diba? Be careful lang kasi remember that the japs wanted only those who possesed the maps to recover it. Yung iba nga dyan hawak na nila yung items they still get injuries. Tingnan mo tong website na to..yamashita_gold.com may pictures.  

18 Sep 2005 @ 03:38 by redpajero @ : Satogen--Ed
0 0 Angeles City, , PH
26 16 Pasig, Manila, PH
43 26 Camiling, PH
49 30 Olongapo, PH
50 31 Laoag, , PH

SAtogen- i know where Royal ang locaion nya..based sya sa Pampanga.
Yun link nya ay ang email address.. IP address is not reliable. YUn huling 193.110 and 192.44 belongs to 0.0 kasi naka network yun at mahilrap i trace yun

Ed-- MAD is almost same as GPR. MAD analysize magnetic because metallic property of underground soil. GPR is more specific on dielectric properties of underground soil parang wet capacitor. Data are analysis by color coding. Dielcetric reading have equivalent to metal and nonmetal properties. Seismic is minor loud bang(mini-explosive)on one end and transducer on other end. Data is analyze by delay of sound received at many data points in question.
MAD is not practical in size compare to GPR. Mad is both airborne and seaborne. Not commercialized for individual use.  

18 Sep 2005 @ 04:28 by royal @ : satogen
location: baguio. my first post was in pangasinan and my second is in pangasinan too.  

18 Sep 2005 @ 05:35 by bubingka @ : for ed
Have we met? I have been monitoring this page. My identity is cobalt and I would very much like you to verify Juliet Hotel. If this doesn't make sense to you I apologize, I drank too much Southern Comfort.  

18 Sep 2005 @ 05:56 by Ed @ : bubingka
Juliet Hotel = 7. Good afternoon sir. You mispelled 'bibingka' and you should quit drinking. How has the navy been treating you? Good I hope. What can I do for you?  

18 Sep 2005 @ 06:17 by bibingka whatever @ : for ed
I retired since 01. I came here to visit the war memorial and the really old subway station and what do I see? There's a Godammn minimall on top of the subway entrance! Is this your idea boy? What happened to this place? How the hell am I going to enter without being seen?  

18 Sep 2005 @ 06:48 by Ed @ : bibingka
That isn't a minimall, its a regional size shopping center :), that wasn't my idea sir, it was those genuises in the other corporation that put it there. The entrance isn't where the mall is...it is 200 meters West of that position. But its been backfilled, plus they put a meter of fill on it and no trace of it is left. Prior to that I saw people dumping and burning trash at the entrance so I would assume that the way would have been blocked.

If you want an alternative entrance, go to the war memorial (It runs below this right?). Face East and look below the ridge of where the memorial is. Theres a highway there right? Theres a spot where this highway and the subway intersects North of your position, before the stoplight and at the back of the McDonald's pre school. Look at the granite wall face behind that building...theres a hole the size of a basketball...look inside and its the tunnel! Its an old airshaft and that rock face is only a couple of inches thick. Dig an opening and patch it up with concrete, have someone outside paint the concrete desert yellow and no one will notice that you went in. :)

Be warned though, Philippine Seabees are in the other end of the tunnel. They have their own entrance and have been digging since 99.  

18 Sep 2005 @ 10:20 by moondrops @ : To all Gold, Silver and Platinum Holders
To: All Gold, Silver and Platinum Holders here in the philippines who wants to sell thier commodities,

The procedure is simple, just bring a piece of the item minimum of 1kg for "assay buying" It will be paid CASH and OUTRIGHT. We only Buy here in Metro Manila and we can buy a Maximum of 1 ton per day.

Maybe by late November this year We can also start purchasing large quantities of "SCRAP METALs"

please text 0921-9718358 or email me at silviusmoon@yahoo.com.  

18 Sep 2005 @ 23:53 by rexie @ : To all buyers of PALADIUM
If you want to buy a Paladium. pls contant me @0920-2084121  

19 Sep 2005 @ 04:03 by alex @ : nid help
brian, ask ko lng wat particular na bundok sa nagbukel yung snsabi mo, sa east o west?  

19 Sep 2005 @ 04:14 by AMrican Joe @ : to all Filipino Hunters
Shut Up....stop dreaming..Treasure does not Exist..you are all LOSERSSSSS!!!. Long Live Amarica.....you Filipinos Hunters SUCKs....you are being monitored by the CIA..we know all you IP addresses....You have been TAG!!!  

19 Sep 2005 @ 04:27 by Ed @ : Joe
hey hillbilly, this forum is only for people with a college education. Get yourself one first ok, redneck?  

19 Sep 2005 @ 04:35 by anlene @ : ED
thanks ED, we dont have maps but we relied on our pointer and on the markings (arrows, jap characters and some "kababalaghan").. hmmmm..anyway, how do these chemicals look like? or smells like??  

19 Sep 2005 @ 04:49 by Au Hunter @ : Email Cryptograhic softwares
Anybody out there who are interested to buy email cryptographic softwares. contact me...

vicrocs ----> 09262620837

and, we will discuss the price...

The f?cking cia claims they can monitor everybody...with their billion dollar equipments... until now they haven't caught Bin Ladin.... hahahaha! too bad !  

19 Sep 2005 @ 04:57 by Ed @ : Vicrocs and Anlene
Vicrocs, thats because Bin Laden is being coddled by Joe here, apparently he's Bin Ladn's Puppy dog B!tch! hahaha

I don't know Anlene I only encountered methane --it is overpowering. Supposedly the others like Cyanide and Serin are odorless, If I knew I would probably be dead hehe. The others here are more experienced.  

19 Sep 2005 @ 05:06 by Ed @ : Anlene
the cyanide is usually in glass containers that would break if you hit it with a shovel...there are some people who have reported cyanide mixed with water in the traps and hydrochloric and sulfuric acid that burns you. It will burn through a rubber chemical suit.  

19 Sep 2005 @ 05:13 by Ed @ : Anlene
you mentioned arrow? what kind of arrow? arrow talaga or parang triangle?  

19 Sep 2005 @ 06:16 by jerry @ : AMrican Joe
I Can trace your location joe.....Pls stop Bothering !!!!!!!!!!!
inetnum: -
netname: PLDTDSL
country: PH
descr: MyDSL_Personal
admin-c: HM8-AP
tech-c: HM8-AP
changed: ************@pldt.com.ph 20050213
mnt-by: PHIX-NOC-AP
source: APNIC  

19 Sep 2005 @ 06:17 by getbacker @ : arrows... ed and everybody
i am interestested about arrows... we have a site with arrow sign... its actually a small cave with a sign in the entrance of two parrallel arrows but pointing to opposite direction... the people who first do the digging here smelled something like decomposing dead body mixed with some kind of undescribable smell.  

19 Sep 2005 @ 06:25 by getbacker @ : CIA's are scammer
american shitheads like joe claiming to be CIA are but members of a BIG SCAMMING SYNDICATE. espionage is ... huh blah blah  

19 Sep 2005 @ 06:35 by Ed @ : Jerry
Bai! Galing a can you trace me?  

19 Sep 2005 @ 06:57 by getbacker @ : jerry
what if i am using a wireless internet connection like dream satellite internet access... can you locate me?  

19 Sep 2005 @ 07:07 by Ed @ : getbacker
Joe isn't CIA pare. I am so sure because:
1. The CIA only hires U.S. Citizens and subcontracts other nationals;
2. You need to be fluent in English (this guys has mispellings that aren't typos) and another foreign language;(Joe, habla espanol? Sprechen deutsche? Chingas con Bin Laden anoche?)
3. There is a minimum IQ requirement of 120 I think (sorry joe, 70 doesn't cut it at all)

No Joe here is part of a forgotten rene(GAY)de U.S. Navy splinter group...he's the sailor guy in that group called 'The Village People'  

19 Sep 2005 @ 07:12 by cno_ako @ : joe
,,|,, man... don't bother us here! ha ha ha!  

19 Sep 2005 @ 07:30 by cno_ako @ : jerry
can you trace me too? just for fun... hehehe  

19 Sep 2005 @ 07:32 by jerr @ : Ed
This is your location Ed...:)
inetnum: -
netname: CSI
descr: Globalreach eBusiness Networks, Inc.
descr: 7/F ALPAP II Bldg
descr: Madrigal Business Park
descr: Alabang, Muntinlupa City
country: PH
admin-c: GN2-AP
tech-c: GN2-AP
notify: ***@eglobalreach.net
mnt-by: APNIC-HM

19 Sep 2005 @ 07:38 by jerry @ : Getbacker
inetnum: -
country: PH
descr: Bayantel DSL Infrastructure
descr: NetBasic
descr: Please report all incidents of abuse and
descr: acceptable use violations
descr: to *****@skyinet.net
admin-c: SKY100-AP
tech-c: SKY100-AP
changed: ****@skyinet.net 20050916
source: APNIC

descr: SKY-ROUTE-OBJECT-203-215-96-0-20
origin: AS6648
country: PH
remarks: Please report all incidents of abuse and
remarks: acceptable use violations to *****@skyinet.net
notify: ***********@skyinet.net
changed: ***@skyinet.net 20040531  

19 Sep 2005 @ 08:22 by jerry @ : cno_ako
inetnum: -
descr: Bell Telecommunications Philippines, Inc.
descr: 4th floor Pacific Star Bldg.
descr: Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue cor. Makati Avenue,
descr: Makati City, Philippines
country: PH
admin-c: RG23-AP
tech-c: RG23-AP
mnt-by: APNIC-HM

19 Sep 2005 @ 08:50 by Ed @ : Jerry
Yes and no. hehe you found the server. I have a satellite uplink and am very mobile but that is the server. Galing pa rin pare that is amazing!  

19 Sep 2005 @ 09:49 by redpajero @ : AMrican Joe
AMrican Joe is here in Manila. Too much Blahblahblah, I can check your IP address. Why CIA is after gold? ((Long Live Amarica.....you Filipinos Hunters SUCKs)). tsk tsk, same old cowardice attitude. Get out of being a couch potato and grow up. Youre not born yesterday but all you need is Prozacs dude..  

19 Sep 2005 @ 10:12 by cno_ako @ : jerry
ha ha ha! nice try pare... server nakuha mo. try dis, DL mo mIRC script v6.0 HeavyArms then HenneScript. transfer mo yung programs ng hennescript sa heavyarms.  

19 Sep 2005 @ 11:46 by redpajero @ : 100% foreign own mining
First 100% Foreign-owned Mining Firm to Start Commercial Production
the biggest stupidity ever happened us  

19 Sep 2005 @ 12:20 by paul @ : Royal
Sta Romana account is true. Mr. Royal you need to do a deeper research. thanks paul  

19 Sep 2005 @ 12:28 by fm @ : Ed
Ed We are just simple company but willing to buy au as long as seller will abide with the terms and conditions. Marami na kami usap sa mga seller but during implementation wala kami nakita na au sa kanila. sayang oras. Ed kung may kilala ka na seller sa pilipinas lang deal para sa bansa natin. Wag deal sa mga di pilipino. ok? Mabuhay ka thanks  

19 Sep 2005 @ 12:41 by redpajero @ : assay services
In the website of Philtech, i asked online how much assay services..no reply (I cant believe)..Are they really for real? Any idea guys, magkakano ang charge. SEACRAP i need your help tungkol sa Philtech. Wanna know their cost of assay services and escort services.  

19 Sep 2005 @ 16:42 by ASHROX @ : Meldi's Gold
Hey guys... are Imelda's gold also part of these japanese-looted-treasures?

I'm finding some unusual figures here in my farm... drilled holes, hand-shape curvings, arrow signs... some stones slightly plastered with cement... Do they mean anything.... my farm is located in Limay, Bataan
Is there any specific site near it... just a few bars will do for me, i'm not interested with bulk deposit (for now...hehhehehehe)  

20 Sep 2005 @ 00:38 by Ed @ : Ashrox
if you are near the existing munitions factory...thats not gonna be a few bars  

20 Sep 2005 @ 01:09 by Ed @ : Red Pajero
Yeah joe is here and hes not CIA, the CIA is in Ayala Alabang, Forbes Park, the Elks Club, Manila Pen and in one of the condos in Planca Street Makati.  

20 Sep 2005 @ 01:30 by anlene @ : ---------->
yeah arrow as in like this --------> pointing to the river stone na may jap character.. this is it na ba??? we already dig up to 6 ft na eh..just along the river falls :)  

20 Sep 2005 @ 01:51 by anlene @ : jerry
wow galling!! Ako rin trace mo rin.. for curiosity sake.. hehehe   

20 Sep 2005 @ 01:54 by anlene @ : Ed
yeah arrow as in like this --------> pointing to the river stone na may jap character.. this is it na ba??? we already dig up to 6 ft na eh..just along the river falls :)  

20 Sep 2005 @ 01:59 by Ed @ : anlene and ashrox
ashrox : which barangay in limay? you can email me

anlene : this is my email merx688@yahoo.com.ph what jap character?  

20 Sep 2005 @ 04:47 by cno_ako @ : --------------->
ingat lang,baka may reversed sign yan. or naka-point nga sa river stone with japz charaters eh hindi mo naman alam kung san huhukayin...or should i say pick-up yon item. :) gud luck!  

20 Sep 2005 @ 05:34 by Ed @ : no.
Finally, received your e-mail. I'll just contact you by phone when i get home.  

20 Sep 2005 @ 06:36 by Ed @ : arrows
anong ibig sabihin nang reverse arrow? Is it like the incoming MMS message symboly on Nokia Phones?  

20 Sep 2005 @ 07:19 by butterfly @ : jerry
trace mo rin ako pare. interesting kasi yung kaalaman mo.. hehehe  

20 Sep 2005 @ 07:23 by cno_ako @ : ed
reverse arrow? for me pag may nakita akong may reverse arrow naghahanap ako ng ibang signs dun din kung saan nakalagay yan arrow...wan ko ba bakit yon ang tinuro sa akin. c",)  

20 Sep 2005 @ 07:28 by butterfly @ : signs - brian/ed
pare, ask lang ako regarding sa mga signs kasi one of my friends is digging beside riverfalls.. he used garett, it alarmed on and off, but instead they consulted or used a "medium". does a medium still applicable to this kind of operation? are they reliable?

how about "kababalaghan" things... do they really exist? like yung belief na merong bantay??? kasi they experienced na everytime they got a stone for samples and observations, there are different species/kinds of insects that followed them and stayed in their houses where the stones are.. can this be a "sign"?

share any idea with me naman for our guidance. tnx pare!  

20 Sep 2005 @ 07:29 by moondrops @ : Au transactions
to redpajero
Philtec is one of the legal companies here in the philippines that can do assay services, they are groups of foreigners that established business here in manila. They also buy golds with a large discounts and cheaper price.
Our buyer is a different company but the assays are all conducted at philtec facilities. Though i dont know how much philtec charge for thier assay services, but i can tell you it aint that much, it cause not more than php.5000 i guess?

Para sa lahat ng true HOLDER ng GOLD, SILVER, and PLATINUM

Ang companya namen ay Bumibile ng GOLD SILVER PLATINUM.
Simple Lang ang Procedure Mag Dala lang kayo ng piece(piraso)ng item nyo para sa "assay buying". Pag katapos ma assay ng item nyo babayaran agad kyo ng buyer OUTRIGHT. Pag katapos ng "assay buying" roll over na yung complete item nyo. Kayang bumile ng buyer ng up to 1 ton per day at nag bibigay ng "Global Immunity"(banking protection) sa seller.

Please text nyo 0921-9718358, or email silviusmoon@yahoo.com  

20 Sep 2005 @ 07:35 by batobalani @ : jerry / ed/brian
jerry: tracemo rin ako
ed/brian: yung kalawang ba na lumalabas sa bukal ay mayrong Au, which is opposite ng arrow sign? it's near the falls and a lot of bamboos are there.  

20 Sep 2005 @ 07:43 by moondrops @ : Au transactions
Nakalimutan ko, price are based sa LMER - LONDON METAL EXCHANGE RATE. Nasa jaryo(news PAper) yun.
20%-buyers discount
10%-intermidiaries commissions

To ed
Bro ang last update ko about sa price ng gold is 1 ton = USD $13,000,000?
so ang isang kilo is USD $13,000..?
ang isang bar that weights 6.5kg may cause more than USD $70,000...?
but it depends upon the purity of your gold
Is there any chance that you can sell at least a few bars to us?

please email silviusmoon@yahoo.com  

20 Sep 2005 @ 07:49 by redpajero @ : moondrops
"Global Immunity"(banking protection) sa seller. ano ibig sabihin nito.
sa P5000 assay services..gaano kalaki ang quantity puwede i assay? Buy this 250 kilos of Au from Johnny . email mo sya. sa viag123@yahoo.com meron sya 89% purity gold bullion in his possession. He is now in Cainta Junction place. Cant deliver to u. sorry.  

20 Sep 2005 @ 08:01 by ED @ : moondrops and butterfly
moondrops: Ang galing a! Wow parang pawnshop hehe a few weeks ago may nag post wanted to sell some DORE bars from Davao I think just scroll up

butterfly: si brian magaling dyan. The problem with the Garett is that it lights up with anything metallic. Lalo na if your site has mineral rocks, mga tansan, pako, cellphone, aluminum cans, de lata etc. Kailangan mo talaga nang ground penetrating radar, the best is a seismic ground penetrating radar (you need to set off a small explosive charge like a shotgun shell) kasi 3d yung image na makukuha mo. Sa ordinary radar, u put it on a spot, take a reading, then you move it then repeat until you cover what you are scanning. If you don't have a good interpreter magulo yan and matagal hehe.

Si Marcos used a Swedish guy...Jonson I think...He accompanied Curtis and I dont
know kung siya or si Curtis ang reason but nadiscover nila yung BattleCruiser Nachi on their first day out. They both left the country at the same time, fearing for their lives. E diba maraming narecover si Lolo Ferdie? Mas marami pa kay Uncle Douglas diba? E hindi kasi gumamit nang psychich si Uncle Douglas. :)  

20 Sep 2005 @ 09:14 by bri @ : MEDIUM
make sure lang po na tunay yan "medium" nyo.. kababalaghan? ako naniniwala ako na may bantay yun ibang sites... peeps, naniniwala ba kayo sa zombie? tama ba spelling ko? heheh anyway,hindi po ata yan signs. bakit nyo po inuuwi ang nakukuha nyong mga bato for observation? yun po ba sabi ng medium?...timing nga itong topic eh,may nagtxt sa akin kung may kababalaghan bang nangyari sa amin sa isang project namin,i said meron. hayun, inamin nilang may nakita silang bolang apoy mula sa hukay nila...hehe! ah,ewan ko...basta hini po yan sign!  

20 Sep 2005 @ 09:35 by bri @ : budha?
may nag kwento sa akin, matandang lalaki may nakita daw sila maitim na statue... nilapitan nila sa sobrang tuwa.nilinis nila ito,kinuskos...pero pagdating sa kili-kili bigla itong tumakbo!... ano kaya yun? baluga pala!.. hehehe! harharhar...wala magawa peeps! :)  

20 Sep 2005 @ 09:54 by j @ : measurement
brian, redpajero, ed, moondrops:

guys, do you know what is the right measurement of a genuine 6.5kg and 12.5kg au bar?


20 Sep 2005 @ 10:01 by jazzolog : Ming, What The Heck Is Happening?
Your Log seems to be under serious spam attack! Best wishes.  

20 Sep 2005 @ 12:11 by redpajero @ : custom duties for Gold
Anyone knows the full rules and regulations regarding custom declaration of gold bars if taken out of the country. How much duties if made into export?
Any limit of quantities? Thanks. . .  

21 Sep 2005 @ 03:23 by anlene @ : brian/ed
is it necessary that the medium must be a psychic? or pwede na kahit yung gifted na may 3rd eye? yon kasi ang gamit nmin eh..  

21 Sep 2005 @ 03:28 by anlene @ : arrows
Ed - what do you mean by reversed arrow? how does it look like?  

21 Sep 2005 @ 05:48 by Ed @ : me sure ment
I saw a rough DORE bar once (90% pure) 6.25 to 6.4 kilos each. 6 inches long and 1 inch thick i think  

21 Sep 2005 @ 06:28 by Ed @ : Anlene, moondrops, red pajero
anlene I dont know what a reverse arrow is si cno-ako nag post nyan. regarding psychics, gifted child ako e pero i don't know how these psyhics operate. Any help is useful ako I beleive it is better to be over informed diba?

moondrops: spot gold is $ 467 per ounce so 35.3 ounces per kg = $ 107,153.15 per 6.5 kilogram bar more or less PHP 6 Million per bar. IF...big if,
1. if it is 99.95 - 99.99% pure (you need a very hot furnace to do this)
2. if it is properly documented with the source and number of the refinery it
came from
3. if it wasn't known to be stolen
4. if you dont pay commisions taxes processing etc.
5. if you bring it there to London or Switzerland
6. if your buyer is a bank and seller is registered with LMER or even MIFE
7. if it is in 12.5 kg bars with the proper hallmarks (good London delivery specs) -- coins cost more per ounce, odd size bars cost less
8. may minimum lot size pa 1 ton ata? not sure e...

So malabo makuha yang 6 million per bar na mabilis diba?

redpajero : if you declare it, I guarantee you the customs people will have a field day :). If you don't declare it and you get caught...the laws of the country in which the airport is located applies plus your country of destination (two separate trials yan pare) malas mo kung may connecting hehe...good ways to bring your gold to a friendly country:

1. via gold bearer certificates
2. via private, chartered airplane
3. via ship
4. smuggled (use your creativity)
5. via diplomatic pouches, parcels and containers (gosh this is theory ha guys don't be getting no criminal ideas no ok?) hehe  

21 Sep 2005 @ 06:47 by jerry @ : Batobalani
Name: ipdial-176-120.tri-isys.com
IP Address:
Location: Pasay (14.583N, 121.000E)
Try ko lang pare....heheheheh...enjoy....  

21 Sep 2005 @ 07:09 by butterfly @ : moondrops - email
moondrops - i sent u email pls check it out re: platinum buyer. thanx  

21 Sep 2005 @ 07:53 by Ed @ : kababalaghan
During the retaking of corregidor by the 1st Airborne Division in 1945, two soldiers from that unit, a seargent and his entire platoon diverted their plane to Baguio and parachuted in the pine forests near the city. They apparently bribed the pilots to make the drop and they had knowledge of gold being buried there by the retreating Japanese.

Encountering stiff resistance and surrounded by the Japs many soldiers of the unit were killed in the ensuing gunbattle. As the sergeant bravely tried to rally his remaining men a private and a medic, to break through the lines...he was bitten by a snake. The sergeant yelled for the medic and said that he had been bitten by a snake and that the medic had to cut the wound and suck te poison out. The medic checked him and saw that the snake had bitten the sergeant in his buttocks. Above the din of the gunbattle he yelled 'Sarge, you gonna die man!' Harharharhar this is a true story ha My lolo Ferdie told me kasi he was in the other foxhole singlehandedly holding off a column of japanese tanks with his Thompson.  

21 Sep 2005 @ 08:51 by redpajero @ : Ed
What is the via gold bearer certificates trading FAQ?
What you mean field day ng Customs?
Thanks for your glittering advise..
via diplomatic pouches, parcels and containers--we did this before during FVR time. I dont know Gloria's time.  

21 Sep 2005 @ 09:09 by Ed @ : Red pajero
You go to the bank and they give you a certificate which you can use as money. It looks like an elaborate high school diploma...you sign at the back like a check and designate who you gave it to (the new owner) para the bank knows it wasnt stolen.

The customs people will steal it man...ano ka ba? We are in the Philippines remember? Actually kahit anong country dyan ma biktima ka nang switcheroo or they will hold you for questioning. Nagtratransport lang kasi nyan mga countries and banks, seldom private individuals. Im telling you land it is hard to do this legit, even if you wanted to.

Diplomatic pouches ang the best and these diplomats even have fixed rates! See? Medyo organized. In town you could get in touch with the Indonesians, the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Myanmar I have heard that they are somehat into that but I'm not certain.


21 Sep 2005 @ 09:28 by Ed @ : Jerry
I can trace you pare, as you read this you are scratching your head in front of your computer in Salinas Road hehe Bai kanus-a man kamo mo adto ni vic sa imo site? Ingon ni Brian sa ako...kanang rock na na-ay kamot dili daw na i-alsa...ibutang daw nimo imo kamot dinha sa handprint unya i push ba bai. Konsultahi na lang si bri bai. Kung na-a item dinha tawaga mi kay mu-lupad mi dinha unya i-scan namo imo 2nd and 3rd. Ayaw sa kaw-uton ang imo sites bai kay basig makita ka pa nang imo silingan ha bai? Og interviewhi nang taruha ang imo mga paryente, unsa may ilang nakita og i record na tana-an kay basig makalimot sila bai. Ok? Way 'blima ba?  

21 Sep 2005 @ 09:39 by moondrops @ : Redpajero, Ed, Commodity Transactions
To redpajero,

The Buyer warrants that transactions are legal and shall cover the transaction and payments "Global Immunity" a banking protection provided by some major banks in the world, to the seller and all beneficiaries of the transactions.
It means your safe from things such as Anti-Money Laundering Law and other laws that questions you from having so much wealth.
I dont how much quantity you can assay at a certain price in Philtech.
Buying Large quantities of gold in the philippines and exporting it outside the country in a legal way is impossible without the governments approval and connections with certain countries and major banks in the world. You cannot just simply register for gold business and export it outside the country, cause when they found out that you have such commodities either in a legal or illegal way of obtaining it, they will still confiscate it and will be put under the pockets of greedy politicians. They may put you in jail or even kill you.
If you only knew how many known politicians in the philippines whose goal is obtaining power in the government only to get a hold of the golds. MOST are not serving the country they are all just after the gold in disguise as respectable politician. Even that dwarf that sits in malacanang.

So i suggest if you dont have connections you do it secretly that no one in the government can know. But if you can bring an army and intelligence group in here to back you up and show that you have power, like the US, maybe you can do a good and legal business here. Also watch out for men that is motivated by greed. Its such a cruel world.

To ed,

My buyer is just a simple buyer that offers a simple procedure just bring your item in his office and after assay you will be paid outright. Either by cash, check, or directly into your bank. It doesent matter where your commodity comes from as long as it is genuine he will buy it according to LMER and will give you protection. He only buys a miximum of 1 ton per day, and he only buys here in metro manila.  

21 Sep 2005 @ 10:41 by moondrops @ : Spirits in Treasure Hunting
To all treasure hunters,

Please follow my advise regarding spirits,


You dont need any mediums, psyhic or whatsoever na mga mangkukulam or spiritista, third eyes and witches. If you and your team all works optimistically maniwala kayo o hindi lahat ng ginagawa nyo na paghuhukay and other treasure hunting activities will all 99% be successful.

Just some words of advice believe it or not...


21 Sep 2005 @ 11:01 by BUTTERFLY @ : titanuim
anybody who wants to buy titanium? pls raise your hand.. pwera joke,totoo po eto, meron kami..  

21 Sep 2005 @ 12:10 by hehehe @ : butterfly
hey yah....(just raised my hand hahaha) i was just kidding. titanium? what was that? how sure are you it's titanium? gold is hard to to be sure if it's bronze he he  

21 Sep 2005 @ 12:21 by hehehe @ : ahah
check the story of King Saul in the Old Testament Book of the Bible... God got angry with him because he consulted a medium instead of consulting God... Mediums would just let you loose your treasure... if Ferdinand Marcos have never consulted mediums then maybe he is alive till now... never consult mediums... it would just bring bad result.  

21 Sep 2005 @ 22:48 by GSM @ : TO: Jerry
bai Jerr. Good luck sa imo site..Moadto diay cla Virocs sa imo site.. just curious lang let me know unsa updates.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 00:48 by Ed @ : ahah and moondrops
moondrops: I don't have any more free gold here anymore man, I got a cup with gold leaf, e I had that made, thats all. If you are interested I think Pat Carbonel posted something for sale way back. Theres also a another guy in this forum here who has tons for sale but its not in Metro Manila. I have heard a rumor of a bonded warehouse in the port area where you could buy bars...ask the Chinese gold mongers in Ermita if they know ;).

ahah: We consulted God his reply was that he didn't give us our wits, education and resources for nothing hehe. Some of those mediums are pretty decent people, they don't even advertise that they have the gift of X-raying hundreds of meters of solid rock where the best GPRs and have failed. A lot of them do not even believe in the Jap treasure horde story and most are actually coerced by groups to use their powers for this purpose. I know of one who even takes a fixed cash payment and doesnt even ask for a portion of the loot. They fear for their lives too and yes some of them go to church more than I do.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 01:21 by Ed @ : ahah
Marcos consulted a well known Chinese woman medium during the days of martial law. He specifically wanted to know how he was goin to die so that when faced with a life or death situation he knew if he was going to make it or not. He wanted to know if that was the time or not..(smart takaga ni Lolo Ferdie no?).

The medium said that the decade between 1975 to 1985, a huge warrior in red and blue Samurai battle armour made of steel will appear in the Philippines out of nowhere. This warrior will be folowing teh orders of five other warriors; three brothers (one of whom was a boy), a man and a woman who would have american names but are very much Japanese. The warrior will be carrying a lot of weapons but it is his sword...a flaming sword that would smite Marcos from his left shoulder, to his stomach and then out his right shoulder. Grabe no? It pretty much scared Lolo Ferdie. Then do you know what happened? In 1977, he was watching TV and he almost had a heart attack! He immediately called General Ver and teh following day he banned Volte V. Guys as always this is another true story :)  

22 Sep 2005 @ 01:48 by batobalani @ : pos site
To : brian/ed
is there any positive site sa MONTALBAN at SAN MATEO RIZAL?  

22 Sep 2005 @ 04:14 by ed @ : batobalani
take a sample of the water and have it analyzed.puwede kasi yan natural iron ore deposits, puwede rin its just mud, i saw one liket that in Surigao and gold dust yung lumalabas but it was natural not japanese gold. :)  

22 Sep 2005 @ 07:46 by moondrops @ : butterfly, hehehe, ed
To butterfly,

Ill be waiting then...

To hehehe,

Your right! Its all in the Bible-a powerful book that Jehovah God gave us for instructions on How to deal in this world that we live in...

To ed,

Its ok bro i understand, but if you happen to know someone that wants to sell thier commodity feel free to contact me, you can take a share on the 10% commission. Voltes V? You mean that robot? I used to watch that before..
How can a cartoon show kill mr.FM? Ive heard rumors that he is still alive, is that true?  

22 Sep 2005 @ 08:22 by ED @ : moondrops
Yeah the robot. Look at these posts, who would have most likely scored several big hits? Get in touch with him directly, I can't speak for him e sorry. But I know he can get you what you want.

Thanks for the offer but any sale involving the stuff we talk about here is tricky business involving parties other than the seller and buyer, wittingly and unwittingly, if you know what I mean. Transact na lang privately, I cannot partake of any commission and I do not need to be informed about what transpired, just maintain the confidentiality to keep yourself and your seller safe.

When I score, I'll be sure to look you up pare. FM is dead.

If you are going to transact, take this advice seriously (kasi that's my friend you're dealing with): Take a good look around your exchange site, check for any big black european cars hanging around (a 7 series beemer and others), also check the sky: you are to watch out for black helicopters (gazelle and md500 defender) and maybe a blue and white sikorsky uh60 with a radome on the nose. If you see those, do not continue with it ok?  

22 Sep 2005 @ 08:29 by redpajero @ : fm

i heard rumors about that 5 yrs ago about FM being kept alive in isolated place probably a private island with a airstrip. even FVR planned that after Favian Ver passed away. Any way, rumors are rumours.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 08:50 by moondrops @ : Ed, WELLS FARGO HOLDERS
To ed,

Is it brian or explorer?

Transactions are all in the office of the buyer, dont worry everything is safe. I may say The buyer has that kind of connections to make it safe for everyone.
Buying 1 ton a day is not that much anyway, i believe those who are minitored are the one's carrying and transacting large volumes such as Hundreads, thousands tons..
But ok il take your advice to look for suspicious people around me.

To Everyone,

I have A friend Mandated by the Buyer OF "WELLS FARGO" Bills, anyone of you holding such bills please contact me. We Can first take a "test buy" of
200,000-WELLS FARGO bill. It will be paid CASH AND OUTRIGHT! followed by a rollover of the complete amount. Price is 1 Denomination of WELLS FARGO is equal to $ 1 USD. Buying is Conducted here at metro manila only.
Breakdowns are:
20%-buyers discount

Call or text 0921-9718358 or email silviusmoon@yahoo.com  

22 Sep 2005 @ 10:15 by RedPajero @ : moondrops
What is 20% intermediaries made of? 60% seller--too low of just because its Wells Fargo?  

22 Sep 2005 @ 10:32 by Norman @ : We Buy Gold Buillion


Subject : Preliminary Discussion

We recognize the above as pre-requisite to a good sale. Hence, we look forward to a pleasant and fruitful discussion.

We recognize that it is perfectly normal for us to have differences in opinion, concept, idea, etc. Therefore, we are open to a cordial and high degree of respect towards each other’s view and privacy.

We recognize that it is going to be a normal sales transaction, meaning, the seller will be able and willing to show the commodity for us to appreciate. Like all prospective buyers, we reserve the right to accept or reject.

We recognize that should we proceed with this transaction, we need to have a third party who is going to determine the right price, the ASSAYER who must be duly certified by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

If you find all the above statement acceptable, only then, may we proceed with the preliminary, otherwise, we just have to forget the whole thing.

Thank you.








Note: *LMER discount rate is for Metro Manila transaction only.

For undocumented but documentable AU

1. Direct viewing & pre-assay of just one or two (1 or 2) bars is necessary for test buy purposes.

2. Venue: Preferably in a neutral and safe place conveniently located near the bank(s).

3. Once the pre-assay test looks ok, we will call our official assayer to re-affirm the Au’s fineness (999.9500% or better) & price at buyer’s account.

4. If the official assayer says ok, we will arrange payment as agreed upon, immediately as possible within banking hours.

5. Subsequent transaction on a larger volume maybe arranged thereafter. A contract of agreement will be furnished.

6. We pay after assay on a per day basis at approximately 3 to 5 tons.

7. We pay premium for its price at LMER second London fixing on day of closing less 30% distributed as follows:

a. 20% Buyer’s net discount
b. 10% commissions (for negotiators & intermediaries)
i. 5% Buyer’s mandated group
ii. 5% Seller’s mandated group

Note: LMER discount rate is for Metro Manila transaction only

Email us: nlm_7360@yahoo.com

Thank You and God bless.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 11:53 by ed @ : all buyers
what if...hypothetically lang ha...your authorized representatives and your assayers and their equipment are transported to a site, say 138 kilometers from Metro Manila, up a mountain trail. We get clear skies so you can access your bank accounts and anyone you might want to contact via satellite. We all remain at the site until the assayer verifies the quality and quantity of the merchandise at hand. After that, you are given a bank account in say...Banco Nacional de Trinidad, wherein to deposit the agreed price. Then the site and merchandise is turned over to you and you take charge of transport and shipping. Would someone be able to offer us say...50% off LMER for 90% purity and 70% for 95% purity in 0.5 to 1.0 ton statues?

What if the site warehoused in say...Angeles City location and the buyer just takes control of the land and building?

What if the site is IN Metro Manila and even if we do not own the land we could say...guarantee it can be removed from the site without booby traps?

Thank you in advance for your comments, i WAS just curious.

Moondrops: I meant the former :)  

22 Sep 2005 @ 12:16 by redpajero @ : ED
Magandang idea yan..i used my laptop for surfing internet in remote area na kahit walang cellular signal. I used bluetooth equipped satellite modem with lots of batteries backup. I bring also lots of softdrinks and sandwiches. Baon ko.

Why not? It is possible also mobile smelter. Mobile MRI(di ko pa nakita ito)
Any 40-foot container can fit in all assay equipments. Custommade mobile truck is 100% possible. Kasi wala sa ibang bansa ang mga gahaman gaya dito sa Pinas.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 12:58 by ral3173 @ : may water. sa 75 ft... good sign or bad?
hello. syt namin sa davao at 75 ft na. starting sa 74 ft may tubig na ngayon gumagamit na kami ng waterpump.. confused na ako kung good or bad sign ba ito.. need advice. pero so far marami kaming nakuhang sign kagaya ng heart big boulders etc..( almost lahat ng above mentioned nyo na mga signs...) ano sa tingin nyo?? ok pa ba ito or.. malabo na. need advice ninyo.. tnx  

23 Sep 2005 @ 01:22 by Ed @ : ral3173
take a GPR and scan the walls of your dig---all around baka lumampas na just in case  

23 Sep 2005 @ 03:43 by thegreat @ : none
ngayon ko lang nakita ang ano ito chat room kunyari. pero sino ba ang pwede kong pagkatiwalaan dito sa bagay na ito...katulad namin na totoo (kung sino ang maninawala sa amin) as a buyer. marami na kaming naengkwentro na peke katulad kong umuwi noong april 2005, buong 10 days akong byumahe kung saan saan. but in other words. kung sino man ang tunay na meron, sabihin sa akin dahil sasabihin ko na sa inyong lahat..kung tunay kayo we will see from there. kung b.s. kayo, wag magresponse dahil alam ko ang peke at totoo (trust me) so good luck...  

23 Sep 2005 @ 04:19 by redpajero @ : Ed
try mo mag-email kay Brian tungkol sa magandang idea
22 Sep 2005 @ 11:53 by ed @ : all buyers
maaring mag input ka sa logistics at warehousing. Hope na matulongan ka kaagad.
meron bang 50% LBME seller discount figure?  

23 Sep 2005 @ 08:08 by moondrops @ : redpajero, ed, thegreat

20% intermidiaries part, 10%-goes to sellers group of intermidiaries and 10%-goes to buyers intermidiaries. Its The mandate of the buyer that decides the commissions. In some bills the splitting of payment is "2 less 1", it means 50-50 splitting. Intermidiaries are mostly composed of Trustee's, Negotiators,arrangers.

To ed,

Oh i get it. Ok then il email him and wait for the response.


To thegreat,

iisa lang po ang procedures ng mga tunay na buyer -

23 Sep 2005 @ 08:52 by moondrops @ : ..........?
some people speaks louder than what thier brain can think of...
Oh such a world of ignorance..  

23 Sep 2005 @ 10:32 by Ed @ : redpajero and he great
the great : brian's got an email add there next to his name in his previous posts.

redpajero : yeah tama yan pero what I meant was a simple 50% discount for the additional headache of transporting the stuff which hypothetically is passed on to the buyer. Thats if the seller is unable to transport it. I'm also assuming it is a volume transaction, simply put; the more you buy, you get a wholesale price.

I don't have gold with me now. Others here do, I was just asking if that arrangement was workable. Since I am assuming people here have transacted before.  

23 Sep 2005 @ 10:36 by Ed @ : moondrops and redpajero
Ngek! sorry that last post was for moondrops....sorry man I have fever, naduduling ako. I can't see straight siguro may poison gas residue yung item na pinakita ni brian last tuesday, i touched it pa naman hehe  

23 Sep 2005 @ 11:09 by Ed @ : Guys
Guys I am pretty satisfied with my life at the moment and I'm not in this forum to buy or sell anything. I am here to score. Thats right I am solely here to score one time before I die :) Others here want to pay of the national debt, others here want more money than what they have. Pero I am here purely to score...I am looking for one site, doesnt matter how big or how small. Im gonna put whatever resources I got into it and then when I score...thats it! I can die happy. How many people here feel the same way (raise your hand)hehe.

To the CIA: I promise not to overthrow any of your allied third world puppet govrnments in any capacity whatsover :), especially with what I get

To the Japs : Shko shko kuda sai

To our veterans dead and alive : Thank you, if it were not for you, we'd be speaking german and eating sushi today

Mga kababayan: Hukayin natin lahat to at gamitin sa maayos at marangal na paraan

Mabuhay tayong lahat!  

23 Sep 2005 @ 11:56 by ed @ : moondrops
question lang pare ha...why would anyone want to buy those wells fargo boxes and notes? If your friend is willing to pay 1:1 ---why? I have heard that it isn't even legal tender. My bank here said no way they would take it, so did several banks in Hongkong, the United States and even the Cayman islands. Hell even PAGCOR posted the serial numbers of those notes on their windows and stated they were not accepting them.

So why pay for them at all? It doesnt make sense lang to me e...so could you explain why your friend would want to buy them? Kahit counterfeiter nga di magagamit yung paper nyan e  

23 Sep 2005 @ 12:05 by cno_ako @ : moondrops
pwede ba yon $1M A.D.I.?

24 Sep 2005 @ 01:24 by Explorer @ : Ed, makakascore ka dito
Ed, email mo naman ako, di ko alam ang eadd mo, may proposition ako sa iyo. explorer12563 sa yahoo, am looking forward.  

24 Sep 2005 @ 08:47 by moondrops @ : WELLS FARGO BILLS ed, ABL cno_ako
To ed,

I also ask my friend (the mandate of the buyer) about that, but it turns out he also did'nt know why the buyer wants to buy such bills since it doesent have anymore value in our time. The only thing i know is that the buyer is a representative of a Central Bank (for confidencial reasons i cannot tell in this forum which country is that Central bank).
The Buyer mandated my friend here in the philippines to look for holders and contact him directly to buy those bills. There are also WELLS FARGO boxes in other countries in asia such as Thailand, Taiwan and china in which the buyer is negotiating. Dont worry, I assure that The buyer is genuine otherwise i wont be wasting my time on it.

If your still in the possesion of such bills might as well sell it or just be wasted. If you really dont want to sell anything why not just donate it?
il be happy to pick it up in your place if you want ^___^
If you know holders kindly refer nlang to me, after i get the commission iinvite ko kayo for a beach party for a change..hehe ^__^

to cno_ako,

My partner have a contact for a buyer of "ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN" bills. If you know holders of SETS of these bills please contact me, Transactions of these commodities are for Non-circumvention and disclosure. ABL Per piece any denomination cost php 250. what do u mean by $1M A.D.I?

Contact me at 0921-9718358 or email silviusmoon@yahoo.com  

24 Sep 2005 @ 09:06 by moondrops @ : Explorer, ed
To explorer,

Im sorry but as of now i dont have a penny to finance any treasure hunting project. I must admit that im still waiting for a big transaction that can offer me financial freedom to do any treasure hunting activities and financing projects. I cannot promise you anything but as soon as i get a budget for that i will contact you immediately for a cup of coffee and a business discussion regarding that. Its rainy season so i suggest you and your team take a rest and reserve your energy for summer next year. ^___^

To ed,

Bro is there any chance we can meet and discuss a partnership? Im thinking of building a company to finance and help other Treasure hunters.  

25 Sep 2005 @ 12:25 by Ed @ : explorer, moondrops, darrel
sure we could meet, just email. I don't agree that you need a huge budget or a lot of financial freedom to dig. I know of several people who just used connections and their own hands to find some. The Japs were on the retreat guys, up to the day Tomoyuki Yamashita surrendered he tried to bribe the american soldiers with gold bars (My lolo ferdie fell asleep in the elementary school where the surrender took place and when he woke up he saw the whole thing). That means...General Tommy Yamashita still had some close at hand. There will be easy sites guys, one that doesnt involve too much digging for sure. Those will be their last minute concealment attempts. The Mindanao digs were started 1941 and they would be deeper and have more traps, but here in Luzon...logically meron diba? Have you heard of the rumored airstrip in Rizal where they stuffed platinum and gems into planes and then just covered the planes with vegetation? Those planes havent been found yet. Wana try those?  

25 Sep 2005 @ 12:49 by ed @ : moondrops WF notes
There is only one party who would benefit...and that would be the U.S. Federal Reserve. Why don't you call up your friend tell them to enter into a MOA with you wherein you get funding and PROTECTION to recover these things and a % of the recovery in actual USD. Just promise them that you will deliver a major find in say...3 to six months? ;) go on try it kaya natin yan  

25 Sep 2005 @ 13:18 by moondrops @ : Digging the water
To ed,

Actually i also want to have my own treasure hunting expedition but im more interested on digging water, not the earth. If you know what i mean.
A friend told me that there maybe something under the laguna bay..Got any idea bout this?  

25 Sep 2005 @ 13:26 by moondrops @ : ed
Your right its the fed. I dont think i can do it on 3-6 months or even get a funding for looking. But there will be protection for all the beneficiaries involved, they would even give a gold card i think..its somthing like a multiple visa on certain countries.

Bro do you know NWO?  

25 Sep 2005 @ 13:45 by moondrops @ : WELLS FARGO
My friend told me that there are still a lot of WF boxes left here on the ph,
Boxes With the complete denominations of:
25M-boxes, 50M-boxes, and 70M-boxes.
I search the web and found some people who post last 2003, looking for
Wells fargo buyer, but when i contact them theres no response, even cellphone no. are all unattended. I also found someone who succesfully transact it, and yes they got all the benefits.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 02:24 by Ed @ : moondrops/WF
contact your friend...I know who has those ;). Negotiate the deal before you reveal anthing. Those are treasury agents not the CIA ill bet.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 02:55 by ed @ : moondrops
heres a partial list of the confirmed jap ships lost in the Philippines as reported by the U.S. Navy:

Fuso (Surigao Straights)
Yamashiro (Suriga Straights)
Haguro (Leyte)
Ashigaro (unknown---but 228 tons of gold aboard)
Shinyo (attacked 33*04' N 123* 32' E, nobody knows where it sank but it did)
Nachi (Cavite or Corregidor, two versions of the story ;))
Kinu (Luzon)
Kumano (Dasol Bay)
Akebono (Cavite City)
Askishimo (Cavite City)
Hatsuharu (Cavite City)
Hayashimo (Semirara Island)
Yudachi (unkonwn)
Ayanami (unkonwn)
Akatsuki (unknown)
Yuzuki (Ormoc)
Delikado yan pare, daming pating, above and below the water ;)  

26 Sep 2005 @ 05:38 by darrel @ : Ed
The Awa Maru is actually the largest carrier of looted items. This is somewhere in the Northern seas. The japs, US and international shipwreck salvagers are all looking for this. Have you heard of "Tunnel Eight"? This is allegedly the site (on land) with the biggest volume of treasure in the Philippines. Located somewhere in Nueva Vizcaya, two planes loaded with caches of loot were burried in between two mountains. I'm sure the high profile HTs are familiar with this.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 05:42 by guideman @ : badtrip
hello to all treasure hunters na grupo ng nueva ecija tang ina nyo pagkatapos namin pag hirapan kayo pla ang makikinabang tol alam nyo kung magkano na inubos ko sa butas na yan tapos kayo lang pla ang yayaman shit.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 06:00 by guideman @ : wish ko lang
lahat na yata ng pera ng magulang naubus ko na sa lestseng paghuhukay na yan tapos iba lang pla makikinabang sana sa lahat ng treasure hunter MAG INGAT KAYO SA MGA kamasama hunyango na akala mo mapapagkatiwalaan. lalo na si dodong de la cruz na tga fairview. bro lahat ng anak sa akin tumatakbo pag me prob kayo ngayon bigtime kana sana naman mahalin mo yung pera na mapapagbilan nyo mga letse kayo. ngayon mahirap pa ko sa daga at dami kung pinagkakautangan dhil dyan sana naman masaya na kayo.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 06:17 by darrel @ : guideman
Karma karma lang yan pare! Alalahanin mo na ang sumpa sa nakaw na yaman ay darating at darating hindi man direkta sa mga trumaidor sa 'yo kundi sa mga mahal nila sa buhay.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 07:58 by moondrops @ : so far..
So far i have manage to get a prospect of a good source, i ask this man on some forum about the sunken treasure ships on the ph, his reply is this :

"It was my partner Richie (His father was member of japs salvage team in Davao gulf '70s) who are assigned,well experienced and familiar with the sunken ships/submarines in Mindanao areas.

So far in our suspected Japs sunken ships/submarine treasure inventory:

1) Siwa Maru (Island ship) - Japs intentionally burned and sunk this huge ship camouflage with cooconut trees and land...it look an island from a far...it took one week of burning before it went down with its treasure cargo.
2) Tikang Maru
3) Sakima Maru
4) Maru of the Orient 3
5) Capt. Kimura, 6 ships
6) Mini Submarine
7) Camouflage Submarine ( was intentionally covered with 2 inch wire mesh/net. The Japs put wire mesh/net used to protect from torpedoes attact while ships in anchor in piers.)
Cliffwall submarine - was sunk near the cliffwall, Richie explored this submarine in late '80s.
The actual log book of all Japs sunken vessel in the Philippines, was in custody of wife/mistress of late Jap Naval officer son....the filipina wife/mistress wanted us to pay here an amount in exchange for the log book...we do not have a budget...."

If your watching right now, im expecting a good teamwork with you soon. That is after i get a budget for that. We will take the glory of saveging all the largest sunken treasure ships in the history of mankind ever... Anyone who wants to join this glory are all welcome.
WARNING: This will be one bloody hell of an adventure ^_________^  

26 Sep 2005 @ 08:11 by moondrops @ : wrong spelling
Sorry bout that i mean "SALVEGING all the largest sunken........."  

26 Sep 2005 @ 08:29 by cno_ako @ : tunnel eight
1. Palanan
2. Bermuda Mountain
3. Tanay
4. Porac
5. Zambales
6. Japs Palace
7. secret
8. secret din.
sori kung mali ang info ko. hehehe  

26 Sep 2005 @ 08:33 by cno_ako @ : kahit cno
sorry kung gnamit ko identity ni cno_ako, nagtxt kasi ako sa kanya re: tunnel eight, nag react sya then inutusan ako mag post dito. happy hunting!  

26 Sep 2005 @ 09:00 by ed @ : moondrops, cno-ako
moondrops:those are hospital and supply ships of course the navy wont admitto sinking one :)

cno ako : e yung sinabi ni moondrops na airplane...saan yon?  

26 Sep 2005 @ 09:05 by ed @ : mmondrops
hindi ba its hard to put anything in the mini submarine? kasi its just for two people tapos the batteries only run for 45 minutes tapos its so slow...mga 7 to 8 knots tops. For sure malapit yan sa land or sa harbor lang, it could not get far.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 11:19 by cno_ako @ : guideman
san sa nueva ecija ang inoperate nyo? parang sinakop mo na o dinamay mo na lahat ng nag-ooprate somewhere in N.E. ---txt by *****  

26 Sep 2005 @ 11:33 by ral_3173 @ : NEED SCANNER
hello syt namin sa davao at 74 feet nakakuha kami ng maraming signs.. kaso lang, maramin ng tubig isipX2 ko groundwater na yata ito. so nangangailangan na kami ng scanner kung real treasur syt ba talaga ito. pero anong explanation sa mga heart na bato mga x y etc..?? imposible natural ito dba? so kung sino may offer yan email me lang. ok salamat!!  

26 Sep 2005 @ 13:27 by tico mendez @ : jakarta tunnel 2
the mother map of jakarta tunnel 2 is on my hands....ds is located somewhere in davao del sur....jz email me tico_mendez@yahoo.com,  

26 Sep 2005 @ 15:07 by moodrops @ : Ed
To ed,

Bro i sent you an email regarding WELLS FARGO. I already negotiate it with the mandate, He wants to meet you to discuss about it.  

26 Sep 2005 @ 23:17 by darrel @ : everybody
Every bit of information we post here is truth in fragments. Each bit is crucial enough to form an intricate web of truth. This provides a basic background of how we approach the issue of looted gold in general and treasure hunting itself in particular. In reality, it takes so much observations (seeing the site personally), experiments (actual diggings) and analysis (interpretation of markers) to have a higher probability of success before diving into this venture. Of course, not excluding the basic steps in treasure hunting,the logistics and equipments needed, plus the problem on security.

My only apprehension is the fact that we are feeding those bigtimers with the necessary data, making it easier for them to amass everything.  

27 Sep 2005 @ 01:22 by ed @ : darrel
theres the most important part you left out pare; liquidating your find. The bigger it is the harder it is. It is harder than finding and digging up the treasure would you agree?  

27 Sep 2005 @ 01:54 by darrel @ : ed
Also,I have forgotten the extraction and transportation of the find.
Well, liquidation is not so much a problem for us. We Filipinos have already learned the art of concealing everything under the cover.
Our "justice system" is simply favoring those with money (gold), goons (military) and guns. For as long as there is the bank secrecy law, plus the examples set by the most corrupt officials then and now, liquidation is never a problem.  

27 Sep 2005 @ 02:20 by the great @ : TO THE WHAT?

27 Sep 2005 @ 03:57 by ed @ : to darrel
liquidation at the right price is a problem...then theres the spending and the relatives  

27 Sep 2005 @ 04:26 by thenegotiator @ : ed
what if...hypothetically lang ha...your authorized representatives and your assayers and their equipment are transported to a site, say 138 kilometers from Metro Manila, up a mountain trail. We get clear skies so you can access your bank accounts and anyone you might want to contact via satellite. We all remain at the site until the assayer verifies the quality and quantity of the merchandise at hand. After that, you are given a bank account in say...Banco Nacional de Trinidad, wherein to deposit the agreed price. Then the site and merchandise is turned over to you and you take charge of transport and shipping. Would someone be able to offer us say...50% off LMER for 90% purity and 70% for 95% purity in 0.5 to 1.0 ton statues?

What if the site warehoused in say...Angeles City location and the buyer just takes control of the land and building?

What if the site is IN Metro Manila and even if we do not own the land we could say...guarantee it can be removed from the site without booby traps?

Thank you in advance for your comments, i WAS just curious.

Comment: Do you have what our buyer is looking for? Contact me. No fuss... just pure business.  

27 Sep 2005 @ 04:48 by thenegotiator @ : Au Holders, Sellers and Negotiators
We desire to transact and implement your undocumented Au Metal (Gold) bars.

With full responsibility, we confirm that our Principal Buyer/Redeemer who is a Licensed Volume Gold Buyer is Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) to buy genuine Au Metal (Gold) as provided in accordance with Internationally Recognized Legal Buying Procedures.

Feel free to contact and email the address specified on the link for more information about our procedure.

Godbless and Mabuhay!!!  

27 Sep 2005 @ 07:59 by moondrops @ : thegreat
To thegreat,

Im not here to prove anything with you men. I only post my comment regarding these words that you post "iisa lang po ang procedures ng mga tunay na buyer"
You are not the only one here connected with a true buyer of such commodities, and that some TRUE buyers have different and may require other procedures unlike the buyers that you know.
If you dont know that, then its your problem men, so i suggest you dont speak more than your brain knows.
Your not the only one here advertising that you have a true buyer so i suggest dont step on others by stating some offending words.

Just consider my buyer who only buys locally here in metro manila, sellers must bring just a piece of the item for "Assay Buying" Meaning after the item has been assayed the buyer will buy it Outright. You dont have to present any pictures or whatever proof that you got such commodities, just bring the item and he buys it immediately as long as its genuine. My buyer only buys a miximum of 1 ton a day and thats it, everybody is happy!

PEACE MEN!(^__^)  

27 Sep 2005 @ 09:49 by ed @ : peace and moondrops
i think we can agree na iba iba procedures per buyer even among legit buyers but they are somewhat similar right? Ako nga nag ex deal :)  

27 Sep 2005 @ 09:57 by ed @ : moondrops
re: your transaction with my friend, derecho ka na sa kanya pare anyway i think he checks his email often, I can vouch too that hes got it (both of what you are seeking). goodluck! when you want to check out the little cement ptch below battery ramsey in corregidor, maybe you could call us.. :)  

27 Sep 2005 @ 10:45 by peace @ : ed, @ all
wala pa bang nakakahits sa inyo peeps? yung mga mayroon jan ibenta na natin at magkapera na tayo hehehe aba, may buyer din ako at pwede pumunta kahit saan sa Pilipinas may malapit na banko(100 meters) at basta nakakontrata at nakabayad kayo ng Professional fee para sa assayer at miscellaneous expenses, rate is 60T, 90T, and 150T for Manila, Luzon, and Vizayas/Mindanao respectively. Benta na!!! Minimum lang 100kilos para malaki rin kita namin negotiator di ba? Laban na! Presyo ay 70% ng LMER kapag within Metro Manila. Outside MM straight buy 30 Million per 100 kilos!  

27 Sep 2005 @ 13:49 by ASHROX @ : ED
nareceive mo ba email ko. have you been here in limay?  

27 Sep 2005 @ 18:02 by Luis Bonanza @ : Yamashita Treasure
We have already undug hidden treasures of WWII, but all are only bars of 98.8% pure nickle babbitt totalling to +/- 20,000MT. We only need fundings to haul and transport this items from an island to our warehouse in the city. Anyone interested to fund this operation, please contact me. Only serious and interested parties will be considered.  

28 Sep 2005 @ 01:11 by ed @ : ashrox
yes I did, sorry ha I get confused kasi I get plenty of email everyday. I have been to Limay, the pier and inside the munitions production grounds and valleys plus the surrounding hills. I havent been to your municipality. What I know is the japs unloaded lots of stuff from the current ferry terminal, they used the roads and looked for hiding places accessible by trucks...so the trick is to figure out where and how they would hide the stuff. That is also the general area where Santa Romana(see story above) saw them Japs unloading boxes. Straight from their warships and into the hiding places...  

28 Sep 2005 @ 03:51 by cool @ : NPA Operations
Word of caution guys, I suppose you are aware that the NPA's are also guarding many of the Treasure sites and are also into these operations. I will not be surpised if they are using much of their find to finance their goals. So just be careful when you go after sites in the hinterlands, they might be monitoring for all you know ready to pounce on you once you have a find. Will anyone in this site who is a red card bearing member please stand up to be recognized.  

28 Sep 2005 @ 05:40 by boylara @ : may nakahit na
Gud news..may naka hit na mga hunters dito sa Sierra Madre....ongoing na yun hauling nila sa site....sana may share tayo dito....latest info mga 36 bars na yun binaba na....on the way na sa black market.....yun site ni Major Ukinanu Akokut ng japanese emperial army... mga 6 na box yun nakita....  

28 Sep 2005 @ 07:53 by darrel @ : cno_ ako
You mentioned about "tunnel eight". All of the sites you've mentioned are all located in Luzon. Did you deliberately miss tunnels 7 and 8 for personal motives? Are the last two tunnels also in Luzon? How many of these sites have been uncovered? 'Tanay' seems to be almost depleted now since the diggings started long way during Marcos' time, continued by the succeeding presidents. Just curious about the location of the last two tunnels.  

28 Sep 2005 @ 09:16 by ed @ : darrel
Tanay ain't empty yet :)  

28 Sep 2005 @ 10:30 by cno_ako @ : ed
Tanay ain't empty yet :) --- cool! :)  

28 Sep 2005 @ 10:40 by cno_ako @ : darrel
sorry 7 & 8 di ko muna mshare. yes, personal motives. baka magalit c APO. :) happy hunting!  

28 Sep 2005 @ 10:49 by cno_ako @ : darrel
Tanay' seems to be almost depleted now since the diggings started long way during Marcos' time, continued by the succeeding presidents.----- YES. pero nakita na ba nila ton biggest deposit doon? During Marcos time,diba military trucks papasok sa hukay, pag palabas na hirap na hirap ang 6 trucks? not sre kung 8 or 18 times cla bumalik dun..pero sa ibabaw lang lahat yan, how about 25 meters below sa level ng river? tama ako? :) may 5 na entrance yan,dalawa magkalapit lang, yun tatlo malayo na. Sir K, kamusta? ingat ka lang, alam ko nasa tanay ka, i saw u the other week... dami mo bantay! good luck!  

28 Sep 2005 @ 10:53 by darrel @ : ed & cno_ako
'Seems to be almost depleted' means it's not empty yet. Two 777 sites would take quite sometime to be totally depleted.  

28 Sep 2005 @ 10:55 by cno_ako @ : Ed and moondrops
Ed: narcve ko emails mo. basta puntahan mo nalang, kung malikot mata mo baka madiscover mo pa.
Moondrops: narcve ko rin msgs. mo, just give me time muna malapit na kasi inventory. Lahat yan hinahanap mo,meron. Cguro tama nga c Ed kung cno ang dulo ng buyer mo. pag nakausap ko na c Sir "K" inform kita.  

28 Sep 2005 @ 10:58 by cno_ako @ : darrel
La Union area ka ba?  

28 Sep 2005 @ 11:12 by ed @ : cno ako and darrel
cno ako : Sir, happy birthday! I'll call when I get near those mountains, sana may signal.

Darrel : If im not mistaken, the Marcos site...near where the new Japanese shrine is located, the one with 20 something trucks and bombs is only one of 7? or is it 6? such locations arranged in a perfect circle 'O' -- like a giant Japanese Meatball flag on ground. Pero the problem lang is...how big is that circle hehe...you need to find two of the sites. I could be wrong...but then again baka hindi nila natapos yung circle? hehe I don't know.

We should ask Curtis. Sir, if you are reading this...kindly shed some light on the subject. You cant empty all of those sites by yourself you know...  

28 Sep 2005 @ 11:26 by moondrops @ : Ed, cno_ako
To ed,

Bro im looking forward in meeting you both with mr.brian (^____^)

To cno_ako,

Uyy, kaw pla yan di ko napansen. Sige il be waiting. Ingat kayo sa mga activities nyo. Hataw lang ng Hataw ha.
Im looking forward for future business with ya. (^_____^)

Text mo lang me at 0921-9718358

MAG-INGAT KAYO SA MGA GRUPO NA TO: NPA, MILF, ABU SAYAF, PRIVATE INDEPENDENT GOVERNMENT MILITARY, NBI, FILIPINO AGENTS OF CIA. These are all Looking For Treasures burried in the philippines, connectado tong mga to sa bigateng mga tao na interesado sa kayamanan ng pinas.  

28 Sep 2005 @ 23:27 by darrel @ : ed
Looks like the mapping of the sites is made to like a huge flag with the big "0" in the middle. Can tunnel eight be better pictured out in that perspective?  

29 Sep 2005 @ 00:13 by Masaku @ : all
basta handalang lahat..dapat may mga armasdin kayo...at mga tao nanagbabantay, kung pwedelahat ngtao sa Barangay..kung may mga NPA, MILF, ABU SAYAF, PRIVATE INDEPENDENT GOVERNMENT MILITARY, NBI, FILIPINO AGENTS OF CIA...ambusin nyo na sila....mga mang aagawmga yan  

29 Sep 2005 @ 00:20 by ed @ : darrel
Well we need to put all the maps in our possession together...  

29 Sep 2005 @ 01:01 by ed @ : masaku
teka teka teka e bakit yung Filipino agents lang nang CIA? E yung mga American, British, Australian at Brunei agents nila?

Dapat fair tayo sa lahat...and buy Filipino!  

29 Sep 2005 @ 01:10 by darrel @ : cno_ako / ed
cno_ako: Di ko pa pala nasasagot tanong mo. Oo La Union area ako. Me alam ba
u sa area? Dun ba sinasabi mong 7 o 8 na secret?

Ed: Pupunta ka ba dun sa kabundukan? Huwag lang u pahalata kasi mayor
dun tarantado. Me grupo ng mga pulis na naghuhukay at iba pa ang
grupo ng mayor na may goons.Boundary ng dalawang bayan, mga heneral
naman and gumagalaw at yung malapit sa Baguio, grupo naman ni
Vergara. Ingat lang u!  

29 Sep 2005 @ 01:11 by ed @ : masaku
Buy Filipino, support our local industries --- use only Armscor products, genuine paltiks, latigos, arrows, blowpipes and jungle bolos.


29 Sep 2005 @ 04:14 by tsikot_na_pula @ : kabanata ng ginto
The historical high for gold is around $850 per ounce on January 21, 1980. We
are a long way from that since 1974, when President Ford restored Americans'
right to hold gold bullion. Those who bought gold or went long on gold in 1980
have all gone down the drain. I personally knew a few of them.

Gold Forward Rate Agreement (GOFRA) is a hedging instrument used by producers
who, having drawn down gold loans , can lock in forward gold interest rate
exposure. The GOFRA hedges against the combined effect of moves in both US
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The GOLFRA (Gold Lease Forward Rate Agreement) restricts itself to gold interest
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lending gold to the market means that they, too, have exposure to gold rate
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their particular activities.

Since July 1989, twelve market-makers have contributed to the GOFO page on
Reuters their rates for lending gold (against US dollars) and at 10 am a mean is
calculated automatically giving the market, in effect, a gold LIBOR (London
Interbank Offered Rate).

In 1997 a second page GOFO was added providing logical data, which allows the
user to apply the rates to other applications, such as spreadsheets and charts.
Reuters LBMA07 gives a full list of contributor codes.

Reuter Monitor Dealing Service (RDS) is a communications system established by
Reuters and available to users on subscription. RDS is used increasingly by
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Central banks choose to lend gold when they could have sold it for dollars
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The purpose of lending was to prevent a squeeze due to short-term increase in
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The continuity with which CBs lent Gold to the market at low lease rates capped
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In addition to the already booked interest rate -- lease rate differential, the
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The biggest proof that the CBs have got it all wrong is that they are being
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A lot of analysts feel that gold has lost its value as a reserve asset. They
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This agreement will be reviewed after five years."

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that has capped many of gold's previous rallies- producer forward selling. By
reducing central
bank lending, miners and speculators can no longer rely on forward prices being
in contango,
and in the short term at least this will have a dramatic impact on the way these
three parts of
the gold market operate.

The effect of this reduced liquidity can already be seen in gold lease rates.
According to Mining
Journal's Precious Metals Monthly Monitor, the one month lease rate averaged
0.68% in
January. Since then, the rate has steadily risen and in September averaged
3.92%. Since the central bank's announcement, lease rates have reached almost
10% which, with the London Inter-Bank Lending Rate at a little over 5%, means
that gold is more expensive to borrow than cash and is effectively in

The implications of this new environment are serious. Producers that have
protected themselves
with hedges based on rolling lease-rate contracts are now in a dangerous
situation. If they
cannot borrow gold to roll contracts forward, they will have to deliver gold
that they have
produced at the contract price or purchase gold on the spot market at the
prevailing price to
meet their obligations.

Investment funds are also in a different environment. In the past, they have
taken advantage of
the negative sentiment in the gold market through gold-carry trades - borrowing
gold at what
until recently had been low lease rates, selling it on the spot market,
investing the proceeds
then buying back gold on the spot marking or rolling the contract forward. The
inability to roll
forward such positions has fuelled much of the recent price rise.

How long this situation lasts will depend on central banks that are not involved
in the
agreement. According to Andy Smith, metals analysist with Mitsui in London, such
banks already
account for up to 75% of all lending. In the medium to long term, they are
likely to take
advantage of the new environment and increase their lending which, says Mr
Smith, will
eventually reduce borrowing costs of gold. But he warns that this will take a
while and lease
rates will be less predictable.

At its peak, the Fed held over 12,700 tonnes (around 409 million oz), more than
one-third of global official stocks, on behalf of 73 nations or international
organisations, such as the IMF.

The Fed's famous 'gold window' closed in 1971 when the United States no longer
sold gold for dollars at a fixed price, so the stockpile ceased to grow. The
bank's reputation as an impartial safe haven was also shaken in1979 when the US
government froze 50 tonnes (1.6 million oz) of Iran's gold at the Fed during the
Tehran embassy hostage crisis. The fate of Saudi gold is not solid.

During the 1990s, almost 2,600 tonnes (83 million oz) of gold was moved out of
the Fed as many other central banks mobilized their reserves for leasing, swaps
or sale. In 2000 and 2001 there was a further outflow of 355 tonnes (11.4
million oz) and 259 tonnes (8.3 million oz) respectively, reducing stocks of
"earmarked gold" at the Fed to 6,703 tonnes (215.5 million oz) at the end of
December 2001. Much of the decline in stocks over the past dozen years has
represented gold being moved to London for leasing; indeed, gold flows out of
the Fed have in the past often followed hard on rises in the gold leasing rate,
as central banks shifted more gold to benefit from higher rates. (Conversely,
when leasing rates have been very low - the situation during much of the second
half of 2001 - it has not paid foreign central banks to move stocks out of New
York.) The improvement in security following the collapse of the Soviet Union
has also encouraged some European countries to repatriate their gold
holdings. The ongoing decline in Fed stocks means it may eventually lose the
cachet of having the world's largest stock in its vaults, because US reserves in
Fort Knox alone are around 4,600 tonnes.
The Bank of England has always maintained an active, if modest, trading role in
gold, both for the management of UK reserves and to match its sales of
Sovereigns, of which it remains the official distributor. Between July 1999 and
March 2002 the Bank of England acted as an agent for the UK Treasury, which
initially planned to dispose of 415 tonnes (13.34 million oz) or 58% of the
country's gold reserves (the sales target was subsequently revised downwards).
The Bank of England held seventeen auctions, initially for 25 tonne (0.80
million oz) lots, the sales quantity per auction later being lowered to the 20
tonne (0.64 million oz) level. The final auction took place on 5th March 2002
and brought the total amount of metal sold on behalf of the UK Treasury to a
little over 400 tonnes (12.86 million oz). Following the conclusion of the sales
programme the UK was left with a stock of 315 tonnes (10.13 million oz),
slightly more than originally forecast.

The sale of UK gold reserves generated a fair amount of controversy. The
National Audit Office (NAO) was instructed to prepare a report into the method
and execution of the gold sales. This report came to the broad conclusion in
January 2001 that, in the designing and implementing of the sales programme, the
objective of selling 'in a transparent and fair manner while achieving value for
money' had been successful. However, the NAO report suggested that the Treasury
review the possibility of adapting the auction design or even using the London
gold fixing as an alternative or additional means of selling gold. This
conclusion may well explain the subsequent decision (referred to above) to
reduce the amount of gold offered at each auction.

The Bank of England has played an additional role in the gold market as a
recognised International Monetary Fund (IMF) depository. It holds gold on behalf
of many nations and often acts on their behalf in gold transactions. Because of
its unique experience with gold among central banks, it has done much to develop
the leasing and swap market, which is centred primarily on London. The Bank of
England also lends out to the market a small percentage of the UK's own gold

Many central banks have come to rely on the Bank of England in introducing them
to these gold market activities, which has resulted in even more foreign gold
reserves moved to the bank's vaults. And from the first steps of the lending
market, they have often entrusted the bank to execute other operations, whether
in derivatives or outright sales. Thus the Bank of England has been at the core
of widening central bank involvement in gold.

The leasing of gold became an integral and increasingly important part of the
more sophisticated gold market of the 1990s, especially in the provision of
liquidity to facilitate forward and derivative transactions.

Central banks are the predominant source of leased gold. According to GFMS, by
the end of 2001 over 80 of them were providing through their deposits and swaps
more than 4,650 tonnes (150 million oz) to the market, earning a return on an
otherwise sterile asset. By comparison, under 500 tonnes (16 million oz) of
leased gold is available from non-official sources. Central banks, in short,
provide the market's liquidity.

Moreover, the mobilizing of their gold for leasing has brought many central
banks back into the market for the first time in three decades, and given them
an insight into what else it can offer in terms of writing options on their
reserves or outright sales. Central banks have got a taste for earning a return
on gold through their leasing, making them eager to see how else they can

Central bank gold has provided liquidity for many gold market operations,
whether gold loans or forward and option books by mining companies, masking gold
sales by central banks until the moment of delivery, underwriting speculators'
short positions, underpinning bullion dealers' consignment stocks, or simply
providing jewellery manufacturers with working metal. However, producer hedging
has provided up to two-thirds of the liquidity requirements much of the time,
except when a large central bank sale was underway calling for borrowed metal to
conceal sales in published gold stocks until it was all over.

Initially, leasing often came from central banks in developing countries, eager
for some return on gold but, increasingly, major European central banks,
including the Austrian, Belgian, Netherlands, German and UK central banks, came
to participate. Even the Swiss National Bank joined in. GFMS estimate that
between 1995 and 1999 over 60% of new leasing came from European central banks.

Thus the Washington Agreement of September 1999 in which 15 European central
banks announced, among other things, that they would not increase their leasing,
had an immense impact on the gold lease rate, which momentarily went to 10%
Clear evidence of how the gold market has come to live on leased central bank
gold. Although less than 15% of all world official gold holdings are currently
leased, the Washington Agreement, combined with the reluctance of other large
holders such as the United States to enter the leasing market has put a question
mark against the assumption that liquidity from the central banks will always be
readily available to the market. On the other hand, many central banks have
shown a reluctance to close out swaps and reduce their existing deposits. This
has been the case in spite of a slump in the level of gold leasing rates, itself
mainly caused by a reduction in outstanding producer hedge positions in 2001,
which has continued in the first half of 2002.
An open position resulting from a sale is known as a short position. It is
created because the trader or speculator believes the price will fall and he/she
can cover later at a lower price and make a profit. For
example, he/she may sell gold at $300 an ounce, hoping the price will fall to
$280 at which level he/she can buy to cover the position.

The establishing of short positions can depress the price because it implies
steady selling. But going short can also cause problems both for the individual
and the market if, instead, the price rises. If
substantial short positions have been built up (and there are examples of
speculators being short between 1 and 10 million oz) a sudden increase in price
may force them to cover. Such a run for cover, known as a "short squeeze" or
"short covering" only accelerates the rise.

In options the grantor or writer of a call is also potentially short because
he/she may be called upon to deliver gold and therefore will normally delta
hedge the position.

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) was established in 1987 to
represent the interests of the participants in the wholesale bullion market.

The LBMA comprises: 10 market making members who quote prices for buying and
selling gold (and silver) throughout each working day from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm
(See also: LBMA Market Makers) 44 ordinary members, covering a wide range of
banks, trading companies, assayers and refiners, mints and security companies 24
international associates; a category of membership that was introduced during

The LBMA works with: The Financial Services Authority (FSA), which supervises
the major market participants, who operate under the London Code of Conduct HM
Customs & Excise on tax policy, such as Value Added Tax

The LBMA maintains: The London Good Delivery List for gold and silver through
its Physical Committee

The LBMA organises: An annual Precious Metals conference. The inaugural event
took place in Dubai in February 2000, a second LBMA conference was held in
Istanbul in May 2001, with a third one following in June 2002 in San Francisco.
A fourth Precious Metals conference is planned to take place in Shanghai in

London bullion market clearing turnover:
Annual daily averages
Ounces transferred (millions) Number of transfers
1997 36.8 1,285
1998 31.2 1,188
1999 31.0 1,007
2000 23.2 793
2001 21.5 802

Monthly daily averages
Ounces transferred (millions) Number of transfers
January 16.3 662
February 20.1 822
March 17.4 714
April 19.2 739
May 19.3 744
June 21.0 842
July 17.3 744
August 17.1 718
September 16.4 728
October 17.5 659

It is very unlikely we will see $500 gold in the foreseeable future, let alone
another all time high.  

29 Sep 2005 @ 04:17 by cno_ako @ : darrel
san ka sa L.U.? may on going projct ka ba ngayon dyan? ano landline # mo dyan? pakisend nalang p sa cp ko, ako yon nag miscol sayo na hindi na sumagot.. :) txt mo nalang sa akin # mo landline. hwg mo post # ko dito.thanks  

29 Sep 2005 @ 04:25 by tsikot_na_pula @ : teleserye ng ginto
The move up in the price of gold, for the past year or so, has been
primarily driven by fundamentals. In order of decreasing importance they

1. Very low short-term rates

When the risk-free returns on short-term instruments were 5-6%, the cost of
carrying gold was relatively high. With rates now close to 1% there is
little reason to risk paper money.

2. Falling Dollar

The price of gold has been lot more stable in terms of Swiss franc and the
Euro. As dollar has been falling, it automatically has given boost to gold.

3. Risk Inherent in Paper Currencies

This would become far more important as the world economies slide into
depression. Currently, a small risk premium has come into play in people
wanting to put their savings in gold.

These fundamental forces alone should take the gold price to $500 an ounce
over the next two years. However, once speculators get the whiff there is no
telling how far the price of gold could go.

To gauge how far speculation could take the price of an ounce of gold, we
resort to numerology, or relative prices of assets under speculative fervor.
And what better guide than NASTYQ!, aka NASDAQ, market. We surmise that an
ounce of gold is worth at least as much as a share of NASTYQ! Since NASTYQ!
peaked at 5,148, we project that $5,148 for an ounce of gold is not only not
farfetched but a realistic target. Conversely, the low price of gold in
recent years, around $260, is a good target for NASTYQ!

Gold is real money. Paper money is based on faith only. Who do you have
faith in? How many governments have fallen and how many paper currencies
have disappeared for good?? You need to have a very long time horizon to
answer these questions properly.  

29 Sep 2005 @ 05:17 by darrel @ : cno_ako
cno_ako: Except Ed, I don't remember giving my #s (cp & landline) to anyone. My area is actually close to the boundary of La Union and Pangasinan. Is that the bridge connecting the two provinces? I'm sorry i cannot disclose the exact location here. I'll just keep in touch thru the phone.
At this time of the year, it's not advisable to do diggings yet because of the heavy rains, unless you have unlimited resources for financing. I've been taking care of my sight for almost three years now. The area is still untouched. If you have GPR, you may come and examine the site personally. I've texted Ed but he didn't respond to my last message.  

29 Sep 2005 @ 05:37 by cno_ako @ : darrel
oo nga pla. c moondrops pala yon. sorry  

29 Sep 2005 @ 05:46 by cno_ako @ : darrel
anyway, kung galing ka ng pangasinan sa right side ba ang site mo?...sa Rosario ka noh? :) malapit ka ba sa sunod-sunod na bundok sa kaliwa?....yan kc sa kanan, malaki din nakalagay don, nasa itaas ang pasukan mahirap naman sa ibaba kc natakpan n ng mga bato. daan sana ako sau pag luluwas ako ilocos. sa santiago cave...ask ko nalang c Ed re: sa contact # mo,ok lang ba? hindi makapag reply c Ed,wala yon cp nya. email mo sya,reply yan...  

29 Sep 2005 @ 07:26 by moondrops @ : tsikot_na_pula
To tsikot_na_pula

Lapit na bumagsak ang currency ng mga paper money, its better to invest on gold!
Lapit narin bumagsak ang currency ng $USD advice ko sainyo convert nyo na yung mga dollor account nyo to EURO's.  

29 Sep 2005 @ 07:42 by moondrops @ : Marcos triple number sites
To everone,

A friend told me na there are 130+ na marcos sites with coded triple numbers kagaya ng 777,888,999, etc.. Ang nahukay palang daw is 50-60+ sites?
Each site has a treasure worth billions and trillions mostly of gold.
Meron din ata mga treasury notes & bills sa mga site na yun worth billions or trillions?  

29 Sep 2005 @ 07:45 by ed @ : darrel
sorry man the CIA took my celphone, for the record, I didnt pass your contact info to anybody  

29 Sep 2005 @ 07:56 by ed @ : moondrops
number of Marcos sites = 38, 39 if you count the Battle Cruiser Nachi, 42 if you count Corregidor 1 and 2, 44 if you count Los Banos and Intramuros...pero how do you count Teresa? is it 1 or 7? Then there are the ambushes he made so...you can guesstimate  

29 Sep 2005 @ 07:59 by ed @ : moondrops
and then...the aguinaldo flagpole and the church in Tarlac is rumored to be General Ver enterprises  

29 Sep 2005 @ 08:20 by ed @ : paper money

I have in front of me a U.S. Dollar Bill and it says here "In God We Trust". I trust in God too but I don't think its proper for our American Allies to make our God liable for all their spending.

Now look at a Philippine billfold. It says "Ang salaping ito ay bayarin ng bangko sentral at pananagutan ng Republika ng Pilipinas". People, our money is double insured! Guaranteed by our central bank and in case of default---the entire republic; you and me and all of the country's citizens alive and passed! Now why would our great currency not be at par with these money of these other countries hehehe I'll trade anyone here, any amount 1 Peso to 1 Dollar hahaha  

29 Sep 2005 @ 23:58 by darrel @ : cno_ako / ed
cno_ako: Yap, dun nga ako. From Rosario center, pang-ilang bundok ang sinasabi mong nasa kanan, kc sunod-sunod na bundok din mga yun? In case you hv time you may drop by our place.

ed: If your cell is not with you, how can i contact you then? Why not just make a call to my landline #? Is it just okay if i call you in your office?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 00:37 by ed @ : darrel
yep got my cell now but i lost your number. and yes you could call me anytimepare  

30 Sep 2005 @ 00:48 by ed @ : moondrops
what else do you know of the Siwa Maru? Where was its last location and what did it contain?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 02:09 by explorer @ : Marcos rebury sites
rumor is that 1 of the Marcos rebury sites is a 1 km long 6'x6' tunnel in a Tobbaco Farm in Ilocos full of load. There are other rebury sites it seems in Isabela, in Montalban and another in the Davao area under NPA watch. I suppose these are his vaults to hide what he recovered. Apparently the one of Ilocos is not too deep, 35 feet lang and no bombs, traps or gases. Darrel, Boylara, alam ba ninyo kung saan ang mga ito ?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 02:29 by explorer @ : bakit tumataas ang presyo ng gold
The Ultimate Insurance Against Catastrophe (ANDREW GORDON)

Everyone needs insurance against catastrophe, and the heads-over-shoulders choice for you should be gold. Why gold? Because while gold is protecting you against catastrophe, it also can be appreciating significantly.
Several factors are supporting gold's current bull run.
1. Gold production declined 5% in 2004. Demand from China is up. And central banks have slowed down gold sales dramatically.
2. With rising interest rates and the cost of energy increasing, inflation is rearing its ugly head. When people and investors see their dollar buying less, they move into gold in greater numbers, and the price of gold consequently increases.
3. The dollar is trending down. When the dollar goes south, gold heads north. It usually happens the other way around too, but several times this year both the dollar and gold strengthened at the same time. While the dollar has shown surprising strength this year, gold has also shown surprising strength by going up in the face of a strong dollar.
4. Gold loves uncertainty. And there's plenty of that going around. Let's not forget Iraq, Afghanistan, and terrorism. Domestically, how about runaway oil prices, overheated property markets, and huge budget and trade deficits?
5. China's unpegging its currency from the dollar. I believe this is the beginning of the end of dollar-pegging in Asia. The dollar won't be getting the support it's used to having from central banks in Asia. And that's going to make the dollar weaker.
6. India, which buys a lot of gold, is now back in the market in a big way after a seasonal hiatus.
7. The high price of oil is turning the Middle East (where demand in the second quarter rose 13.2%) into gold hoarders.
Gold thrives on uncertainty - and between Katrina, Rita, soaring oil prices, and Iraq, we're in uncertain times. Believe me, gold's bull run isn't about to stop any time soon.  

30 Sep 2005 @ 03:49 by darrel @ : explorer
Perhaps, you're talking about one of the three main safehouses (in the country) where Marcos reburried his recovered treasures. You're right. One is in Ilocos.  

30 Sep 2005 @ 06:25 by cno_ako @ : darrel
sa kanan, yun pinaka-gilid, sa ilog, yun bilog. Buhay pa ba yon road ng Japz dyan?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 06:35 by cno_ako @ : explorer
1 km long 6'x6'? mali pala yon picture na nakita ko. how about 3km, 12ft height,4meters width? need exact location? go go go!...  

30 Sep 2005 @ 07:11 by darrel @ : cno_ako
Iba na ang daan ngayon. May mga portions lang n tinamaan ng bagong kalsada papuntang Baguio. Ciguro mga ten percent na lang sa dating Jap road ang buhay ngayon. Pero alam ko pa yung dating daan dahil doon na ako lumaki at halos lahat ng bundok dun naakyat ko na. Nga pala, dalawa and ilog dun, boundary ng Rosario at Pugo tsaka ilog sa my bandang Pugo na. Mga bundok kc mula Rosario hanggang Pugo magkakasunod at magkabilaaan pa. Alin sa dalawang ilog? Thanks!  

30 Sep 2005 @ 07:23 by ed @ : moondrops
here are some some reported magnetic anomalies by some Balikatan SAR and ASW air crews, I don't think they are submarines :)

119* 46' 53.5" E

11* 16' 28.4" N
124* 04' 52.74 E

14* 32' 39.81" N
120* 53' 28.01 E

sonobouy aspect readings indicate these are not submarines :)
So...do you think one of them could be the Siwa Maru?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 07:31 by moondrops @ : ed, cno_ako
To ed,

I dont know anything more than what my source told me that i post a few days ago about siwa maru.

To cno_ako,

I have a meeting today with my partners, il contact you tommorow kung pwede tayo punta CDO.

To whoever you are:

I am politcally NEUTRAL at anything in this world! I dont care what ever is your plan for this world, just do everything you like as you all please to do in your eyes! Its all in the prophecies that will soon enough end everything is what i believed in!  

30 Sep 2005 @ 07:32 by explorer @ : cno_ako
ganoon ba kalaki ? nakakalula. saka ko na tanungin kung may pagkakataon na magawi doon, salamat sa info, ang dami mo talaga alam.  

30 Sep 2005 @ 11:14 by fm @ : All Treasure Hunters
Sa lahat ng mga treasure hunters, kung meron man kayo tunay na hawak na ginto at gusto ibenta agad, kung pwede benta nyo sa amin o sa mga Pilipino buyers lamang para lahat natin kababayan ay mabigyan ng biyaya. Kung ang inyong ginto ay ibenta nyo dito lamang sa pilipinas ay malaking tulong ito sa ating naghihingalong ekonomiya, magkaroon ng sapat na dipositong ginto ang ating bayan para ang peso value natin ay tataas kontra dolyar at magkaroon ng katatagan. Kapag kayo ay nagbenta ng isang toneladang ginto dito sa pilipinas ay malaking tulong ang inyong nagawa para sa bayan. Halimbawa: ang isang tonelada ay nagkakahalaga ng humigit kumulang ng $15M. Ang Pilipino buyer ay kikita ng 20% or $3M at ang mga ahente ay kikita ng 10% or $1.5M. Ano ang importante ibig sabihin nito? Kapag Pilipino buyer ang kumita ng 20% ang pera na kanyang kinita ay iikot lamang dito sa pilipinas at gawing puhunan para sa negosyo at marami ang magkaroon ng trabaho dito. Ang ginto nakadiposito lamang sa tamang paglalagyan at ito ay hindi lalabas ng pilipinas. Ang Ginto ay pwede gamitin natin pang guarantee para sa atin kalakal at tayo ay hindi na uutang pa sa ibang bansa. Ngunit kapag ang ginto ay naibenta natin sa mga dayuhan, ang pera na kinita ng buyer na 20% o $3M ay lalabas ito sa ating bansa pati na ang ginto na benenta ng seller. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Tayong Pilipino ay mawawalan ng pera, ginto, opportunidad at ang ekonomiya natin ay patuloy na lulubog. Hangad natin lahat ay kumita, ngunit mas maganda kung tayo ay kikita nakapagbigay tayo ng tulong sa ating mga anak, kapatid, kamag-anak, kaibigan, kababayan at higit sa lahat sa ating inang bayan. Ating alalahanin na bawat taon ay libo-libong Pilipino ang umaalis ng bansa natin para sila makapaghanap ng trabaho sa ibang bansa bilang alipin. Nakakalungkot isipin na meron na naman nakapintong isang kababayan natin na bibitayin sa Singapore. Kung ang mga ginto ni Sta. Romana at iba pa na nakadiposito sa ibat-ibang bansa ay dito nila naidiposito sa ating bansa noon, siguro at sana ay wala tayong naririnig na pilipinong bibitayin at pupugutan ng ulo sa ibang bansa. Ito ay patunay na ang ating bansa ay kailangan ng malaking pondo para magkaroon ng maraming trabaho ang mga pilipino. Huwag na tayo maghintay at magmakaawa sa mga dayuhan para maglagak ng puhunan sa ating bansa. Gamitin po natin ang ating talino, sipag at tiyaga sa sariling bayan at higit sa lahat ang ating resources tulad ng ating mga ginto para magkaroon ng sapat na puhunan. Alisin po natin ang pagka colonial mentality at mahalin natin ang ating mga kababayan. Sa lahat ng mga PILIPINO CONCERN SELLERS at mga AHENTE (Kung meron man), huwag natin hayaan na baka sa susunod na mga araw ay magising at maririnig natin sa International or local media na isa sa ating mga kapatid, anak, asawa, apo, kamag-anak, kaibigan, kakilala at kababayan ay bibitayin o pupugutan ng ulo sa ibang bansa dahilan lamang sa ating mga pagkakamaling disisyon na ibenta ang ating mga ginto sa mga dayuhan. Ating isaisip na ang mga ginto na nakalibing d2 sa pilipinas ay hindi aksidente na napadpad sa ating lupain. Ito ay plano ng Dios na tayong mga Pilipino ay maaring umunlad kapag tayo ay hindi nagkakamali sa pag iingat ng ating mga kayamanan. Sapagkat kung ang mga ginto ay ating ibenta sa kapwa Pilipino o dito lamang sa pilipinas ay isa sa pinakamagandang pamana na iiwan natin sa mga susunod na henerasyon ng mga pilipno. Dapat natin isa-isip, WALANG GINTO!, WALANG PERA! Ang ginto ay ginagamit ng buong mundo bilang cash guarantee which circulate in the land. Huwag lang po kayo matakot na ang Gobyerno natin ay kukumpiskahin sa inyo. Ang advise ko po sa inyo ay kumuha ng pinakamagaling na abogado para gawan ng legal na dokumento ang lahat na pag mamay-ari mong mga ginto. Kahit bigyan mo ang abogado ng 1% share sa pagmamay-ari mong ginto, ito ay sapat na para ang lahat ay maging legal.
Sa lahat na totoong sellers at mga ahente , pwede nyo ibenta sa amin ang inyong ginto kahit 1 bar per day o 500grams para sa inyong seguridad at kung tayo ay magkaroon na ng magandang relasyon pwede na tayo sa malakihang tonelada. Kung kayo ay nag aalangan sa amin, kami po ay nakikiusap, ibenta ang inyong mga ginto sa Pilipino buyers lamang at wag sa mga nagsasamantalang dayuhan. Maraming Pilipino buyers na can afford to buy regardless of volumes. Don’t trust foreigner buyers but put your trust to all Filipino buyers. Sta. Romana was a good example where he trust so much to foreigners before. Nasaan na ang kanyang mga ginto? Walang syang anak, kamag-anak ni pobreng Pilipino ang nag enjoy sa kanyang kayamanan. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Ibenta ang inyong mga ginto sa Pilipino buyers. Thanks at mabuhay tayong lahat na mga Pilipino. Ferdie (fm777_888@yahoo.com.ph).

To Paul Yao,

Thanks at nagkita tayo last week. I emailed you several times but always nag bounced back ang letter ko. Sa lahat ng mga kwento dito sa chat room na ito, ikaw lang ang nakapagpakita sa akin na print out ng scanner result. When I received your email together with your attachment of your print scanner result, talagang nag decide agad ako na mapuntahan ang site mo sa Quezon City. Ang findings ng Sub-surface Interface Radar na ginamit mo ay the same result with my scanner. It shows that my scanner result your project has au deposit more or less 18 tons within man made tunnel. Since triangular ang pag libing ng mga hapon, siguro more or less nasa 50 tons ang nasa area mo di pa kasama ang mga mahalagang bato na na picked up ng scanner ko. Nasa 15 feet lang ang lalim pero we have to be careful kasi nasa business area at kailangan ko gumastos ng 5M to 7M para walang hassle ang pag recover natin. Anyway napakadali lang hukayin kasi ang mga kamote na nakaimbak sa tunnel ay hindi nakabalot ng semento. Ito pyramid ang hitsura ang file ng mga gold bars. Gusto na naming umpisahan agad na magpatayo tayo ng building about 4 stories para hukayin ang 25 to 40 feet para na rin sa pondasyon. Ang problema natin ay kulang kami sa mga tao kasi anim (6) na sites ngayon ang operasyon namin dito sa Luzon areas.
Paul kung hindi ka nagmamadali pati na ang may ari (Matanda), schedule natin sa March or April 2006 para matutukan ng mga tao ang operation. Magpagawa muna ako ng building plan at baguhin natin ang buiding permit. Hanga ako sa desisyon mo na hindi mo pinayagan mag finance ang mga Taiwanese at Japanese kasi mga dayuhan sila. Huwag ka magtiwala sa dayuhan, ngunit kung meron Pilipino na willing mag finance ipa operate mo agad para sa madalian na recovery basta usapan natin sa amin lang lahat ibenta para lahat na Pilipino ay makinabang okey?. May nabanggit ka sa akin during our meeting na taga Saudi at grupo ng OFW willing sila mag finance at willing gumastos ng 5M to 10M para sa building, ipa finance mo na basta walang kasama sila na mga dayuhan. Pag walang mag finance hanggang sa sinabi ko na schedule, ako na mismo ang mag finance nyan kasi ang area mo ang pinakamadali, pinakamalapit sa warehouse namin at mabilis hukayin basta sundin mo ang sinasabi ko na kailangan ng mechanical operation para hindi magkaroon ng gulo sa area at walang basta makapagpigil ng operasyon dahil sa legal na proseso.
Sa lahat ng mga Pilipino treasure hunters kailangan natin ng scientific way of getting the information using the high-tech scanner para hindi mauwi sa kwento ang mga sites natin. We are willing to finance the sites as long as you have a proof of documents just like Mr. Paul Yao who sent us a scanner result (print-out) through email. To those who sent me email regarding their sites, sorry kung di kayo nakatanggap ng responds. I need documents before we meet para di sayang ang oras natin. Just follow paul yao who gave us a very clear information and I spent ½ day to confirm his scanner result. Thanks at mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino. ferdie  

30 Sep 2005 @ 11:17 by fm @ : Paul Yao
Paul lets meet on next week at Soutmall Las Piñas City kasi meron tayo pag usapan na mahalaga at very confidential and don’t bring anybody with you. One of our topics is to scan the area of Better Living parañaque. I’m sure documents you showed me with 3 chambers is real. But I need to reconfirm with my own scanner. I will call you at your residence during night time only kasi I’m still in the area. Thanks fm  

30 Sep 2005 @ 12:44 by cno_ako @ : darrel
ganon ba, dyan po pla u lumaki... cguro meet nalang tayo pag mapadpad ako dyan. kabisado mo ba Tubao? 4got the exact location eh,sa dating riles may balon sa tabi...luma na,iisa lang po yon. kung may contact person ka sa area na yon, paki check naman pls... tnx  

30 Sep 2005 @ 12:49 by cno_ako @ : explorer
ikaw rin naman, marami ka rin talaga nalalaman. c",p  

30 Sep 2005 @ 14:28 by moondrops @ : theres something fishy...
Hmmm.... Theres something fishy in here, meron ba nakakahalata sa inyo?
mr.ed do u know him?  

30 Sep 2005 @ 19:07 by ed @ : moondrops
moon :whats fishy? isnt that the breakfast buffet in Eastwood? or are you referring to your shipwrecks? Got a bonus for you : the second set of coordinates is the Kumano. If you wana go see it, its in less than 100 feet of water in two pieces. When I last saw it, the bow was torn off and it was 150 feet away from the main wreck. I dont know if theres anything in it...would you know?

and what do you mean do i know him?  

1 Oct 2005 @ 04:19 by ed @ : fm777_888
Sir, you are both a buyer and a hunter pala. That is amazing, you must have lots of resources at hand. Mabuhay po kayo!  

1 Oct 2005 @ 08:20 by mickey @ : neeed help
is there anyone can help me with a gpr?because i have a location in bulacan it was near on japanese garizon during wwII and during marcos regime they take a lot of gold on this site by seeing it with my own eyes we have a garret gti 2500 but i want to make sure and see it with my own eyes how deep it is we have plenty of site in my place i just want to make sure first before we dig it,,thanks and hopefuly somebody can help me  

1 Oct 2005 @ 10:34 by moondrops @ : For the better
To everyone,

People who wants to help, advice ko lang sainyo if you have lots of money and very wealthy, Na Nakuha nyo sa pag transact, pag benta at pagbili ng mga commodities. Kung gusto nyo tumulong sa mga kapuwa nyo at ibalik ang pabor na ipinagkaloob sa inyo na kayaman para sa iba -
GUMAWA kayo ng NON-GOVERNMENTAL and NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS na nag-oorganisa ng mga LIVELY-HOOD projects para matulungan ang mga tao na magkaroon ng trabaho at tahanan. 2 of the most basic needs of man is FOOD and SHELTER..
Tanong nyo sa sarile nyo - San ba tayo Kumukuha ng kinakain at materyales para makagawa ng mga bahay? SA KALIKASAN!(NATURE).
Wag na kayo umasa sa gobyerno, just follow the simple law of nature
(BATAS NG KALIKASAN) at marami kayo matutulungan. Ang dapat nyo lang gawen ay bigyan ang mga tao ng trabaho na sakahin ang lupa at gumawa ng mga housing projects na ginagamit ang mga source ng kalikasan para makatulong pa sa iba.
A simple fact is that we all depend on nature for food and shelter.
Advice lang po sa mga gustong tumulong for the better. ^____^

Everyone who is interested in this feel free to contact me. My friend and I are gonna start a feasibily study on november this year regarding this project. We are gladly to accept any kind of contributions on building a NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization and starting a Lively-hood project for our fellow country men suffering with poverty. email me at silviusmoon@yahoo.com

To ed,

Bro im sorry but as i said before i still dont have any budget for treasure hunting activities, Just a single decent transaction is what im still waiting for para makapag start ako ng treasure hunting expedition.
Thats why im rushing and eagerly looking for someone who can help me close a good transaction with our buyers. After i hit that financial goal i would start my treausre hunting. And il gladly team up with you and with brian for help.

To cno_ako,

Bro medyo malayo ata yung CDO, Di tayo puwede mag airplane madedetek ng metal detector nila yung mga dala naten, sa banka naman di masyado safe, baka lumubog tayo sa dala naten..hehe Pano ba nadala nang inutusan mo yung item dun?
Wala naba iba available jan? para mabenta for instant cash?
yung platinum ilang kilograms ba yun para sa test buy?
Meron ako alam na iba buyer ng WELLS FARGO mabilis lang ang processing pero
$50 cents USD lang per denomination.

To mr.FM,

I like to help you look for sellers and be your agent. Can you please send me info regarding the things that you buy, procedures, and the breakdowns of commissions. Do you also buy Treasure Notes, Bills, Gold Certificates?
Please email me at silviusmoon@yahoo.com -james  

1 Oct 2005 @ 12:12 by yeah! @ : yeah to non-Govt org
yeah, right moondrops, the best way to help our poor kababayans is through building private/non-governmental organizations... giving help to the government will just make your good intentions end to nothing... hehehe  

1 Oct 2005 @ 12:19 by yeah @ : moondrops
Kung may buyer ka ng wells fargo... willing ba sila pumunta sa Davao City? We have contacts for genuine wells fargo notes it's just that they want the deal in Davao...  

1 Oct 2005 @ 12:24 by yeah @ : fm

1 Oct 2005 @ 12:29 by yeah @ : cno_ako
Hey bro, kumusta? Ipinahanap na namin yung balon sa tubao. actually yung part na tubao na dinaanan ng riles ay sa boundary ng aringay paakyat ng asin road punta sa baguio. Hindi nagamit yung riles kasi ginagawa pa lang noong time ng hapon kaya hindi makikita sa mga mapa ngayon.  

1 Oct 2005 @ 13:33 by mcikey @ : nedd help
does anyone can help me????im living in angat,bulacan beside of my house was a camp of japanese during wwII and during marcos time they excavated this area and tehy lift a lot of gold bars seeing with my own eyes,i had a friend that have a locator the L type and garret GTI2500 we scan three spots in our backyard but i just want to make sure before we dig the site is any person that have GPR can help with this matter???please help me with this problem thanks more power to you alll!!!!  

1 Oct 2005 @ 14:31 by cno_ako @ : darrel/yeah
hindi nyo ba nahanap yon old balon? may cement dun malapit.  

1 Oct 2005 @ 14:49 by ed @ : mcikey
Ok sue we could help. Ganito ha...since hinukay yan nila coymacs maraming ibig sabihin yan:

1. That site is big, since lolo Ferdie doesnt waste his time on small sites, masakit sa ulo ang pagnanakaw nang mga buddha.

2. Usually, may natitira pa dyan kahit hinukay na nila.

3. Since that is a big site...for sure marami yang booby traps. The bigger the hoard, the more complex the traps, but there are some exceptions pa rin.

4. Lolo Ferdie had an operational map, because when he tries to do things na walang map, a lot of the soldiers die---fom traps. Besides si Lolo ferdie laging may plan...kahit pagpunta sa bathroom may plan.

5. You have readings from your Garret but you don't know what they are...could be bombs, could be sucker deposits, could be something they missed, could be Pipes and chains planted thee to set off you Garett.

Meron ka bang GPS? Lumabas ka nang bahay at kumuha ka nang GPS fix. Kung wala kang GPS yung mapa nang NAMRIA may longitude and latitude. Email me and I will forward it to our forum expert at baka may genuine oiginal polaoid operational copy siya nang map.

Yung ibang trap kasi, lalo na yung mga maliliit (grenades, impact fuse bombs, cyanide and sarin jars) minsan hindi makita. Mas maganda talaga pag na saiyo ang operational map. Will let you know right away kung positive yan.

Ok na ba yan or you need more help?  

1 Oct 2005 @ 15:01 by moondrops @ : WELLS FARGO
To yeah,

Bro Sensya pero dito lang talaga sa metro manila bumibile, Kung gusto nyo puwede buksan yung isang box ng WF at kumuha kayo ng 200,000WF amount denomination, at dalin nyo dito sa metro manila para sa "test buy" ng WF bills. Babayaran agad sainyo ng buyer CASH and OUTRIGHT. Pag-katapos ng Test buy, meron na kayong budget para bumalik uli sa davao para kunen yung natitira para sa roll-over ng complete amount ng WF.
Yung processing ng Test Buy may Take 5 to 7 days.
Price are 1WF Denomination is equal to $1USD.  

2 Oct 2005 @ 12:48 by moondrops @ : WE BUY GOLD,SILVER,PLATINUM

Para sa lahat ng HOLDER ng GOLD, SILVER at PLATINUM.

Ang Companya namen ay Bumibile ng GOLD SILVER PLATINUM.
Simple at Mabilis Lang ang Procedure:
Mag Dala lang kayo ng piece(piraso)ng item nyo para sa "ASSAY BUYING". Pag katapos ma assay ng item nyo babayaran agad kyo ng buyer OUTRIGHT either by CASH, CHECK, or DIRECTLY sa BANKO nyo. Pag katapos ng "assay buying" roll over na yung complete item nyo. Kayang bumile ng buyer ng up to 1 ton per day at nag bibigay ng "Global Immunity"(banking protection) sa seller. Please Bring a minimum of 1-5 kilograms para sa Testbuy or assay buying.
Ang Buyer ay isang PILIPINO PAYMASTER na May BACK-UP na 7 Countries kaya wag kayo magalala kase totoong buyer to.

Ang price ay base sa LMER- london Metal Exchange Rate
Breakdowns are:
70%- goes to seller
20%- Buyers Discount
10%- intermidiaries commission

Ang lahat ng transaction ay sa office ng buyer dito sa metro manila, its in a building somewhere in Ortigas Pasig City. Ang Assay ay sa office ng PHILTECH sa Makati, sagot ng buyer ang lahat ng assay services kaya wla kayong gagastusen, ang gagawen nyo lang ay magdala ng sample ng item nyo.
After this im sure everybody can be happy ^___^

Please text nyo 0921-9718358, or email silviusmoon@yahoo.com  

2 Oct 2005 @ 15:19 by MCIKEY @ : SIR ED
sir ed

thanks po sa advice nag send na po ako sa e- mail nyo ngayon po kasi nasa abroad pero uuwi ulit ako ng dec.1 puede po ba makuha un contact # nyo para magkausap po tyo at kung puede po mag meet tayo marami po akong alam na site sa aming lugar problema lng kulang ang gamit namin L stick lang po at garret mahirap mag rely kung duon lang mas mainam po kung may GPR.thanks po ulit ng marami !!! mabuhay po kayong lahat  

3 Oct 2005 @ 01:02 by ed @ : mickey
hehe dont call me sir, kasin tanda lang tayo. Check your mail...that cc address is the reource person and he states that your site is positive. I'll be sending you both pictures when i get back later.  

3 Oct 2005 @ 03:26 by TeKa_TeKa @ : GoLD BaRS!!!
Madami ba talagang gold bars na nakatago sa San Agustin Church sa Intramuros at Fort Santiago??? Mga pag aari daw ng mga kastilang katoliko??? Any info??? I know someone who is working in both locations and willing to explore. Thanks!!!  

3 Oct 2005 @ 05:19 by darrel @ : cno_ako
Have lots of relatives in Tubao. I might as well ask for their assistance. Ang problema baka wala na yung balon dahil sa tagal ng panahon. Pero tama si Yeah, nasa boundary yun ng Tubao at Aringgay.
D2 ba u Manila? Baka pwede tayo magkita bago me uwi ngayong October?  

3 Oct 2005 @ 06:08 by junboy @ : kalinga treasures
any info brian sa cordillera particularly kalinga  

3 Oct 2005 @ 08:38 by boylara @ : brian
saan ka na....meet tayo...taga saan ka ba sa Isabela...  

3 Oct 2005 @ 08:42 by .... @ : boylara
email mo daw xa with ur cp #. alam mo naman email nya diba.  

3 Oct 2005 @ 09:04 by mickey @ : ed
thanks for the info! antay kn lng po un picture na sinasabi nyo,nakuha nyo po ba un exact location nun bahay namin?may gpr po kyong gamit,kung gus2 po nyo mag joint venture po tyo sa pag uwi ko wla nman po problema sa site dahil nasa loob ng bakuran namin un,antay kn lng po un response nyo at picture thanks po ng marami!!!  

3 Oct 2005 @ 11:21 by boylara @ : brian..
di mo naman sinasagot email ko.....  

3 Oct 2005 @ 11:29 by .... @ : boylara
email mo ulit. nasa isabela sya ngayon.kung may contact ka kay Ed, kunin mo # nya sa kay Ed. hindi pwede ipost dito # nya.  

3 Oct 2005 @ 12:36 by butterfly @ : rizal
sir ed/brian is there any positive site in montalban and san mateo rizal? kasi one of my friends is digging in said area......,.
thanks: butterfly  

3 Oct 2005 @ 13:03 by moondrops @ : spanish treasure ships?
Does anyone of you know any spanish treasure ships?

To butterfly,

I think mrami pa nag hukay sa san mateo rizal meron din ako kakilala 3years na naghuhukay lapit ata dun sa may laguna lake..
re.platinum Ei kelan ka punta dito manila?  

3 Oct 2005 @ 13:12 by jograd cruz @ : GPL SCANNER
meron ako GPL 2005(GROUND PENETRATING LOCATOR)it can detect bombs,poison gas,gold,silver,etc...pati lalim,kuha din..mas accurate to..Kung cno interesado,EMAIL lng kau..
un nga lang,me bayad,depende sa layo ng site..d2 lng ako Manila  

3 Oct 2005 @ 14:18 by jograd cruz @ : Treasure site ?
eto pa..bka interesado kau sa site ko dun sa Baras,Rizal?Natigil un kase kinapos sa budget,sayang,nsa last stage na kmi,85ft.salbahe dating financier kya pinaalis ko ska palit kmi workers.
GENSET 60kva,2 sets SUBMERSIBLE PUMP 3HP with hose plus operating expenses,ganda site ska safe s mga buwaya..meron pa isa mas malaki site dun din,hindi namin kya operate kse mas malaki gastos pero narating namin cement 135ft.very positive..safe din lugar.Pwede tignan.
pag usapan natin..EMAIL ADD ko: j11_cruz@yahoo.com (BRIAN BKA PWDE MKO MATULUNGAN?)or anybody  

4 Oct 2005 @ 00:07 by boylara @ : brian
eto email ko boylara2002@yahoo.com, punta ko isabela ngayon....  

4 Oct 2005 @ 01:27 by Ed @ : TakeTake
San Agustin i think is already taken...Plenty pa under the rest of the sites ou mentioned but lots ofbombs and dead bodies  

4 Oct 2005 @ 14:09 by mickey @ : ed
bro un lugar kmo nmin lolo ni brian ang nagbaon?regarding sa GPR paano ba arrangement nun?may bayad ba o sharing?dun sa balon ng kastila na nakabaon sa lupa n ginawa ng tatay k n poso negro may detection s gilid nun problema nga gus2 ko makacgurado muna bago hukayin,can you help me on this matter?thanks!  

4 Oct 2005 @ 17:22 by Luis @ : GBC & Cash Account
We are a high profile and profession movers of GBC or cash accounts. If anyone knows a holder and signatory of this certificates (with valid safe keeping reciept), we are willing to help in converting this into cash very quickly.

Only authentic and verifyable accounts will be entertained.  

5 Oct 2005 @ 01:11 by ed @ : mickey
when you get here lets talk na lang, i'm also busy with other things at the moment, walang bayad yon -share lang namin ok? hey keep things covert muna lots of people monitoring this page ok? Matagal ka pa naman daratin diba?  

5 Oct 2005 @ 03:46 by boylara @ : oppsss
wow..pati MIG, NICA, CIA..etc...Gloria and BUsh boys nakamomitor na dito rin.,....esterasado sila sa mga info dito..ingal lang mag kababayan..  

5 Oct 2005 @ 05:14 by mickey @ : ed
ok ill just call you when i get there!!oo mga 1 1/2 month pk bgo uwi!! cge pag usapan n lng ntin when we met na, thanks!!!  

5 Oct 2005 @ 10:01 by dane @ : symbols & code
hello!!!! im 20 and i`ve been ask by my father to find signs and symbols about treasure hunting. I would like to request if you can a give me a list of this codes..Danger codes to be exact...weve been tracing some locations where they said japanese people burried treasures...i hope i can have a copy from all of you... i think a professional hunters can help us...Thank you... And God Bless you in your field. thanks...  

5 Oct 2005 @ 17:02 by Luis Bonanza @ : WAKE-UP GUYS

It is very damaging that some Filipinos uses these commodity stories only for self satisfying monetary considerations. Many were already duped and lost millions due to unscrupulous and professional con-men using these stories only to cheat and without the real thing.

This is to the disadvantage and detriment of legitimate treasure finders and holders like us. Millions of Pesos should have already been used for the benefit of our poor and destitute Filipinos, however, because of mistrust and doubts due to pasts experiences, moving our commodities are getting too difficult.

FOR THE CON MEN: The Law of Karma will get back 100 folds on whoever makes few thousand pesos by way of duping others. Believe me.

FOR THE INVESTORS: Use common sense. Do not spend a single centavo on something still unseen and mere speculations. If you have few millions to invest on these operations, might as well invest it on something that is already physically visible and ready for marketing.

I you still have an ion of trust left to people, we are the real group you can lay-on that trust. We assure that you will get your funds back and earn unimaginable amount less than 3 to 4 months. You will also be part of the day to day operations, if need be. Only legitimate and trustworthy funder will be entertained.
Our living legacy is to return the proceeds of our find to our poor countrymen. If this will take forever, then we will still wait, rather than selling our souls to satan for few thousands of pesos. Our group are still eating 3x a day anyway and God is on our side. Call me at 0922-5521295  

6 Oct 2005 @ 05:15 by Ed @ : darrel
I've been texting you the past days but no response. Have you changed number?  

6 Oct 2005 @ 05:49 by cno_ako @ : ed
kamusta? san ka now?  

6 Oct 2005 @ 06:39 by cno_ako @ : dane
saan ang location mo?  

6 Oct 2005 @ 06:41 by ed @ : darrel : cno_ako
darrel : nope i didnt get your messages man.

cno-ako : I need to complete some work; going to see vcrocs soon pare  

6 Oct 2005 @ 07:07 by cno_ako @ : Ed
galing mo pare, kumpleto ka naman pla sa gamit. hindi kaya nilagyan yon ng pool para sa chamber? gaano nalang kanipis yon takip ng tunnel?pwede mo ba scan ito,dinalupihan bataan, sa san pablo elementary school, lagpasan mo pa ng 100 metrs, sa old na tulay. samismong bagsakan ng tubig, paki scan kung mapadpad ka dun. then follow the creek pakanan o paakyat, before sa mga bundok,scan mo na sa patag.. baka alam mo yung dating lapagan ng tora tora? dun yon..  

6 Oct 2005 @ 07:35 by TeKa TeKa @ : Ed
Thanks for d info ed, i appreciate it a lot...  

6 Oct 2005 @ 11:59 by fm @ : To All Treasure Hunters, Very important
To All Treasure Hunters, Very important at kailangang basahin natin

1. Bakit kami bumibili ng ginto? Kami ay bumibili ng ginto para palitan namin ang aming cash ng ginto para gawing puhunan sa aming mga negosyo. Ang ginto ay ideposito namin sa aming banko at ang gold bank certificate ay amin gagamitin bilang guarantee sa aming mga foreign loans para ang pera (In dollars) na aming puhunan ay makatulong sa pag unlad ng ating bansa. Ito ang dapat natin tandaan ang ginto na inyong ibenenta sa amin ay hindi lumabas ng pilipinas sapagkat naka deposit po ito through non-lifting base on International procedure. Ang Gold Bank Certificate ay gagamitin po namin bilang guarantee sa aming foreign loans at ang proceeds loan (In dollars) ay ipapasok po naming sa pilipinas.
2. Bakit po Ginawa natin ito at ano ang mga major benefits nito? Ang aming ginawa ay para sa ating lahat ng mga mamayang Pilipino. UNANG BENIPISYO, ang ginto na nabili namin sa inyo ay hindi lalabas ng pilipinas at ito po ay pwede gamitin ng ating Central bank or any Philippine Commercial Banks to back up our peso currency. PANGALAWANG BENIPISYO, papasok ang pera (In dollars) galing sa aming mga foreign loans gamit ang Gold Bank Certificate bilang aming guarantee. Gagamitin po natin ang pwersa ng ginto para makakuha ng pera papasok ng pilipinas para sa ating ikauunlad ng ating bayan. Ang pera na galing sa foreign loans ay mag circulate sa pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng aming mga negosyo. PANGATLONG BENIPISYO, sa pamamagitan ng aming pagbubukas ng negosyo ay magkakaroon ng maraming trabaho at ito ay tataas ang purchasing power ng ating bansa para ang pilipinong produkto ay masusuportahan natin. PANG-APAT NA BENIPISYO, Ang ating Gobyerno ay kikita (Sana huwag Nakawin ng mga corrupt Government Officials) mula sa buwis ng aming mga kompanya at sa aming mga empleyado. PANGLIMANG BENIPISYO, ang GNP ng ating bansa ay tataas at ito ay makatawag pansin sa ibang mga tunay na investors ng ibang bansa at papasok dito sa pilipinas upang mamumuhunan at ito ay makapagbigay ng dagdag trabaho sa ating milyon-milyong Pilipino. PANG-ANIM NA BENIPISYO ang 20% na aming kinikita mula sa aming nabiling ginto ay gagamitin namin para puhunan at magkakaroon tayo ng Gold Bullion Bank dito sa pilipinas para ang lahat ng mga ginto galing sa mga treasure hunters o private miners ay deretso na po sa aming refinery at kami na mismo ang gagawa ng documento para sa seller at sa lahat na mga involved nito. Pero bago natin mabuksan ang nasabing banko kailangan namin ng inyong tulong sa pamamagitan ng inyong pagbenta ng inyong mga ginto sa amin. Dapat po ninyo tandaan, kapag ang inyong mga ginto ay sa amin nyo ibenenta lahat po tayong mga Pilipino ay panalo. Ngunit kung ito ay inyong ibenenta sa mga nagsasamantalang dayuhan, tayo po mga Pilipino ay TALO at pinag nakawan ng mga oportunidad na dapat natin ma enjoy. Isaisip natin palagi na wala tayong makukuhang benipisyo except sakripisyo kung ang mga ginto natin ay ibenenta sa mga dayuhan Ang mga foreigner buyers lamang ang kikita at ang mga benipisyo ng ating mga kayamanan ay mapupunta lamang sa mga dayuhan para gawing puhunan sa kanilang bansa para ikagaganda ng kanilang ekonomiya at ang mga kawawang Pilipino ay pupunta sa ibang bansa para makapaghanap ng trabaho bilang alipin at mga taga hugas ng puwet ng mga dayuhan. Di ba it sounds stupidity? So wake up Filipinos! huwag mong hayaan na balang araw baka isa sa mga kapatid mo, anak mo, asawa mo, pamangkin mo, apo mo, pinsan mo, kaibigan mo at kababayan mo ay bibitayin o pupugutan ng ulo sa ibang bansa dahilan lamang sa ating pagkakamaling pag iingat ng ating kayamanan (Napakasakit po kuya Eddie). Kaya dapat huwag natin patronize ang mga dayuhang mamimili ng ating ginto. Kung ayaw nyo ipagkatiwala sa amin, ibenta nyo sa mga Filipino buyers para mapakinabangan ng ating bayan.
3. Bakit po gusto natin na ang mga dayuhan mamuhunan sa ating bansa? May puhunan ba talaga silang dinala dito? Mga kababayan ko karamihan po ng dayuhang investors ay walang dalang pera para gawing puhunan nila dito sa ating bansa. Minsan tuwang tuwa tayo na marinig natin sa balita na may investor na nagdala ng negosyo mga $100M d2 sa bansa natin, pero ang katotohanan ang dala lang po ng investor ay isang kapiranggot na papel na ang laman ay bank guarantee ng kanilang banko na ang ibig sabihin ay guaranteed sila mangutang sa ating mga banko d2 sa pilipinas. Ang ibig sabihin, ang pera na gagamitin nila sa puhunan ay pera ng Pilipino na kanilang uutangin mula sa ating mga commercial banks gamit nila ang kanilang bank guarantee. Ibig po sabihin laway lang ang puhunan nila d2 sa atin. Kapag ito ay aabot ng dalawa hanggang tatlong taon ay kikita po ang kanilang negosyo o kompanya at ito ay may pambayad na sila sa ating banko kung saan sila umutang. Ngunit ang kanilang PROFIT O KITA na kinita d2 sa bansa natin ito po ba ay ideposito nila sa ating banko?? HINDI! Ang kinita nila d2 sa atin through peso value ay ipapalit nila sa atin ng dolyar at ito po ay iuuwi nila sa kanilang bansa. Ano ang ibig sabihin na naman nito??? Ang ginamit nila na back up sa kanilang banko para sila magkaroon ng bank guarantee ay ang mga ginto natin na ibinenta sa kanila para sila magkaroon ng negosyo d2 na ang puhunan ay pera din natin. Alalahanin po natin na ang mga gold deposits ni Sta. Romana ay ginagamit po ng mga dayuhan para sila magkaroon ng bank guarantee just like Citibank na kung saan ang $20B ay namaniobra ni mr. Reed na inilipat sa kanilang account at hanngang ngayon namatay nalang ang may ari ng ginto ngunit ang Citibank ay buhay pa. Subukan po ninyo mangutang sa Citibank at kung di ka makabayad ay katakot-takot na mura ang matatanggap mo sa kanila at kung iisipin natin ito ay pera ng kapwa nating Pilipino. Ang profit ng kanilang negosyo through in dollars ay iuuwi din nila… Tsk, tsk tsk, iilang beses ang Pilipino na hold up?? Nawalan na tayo ng mga ginto, nawalan na tayo ng opurtunidad at ang masakit ang dollar reserve natin ay unti-unti nawawala Sapagkat milyon-milyong dolyares ang inuuwi rin ng mga dayuhang investors. Akala natin ang mga ibang Military generals at Government officials lang ang nagnanakaw at nagdadala ng mga dolyares natin palabas ng ating bansa. Sana imbistigahan din ng mga senador natin ang mga lumalabas na dolyares mula sa mga nagsasamantalang investors daw. Kaya panay utang ang bansa natin ng dolyar kay uncle sam dahilan sa mga katangahan ng mga ilang ekonomista natin pati na ang pandak sa malacañang na nagpapanggap na ekonomista (daw) at mga opisyales ng Gobyerno natin na karamihan ang ginagawa ay magnakaw sa kaban nga bayan. Naalala nyo ba? na kamakailan lang ang pandak nagpalabas ng 2 bilyon (para labanan ang panday) para daw sa fertilizer ng mga magsasaka ng Ayala Makati at BF Las Piñas? Siguro walang tanga at maniniwala sa atin na merong totoong magsasaka ang nakakuha ng pondo. Kung ang 2 bilyon ay ginamit ng mga magsasaka natin siguro ilang toneladang palay at mais an gating aanihin at hindi na tayo mag angkat ng bigas galing sa ibang bansa at hanggang ngayon ang pilipinas ay lubog pa rin dahilan sa impluwensya ng mga dayuhan dito sa atin.
4. PAPAANO TAYO AAHON SA KAHIRAPAN??? Kayo, ikaw at ako ang makakasagot sa tanong na yan kung tayo mga Pilipino ay sama-samang magkaisa para sa ikaunlad ng ating bayan. Kaya lahat nating kayamanan ay ating ilagak lamang d2 sa pilipinas para sa ating kaunlaran ng ating bansa Tandaan po natin na ang bansang Tsina ay naghahanap ng maraming ginto para suportahan ang kanilang local currency laban sa mga bansang currency speculators. Sa ating mga kababayan na may ginto, gamitin natin sa tamang paggamit tulad ng pag suporta sa oil exploration na di tulad sa mampalataya Natural Gas sa Palawan na ang nag angkin ng ating kayamanan ay mga dayuhan through shell company (Pls read the story of mampalataya) para malaman po ninyo na ang Pilipino ay TALO at kawawa na naman. Hindi pa huli ang lahat sapagkat ang pinakamalaking oil source sa buong mundo ay dito po sa pilipinas na hindi pa nagagalaw ng mga dayuhan at ito ay nailathatla ng ilang beses sa saudi na kapag ito po ay nabuksan ng pilipinas, sa dalawang (2yrs) taong operasyon, ikaw, Ako at ang buong Pilipino ang pinakamayaman sa buong mundo Huwag tayo basta-basta maghangad kumita ngunit ang dulo nito ay ikapapahamak ng buong Pilipino. Pwede po kayong kumita ng katulad ng kinikita ninyo galing sa mga dayuhan kung ang inyong ginto ay ibebenta sa mga Pilipino buyers na tulad namin. Kaya namin ibigay ang binibigay ng mga dayuhan. Kaya mga kapwa ko pinoy, ibenta ang inyong mga ginto d2 sa pilipinas lamang okey? Mabuhay tayong lahat mga Pilipino.
Ito po ay isinulat ko sa tagalong para ang mga dayuhan ay hindi nila maiintindihan ang mga sinasabi ko (Although my Tagalog is not good). Hayaan mo sila mag research kung ano ang ibig sabihin, problema na nila yon okey? Once or twice a week lang ako nag post ng message ko d2 sa chat room na ito at lahat ng inyong message sa akin binibigay agad ng secretary ko. Pasensya na kapag delayed ang response ko sa may mga importanteng message sa akin lalo na may mga attachment ng mga docs kasi 30 minutes lang talaga sa internet computer para iwas sa mga sumusunod ng mga dambuhalang buwaya. Thanks fm  

6 Oct 2005 @ 12:03 by fm @ : Paul Yao

Thanks we did a good lunch in Kenny Rogers at Southmall Las piñas last the other day. Buti at dala ko ang scanner ko at na checked natin agad ang bicutan site at talagang 200% ang 3 chambers na more or less 100 tons ay positive pati ang mga bato. According to the owner 8 sacks of human bones pala ang na recover nila nung nag hukay sila, pero di nila na hit in the absence of scanner. Kaya naniwala sya na ang recovery kailangan scientific approach para tumbok agad ang target. Paul pakisabi sa kanya na dalian nya pagpagawa sa abogado ng conditional deed of sale ng property nya para ibigay ko ang kalahati ng 10M sa presyo ng property nya na 248sqm at medyo may kamahalan ngunit sulit ang laman. Pakipaliwanag ulit sa kanya na ang 5M ibibigay natin sa March 2006 para may time sila mag vacate sa site para sa darating na summer ay umpisahan natin kasama ang Quezon City site (Kung walang mag finance hanggang summer). Paul pakitanong sa may ari na ang dalawang lot sa magkabilang site ay ibenta sa atin ng 5M per lot para bayaran din natin agad at para makakuha tayo ng permit at walang sagabal pag nagpatayo tayo ng building. Ang hinihingi ng may ari 5 to 10 bars lang bilang share nya kasi parang di na iteresado, pero paki ulit sa kanya paliwanag na ako willing magbibigay sa kanya ng 5% base sa total ng recovery natin kahit benenta na nya sa atin ang property. Huwag tayo maging madamot sa kanya kasi part sya sa kayamanang yan okey?
Paul base sa ating pinang usapan, marami kasi ang gustong makipagkita sa akin pero at this very moment para di ako apektado sa 6 sites at mga tao ko pati na sa siguridad ko, samahan mo ang tao ko na makipagkita at tingnan ang mga map docs nila pati na isang treasure hunter na nagpadala ng print out scanner next week before tayo magkita uli sa southmall las pinas. Pero ang priority natin na site ay within metro manila muna kasi hirap mag harvest ng tilapia pag malayo na masyado. Si John na taga bicol ang site nya with map mismo sa may falls baka schedule natin mga mid ng year 2006. Huwag ka mag alala kasi malapit kana maging bigtime at ikaw ang target ko maging kasosyo sa ibang negosyo lalong-lalo na sa banko na bubuksan natin. Next week kung tapos na ang clearing ng mga unwanted things sa isang area, tuloy ang panglimang paghahango ko ng 100 tons na mga kumikinang na tilapia balak ko, isasama kita kasi nasa Rizal area lang para Makita mo ng actual kung papano hanguin ang mga tilapia sa bundok para magkaroon ka ng experience okey?
Paul huwag mo ibibigay ang cell at residence number ko kahit kanino man okey? Tatawag ako at para sunduin kita para usap tayo ulit sa southmall. Hindi pwede sa hauz mo kasi alam mo na ayaw ko na may makarinig na iba. Kung pwede bukas ka ng ibang email add mo kasi lagi nag bounced tuwing send ko ang letter ko.
Paul remind ko uli sayo, huwag ka magpakabit sa hauz mo ng DSL Internet o kahit mobile internet kasi masusundan ka agad ng mga flying squad. Magtiis ka na lang sa mga computer shop at kailangan paiba-iba ang location para di ka masusundan ng flying squad just like what I did, okey? Thanks fm  

6 Oct 2005 @ 12:18 by FM @ : Interested Agent of AU
Okey lang na maging ahente ka namin basta kailangan ang transaction na ipasa mo sa amin ay genuine na ginto para hindi mapagod ang assayer natin. Pakibasa mo na lang ang requirements na naka post in my previous posting. Kailangan ang seller ay willing dalhin ang kanyang ginto sa amin na authorized sub-agent (office) para dadaan sa mahigpit na pagsusuri. Ang kailangan namin muna ay 1 bar for test buy (6.5kg, 12kg, 24kg at 74.6kg) at kung ang seller mo ay concern sa kanyang seguridad magdala muna sya ng 1 kilo para magkaroon ng relasyon sa bawat isa. Ayaw namin muna pag usapan ang tonelada hanggat walang naipakita ang seller para walang masasayang na oras. Kapag ang unang transaction ay tunay, isusunod na natin ang pag-uusap sa toneladang transactions at ang seller ay willing dadalhin sa refinery for fast assay (Same with LMER transaction). Okey? Thanks  

6 Oct 2005 @ 13:38 by WhAT IS thee TRUTH.. @ : FM
I totally agreed with you mr.FM! Everything you say are quite true, Though i dont like the idea of nationalism.
I just have a few questions:

1.Are you connected with ROYAL HOLDINGS Company here in the ph?

2.This bank you want to open, does it involed other countries in asia such as indonesia?

3.Can you give protection to your seller?

I have a contact with a company here in the ph that wants to sell gold deposited on a bank outside the country. Ive seen the original Bank Certificate. Its an gonna be an Offshore deal.  

8 Oct 2005 @ 05:36 by ed @ : butterfly
you can email me privately about antipolo.  

8 Oct 2005 @ 16:27 by nugget @ : PINOY BANKO to fm

9 Oct 2005 @ 01:22 by sailor @ : quirno isabela
meron bang positive location sa rizal quirino isabela kasi doon sa my lumang malaking kahoy ay meron palaging nagpapakitang kapre laging nakikita ng mga bata...

salamat sailor  

9 Oct 2005 @ 02:19 by ed @ : nugget
malabo yang bank you need cash (Philippine Money) a couple of Billion, plus they have limits on branches plus ichecheck ka nila  

9 Oct 2005 @ 07:06 by Cliffhanger @ : Brian,\Boy Lara,others
Tol Brian..Okey lang kung ayaw mo na e pa operate sa akin yun Waterfalls,pero kung baka sakali kailangan mong taga Rappel samga Cliffwalls,Waterfalls just contact me,hindi nagbabago no. ng cellphone ko 5yrs na.Goodluck Tol sa mga operation mo.By the way ako hindi nag change ng site Palanan,Dinapigue,Casiguran,at lately Madella,Quirino kasi yun mga asset ko na mga Ibukid,Dumagats maraming mga suspected objects,sites inilapit sa akin,alam mo tol sa mga Dumagat ako nakatira at nakihalobilo kasi sila young target namin tulungan umigi konti ang buhay.Spiritual Missionary din ako tol at Tantra Yoga Disciple kaya di ko yan problema MGA SPIRITS INTERFERNCE..To Boy Lara for your information ako ang nagresearch,muntik mamatay sa pag document na nakapost sa Spindle na mga Project sites,tulad ng Dumagat Secret l,ll,lll etc.Kaya sa Palanan ako naka posting at sa Casiguran,pero Tol di ko ipagkait nyang mga object na yan kung gusto nyo e operate o kung may funder kayo. I spend almost 500T sa pagresearch namin yan since 2002 pero yung isa kong partner mga 1996 pa yata sila nag umpisa.Finishing touches na ang iba nyan..Pag complete na ang Rock Climbing gears ko e operate ko na ang dalawa nyan pero by summer pa,lately na estranded ako Casiguran for 17 days because of 2 typhoons na dumaan doon at landslide dito sa Dinalungan,Aurora,naging isolated kami from Baler for a week,tapos di makadaan Jeep from Casiguran to Dinapigue Isabela..I lost pa my most rusted guide,finder,spotter na Dumagat na nakakita ng Two Engine Japanese WWll Plane sa bundok at 2 Black cement Vault buti na lang naturo nya sa akin ang general locations ng bundok sa Sierrra Madre.Sa naghanap sa akin pasensya na kayo parati ako sa bundok kaya di ko kaagad masagot mga email nyo,at mgaHa txt messages kasi minsan wala signaL SA bundok ng Sierra Madre sa Aurora.HAPPY HUNTING SA LAHAT!  

9 Oct 2005 @ 07:53 by Brian @ : Cliffhanger
email mo ako para bigay ko sau new # ko. alam mo naman email ko diba. ayaw pa mkisama ang panahon sa site,marami pang sites na bagay sau. ingat lang kayo dyan.. pls, kung may mata ka sa palawi island, balitaan mo ako dun pls. baka madali nila..also yun bermuda mt., yun tatlong malalaki bato sa itaas, baka kc madaanan mo. :) thanks and God bless!  

9 Oct 2005 @ 08:04 by Cliffhanger @ : Attention Moondrops
Bakit pa kailangan mo e post yun mga underwater object ko tulad ng SIWA Maru,CamoFlage Submarine etc. for Marine Salvaging sa I had told you before kung wala man lang $30M budget wag na lang kita mo naman experience noon nag salvage sa SS Central America they spend $30M and only get $27M of gold wala dito sa Pinas na kay gumastos nyan,si Melvin fisher nga sinulatan ko noon umayaw,marami ng nag attempt nyan sa Davao puro exploration lang,kaya kalimutan mo na yan,I had advice you seek first the shallow or exposed object or open exit of tunnel Chambers,yun sinalvage nila erpaT noon mga mababaw lang 54 sunken ship or Japanese Marus(1955,56)Kaya nga kinalimutan ko na yan mga sunken ship na yan pero miron sa Surigao mga 18 fathoms lang ok yun mababaw.Manood ka muna ng sine na Into the Blue,about underwater treasure hunting.Sa mga nakabasa ng site ko na underwater na pino post ni Moondrops FOrget ABOUT IT MAHIRAP YUN,MALALIM,MAGASTOS.kUNG SI MICHAEL MERRRING ng di pumatol.Hanap muna kayo mababaw,marami pa dyan hwag nyo muna pagnasaan yan malalim at malaki,ako hanap ko mga expose na object tulad ng cement vault na basagin na lang,or mga open exit ng mga cave chamber or tunnel kaso may nakaharang na mga wirings or rehas kailan putulin yun mga rehas,o di kaya kailan lumakad ng 3 to 4 days para marating ang site sa gitna ng Sierra Madre Mts..Thanks!  

9 Oct 2005 @ 08:25 by Brian @ : Cliffhanger
Sama ka sa akin, may papakita ako sayo. Pero hwag mo tagalan, inalok ko na yun ibang nakakausap ko dito pero natatagalan. may surpresa sana ako sa kanila pero ganon talaga, walang time. email mo ako tapos bigay ko sau # ko at magkita tayo. yan hinahanap mo na pang puhunan, pagtulungan natin. di tayo mag huhukay, magbubuhat lang ng mga bato na pinag-patong patong (adobe). kung may 10 na tao ka at 5 sa akin, kaya natin yon ng max.of 1 month. di ka naman maliliitan sa laman, untouched ang sites. ang gastos mo sa pagpunta ng palanan kasama mga tao mo, kasya na yon para sa operation. God bless!  

9 Oct 2005 @ 13:49 by butterfly @ : e-mail add

pare puede mahingi ang private email add mo... meron akong pix na send syo  

10 Oct 2005 @ 01:47 by Rexie @ : Brian & Cliffhanger
Tol cliff musta na? tagal mo nawala ah hehehehe, ingats lagi tol. Tol Brian alam mo ba yung about sa butterfly mountain dito sa south cotabato? paki bigay nman ng info about dito to brian. tanx tol more power to you.  

10 Oct 2005 @ 02:20 by ed @ : sailor
pare si brian expert diyan sa area na yan  

10 Oct 2005 @ 04:29 by butterfly @ : moondrops
sir meron akong pig sent na infopix sa private email add mo kindly check na lang po  

10 Oct 2005 @ 08:14 by boylara @ : Cliffhanger
pare dyan sa Dinapigue may contack ko dyan.....wl problema dun..dati kong kasamahan sa trabaho dyan siya nadestino...yun Palanan...si Mayor lang naman ang kontak ko dun..yun iba dyan sa Sierra Madre kay Ka Intoy at kay Ka Romy ang kontak, kung sa Gamu Isabela naman , Kay Col..lang tayo....kung dyan sa Aurora kay Ka Roger lang.hehehehehehehehehe...pero sa lahat ang pina ka trusted kontact yun pinuno ng mga aeta o dumagat...balita ko cliff on going na yun recovery dyan sa isang site sa sierra madre 3 weeks ago pa yan..problema nga nila kung pano maitransport yun mga item..pangit kasi klima........  

10 Oct 2005 @ 12:19 by cno_ako @ : GAMU
Gamu site!
District Two (2), sa kanto mismo. Old house, may tamarine tree doon. lumapit ka sa bahay, sa pundasyon. puro kahoy yan, pagpasok mo sa gate, tabi ng tamarine, sa pundasyon, tumingala ka, makikita mo yun napakagandang sign doon. oT ganyan yon... umatras ka nang 3 meters, then dig ng 4 meters. lilitaw ang butas papunta sa tunnel. Y tunnel yon, turn right 20 meters lang 1 chamber with boxes of gold. kung mahirapan ka, pasok ka sa ilalim ng bahay, hanapin mo yun pundasyon na SQUARE, yun lang ang naiiba. lahat bilog na, sa ilalim non, 1/2 meter left 1 jar. kung hindi pa nyo makuha, o hindi nyo alam operate. hatiin mo yun pundasyon kung san nakalagay yun pako. may 1 bar doon. Good luck!  

10 Oct 2005 @ 12:25 by cno_ako @ : Gamu
hanapin yon kusina nila noon, ngayon may nakatira na. tatlo lang ang pundasyon na may cement, yun gitna nila hukayin.
or pasok kayo sa bodega harap ng kusina, hanapin yon flooring na may nakaukit na X, bakbakin at makikita ang hagdan. or pasukin yun bartolina nila, sa corner, sa right side, linisin ang flooring, makikita ang hagdan pababa at papunta sa gitna ng bodega. ofkors may items!
Or sa water tank nila, sa gitnang ilalim, 1 tabo diamonds.  

11 Oct 2005 @ 01:43 by sf @ : cement dissolver
Hi everyone! Just like to know if this so called cement dissolver(chemical) is available in the Phils., and how can we use it to soften or break a tomb like structure made of very hard cement. Anybody who have experience on this? Please advice us coz this could be the start of a wonderful find and more to follow. Thanks!  

12 Oct 2005 @ 08:43 by jerry @ : sf
sf looking for cement disolver, saan ang area mo? baka matulongan kita just email me. nonoyguapo_nonoypogi@yahoo.com. Im from southern mindanao pala.  

12 Oct 2005 @ 11:05 by ed @ : sf
the only way to dissolve rocks, concrete, cement, metal without heat is with acid...most acids would do given sufficently high (and dangerous) molar concentrations---yep it will eat thru that glass container youre carrying unless it was suspended in another acqueous solution. Most acids, will also not be able to go through gold and gems for some reason-- i forgot kasi my chem teacher was so boring. I could be wrong so would anyone care to comment?

It is hard to obtain those concentrations because trading those is regulated. I suggest that instead of buying those (you could lose a lot of body parts if there was an accident). Take the rock, put it in an MRI machine so you know whats in it. If it doesnt look dangerous bust it open with a jackhammer or drop it repeatedly from a tall building onto the street. You can also try superheating it, freeze it, heat it and so on till it breaks.

Not all artificial rocks made by the Japanese have things inside them...be careful when you destroy them or move them because some of them are markers -- plain old markers or pointers. Malay mo nasa ilalim lang pala yong items?

MRI is the best  

12 Oct 2005 @ 13:03 by moondrops @ : ATTENTION CLIFFHANGER!
To Cliffhanger,

Are you gboy from treasurenet forum? He's the one that replied to me about the sunken treasure ships information that I post in this forum. Please Take note that Im not claiming nor crediting myself for those information. As I said:

"So far i have manage to get a prospect of a good source, i ask this man on some forum about the sunken treasure ships on the ph, his reply is this : "

Hindi po ako nangaagaw ng mga discoveries or any information that originally comes from that source person, I just stated that I got a good prospect of source regarding treasureships that can be a future partner in this kind of business about salvaging treasureships. As I said :

"If your watching right now, im expecting a good teamwork with you soon That is after i get a budget for that."

Pinost ko lang po dito yung reply saken ng 'prospect' na pinagtanungan ko ng information dun sa 'treasurenet forum' about sunken treasureships. Sorry tol kung sa tingin mo na im crediting myself for that info. Hindi ko ren sinabe na im already gonna start a project of doing any treasure hunting as of now. Ang sabi ko magiipon pako ng budget for that. I also ask those who wants to participate in this kind of treasure hunting are all welcome. Pero hindi ko sinabe na sisimulan na ang treasure hunting, I said: "That is after i get a budget for that." Im gonna establish a teamwork with my prospects and others who wants to participate. ok?

Im not that Stupid to start such a complicated project without SKILLFULLY PLANNING and ABOUNDANT RESOURCE to use. Doing so may just lead into Vanity! And as for the risk of this business I want you all to know that I Value Life more than any wealth one can attain.  

12 Oct 2005 @ 13:27 by moondrops @ : Butterfly
To butterfly,

Ikaw ba yung nag send saken ng message with the name Luis Eze? I think na currupt yung file na yun.

As for the one you email using yur danybay69@yahoo.com Im gonna ask my partner if they have buyers of those bills. Ano nga pla yung laman ng box na yun? meron ba kayo nabuksan na ibang box?

Ei guys ive been recieving some strange email offering a million dollar bank offer, does anyone of you get the same?

To the sender royalgold9999@yahoo.com you send me a file with a virus on it.


You wont get anything from me, neither will I be a threat to your Global plans in the future, Im completely neutral to all of these. Im just a simple business man transacting some precious commodities and satiesfied with the little commissions I get from it, and hey I may even be doing you the favor of retrieving some of these through your treasure agents buyer.. so please stay out of my life.  

12 Oct 2005 @ 13:53 by moondrops @ : Vicrocs
To Vicrocs,

Hanap din ako ng Buyer ng Gold Certificate no sinend mo. If you have other commodities please contact me baka meron contact na buyer yung partner ko.  

12 Oct 2005 @ 17:14 by Luis Reambonanza @ : WANTED FUNDER
We are looking for someone to fund the mobilization of hauling 20,000 Metric Tons of Nickel Babbitt and/or unwrought Lead bars. A foreign buyer from China and India awaits these items and would purchase all our stocks within 18 months period. The funder would receive 40% of the net profit which is approximately P100M (Philippine Pesos) or US$1.9M or higher.

Only legitimate investor/s or their representatives would be entertained. We will show proofs of commodities and you will be allowed to visit the site, take videos and photos before releasing a single centavo for this purpose. Investor/s would be in charge of the marketing office and deal directly with business correspondences, negotiations and closing sales with foreign buyers.


13 Oct 2005 @ 01:51 by ed @ : none
because if the transaction was successful, people will not post it here  

13 Oct 2005 @ 07:25 by hubert panorel @ : scanner
mga bro. sino pwede maka scan location namin. three site. magkono din kung rental and scanner kasi medyo mahal and 1 scanner, thak you and more power to all of us sana maka kuha natoyo.  

13 Oct 2005 @ 11:54 by jograd @ : hubert panorel,scanner
tol,e2 email add ko: j11_cruz@yahoo.com
txt ka cel #:09208205159
usap tau 2ngkol dyan sites mo,meron ako GPL scanner 4 rent,depende sa lau.  

13 Oct 2005 @ 12:31 by jograd @ : scanner 4 rent
GPL(Ground Penetrating Locator} UNDERGROUND GEOPHYSICS ELECTRONIC SCANNER SURVEYING MACHINE 2005 model..is by far the most advanced Geophysical survey equipment that has ever invented and developed for locating buried treasures.One bodies,placer deposits large nuggets.Veins of gold,silver,caves/tunnels,weak soil{sand traps},cavities,underground dwellings,water,bombs,poison gas and liquid chemicals.We can survey areas up to
4000 square meters and locate up to 450 feet depth.
We are located here in Manila so the rentals of the machine depends on how far your site is.Our machine (GPL) has been tested here many times in the Phils. and gives positive results to our clients.Contact us for more info if you're interested.Email Add: j11_cruz@yahoo.com cel#:09208205159......GOD BLESS TO ALL  

13 Oct 2005 @ 12:43 by ed @ : all my friends here
Mga tol, I have to retire. I am doing so under the orders of my Commander in Chief. God bless you all and may your remaining days be golden ones hahaha. Fil-am translators in Langley; you can hack and drop calls anytime you want but I am retired ok? Before I go, here is what you are looking for:

1.10*18'23.08" N, 123* 58.44.01" E
2.15*40'40.72" N, 119* 55' 15.70" E
3.14* 45' 53.39" N, 120* 54'07.34" E
4.14* 49' 50.85 N, 120* 49' 07.92" E

So don't bother the nice people on this forum ok?
P.S. anyone using my email without the .ph at the end isn't me.

Audentes Fortuna Juvat, Mabuhay Tayong Lahat! Manigas kayo duan sa Virginia  

13 Oct 2005 @ 23:58 by crop rotation @ : TO LUIS REAMBONANZA
why look for funder of 100M PESOS when you already have a buyer from china and india....why not them to fund you, since they are your buyer....maybe they dont beleive that your commodities is authentic, and your asking price is too high.....or maybe....make your own website...post everything there...i mean everything...the truth...including your real names and biodata...etc...maybe somebody...might get interested with that nickle babbit you have...

my tip....trust anybody who inquire with your commodity...since you posted it in public, by then they will trust you too...judge them later....  

14 Oct 2005 @ 13:57 by moondrops @ : ed
To ed,

Commander in chief? Hey why all of a sudden? Im expecting to learn more from ya in the future, you got an interesting background. Anyway i hope you'l b back soon. Stay out of trouble with the big guys..hehehe
If you happen to score some few yellows or whites, please remember this face (^__________^) u got my email and number ok?thanks


14 Oct 2005 @ 18:40 by taranga @ : The real treasure
is in the contents of this comments page.
could we have a full translated and chaptered version for a book on the lure of gold!

This could at least earn some revenue without the risk of confiscations/robbery once you've dug it out!  

15 Oct 2005 @ 06:07 by sultan @ : moondrops and to all experts out there
hi people, tama ba computation ko??

24k gold bar, 1 inch X 2 inches X 6 inches is equal to 3.7958 kilos?

thank you  

15 Oct 2005 @ 12:57 by SAKURAGI HANAMICHI @ : PLS READ ME

15 Oct 2005 @ 16:17 by Hope @ : When will all this suffering end?
Can We Create A Better World? - http://www.watchtower.org/library/w/2001/10/15/article_02.htm

Freaquently Asked Questions -
http://www.watchtower.org/languages/tg/library/jt/article_08.htm (tagalog)

Who rules This World? -
*Guess it for yourself - http://www.threeworldwars.com/nwo.htm  

15 Oct 2005 @ 21:53 by chris @ : site
ed just new on these forum, just want to ask if any idea sa dating chinese school dyan' sa bajada , davao city, heard of it as one of japanese place during the war  

15 Oct 2005 @ 21:59 by chris @ : ed or brian
i believe yuo've a lot of knowledge on these aspect sa bajada, any information also if you knew by name norimitsu 'ricky' shiina? thanks alot  

16 Oct 2005 @ 03:36 by butterfly @ : moondrops
sori kung ngayon ko lang nareply yong question mo sakin coz im so busy... negative po hindi ako yon nagsent syo na ang name ay Luis Eze. wala akong ibang e-mail add yon lang po na danybay69@yahoo.com
reply na lang sa private e-mail ko...  

16 Oct 2005 @ 04:24 by saburo sakai @ : hanamichi san
what you think is up to you  

16 Oct 2005 @ 10:54 by moondrops @ : butterfly
To butterfly,

I already gave the picture to my partner sya na bahala mag hanap ng buyer nun, even yung turkish commodities pahanap narin ako sakanya. As of now ang siguradong buyer namen ng mga Bills is WELLS FARGO and ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN Buyers.

But if you really want a fast transaction, i suggest you sell precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum. Just bring your item at the buyers office here in manila for assay and thats it! you will be paid OUTRIGHT either by cash, check or directly to your banks.
A simple 1 day transaction lang, no more documents or pictures needed.  

17 Oct 2005 @ 07:38 by bamboodew @ : markings & signs
need some help on the markings ive seen, an X mark on the stone with a triangle on the upper left of the X mark.



17 Oct 2005 @ 12:53 by SAKURAGI @ : HELP

17 Oct 2005 @ 14:06 by jun @ : Signs and symbols
Please could anyone who is expert on the Japanese signs and symbols fix me on this site. I am having trouble with what we have found in our location in Northern Cebu. We used sticks for detections near the symbols and its all positive. This is in one of the islands in Northern tip of Cebu.

17 Oct 2005 @ 23:28 by seacrap @ : TO SULTAN
24k gold bar, 1 inch X 2 inches X 6 inches is equal to 3.7958 kilos?

sa computation ko is 3.803604 kilos...i used the 0.316967 factor for au...
the more decimal points, the more the accuracy...  

17 Oct 2005 @ 23:42 by faith @ : TO HOPE
suffering will not end...it is the foundation to make us hold on....opposite if you are weak....now if you see this as negative aspects....your doom to downfall...we are blessed with so much poverty,,,why? it is a great oppurtunity for us to practice loving our neighbor...now i ask you...do you hate suffering? if yes,,,,,im sorry to say you are not a blessed person......U CHOOSE HOPE as an alias...it is illogical you're losing it.....Peace!  

18 Oct 2005 @ 01:20 by bamboodew @ : signs & symbols
anyone know about ive seen, an X mark on the stone & the upper left portion of the X mark thier is a triangle. help  

18 Oct 2005 @ 02:04 by sultan @ : seacrap
e di yung bars ni carbonel kulang nang 1 inch na lapad?  

18 Oct 2005 @ 02:15 by saburo sakai @ : hanamichi san
it is in kanji yes but it will only make sense to those who are enlightened by the secrets of map reading. You should say your prayers to amaterasu amikami, drink lots of warm sake, ingest opium then take the flag and put in on the ground with the edge aligned with the horizon and at 12:00 noon, you will see...  

18 Oct 2005 @ 11:31 by cno_ako @ : Gen.San.
Brgy. MAASIM Gen.San. tatlong puno ng niyog,sa gitna, sa ilalim ha...may bubong. may hagdan 3 steps sa gilid at may tubo pababa. hukayin sa tabi ng hagdan up to 3meters, may pinto dun at 11 steps na hagdan. pasukin at sa unang kanto, makikita ulit 11 steps na hagdanpapunta na sa items. good luck!  

18 Oct 2005 @ 12:04 by butterfly @ : moondrops
kindly check your private inbox......  

18 Oct 2005 @ 15:03 by JERRY @ : cno_ako
cno ako saan banda maasim ang tinutukoy mo? im interested. can you email me nonoyguapo_nonoypogi@yahoo.com. thanks in advance  

Goodday Fellow Treasure Hunter enthusiast spescially from Isabela Prov.Add this treaasure sites in your list for the back grounder.This site was revealed by the son of the Late Japanese Gen. who supervised the entombment of this warbooties and the massacre of thousand of P.O.W 's including GI Joes,koreans,Chinese etc whose souls,spirits are still guarding this big volume treasure sites.According to the Japanese son of the General his late father want this treasure to be recover to compensate the damages done to the Filipino Nations during the war because of the greed,misadventure,evil desires of some Leaders of the there Nation. The Information,instruction,location was relayed by the late General son to a Filipino Police Officer doing school in Uncle Sam Police Academy.The gold volume of such treasure is 4 meters x 4meters x 4 meters stockfile of 74.6kgs gold bars and 24big bags of assorted jewelries,gemstones spescially diamonds. The Japanese did not seek for anything for the information he relayed to the Police Officer,all he ask that it be recovered and to be used for the welfaRE/OFthe the Filipino nations,Some wanna be treasure hunters enthusiast from Isabela had tried to operate this object which is like a cone shape hill almost 200ft.high with steep cliff on the east side where the secret entrance to the chamber could be found,but unfortunately for the group since only one of them is brave enough to do cliffhanging and hammering the very stubborn sealed,small enough their operation was aborted and up to now no group ever dare to reoperate object since operated in 2000,for almost 3 months.This object or site is know to treasure hunter enthusiast in Isabela.so if you people in Isabela is interested in these object just contact me. For a reminder this is a cliffhanging operation,needs a 4.5kva genset,big electric drill or a Hilti drill to demolished the sealed 2ft.diameter auxilliary exit allegedly 2 meters thick,and also at least 2 sets of rock climbing gears and this area is located with in the CPP/NPA territory but with spescially arrange with them they don"t bother you in your operation just be sure to honor the revolutionary tax they seek or some solicitation which is reasonable enough.Ask for me I have no problem with them even in Palanan,or Aurora Province.So guys from Isabela this is your site..By the way my lost friend RICKY SHIINA may know who the general was,SHIINA taught me how to recover the 19Tons gold cache in Davao City known as the 10th Buntai,RickYsan! I have not yet touch such cache I don"t like to dig 52ft, deep object.I still go for Cliffhanging Operation it"s much safer for me.
To my fellow Dabawenyos see you in the midst of December after I lay low with my Palanan,Aurora Quest,next month complete na tayo ng rockClimbig gears par sa mga cliffwall operation nato diha sa Davao Provinces og Bukidnon some Japanese who lost 70Million pesos in their operation,negotiation,etc for the past 7 years started to listened to us and believed in our reasarch works,advices masyado kasi believed sa mga Scambug na mga treasure hunter kuno but were actually after their pockets, at sa mga so called GBC holders,NPA,MILf,MNLF volume holder or bunker holder of Nickel Bobbit and gold volume holder labi na sa Davao,Bukidnon,Gen.Santos City na nagkalat ang mga Scambugs,pati sa Nueva Ecija,Nueva Viscaya, Cagayan Valley,Isabela ha,ha,ha kawawa naman pero mabuti rin sa kanila natuto na pero yun iba hindi pa marami parin nag paloko. To those looking for bunkers in Davao Area I know a lot of bunkers pero hindi Nickel Bobbit ang laman or commodities inside,Gold Volume and tons of tons of bombs,torpedos etc.all of this later memtioned stocks are inside but sorry to tell they are sealed,The Japanese Imperail Army is not idiot to expose their billions of dollars worth of Warbooties which was looted by them at the expenses of their thousands of soldiers who shade blood in order to get it and buried here in our country,Hindi Tanga ang mga Japs,they are very shrewed type of people put your self in their shoes.To the so called buyer of Gold volume be careful sa mga holder kuno sa Davao,Bukidnon,Agusan,Gen.Santos City,.The poor man DATU TAGLIONG CoGUIT of Agusan is still being used by this unscrupous people
Amay as I called him has no gold,FRN,Etc. in his position but big volume of buried Warbooties in his domain and the 10 Japanese Stragglers under his care,protection has passed away.KALOOY SI AMAY GINA PANGWARTAHAN lang,last time I heard of Him he is in a Cateter in La PAZ, Agusan Sur.The Big Volume Warbooties in his areas needs a big financing to operate and recover it that"sthe real picture,not big volume in an open tunnel where according to some theyhad been inside blindfolded that's bullshit,baloney..enough for this story
am leaving for Aurora province na. see you guys 22nd week of Nov.HAPPY HUNTING>  

19 Oct 2005 @ 12:36 by anlene @ : Brgy. Maasim, gensan???? / cno_ako
can i make a clarification? i've been in GENSAN for quiet sometime, but i think there's such Brgy. Maasim in there.. is your address correct?
as quoted: (...Brgy. MAASIM Gen.San. tatlong puno ng niyog,sa gitna, .........)
;) p)  

19 Oct 2005 @ 13:03 by chiba seiki @ : cliffhanger
bai, ngano man nimo gina advertise na? Dili ba mas prudent na kontakon nimo mga tawhanang naay kuwarta o climbing gear via private email? Unya tnood ba nang imo mountain? kay kung 75 kilo bar, gi unsa man diay gibutang dinha nang mga ponjaps kung nuagi sila sa rock wall? Unsahon mo ang 4.5 KVA generator ibutang mo sa ground level unya mugamit ka og extension cord?? unya imo hilyi drill, kinhanglan naay isog na brace, dili na mu drill pag nakasuspend ba bai. Psst, naay koy suggestion. Dinha sa cabanatuan naay may army base na naay 120 mm howitzers. I renta na lang na, 2 meters is just 3 or 4 direct hits. 5,000 per shell, practice shell 2500.  

19 Oct 2005 @ 13:41 by moondrops @ : Watch Out! HACKED EMAIL
Hey guys Meron mga malicious groups monitoring this site at ginagaya yung mga email address naten. Nagreregister sila with almost the same ID pero mali yung spelling (mispelled) And they are sending crap files with virus. Yung iba halos kapareho ng email address naten pero its registered under different country signature like abcde@yahoo.com.ph pero ang ginagawa nila same Id but Walang (.ph) - abcde@yahoo.com or abcde@yahoo.com.uk etc

Ingat din kayo Merong Intelligence Group na may access sa yahoo accounts nyo wag masyado detailed ang mga message , Mas ok pa magusap pag sa text (sms).  

20 Oct 2005 @ 02:54 by Concerned 2 @ : Marcos gold
Pls. buy and read Marcos Legacy Revisited, Raiders of the Lost Gold by Mr. Erick San Juan. You guys will learn where and to whom really marcos gold came
from. None other than Vatican, by Father Jose Antonio Diaz, The Vatican's Filipino-Spanish treasurer, alyas Col. Severino Sta. Romana. Then find out who was really the benefeciaries of Marcos wealth, Tayong mga pinoy! I don't like to put my e-mail add due to hacked e-mail, moondrops is right. My friend now have a problem to thier computer, viruses and mail scam.  

20 Oct 2005 @ 13:09 by jerry @ : cno ako
maasim is part of sarangani province, next town going south of general santos city. cno ako can you give exact adress or you can email me at my adres.

22 Oct 2005 @ 03:30 by yamashita @ : all dreamers
yamashita treasure is not true. the story is just fabricated by marcos to justify as to where did he get all his riches. santa romana got his treasure not from yamashita treasure. authors like eric san juan only want to protect the interest of the marcoses that is why he wrote that book. marcos stole the gold from the filipino people (BSP) and hid it to various parts of the country during the martial law. all the fake gold certificates, wellsfargo bills, security bonds that is being negotiated by so called bigtime negotiators are part of the marcos plan to confuse the people as to the truth behind the gold he stole from the Central Bank. look for the marcos gold and surely you'll find what you guys are looking for. there's only a few sites left. marcos treasure. the story of the japanese tunnels etcetera is not true. evrything in here is a lie. believe me. i just found today how a hearsay of false information reaches people with high intellect such as you guys here. pity.  

22 Oct 2005 @ 03:37 by yamashita @ : people of the philippines
wake up! treasure hunting is not the way we can help the poor filipino people. yamashita treasure is not true. look for the place where marcos hid the gold he has stolen. marcos money is pure filipino money, he transfered it only to banks abroad. marcos gold is pure filipino gold, he only hired resmelters to changed it's form to sumatra etcetera.  

22 Oct 2005 @ 13:28 by nagumo @ : yamashita
ohio gozaimas! you are soooo right! I am sorry about your horse, my advice to you is get a girlfriend instead, that is what normal generals do.  

23 Oct 2005 @ 07:50 by Macarthur @ : Yamashita
You must be part of the conspiracy to hide this wealth and to prevent people from extracting these treasures. Many of the persons in this site have recovered real stuff and some possess genuine maps and are relatives of key people who were involved in discovering sites. While you can deny these, no one in this forum will likely listen to you. There are also at least 10 big American and Foreign buyers of commodity currently in the country, some have been here for years. How do you also explain their presence. You probably dont know either that all of the Presidents from Marcos to date have had their own recoveries as well. I agree that treasure hunting is not for everyone but i dont think you should hide the truth either. Have you read Seagraves ? Have you done extensive research before coming up with a sweeping judgment ? Are you CIA ? Are you PMS ?  

23 Oct 2005 @ 08:52 by WATANABE SAN @ : YAMASHITA
alias yamashita san..may i ask you if your an alien from Mars? Helloerrr? Where did you got that idea ? PITY FOR YOU MY FRIEND FROM MARS !!!! WE GUYS ARE NOT DUMB AS YOU ARE AND STAY OUT OF THIS FORUM IF YOU DONT BELIEVE THAT YOUR LOLO'S GOLD IS NOT TRUE....  

23 Oct 2005 @ 12:23 by jerry @ : WANTED SCANNER

24 Oct 2005 @ 06:55 by jograd @ : GPL SCANNER 4 RENT
GPL(Ground Penetrating Locator) " FOR RENT "....it can Scann; DEPOSIT,DANGER&DEPTH up to 450ft..ok for Mineralized & Non-mineralized Soil;
for more info:email; j11_cruz@hotmail.com or jograd11@lycos.com
cel# 09208205159  

24 Oct 2005 @ 08:08 by ed landsdale @ : mga kababayan
Mga Kababayan,

Huwag ho kayong mag alala kung kayo ay pinadadalhan nang virus at nenenenok ang inyong mga email address nang mga tao (itago na lang ho natin sila sa pangalang 'Charlie') na gumagamit nang isang Cray server sa Virginia. Eto pa ho, kung ang computer na ginagamit niyo ay tanging inyo at eto ay nasa inyong tahanan, asahan niyo po wala pa hong sampung segundo nakikita na ho nila lahat nang nasa inyong screen, pag sa cafe ho kayo mas matagal-mga kinseng segundo. Pati ho ang laman nang inyong hard drive pati lahat nang inyong JPG files at pirated games ay kayang kayang i access ni Charlie. Pati YM at Chikka messages niyo po. Alam niyo po ba kung gaano kalaki ang hard drive nang computer ni Charlie? Eto po ay pinatayuan nang 7 na airconditioned na gusali na kasinlaki nang SM Sta. Mesa bawat isa. Ang tawag niya po sa mga to ay 'seven little dwarves'. Ngunit mga kababayan, huwag po tayong mag-alala.

Tayong lahat na nakikisalo dito ay binabantayan, dati pa man, malinaw na ho ito sa iilan sa atin. Huwag po tayon mag-alala dahil sa dami natin, hindi nila tayong lahat kayang bantayan araw araw gabi gabi. Sigurado mabubuang sila sa kakatranslate lang nitong post na ito. Damihan po natin ang communications traffic. Gumamit po nang kahit ilan sa mga 657 na mga wikang taglay sa Pilipinas. Mambola po tayo sa mga sites at ating mga gawaing pang araw araw. Ma-ooverload po natin ang kanilang system at makalikha pa ho tayo nang trabaho para sa ating mga Filipino translators. Hayaan niyo po silang mag develop nang kanilang pang spy na software at bigyan po natin sila nang maraming trabajo. Susuko din mga yan.

Sa mga ponjaps na nagbabasa, lalo na ang mga dating kempetai, pakisabi sa inyong emperor na isa sa mga imperial katana niyo ay kasalukuyan sinusunog at tinutunaw nang isa naming kababayan gagawin itong inidoro na pang export sa japan. Ito ay ginagawa bilang ganti sa pinsalang nagawa niya noong nakaraang giyera. Pakisabi rin na ganito ang mangyayari sa bawat 6 na katana na natitira pa.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!  

24 Oct 2005 @ 10:08 by Horyu, Soryu, Akagi @ : Yamashita San
If all this is a fairy tale, then why are the Langley boys monitoring this forum 24/7? By the way, that's a nice Docker's shirt you're wearing. I didn't know there was an outlet sale. Shko shko kuda sai!  

24 Oct 2005 @ 11:10 by SAKURAGI HANAMICHI @ : SABURO SAKAI

24 Oct 2005 @ 11:28 by yamshita @ : horyu, soryu, akagi
are you sure about your allegations the langley boys you thought they are doin? shko kuda sai, hai! no gold man just dirt!  

24 Oct 2005 @ 12:18 by NACHI-FUJIKOSHI @ : ed landsdale, hanamichi, yamashita
saw coon two gun eats tie yo! mug post ma he hear rap pan sea law? Ma hear rap to! Anne act numb pat tow lab numb man o Par ray hanamichi san who wag can two me ra nang opium knee low loco cal lung nang cap pat teed co. imp pour tan tea flag mow bring eat two hospital ask doctor coon mare rune seal lung grenz ray

yamashita tar run tad do


24 Oct 2005 @ 12:43 by saburo sakai @ : Nachi Fujikoshi hanamichi ed landsdale
hahaha! Ma hear rap tall lag a tol.

Hanamichi San soon than mow seen nab bee knee brother that ease the bee see knee tee map tea knee test can numb in.

ed landsdale anne know bang katana

yamashita can too tin mow cab baah yo! mow par ray yo! cabs mow lull lack key baah o baah baah hey  

24 Oct 2005 @ 13:07 by yorktown enterprise hornet @ : horyu soryu akagi
dont yo mean 'hiryu' soryu akagi? What about the Kaga?

yamashita - are you joe? stop fooling around with your horse man thats gross!  



25 Oct 2005 @ 01:59 by ed @ : yes yamshita is joe from the old post
joe am i to understand that this is a dead male horse? eeeeewwwww!  

25 Oct 2005 @ 02:07 by ed @ : yamashita
pare dont shko shko your horse im gonna report you to the SPCA  

25 Oct 2005 @ 02:41 by ed @ : schulz
Solano, go to the middle of town, the local police station. Stand in front of it and look around...do you see Metrobank? Go to Metrobank and check out the building behind it. On that land and in that building are Queen of Denmark's jewels.  

25 Oct 2005 @ 06:25 by dexter @ : TREASURE IN BAMBANG, NUEVA VIZCAYA

25 Oct 2005 @ 07:57 by fm @ : all TH
I will answer all your request and question the soonest. Right now we are very busy unloading of big tilapia in Rizal. We were able to get 120MT and delivered already in our safehouse. Promise to answer you soon thanks & good day fm

To paul,

Thanks you witnessed the dangerous recovery of tilapia. Its not easy to get and we spent two weeks to get the subject. We pay already the advance payment intended for the lot area in better living. we could start early in march or april. Dont worry about the finances of the operation. We will be the one to shoulder for the building development in the area. Permits and docs are almost done. So don't worry, i think we will meet again this week at southmall for the operation Just submit your trusted people to join the excavation. We could finish within 60 days, okey? thanks & good day fm  

25 Oct 2005 @ 08:10 by fm @ : Yamashita
Psre wag kang tanga, maghukay ka at para masabi mo na may ginto talga ang mga hapon dito. Gusto mo sumama ka sa amin at ipakita ko sayo ng personal, pero ano ang taya mo? willing ako mag taya ng Padjero ko o di kaya ilang bara ang gusto mo okey? bago tayo punta sa bodega ko at area maglabas ka ng pantaya para di tayo maging tanga na katulad mo. Wag kang dakdak ng dakdak at maubusan tayo ng mga puti okey?  

25 Oct 2005 @ 08:57 by Santa Romana @ : Yamashita
Pre, basahin mo muna ang mga ito. www.spiritone.com/~gdy52150/goldp10.html ; www.rense.com/general13/treasure.htm ; www.bowstring.net/believe%20it%20or%20not.htm  

25 Oct 2005 @ 10:51 by yamashita @ : fm
hindi kaya mas tanga ang magtawag ng mga puti dito? sabi mo nakahukay ka na, eh di magfinance ka na lang, wag yung sasabihin mong may nahukay ka tapos natatakot ka na walang pumatol sa pangaakit niyo ng financer na puti. tama ba? Bebentahan pa sana kita pero analyze ko sindikato ka, ano pustahan tayo? Sa safe ground tayo para walang patayan baka wala ka maipakita. Pusta ko Honda S2000 Sports Car ko kung talagang totoo ka.  

25 Oct 2005 @ 10:58 by ed @ : 16, 17, 51
looking for old members of the 16th and 17th infantry batallion also the 51st Engineering brigade  

25 Oct 2005 @ 14:09 by moondrops @ : Masyadong Hot
Ei guys wag kayo masyadong hot! siguro naman both parties have a good reason on posting these things...  

26 Oct 2005 @ 01:02 by ed @ : yamashita
pare--if Charlie isnt on to you then you must be very good or you havent scored. Or maybe you are with them. Do you know that there are only 24 s2000s here?

Whats the reason why you were covering up the truth? Isnt it in the interest of the Philippines for Filipinos to make recoveries? Last i heard Marcos is dead and no one has the umbrella. Maghukay ka na lang or tumulong sa mga nandito.

PS sabi nang analysts ko your posts were made by three different persons  

26 Oct 2005 @ 02:13 by jerry @ : maraning mail pumapasok
daming mail dumadating sakin, may mga picture pa na galing sa computer ko. pano kaya na sesend ng mga to sakin pabalik mga picture ko sa aking computer, araw araw 3 to 4 mssg iba ibang email addres ang ginagamit, tinatanong ko sila kung pano nila ginawa, sagot nila wala man daw sila pinapadala sakin. ANY BODY HERE CAN EXPLAIN HOW DID THESE THINGS HAPPEN?


26 Oct 2005 @ 03:16 by sakuragi hanamichi @ : herbert san bambang
I have knowledgeabout the buriedobjects,and in bambangfor examle there is a deposit neaR the hospital,and on trhe east is a mountain where you can see creeks thereif youhave a GOOD TESTERYOUCAN FIND THEM.  

26 Oct 2005 @ 03:26 by SAKURAGIHANAMICHI @ : HOW TO DIG

26 Oct 2005 @ 04:54 by RIC @ : tanong lang to ryan at cno_ako
may napuntahan akonglugar na itinuro sa amin. may pinahukay sa min na spot sa isang cave sa cagayan ang sabi may makikita kami na nakaukit na ahas and nakita namin yun after digging. Ang sunod na sinabi sa amin ay maghukay sa direksyon kung saan nakaturo yung ulo ng ahas at pagkahukay ng mga 2 metro makikita naman namin yung anim na bilog na bato na nakapatong sa tatlong semento na magkakatabi. ng hukayin namin ito andun nga yung mga sinasabi sa amin kaso di namin mabasag yung semento na pinagpapatungan ng 6 na bilog na bato. mukhang bato din yung sinasabi na semento parang yellowish na buhay rocks pero eksakto ayon sa pagkakasabi sa amin at sobrang tigas. andun daw sa loob yung mga items. any comment ryan and cno_ako?  

26 Oct 2005 @ 04:55 by fm @ : Yamashita
Pre call ko ang challenge mo, when and where we meet? d2 lang ako manila. Kung pwede ka magkita tayo ngaun at pakidala ang docs ng pantaya mo. Magdala ka ng abogado mo para mag pirmahan tau okey? Wag mong sabihin na kwento lang kami. Kung kilala mo si paul yao sa forum na ito, sya ang witness na nag recover kami last week sa Rizal area. Kunin mo ang email nya okey?  

26 Oct 2005 @ 05:00 by fm @ : WhAT IS thee TRUTH.. @
6 Oct 2005 @ 13:38 by WhAT IS thee TRUTH.. @ : FM
I totally agreed with you mr.FM! Everything you say are quite true, Though i dont like the idea of nationalism.

************ Yeah thanks you agreed but I think you are not a genuine Pilipino as what you’ve quoted that you don’t like a nationalism idea. Remember? Filipino heroes before who embraced nationalism gambled and wasted their lives to death just to enjoy our freedom as a free Pilipino today. if you are really a Pilipino, you must learn to love your fellow men now.

I just have a few questions:

1.Are you connected with ROYAL HOLDINGS Company here in the ph?

*************No I’m not, I own the company.

2.This bank you want to open, does it involed other countries in asia such as indonesia?

**************No foreigners will be involved here. As I said, tayo lang mga Pilipino ang makinabang at walang ng iba.

3.Can you give protection to your seller?

**************No buyer could give protection to all sellers. Ex. Sta. Romana who trust so much the safety of his goods to other land, ano nangyari sa kanya? May buyer ba nag protect sa kanya? Kahit dalhin mo ang commodities mo sa ibang bansa para ibenta, while on the way to the buyer (in foreign land) kung anong mangyari sayo hindi ka nila sasagutin. If you have your own stocks, get the battalion of security guard and the best battery of lawyers to assist and protect you and your interest. Okey?

I have a contact with a company here in the ph that wants to sell gold deposited on a bank outside the country. Ive seen the original Bank Certificate. Its an gonna be an Offshore deal.

***************Okey, tell them to send us the following via email: Gold Bullion/Bank Certificate, Safe Keeping Receipt/SKR, Name of authorized bank officer to receive inquiries with their telephone numbers, name of owners and authorized signatories and other vital documents for us to verify ASAP. You know we’ve experienced a lot of bank certificates and checked them all but sad to say all were fake and manufactured anywhere. I hope what you are talking is true. Thanks fm  

26 Oct 2005 @ 05:03 by ed @ : jerry
tingnan mo post ni ed landsdale  

26 Oct 2005 @ 08:11 by yamashita @ : ed, fm
nagpasok kami ng 2 s2000, 3 hummer at 5 mini sa backdoor. Add mo na lang ung 2 sa bilang mo and that would make 28 s2000s, mind na ang s2000 namin ay hindi lang nakadisplay.... tumatakbo ng mabilis yan. should have i not the right to express my opinion here? what i conclude really is that there is no treasure here in the philippines, if there would be any treasure, those were gold/treasures marcos has stolen from the Central Bank.

FM: You sure you own ROYAL HOLDINGS? How can a poor Filipino get hold of the title ROYAL without royal blood flowing right inside your veins? You might just be kidding man! Why the need to boast off your successful recovery? Have you really got something show or you are just one of the scumbags roaming the malls and hotels of metro manila? Royal Holdings and your car is just a PAJERO, uhhh man! Baka sakin mo pa binili yang pajero mo loko, surplus from Japan!  

26 Oct 2005 @ 08:32 by MacArthur @ : Yamashita
Sure, everyone is entitled to his wrong opinion. Ang hirap sa 'yo ay binabaliwala mo ang talino at kaalaman ng ibang tao na may nahukay na, may mga mapa, may solid na ebidensya. Nabasa mo lang si Eric San Juan ay naniwala ka na (Erpats mo ba sya ?). Sabihin mo na sa amin kung ano ba talaga ang intention mo sa pagsali sa forum na ito ? Kung hindi ka makakatulong sa iba ay huwag ka na lang magsalita o di kaya magumpisa ka ng sarili mong forum. Nagmumukha ka lang kawawa sa iyong pinagpipilitang ignoransya.  

26 Oct 2005 @ 12:43 by enrico @ : positive site
what do u think of zambales sites? May alam ako na site na baptist church na napabalita na way back early seventies may pagkalakilaking itim na bato na ang arrow na nakaukit doon ay nakaturo sa baptist church which was across the big stone boulder naghukay sila pero walang nakita. Kasi base sa nalalaman ko na about the signs and landmarks na ginagawa o tanda ng hapon noon, signs din yung 2 narra tree at sa itaas ng burol yung acacia nakatriangle ang porma nito, could it be na this is the site? at medyo tunog ko na rin kasi ipinagtanong ko kung ilang taon na yung manggang bansot ( situated in the middle of the triangle formed by the 2 narra and acacia trees)sa harap ng bahay nila (friend) ko at nagulat ako almost 50 years na yung kapatid nya maliit pa daw yun ganun na kalaki takot sila putulin kasi may white lady na nagpapakita dun mismo sa may bansot na punong manga at nawawala daw doon. Could anyone advise me about this place is it really positive? Malapit lang dito yung baptist church na sinasabi ko kung medyo lumihis pa sila nakita sana nila yung site na sinasabi kong ito, malamang nandoon yun kaso syempre iba ang may-ari ng lupa kaya wala silang magawa. Sa parehong lugar din along the stretch of the same road yung bahay naman ng auntie ko matagal na rin usap usapan na meron ibinaon ang hapon. Ngayon ng ininterview ko ang sabi sa ilalim ng bahay nila may malaking bato na umaangat na, ang sahig kasi nito ay kahoy minsan isang gabi ay may mga sisiw na puting puti na nagpakita dun sa auntie ko. Itong area na ito ay medyo elevated facing the sea o hillside ika nga at may 3 matandang puno ng mangga na magkahilera nasa pagitan ng 2 manga nakatayo yung bahay na may batong malaki na parang umaangat na. Both sites ay parehong may creek nearby. Anyone who will enlighten me on this? God bless to all hunters with (David's heart).  

27 Oct 2005 @ 01:31 by JERRY @ : virus
ed, ibig sabihin mababasa nila laman ng hard disc ko? delicado pala to. mahirap din pala pag hi tech na. buti pa balik tayo sa binukid style para di malaman activitist natin. tsk tsk tsk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

27 Oct 2005 @ 02:29 by ed landsdale @ : yamashita n jerry
yama - e balik na lang tayo sa tanong, if that is your contention, why are you even in this forum? Some people here are digging some people here are trading things they already recovered, so you CANNOT tell them that the items they have do not exist right? If you are not with us (Filipinos with first hand experience) then you are against us. As far as we are concerned what you are doing is disinformation (and not a good job at doing it pa). Now there are only a FEW parties who would actively go out and disinform the public, we think you are with them and as such your opinions and you as a person are subject to our attacks. Kung nagagamit mo backdoor, ask whoever it is you are asking permission from to use that door if payments in Jap gold and buddhas were made to him. If you are that close, he will say yes.

I call mo na yung pustahan niyo ni FM kuha kayo nang objective arbiter para walang lokohan, no guns. How he bets is his business, call mo or ayawan mo, thats his bet.

p.s. I have royal blood :) i dont own any companies that are 'royal' at all


gawa ka nang trojan, naka quarantine, mas maganda ikaw magdesign para custom. I un-quarantine mo pag online ka. Kumuha ka nang mga old viruses, mga 1980's pa, palitan mo logarithm para mas mabilis and malaki--kahit isa lang makalusot sa firewalls nila :). Each of the 7 drives are isolated, ok na ma down mo isa, mga pinoy din kukunin nila para ayusin yon :)  

27 Oct 2005 @ 02:58 by ed @ : yamashita
san ba galing yang s2000 mo? US or Oman? Magkano mo binebenta yung isa? Yung hummer mo yung orig ba or yung h2 or h3? How much din? Can you bring in choppers (israeli or french not US) and parts?  

27 Oct 2005 @ 03:10 by ed @ : yamshita
my friend is looking for 2nd hand Frelons and Pumas. preferabley with avionics for all weather operation (doppler and the israeli night vision system). Also if it comes with slings and winches (yung rescue versions meron) mas maganda. hes asking din kung puwede maggi bullion cubes yung bayad  

27 Oct 2005 @ 11:57 by sakuragi hanamichi @ : TO. MR.WATANABI SAN

27 Oct 2005 @ 12:12 by Welfred @ : Requesting the help of Mr. CNO_AKO
Maupay na gab-i! Isa din po akong TH'r , pero neophyte pa. Naghahanap sana ako ng makakatulong sa akin na mag decode some stone markers sa site ko sa Visayas. Nai post ko mga available info sa "Spindle Exploration Forum". The topic is "Where is the treasure?" and under the subject "Treasure Hunting in the Philippines".

Teka pala, si Merx688/Ed and iyong kaibigan and nag-recommend sa akin na kontakin ko raw and expert dito na si CNO_AKO. Hindi ko po makita ang e-mail address ninyo, kaya dito ko na i-post dahil dito kayo madalas. Alam ko busy po kayo, pero sana kahit ngayon "undas" makakaroon po kayo ng oras upang tumingin iyon mga pictures ko at sana matulungan po ninyo ako. You can find my e-mail address doon sa Forum, sorry ha, pero takot ako baka nga totoo mga virus dito.

Hope to hear from you.

Maraming salamat.



27 Oct 2005 @ 12:13 by SAKURAGI HANAMICHI @ : PAUL YAO

27 Oct 2005 @ 19:56 by jerry @ : edlandsdale
salamat pare. best regards  

28 Oct 2005 @ 01:49 by ed @ : lux
whats with the phones??? is that code? watanabe san you think thats encryption? why does he say 'we are selling'? hey lux do your simcards come from virginia :)?  

28 Oct 2005 @ 07:44 by WATANABE SAN @ : LUX'S CELFONES
hehe i think your lost man? itll be more interesting if you're selling gold bars,metal detectors,GPR & GPL scanners in this forum...anyway,maybe some guys here will buy celfone,s from you....,,Ed,i dont think there's something behind this celfones,no's or prices.....advertisement only hehehe  

28 Oct 2005 @ 07:58 by ed landsdale @ : watanabe san
look at the prices man...its too cheap baka its code? plus no ordering information  

28 Oct 2005 @ 08:03 by ed landsdale @ : watanabe san
its code! count number of '.....' is it the encryption key to something.?....,........,.....,......,.....,..........,???  

28 Oct 2005 @ 08:05 by ed landsdale @ : lux
gps coordinates! Why? What the heck are these?  

28 Oct 2005 @ 12:55 by sakuragi @ : edlandsdale
hello maybe your knowledgeable about the treasure sites here in northern luzon,CAR region.just want to know if you know the standard deep here.thanks  

29 Oct 2005 @ 08:46 by ed landsdale @ : sakuragi
no standard depth, i aint too knowledgable man. Watanabe San is an expert  

29 Oct 2005 @ 08:47 by WATANABE SAN @ : ED
well ed, maybe or maybe not....let's just focus on much simplier targets...i dont think Lux will tell the truth anyway....pare,somebody's messing around with my email add..i cnt get it open or sign in..b4, i've been receiving mails rgrding stolen accounts from chuba chup Africa & want me to be his partner in crime.. i tell you guys..better not post your email add here..not safe..maybe today,we're nothing but someday,we will be somebody and they will surely know everything about us specially when one of us hit big in our quest...anyway,this is part of being hitech rgrdng communication...to hell with them...we TH have to unite...form a group so we can help each of us in terms of sharing knowhow..maybe later on somebody might finance one of our sites like FM...this is not just a hobby for us anyway? ED,maybe you can start this???  

29 Oct 2005 @ 09:14 by WATANABE SAN @ : SAKURAGI SAN
pare,ED is right,there's no standard depth..me,not expert also but thru expirienced...i tell you pare,b4 you start your proj. must see to it that you have all the proper equipments you need and funds to support...read some post here,you will see the same problems with their proj. FUNDS,PUMP,SCANNER etc...
scann your workers also..who's who..?try to consider also the spiritual aspect..rmember Marcos has his own spitual team,its up to you pare...clean heart,clean mind is the key to success...goodluck pare!!  

29 Oct 2005 @ 11:15 by Cno_ako @ : welfred
text ko c ed, bigay ko isang email add ko. may virus na yon dati, di ko na mapasok. send ka nalang ng pics sa email na ibibigay sau ni ed..  

29 Oct 2005 @ 12:55 by saburo sakai @ : hanamichi san
did you process your flag already as per instructions? Hanamichi San, whatis your backround? Do you have maps? How did you come about your knowledge? do you know other sites in Luzon?  

29 Oct 2005 @ 13:30 by yamashita @ : FM
asan ka na pare? pustahan na lang kaya tayo ng pera pare, ano laban ka? Gaya sabi ni Ed kuha tayo ng arbiter, bigay natin sa kanya 10Million natin kung wala ka maipapakita na GOLD(at least mga 10 BARS) akin ang pera mo, kung may maipakita ka sa iyo ang pera ko.

Masyado yatang takot ang mga tao dito sa wala... kahit wala naman nagmomonitor feeling nila minomonitor (DAW) ng mga CIA etc! MGA DUWAG!  

29 Oct 2005 @ 16:43 by JOSE RIZAL @ : YAMASHITA
yamashita relax ka lang dyan..wala naman mangyayari sa hamun mo eh?
mabuti pa itago mo na lang yang milyones mo at baunin mo na lang sa hukay! puro ka porma, matapang ka lang dito sa forum..YAMASHITA, HINDI AKO KASAMA SA MGA DUWAG HA? NUNG BINARIL NGA AKO NG MGA KASTILA,HUMARAP PAKO SA KANILA..KAYA MO YON?
prefaren saputen wala kang uten!!!ha ha ha TAWA KA NAMAN DYAN YAMASHITA? YABANG MO !!!!!  

29 Oct 2005 @ 21:25 by Welfred @ : CNO_AKO

Pina email ko na kagabi mga pictures sa email add bigay ni Ed. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Brian, Ed,

Muchas gracias otra ves.  

30 Oct 2005 @ 06:56 by natsugi @ : lux

30 Oct 2005 @ 08:34 by yamashita @ : Jose Rizal
Pare, pasensya ka na... nauna ka lang nging hero sa akin. Ang kwento nila noong hinarap mo yung baril noong inexecute ka, gusto mo raw makakita ng bala at yun ang last wish mo. Totoo ba yun? Ikaw na lang maging arbiter namin ni Ferdinand Marcos, kung wala siya maipakita gold kunin natin pera niya at magpagawa tayo nang statue ko sa Fort Bonifacio.  

30 Oct 2005 @ 13:44 by JOSE RIZAL @ : YAMASHITA
Hahaha okey ka talaga pareng joe aka yamashita? O FM pano ba yan? kasubuan na to? Ako na daw arbiter nyo? Patulan mo na kya FM para matigil na paghihinagpis ni pareng Joe Yam...to see is to believe ang laban,,10M daw ke joe yam Vs. 10 Gold bars mo for show lang? Teka pareng joe yam,dapat madami witness...invite natin ibang tao d2 sa forum ska dapat meron media para magandang balita sa TV Patrol...2 peke nagbarilan,patay! Damay sa shootout si Jose! Ok b yun pareng Joe Yam..? hehe O ano? Where and When ang venue mga pare koy? Dito kya sa LOYOLA Memorial sa Paranaque alas 6am?Cguraduhin nyong itutuloy nyo yan ha? Kahiyaan na to? dito nakasalalay pagkalalake nyo!Cge mga pare koy,sagutin nyo pareho ang hamon,magsama kayo pareho ng isang batallion bodyguards para maganda laban at matagal na bakbakan yun!mag excuse muna ko sa Luneta,nangangawit na paa ko kakatayo dito at yung bantay ko pa alis alis nangangati cguro bayag.Report ko muna ke pareng Andres B. ang mangyayari sa inyo para masaksihan din nya showdown nyo..O ANO?  

31 Oct 2005 @ 04:26 by ed @ : yamshita
o game na! matraffic dyan sa loyola memorial. Kung gusto nyo sa parking lot nang jesuit residence sa katipunan, pahawak niyo yung manager's checks sa pari...open na open yon at walang tao, kahit anong oras bukas yon, surrounded by woods and hills parang sniper alley :)  

31 Oct 2005 @ 15:19 by WATANABE SAN @ : YAMASHITA

31 Oct 2005 @ 15:31 by JOSE RIZAL @ : YAMASHITA
uy dumadami na audience ? kahiyaan na talaga to...ang umatras,walang eggballs.cge sagot ko flowers hheheheheheheheh ()  

31 Oct 2005 @ 23:17 by Ophir777 @ : I need a partner with GPR
Any one here with the latest GPR ( Ground Penetrating Radar ) pls Email me at jetrho777@yahoo.com. I have known 4 sites in southern part of manila & sufficient info regarding this so called trasures.  

1 Nov 2005 @ 05:56 by TeKa TeKa @ : Para sa lahat!!!
Lokohan na to!!!  

1 Nov 2005 @ 06:28 by ed landsdale @ : yam and fm
Let's go! Come on, let's see them gold bars! When and where? Libre ko kayong lahat sa Saksakin este saisaki pagkatapos...game na!  

1 Nov 2005 @ 06:53 by Sultan Esmail-Kiram-I @ : yamashita
so the spooks aren't watching huh? Langley, Yamashita Joe here is the last remaining trustee for the following:

1. Fanerst King Fisher
2. Burgst Harbour King
3. 4 77 22 P
4. LVI 829075 TI
5. 5555 201 HE
6. 78 9520 37 0

I signed everything to his name - 1 and 2 in 1973, the rest to be turned over to him as per my will in 1991

He's the one who has your money :)  

1 Nov 2005 @ 09:26 by felipe @ : formerly camp mckinley
i dig for a septic tank when i reach at 6 feet i found a pavement of cement around 1 square meter my location is on westrn bicutan as what i have research my place was a camp of japanese during world war,is somebody can help with this?please......  

1 Nov 2005 @ 10:36 by Sultan @ : felipe
kuha ka nang map nang fort bonifacio, drawing ka nang line from yung dating musuem, yung gitna nang american cemetery and then yung NAIA runway na nakaharap sa SSH. Sapul ba yung concrete mo?  

1 Nov 2005 @ 12:55 by felipe @ : sultan
medyo malayo, mula sa approach line ng NAIA going to alabang EAST service road AT THE BACK of TUP ALONG THE FENCH OF veterance industrial compound.(western Bicutan)  

1 Nov 2005 @ 15:53 by felipe @ : sultan
medyo malayo, mula sa approach line ng NAIA going to alabang EAST service road AT THE BACK of TUP ALONG THE FENCH OF veterance industrial compound.(western Bicutan)do you have any idea about this location?thanks for the rsponse SULTAN  

2 Nov 2005 @ 01:51 by ed @ : felipe
no..get a map and draw the line, as instructed, how far off is it? How many kms or meters?  

2 Nov 2005 @ 08:34 by felipe @ : ed and sultan
i try to draw a straight line from center of old museum (amirican cemetery)to runway, the site is more or less 1 km south,approximately 150-200 meters away from old creek.lying along the concrete fence of veterans industrial compound. is there any idea what is the concrete i dug?

3 Nov 2005 @ 00:39 by ed @ : felipe
no the line is suppose to start from the location of old AFP musuem where they used to have tanks outside. The musuem was closed in 97 and levelled in 2000, then to the center of the American Cemetery then to the tip of the NAIA runway you need to plot 3 points.

That is more or less the general alignment of the main tunnel but it is 100 feet below the surface. The tunnel has several lateral branches in that area that angle upwards. I thinks that is an old sealed airshaft if it is square. Break it open and see whats inside. The Americans say that that is part of a 38-mile underground tunnel complex so its hard to locate anything.

They say the tunnels are empty. In 1973-75 2,000 marines searched and dug in those tunnels. Marcos and Ver spent some time there too, they were able to recover several tons. But there are still Marines working those tunnels on the Bonifacio side today so maybe, just maybe they missed something.

If I were Yamashita and I was lugging around my gold...that would be the most convenient place to store it in. It was alreadyy built, there was no one around and it will still be there after the war.  

3 Nov 2005 @ 00:42 by ed @ : felipe
prior to marcos and ver, Macarthur and Sta. Romana recovered several hundred tons too. Marcos haul was larger than Macarthur's so maybe the third guy who excavates those tunnels will have the largest haul ever  

3 Nov 2005 @ 10:47 by hanamichisakuragi @ : ATTN:SABURO SAKAI
GREETINGS!NO I DID NOT YET PROCESS (FLAG)IT BECAUSE ITS HARD,ABOUT MY KNOWLEDGE A CHRISTIAN JAP JUST THOUGHT ME THE THINGS THAT "they" put on their burial(SPOT)site,like anti,decoy i was also trained how to by pass them but its hard..i also have some map for la union and some parts of cordillera and vizcaya.so wat about you do you have a gpr.so that i would like to compare my training with the readings of gpr.  

3 Nov 2005 @ 12:02 by felipe @ : ed
thanks for the information about that what ever happens i feed back k agad sa inyo!!mabuhay kyong lahat!!!  

3 Nov 2005 @ 14:05 by saburo sakai @ : hanamichi san
i can only give advice. I would rather not get involved unless....your map of luzon and cordilleras is red or blue, made of waxpaper, has a japanese flag on a flagpole, 36 inches by 36 inches or 38 inches by 38 inches, has something that looks like a clock, has a drawings of the sun, boxes or barrels, or has a flower with 14 petals on it, has a huge billion number at the bottom, has a list written on the back...has to be orig no photocopies or pictures otherwise it is useless  

4 Nov 2005 @ 11:51 by hanamichi sakuragi @ : saburo
wat i only have is just an original copy of original,my has the orginal because she use to be a husband of a world warII captain Ikeda,anyway its okay.hope to get some advice from you.  

6 Nov 2005 @ 15:05 by Juliet Echo Double Romeo Yanky @ : Treasure Cache
Is there anyone here at this forum knows, how the japanese imperial army sealed there treasure? and how to recover it?...my friend already found the Cache at 90ft below the ground....the problem is ...everytime they pull the cache using chainblock...there is something michanical operation that will trigger a bomb..then explode....some people already die in this operation...any suggestion will be accepted....:)  

7 Nov 2005 @ 00:23 by ed @ : juliet echo double romeo yankie
what are you trying to pull up? Is it a red round stone?  

7 Nov 2005 @ 00:35 by juliet echo double remeo yanky @ : Treasure Cache
square cache covered with black(colored elements)and enclose with very hard steel bars....  

8 Nov 2005 @ 00:58 by ed @ : juliet
more detils needed do you mean a square room? or a square object enclosed with steel bars? What are the dimensions and can you see inside? Watch out for steel cables  

8 Nov 2005 @ 03:57 by Lito @ : FM
Sir FM, si Lito Cedeño po ito ang ka meeting nyo last october sa Gloria Maris Rest. near unimart. Nagkasundo na po ang grupo namin sa share gusto po ninyo. Matagal na namin kayo gusto makausap pero ayaw po ibigay ng tao nyo ang cell # at landline po nyo. Kaya binigay po nya sa akin ang forum na ito kasi araw araw po dw ang secretary nyo nagbabasa dito. Sir kung pwede po, umpisahan n po natin ang site namin kasi na scan na po ng tao nyo ang area at positive daw po. Ibinigay po namin sa kanila ang lahat na detalye. Si Kapitan po ng barangay na ka meeting natin ay hindi napo tutol sa desisyon po nyo ang mahalaga ay makuha na po namin. Ang mga marker na tulad ng heart at hugis pagong pati na ang ibang mga marker ay nakunan na po ng tao nyo ng mga picture. Pls na man po Sir FM paki asikaso po kami kasi sa lahat na ka meeting namin kayo lang po ang totoong tao makapag finance sa site namin. Pasensya na po kayo, sa susunod tatlo na lang kami ang makipag meeting sa inyo kasi para di gastos sa rest. ang mga sasama si Kapitan, May ari ng lupa at ako na lang. Ang Cell # ko binigay ko po sa tao nyo thanks.

Sir FM nabasa ko ang forum na ito. Wag na nyo pong patulan si Yamashita mga myembro ng bogus yan o mga cubao boys. Wag na kayo aksaya oras sa kanya. Alam po namin at ako mismo nakita kita ng personal at very simple lang. salamat Lito Cedeño  

8 Nov 2005 @ 07:40 by Jef Igocano @ : FM
Hello Mr. Ferdinand,

Ako din po ito, hopefully po malalaman ko po schedule niyo akyat ng baguio para mameet ko din po kayo dun. Pupunta po ngayon jan sa manila yung kaibigan ko, kung gusto po niyo magmeet po kayo para ipapadala ko sa kanya yung mapa. Importante lang po ay ma-scrutinize kung genuine at kung willing po kayo na magfinance kung sakaling okay. Nasend ko na po yung cellphone number ko sa email niyo, hopefully po ina-update po kayo ng secretarya p ninyo. Salamat at sana magkaroon tayo ng magandang samahan.Mabuhay po kayo!


Jef Igocano (Ilocano+Igorot)  

9 Nov 2005 @ 03:36 by yao ming @ : jefigocano(kailian)
IM ALSO FROM BAGUIO,IM ALSO LOOKING FOR A financer for my site in benguet,i also own the property,or maybe you know somebody who has a gpr.may be if its okay with you we can have an arrangement or met at any place in baguio or trinidad.  

9 Nov 2005 @ 06:40 by tikboy @ : Palladium
Im looking for buyer of a metal containing 49.54% palladium  

9 Nov 2005 @ 06:44 by tikboy @ : palladium
The palladium im holding has analysis report from the USA by Ledoux & Company,I have a lot of this item  

9 Nov 2005 @ 09:06 by moondrops @ : tikboy
Ei i though we wer making a deal here.
Anyway you are always free to look for other buyers, its out of my control.huhuhu....O_o!

Fm - maybe yur one of an original copy of the true Fm face or dummy? Mr.True F. Marcos made lots of dummies, a copy of himself, and who knows who's the real one?
His legacy is in yur hands. Yeah!^__^  

9 Nov 2005 @ 09:10 by moondrops @ : the biggest of them all
Ei guys!

Anyone of ya know the biggest treasure site ever here in the ph?  

9 Nov 2005 @ 15:40 by JUAN @ : moondrops
Yap! you're right about FM..hehe. now, what happened to Yamashita aka Joe? disappear from the forum huh? Paginggg YAMASHITA!
Moondrops, 1Million Metric Tons loot from China, located here in Metro Manila.. correct me if i'm wrong.. hehe just a guess!OK Moondrops, where is it,if you know the answer so we can start digging..joke joke joke ^_______^
[ ][ ]

10 Nov 2005 @ 00:45 by boylara @ : gud news
kaya bumaba piso natin, kasi tapos na yun transaction na kinuha nina labandera dun sa Palanan..mga 3 tons yun binenta nila....tip na naman on going retrieval operation dito sa Aurora at Ifagao Province..kaya dapat bantayan nyo...  

10 Nov 2005 @ 02:08 by Rexie @ : To Jerry
Bay jerry asa ka sa south cotabato? Im from gensan city bay.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 06:39 by moondrops @ : JUAN
1million metric tons... ya think its possible in a single site? true there are large amount that can reach more than a 100,000 metric tons in a single site. There is a possibily that the japanese loot burried in the philippines may reach more than a 1Million metric tons, But putting it all in the same basket is still an issue to me. Your guess that it may lie in metro manila is a little logical to me...but of no proof. Also there had already been a successful recovery in metro manila decades ago like Mr.marcos. Well im no professional treasure hunter im just a simple business man. Let the Big guys handle those matters.hahaha  

10 Nov 2005 @ 09:14 by ROBERT P. @ : To all TH
I was able to watch the Yamashita gold history in National Geographic channel featuring how Japanese group buried treasures here in the Philippines. American prestige investigators went here and dug up the reality. They were able to investigate Ben Valmores who personally witnessed the big volume of gold being buried in mountainous areas various areas of Luzon island. Investigators got a lot of information from the witness and I know they are now ongoing to their operation to recover huge volumes of AU stashed in different areas. Foreign groups backed up with their staunch investors showed their sites (Luzon area) in National Geographic channel concerning their lucrative operations using high-tech equipment. I firmly believed that those groups were able to recover already. I do agree with FM that Filipinos should work hand in hand to recover the remaining stuffs and someday it would help to bring up our economy and the coming generation of Philippine constituent.

Several accounts of Mr. Severino Sta. Romana was featured and mentioned one of the account numbers containing the amount of six hundred million U.S dollars ($600M) which until now declared as intact in the foreign bank. I know National Geographic Channel is not stupid to expose these secret things on the air without their strong evidence that Yamashita Gold is real in the Philippines.

Other impostors (Just like code name YAMASHITA) here in this forum don’t believed about the Japanese buried treasures in the Philippines is like a dead man without knowledge of anything what is happening in the world. I think Yamashita guy will teach himself to read and study the Asian history. “It’s better to be well informed my friend, than to brag and feigned that you have nothing”. TO ALL MY FELLOW TREASURE HUNTERS, CONTINUE TO WORK HARD TO RECOVER YOUR TARGET IN YOUR AREAS, DON’T QUIT.

I have one site in Manolo Fortich Bukidnon buried by Japanese General Wakamoto. The objects (AU & Stones) consist of one barge including airplane and boat parts buried in an open field in the above mention place. This site was revealed to us by former driver of the Japanese general and we went personally to scan the area using bonanza made scanner but the result was denied by the foreigner. A former driver (now 95 years old) who is only a live pointer witnessed the two months of burial of the objects in sixty (60) feet depth under the former run way of the Japanese army near long creek. According to the live pointer, the area is loaded with Japanese booby traps just like centennial bomb located in the main door of the man made tunnel and poisonous gasses. The mentioned site still untouched, the live pointer told us that the object is not yet revered by anybody.

To all expert treasure hunters just like Ed, moondrops, brian & others, do you think my area is positive? Please reply aaaand give me your email ad thanks Robert P.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 10:11 by JUAN @ : moondrops
ei moondrops,im a non-pro TH also..ask ko lang if you have a contact who,s willing to finance small project? i have 1 un- finished site located in Morong,Rizal..at 14ft. we got the cement.Any knowhow what,s inside a 5x5x5 cache cement? wala na kse ako mautangan eh kya na stop muna.Anybody hu,s interested just post your Email add here so i can mail you the itemized needs and for more info..bka sakali magaya din tau ke FM na nka hit na..hehe cla ata yung nka hit sa Morong proper..ei FM is tha you??? can you please help me also?

10 Nov 2005 @ 13:53 by Andy R. @ : interested
ernesto, i'm interested in your scanner. give me a line or two at my email or text me at 09108878105. have at least five sites. location inside my friend's land. no problem about security.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 14:05 by Andy R @ : interested
jef, i'm interested. either text me through o09108878105 or email me at my email address.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 14:09 by Andy R. @ : interested (edited)
ernesto, i'm interested in your scanner. give me a line or two at my email ro text me at 09108878105. have at least five sites. location inside my friend's land. no problem about security. (THIS IS THE EDITED VERSION. I FORGOT THE "yahoo.com" thanks.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 14:39 by golden retriever @ : TO: ED

10 Nov 2005 @ 18:27 by Welfred @ : CNO_AKO
Hi, kumusta ulit! Its been a long silence. Well nagpa-followup lang sana sa request ko sa iyo about my site and the pictures. Hope to hear any comment and suggestions from you. Salamat  

10 Nov 2005 @ 22:14 by jerry @ : REXIE

11 Nov 2005 @ 03:01 by rexie @ : jerry
bay musta? mao ni ako number bay. 09202084121  

11 Nov 2005 @ 03:46 by moondrops @ : Juan
Morong hmm.. may Lupa kame dun na tinaniman ng mahogany maybe il try scanning it for some treasure signs.hehe sorry Juan cant help ya with financers, but maybe if your site is safe i can give ya a hand on some chemicals that can destroy the cement vaults. With a 27% share of course plus a good partnership on a business. i can also ask my friend for scanners but no financing.

Guys iM no treasure hunter, just a wanderer...  

11 Nov 2005 @ 03:50 by moondrops @ : Juan
Also if there are more than 10 diggers involve, And if more than 20 people that knows the site i cant help you. No guns No Bad guys  

11 Nov 2005 @ 10:02 by moondrops @ : JUAN
'A good Spirit always ends up in something good
yet Greedy desires only makes things worst'

for good times and bad times

11 Nov 2005 @ 12:01 by ed @ : Robert P and Golden Retriever
cno ako and brian are the real experts. i/we are super busy at the moment but looks like gensan is positive but not 60 ft  

11 Nov 2005 @ 14:27 by JUAN @ : moondrops
ei moondrops, my site in Morong is safe..i have here the sample of the cement we want to break and we really need a cement dissolver..we will appreciate if you can help us with that,,tnx anyway regarding financier. no problem about the share but not 27% huh? hehe i thought u have a buyer of Au? Share from us plus commission,ayaw mo pa nun?hehehe  

12 Nov 2005 @ 02:19 by rexie @ : ED
Tol ED san yung site nyo dito sa gensan baka alam ko? matutulongan ko kayo.  

12 Nov 2005 @ 06:11 by Yamashita @ : Robert P, FM, all TH
Where's FM now? Wala pa bang kumagat sa tactics mo pare? What I don't understand about you man is that, you claim to own Royal Holdings and that you are a Filipino and that you buy gold and that you have a lot of money and that you have recovered some big tilapia in Rizal and that you are afraid that Foreign(i will qoute what you said, "mauubusan tayo ng puti")Treasure Hunters will leave and will not do treasure here in the Philippines.... can you sense I smell some kind of rotten tilapia here? What I'm saying here is "Let us be true to ourselves, otherwise we end up fooling others"

We'll Robert P. , if you think that i am a dead man, you are right pare! I tell you, i wasn't killed only once but many times. Do you believe in near death experiences man? It's all because of these fucking damned cursed gold. Your knowledge about the gold here in the Philippines is nothing compared to mine. All you know I'm sure is chat or dig information in the web. First hand information and first hand experience is nothing to rumors you heard and read. If you are amused with the stories you read from selfclaimed historians then be amused, just don't add me to your damn ignorance of what is really going on with these treasures.

To all TH in the Philippines:
If ever you find gold, be very careful to who you deal with. Don't be afraid of the CIAs, be more afraid of the Illuminati.  

12 Nov 2005 @ 12:48 by Andy R. @ : three-leaf symbol
Hey guys, could anybody tell me what a three-leaf symbol is? I found it under a rock engraved in a flat stone one inch deep. if anyone is interested, please email me or text me at 09108878105. Other informations will come later. Need your help. THANKS.  

13 Nov 2005 @ 01:07 by joe @ : cement breaker/nitzo?
Hello to all Pinoy T.H
who need a cements breaker :-),i will give you TIPs.
you want to know why you got many layers of woods/rocks/sands/charcoals
or uling and then clay and sometimes mabaho at itchi na ground layers?and
on that end the TREASURE(this all is only my self research on why?what?how?
stuff)kung bakit ginawa ng HAPON yan and purposes nila?  

13 Nov 2005 @ 10:33 by MicronEye @ : re CEMENT BREAKER
Joe, I am interested. Could you send me your tips? I would appreciate it very much. send them to my email address: the_invisible_friend07088@hotmail.com

13 Nov 2005 @ 10:36 by MicronEye @ : re CEMENT BREAKER (edited)
my email address is the_invisible_friend07081959@hotmail.com
not the one posted earlier. THANKS.  

14 Nov 2005 @ 02:06 by hirohito @ : stupid filipino hunters
hello to the stupid dumb filipino t.h. you are all shit,kahigakaw masrotak.everybody seem to be expert here,hahaha,stupid.you know nothing.bye,hawhawhaw  

14 Nov 2005 @ 02:44 by ed @ : yamashita
some of the people here you claime to be ignorant are SMOM with 300++ year old coat of arms. Think before you post.  

14 Nov 2005 @ 03:07 by ed @ : yamashita and hirohito
are you two together? It is my ardent hope that one fine day, before your time, you two will get to see the inside of room 42.

audentes fortuna juvat  

14 Nov 2005 @ 03:37 by Jon-john @ : Who knows
Meron ba ditong may alam ukol sa mga lugar na ipinaglibingan ng ginto sa bandang antipolo. Mahalaga ang malilipon na impormasyon. Salamat! At mas malakas na puwersa para sa pinoy.  

14 Nov 2005 @ 04:57 by ed @ : jon jon
sa likod nang church, sa cementeryo malapit sa maia alta, sa marcos highway in between two round boulders, beside the TAT golf course -- 3 trees planted to form a triangle :)  

14 Nov 2005 @ 10:02 by JUAN @ : HIROHITO & YAMASHITA

14 Nov 2005 @ 12:21 by ophir777 @ : My New Explorer 5000
Hey Guys I need a new partner here my new explorer 5000 (this is the latest one much better than any GPR) will be available by early next year ... interested someone out there. e mail me at jsdns777@yahoo.com  

14 Nov 2005 @ 12:29 by ophir777 @ : Attn Red Pajero
Tol, i am here also in kuwait we can meet here any time. i am always available here. my place is close to Kuwait hilton here in Mangaf  

14 Nov 2005 @ 12:42 by yamashita @ : juan

Ed, what is SMOM? Ignorant ako sa terminology na yan. I think some people here are not thinking too, like me. I'm only refering to Robert P for being ignorant.. 600++ years coat of arms i guess my friend.  

15 Nov 2005 @ 00:27 by xxx @ : Info for pinoy T.H beginner
Ito yun tested na M.D gawa ng hapon :River turtle size na A.U detector(look alike sa ARTURITO ng Chile)Tungkod/Crane like detector,Necklace medallion type na detector,meron din sila buckle belt type detector.ito ang madalas gamit ng mga hapon at marami narin pinoy nakakita gamit nila kung mag T.H and jap dto sa P.I.standard size sa mga cache nila:for cylindrical drum 18"diax36" long at sa
cement vault size meron 36"x12"x24" or 3ftx1ftx2ft,meron din malaki 6ftx5ftx5ft
(pareho nun kay juan)kadalasan nakalibing ng 15ft(jap army) up to 45ft(IJN).
mag-ingat mga tol kadalasan may kasama ito ng Glass/Ceramic type poison gas
bomb.kaunting ingat sa pagbayo sa mga Pala at Piko natin.meron din kung minsan
un process pa na A.U in liquid or powder forms pa siya.
standard size at timbang sa A.U:CAMBODIA 5-STAR@6.3KG,SUMATRA 4-STAR@6.2KG and
PILIPINO,HUWAG NA HUWAG KAYO MAG DAMOT......ilibing ninyo uli nag magkahiwalay
ang parti ninyo sa grupo sa sariling lupa na nabili ninyo.at huwag tularan ang
ginawa sa mga pulitiko nun una.(kapag nasa ibang bansa na ang ginto mo puede din
nila idiin sa iyo na fake yun hawak mo gold certificate tulad ng ginawa nila kay apo ferdi).

inyong abang lingkod

PS_ yun po sunod ay kung paano biakkin ang cement vaults nila.......  

15 Nov 2005 @ 04:18 by HIROHITO @ : JUAN

15 Nov 2005 @ 04:28 by YAOMING @ : LOOKING FOR GPR.ED,ANYONE
IM LOOKING FOR ANYBODY WHOHAS A GPR,WE CAN TRY IT HERE IN BAGUIO,IFUGAO AND BEnguet,this is the last sronghold of yamashita.any one interested,just post me out.i also have map,  

15 Nov 2005 @ 04:46 by Rudy @ : Brian and Ed
Somebody from LU came looking for me but missed me when I was in the area of Diffun, claims to be a live pointer, he needs help in locating site that he was involved in during the .Japanese time, he managed to escape when he was assigned to the wood gathering detail, claims all the diggers were killed and burned. THe person he talked to thinks that the location is somewhere in Rosario, have you heard of this site before. I'm Rod and also from LU, not as experienced as you, Brian or Ed but I am learning fast and made a few mistakes and I learn from those mistakes, I also have a GPR and has an uncanny ability with the divining rod, if you can believe that, I can pinpoint the location of the well that Brian was talking about in the boundary of Aringay and Tubao but right now I am back in California, cannot do much in the rain, will be back after the rainy season is over. Also am familiar with the nagbukel area that Brian was talking about so I also need to talk to Brian.
Do you know a Dionisio Torio from your area ?  

15 Nov 2005 @ 04:57 by bamboodew @ : joe: cement breaker, layers of wood
Ano ang na research mo about the layers on the treasure grounds. And want to know the cement breaker.
thanks in advance for the information.  

15 Nov 2005 @ 13:14 by Jon-John @ : Pinoy ay astig!
Mayroon bang makatulong o may alam ukol sa mga nka baong ginto sa lugar ng Antipolo? Mayroon akong nababalitaan na madami daw sa lugar na ito. Sa lahat ng mga pinoy, galingan at pagbutihin ang pag huhukay. Maging mautak at mag isip ng mga mgagandang bagay na makakatulong sa ating bansa. Malakas na puwersa para sa mga pinoy. Mabuhay ang pinoy at tayo'y muling makabangon sa kahirapan at sa mga kagaguhang nangyayari sa kasalukuyan.  

15 Nov 2005 @ 13:16 by joe @ : why diff layers of woods,soil,sand?
Ok,Ito yun research ko:Nuon unang panahon meron na ang SONAR technology,submarine can detect above
if destroyer ship ay nasa taas nila likewise ang destroyer ship pa ilalim.japanese are thinking in the future there would be a equiptment to detect in land for any metals deposite below the GROUND?that is why gumawa nalang sila ng paraan at baka PA ma Tsambahan nila(ito po yun anti detector na binabangit ng post sa karamihan mga T.H natin dito)
yun M.D(GPR,GPL,ions detectors)sa future ay hindi maka PENETRATE sa wood layers,
sand layer,rock layer,charcoal layer and clay layer sa cement vaults nila na nka
coal-tar pa yun mga bareta nila at naka balot pa ng aluminum tape at naka coal-tar paint pa ang bawat isa ng bareta at para hindi rin malaman sa pinoy na
A.U bar na pala hawak niya..................wish talaga nila anu tol
Pero mas MATALINO ang PINOY..........

pero may curse/SUMPA yun A.U dapat alam ninyo kung paano e DEAL ito.

yun CEMENT BREAKER sa sunod ko na post.
para masaya tayo lahat sa PASKO..........

16 Nov 2005 @ 01:04 by yaoming @ : rudy,brian,ed
Well im from baguio,i have a general map for launion area and tubao,amallapay area,maybe we cal help each other  

16 Nov 2005 @ 01:33 by darrel @ : Rudy
I'm also from LU. I have a map with me covering almost the whole town. Most mountains there have deposits. I hope to work with you someday when you're back here in the Philippines.  

16 Nov 2005 @ 03:11 by jef igocano @ : darrel
Saan ka sa LU bro, sa Sison, Pangasinan ako bro.  

16 Nov 2005 @ 08:32 by yaoming @ : jef igocano,darrel
maybewe can help each other,do you have a detector,i have one here.  

16 Nov 2005 @ 13:41 by Ophir777 @ : New Explorer 5000/ daredevil
Tol antayin mo by january medyo may problema pa kasi sa custom nag advise ako na ipa door to door na lang namin pero ayaw pumayag ng financer ko American kasi kaya gusto daanin lahat sa legal ang problema 120% ang tax na hinihingi lanya tol limang pajero na bale ang presyo. over budget na sa katulad namin na nagsisimula sa finance. kung sino man meron nakakakilala dito kay Mr William de la cerna THAPi adviser pls e mail me at jsdns777@yahoo.com  

17 Nov 2005 @ 01:39 by daredevil @ : ophir777
try ko inform d2 c mr dela cerna..proffessional version pala yan imager nyo tol, just inform me pag jan na, baka pde natin gamitin sa site ko, la problma d2 sa site kc puro bilaan tribe nand2.... pls visit this site http://www.yamashita-gold.com/  

17 Nov 2005 @ 05:22 by Shierly Perez @ : Yamashita and others
Sir this is to inform you that my boss (FM) is presently out of the country. He was called by a V-Finance International for 3 months seminar regarding macro & Micro Financing. He will back soon. Sir FM called me last night that all concern letters especially those who forwarded to his emails (Maps, scan result) for financing will be entertained after his seminar. Please wait for him.

To Yamashita:

Sir, Mr FM told me to give your email address and your exact location. Our messenger will handcarry a documents for you to sign like the following documents:

1. Memorandum of Agreement
2. Irrevocable commitmet to pay the amount of 10M
3. Signature of your bank officer who will mediate with our transaction
4. Official Identification card atleast 4
5. Other documents being prepared now by our lawyers.

Please give us your exact address for us to hand carry documents. Please indicate also your banks.

We can bring the 10 pcs AU (6.2kg)t Equitable bank pasay. If FM will not be arround, Mr E. Lim of Caloocan will be authorized to hold this kind of transaction within your bank or our authorized banks.

Our group will not accept any third party to mediate this transaction except commercial banks only. Please email your exact address fm777_888@yahoo.com.ph

We will wait your immediate reply.

Thanks Shierly Perez (FM Secretary)  

17 Nov 2005 @ 14:21 by Red Pajero @ : Ophir777
assalam malaykum..Ophir777 Dyan ka ba sa Kuwait? email me  

18 Nov 2005 @ 05:36 by Ophir777 @ : Attn Red Pajero/ Daredevil
Red, u can reach me at 650 6773, Daredevil thanks sa link. maganda yung site kaya lang ampaw tol, pinaganda na lang nila yung site nila to attract investor,mas ok pa itong ming TV . dito we can inter act. kung mapapansin mo mas pinapaniwalaan nila yung pointer nila kaysa sa GPR kaya yun ubos ang budget nila. Tol pag nagpapaniwala ka sa mga pointer puro pangarap lang ang ang maibibigay nila, di tulad ng merong kang GPR less gastos tol, mangarap ka man may reality, try to read yung libro nila seagraves at curtis at yung kay atty Umali ng Thapi entitled The Marcos Gold/ maya pirma ni Roxas yun tol means authenticated yung story. yun lang nagbigay sa akin ng inspirasyon para ipagpatuloy ko ang paghahanap ng kayamanan ng OPHIR.  

18 Nov 2005 @ 06:06 by garfield @ : ed, jerry
hi guys, do you know any site here in san mateo, rizal? pls reply asap. tnx  

18 Nov 2005 @ 07:55 by Rexie @ : DAREDEVIL
Tol san site nyo dito sa gensan? Im from gensan also, sa pagkakaalam ko kung maghukay kayo ng maghukay mauubos talaga budget nyo kc malalim ang mga bankers na narito sa lugar natin. Try to use GPR para di masayang time and budget nyo. Saka ang mga lumad dito sa lugar natin alam na nila yan kung ano ang treasure, hehehehehe baka ikaw ang niloloko ng mga yan, wais na mga blaan ngayun tol.
Kaya mga treasure hunter dito sa mindanao dumayo na ng Luzon. Tol ingat ka sa mga tao dyan baka paggising mo balang araw ubos na mga ariarian mo. Happy Hunting tol daredevil.  

18 Nov 2005 @ 10:20 by Yamashita @ : FM/ FMs Secretary
It took you a month to respond. Why? Okay, lets go with the deal kahit matagal ka mag-isip. Put in mind that we are not just talking about goldbars here, we will be hiring personnels from Smithsonian Institute to verify and check whether your gold are genuine yamashita treasure, baka pinulot lang sa tabi-tabi ang goldbars mo. I will require the same requirement you asked of me. Wait for my further message, don't worry kahit nasa colombia, bahamas, madrid or anywhere ako i will be there. One thing, i don't have any secretary to make deals with you, I always have my laptop beside me to make things done... bank transfer or whatever.... i just use different connections not to be traced by MI6... soon people will discover here that whether you are with us or you are against us. I just want to warn my friends here.... be careful of counterfeit people... they may represent a good company, but they are just counterfeits... everything that's counterfeit is dangerous... counterfeit CIA, counterfeit monies, counterfeit agents, counterfeit buyers, counterfeit sellers, counterfeit cd's, counterfeit dvds..........counterfeit blood....  

18 Nov 2005 @ 13:34 by Fr. McNamara @ : Yamashita Joe
once the work has begun, never leave until it is done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all

I am convinced that your an idiot only slightly smarter than Forrest Gump but not as entertaining.

People, we have confirmed that one of Yamshita Joe's identities is no other than
Mr. Guinigundo of the Philippine Central Bank.

Joe, we traded the information of your identity with concerened members of the 16th and 17th infantry battalions, we traded it for some big macs - like the ones you gave Marcos when he choked to death in Hawaii remember? Anyway, these
soldiers seem to have some serious blood debts to collect from you. They said they didn't want you...only certain body parts like your head.

good luck  

18 Nov 2005 @ 14:04 by Fr. McNamara @ : Yamshita Joe and Hirohito
I dont know about your Japanese calendars but around here months are usually between 28 to 32 days. 20 days is not a month for your information. As a businessman, trader, shipper and central banker you of all people should know the difference a couple of days make.

Im not giving any support to FM but I really really think you are an idiot.

Since when did the Smithsonian have any authority? You mean you can't tell unsanctified and sanctified gold just by looking? You mean you can't tell if its gilded lead? You are dumber than I thought. Even those fresh jap recruits KNEW excatly what to steal.

By the way...what makes you an expert? What are your qualifications exactly? What is your involvement in all this, apart from sabotaging filipino soldiers'legal action? Is it true that your IQ is 33?


19 Nov 2005 @ 05:12 by ed @ : thermite
you can get thermite grenades, wands and wires in angeles and baguio  

19 Nov 2005 @ 05:22 by daredevil @ : rexie
tol! w hve 4 site hre sa gensan,priorty namin ang jan sa malapit lng,we r diggng almst 2mo's na pro la pa talaga, we need GPR talaga pro la pa kami budget for that...alam ko na yan sa calaja, maraming mata jan sa paligid tol...ingat lng  

19 Nov 2005 @ 08:07 by Rudy @ : Darrel , Brian
This forum started Ok and it is very informative and still is but you now need to weed out the negative and undesirables and there is a lot of them here in this forum and some of the frequent users are not as honest as they try to project themselves to be, beware of the Greeks bearing gifts, wolves masquerading as lambs. Surely they know who they are so watch your back, don't be too trusting, just a word of caution. Talk to you sometime and take care.  

19 Nov 2005 @ 10:32 by Robin P @ : Yamashita Buang
Mga kapwa ko Pilipino, kaya pala natalo at nahutulan ng kamatayan ang tunay na Yamashita last Feb. 23, 1946 dahil sya ay tanga at bobo katulad sa isang pekeng Yamashita d2 sa forum. Ang sabi nya hindi raw sya naniniwala sa mga treasures d2 sa pilipinas pero nag advise pa si tanga base sa comment nya dated Nov. 12 dito sa forum na kung sino raw sa atin makakuha ng ginto ay mag-iingat daw sa ating kausap. Akala ko ba ang pekeng Yamashita ay hindi naniniwala sa treasures dito sa pinas? Ang pekeng Yamashita ay walang tunay na direksyon sa buhay nya. Iba-iba ang mga sinasabi nya. Ito ay sinyales ng mga tao na may sayad sa ulo o sira ulo. Ang sabi nya mas marami pa raw sya alam kay sa mga nag chat d2 about history ng ginto d2 sa pinas. Siguro sa kanyang research grade 1 pa sya nun. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. wawa ka naman. Parang Gorilya o matsing sa bundok na ang alam ay kukuha lang ng pagkain sa punong kahoy tapos matulog. Hehehe! Tawa ka naman dyan para di maging tanga, este, ma board pala. Mr. Yam san ka graduate? Siguro frustrated gold digger ka na gumastos ng malaki at walang nakuha dahil sa iyong katangahan, yek,yek,yek. Oooooopppps wag galit barok, kasi dalawa lang kayo d2 at kung off mo ang isang yahoo line mo nag iisa ka lang talaga d2 sa forum. Tama??? Wag kang tanga ikaw basa ng ayos para di ikaw tawag barok sira ulo, ok? Hehehe!! Hoy bawal ang Gorilya na nakasimagot d2. Ooooooooookkkkksss??? Barok kong Gorilya na walang alam, Ikaw wag galit ha???

FM at ibang TH, kayo wag na away sa sira ulo at tanga ha??? Kay buang ma nag daku si Mr. Yam. Ayaw ug suko bay katawa lang diha.

FM wag mo patulan ang buang ug sira ulo kasi sya lang ang tanga sa forum.  

19 Nov 2005 @ 12:04 by JOWA @ : BRIAN

19 Nov 2005 @ 16:36 by ed @ : Robert P
i agree with you. Tarantado yang si yamashita joe. Pero to prove that he does know something, baka he can answer SIMPLE questions to prove to everyone here hes got hidden talent. Let us ask him how many karats are golden buddhas? O yan ha simple yan yamashita joe...answer for everyone.

Yama -- I remember you stating that ALL Filipino hunters here are stupid, sige nga let us see how smart you are  

19 Nov 2005 @ 16:39 by ed @ : jowa
brians busy, hasnt logged on in weeks  

19 Nov 2005 @ 17:29 by Mamashita @ : Hahahaha
Sinabi ba ni Yama na all filipino th are stupid. E gago ka pala yamashita e! Japon ba yan si Yama>? Malamang maliit ETITS nyan! hahahahahahahahaha  

19 Nov 2005 @ 23:37 by jowa @ : your reply
Thanks for the info Ed. Hope he goes on line soon. Anyway do you know of any mediums I can tlak to? Thanks again.  

20 Nov 2005 @ 04:41 by Yamashita San @ : McNamara, Ed,
"once the work has begun, never leave until it is done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all". (qouted from the post of Father McNamara of the Jesuit Residence)

Well, well, well. We got a Jesuit here. How are you Father McNamara? Where's the Black Pope now? Where's the next terrorist attack again McNamara, I'm sure you know it if you are a Jesuit huh...you support FM because you two have common goals to achieve because both of you are Jesuits. Just think you're talking to a total idiot, IQ negative 156. Japanese soldiers never looted anything, you used them to hide what you looted. Salamat sa pakikipag-usap mo sakin. But if you think you Jesuits can control the WORLD, pustahan tayo hindi mangyayari yan.

Ed, hindi ako yung nagpost about sa "stupid filipinos", you know everybody can post for somebody here, that guy is YAMSHITA and not YAMASHITA. You can check the post again. You have my respect in this forum, and in anyway, I have nothing against you. I haven't seen any golden buddha, i have seen and tested some buddhas even the buddha of Roxas and all are brass buddhas.

My computer genius beside me is thinking that MCNAMARA, FM, HIROHITO, JOE, JHON-JHON, JERRY, GOLDEN RETRIEVER, TEKA TEKA, ROBIN P, MAMASHITA has the possibilty that they are ONE. According to my agents, nakikipaglokohan lang itong si Jesuit Ferdinand sa atin, NEGOTIATOR lang itong tao dati ng kung anu-anong commodities until kinuha siya ng Jesuit Order as a Civil Agent. Malaki ang funding niya behind if you dig deeper as to the source of the money na gagamitin niya to buy gold. It's not true that he owns Royal Holdings because Royal Holdings belongs to a Royal Family in Europe. And if everybody thinks that he truly recovered something in Rizal, myself won't buy that information, i considered that a tactic para paglayawin ang mga investor na gusto magfinance ng treasure hunting dito. If Paul Yao was impressed with this person, I am not. I consider him a total DISGRACE to the Filipino people. Mangloloko ang taong ito!

Comment and conclusion ko kina Robert P and Mamashita: Pareho sila BAKLA. Mabunganga at mahilig sa titi. Zubzero ang kanilang IQ. Mga gaya niyong tao mga kahihiyan din.  

20 Nov 2005 @ 07:44 by TeKa TeKa @ : YaMaSHiTa SaN
It just shows that ur computer genius is not a genius after all. It's basically because im NOT who you think I am. I dont have anything against all of you guys, huwag nyo lang akong idamay sa away nyo.  

20 Nov 2005 @ 07:53 by TeKa TeKa @ : YaMaSHiTa SaN
One more thing, stop reading DAN BROWN's NOVEL. Pati ILLUMINATI, sinasali mo na sa usapan. I'll take a wild guess, member ka ng PRIORY OF SCION??? Hahaha!!!

Get a LIFE man!!!  

20 Nov 2005 @ 14:05 by HIROHITO @ : STUPID YAMASHITA SAN

20 Nov 2005 @ 16:56 by goldlilly @ : recovery
Hey a lot of you guys talk about reviving the philippine economy with what you find ... Im just wondering why you want to give your money to those fascist bastards (GMA is a Cunt and poison dwarf) ... you should look to helping street children, the poor and the disposessed, Support Preda (http://preda.org/home.htm)

Smash Arroyo and Malachanang and the Makati elite ... be genourous for the sake of the poor ... smash America ... kill japanese  

21 Nov 2005 @ 00:53 by ed @ : yamshita
fm isnt a jesuit, Fr McNamara is  

21 Nov 2005 @ 03:39 by darrel @ : Ed/Rudy/ All TH
Now guys, what's happening here in this forum is psychosomatic how we Filipinos relate with one another. We haven't reached our goal, i.e. help uplift the country's socio-economic status, yet, look at where we are right now? Well, we may as well say that that's exactly the point of this forum, weighing things based on contradicting opinions,ideas, facts and insights.

Ed:I was able to secure the map of our place at the end last month. As to how it came to my hands is a long story. Why were my e-mails kept on bouncing? Could you send me your complete e-mail ad? Yeah, Brian can't be reached as of the moment yet.

Rudy: I could hardly understand the map so i'm still in the process of interpretating the characters and deciphering the codes.  

21 Nov 2005 @ 03:40 by yaoming @ : ed
ed,do you have your scanner we can try it here in benguet the last stand of the japanese.please reply  

21 Nov 2005 @ 06:33 by JUAN @ : HIROHITO

21 Nov 2005 @ 08:07 by GemTech @ : Sa Mga Naghahanap ng Buyer
Ang Buyer ay isang Pilipino na kumakatawan sa isang bansa ngunit nakikipagugnayan sa bansang Pilipinas sa pamamgitan ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. May kakayahang bumili ng ginto sa maramihang bilang. Kung sakaling kakailanganin ninyo ang aming serbisyo makipagugnayan lamang. E-mail Address: nlm_7360@yahoo.com. Para sa karagdagang detalye narito ang ilan sa mga impormasyon:


1. Kami ay mga GOLD BULLION BUYER.
2. Kami ay kumakatawan sa isang pamahalaan ng isang bansa. Kung kaya, kami ay
rehistrado at awtorisado ng pamahalaan, ang pamahalaang Pilipinas, sa pamamagitan ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).
3. Bilang mamimili ng ginto, ang hinahanap bnamin ay mga dokumentado (GLD) at di-dokumentadong kalakal nguni't maaaring dokumentuhan, na nagtatagalay ng mga marka tulad ng JOHNSON MATTHEY, CREDIT SUISE, DEGUSA, CAMBODIA SUMATRA, BURMA, BRITISH CROWN, ATBP. na may dalisay (puirty) na umaabot sa 999.95000%. Kami ay interesado sa mga sukat tulad ng 1KG., 6.2KG., 12.5KG., at 74.6KG.
4. Ang presyo sa bawat bara na aming babayaran ay batay sa LONDON METAL EXCAHNGE RATE (LMER), ang pinakamataas, sa araw ng pagsasara. Ibabawas dito ang 30% na hahatiin sa mga sumusunod: 20% - buyer's discount para sa ipinatutupad na export duties ng ating bansa at kabayaran sa mga proseso. 10% - para sa komisyon ng mga agent/negotiator/intermediaries.
5. Babayaran agad ang kalakal tuwing pagkatapos ng assay. Ang buyer ay may kakayahang bumili ng 3 hanggang 5 tonelada bawat araw - hanggang sa maubos.
6. Ang kabayaran ay gagawin sa pamamagitan ng BANK TRANSFER o ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER. Ang pagbabayad sa labas ng bansa at IN DOLLARS ($US) ay maaaring pag-usapan kung sakaling hilingin ng nagmamayari ng kalakal

For Undocumented but Documentable AU

1. Hanggat maaari, ang transaksyon ay isasagawa sa Metro Manila.
2. Direct viewing at pre-assay ng isa (1) o dalawang (2) bara ay kailangan para sa TEST BUY.
3. Lugar: Kung maaari sa isang neutral at ligtas na lugar malapit sa mga bangko.
4. Sa oras na OK ang pre-assay, tatawagin namin ang OFFICIAL ASSAYER (awtorisado ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) upang tiyakin ang pirity at presyo ng kalakal.
5. Kapag sinabi ng assayer na OK, agad na isasagawa ang pagbabayad ayon sa napagkasunduan, hanggat maaaari sa oras na bukas ang mga bangko.
6. Ang mga susunod na transaksyon para sa mga natitira pang volume ay maaaring isagawa pagkatapos. Ang magkabilang panig ay papasok sa isang kasunduan na pipirmahan ng lahat.
7. Magbabayad ang buyer tuwing pagkatapos ng assay, 3 hanggang 5 tonelada kada araw.
8. Ang halaga ay batay sa LONDON METAL EXCHANGE RATE, ang pinakamataas sa araw ng pagsasara less 30% ayon sa mga sumusunod:

a. 20% Buyer's discount
b. 10% commissions (para sa mga agent/negotiator)
i. 5% Buyer's mandated group
11.5% Seller's mandated group

Kung mayroon kayong PLATINUM, PALLADIUM, DIAMOND at IBA PA, kontakin lamang ninyo ako sa aking e-mail.

Maraming salamat po.


21 Nov 2005 @ 08:20 by Manny R. Sta. Cruz @ : Yamashita Challenge
Hello to all treasure hunters, this is my first time to come up here as to communicate everybody but my real intention is to get the challenge of so called yamashita to my best partner in business, Ferdie or code name FM. Mr. Lim talked to me about the challenge of Mr. Yam to Mr. FM but unfortunately, He is out of the country. We rolled up & down messages here just to get and access information of code name yamashita but no real information posted here. I really salute with this guy (Yam) for bragging himself that He is an importer of used cars. Mr. Yam can you tell us what is the name of your importation company before we proceed to the challenge? I am also importer of Taiwan bikes. Just ask customs about kymco company. For your information, FM is very simple guy and very busy with his companies as of the moment, He is very much to accommodate your challenge but his limited time hinders him to do so. I & Mr. Lim were instructed by Mr. FM to call the 10M challenge. If you are willing, then please give us your real information immediately. If you want to verify who I am, you can check my name at UCPB Parañaque branch within this week so that you will know that we are not bogus in this transaction and we are capable to gamble your challenge. If you want to see me personally, please proceed to wack-wack golf club early in the morning and ask my name. I used to play there from 6am to 8:30 before I go to my office.

If you are really serious, then give us your real name address, bank name for us to check if you are really genuine or bogus. Please give attention about FM secretary request to sign documents so that our time will not be wasted. After signing of documents with bank officer’s involvement, FM will give instruction to his trusted people to come up a 10pcs of merchandise based on your request.

Mr. Yam, FM is very real businessman and we don’t have resources to match with him. If you cannot give us your real name and our other request within this week, then we will conclude and tell everybody in this forum that you are really fake Yamashita, okey? Thanks Manny R. Sta. Cruz  

21 Nov 2005 @ 09:05 by ed @ : yamashita
o ayan mr yamashita let us all give our real names and adresses for this challenge to work. Let us also give some bank references, Php 10 m is a small amount so we can assume any of your banks can respond to a simple credit check.

come on lets go do this para we can watch! Im not involved but as a sign of good faith, I'll give you my real name and address, I am edward salazar gallardo-diaz, 1100 West Addison Avenue, Chicago City. Bank references:

- Banco Nacional, Panama, under the alias edward marcos
- Verwatungs - und Privat Bank AG, under the alias edward marcus


21 Nov 2005 @ 09:13 by ed @ : darrel
sige lets look at the map. why is it bouncing again --- it isnt full. Ist that a red map?  

22 Nov 2005 @ 01:17 by darrel @ : ed
Yap. It is! I believe it is real because diggings in our place have been going on since the seventies. The mayor and the vice mayor of the place have maps of their own. My uncle says the Japanese stayed in our town for almost four years. If you see numbers in a particular site in the map, what do they mean, number of bars or tons?  

22 Nov 2005 @ 01:44 by louieg @ : ed
hey ed hope the spooks didnt get cha yet hehehehe... but i know youre too smart deceptive for them haha been checkin this site for a year now just browsin... it didnt get sensible atleast till you came, you got it up there pare which makes me wonder why hang around here hehehe me and the boys are gonna check out a cave this dec... somewhere in the north ,inside are the remains of about 30 or more japs i really dot believe in no gold till i see it... but if i do ill toss you one bro! just be here hehehe its gonna be this dec with full audio and video documentation ,,,, we walk the walk see ...no gprs just basic tools its sad how easy some people here get decieved ,,, some wannabe comes shootin his mouth and most believe pathetic!you know who im referring and it you ed peace  

22 Nov 2005 @ 02:52 by ed @ : darrel
nobody really knows what those numbers are, sometimes may yen sign then followed by a triple number and several zeroes thats why they assume its 1941 billions in yen. I saw nga 888-777-333 in one map, i dont think its a phone number.

I suggest lets get together with brian and look at the map, i figured out how to use a white map before, pero hindi orig. Each map daw and i hope people correct me if Im wrong is like a puzzle...Brian knows how to interpret a red map. Saan mo nakuha yan?  

22 Nov 2005 @ 03:00 by ed @ : louieg
:) i don't think im worth their time, besides they already know everything about me. Ingat kayo pare.  

22 Nov 2005 @ 03:37 by moondrops @ : 1day transaction of GOLD SILVER PLATINUN
Isang araw lang ang kailangan para maibenta at mabayaran sainyo and inyong commodity.

To: All Gold, Silver and Platinum Holders here in the Philippines who wants to sell thier commodities,

The procedure is simple, just bring a piece of the item minimum of 1-5kg for "Assay Buying", After your item has been assayed you will be Paid OUTRIGHT either by CASH, CHECK, or Directly into your Bank. After The 'Assay buying' you can Roll-over and sell an amount of up to 1 ton a day. Price is Based on London Metal Exchange Rate (LMER).

Breakdowns are: 70%- goes to seller / 20%-buyers discount / 10% - intermidiaries commissions

After The 'assay buying' the buyer can now present to you any documents you like to prove his legitimacy and capacity to buy and transact these commodities (including Bank certificates). The buyer owns a legitimate established Company that he is using as a front. The buyer can provide IMMUNITY (banking Protection) to the seller and all of the beneficiaries of the transactions and warrants that all transactions are legal.
The buyer is a Filipino PayMaster mandated and Back-up by 7 Countries.

The Transactions are all held at the buyers office here in Metro manila its in Pasig City around Ortigas on a commercial building , the assay will be held at Philtec in Makati City. The buyer does not transact or buy anywhere else unless you bring it in his place. The Buyer will not give any mobilization money or allowance to anyone. No provincial or offshore deal, only here in metro manila.

For large quantity deals : After the 'assay buying' the buyer can help and assist (if the seller wants) in lifting the commodities that he will purchase.
The buyer does not buy any pictures or stories no matter how believable or silly they are. Please Dont Waste my time or your time, if you are real then Prove what you can Prove!

We can set a meeting for the buyer anytime for 'assay buying',
Just a simple 1 day transaction and everybody can be happy.

Please text 0921-9718358 or email me at silviusmoon@yahoo.com.  

22 Nov 2005 @ 09:47 by louieg @ : bubbling cespool of pathetic wannabees
ooops i meant it aint you ed...to my experience some people just love to exploit the greed of others,posing as holders of found gold... wf boxes.. australis and yds...jap and vic notes blah blah blah buyers, sellers its time filter out whos who, to many a times pictures circulate gold bars gleaming... in a cave.. dorebars stacked from end to end ...i know people who have died chasin the dream... sana di na madagdagan and really its not as easy as this guy "brian" think it is kesyo me 18 tons dito, 10 tons dun naaaaah never believed him from day 1 this is no joke...talkin like experts where to sell stash etc,,, many sound like historians too... the bottom line is out of a hundred isa lang ang tunay and your so called seven day projects, shallow holes i could just shake my head ,,, mga kabayan dahan dahan po sa mga bagay na ito hindi po biro ang maghanap ng ginto marami ng kabuhayang nawala, mga taong namatay at pumatay dahil dito at higit sa lahat magingat at napakarami pong mga manloloko peace  

22 Nov 2005 @ 10:39 by gboy @ : Sierra Madre treasure sites
Cliffhanger, you have posted enough information already in this forum regarding our treasure sites in Sierra madre, have you already produce a funder? or an equipment donor even for a small item? If none....maybe this forum is not good enough for you...
Somehow i was able to convince a few small items donor in treasurenet and spindle regarding our sierra madre expedition...
But we need more equipments and budget...hopefully we can find more funder her...anybody else?
For treasure hunters info...i'm the one who invite cliffhanger from his mindanao sites to explore in my new treasure playground...sierra madre...we both explore these ever since...and we are very very near in hauling process...hopefully we can find funder ASAP.  

22 Nov 2005 @ 11:28 by ed @ : jowa
meron the best medium daw supposedly is a certain manang from Montalban, are you in the real estate, water business or well drilling industry? Kasi If you are, I'm sure you have heard of her. I didn't want to believe it either kasi we just spent for some nice euipment...e yun pala heheh kayang kaya niya. Even large corporations use her secretly -- softdrink companies, water etc.  

22 Nov 2005 @ 11:37 by ed @ : Teka Teka
hey your friend who works in san agustin...could you ask him the following?
1. If the painting of St. Agustine blessing a Filipino is still there in the cloister
2. If yung wall sa dulo nang cloister nasira na? (grey adobe brick wall at the end...no windows)
3. If the fountain in the middle courtyard has been dug up
4. If the catacomb of Father Mecias or mencias (not sure) is still there--look at his feet, it is a false wall, knock on it-- it is hollow!
5. basement of the cloister...the floor, they dug up bodies of 3 priests here, did anyone try digging deeper?
6. Did someone replace the church altar in the 70's?

please ask ok?  

22 Nov 2005 @ 14:15 by louieg @ : bro
yo ed if youre ever in the pampanga area just email ok coffee tayo pare,kwento tayo hahaaha  

22 Nov 2005 @ 15:40 by jowa @ : medium
Ed, thanks for the info. Am currently trying out someone else. Hope it works out. Will let you know.  

22 Nov 2005 @ 17:25 by rezty @ : joke time!
hi sino dito gusto ng fone scandals? u guys should lighten up. take a break from that yamaSHITa crap & start usin' your built-in divining rods.

Husband: Shall we try a different position tonight?
Wife: That?s a good idea dear?.doon ka sa may plantsahan at ako naman ang
uupo sa sofa at manoood ng tv.

"Vibrating cellphone"

Mrs: Bilis! Nahulog cellphone ko sa loob ng panty ko, "nagbavibrate."
Mr: E anong gagawin ko? Kukunin ko sa panty mo?
Mrs: Gago! Kunin mo yung charger baka ma-low batt!

"Confident Vs. Confidential"

Anak: Itay, ano kaibahan ng confident sa confidential?
Itay: Anak kita, CONFIDENT ako dyan. Yung bestpren mong si Tikboy, anak ko

"First love never dies"

Anak: Inay, totoo ba na "First love never dies?"
Nanay: Aba, oo. Tignan mo yang Tatay mo, hanggang ngayon buhay pa ang

"Pari't Madre"

Pari: Sister, ikaw ba ang nasa CR? Kunin ko lang toothbrush ko.
Sister: Sandali, naka-panty lang ako.
Pari: Ok, antay ako.
Sister: Pasok na, wala na ako panty!


Anak: Inay, sinisilip ng kaklase ko 'yung panty ko!
Inay: Bastos 'yun, ah! Ano ginawa mo?
Anak: Inalis ko at itinago ko 'yung panty, para 'di n'ya makita!

"Liit naman"

Wife: honey... bili mo naman ako ng bra...
Husband: Hon.. wag ka ng magbra...liit namn dede mo e..
Wife: E bat ikaw naka brief


GIRL: Ang puti naman ng bird mo...
BOY: Aba syempre ah!!! Likas papaya ata gamit ko diyan!!!
GIRL: Ginagamitan mo rin ba ng Downy?
BOY: Baket? Bango ba?
GIRL: Lambot eh!!!

"Hide and Seek"

GIRL: Hide and seek tayo. if u find me, papayag akong makipag-sex sa
BOY: Eh, kung di kita makita?
GIRL: Nasa likod lang ako ng piano...


dumating c ngongo sa bahay at tinakpan ang eyes ni misis....
Ngongo: "nges hu?"....
MRS: gago!!!! pa-nges hu nges hu ka pa jan....e ikaw lng ngongo d2!

"Rape Suspek"

ATTY: Inday! pwede mo bng idiscribe d2 sa korte ang taong nangrape sayo?
INDAY: maitim, panot, tagyawatin, pango ilong at bungal...
SUSPEK: cge!...mangasar ka pa!!!!  

22 Nov 2005 @ 23:27 by camp4digger @ : para sa lahat
mga kabayan, gamitin natin ng tama ang forum na ito para tulungan ang iba... wag sa kayabangan... maraming nangangailangan ng advise... i-share natin kung ano ang tama wag puro bunganga...  

23 Nov 2005 @ 00:49 by louieg @ : the yamashita trap
after world war 2,word of mouth,silent whispers..clandestine meetings took place,american giS ,ex huk guerrillas exchanged sketchy information,soon tales of caves filled with gleaming gold abounded... the yamashita treasure myth was born...soon maps came out, live pointers,signs,codes on rocks all there to supposedly guide them to the hoards,oh theres gold alright.., the war loot is there for the taking... soon and often in secret, groups set out to find it. they combed the mountains and the hills, the rivers, the tunnels, the lure of gold so strong that they would kill and die for it...competing groups would carve out new signs to confuse others... deftly manufactured maps would decieve even the most trained eye... the cycle growing ever so viscous until the present day... foreigners would say ,treasure hunting is an industry in the philippines( it has certainly become one)as the years pass,it has seen its share of winners and losers... often losers come down with all theyve got... in comes the new players with new maps and new signs , new locations new equipment and new funding. the trap getting ever more deeper...oooh yes the gold is there... some found some and theres still more....the trap is laid for the unwary...the greedy the smart ones the cycle rolls on....  

23 Nov 2005 @ 01:04 by edsay @ : How to...
To all TH in this forum im a begginer TH, here are my questions to all of you
Please advise me for this.

How to:
1. By pass decoys
2. What equipment should we use for TH.
3. We have dug a hole for almost 55 feet but is getting hotter & hotter of the other side of the hole anyone can advise us.
4. How can we sure that is a real target not decoy
5. Does any one knows a possible target in Leyte  

23 Nov 2005 @ 01:24 by Ed/Louieg @ : Audents Fortuna Juvat
Well, for those who seem intimidated by the dangers in TH, basic step is to accept that the dangers are real. We cannot simply let those (most of whom are foreigners and a few greedy politicians, military and businessmen) who have been recovering secretly these laundered gold monopolize the recovery forever until everything is depleted. We must be courageous enough to engage in the busisness no matter what happens. This is ours. This is our land. Gone are the days of hiding. We are a new breed of Filipino TH. 'Audentes fortuna juvat' must be in the mind and heart of all who are into TH. Ed has always been right! FORTUNE ALWAYS FAVORS THE BOLD!  

23 Nov 2005 @ 01:33 by Ophir777 @ : Soldier of Fortune
"We were there; we dug up gold"
THEY were just in their early 20s in September 1972 when first recruited into the reactivated 16th Infantry Battalion, with the "mysterious" task of digging tons of gold and gemstones for President Ferdinand Marcos.
They were part of the "Task Force Restoration", organized by Armed Forces Chief of Staff Fabian Ver, whose main task was to conduct "massive diggings and excavations" under the cover of fighting the communist insurgency in the countryside during the martial law years.
Dominguez and Caoile were among those sent to the "digging fields". Caoile was then only 20, Dominguez, 25.
Theirs is a story that may be considered the missing link in the mystery of the Marcos gold.
According to the soldiers, the Marcos generals and officers close to the late president knew about the operation, including President Ramos who was in the so-called "Rolex 12" circle and was chief of the Philippine Constabulary.
Ver's elite Presidential Guard Battalion watched and guarded the young soldiers with hawk-like attention while they conducted the digging operations at night. During the day, they slept or did their "standard" work of "restoration" or infrastructure development and other "field operations."
Throughout the 13 years that the members of the Task Force Restoration did their work, only some 30 treasure sites out of 172 were dug up, The rest, as identified by Marcos and with the help of "some Japanese men," who had the maps, were untouched or may have been dug up by "those in the know."
Their first digging operation was in March 1973 near Lake Caliraya in Lumban, Laguna.
"Sometime on early morning of the first week of March 1973, we were secretly tasked to provide manpower for digging operations and security to a huge part of the infamous and legendary Yamashita WWII treasures consisting of gold bars and gemstones buried by Japanese soldiers within the plateau in the vicinity of Lake Caliraya Resort, in Cavinti, Laguna," they said.
Their unit stayed in the area up to the last week of April 1973, but a platoon-sized detachment remained to "ward off New People's Army elements operating there." They started the preliminary work - setting up steel sheets around the area and constructing the makeshift field barracks - and then dug the area as instructed. Ver's PGB and high-ranking officers inspected the construction of the makeshift field barracks and the "pounding of long flat steel bars which served as perimeter fence at the treasure site about to be dug up . . ."
Dominguez, who was in the first group, recalled how they prepared to dig a hole in the ground 30 feet wide and 35 feet deep, as instructed by their superior officers. Their stay of several months extended to a year.
They were even told to make offerings - pigs or chickens which were killed at the site to appease "enkantos" who were supposedly guarding the treasures. Otherwise, they could encounter severe difficulty at the digging site. The ground would mysteriously swell with water or some of their things would get lost. Even the soldiers themselves were told to have no "dark intentions" and to be "pure in heart" so they could accomplish their objective, Dominguez said.
President Marcos himself came to visit them at the site whenever there was a glimpse of success. He also made "random visits" aboard a helicopter during the diggings, they said.
"During these operations, members of our unit saw four Japanese nationals together with president Ferdinand E. Marcos, Generals Fabian Ver and Ramon Cannu, Lt. Colonels Lachica and Javier D. Carbonnel, and Capt. Renato Jamora and some members of the elite Presidential Guard Battalion," the soldiers said.
But it was only on the evening of April 27, 1973, at around 11 p.m., that the "treasure digging activity finally reached its objective." They had been using two bulldozers, two backhoe "Kato" and a heavy-duty crane when they struck something, the first of the group's find.
"Several steel cylindrical drums measuring approximately three feet long and 1.5 feet in diameter, and an undetermined number of rectangular copper boxes (three feet long, one foot wide and two feet high) entombed in several thick concrete vaults were unearthed at an estimated depth of 35 to 40 feet," they said.
One of the concrete vaults was accidentally hit by the Kato backhoe while the vaults were being dug up. Until that time, the soldiers didn't know what they were sent down there to dig.
Because of repeated strikes, the teeth of the backhoe broke the body of the vault, hitting a steel drum inside it. The soldiers saw "heavy yellow metal gold which gleamed amidst the floodlights concentrated on the big digging area." One of the bars which they saw was a foot long, three inches wide and almost two inches thick.
After more than 30 minutes, three helicopters arrived. Two Huey military-type helicopters came escorting a presidential chopper ferrying Marcos, Ver, Cannu, Felix and some PGB close-in security personnel. They came to inspect the treasure find. Marcos could not contain his excitement, the soldiers said.
The concrete vaults (approximately six feet long, five feet wide and five feet high) were lifted one by one through the use of a heavy crane and were placed aboard three six by six military trucks which were on a 24-hour stand-by near the battalion headquarters command post at the area.
"Before Marcos and his party left the place, we overheard him instructing General Ver apparently on where to transport and hide the gold bars which (task) was carried out by PGB elements," the soldiers claimed.
"Sometime in the fourth week of April 1973, we were pulled out from the area, but a platoon-sized detachment was left and stayed there for almost a year after the site was further improved as new tourist spot into what is called now as Japanese Shrine Sunken Garden," they said.
After the digging at Lake Caliraya in Laguna, the other company elements of the reactivated 16th Infantry Battalion were utilized to provide the same security detail services and conduct treasure digging operations separately in the areas of Montalban, Antipolo, Baras and Teresa all in Rizal province from 1974 to 1981. This led to the activation of the "Task Force Restoration" under Lt. Col. Porferio Gemoto sometime in 1977 and 1978.
Task Force Restoration had then extended its operations to the Intramuros-Manila Cathedral area near where the Palacio del Gobernador was built.
In 1972, before the diggings happened, Marcos' men discovered a vast tunnel "within the Pasig River" along what is now the Napindan flood control project, underground tunnels from the Fort Bonifacio military reservation up to Villamor Air Base and Bicutan-Taguig via Fort Bonifacio Army General Hospital.
These secret tunnels preceded all the other treasure hunting and digging operations. The soldiers said the gold discoveries made by Marcos, as well as their operations, were the real reasons why he started his strongman rule "in the guise of a threatening rebellion by the alleged newly revitalized CPP/NPA (Communist Party of the Philippines, New People's Army) and Muslim secessionism in Mindanao."
In fact, Marcos allegedly had to create the conditions for this to justify martial law and allow the secret diggings done by newly recruited soldiers sent to the countryside allegedly for "field training."
There was a different group who dug, another group in charge of transporting the boxes containing the treasures, and another group who took care of securing these before they were transported outside the country. The trucks which transported the crates of gold bars and other treasures were large six by six trucks heavily covered and boarded up, Caoile said. Some of the WWII gold bars were coated in black hardened tar and asphalt to "discourage innocent finders during these treasure-hunting operations," Caoile said.
The gold bars dug by the soldiers were stored in the vaults of the old Central Bank in Intramuros. Later, in the mid-1970s, Marcos "ordered the construction of a new and modern coin and gold minting and refining plant of the Central Bank along East Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City."
According to the soldiers, this was to "further accommodate voluminous bulk of Yamashita gold bars and bullions for remelting" to change their original forms and markings which included the countries where the gold came from. There were orders from Marcos to erase the marks from the gold bars which the soldiers had dug up, Caoile said. This was to prevent the government of the countries which the Japanese had looted from discovering these.
The different gold bars that the soldiers dug up had inscriptions such as "Cambodia" with five star markings; "Sumatra" with four stars; "Burma" with three stars, and other marks identical to the countries of their origin. The Cambodia gold bars weighed 6.3 kilograms each; the Sumatra gold bars weighed 6.2 kg each; and the Burma bars weighed around 6 kg each.
Upon orders from Marcos, the original size and weight of the gold bars were modified to make it appear that these did not come from the Japanese treasure loot; thus, the need to remelt these at the Central Bank, the soldiers claimed.
The soldiers said "crates by crates" of gold bars were shipped out of the country via the Manila International Airport (now the Ninoy Aquino International Airport) using C-130 military aircraft after martial law was proclaimed. This was witnessed by perimeter security personnel of the airport.
"During those years of diggings and excavations, frequent electric power brownouts occurred in the Greater Manila area intentionally done to cover up the series of transport of gold bars from treasure sites to the Central Bank or secret warehouse vaults pre-designated by Marcos thru General Ver," the soldiers claimed.
The soldiers said even before martial rule in 1972, Marcos had already successfully excavated gold bullions and gemstones at the Manila Railroad Company (MRRCO, now PNR) yard complex at Tutuban terminal. This was at the start of his first term as president from 1965 to 1969. He started treasure digging when elected president in 1965 but could not finish it in four years; thus the need to employ soldiers to continue the work under Task Force Restoration when he was re-elected.
The soldiers claimed that in all, they excavated and retrieved more than 60,000 metric tons of gold bars, bullions, and other precious metals such as palladium, platinum, chrome, nickel, zinc and little babbitt bars. There were precious gems such as diamonds, both cut and uncut.
Among the "major" treasure sites which the soldiers had dug up were in Caliraya in Cavinti-Lumban, Laguna; Baras and Teresa in Rizal province; Montalban caves in Montalban, Rizal; Montalban Mascat; Sitio Mayagay, Sampaloc in Tanay, Rizal; Fort Bonifacio Tunnel; Fort Bonifacio hospital; the area of the Manpower and Youth building; Bastion de San Lorenzo in Fort Santiago; Muñoz in Nueva Ecija; Balok bridge, also in Nueva Ecija; site of the Central Luzon State University statue in Muñoz; Sta. Fe in Nueva Vizcaya; Campo 4 in San Jose, Nueva Vizcaya; and San Mateo in Rizal province.
According to them, the Japanese army units had subdivided the treasures they brought into the country and buried them in places classified as major and minor treasure sites. The Japanese allegedly used the Manila Railroad Co. to transport the treasures.
Major or minor treasure sites depended on the "suitability, concealment, permanency and location of man-made, built-up areas, mountainous and/ or rolling hills, terrain with creeks, rivers, dams, big acacia, mango, camachile or duhat trees that serve as references for future retrieval of said treasure deposits," the soldiers' said.
This excludes the four, six, eight or more pieces of gold bars usually found underneath big acacia or mango trees where they had been stashed by low-ranking Japanese soldiers while their superior officers were not looking.
In some of the major treasure sites, the soldiers even found skeletons still wearing their tattered uniforms and helmets, and with their swords beside them.
In Fort Santiago alone, there were more than 100 boxes of treasures which the soldiers found buried under the old torture chamber, Bastion de San Lorenzo, which is just near the Pasig River.
The gold treasures were buried at or below sea level where the ground temperature is cooler to prevent melting.
Even in President Ramos' time, there have been secret diggings, they add.
Caoile said Marcos's and other government officials including President Ramos would "never talk about the gold." "Instead, they will deny and torture the minds and belief of the people by telling them that these Marcos gold is nothing but a mere hoax, fiction, fantasies of a fertile and speculative mind," they said.
"They do not want to expose the truth about the Marcos gold because they are expecting to benefit out of it in collaboration and connivance with foreign conspirators both here and abroad," they added.  

23 Nov 2005 @ 01:49 by Ophir777 @ : I'm Coming Home
To everyone here in this forum: im coming home guys. i dont know what comes next. meet me in cavite i have 3 positive sites with complete reference. any interested u can reach me at my e mail (jsdns777@yahoo.com) just want to see the glittering & darkness picture of gold again. I will stay near the gate of Puerto Azul one of the famous Marcos resort. See you there!  

23 Nov 2005 @ 06:00 by ulupong @ : kayamanan

23 Nov 2005 @ 07:22 by edsay @ : Brian/ Ed : How to bypass decoys
To all TH in this forum im a begginer TH, here are my questions to all of you
Please advise me for this.

How to:
1. By pass decoys
2. What equipment should we use for TH.
3. We have dug a hole for almost 55 feet but is getting hotter & hotter of the other side of the hole anyone can advise us.
4. How can we sure that is a real target not decoy
5. Does any one knows a possible target in Leyte  

23 Nov 2005 @ 08:42 by Yamashita San @ : Where are you FM?
After his secretary now comes a Manny Sta. Cruz(used to play golf at wack-wack), can't FM a bigtime serious Treasure Hunter and Gold Bullion Buyer answer for HIMSELF?

Manny Sta Cruz, serious as you are man, but I ain't talkin' t'yah! Whazzup! Ask FM to do everything what you asked me to do in order for me to check him out (Note: If you are really serious, then give us your real name address, bank name for us to check if you are really genuine or bogus), since FM claim that he owns a Gold Bullion Buying Company, simply prove to this GALLERY(a golf term) of TH that all he claims he was are true. Make him remember that he's the one making claims as to what he is and now you vouched him for his credibility so you are his accomplice. As a legitimate bigtime gold buyer, he has nothing to fear since he can hire everybody to provide security for him or even speak for him like you do. I am confused as to why can't he be like Tom Taylor if he really has legal tansactions here in the Philippines. Kymco bikes are JUNK, don't tell me as mayabang na naman because your bikes are trully are JUNK!  

23 Nov 2005 @ 08:58 by HIROHITO @ : STUPID JUAN

23 Nov 2005 @ 10:39 by luz @ : re: gold
Money is the root of all evil. Hayaan nyo na yang gold na yan...totoo man yan o hindi, wala akong pakialam. Isipin nyo nalang, dapat makuntento tau kung ano ang meron tau ngayun. Wag nyo nang hangaring yumaman. Darating ang araw mawawalan ng value lahat na itinuturing ng sanlibutan ngayun na tinatawag nilang KAYAMANAN. Isa pa, di rin naman naman madadala sa hukay yan. Ipinanganak tayong hubad at mamatay tayong walang dala ng anumang bagay n nandito sa sanlibutan ngayun. Ang mahalaga, ay makuha natin ang tunay na TUNAY na KAYAMANAN, yun ay walang iba kundi ang madevelop natin yung CLOSE RELATIONSHIP natin with GOD. SIYA ang DAKILANG MAYLALANG ng lahat ny bagay na nandito sa mundo ngaun, at kung sisikaping nating makilala Siya ng lubusan we will enjoy our friendship with HIM, because TRUE happiness is hard to find if our HEART is not with HIM. Isa pa sya ang MAY-ARI ng lahat ng bagay dito sa mundo at SIYA ang pinakamayaman. Isa pa dapat matutunan natin yung maging mapagpasalamat sa lahat ng bagay na bibibigay Niya satin kahit na hindi bar of GOLD yan, kahit na yung HANGIN na lang na ibinibigay NIYA satin ng LIBRE. Lets imagine if God does not alow us to give an AIR even ONE HOUR, Mbubuhay pa kaya tayo? Saka isa pa...kahit na anong pagsisikap ng mga namamahala sa government ngayon, di parin nila kayang bigyan ng solution yung pangunahing problema ng bawat isa sa bawat bansa kagaya ng kahirapan, sakit at lumalaganap na krimen, kahit na mga digmaan...bagkus lalo lamang lalala ang sitwasyon ng mundo natin sa ngayun. According to the BIBLE ang namamahala sa mundo natin ngaun ay si SATANAS pls read 1 John 5:19 and Revelation 12: 7-9, 12. Maikli nlang ang panahong natitira ng buhay ni satanas kaya ginagawa nya ang lahat para ang mga tao ay mapuksa kasama nya. Ginagawa nya ang lahat para ang tao ay maging mas maibigin sa SALAPI sa halip na sa Diyos, at natutupad lamang ang hula sa Bible na sa mga HULING ARAW, magiging pangkaraniwan nalang ang ganitong mga pag-uugali.
Anyway....i will give my comment because i read a lot from this site. Kaya kung ako sa inyo, isipin nyo nalang maaari tayong mamatay anytime, maaring bukas, makalawa, susunod na linggo o buwan....ang tanong, may maipagmamalaki ka naba na nagawa mo para sa DIYOS? KILALA niyo naba Siya? Alam nyo naba kung ano ang Kanyang mga LAYUNIN, para sa TAO at sa LUPA? Alam niyo naba kung ano ang AYAW at GUSTO niya na gawin natin? Kung hindi pa, yun muna ang unahin nyo kaysa sa sa bar of GOLD nayan. Kasi ang TUNAY na KAYAMANAN ay ang gawin ang Kanyang KALOOBAN at ang ibibigay NIYA ay EVERLASTING LIFE dito rin yun sa LUPA, kung meron man sa langit yun ay may bilang lang only 144,000, sila yung magiging kasama ng Anak ng Diyos, ang Panginoong Jesus na magiging mga Hari at ang paghaharian nila ay ang buong lupa, ito yung tinatawag na KAHARIAN NG DIYOS or GOD,s KINGDOM. Malapit na itong dumating at ito ang tatapos sa mga pamahalaan ng tao sa malapit na hinaharap, at ito rin ang solution sa mga pangunahing problema natin sa ngayon. Kahit yung mga namatay na mahal natin sa buhay ay may pag-asa pa tayong makita silang muli. Juan 5:28 Diba maibigin ang Diyos na Jehovah? Speaking of JEHOVAH GOD...He is JESUS CHRIST FATHER.Kaya bago pa tuluyang puksain ng KAHARIAN NG DIYOS ang sistema ng mundo natin sa ngayon...sana malaman na muna natin ang kalooban niya na nakaulat sa 1 Timothy 2:3-4, to know the TRUTH....truth about GOD and His SON, means gain everlasting life according to John 17:3.
Sa Paradise or God's Kingdom,na malapit ng dumating dito sa lupa, maraming GOLD, kaya lang alamin muna natin kung paano ba makakasama sa Kanyang Kaharian. Kasi po yung GOLD sa ngayon, mawawalan po ng value yun kapag dumating na yung MALAKING KAPIGHATIAN.
Kaya remember! para naman di masayang yung buhay natin...lets try our best to seeking first the God's Kingdom and His righteousness and He promise that all other things will be added to us.  

23 Nov 2005 @ 15:23 by jowa @ : spirit guardians
Hey guys, who or what are supposed to be guarding these treasures we are all supposed to be looking for? What do we do with them to get cooperation or appease them?  

24 Nov 2005 @ 00:18 by louieg @ : "audentes fortuna juvat"
aaaaah yes "fortune always favor the bold" true but be cunning.., must always be a step ahead...mediums?if i put say 10 mediums ona negative sight feed em lunch... chances are itll be positive at the end o the day...mediums are an act of desperation... often one would say"nakita na namin lumubog ulit e"baaaah tell that to national geographic!or to the archeologist who dug whole caches of mayan gold, mediums e to my mind a sight should be presumed empty till positive indicators comeup lets face it people2005 na!kahit katayin mong lahat ang manok sa bakuran mo kung wala dun d wala!there are scientific ways of sight processing comeon guys level up!para di na kayo malugi pa gold are merely things they dont walk around creepin underground!fortune dont favor the dumb! i see the way some people describe the sights here aba with matching tonnage pa! how could you possibly know that? did the little elf tell you? kaya nga maraming nalulugi e parang alam nyo pa sa nagbaon!too many a times a financier gets duped because of unverified tall tales of this and that... cut the crap nagpupunta pa sa ibang forum nagkakalat ng kwentong barbero kaya tuloy nagbackout ang mga financiers nyo e kaya tuloy pati ang ang mga nagiisip na th nadadamay sa kasiraan nyo ,you know who you are!mediums are a sorry excuse pag walang nakuha kesyo nagalit ang bantay blah blah blah pwe,bakit naman kase gusto nyong lokohin ang sarili nyo e sino ba ang napagod d kayo rin... if mediums can detect dina kayo kailangan! edi kanila nalang!(common sense)fortune favors the bold and also the thinking its time to eliminate excuses be more discriminating maybe then you will suceed peace!  

24 Nov 2005 @ 01:10 by Rexie @ : Cliffhanger, Brian & Ed
Mga tol musta na kayong lahat? Tol alam nyo ba about Jakarta Cave dito sa Mindanao? Nakita na nmin ang tunnel, sa ilalim pede ipasok ang dalawang BUS, tanong kung lang kung ano ang mga pede na trap na aming ma encounter? pinasok ng dalawa nming kasama tapus tinalian nmin tapus malayo na narating nila. kaso di nila naabot yung dulo, natakot kc kami baka may maga traps, May alam ba kayo dito tol? paki tulong nman. Tanx ang more power to all TH...  

24 Nov 2005 @ 02:32 by Gboy @ : Cliffhanger, Djakarta treasure
Am partner of Cliffhanger, he is in Siera Madre right now, regarding Djakarta tunnel/Cave....FORGET IT....you cannot get it... Its a labirynth of tunnels traps, bombs..etc. Its one of the biggets treasure site in Mindanao.And definitely one of the most difficult... Several foreigner treasure hunters tried it in 80's and 90's and spend million of dollars...ung isa nalaglag pa nga ang backhoe sa tunnel...wala rin...
If you have a budget of US$10-50 million maybe you can get it...maybe...
Pero kung wala...tigilan nyo na..matodas pa kayo dyan..  

24 Nov 2005 @ 02:43 by Gboy @ : FM and Yamashita Feud
I think its not helpful for most of us here treasure hunters to boast all your wealth or capabilities....we do not need those challenges, if you want to boast your wealth (there are thousand pinoys more wealthier than two of you guys).... what we need are FUNDERS for our treasure sites...and redeem the pinoy...we want the Flipinos to be Great again....if you can help us fund our projects...marami pa bibilib sa inyo...kaysa magpayabangan, wala kayo mapapala dyan...  

24 Nov 2005 @ 03:25 by ROBERT P. @ : ED, FM, JOSE RIZAL & ALL TH,
22 Oct 2005 @ 03:30 by yamashita @ : all dreamers
yamashita treasure is not true. the story is just fabricated by marcos to justify as to where did he get all his riches. santa romana got his treasure not from yamashita treasure. authors like eric san juan only want to protect the interest of the marcoses that is why he wrote that book. marcos stole the gold from the filipino people (BSP) and hid it to various parts of the country during the martial law. all the fake gold certificates, wellsfargo bills, security bonds that is being negotiated by so called bigtime negotiators are part of the marcos plan to confuse the people as to the truth behind the gold he stole from the Central Bank. look for the marcos gold and surely you'll find what you guys are looking for. there's only a few sites left. marcos treasure. the story of the japanese tunnels etcetera is not true. evrything in here is a lie. believe me. i just found today how a hearsay of false information reaches people with high intellect such as you guys here. pity.

22 Oct 2005 @ 03:37 by yamashita @ : people of the philippines
wake up! treasure hunting is not the way we can help the poor filipino people. yamashita treasure is not true. look for the place where marcos hid the gold he has stolen. marcos money is pure filipino money, he transfered it only to banks abroad. marcos gold is pure filipino gold, he only hired resmelters to changed it's form to sumatra etcetera.


24 Oct 2005 @ 11:28 by yamshita @ : horyu, soryu, akagi
are you sure about your allegations the langley boys you thought they are doin? shko kuda sai, hai! no gold man just dirt!

25 Oct 2005 @ 10:51 by yamashita @ : fm
hindi kaya mas tanga ang magtawag ng mga puti dito? sabi mo nakahukay ka na, eh di magfinance ka na lang, wag yung sasabihin mong may nahukay ka tapos natatakot ka na walang pumatol sa pangaakit niyo ng financer na puti. tama ba? Bebentahan pa sana kita pero analyze ko sindikato ka, ano pustahan tayo? Sa safe ground tayo para walang patayan baka wala ka maipakita. Pusta ko Honda S2000 Sports Car ko kung talagang totoo ka.



26 Oct 2005 @ 08:11 by yamashita @ : ed, fm
nagpasok kami ng 2 s2000, 3 hummer at 5 mini sa backdoor. Add mo na lang ung 2 sa bilang mo and that would make 28 s2000s, mind na ang s2000 namin ay hindi lang nakadisplay.... tumatakbo ng mabilis yan. should have i not the right to express my opinion here? what i conclude really is that there is no treasure here in the philippines, if there would be any treasure, those were gold/treasures marcos has stolen from the Central Bank.
FM: You sure you own ROYAL HOLDINGS? How can a poor Filipino get hold of the title ROYAL without royal blood flowing right inside your veins? You might just be kidding man! Why the need to boast off your successful recovery? Have you really got something show or you are just one of the scumbags roaming the malls and hotels of metro manila? Royal Holdings and your car is just a PAJERO, uhhh man! Baka sakin mo pa binili yang pajero mo loko, surplus from Japan!



29 Oct 2005 @ 13:30 by yamashita @ : FM
asan ka na pare? pustahan na lang kaya tayo ng pera pare, ano laban ka? Gaya sabi ni Ed kuha tayo ng arbiter, bigay natin sa kanya 10Million natin kung wala ka maipapakita na GOLD(at least mga 10 BARS) akin ang pera mo, kung may maipakita ka sa iyo ang pera ko.


Masyado yatang takot ang mga tao dito sa wala... kahit wala naman nagmomonitor feeling nila minomonitor (DAW) ng mga CIA etc! MGA DUWAG!


30 Oct 2005 @ 08:34 by yamashita @ : Jose Rizal
Pare, pasensya ka na... nauna ka lang nging hero sa akin. Ang kwento nila noong hinarap mo yung baril noong inexecute ka, gusto mo raw makakita ng bala at yun ang last wish mo. Totoo ba yun? Ikaw na lang maging arbiter namin ni Ferdinand Marcos, kung wala siya maipakita gold kunin natin pera niya at magpagawa tayo nang statue ko sa Fort Bonifacio.


12 Nov 2005 @ 06:11 by Yamashita @ : Robert P, FM, all TH
Where's FM now? Wala pa bang kumagat sa tactics mo pare? What I don't understand about you man is that, you claim to own Royal Holdings and that you are a Filipino and that you buy gold and that you have a lot of money and that you have recovered some big tilapia in Rizal and that you are afraid that Foreign(i will qoute what you said, "mauubusan tayo ng puti")Treasure Hunters will leave and will not do treasure here in the Philippines.... can you sense I smell some kind of rotten tilapia here? What I'm saying here is "Let us be true to ourselves, otherwise we end up fooling others"


We'll Robert P. , if you think that i am a dead man, you are right pare! I tell you, i wasn't killed only once but many times. Do you believe in near death experiences man? It's all because of these fucking damned cursed gold. Your knowledge about the gold here in the Philippines is nothing compared to mine. All you know I'm sure is chat or dig information in the web. First hand information and first hand experience is nothing to rumors you heard and read. If you are amused with the stories you read from selfclaimed historians then be amused, just don't add me to your damn ignorance of what is really going on with these treasures.


To all TH in the Philippines:
If ever you find gold, be very careful to who you deal with. Don't be afraid of the CIAs, be more afraid of the Illuminati.


18 Nov 2005 @ 10:20 by Yamashita @ : FM/ FMs Secretary
It took you a month to respond. Why? Okay, lets go with the deal kahit matagal ka mag-isip. Put in mind that we are not just talking about goldbars here, we will be hiring personnels from Smithsonian Institute to verify and check whether your gold are genuine yamashita treasure, baka pinulot lang sa tabi-tabi ang goldbars mo. I will require the same requirement you asked of me. Wait for my further message, don't worry kahit nasa colombia, bahamas, madrid or anywhere ako i will be there. One thing, i don't have any secretary to make deals with you, I always have my laptop beside me to make things done... bank transfer or whatever.... i just use different connections not to be traced by MI6... soon people will discover here that whether you are with us or you are against us. I just want to warn my friends here.... be careful of counterfeit people... they may represent a good company, but they are just counterfeits... everything that's counterfeit is dangerous... counterfeit CIA, counterfeit monies, counterfeit agents, counterfeit buyers, counterfeit sellers, counterfeit cd's, counterfeit dvds..........counterfeit blood....


20 Nov 2005 @ 04:41 by Yamashita San @ : McNamara, Ed,
"once the work has begun, never leave until it is done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all". (qouted from the post of Father McNamara of the Jesuit Residence)

Well, well, well. We got a Jesuit here. How are you Father McNamara? Where's the Black Pope now? Where's the next terrorist attack again McNamara, I'm sure you know it if you are a Jesuit huh...you support FM because you two have common goals to achieve because both of you are Jesuits. Just think you're talking to a total idiot, IQ negative 156. Japanese soldiers never looted anything, you used them to hide what you looted. Salamat sa pakikipag-usap mo sakin. But if you think you Jesuits can control the WORLD, pustahan tayo hindi mangyayari yan


Ed, hindi ako yung nagpost about sa "stupid filipinos", you know everybody can post for somebody here, that guy is YAMSHITA and not YAMASHITA. You can check the post again. You have my respect in this forum, and in anyway, I have nothing against you. I haven't seen any golden buddha, i have seen and tested some buddhas even the buddha of Roxas and all are brass buddhas.


My computer genius beside me is thinking that MCNAMARA, FM, HIROHITO, JOE, JHON-JHON, JERRY, GOLDEN RETRIEVER, TEKA TEKA, ROBIN P, MAMASHITA has the possibilty that they are ONE. According to my agents, nakikipaglokohan lang itong si Jesuit Ferdinand sa atin, NEGOTIATOR lang itong tao dati ng kung anu-anong commodities until kinuha siya ng Jesuit Order as a Civil Agent. Malaki ang funding niya behind if you dig deeper as to the source of the money na gagamitin niya to buy gold. It's not true that he owns Royal Holdings because Royal Holdings belongs to a Royal Family in Europe. And if everybody thinks that he truly recovered something in Rizal, myself won't buy that information, i considered that a tactic para paglayawin ang mga investor na gusto magfinance ng treasure hunting dito. If Paul Yao was impressed with this person, I am not. I consider him a total DISGRACE to the Filipino people. Mangloloko ang taong ito!



Comment and conclusion ko kina Robert P and Mamashita: Pareho sila BAKLA. Mabunganga at mahilig sa titi. Zubzero ang kanilang IQ. Mga gaya niyong tao mga kahihiyan din.









24 Nov 2005 @ 03:36 by Gboy @ : Yamashita(Japs) WW2 Treasure sites

1. Dumagat Secret Treasure 1
2. Dumagat Secret Treasure 2
3. El Sombrero Treasure 1
4. El Sombrero Treasure 2
5. Secrets of Digoyo
6. Mt. Billionaire
7. Gen. Tamaso Cache
8. Gen. Tanaka Cache
9. Snake cave Treasure
10. 5 Lonely Tomb Cave
11. Underground Temple
12. Padlock Cave
13. Caged Budha Cave
14. Killer Budha of Digoyo
15. 3 Budha Cave
16. Headless Budha Waterfalls
17. 9 Black "basketballs" and Tomb Cave
18. Underwater 2-metal Box
19. Flagpole Treasure
1. Zapote Tree Treasure
2. Mango Tree Treasure
3. Santol Tree Treasure
4. Tamarind Tree Treasure
5. Lamp Light Treasure 1
6. Lamp Light Treasure 2
7. Market/Crossing Treasure
8. Peroz Road Treasure
9. Triangle Bridge Treasure
10. Japs Flag Treasure
11. Japs Execution Camp Treasure
12. Fr. Terreno Treasure
13. Mango Hill Treasure
14. Colocol Creek Treasure
15. Masoc/Grandfather Treasure
16. Skull Tunnel Treasure
17. Egg Cave Treasure
18. Church Secret Treasure
19. School Secret Treasure
20. Calla0 Cave Secret
21. Prado Court
22. Tokyo 2 Tunnel

1. Seven general Treasure
2. Three General Treasure of Tagurano
3. Gen. Yanashita Treasure of Mundo Hill
4. Gen. Yamashita Treasure of Panabo
5. Gen. Yamada Treasure
6. Gen. Murakami Treasure
7. Gen. Teruya Treasure
8. Gen. Sakura Treasure
9. Gen. Toyogoshi Treasure
10. Gen. Kutamura Treasure
11. Adm. Nakone Treasure
12. Adm. Igie Treasure
13. Col. Oshihiro Hansawa Treasure
14. Col. Yamaguchi Treasure
15. Lt. Ohata Treasure
16. Secrets of Carmen
17. Secrets of Cuyo Island
18. Secrets of Dalirig
19. Secrets of Dagat K Dabaw
20. Secrets of Lake Venado
21. Secrets of Lake Sebu
22. Secrets of Lipadas
23. Secrets of Makilo
24. Secrets of Mt. Apo
25. Secrets of Namnam
26. Secrets of Pangantucan
27. Secrets of Raware
28. Secrets of Silae
29. Secrets of Sinuda
30. Secrets of Tamugan
31. Secrets of Upin 1 & 2
32. Crown Of Cambodia
33. Horse cave Treasure
34. Crocodile Cave Treasure
35. Mandapo Hill Treasure
36. Kiakol Treasure
37. Todaya Treasure
38. El Diablo Treasure
39. Nubos Treasure
40. 10th Buntai Treasure
41. Takahashi Butai Treasure
42. Kashibaora / Tanaka Treasure
43. Djakarta Tunnel
44. Medusa Tunnel
45. Tunnel Code 9
46. Lying Lady Mountain
47. Golden Budha of St. Francis
48. 3 chained/wired Tomb
49. Lonely Tomb of Talomo
50. Lonely Tomb of St. Ines
51. Lonely tomb of Luban
52. Sea Tomb of Luban
53. 15 Lonely Tomb of Wao
54. Samurai Tomb
55. Sinkhole Tomb and Box
56. Mysterious Steel Crate
57. Waterfalls of Block
58. Foxhole of Umayam
59. Swimming Stallion of Kisawi
60. Underground Stallion of Mt. Magolo

1. Siwa Maru (Island Ship)
2. Tikang Maru
3. Sakima Maru
4. Maru of the Orient 3
5. Capt. Kimura Ships (6)
6. Mini Submarine
7. Camouflage Submarine
8. Cliffwall Submarine
9. Underground Subamarine Base
10. Runway Edge Sea Vault
11. Missing Sea Plane
12. Underwater Cement Vault
13. Daibatsu of Gino-og
14. Daibatsu of Davao Gulf

1) These are just PARTIAL LIST of our suspected Japs WW2 treasure sites in the Philippines.
2) This is a product of more than 20 years of treasure hunting experience, extensive research, exploration,actual operation, interviews Japs/Americans/ Filipinos veterans, live pointers, natives, maps, treasure hunters, natural and man made treasure markers.
3) Compiled and research by Gboy, Cliffhanger, Sarob with cooperation and help with our treasure hunter friends.
4) Estimate treasure volume varies from 1 ton up to several hundred ton GOLD.

For those who believe in the existince of the infamous Yamashita (Japs) treasure are welcome to help finance or contribute equipment to our team. For more info contact Gboy at gergio2004@yahoo.com or cel: +639103216315


24 Nov 2005 @ 05:18 by Beginner @ : Treasure Hunting
There was this old pal of mine who ask me to look for a funder/financer in a project once operated by close friends of marcos. Because of old age(some of them has just died recently), these Marcos friends were not able to recover the treasure. This friend I was talking about was appointed as the leader of the group that would go up the mountain and dig, with them is the old Jap Soldier (having the rank of Captain with 300 men during the war)who will be guiding them as to the right location of the site. On the way to the site they passed on a pointed/obtuse mountain, looking at that mountain the japanese soldier cried and knelt on a stone and bowed there for almost two hours fronting the mountain. My friend did not bother to stop the japanese on what he's doing but waited until the japanese soldier asked them to continue their hike, the japanese pointed on the next mountain peak same level as the mountain where he bowed on and said that the treasure is on top of the mountain and they just have to dig an approximated 10 meters thick of cement. Arriving at the top, the japanese went on a tree(molave)and start striking it with his bolo, later the japanese showed them a nailhead (the unusual bignails used on building houses before) and told them that it was the sign he placed in case he they would lost their map in locating after the war. They cut down the tree with the nail. The Jap soldier asked for the rope and ask my pal to tie it on a nearby tree trunk, he tied himself on the rope and went down the cliff on the other side, he said he was just to see if it would be better to dig on the cliffside or on top. The Jap went up the rope and said it was hard to be hanging on the cliff and do the drilling, so they decided it would be better to start right on top of the rock (the site actually is a very big rock)they would just have to remove the soil they have put on top. After removing all the soil, they start drilling on the stone under, they were surprised as to the unusual hardness of the stone, the japanese said that they used cement supplied to them by germany to cover the hole, they first have to bore(300 men worked on it day and night) a hole on the rock before putting the gold and covering it the cement. On the cement, they just have removed a foot deep of cement in a week. My pal got impatient with th hardness of the cement, thinking that the cement would soften if they would pile up all the trunks and branches of the tree they have cut and burn the cement, the japanese was taking a bath at the nearby spring thats why he didnt know they are goin to put the hole on fire, finding out what the group have done, the japanese cried looking at the fire because according to him the cement woul even be more harder than it used to, and it really was, the tools they are using wont even bite the cement now. Because of that, they decided to use dynamite to break the cement, thinking it would work but blowing off the dynamite didnt even chew a piece of the cement. Because of the Bigbang made by the dynamite blast, they were noticed by the people on the nearby barrio and they were suspected as rebels and an Army of Soldiers went up the mountain and summoned them to report at the headquarters.Having suspected as a NPA commander(because of his height and stature) my friend was imprisoned for a week, while the group including the jap went their own ways. The Politician came to the rescue and bail out my old pal. From then, no group was able to return on the site because of the presence of Army men and Rebels in the area and then Martial Law was in its hottest during the time. Only a few were left who have knowledge about the site except for an engineer who is holding the map of the said site. Any body who want to excavate the site feel free to post here.  

24 Nov 2005 @ 06:01 by bamboodew @ : Gboy: Any site in Visayas
Gboy... may alam kang site dito sa Eastern Visayas, particularly sa Leyte. Thanks..bamboodew  

24 Nov 2005 @ 07:24 by Gboy @ : Visayas site
There are sites in eastern visayas....but mostly taken by JICA in early 90's, mostly in Samar areas...
Calbayog City...Calbayog pilot elementary school,Oquendo elementary school, Tarabucan elementary school, tabokno Falls, calbayog cemetery, Gandara-blanca aurora falls...these were operated and hauled by JICA in early 90's
We have a site in San Vicente island in Samar but it as a huge boulder with a square and dot, arrow, and triangle carved markings ...we suspect the treasure inside/under the boulder with a square and dot carved marking...but we do not have eqpt to break the boulder...its still pending.
Regarding the post of BEGINNER....we have lots of those stories in my sites..
Look at our treasure sites...all kinds and types of treasure is in there...buried, tunnel, trunk of tree, exposed cement vault, underwater, ship/submarine wrecks, cave, waterfalls...hauling....you name it...we have it...
In fact...BRIAN...is afraid we might be able to touch his 70,000mt waterfalls treasure site in Palanan...of course we know it, our native assets have seen all waterfalls within 30 km radius from palanan...but due to courtesy...we will not touch it...we have a better site than him...isn't BRIAN?  

24 Nov 2005 @ 08:28 by Kalokohan @ : Mga ungas
Itigil niyo na pananginip niyo mga ungas!
Ikaw Gboy puro ka naman kuwento ng TREASURE SITE, sa dami ng site mo halatang puro ka lang kuwento! isaksak mo sa baga mo mga files mo tarantado!
Ikaw ED, nargmamarunong ka lang naman ungas, akala mo sino magaling!
Yamashita at FM, parehong HANGIN lang ang kayang ibuga, masahol pa kayo sa tambutso, nakakapollute layo sa kayabangan! Pareho kayo Ungas!
Ikaw Robert Putang Ina Mo, puro ka naman mura! Halatang ang bunganga mo puno ng kabastusan, isa ka ring UNGAS na BADING!
Ikaw Boylara, puro ka rin hakahaka, isa ka ring UNGAS, palagi kang nauunahan UNGAS!
LAHAT KAYO PURO UNGAS! MGA TANGA! Pinaka TANGA si GBOY, puro ka lang KUWENTO wala ka naman talaga alam! 20 years of experience! TANGA! 20 years kang gumawa ng mga kuwento mo UNGAS!  

24 Nov 2005 @ 09:01 by Rudy @ : Beginner
I am interested depending on location of said site. Click on my name to get my email address on my 05 November posting and email me the location if it is at all possible.  

25 Nov 2005 @ 00:04 by gsm @ : Cebu Area
To Gboy:
You've not mentioned Visayas area particularly Cebu area. Are there any possible site here in Cebu, particularly in the South? Actually, we have one possible site coz it was detected using the FritzGerald latest model owned by a foreigner, and we're looking right now another model of detector to verify the result. Also, everything including the history of the area already confirmed by old relative. Are there any possible sites here in Cebu? Any advice...Maybe, we can contact you possibly next year for more info...  

25 Nov 2005 @ 02:50 by Gboy @ : Yamashita (Japs) Treasure Sites
We do not have treasure sites in Visayas simply bcoz we did not explore those areas.My partner Cliffhanger is from Mindanao (thats why he got most Mindanao sites), am from Luzon (thats why I've got most of Luzon Sites)...we do not have treasure partners who explore and operate in Visayas sites...

To: Kalokohan
I understand your OUTPOURING ENVY AND ANGER...its normal for an ignorant like you to criticize us treasure hunters...simply bcoz YOU HAVE NOT EXPLORED and RESEARCH WELL ENOUGH...I KNOW YOU ARE SALIVATING WITH ENVY RIGHT NOW !!...Keep cool...it will passed away...someday.
Do you want me to prove to you that gold bar exist? Gusto mo ipokpok ko pa sa ulo mo bareta ginto? Ang tanong...babayaran mo ba ang ginto ng seller pag nayupi?
Nasa tabi-tabi lang ang gold holders (proof that yamashita treasure exist)... pero wala kami pambili sa mga ginto nila...kaya hanap na lang kami ng funding at sarili namin treasure.. oks?
Kung nanginginig ka sa inggit...problema mo yan... uminom ka ng nitric acid at ihiga mo n yan... tapos problema mo..  

25 Nov 2005 @ 03:06 by Gboy @ : Treasure debate
Some of you here are envy of our treasure sites or doubt our capability as treasure hunters, I understand them its normal. However I challenge anybody to debate on treasure topics only... anything basta treasure...lets SEE WHO CAN DEFEND THEIR TREASURE SITES...Am ready to defend ours...
My spindle running post was erased...you can see my running post also in treasurenet...with all treasure hunters around the world debating with me...so far i out duel them and defended my treasure sites...I even challenge Seagraves team to treasure hunt and who is the fastest to get treasure at limited time and budget...so far no takers... mayron po ba kayo tanong? (Do you have any question?) if none...help us finance our team or contribute an equipment...GODBLESS


25 Nov 2005 @ 17:44 by goldlilly @ : Visayas are positive
Heres a story from Iloilo that deals somewhat with the dangers involved with trying to sell the gold bars that you may find ... Be Careful

Thursday, January 16, 2003
Gold bars, P85T lost to armed men
By Wenceslao E. Mateo Jr.

IF YOU think the so-called Yamashita treasure is nothing but a tall tale, a recent incident should give you second thoughts.

Two cousins - Roger Cabilbigan, 33, and Romeo Capitle, both of San Remigio, Antique - reported to the Leon PNP late in the day last Monday that they lost two gold bars and cash of some P85,000 to an undetermined number of armed men.

That morning in Sitio Tibolang, Barangay Camandag, Leon, at about 4 a.m., these armed men, they said, fired at them while they were taking their breakfast inside a hut they were occupying at that time.

Cabilbig and Capitle survived the shooting incident, though. Cabilbig, however, suffered a gunshot wound on the right side of his face and another in his left palm.

In their escape, they left behind their bag containing two gold bars and cash amounting to P85,000.

Capitle revelaed that he came upon the gold bars while plowing his field in San Remigio, Antique. He said the plow hit a hard thing, which turned out to be two gold bars.

Capitle insisted, however, that the two gold bars were the only ones he found in his field.

People, who heard his story, however, expressed disbelief on that he found only two gold bars. They said there could be more. Evidence of which, they said, is the P85,000 which the two must have earned with the sale of some of the other gold bars.

It could not be ascertained, however, why the two residents of San Remigio, Antique were in Barangay Camandag in Leon, Iloilo last Monday. (Jan. 16, 2003 issue)  

25 Nov 2005 @ 17:48 by goldlilly @ : Visayas positive
1962. Treasure worth 1.6 million pesos was dug up in Duran Street in Iloilo City. Gold bars and assorted jewelry were reportedly found in three jars, a steel safe and arms cache left by Japanese soldiers.  

26 Nov 2005 @ 02:14 by just passin...... @ : the pangs of yamashitas gold!
you have been warned! this gold hunting business is dangerous!si gboy may sight ako sa mandaluyong pare 22tons sa ilalim lang ng isolation ward ng nmh! babaw lang 10ft. sayo na! ta wag kanrin lumabas sana... baka maiinp sina ka emong dun at wala silang kajamming sa treasure nila hehehe .. sama munarin si brian at cliffhanger baka maunahan kayo niyam at fm!how dare you dami mong so called "sites" eto just point your finger at random sa sites mo tapos pili ka isa, dun kanalang magkonsentrate e baka me makuha ka!nagkakalat kalang! sana narerealize murin sana ang raket mo!nakakahiya ka th community dre!lumiliit ang pagtingin nila satin! advice ko lang magbenta ka ng isa lang sa isang libong antique jar na nakuha mo dun sa galleon mo at me pantustus kana di kana dapat mamalimos! nyalang drawing ka dre di ko masisisi ang iba pagbinabanatan ka! (infact natutuwa ako e} umayus ka! marami na talagang naulul sa treasure isa kana dun!masyado kang paimbabaw! sa 20 years experience mo at sa dami ng site mo wala kang nakuha kahit gintong ngipin?hangga ngayon mahirap kapa sa daga!pinapahalata mo ang katangaan mo! tumigil kana dre! naiintindihan kita>>> me appointment kana ke Dr. nunez sa national mental hosp ward 10 ha andun na sina cliff, fm ,brian at yam w8 kanila pre..... o ano hihihrit ka pa? lakad NA!  

26 Nov 2005 @ 04:13 by Gboy @ : Japs Treasure
To: Just Passin,
I've heard LOTS of your kind...enviuos and ignorant...or maybe engot...
There are lots of challenges...that is beyond your control...ONLY GOD KNOWS WHEN YOU GONNA BE RICH....
Some AU HOLDERS,specially natives have GOLD STOCKFILE...ARE THEY RICH...NO!
There are lots of TREASURE SECRETS that you do NOT KNOW YET...
I grew up with my old folks hauled/delivered hundred of tons to the late Pres. Marcos, they were treasure partner since 1965...
His last hauling was 1982...2,000 pcs. 75 kilograms...it came from my old folk treasure sites and delivered to Pres. Marcos.(we have picture proof of CIA gold brokers and documents of dummy companies used to export gold...etc)
My old man treasure share of $400 million (we have bank certificate)as of 1984 in Asian bank...was sequestered by PCGG during Cory/FVR time...SO MY OLD MAN DIED POOR...and we didn't enjoy his treasure fruits...ONLY CORY/FVR ENJOYED OUR SEQUESTERED MONEY..
As a second generation treasure hunter...we have our own treasure recovery mess up...in Sept. 2001,we hauled a ref size cement vault with 2 tons of gold from a seashore...it was stolen from us (long story)...it took us 6 months of arguments and debate why it happened to us...
Cliffhanger...personally entered 4 chamber of gold stockfile in 1980's during buy/sell (he was blindfolded by au owners)...thats why our team will not stop until we can find our own treasure cave...
In other words...RECOVERING TREASURE ....does not mean...YOU ARE RICH ALREADY...there are lots of thing will happen beyond your control...even your bestfriend, neighbors, etc...are THERE TO STEAL TREASURE AWAY FROM YOU...MEANING MAYBE ITS NOT YET OUR TIME TO GET RICH...AS SIMPLE AS THAT....thats why we go back to square one...raising funds for our treasure sites...
Read all my more than a year running post in treasurenet, i debated all the TREASURE SKEPTICS OF THE WORLD...so far i convinced them...unless your are really DUMB..wala na tayo magagawa dyan...
kaya mag research kana para di ka maging IGNORANTE AT MAINGGIT SA AMIN...oks?  

26 Nov 2005 @ 04:27 by Samson @ : All TH
Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: so shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man."
Proverbs 24:33, 34
The worst of sluggards only ask for a little slumber; they would be indignant if they were accused of thorough idleness. A little folding of the hands to sleep is all they crave, and they have a crowd of reasons to show that this indulgence is a very proper one. Yet by these littles the day ebbs out, and the time for labour is all gone, and the field is grown over with thorns. It is by little procrastinations that men ruin their souls. They have no intention to delay for years--a few months will bring the more convenient season--to-morrow if you will, they will attend to serious things; but the present hour is so occupied and altogether so unsuitable, that they beg to be excused. Like sands from an hour-glass, time passes, life is wasted by driblets, and seasons of grace lost by little slumbers. Oh, to be wise, to catch the flying hour, to use the moments on the wing! May the Lord teach us this sacred wisdom, for otherwise a poverty of the worst sort awaits us, eternal poverty which shall want even a drop of water, and beg for it in vain. Like a traveller steadily pursuing his journey, poverty overtakes the slothful, and ruin overthrows the undecided: each hour brings the dreaded pursuer nearer; he pauses not by the way, for he is on his master's business and must not tarry. As an armed man enters with authority and power, so shall want come to the idle, and death to the impenitent, and there will be no escape. O that men were wise be-times, and would seek diligently unto the Lord Jesus, or ere the solemn day shall dawn when it will be too late to plough and to sow, too late to repent and believe. In harvest, it is vain to lament that the seed time was neglected. As yet, faith and holy decision are timely. May we obtain them this night.
All Treasure hunters seek God first who is the real owner of all Gold and the previous metals. For God declares in the book of the Holy Bible, Haggai 2:8
“The silver is mine and the gold is mine,' declares the LORD Almighty”.
Put your trust in God first, obey His commandment, give your 10% tithes based from your actual recovery and all hindrances of your recovery, like bad spirits and all curses will be vanished. Remember the Lord God said in Holy Bible, Malachi 3:8-11
"Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me.
"But you ask, `How do we rob you?'
"In tithes and offerings. You are under a curse-the whole nation of you-because you are robbing me. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit," says the LORD Almighty.
Happy treasure hunting and good luck to all of you & God Bless to all of you.  

26 Nov 2005 @ 06:58 by Shirly Perez @ : Yamashita
FM called me that you never send any messages through his email for you to identify your address and and banks if any. Mr. Sta. Cruz gave you his bank add to verify his partner but no response from you since we asked you also to submit your add for us to send you docs to sign, but until now no reply. Mr FM told me that you are bogus, We are willing to give our bank if you are serious. Thanks Shirly  

26 Nov 2005 @ 12:11 by just passin @ : attention dr. nunez....
mmm humirit kapa? ting ding!.... dr. nunez paging dr. nunez... di papo uminom ng gamot si mr gboy....teka muna ,first of all "STOCKPILE" po at hindi stockfile bobo!ows? nakarecover kana? at nawala? double bobo.... so one year kana sa forum at nakikipag debate....mmmmm triple bobo! does that make you credible?get a day job bro! be real...documents? dami sa recto nun anong gusto mo? pagawa kita hehehe kung nahalata mo binura na mga comments mo sa tnet... dahil kumpirmadong sira ulo kana! at di dahil sa inggit kami sa yo! spin doctor kalang e youre making mountains out of molehills...kailan man di namin ikaw kaiingitan..."stockfile" palang sablay na! baka pag nakita mo site namin sa mount mekekekwek e mag laway ka! hahahaha hwag nyo na pong pansinin yan at baka masama kayo sa ward... ting ding! dr. nunez paging dr . nunez....  

27 Nov 2005 @ 00:34 by Gboy @ : Japs treasure topic only
Just passin / Haliparot,
You guys are resorting to personal insult already (clear signs of defeated argument)or maybe...are you both GAY? Why don't you confront me on TREASURE TOPIC ONLY...BE... MAN... ENOUGH TO FACE ME HEAD-ON...DISCUSSS, DEBATE...AND ARGUE WITH MY TREASURE SITES...so that I can defend it...FAIR AND SQUARE...
The best EXCUSE if you cannot ARGUE WITH TREASURE TOPIC...is to resort to INSULT......tsk, tsk, tsk...
Why are you afraid to discuss, debate, argue with me ON TREASURE TOPIC? If you don't believe with it...put all your facts, why? ...And i will defend my position....in that way we both be appreciated in this forum as a true gentlemen...or if your a lady?
I you resort to foul play, insult and other gay lingo...YOU WIN...THATS YOUR PERSONALITY...AND I CAN'T DO WITH IT.
State a treasure fact or fallacy TOPIC.....so that we can DEBATE WITH IT...
...pero kung insulto, batikos na WALANG BASEHAN....panay gawain lang yan ng mga bading...kawawa ka naman...at lalo ka mapapahiya at pinagtatawanan sa forum na to...kung baga sa basketball...panay foul ang laro mo...
Harapin mo ko makipagdebate ka ng treasure topic ng maayos....kung tunay kang lalaki/babae? ...gets mo?  

27 Nov 2005 @ 01:32 by goldlilly @ : TREASURE SKEPTICS OF THE WORLD
Hi gboy ... interesting claim you make about the sceptics of the world ... Im not too sure that you convinced them though. There are too many irregularitys in what you been saying ... Now you claim to be in posession of documents and picture evidence ??? id like to see what you got . Wala problema ha! ... did you get it off the Seagraves CD Rom ? ... Listen friend i could show you some natural cracks and crevasses in rocks and say its proof of a nearby treasure site all we need is your cash to finance the dig. While youre at it give me any spare equiptment you have ! ....

The legacy of the Yamas-h.i,ta treasure is the reason why our country is bankrupt ... Infested with americans who seek to exploit all they can get their hands on, for the sake of the right wing fascists in washington. Must not forget the fascists in Tokyo they suspend your country in economic no-mans land to suit their own needs (recovering the lily) in 100 years or so, after they recovered all their sites they will abandon the Philippines and youll be in as bad a situation as Papua New Guinea ...

I have a suggestion for you gboy ... Why dont you sell your computer and stop your internet account ... Maybe youll be able to afford some of the equiptment you need ... Make some Thermite (cost nothing) and buy some magnesium ribbon ... All talk no action Gboy  

27 Nov 2005 @ 08:01 by justpassin @ : mrG (GAY) boydebate?ukay ukay nlang!
may kasabihan " one cannot debate with a liar, who lies even more when hes debated upon" yun nga e one incredible tale after the other... youre lost in your delusions (meaning you believe to heart every gold story you hear) however not all that glitters is gold... like the TRUTH it will always stand to judge you... no i dont doubt the treasure ,i doubt you (and your intentions) bagay nga naman pag me nagbigay ng bread sayo lets say 100$ dito 50$ dun nga naman d bigtime ka dyan!palagay ko dkana maghuhukay pag marami kang nadale... pwedi kana mag bizness ng ukay ukay na mga backpack at toga hehehe ILUSYUNADO!....Gay booooiiieeee! nga pala baka madaanan namin site mo nakabell 4 seater heli kame kaway ka nalang ha....hanap ka mirror dbatihin mo sarili mo hahaha tyak panalo ka! "STOCKFILE" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  

27 Nov 2005 @ 11:26 by Yamashita @ : FM
Still, FM doesn't want to talk to me? No balls!

Gboy, you practiced your version well bro!

Ed, no guts!  

27 Nov 2005 @ 14:01 by drunkenmaster @ : inom nalang tayo!!!!!!!!!!
who are you people?????totoo b yang mga sinasabi nyo???inom nalang tayo!!!!!
ako ang taya!!dadalhin ko kayong lahat sa PEGASUS. DAHIL AKO ANG NAKAHUKAY SA MGA GINTO!!!! KAYA TUMIGIL NA KAYO!!!!! g-boy, ibibili n lang kita ng FERRARI ENZO!!!!SAYO NA RIN ANG MINDANAO!!!!!WHATAYASAYABOUTTHAT?????  

27 Nov 2005 @ 15:37 by justpassin @ : tagay mo master!
komusta na master? di pa ubos kayamanan mo no? hehehehe 2 tons ba naman ,tapunan mo nga nang isang 75k si gboy kawawa e...mangiyakngiyak na e ahahahaha bilin mo narin ang pegasus hehehehe kampaiiiii! hehehe veni vidi visyo! lifes too short not to party!  

27 Nov 2005 @ 16:10 by drunkenmaster @ : hik!
hindhe akho lasheng phare!!!thagay phaa!!!
bibilhin kho lahat ng cellfone dyan,in dollars pha!!!shige,inom lhang ng inom!
yung khotse ko phare ninanhakaw sa parking lot,LAMBORGINI,bibigyan kho pha ng pera ang charnapper na yan,dahil I HAVE ALL THE GOLD IN THE WORLD!!!(BLAG!!)phare....lsheng nha kho.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  

28 Nov 2005 @ 00:03 by ThePrinter @ : LOOKING FOR GPR
Anyone interested to help me with their GPR to locate exact location in my friend's land in BOHOL please email me at our_father0708@yahoo.com  

28 Nov 2005 @ 00:45 by Gboy @ : Treasure topic ...iwasan ang katarayan
To; Goldlily
I appreciate you...you criticize me regarding on TREASURE TOPIC ONLY....the other... oliver/just passin/drunkmaster...am sure.. gays, they are afraid to confront or criticize me...on treasure topic...mga bayot ata ito...panay katarayan at kalandian lang ang alam....mahirap patulan...panay dakdak... irrelevant naman sa treasure...HOY... THIS IS A TREASURE FORUM...YOU MUST DISCUSS OR CRITICIZE, RE TREASURE TOPIC ONLY....IF YOU INSIST ON GAY LINGO OR ANTICS...GO TO OTHER FORUM...

Regarding: Treasure symbols ...natural CRACKS OR CREVASSES?...excuse me...am NOT amateur treasure hunter...
We have CLEAR, WELL CARVED, AND WELL DEFINED TREASURE SYMBOLS...even the best artist well be shocked...how they carved it...kahit laway mo tutulo.
Ex 1: Big "bus size" rock boulder with x mark on side ....PERFECTLY CUT INTO HALF.... how the heck they perfectly cut these "house or bus size" boulder...50 footer circular saw? ....crevasses or cracks?...nyaaaaa.
Ex 2: 10 feet size..HUMAN FACE...beautifully carved into high cliffwall in suspected japs camps.....cracks and crevasses?...nyaaaaaa...
Anymore treasure topic....questions?

Just passin/Oliver/drunkmaster.....PANALO NA KAYO SA KATARAYAN AT KALANDIAN NYO...ayayaaaaaayyy....ano ba yaaaaan tita...treasure topic pag usapan natin tita....ahhaaayayaaaayyy...  

28 Nov 2005 @ 02:09 by drunkenmaster @ : ?
to see is to believe ika nga, you want us to criticize you about your damn golds. yes, we too are treasure hunters.you must show us your golds,treasures, or even maps.PAPATULAN NAMIN ANG GUSTO MO! SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT AND WE WILL SHOW OURS! INTIENDE?????  

28 Nov 2005 @ 05:33 by Gboy @ : Treasure skeptics meeting
At last...somebody with treasure topics want to meet me...I have 250 pages treasure files or feasibility studies (21 maps, lots of pictures of treasure sites/ symbols, sites treasure history,bank certifacate of my old folk,docu of their hauling days, etc...)...
If you have an exploration budget...I have a standby team ready ANYTIME NOW to guide our GUEST (YOU)...to the natives OPEN CAVE TREASURE SITES...once you saw the treasure cave...WHAT NOW? basta ganun na lang ba yon...alam mo na treasure secret nila? panu ngayon yan?
Hurry up...the natives guidess are waiting our team on the rendezvouz point...for 3 days now...
If you want gold bar proofs before going to their treasure cave...magdala ka pambili gold bar ($100 per 6 kg for newcomer native seller)...$1,000 per 6 kg for old timer native gold seller)...why cheap? it took us 5 years of exploration to relocate these natives sellers to come down....
Pagbago seller...tiyak mura p yan...pag matagal na seller...mahal na yan...natoto na kasi ng totoo presyo...
If your afraid that your ($100 or $1000) very small budget to buy/sell to buy 6 kg gold bar...might be held-up...DON'T BRING A SINGLE CENT...but what if we can show you gold bars? How do you pay...your balls? basta ganun na lang... tsk, tsk, tsk...
You have to bring also...life jacket for a 15 hours boat trip...and backpack for 2 weeks hike to the jungle...
OUR TEAM ARE READY... NOW....OOOOHHAAA ?.....o ano? game knb? o aatras ka at mag alibi ng kung ano-ano? gusto mo makakita ng proweba...ito na yon...

(if i'm silent for a few days...am already out of town,personal matters)

28 Nov 2005 @ 16:52 by goldlilly @ : Thermite
Thermite II... or A better way to make Thermite by Jolly Roger

Thermite is nasty shit. Here is a good and easy way to make it. The first step is to get some iron-oxide (which is RUST!). Here is a good way to make large quantities in a short time:

- Get a DC convertor like the one used on an old cellphone . Cut the connector off, seperate the wires, and strip them both.

- Now you need a jar of water with a tablespoon or so of sodium chloride (which is SALT!) added to it. This makes the water conductive.

- Now insert both wires into the mixture (I am assuming you plugged the convertor in...) and let them sit for five minutes. One of them will start bubbling more than the other. This is the POSITIVE(+) wire. If you do not do this test right, the final product will be the opposite (chemically) of rust, which is RUST ACID. You have no use for this here (although it IS useful!).

- Anyway, put a nail tied to the positive wire into the jar. Now put the negative wire in the other end. Now let it sit overnight and in the morning scrape the rust off of the nail & repeat until you got a bunch of rust on the bottom of the glass. Be generous with your rust collection. If you are going through the trouble of making thermite, you might as well make a lot, right?

- Now remove the excess water and pour the crusty solution onto a cookie sheet. Dry it in the sun for a few hours, or inside overnight. It should be an orange-brown color (although I have seen it in many different colors! Sometimes the color gets fucked up, what can I say... but it is still iron oxide!)

- Crush the rust into a fine powder and heat it in a cast-iron pot until it is red. Now mix the pure iron oxide with pure alluminum filings which can be bought or filed down by hand from an aluminum tube or bar. The ratio or iron oxide to aluminum is 8 grams to 3 grams.

- Congrats! You have just made THERMITE! Now, to light it...

- Thermite requires a LOT of heat (more than a blow torch!) to ignite. However, a magnesium ribbon (http://www.thechemicalshop.com ... discreet delivery worldwide) will do the trick. It takes the heat from the burning magnesium to light the thermite.

Now instead of getting others to do all the hard labour of digging you can simply fill a 5-25kg rice sack with thermite and light the ribbon with a blow-torch and retire a to a safe distance for 24 hours allowing the Earth/rock/cement that its burned through to cool down . You now have a hole thats big enough to lower a human body through on a rope ...

I hope gboy and cliffhanger read this ... it might be the solution to your clifftop dilemma. But you guys dont seem too competent and will probably fuck the operation up. I suppose youll need extra financing to buy the files (tools) required to file down alumimum ... they cost 200php in any hardware store ... (why not try to steal them ?)

War against Facism ... Goldlilly

Gboy I havent finished with you yet ... more critizism is on the way .  

29 Nov 2005 @ 01:51 by Rexie @ : SA MGA INGOT....
Tol Gboy wag mo na yan patulan nagpapansin lang yan eh, hayaan mo na sila.... wala lang yan magawa para mang asar, dupang na wata ninan.... more power to all TH...  

29 Nov 2005 @ 02:00 by Gboy @ : Goldlily...treasure doubts...
To: Goldlily,
Am READY to convince you and clear your doubts regarding yamashita(japs treasure) in behalf of all Japs treasure hunter here...whom you and other skeptics have intimadated....as long it is TREASURE TOPIC only...not irrelevant childish tantrums or envious motives...
But we should resume our DUEL/DEBATE maybe next week, bcoz i will be out of town (personal matters)....as a gentleman, i expect you also to criticize me while am around...not if i'm out of town, and can't answer back or reply, isn't?
I sugggest you consolidate all your doubts with other skeptics in this forum (you must plans all your treasure rebuttal against me,document your doubts,your proofs, etc...ok?)...AND POUR IT ALL TO ME...when i came back...
...unless you are those intel psy-ops group who wanted to conceal the TRUTH of Yamashita treasure....wala na tayo magagawa dyaaaannn...di na kita macoconvins...

Hoy! jackie chan...este drunkenmaster...
I thought you will accept my challenge to accompany us to our treasure cave site...tsk,tsk,tsk...tama2 sana ikaw gawin namin funder...sabi mo...TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE...duwag ka pala eh...
Kaya lang pag pumunta ka dun sa treasure cave at hanggang tingin ka lang, di ka naman pala bibili, pakamot2 yagbols ka lang...magagalit sa yo mga pogi ....basta ganun na lang ba yon... nabisto mo na treasure secret nila?  

29 Nov 2005 @ 02:35 by justpassin @ : dakdak galore!
mmmmmmm sino kaya pinakamadakak? after 20 years same story gboy? treasure topics? makikipagdebate ka? e puro negative naman yan so ano paguusapan? mga palusot?mahilig ka sa bading? baka callboy kanarin ano nga topic? mga mapa mo? they lead nowhere! and your sites? imaginary!gising na !kawalangyaan na yan dre!wala nang naniniwala sayo.... kung meron man alipores mo... pero iiwan karin ng mga yan puro pagod lang aabutin e "the blind cannot lead the blind ,,,,BOBO! Ahahahahahaha  

29 Nov 2005 @ 03:16 by Gboy @ : Bayot na skeptics
Just passin,

Sumama ka sa amin kung gusto mo pruweba...ipakilala kita sa au holder ASAP at ipakita sayo ang treasure cave nya...pwede kapa maglupasay dun at magtitili... ayaaaayaaaayyy....kaya lang dapat may pambayad ka sa dilaw niya... pag wala... tiyak ...maiiwan ang yagbols mo...
Sabagay...mayron ka pa ba non?
Tita, bakit takot ka magtanong sa treasure topic kasi wala ka alam tita... pagkamot lang yagbols kasi alam mo...Gusto mo makakita ng treasure cave at totoong preweba?...AYAW MO NAMAN SUMAMA...aayyaaayaaayyy.....magkulot, makipaglandian at magtaray ka na lang dito sa forum, tita...dyan ka naman magaling....  

29 Nov 2005 @ 15:16 by justpassin @ : mangagantso (sindikatong bading)hahaha
treasure cave,,,,,?meron kami nun a.... (seeeeeecret) baka i broadcast mo pa e siguro nga me pagkabading ka... hilig mo sa chismis e ahahahahaha... baka ibinulong lang sayo hehehehe naniwala naman tanga!dehins ganyan ang tunay na th gayboy!di bale you never fell in the category in the first place.... pustahan tayo nyan me aberya na naman nyan kung wala kang ma produce! kesyo ganun... ganyan...(na flat ang banka) hahahahaha ,teka... diba naninindikato ka dun sa isang site ? bat dito hinde?dimo pa kasi nagegets e WALANG NANINIWALA SA IYO DITO! sabagay miski naman dun hahahahahaha kaya TUMALSIK!th kanga siguro..... trying hard! hahahahaha eto serious,,... kalimutan mo na yan .... magtayo kanalang ng parlor! tyak buhay ka hehehehe aaaaahahahahaha bading!  

29 Nov 2005 @ 15:42 by drunkagain @ : walapera
ibig mo bang sabihin wala kang pera????bakit pa kami maglalabas ng funding sa exploration e di ba marami ka namang gold? baka wala namang bumibili dahil illegal yan. ni ayaw mong sabihin ang exact site.baka tagabuhat ka lang ng mga bag...este...bahag ng mga native.sa mga dinadakdak mo e laging ka na lang humihingi ng fundings sa mga tao...MAHIRAP ANG BUHAY NGAYON!!!!WA PERA PEOPLE!!

30 Nov 2005 @ 02:23 by daru @ : macho culture
Initially, this forum was very informative. Ngayon, ego-tripping na lang nangyayari dito! Ano tawag dito? "Culture of machismo and homophobia"? We'll never be at peace unless we don't allow ourselves to be enslaved by our pride, anger, jealousy and egocentricity. Most of the messages above are expressions
manifesting the immaturity of those behind the words! Immature people have no place in this forum!  

30 Nov 2005 @ 03:53 by garfield @ : Hay naku....
kung wala na kayong masabi, sana naman huwag na kayong magsulat.. NONSENSE! sumusakit ang mata ko sa kaka-cursor down ng mga walang kwentang kwento.. Stop posting gobbledygook statement here... Christmas na ehh.. sana magkaroon naman tayo ng masayang christmas...

ed/brian/red: ang lolo ko, merong site sa gensan... it's in our compound, somewhere along national highway, tapat lang ng magarang convention center doon.. hhmmmmmmm.. ;)  

30 Nov 2005 @ 15:06 by camp4digger @ : sa mga walang magawang matino
bakit naghahamon kayo na ipakita sa inyo ang gold bars... di ba ninyo alam na isang katangahan lang kung sa inyo ipapakita??? saka ang alam ko yung totoong nakakuha na tahimik lang... at kung sino madakdak yun ang talagang walang alam at puro kayabangan lang...  

30 Nov 2005 @ 15:13 by camp4digger @ : para sa lahat
kung di kayo naniniwala sa yamashita treasure, tumahimik na lang kayo para di kayo magmukhang tanga... at kung talagang wala kayong magawa... ang batikusin ninyo ay ang gumawa ng film na "ANG LIHIM NG GOLDEN BUDDHA" saka "THE YAMASHITA TREASURE" sabihin ninyo puro kagaguhan ang pelikula nila... ok po ba?  

1 Dec 2005 @ 02:37 by jon-john @ : Lets push this!
Para sa mga Pilipino TH, magtulungan nalang at wag mag iringan. Mayroon ba ditong makakapag paliwanag ng labis ukol sa GAIA (Global Alliance Investment Assosiation)? MAganda ang idea, ngunit mahirap ipatupad. Pano kaya? Ano ang kailangan?  

1 Dec 2005 @ 04:32 by Shierly Perez @ : Yamashita
Sir FM wants to talk to you but until now you dont have proof of identity we asked. Mr. Sta. Cruz too is waiting you for a long time and he gave you where you find him in personnal but until now, no show po kayo. FM still out of the country. Sir nobody will entertain you if you cannot gave us your right name and bank name for us to verify you. Sir if you are not bogus, please show up your identity and we will send you docs for you sign if you are serious with your challenge. Please dont tell us who you are, show us who you are, okey? You cannot reach FM now, he is in other country doing business. thanks  

1 Dec 2005 @ 14:04 by justpassin @ : batobatosalupa tamaan bubukulan
well ganda nga ng forum nato... very democratic ,wag lang mahaluan ng mga mental cases....kahit saan namn magkakagulo... maganda nga magtulungan.... at wag magligaw...wag manggantso.... sana nga di mahaluan ng mga sindikatong namemeke mga walang katuturang impormasyon,kahambugan at kaimbabawan....but then again time will tell kung sino.... mabuhay ang mga tunay!  

1 Dec 2005 @ 15:18 by drunklater @ : greed
one answer.............GREED
always talking with their golden treasures but then nothing to show proofs, pictures ,even real identities as ms. perez said.
if there's real treasures, why not share it with the world whose dying on hunger,lagi na lang argue,debate, and defend ang gusto nyo.show proofs!
we cannot argue if there is no proof! yes, yamashita realy buried treasures here
and other countries. and were did that treasure come from? BLOOD of people died
during that war, that means is blood money!yamashita looted that treasure. so many people died in finding treasures themselves. so please,be fair on others , don't brag. just show us the truth. and the truth will show you!  

1 Dec 2005 @ 21:59 by camp4digger @ : proof
gaya ng sabi ko yung talagang nakakuha na tahimik lang kasi nga maraming ganid na nag aabang.. kaya di na kailangang ipakita para maniwala ang iba.. at lalong di na kailangang kumbinsihin sila para maniwala.. ang masasabi ko lang mag ingat ang lahat para wag mapahamak... at tulungan natin ang dapat tulungan... peace!!! sa karanasan at katibayan... meron tayo nyan:::  

3 Dec 2005 @ 02:17 by Gboy @ : Treasure topic...
Your right...these forum should be informative regarding treasure topics only...for those doubtful/skeptics...it should be an open discussion...NOT THOSE EGOCENTRICS,JEALOUS...GAY TYPE...skeptics...

Drunkard,just passin(bayot na hunter)...
I'm a treasure hunter....NOT WEALTHY TYCOON...so do not expect me to have money....
If your asking why we do not have money?....read my previous above post....thats the answer...besides most treasure hunters here like me are without funder ...thats why we go for treasure hunting...to accumulate wealth...
Skeptics here wanted or keep on BARKING ME TO SHOW PROOF that treasure exist ...I said I can arrange that and accompany you to our ASSETS WHO HAVE A TREASURE ...I NEVER SAID IT IS MY TREASURE !! intiendes? Kung may sarili ako ginto ngayon... mapopost pa ba ako at maghanap funder?...obob ka pala eh...
ANG SABI KO MARAMI AKO TREASURE SITES....gets mo? pero kung gusto mo ng proof that treasure exist...may KAKILALA AKO...gets mo rin?
The big question? What will happen NOW...once the TREASURE OWNER have proven that indeed the treasure exist and their secret have been exposed to you?...will you left your balls behind as your payment for your curiosity?
Its true that most au holders are secretive and silent....but can withstand anybody if challenge to produce one...
Are these skeptics....have the BALLS to accept the challenge?...I DON'T THINK SO !!!

Tama ka yong nakakuha...TAHIMIK LANG YAN...pero pwede ipokpok sa ulo mo ginto nila...kung AYAW MO MAGPAPANIWALA at para patunayan sa yo may ginto sila...
Bakit ako dakdak ng dakdak...para lumiwanag ang isipan ng nagbubulag bulagan....o ignoranteng ungasis dito...ngas ng ngas...wala naman pala alam sa treasure...

3 Dec 2005 @ 09:04 by Gboy @ : Japs treasure symbols/markers...revealed


These just a SAMPLE OF japs treasure markers and symbols our team have documented, pictured and investigated. These is for the reference and perusal of other treasure hunters regarding the technology and intricacies of japs artist or carvers...... for those NON-BELEIVERS of... OUR TREASURE SITES...BAHALA KAYO SA BUHAY NYO...MAGLAWAY KAYO SA INGGIT !!! ...kasi wala kayo ganito sites or ang papangit ng sites nyo...OKS?

- you can see even from a kilometer afar these man made skull mountain... the japs tunneled and barred down...so that several hectares of land was intentionally sunk and shape into skull...eyes, nose, mouth...

- this huge rock boulder (house or bus size) was amazingly perfectly CUT into two...the edge of the cut is so sharp...as if sawed off by a 50 footer circular saw or laser beamed by alien...on the other side of the half, had a 2 feet size... x mark.

- 12 inch size...EYES was beautifully carved on huge rock boulder...the eyelashes was even visible and clear...one eye was closed the other eye was open..

- 34 iron spikes (3 inches long) was embedded on single line formation along a semi round rock boulder...it look like an iron comb of a giant.

- 4 pcs at 5 feet apart (6 inches in diameter) rusty iron exhaust tube was 10 inches protruding along the river cliffwall in remote area...possibly an exhaust tube of treasure chamber inside cliffwall...

- a 20 footer HUMAN FACE (cave entrance as the mouth)was carved and shaped...on the forehead was a 2 feet size beautifully carved VAGINA...note: the male rock penis was on the other side of the mountain..we have not pictured it.

- a 10 footer SMILING FACE was perfectly and beautifully carved on the middle of the cliffwall mountain...mapapahiya ang Mt. Rushmore carvings...sa ganda ng pagkagawa..

- a table size rock boulder was carved into an UGLY FACE...

- two 10 footer rock boulder...one boulder was shaped and carved into heart shape...the adjacent rock boulder was carved and holed (12 inches diameter, 2 feet deep)...aprox. 20 pcs. 6 kg gold bars was recovered from this carved hole...and previously covered with cement.

- 6 man made holes (10-12 inches diameter, 6 inches deep)was carved and holed beside the waterfalls....operated and treasure recovered by JICA in 1992.

- 16 pcs. 6 kg gold bars was recovered from the trunk of the acacia tree...

- a 15 footer(see-through hole)...perfect...STAR.. carving on the edge of the cliffwall seaside...a possible treasure pointing to the mainland.

- a 10 footer (see-through hole) beautifully carved ARROW (door size)... from a rock island... a possible treasure pointing to the mainland.

- 12 inches arrow carvings on rock boulder.
- 10 inches triangle with dot rock boulder carvings.
- 12 inches rectangle with dot rock boulder carvings...

- a basketball size rock with a huge x carvings...

- a foot size x carving on a ten ton rock boulder...2 drums of gold recovered one meter underneath.

- a huge boulder was carved and shaped into an eagle...a huge X mark on its side...

- a rock boulder on top of the mountain...a huge x mark carving on the boulder...the x line carvings is 10 feet long and 2 feet width. If your beside the boulder, you will never notice the curvature of the x marking...but if your 100 meters away...you will clearly distinguish the huge x mark...

- this is the most widely visited treasure marker...its in WAWA dam, Montalban...a huge LAPIDA "marble marker" 4 X 1.5 feet with japs or Kanji marking on it...was attached or embedded on top of the cave in Wawa...

This is not not cracks or crevasses...it is CLEARLY AND WELL DEFINED TREASURE MARKER OR SYMBOLS...we have pictures of it...for those interested to join or finance our team is very much welcome...
For those japs treasure skeptics...magkamot na lang kayo g yagbols..  

3 Dec 2005 @ 17:05 by justpassin @ : ssssssssshhhhhh... edi hukayin mo hehehe
well what can i say? site upon site.... ang dami ng expert! are we supposed to be impressed?so nga after 20 years e asan?we would rather shut up.... at di kame mamalimos! mahiya naman kayo ke fleming funch! this is his sight not yours!i wouldnt use it to my gain....our sights are far more impressive...but not to say positive, inassess namin baka tampered...pinagaaralan ng masusi...baka narating nyo at nagcarve ng x hehehe(sabay hingi ng funding) and gay boy sometimes x doesnt always mark the spot....and the again HINDI KAMI NANINIWALA SA IYO! cge hukay kana dyan...hahahahaha goodluck!  

4 Dec 2005 @ 01:56 by goldlilly @ : Strange japanese gifts to the Philippine
Hi Gboy ... whats your opinion on this .

A few years ago Jica & co. donated some colourful (777) lights to enhance Manila bay.

These lights are colour coded and are intenended as a beacon for the souls of the japanese navy that died in the operation to sink the cruiser Nachii . Which was recovered later by marcos hence the jap apology to the souls.

Now the point im trying to make here is that if you go to Friendship Park in Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao you will see the exact same lights from the exact same people atop another treasure site (Friendship Park) ... also recovered by Marcos through his puppet Gordon .

Got an opinion on this ???  

4 Dec 2005 @ 04:30 by fls25 @ : treasure cave in visayas
I have been told of a cave... I know which island, which barangay, and right where it is located... the cave contains 4.9 billion pieces nickle bobbit with plaque

.... 14 boxes containg 75 million dollars each.... 1 box marked platinium.... 248 boxes the size of ammo boxes but they have round lids with 2 padlocks, very heavy.... 3 large canvass bags containg uniforms.... 300 small jars, 2 were opened containg gems.... 3 large vases, to tall to see inside, don't know what they contain, on the side they say wealth trillion.... behind they items are a large coil of rope and an anchor... on one side of the cave are 3 flag poles and 3 cement tables... a plaque in japanese writing also a plaque on the floor saying yunkie d

my email fls25@yahoo.com  

5 Dec 2005 @ 01:20 by justpassin @ : gayboys fantastic voyage
ooops my mistake sites pala di sights.... at least inamin ko hehehehe.... anyway pagbigyan yan assuming what you say is true gay boy...bus size rock, aliens... baka kase yun yung tinago ni darth vader bago sumabog ang death star! malaki yan! tons! 10 footer smiling face? take a pic post a link.... it might be worth more than gold! it could be the remains of a lost civilization! ng mga ninunu mong gay... ( mas sisikat at yayaman ka) ugly face? magsalamin ka im sure kamukha mo!skull mountain several hectares pinormang bungo? ano sila site developer ng subdivision?(gierra nun e pagaaksayahan pa ba ng panahon yun?) san na kayanapunta ang common sense? vagina rock? nakita kona yata sa videoke yun a sinasakay mo naman kami sa dahon ng kawayan gboy! magtanim ka nalang ng kamote benta ka kamote cue! to fls (so you were TOLD!) like gayboy dami nagsasabi nyan full details pa .... mahirap kase buhay bro... daming sindikato ingat ka lang  

5 Dec 2005 @ 03:13 by Gboy @ : Japs treasure symbols
He he he he he....its seems now that Oliver/Just passin is DROOLING WITH ENVY AND AMAZEMENT with my Japs treasure symbols/markers...TOO IGNORANT OR DUMB to understand japs markers......they can't comment on it...simply bcoz I HAVE PICTURE PROOF THAT THESE JAPS MARKERS EXIST...
And what these two GAYS have proven?....ONLY...BLAH,BLAH,BLAH...and pakamot2 yagbols......
If you still don't believe that Japs treasure marker exist? Go to WaWa dam in Montalban...and when you see the JAPS HUGE MARBLE MARKER WITH KANJI CHARACTERS on top of the cave? BANG YOUR HEAD INTO CLIFFWALL...
And if you try to argue the residents there, if the Japs treasure doesn't exist...am sure they will cut-off your balls...for your BLATANT IGNORANCE... napaka OBOB nyo!
Regarding the huge boulder cut into two....IT "LOOK LIKE" DART VADER OR JEDI ...AMAZINGLY CUT THESE HUGE BOULDERS...perfectly...MEANING the precision and edge sharpness of the cut is way beyond todays technology...how the heck can you cut a house/bus size boulder perfectly into two? and put it into a mountain cliff ridge? what 19th century technology...ABER? gusto mo makita?....punta ka N. Vizcaya ...ituturo ko syo.
For the two bayot(Oliver/Just passin)...maglabas kayo ng treasure sites/markers nyo or maglaway na lang kayo sa inggit at kadadakdak dyaaaaannn....wala kayo masabi? pasensya kayo...kamukha nyo..este ang papangit kasi mga sites nyo...he he

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is a treasure front for the japanese and had been here since marcos time up to now....every old school (renovation), waterfalls (irrigation), road/bridge and other constructions are FRONT FOR TREASURE HUNTING OPERATION....with blessing of course with our government...every time they put Japs marker...meaning..treasure recovery mission accomplish...  

5 Dec 2005 @ 07:31 by Isaias P. Regis, Jr. @ : Looking for financier
Sir, our ancestral home in Cebu province was a former camp of the Japanese army during the 2nd world war. we believe that treasures had been buried under the house. Could you posibly help us find a good person who could possibly help us unearth the treasures. Thank you and more power.  

5 Dec 2005 @ 09:11 by ed @ : attn jerry
Jerry, according to our friend your map is the genuine article. YM and our emails are currently down. Please find a way bai to send us a scanned picture of the entire map so he can interpret it. Bai ayaw paghilabti kanang cage karon.  

5 Dec 2005 @ 11:29 by Jerry @ : ed
i will try my best to send you all the documents...and also the picture of the cache too...bai, the cage i told you the metal used is (assab) i dont knw if i spell it right...hehehehehe...inside the cage is the cache enclosed with asphalt....everytime they pulled the cage thier is a mechincal operation that will trigger a bomb....patay agad lahat sa paligid......if we can bypass these thing maybe we can get the 22k inside...  

5 Dec 2005 @ 12:31 by Shierly Perez @ : Isaias P. Regis Jr.
FM told me to please send us map or print out scanner result, maybe we will consider your area to finance if we find from your docs positive, Pls email FM, get his email add from previous postings thanks  

6 Dec 2005 @ 00:43 by goldlilly @ : Bows and Arrows
According to my partner Richie, who is in Sierra Madre...our Dumagat natives relocated our target treasure cave...but we have a problem: a huge snake wt a body of cooconut tree (as big as anaconda movie) lying near the gold stockfile,thats why they were afraid get gold bars....
He text me today, that possible solution,is to shoot with bow/arrow or crossbow to know if it is decoy statue or real... if it is statue...fine, but if it is real live snake, we have to shoot with an arrow to kill the snake or simply...SCAMPER AND RUN AWAY !!... (guns are prohibeted here for civilians), natives are afraid to manually hack, they might be swallowed ALIVE!.....BUT WE DO NOT HAVE BUDGET TO BUY BOW/ARROWS OR CROSS BOW!!
So again, I appeal to those TREASURE/DEER HUNTER, who have extra/used BOW/ARROW OR CROSS BOW to pls. give/donate me one set ASAP!

Hey gboy .... heres a link you might want to look at . IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT WHY DONT YOU MAKE IT YOURSELF . Youre a filipino ... or are you ?  

6 Dec 2005 @ 00:46 by goldlilly @ : Make your Own
sorry gboy heres the link http://www.zateev.net/ontarget/bodies/rattan.html  

6 Dec 2005 @ 00:54 by gboy doubter @ : Give us a break
Yamash-ita admirers,

Too many post are being discussed here regrading Yamash-ita treasures....ITS TIME TO SHOW OUR TREASURE RECOVERY.... but before we could arrive to that GLORIOUS MOMENT.....EVERYBODY SHOULD START DONATE EQUIPMENT/BUDGET TO MY TEAM....SO THAT I CAN BEGIN MY EXPLORATION...AND HAULING...OKS?
i guess its better to discuss treasure...after recovery isn't it?......
What I need is not a big budget....only your small donations...so that all treasure stories and myths will be closed  

6 Dec 2005 @ 04:11 by Gboy @ : Bow and arrow
Your link in making bow/arrow is helpful but it may not good as those commercial bow/arrows...actually our guides have their own native bow and arrows, but its useless coz its small it can't even hit at long distance,not accurate enough, and can't penetrate thick hide.

There are 2 purpose of using commercial bow/arrow.

1)In a jungle, it will be used as FRONT OR ALIBI for treasure hunting...your team should LOOK LIKE HUNTING ONLY for wild boars or other animals...bcoz if you look like going for treasure hunting...lots of suspicious people will monitor your movements.

2) It will be used to defend yourselves against BAD GUYS...its a jungle out there...meaning NO MANS LAND...criminals, robbers, hold uppers are possible problems...actually guns are good, but GUNS ARE STICLY PROHIBITED AND MONITORED BY REBELS OR MILITARY....besides if you encounter REAL TREAT (against homemade shotguns) ...a commercial bow and arrow...will have a chance than a small homemade bow and arrow.

3)It will be used against the GUARDIANS (big snakes) of those treasure caves...

Its understandable if your NOT INTERESTED into treasure hunting....
But we are treasure hunters and adventure seekers...these is our lifestyle, you can not do anything about it weither you like it or not...ok?
But let it remind you that ALL BUSINESSES AROUND THE WORLD(including treasure hunting/exploration)...SOLICIT/RAISE FUNDS FOR A LEGITIMATE PROJECTS...its a normal ordinary everyday business practice to solicit or look for funder for every legitimate projects....if these are prohibited...we will be back at stone age...
Natl geographic/Discovery will not be as exciting...without ADVENTURE SEEKERS LIKE US...or if they listen to those DOUBTERS/SKEPTICS...ok?  

6 Dec 2005 @ 13:34 by boylara @ : may narecover na naman
Mga kasama may narecover na site naman last..dito sa may Aurora Province..4 na drums na may laman na ga assorted na coins at 5 box na mga bara ng ginto laman...nakuha sa isang kuweba..mga Malacanang boys ang nakakuha on the way na sa subic mga items....padala na naman sa america kaya wag kayong magtaka aangat konti ekonomiya america......makinabang na naman si Gloria..kaya ayan si Garci panakip para di gaano matunugan...ano tayo hilo...mga taga Aurora yun helicopter na palagind dumadaan dyan batuhin para may mahulog na biyaya...ayan o daming mga sundalo naka deploy dyan ngayon....  

6 Dec 2005 @ 23:32 by justpassin @ : the real treasure hunters
do you think we are amazed? amused maybe but amazed? naaaah even if we found a cave full of gold still we wont be... it could be fake everything must be verified to the end...compare yourselves to nat geo/discovery teams?they are worlds apart malayo gayboy.... kulangot ka lang... di naniniwala sa haka haka at tsismis mga yun..walang tangang magfufund ng tsismis!nowadays at the advent of text messaging what we talk about here is being relayed in remote jungles...syndicate groups will not waste time to manufacture seemingly authentic treasure sites and give investors a run for their money...nat geo/discovery move in scientific ways way beyond your style... as for your giant snake try to get it alive it could land you a spot in the guiness book and probably worth a 100 thousand usd! that alone could fund you for yearshehehehe our position remains the treasure is real its you who is not....laser beamed by aliens and giant snakes give me a break!  

7 Dec 2005 @ 00:03 by goldlilly @ : Observations
I had a great weekend reading all of gboys posts on the treasurenet forum ... here's a few of the choice posts he made recently ... Also he reveals some of his syndicate members that are also active on this site ... How interesting ... The treasure is REAL . gboy you are a fake .

One of my partner Budz, his llate father is an abductee...he was abducted in 70's...according to him, a stranded UFO spacecraft and two obilisk tower (maybe UFO interplanetary relay station) is still there....right now its is probably covered with jungle vegetation...we tried to relocate this one...but as usual lack of budget...
Just imagine the impact if it was found and broadcast around the world....
Hollywood (star wars movie...will be ridiculed for its wrong ufo spacecraft design), NASA will redesign their spacecraft, military , religion...conflict with chriastianity....that we are not from adam and eve after all....
but of course, this is just a dream and probability...until proven and found...
....but that is just a start....we still have more interesting....adventure ...and other unexplained quest

By the way, I 'm NO LONGER ASKING FOR FINANCING.....I ALREADY FOUND a British group that recovered 18 tons of gold under San Pablo church.....meaning these guys, no longer needs convincing....THEIR RECOVERED 18 TONS OF GOLD...DO THE CONVINCING FOR ME...... so for those SKEPTICS OUT THEIR....DROOL...PEOPLE...DROOL...bye,bye.

Goodbye the gboy syndicate ... Dont come back  

7 Dec 2005 @ 03:05 by Gboy @ : Bubz father an abductee
He he he he...nice posting here of our other SECRET...Sierra Madre UFO base explorations....We posted this topic already in UFO forum...but anyway since you open this topic here...ASK THE PHILIPPINE NO.1 PARANORMAL EXPERT PROF.JAIME LICAUCO....he knows this secret, it was revealed to him in 1970's by the adbuctee...he listened like a child and his jaw dropped from astonishment, due to higher intelligence and cellestial knowledge of the abductee.
If the MEN IN BLACK in the U.S....keep the UFO files secret....SO DO WE !! OK?
UFO topic will make LOTS of confusions...thats why...we wanted all UFO SECRET to be kept to ourselves...WE DO NOT WANT ANYBODY TO KNOW IT...SECREEEEET !
However for those interested UFO diehard...read the 6 volumes book of the abductee...CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE HOLY KIND...it is found on Phil. Nat'l Library...

If you can't believe that they recover 18 tons in San Pablo church...ask boy lara...he knows that activity.
The British group take their HOARD...leaving us filipinos empty handed.... including their PROMISED funding to our team....
In fact....they are complete WITH PAID PR MEN...LIKE GOLDLILLY...who do his best to discourage ALL TREASURE HUNTERS to raise funds SO THAT ONLY THEM COULD RECOVER TREASURE?...
Sorry....goldlilly....no amount of DISCOURAGEMENT...can STOP US FROM TREASURE HUNTING...ok? Kaya manigas ka dyan sa inggit at ngit-ngit... oooohhhaaaa?  

7 Dec 2005 @ 03:32 by ed @ : jerry and other people needing info
guys, let them have this site, let us move to boylara's forum. anyone who needs info can find us there. Let the Langley boys track down and close down these syndicates. The sites are real, if you are like me who have seen with their own eyes what is inside the tunnels, then you don't need to be convinced. Look for us there, take note that I never asked for financing or equipment (got my own money) so you can be pretty sure that I want to help others. Anyone stupid enough to ask other people (Filipinos and Foreigners) to finance the recovery of their stock P iles deserves the kind of trouble they are already in. Info from me is free.

Jerry, do not touch that cage, you are to continue digging, there are 14 more of those, leave that one alone. Email the rest of the map so we can guide you. Thanks.  

7 Dec 2005 @ 03:43 by ed @ : yamashta joe
From father to son; never leave the work Until it is done, be the labour be great or small, do it well or not at all

Taksan taksan Goduro! Go screw yourself


7 Dec 2005 @ 10:15 by Gboy @ : Syndicated Japs Treasure Skeptics
To: Treasure hunters...

Maybe they are already HURT by our revelation and expose....in fact the entire Japs treasure topic in Spindle treasure forum was hacked and erased by these people...
I suspect some of these paid PR syndicate maybe our constant critic goldlilly,just passin,drunkenmaster...etc.

7 Dec 2005 @ 12:13 by Gboy @ : fuck
fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

7 Dec 2005 @ 20:15 by camp4digger @ : bravo
agree ako syo Gboy... tama ka... maraming sindikato... naloko na rin kami at itinakbo ang comodities... tapos sasabihin wala raw laman... akala cguro tanga kami na di nakakaintindi ng signs... at akala cguro naitakbo nila lahat... sa mga ayaw maniwala wag natin sila pilitin... inililigaw lang nila ang mga kababayan natin... pinahihina loob... o baka naman naglalaway sila sa inggit kaya panay ang putak na puro kasinungalingan lang naman...  

7 Dec 2005 @ 22:15 by John-jon @ : Tapusin na to'
AHAHA! Interesadong ulat! Saan ba forum ni Boylara? at doon na nating palakasin ang ating puwersa. Tayong tunay na mga pinoy, kalaban ang mga peke at dayuhan, ulul! Gusto nyo reveal ko rin mga site na "Loaded". Syempre hinde pwede, kasi hindi pa panahon. E kung lahat kya kameng pinoy e magtulong-tulong sa mga proyekto. Tas isama-sama pang tayo ng Banko, na ang makikinabang ay ang tanging mga Pilipino lamang. ???? Ano masasabi nyo..?

8 Dec 2005 @ 01:06 by Mercy Jane @ : to "GBOY"
sir gboy pde po ba malaman email address nyo? yung link kse ng name mo e nka-point sa "camp4digger@yahoo.com". ikaw rin ba yun? may itatanong kse ko. thanks  

8 Dec 2005 @ 01:24 by ed @ : john-jon and others, oh and gboy too
if you want to find the forum, email someone here you can trust. If they trust you, they can easily give it to you. Pare those guys are fakes, there are no genuine lamborghinis (not diablos or countaches) here and nobody would be stupid enough to steal one. Somebody is paying them off to mess up this forum.

anybody dealing that gold knows how hard it is to liquidate a 6.2 kilo, let alone alone a 75 kilo bar. Plus if you were able to liquidate, you wouldn't keep the money here at all. The people who have scored have very low key profiles, no point in advertising to the world where you got your money diba? You will only be inviting trouble.

Gboy, comment lang ha, don't get angry with me man, I just noticed that you have been asking for equipment for almost two years now. Sometimes it borders on begging, e siempre you lose all credibility that way. Simple and inexpensive items like trail sandals, tents and GPS recievers you need to ask from people pa. We have to find our own ways and means. I went to your dumagat area with just a few tins of beef and a foldable shovel, no extra clothes...I lasted a week pare. Do it on your own, that is my advice, ask for help only when absolutely necessary. You keep posting sites here, whats gonna stop these hostile parties from going ahead of you on your sites? Nahanap ko na nga yung iba mo e. I even went under the Manila tunnels with just a flashlight and a swiss knife. Do it yourself pare, that way you will not owe anyone anything.

As i told you, that snake, if it real can be taken out with an ordinary rifle or an ordinary grenade. A bullet only costs 30 pesos, a grenade only costs 800. hard to use a bow and arrow, arrows will just bounce off. I suggest the grenade  

8 Dec 2005 @ 04:46 by Gboy @ : Treasure replies
Mercy Jane,
My email is gergio2004@yahoo.com , am not expert but i'll try to do my best. For those skeptics/doubters who wanted to email me...i prefer you do it here so that everybody can see your doubts message here, let your frustration, scandalous tantrums be posted here...oks?

Somebody had already donated climbing gears, tents, backpacks, garmin rhino (gps/radio), compass... camping and climbing gears is almost complete except our team sandals/hiking shoes (cliffhanger was injured on his foot attempting to scale waterfalls)..we need bow/arrow, full face bio gas mask...guns?
We still need a boat and diving gears...mahirap kasi pa renta2 lang ng boat...baka malaman ng pumpboat operator ang dive treasure sites at cliffwalls open sites natin....mababaw pa naman ang 2-metal box....its inside an underwater coral cave 20-30 feet deep...
Regarding our sites expose?....no problem...its free for all, bahala sila mag explore din tulad ng ginawa naman...basta mahalaga di nila kilala ang mga guides namin kasi yon ang nakakaalam ng mga treasure sites.
Mas maganda marami magtreasure dun para...ordinaryo na lang sa tingin ng mga tao...kagaya sa Wawa, Montalban area.

....OOOOhhh maaannn, i might have PEST YOU OFF VERY VERY BADLY...are you hurt with my Japs treasure expose...he he he he he...keep cool use your own name maaaaannn (if you have the balls)....and don't say bad words...or else you will be a laughing stock in this forum.... rellllaaaxxx...cooooll...(you can also email all your frustration, childish tantrums and gay antics)...ooohhhaaa ?  

8 Dec 2005 @ 09:22 by shang @ : bzzz
cnong me alam kung ano nem ng treasure site na me susi? Ang susi ay mukhang baril na kulay puti. Thank u po sa mga mgrereply.
email: Shaira6@lycos.com  

8 Dec 2005 @ 14:23 by justpassin @ : sometimes the truth hurts
it is our intention to discredit some people, because of deceptive tactics and apparent malintent, some of these may have followers... our tirades is that to awaken others, as a witness to large scale fraud some people have committed... to prevent further occurences, kawawa naman ang mga ibang th na pinupuhunan ang buhay maging biktima lang ng mga malisyosong manloloko o mga taong hindi alam na sila pala ay niloloko.... treasure site manufacuring,,, new maps made to look old... cohort pointers... fake gold sellers...putting up of fraud foundations.... etc while expectant families sacrifice even the very food on their plates for the hope of riches and a better life... only to wake up with nothing...if you got hurt then the message is for you! the treasure is real! no doubt...all those th who log on here have their own sites to worry about anyway.. but beware some people have no souls.... their job is to decieve and make believe judging on how many thveterans were fooled thats how good they are!we are not paid to discredit, we are not mercs...and we do not deal with fools ,we may be treasure hunters of a different breed... more discerning.. not easily taken or swayed...although we admit went down on a certain level arguing with those smitten by goldfever,,,, psychological play...no drunken master has no gold... and im just passin.... mabuhay ang mga tunay!  

9 Dec 2005 @ 04:14 by Gold @ : All scammers out
Those who dont believe about treasures buried here in the Phil., pls dont waste your time write in this forum. If you believe, then try to contribute ideas on how to recover okey? thanks  

9 Dec 2005 @ 04:22 by Ping @ : All TH
Lahat na naninira d2 inumpisahan ni yamashita at alam ko ang mga yan ay iisang tao lang talaga kasi palit lang ng pangalan sila.  

9 Dec 2005 @ 04:28 by Gboy @ : Treasure protectors...or pretenders?
There are LOTS of treasure hunters protectors here...but in truth and in fact they are just pretenders...their main objective is to cover up or to denied true existence of Japs treasure...for their own or their boss satisfaction ONLY.

Ex: Just Passin/Goldlilly/Drunkenmaster....i POSTED AND EXPOSED several Japs treasure sites here so that ALL FILIPINOS WILL BENEFIT FROM IT AND BE AWARE OF ITS EXISTENCE....what they did to me (you can read their post)...they INSTANTLY ACCUSE ME OF BEING A SCAMMER...on their several post...EVEN WITHOUT BASIS....


Was it bcoz we knew their personnel motives of being part of GRAND CONSPIRACY TO COVER UP THE EXISTENCE OF JAPS TREASURE? .... mahirap pagkatiwalaan at paniwalaan...ang mga taong BALIMBING...
Let the REAL DIE HARD TREASURE HUNTERS here... decide regarding our previous post...THE PRETENDERS...AND PROTECTORS...
Mabuhay ang treasure hunter na pilipino...huwag mawawalan ng pag asa... nandito tayo sama sama magtulungan para makakuha ng treasure ...bumangon and make FILIPINOS GREAT AGAIN...  

9 Dec 2005 @ 10:53 by fls25 @ : silent cement buster
I have 2 kilo cement buster for P10,000 pesos... I am located in Valencia City, Bukidnon Mindanoa.... You must make at leats 3 holes.... If you need to make a large hole, like to crawl through you will need to drill 4-6 holes... You will place cement buster in these holes and add water, then wait approx. 1 hour... the only sound you will hears is the cement or rocks breaking.... No large noises to attract people.... Then remove the rocks or cement and repeat if necessary.... This silent cement buster is manufactured in Japan... You can either send the money to me and I will send it through the carrier of your choice, or you may come to Valencia City, bukidnon and pick it up your self... There is no expiration on this chemical, so there is no time limit to use it....

I can get more from Japan, they come in 5 kilo bags

contact me at this address


9 Dec 2005 @ 12:00 by Cliffhanger @ : KUDOS TO REAL TREASURE HUNTER
To Tol Brian,I Salute you for helping and sharing your sites,expertise in Treasure hunting of course most of all to your uncle,sana Tol pumayag na sya doon sa site sa Waterfalls kasi may bago kami set ng Climbing gears bigay ng fellow hunters from Singapore friend ni GBOY, kaya tuloy na yun exploration ko sa mga Cliffwall entrances, pahinga muna ako mga 2 weeks na injure ako pag river crossing sa Dinapigue,Isabela last week para kunan ng photages yun mga 100ft plus waterfalls doon na may FACE at Kanji Characters,at mag courtesy call sa Tribal Chieftain doon kasi mag Mountain Climbing kami nxt year sa Mt. Dos Hermanos.
To: GBoy paki bigay doon sa kasama ko Hiking shoes tama si Merc di pwede sandal dito,sobra malalaki bato d2 mabuti pa sa Palanan,dadaan dyan yun tao sa inyo at yung harness seat pala,padagdagan mo ng isa kay Capt.kulang yung isang seat harness dapat may kasabay ako ako pag rappel,dagdagn mo rin yun Carbide lamp masyado madilim sa cave.At saka tama na yan pagpatunay mo sa sites natin or about the authenticity,veracity of these Japanese Warbooties,hayaan mo sila
pagtawanan ng mga Japanese na nandito,tama na yun na e share mo yung mga sites natin sa iba at interested parties,mag handa ka na for next year masasabak tayo sa continous operation,basagan ng mga Cement Vault nag commit na yung mga Japanese na kilala ng late father at grandfather ko na e provide nla mga tools at equipment natin at pati yung isang foreign group na nandito na gumastos na ng $10m sa mga operation nila..
To the Real Treasure Hunters: Help us pray na makakuha kami uli para matulungan namin kayo sa mga sites nyo magtulungan tayo,lets help our Country too wag tayong sakim.
To my fellow Davaoenos : Dyan ako sa Christmas kitakita tayo and compare our notes and update our sites,information. To my die hard,never say die partners ln Saru(Mt. Talomo area)baka ma operate na yan area o site ninyo nxt year,thanz sa well engrave bolo marker \picture sign na pinadala ninyo pinakita ko kay Hapon Honto daw yun(totoo).
To: Goldlilly: thanz for the information about Thermite,baka subukan namin yan,pero pagnabili ni Hapon yun concrete cutter na Stilh yun pa rin gamitin ko pang tabas ng mga Cement vault.
AGAIN TO GBOY:You need not prove yourself to your Disclaimer becoz there are more than may peoplein the Treasure Hunting Circle who knows how you lostor sacrifice you job,spend your own hubdred of thousands pesos even million just to know the truth or conduct intensive research,exploration,investigation,profilling,documentation about the truth behind these unimaginable,fabulous,controversal,legendary Japanese Imperial Forces War-booties.Never mind them cause there are many of us who knows your sacrifices,hardships,danger you encounter in trekking the hostile jungles of Sierra Madre just to prove a suspected sites like those in Palanan.MABUHAY KA AND TO THOSE REAL TREASURE HUNTERS OUT THERE, CURSE TO THOSE SCAMBUGS,SYNDICATE who victimize the innnocent like maybe your detractors who full prey to HOAX Treasures and lost not only hundred of thousands but millions.We are NOT those Scambugs,We are the Real Ones and we will PROVED that,and thats why we can walk with our heads up!  

10 Dec 2005 @ 00:14 by justpassin @ : work time
no ferraris and lambos ed? ive seen em in in clark in 91(countachs) ferraris? go to greenhills on a nice weekend... usually theres 4 or 5 and some lambos too... to gboy... get all your gold for all we care... so you can prove something atleast,,, we wouldnt wanna be in your"donated" shoes not 1 minute, i understand you now gboy...you aint gonna drag me in your spin!besides our areas are in pampanga and zambales you may have the rest.... so you may may tell em about your giant snakes... mechanical beasts...and your aliens and write a book or two send it over to vivafilms too thats what you want isnt it?no cliff we were not victimized by scammers we are too smart for them..besides were not real ... we dont exist hehehehehe were just passin....(so much for the attention you had from us gayboy )  

10 Dec 2005 @ 05:12 by Gboy @ : traumatized or victimized?
Based on your post i realize that your a victim of treasure SCAMBUGS, thats why your so envious with our treasure sites...and hate to death treasure hunting...
Napaka tannnnnga mo kasssssiii..... next time nag hukay ka na lang sarili mo... ooopppsss may phobia ka na pala...  

10 Dec 2005 @ 05:47 by gboy @ : fuck you all
fuck you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bakla ako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

10 Dec 2005 @ 10:20 by Rudy @ : Drunkenmaster, Drunkagain,Drunklater
Buddy, what have you been drinking ? On your 11/27/05 posting, you stated "nakahukay ka na", did you use that money to buy rot gut, thats bad for your health, you should have consumed Johnny Walker Black or Chivas, on the same day posting, somebody took off with your Lamborghini, Man, thats bad, were you drunk that day? On the 29th of the same month, as Drunkagain, you said "walapera" whew, you're down on your luck. On 01 Dec., you talk about greed, you were mumbling and you reek of alcohol, you cannot get caught on DUI since the stole your wheels, wow, on 07 Dec and 10 Dec, you log in as Gboy, were you drinking when you log in ? Man, do they have Alcoholic Anonymous in your part of the country, seek their help, you need assistance, Take it from me, I was there before, difference is I was drinking Johnny Walker Blk. Now you are being incoherent, saying that F word , Fuck you all, damn all of you and lastly you said "bakla ako" you omitted FUCK ME ! We treasure hunters cannot obliged, you're not my type, I can only talk for myself, the others would like to put you out of your misery, seek Gods Help, ask and you shall receive.  

10 Dec 2005 @ 10:35 by jowa @ : ed/boylara
Friend, I agree, let us move to another forum. Can you give me forum address of boylara? Merry Christams to all legist TH in our beloved country.  

10 Dec 2005 @ 11:17 by newbie @ : question

i would like to comment on the guy who's sending bad words here on this forum.
why don't you give yourself a break.

i would like to join here in your forum about golds.i've read all your comments on yamashita treasures, and so i'm impressed that there's really buried golds in your country?i've watch movies and documentaries about that stuff.

10 Dec 2005 @ 17:17 by Wayne Phillips @ : PHILIPPINE TREASURE
Some comments from my good friend, Sterling Seagrave, for those of you that have run into problems with poisen gas:

Wayne ~

Some thoughts on CBW. The Nips played around with a lot of biologicals, both living organisms and toxins produced by living organisms. But it would have been illogical for them to place biologicals (including toxins) in the vaults. So much time has passed anyway that its shelf life would be long since gone. The only poison that has an endless shelf life is plutonium and its relatives. Some biologicals like anthrax and botulin occur in spores that can lie dormant for a very long time, then be reactivated when disturbed, but these would be so problematical that the Nips would not have used them in the vaults. That would have been much too risky for their own recoveries down the road. They used things that they could deliberately avoid (like vials of cyanide placed in sand traps or in boobytrapped entrances), or the black powder described repeatedly by Ben, which must have been a cocktail of chemical poisons. Because it was a cocktail, blended from various things, we can't really be certain what it contained. I've heard various speculation about the composition, but nothing that I thought was convincing. Kimsu (Prince Takeda) told Ben when he opened the pit where his trunk was buried, he should pour kerosene into the pit and light it so it would burn off the residue of the black powder. And he told Ben that when he opened the trunk he should immediately pour kerosene into it and burn it, to get rid of the black powder inside. This does not sound like a nerve agent, because a nerve agent acts instantly and closes down the organic connections in the body, so that muscles contract and then cannot release. The organic chemicals that would tell the muscles to release have been shut down by the nerve agent. Such things are called anti-cholin-esterase, because the cholin-Esters are the body chemicals (Esters - as in Estrogen) that tell the muscles to relax. So an ANTI-cholin-Ester stops the chemical Ester from doing that. This takes only about six seconds MAX. That's also how the venom of a viper works, as opposed to the venom of a cobra (which is conveyed through the blood stream, ie., haemotoxic) so it takes considerably longer for a cobra's venom to kill you because it has to pass through your blood stream to your heart. A viper's venom acts in six seconds by closing down your nervous system. About the cyanide, there are two types, which you can read about at Google. Most commonly used is potassium cyanide. It was unlikely that the black powder used by Kimsu included nerve agent, because that would have killed Ben before he could pour kerosene on it and burn it off, and its' similarly unlikely that the black powder contained cyanide, because that also would have killed Ben before he could have burned it off. So the most likely agents in the cocktail would be mustard, possibly mixed with phosgene, but also possibly some other stuff, which would have made you sick but not necessarily kill you. So you are most likely to encounter boobytraps with bombs, boobytraps with water or fine sand, boobytraps with vials of cyanide, and probably some places (or some situations) where there could be the black powder. For example, drums of loose gems might have had black powder sprinkled on the loose stones. So it would be prudent to lift these drums out intact (without opening them), then open them in fresh air. Whoever opens them should (as a precaution) be wearing proper protective costume, of the type commonly available for men working in boatyards where they apply bottom paint. A lot of bottom paints contain toxic chemicals including heavy metals like lead, etc., and some anti-cholin-Esters. I've owned a couple of sailboats including a 43-footer that I built myself, so I am familiar with this bottom paint issue. Such suits include a mask and head-gear, and the best ones involve positive pressure, which means supplying compressed air or air under pressure to the suit, from a compressor, so that the person in the suit is protected even if there is a hole in the suit or some place where the costume is not perfectly fitted, like around the wrists or the wait or ankles. You only need one suit, and if you splurge on a positive pressure version you also must splurge on a small compressor. But this can be further justified financially by using it to pump fresh air down into the vault or tunnel where your crew is working. That helps to eliminate the gases from long-buried bodies, which makes workers sick. It's possible that the workers at T2 in 1975 got sick from such decay gases, but it's equally possible that they got sick from residual black powder (or both). Anyway, when you open a vault or a tunnel, you must give it a week to air out (at the very least). You can (1) pump air under pressure into a tunnel to force its ventilation faster, or (2) pour in some kerosene and burn it out - although this is risky and hard to control. For example, if you were to reach a point like Rogelio Roxas did, where you find a concrete vault in the floor of a tunnel , you could jack-hammer an opening, pour in kerosene, and ignite it, much as Kimsu suggested to Ben. But you want a low-level, low-intensity, burn. Not an explosion. If you expect to encounter concrete vaults like that, consider buying and taking one of the thermite wands available from a company in Florida for around $500 per unit. It is less likely to agitate a boobytrap bomb than a jackhammer. I hope these thoughts are useful. Sterling  

11 Dec 2005 @ 08:12 by bulawan @ : jap notes
can any body help me with info on japnotes,where and its volume  

11 Dec 2005 @ 12:03 by Gboy @ : Drunkenmaster has snappp...

The drunkard guy is soooooo drunk....that he forgot his OWN username and uses mine.... he might have been f--ked up with my treasure sites...ha ha ha ha ha....
Sorry gay....never ever mix treasure hunting with alcohol...its a very very baaaaad combination...it ruin your SANITY....

Sorry, never try to locate these japs notes...its useless piece of paper... some say it have buyer... when we brought 2 sacks of japs notes...to the alleged volume jap notes "buyer"...he pick ONLY 10 pcs. CRISP JAPS NOTES....for their souvenir money shops....and thats all to it...

I already emailed to you our pictures today.  

11 Dec 2005 @ 12:44 by WATANABE SAN @ : to all TRUE TH !!!

11 Dec 2005 @ 22:33 by bulawan @ : Gboy
thanks,for further info can you tell me the denomination and year of the japnotes,do you have 1931 20yen notes.it maybe of small monetary value but there is really someone interested.tnx again.  

12 Dec 2005 @ 02:19 by Rexie @ : GBOY
Tol Gboy ano email add mo may ipapakita ako sayo na may, di ko kc mabasa eh. pede mo pakitranslate sa akin...  

12 Dec 2005 @ 02:53 by Gboy @ : Jap Notes
Sorry, I aleady stop transacting those paper notes several years ago...my asset sellers are gone....I concentrate more on GOLD....yon di kaya pekehin pag ikaw mismo nakakuha.

Am NOT TREASURE EXPERT...what I had are only personal treasure experience, but anyway just send your inquieries to me maybe I can help.
email: gergio2004@yahoo.com

To: Treasure Hunters,
Makakahits din tayo, di naman tayo tumitigil....kaya yong mga pasaway na anti-treasure hunters....magsimba na lang kayo sa pasko...matutuwa pa nanay nyo.  

12 Dec 2005 @ 03:08 by bulawan @ : Gboy
thanks anyway,islands near samar may possible prospect ka bang alam or kahit inland samar na treasure sites.especially along the pacific coastline,eastern side of the island,where the sealanes was a frequent route during ww2 and lots of action happened there,may info ka ba dito? tnx  

12 Dec 2005 @ 05:58 by jerry @ : Gboy/Rexie
Pare, just asking if you guys knows how to read kanji symbols......thanks  

12 Dec 2005 @ 08:49 by Magdaragat @ : TREASURE SIGNS
Nais ko po sanang magtanong sa lahat..mayron sa amin greenish na big rock sabi ng amain ko ay may kayamanan daw doon,totoo kaya. may hinukay kami may nakita kming hugis itlog ng basagin ay parang pundido sa 12 feet may salansan ng mga bato uli lima hugis itlog lahat, tinigil namin dahil sabi ng kasama namin may lason daw na kasunod, ano po kaya tunay na ibig sabihin nito. ung bato na hugis itlog naka tayo ang puwesto. marami po sa baryo namin pero wala yatang interesado.  

12 Dec 2005 @ 12:52 by goldlilly @ : Wolf in sheeps clothing ... ip adresses used by Merx - Ed - Marcos boy

ed - merx 688, marcos boy or whatever he calls himself

Ive been studying his posts on this and other forums and his modus operandi is starting to become apparent.

Firstly he states that he lives in a apartment/w balcony 8 blocks away from the Bangko Central ... along with other marcos heavys it seems. ... thats quite interesting.

Secondly he claims to have witnessed all the bullion transfers from various sites in the 70's and 80's ... So from this we can draw the conclusion that he is a inner member of the Marcos circle.

Helpful posts to other treasure hunters gain their confidence (boylara and joe beware) ... He's just reeling you in.

7th december ... he posts to jerry ... Info from me is free ... Email the rest of the map so we can guide you. Thanks.

October 31st. ... Dear Joe,
Always happy to help hehe. Favor...could you tell us if this is Luzon Visayas or Mindanao? It would help. Then the other experts on this forum know a lot about digging and traps when you do find the entrance.

Jerry & co. I warn you to beware these scum ... dont send them anything, no more portions of maps, their modus is about to change . next time you are stuck and need some advice marcos boy merx 688 will probably suggest that he attends your excavation to lend his expertize. In which case your location will be known to them . ... . Next thing your site will be taken from you at gunpoint and they will kill you because they are RUTHLESS bastards.

And he wants to accompany gboy to a suspected site via an alternative route ???

Anyway Ed, merx 688, marcos boy ... I thought you were going to fuck off over to boylaras website ... BEWARE THESE BASTARDS ...


"You are correct, everything has been found and retrieved including Fort Santiago, San Agustin, Teresa, the Nachi, Corregidor, Los Banos, Fort Bonifacio, Camp Aguinaldo, NAIA I saw them take everything out as a kid. Every last truck, DORE bar, ingot and buddha.
All gone".

War on Fascism ... Goldlilly  

13 Dec 2005 @ 01:38 by xxx @ : godlily
goldlily ur FAKE...HA HA HA AHAHAHA......Marcos boy, hey ur dreaming, gising... halata ka na d2 sa forum, kunwari kang may concern Fake ka, UNGAS...  

13 Dec 2005 @ 05:49 by CM @ : MAKISALI PO SA INYO
Kapayapaan ay sumasainyo. Natutuwa akong natagpuan ang site na ito. Ang totoo matagal na akong sumusubaybay dito. Ako din ay involve sa TH for 4 years now. Ngayon lang ako naglakas loob na magpost dito. Nagkataong ang kaibigan ko ay apo ng isang Japanese official during WWII na admiral ng Navy. Father ng kaibigan ko ay 12 or 13 yrs. old during that time. Madalas magkwento ang ito sa mga anak niya hanggang sa sinubukan nila kung totoo ang sinasabi ng papa nila. Pumunta silang enfanta at may pinahukay don. Sa pagdating nila sa site sinabi ng papa nila kung ano ang makita nila sa ilalim. Sa paghuhukay nila mga 20ft nagulat sila maraming troso ng kahoy ang nakafile ayon sa nasabi at tumakbo sila paakyat dahil silang lahat ay nangati pati kasingitsingitan ng parte ng katawan nila. Dito naglakas loob ang kaibigan ko na maghanap ng mga makatulong. Maraming site ang itinuro ng papa niya at may kanya kanyang problema bawat site at hindi ito naaacomplish. Una mga taong involve, sila sila mismo nag-aaway away. Pangalawa, walang malaking pundo kaya kadalasan ang mga workers ay voluntary. Pangatlo panahon. Pag inabot na ng tag-ulan tigil ang project.  

13 Dec 2005 @ 05:53 by CM @ : continuation...
Mas lalo akong naniwala na ang asset naming na live pointer ay totoo nung nabasa ko ang mga pahayag din ng mga TH sa site na ito. Tulad ng sinabing site bagsakan ng water falls, nitso sa gitna ng ilog, mga tunnels sa ilalim na pagnatunton mo ang tunnel may pintuang hanapin at syempre katakot takot na mga obstacles ang iyong kaharapin tulad ng matitigas at makapal na pekeng bato (ito ay cemento - may kulay itim, pula, puti) at may buhos pa na sahing kung tawagin bago mo marating ang maraming tambak ng buhangin. Kung magkamali ka ng butas ng jackhammer bukal ng tubig ang mabutas mo. Nasaksihan ko ito. May site din na ang dami ilang sakong bilog bilog tulad ng dyolen pero yari sa putik na ang gitna kung basagin ay maliit na bato. Site din tulad ng simbahan. May simbahang sira sa Calauan, Laguna di mo na makita dahil winasak ito ng mga hapon ilang miles lang sa riles ng tren. Pero na trace ito ng papa ng kaibigan ko. May nagdala dun ng gadget niya core sampler at kumuha sila ng testing sa ilalim mga 40 ft. may malaking pako na nakuha. Nasira tubo ng core sampler dahil sa tigas ng ilalim. Di rin nahukay ito dahil walang budget ang nagpresenta ng tulong.  

13 Dec 2005 @ 05:56 by CM @ : continuation...
Sa talim island kami involved ng mama at kapatid ko financially at isa kami sa tumulong dun. Lahat kinapos ng budget pati kami at nasa almost 160 ft. na. Ang target ay 180ft. Pabulosok slanting ang position, paikot na hagdan. at volume din daw ang laman dahil sa taas sa kabila may tunnel ndun ang malaking bato kinortehang puso tinigil lang dahil unahin ang baba na mas madali. Marami obstacles dito X shape at triangle, malalaking batong bilog na nakasalansan pati poison gas at puting powder at karawniwan lng dito. Ni research namin poisonous gas ito ay cyanide at ang counterfeit ay sodium chloride in flakes form ibinuhos naming ok din yong suggestion na pabayaan muna ng isang linggo kung di kayo nagmamadali at running water the best din na neutralizer. Dumating time nagkagulo ang mga tao dun, ang supervisor na pinagkatiwalaan ng kaibigan ko at papa niya pati ang may ari ng lupa. Ibinibenta pala ng katiwala ang supply drum drum na krudo ng genset pag wala kami dun. Mahirap pag pumasok na ang personal interest. Money is not the root of evil itself but the love of it. Bakit ako nag post dito? Dahil nais ko sana makapagbigay din knowledge sa mga nag uumpisa pa lang na hindi basta basta kunin ang ibinaon ng mga koreano (Koreans were workers, sila ang nagbaon, Japanese were officials sila ang utak at nag uutos) and how I wish we can finish even just a single project para makabawi. Kaya pala ang sinabi ng asset namin sa anak niya na “pagnaghanap ka ng financier tiyakin mo may at least 5M siya para di sayang ang bubuksan at makatiwangwang lang” dinig ko rin sa kanya pag nag usap out of his frustration.  

13 Dec 2005 @ 06:01 by CM @ : continuation...
Tama ang budget appropriation na nasabi ni FM sa message niya kay Paul Yao na 5M to 7M. Di rin kasi malaki pera namin para sa project. Almost 250K lng. Pero malaki na ito sa amin na mahirap lang. Saksi din ako sa project na binuksan sa Lumban at Pagsanjan. Pati sa Batangas. God fearing ang kaibigan namin dun at napakabait na tao sana makatapos na tayo dyan bro. Jun. My prayers are always with you. Hope you’ll understand why I’m using an alias CM. God blesses us all.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Psa. 24:1

“But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.” Deut. 8:18  

13 Dec 2005 @ 09:09 by Gboy @ : treasure sites
Pag beginner ka..tiyak maghuhukay ka...at 100% mppordoy syempre kasi baguhan ka eh...pag lalo ka naghanap ng iba sites at naghukay...lalo ka mapopordoy kasi wala ka hi-tech na mga gamit at budget eh...kaya pinakamaganda solusyon para magkatreasure sa mga treasure hunter na wala hi-tech equipment... maghanap ka na lang ng mga asset na may alam sa open cave treasure sites....no more need those hi-tech geophysical instruments...diritso hauling na agad...kaya lang di basta2 madali yan...it take years to have a network of native treasure assets.

Even if merxx/ed...is a marcos boy...or nobody...as long as he can HELP OUR TEAM....IS MOST WELCOME....

Tsoy, ubos na dida an mga treasure sa samar kan gin panguha na iton san taga JICA sadto nga 1990's....pati ngani amon tuna nga may falls, gin kuha liwat an treasure...waray ko gud hibaru-e ug hiabuti...gin utdan ko konta mga lisek an hapon...

If you want to know Kanji words or character meanings, You can find a JAPS/KANJI-ENGLISH DICTIONARY in nat'l bookstore...mas sureball pa yon kaysa sa mga codes kasi dictionary na yon MISMO eh...oks ba?  

14 Dec 2005 @ 00:56 by bulawan @ : Gboy
tsoy,tama an imo cring taga jica nakadto late 80s and 90s,pero waray nalabtan ha estern part guin trace la ada nira kay damo man nips ha mga area.bangin mayda ka pa nabaruan nga iba,bisan ha tubig.ok la.salamat.maupay nga adlaw.  

14 Dec 2005 @ 01:08 by bulawan @ : Gboy
maaro la ako kumento ha imo,tungud nga mayda yana anhi mnla nga mayda dara mga tibud(jars) nga puro bulawan nga coins guin ne-negotiata ini yana and claiming nga mayda kuno didto han guin tikangan mga japnotes ,ano daw la probability hini,bangin mayda pa iba nga kaupod didto ha site(eastern town,upstream)trillions daw ang notes.(not interestd)gusto ko malaman jung may iba pa na probable(bulawan  

14 Dec 2005 @ 03:33 by Gboy @ : Bulawan
Tsoy,waray namon maexplore gud iton dida nga mga treasure sites sa estern samar kay dide kami nagconcentrate gud sa luzon ug mindanao, kay may mga sangkay ak treasure hunter nga taga Davao ug Luzon....gin tirok la namon an ira sites sa Mindanao ug Luzon, waray ak sangkay treasure hunter nga taga eastern samar, sanglit waray ak aram nga mga treasure sites dida.
An akon la nahibaruan nga mga gin operate san Jica an Calbayog area kay taga calbayog man ak nagdako pero dide na sa manila umistar. kamakalalangot kay nag tre-treasure ak dide sa Luzon...di-ak antigo an amon waterfalls sa calbayog may treasure ngay-an...gin operate pa gud sa Jica...nahibaru ak...tapos na.
Posible may iba pa nga treasure/jap notes didto san gintikangan san tibud/ coins ...pamakiana nala didto san mga tawo nga nakakuha ug antigo siton nahinabu...  

14 Dec 2005 @ 04:05 by bulawan @ : Gboy
Salamat,Will update you pag may follwup na me sa estern samar,dire ako th pero im interested kay mayda mga leads yana didto ha amon.hope you could give insights,pointers kun ano akon ma gather later.gusto ko la explore possibilities,bangin manla mayda masayonay makuha.more power to u!  

14 Dec 2005 @ 04:19 by Gboy @ : Mt. Billionaire (Trillionaire?)...
This is just a Japs treasure story...its up to readers to believe it or not... hopefully it will inspire us all....

Mt. Billionaire(Trillionaire?)

Sometimes in 1992, Bong and his 2 nephews went fishing along a rocky cliffwall. After several hours of fishing, Bong rested on the rock wall and noticed a carved stairways leading to a 2 ft round hole on the solid rock wall. Since his fish catch is low, he decided to enter into the round hole, hoping to get some bird nests. But to his astonishment he stumbled into a cathedral cave that seems to be a large warehouse with several huge stockfiles aprox.21 ft. by 21 ft. high .He immediately called his 2 nephews and shows his discovery. His nephews were reluctant and afraid bcoz they though these huge cave chamber might be guarded. So they hurriedly left the cave chamber and continue fishing.

After several boring fishing days, they decided to went back to the cave chamber and roam for sevral minutes trying to figure out if its guarded and notice it has none. Then they again went out and continue fishing.

Baffled and curious by the unguarded cave chamber, on their third visit they decided to bring a jungle bolo, a chisel and a small sledgehammer. Bong inspected and counted ... 27 gold stockpiles, 21 ft by 21 ft high. He saw 3 rows of golden Budhas/ statues at different sizes (1-3 feet tall)on both sides of the chamber wall.There is a freezer size metal box with big padlock and when opened contained precious stones. They saw 2 chest high stockpile of white metal sheets, 5 life size golden horse heads attach to the wall,3 golden stool (chairs), a golden table with maps and 2 golden deer statues and several golden candles/holders. The wall is covered with kanji characters. There are several military folding beds, uniform, rifles and samurais sorrounding the stockpile.There are 2 large size quartz on chamber corners that glows when hit by sunlight (small opening at ceiling). On the ceiling hangs 3 huge boulders.They saw on the middle a small crystal clear pool. They noticed a huge half body monster statue (maybe to scare intruders). On the other cave chamber, they saw a boat and hundreds of old bicycles.

Bong and his nephews took one golden chair, a few gold bars and a handfull of diamonds. He show his golden chair to a local politician. The local politician took the golden chair and intead of payment. He gave Bong some money to rent a boat for hauling. Sensing that he is just being fooled, he hide from the politician. But after a month of hiding, while doing some weaving for their roof hut. They were found by politician bodyguard.They were herded to a bigger boat. Knowing that they will be killed after showing the locaton of the chamber...at 12 midnight while the guards were sleeping, they escape, jumped overboar and swam 100 meters ashore.
To escape from the wrath of the politician from the province, they transferred and live here in Manila. They tried to sell their few bars and diamond, since they were just ignorant fishermen, they were easily swindled by buyers. So up to now Bong and his nephews still live in poverty and hiding from the politician. When I meet Bong in 1996, I interrogate him for several months but up to now the old man is still firm and consistent with his site even when he is drunk. Bong is still elusive, uncooperative and doesn't trust anybody easily bcoz he knew his family was almost massacred by the politician and swindled by greedy gold/diamond buyer.

On several occasion my team tried to explore and relocate the suspected treasure area....and found a good site that look like the Bong treasure story. With complete financial back up...maybe we can relocate MT.BILLIONAIRE (TRILLIONAIRE?)

This look like a fantastic treasure story...UNBELIEVABLE.....but as a treasure hunter/explorer/researcher....everything is possible....specially in the world of treasure hunting and.....Yamashita treasures....  

14 Dec 2005 @ 10:50 by Brian @ : RUDY RUDY
Rudy---post mo email mo here. or send mo kay Ed or Boylara.
Ed and Boy,pare kung mag-email sa inyo c rudy pakibigay cp# ko. thanks!
alam nga nya yon balon sa Tubao.  

15 Dec 2005 @ 01:42 by Gboy @ : Email
To: Bulawan,
This is my Email: gergio2004@yahoo.com  

15 Dec 2005 @ 04:20 by boylara @ : to all hunters
to Wayne....Honestly, i still doubt about you coz you seem like those member of the CIA. but if you can help us we are willing to share, the situation now is different compared during the 70s, 80s and 90s, Filipinos today can fight for they right, kaya ng lumaban na mga tao...

to goldlily- prove your worth here

to ed- eh ano kung marcos boy si ED, dapat masaya tayo at least karangalan natin maging kasama mga connected kay the great president MARCOS , isa pa totoo siguro yun mga pinagsasabi nya dito....

to brian- Saludo ko sa iyo, magaganda yun mga site na bigay mo...gud site lahat...

to gboy....tuloy mo laban, siguro parang hindi kapaniwala yun mga post mo..wag kang mag alala kaming mga kasama mong pinoy nasa tabi mo lang, alam ko naman wl ka rin pang finance kaya nag papatulong ka...

sa iba..mga nag popost dito, obvious di ba yun mga connected sa mga mataas na grupo sila yun yun mga PR man, pang gulo at pang lito hayaan nyo sila ..nabayaran sila para magpalito..mga taong pwedeng pagkatiwalaan dito ..ED, GBOY, CLIFFHANGER, JERX, REDPAJERO, (VICROCS, BADZ ng spindle forum) and for course si BRIAN ..ingat lang sa mga impostor, kung gusto nyo silang makontak email nyo ko boylara2002@yahoo.com..

yun forum na gawa ko thphilippines.cjb.net pwede kayo dun...

happy hunting sa 2006...maganda ang klima wala gaanong ulan...  

15 Dec 2005 @ 04:34 by trixha @ : askin help from fakes?
hi guys. ask ko lan how come na everytime na may ask sa inyo about certain signs na natatagpuan nila sa mga site nila e parang dinededma nyo lan po? kelangan pa ba na hingiin ang email ad nyo para lan in-private magusap para walang snoops sa tabi tabi OR... para makahingi kayo ng cut para sa information na ibibigay nyo? which is which? ang dating kasi ng mga posts nyo e ang gagaling nyo pero parang ina-advertise nyo skills nyo while saying na you'r here to HELP those who need information. may cost ata ang information sa inyo. clear ko lan lolz. di ako isa sa mga kaaway nyo sa pagpost ng messages na sinasabing fake kayo  

15 Dec 2005 @ 05:09 by boylara @ : IP and origin..kayang i trace talaga

Wayne Philips United State of America San Francisco EARTHLINK NETWORK INC


GBOY Philippines Manila SKYINTERNET

Cliffhanger Philippines Manila PTTNET

Brian Philippines PDLT MYDSL

Ed Philippines Globalreach

Bulawan Philippines MERIDIAN TELECOMS  

15 Dec 2005 @ 05:27 by boylara @ : wala lang magawa
This is just a Japs treasure story...its up to readers to believe it or not... hopefully it will inspire us all....

Mt. Billionaire(Trillionaire?)

Sometimes in 1992, Bong and his 2 nephews went fishing along a rocky cliffwall. After several hours of fishing, Bong rested on the rock wall and noticed a carved stairways leading to a 2 ft round hole on the solid rock wall. Since his fish catch is low, he decided to enter into the round hole, hoping to get some bird nests. But to his astonishment he stumbled into a cathedral cave that seems to be a large warehouse with several huge stockfiles aprox.21 ft. by 21 ft. high .He immediately called his 2 nephews and shows his discovery. His nephews were reluctant and afraid bcoz they though these huge cave chamber might be guarded. So they hurriedly left the cave chamber and continue fishing.

After several boring fishing days, they decided to went back to the cave chamber and roam for sevral minutes trying to figure out if its guarded and notice it has none. Then they again went out and continue fishing.

Baffled and curious by the unguarded cave chamber, on their third visit they decided to bring a jungle bolo, a chisel and a small sledgehammer. Bong inspected and counted ... 27 gold stockpiles, 21 ft by 21 ft high. He saw 3 rows of golden Budhas/ statues at different sizes (1-3 feet tall)on both sides of the chamber wall.There is a freezer size metal box with big padlock and when opened contained precious stones. They saw 2 chest high stockpile of white metal sheets, 5 life size golden horse heads attach to the wall,3 golden stool (chairs), a golden table with maps and 2 golden deer statues and several golden candles/holders. The wall is covered with kanji characters. There are several military folding beds, uniform, rifles and samurais sorrounding the stockpile.There are 2 large size quartz on chamber corners that glows when hit by sunlight (small opening at ceiling). On the ceiling hangs 3 huge boulders.They saw on the middle a small crystal clear pool. They noticed a huge half body monster statue (maybe to scare intruders). On the other cave chamber, they saw a boat and hundreds of old bicycles.

Bong and his nephews took one golden chair, a few gold bars and a handfull of diamonds. He show his golden chair to a local politician. The local politician took the golden chair and intead of payment. He gave Bong some money to rent a boat for hauling. Sensing that he is just being fooled, he hide from the politician. But after a month of hiding, while doing some weaving for their roof hut. They were found by politician bodyguard.They were herded to a bigger boat. Knowing that they will be killed after showing the locaton of the chamber...at 12 midnight while the guards were sleeping, they escape, jumped overboar and swam 100 meters ashore.
To escape from the wrath of the politician from the province, they transferred and live here in Manila. They tried to sell their few bars and diamond, since they were just ignorant fishermen, they were easily swindled by buyers. So up to now Bong and his nephews still live in poverty and hiding from the politician. When I meet Bong in 1996, I interrogate him for several months but up to now the old man is still firm and consistent with his site even when he is drunk. Bong is still elusive, uncooperative and doesn't trust anybody easily bcoz he knew his family was almost massacred by the politician and swindled by greedy gold/diamond buyer.

On several occasion my team tried to explore and relocate the suspected treasure area....and found a good site that look like the Bong treasure story. With complete financial back up...maybe we can relocate MT.BILLIONAIRE (TRILLIONAIRE?)

This look like a fantastic treasure story...UNBELIEVABLE.....but as a treasure hunter/explorer/researcher....everything is possible....specially in the world of treasure hunting and.....Yamashita treasures....

GBOY- the area your referring is found on the COast of the Pacific ocean, if you happened to navigate the area, you will see a white colored cliff even if your far away. the area is found in the Sierra Madre ranges...between Cagayan and Aurora province, near the coastline is a sunken submarine...Dr. Oneda have the map of this area....Dr. Oneda is a former Japanese Doctor. yun nanghabol kina bong, patay na yun, binaril....dami pa rin nag hahanap dun...Gboy  

15 Dec 2005 @ 05:36 by trixha @ : wahaha..andaming FREE IPscanners sa net
sows...feeling may alam wala naman wahahahah dami free i.p scanners jan.  

15 Dec 2005 @ 08:02 by Raz @ : Treasure Hunter?


Maraming taong manloloko na may project daw sila! kompleto sa proweba at evidence n merong signs and japanese symbol sa kanilang site. Pero ang totoo nun pera lang ng mga financer ang kanilang hinuhuthot. At karamihan sa na meet namin na tao ganon ay mga Pastor, ginagamit nila ang pagiging lingkod daw ng Diyos pero ang totoong mithiin nila ay mapayaman ang sarili nila thru funding sa project daw. Mag-ingat din kayo sa nagpapakilalang Sis. Lot Laguardia. Napakaraming naloloko nyan na tao. Mula sa Pangasinan, Manila, Cainta Rizal, Binangonan Rizal... at marami pang lugar. magaling magdrama yan at may scanner daw sya. Pero peke naman. nagbibigay pa sya ng print out at may konwaring resulta. nagrerecruit din sya ng mga membber sa sanilang foundation daw. Mag-ingat din kyo sa project site sa Brgy Pila-pila, Bnangonan, Rizal. Milyon na ang naubos sa projct na yan for 6 years. Peke ang cave nila. sila -sila lang ang gumawa nun. Sobraang Galing nila magkwento tiyak na mapapaniwala ka nila. INGAT KYO!!!!!!!!!!!

Sa pakikipagsapalaran na ito! Sobrang dami ng manloloko. At magagandang kwento. At paikot ikot lang na kwento. Kaya mag-ingat kayo.


15 Dec 2005 @ 13:55 by CM @ : Sa isang banda Raz tama ka
Sa isang banda Raz tama ka. May mga manloloko at naloko kahit saan. Meron ding totoo at tapat. Paano natin sila makilala? Nasa sa atin ang pag susuri ng mabuti. Kilalanin ng husto ang tao, bago natin sila pagtiwalaan o kaya husgahan. Salamat po. God bless sa yo.  

16 Dec 2005 @ 02:05 by ophir777 @ : musta lang
musta na kayo tol,  

16 Dec 2005 @ 03:08 by Gboy @ : Treasure comments
To: Trixha,
My dear, we never IGNORE the questions regarding meaning of treasure signs .... the truth is WE NEVER KNEW WHAT SOME TREASURE SIGN MEANS...remember we are not the one who carved this treasure signs....We just STUDY some japs codes and symbols and HOPING WE ARE LUCKY to match those codes and symbols to those treasure signs...we usually based our treasure sign knowledge on our own experience thru these years...its always been trial and error....
Sa treasure sign interpretation,tsambahan lang yan...kung tama ang pag analyze...patok ka, pag mali ang pag intinde mo...pordoy ka....nobody can claim expert those treasure sign....unless ikaw mismo ang nagbaon nyan...

To: Raz
This is a treasure hunting game....always expect the worse case scenario... remember some treasure movies...always full of villain...treasure hunting is never ... a walk in the park...thats why ONLY ELITE MEN CAN SURVIVE IN THIS ADVENTURE....
If you want to have career/hobby in treasure hunting.....first assignement...know the real treasure sites/fakes, con men from honest treasure hunters...OK? ....
Kasi po taon din ang inubos namin dyan para mahimay ang totoo sites at hinde...ang sindikato o tunay na treasure hunters...dumaan din kami sa sangkatutak na mga sindikato at haosiao na kausap.....kaya ....kung gusto mo magtreasure hunting.....magtiis tiis ka ha? di basta2 pinasok mo....OK?

To: Boy lara,
My ip address is exposed? He he he he...am not worried, no need to snoop on my ip address (pinahihirapan nyo pa ang mga intel/syndicate sa paghanap)...THEY CAN SEE ME PERSONALLY....ANYTIME....(sila humanda sa akin...ggawin ko sila financier...he he he)  

16 Dec 2005 @ 03:52 by Gboy @ : Japs Treasure Story

1) In 1986, 12 local rebels recovered 48 pcs. 6 kilos of gold bars. During their 2nd hauling attempt they were ambushed by the military and only one survive Ka Oscar.
2) Oscar, the lone survivor told us that an old japanese looking man give them a sketch, instruction where to find a treasure hoard, and told him how to get it. It took 12 local rebels one week demolishing the cave entrance ( 1 meter door, rip rap rocks) of the cave, using several hundred meters rope, cliffhanging within the surface of the waterfalls in order to position themselves and demolished rock door cover by banging.pounding and chiseling. They also divert the flow of the waterfalls. Ka Oscar entered the small door entranced and to his astonishment, the cave tunnel is full of gold almost up to the ceiling, est. 200-300 m.tons. Some japs uniform was on top of the gold stockpiles. They just took 48 pcs, 6 kg gold bars....4 gold bars for each man, bcoz they have a long way to hike.
3) The treasure marker of the area has 2 carved skull marker (2 feet and 1 foot). Oscar show us his souvenir picture, sitting beside the 2 feet rock skull marker in May 2002.
4)May 2002, we send native guides to the suspected treasure waterfalls, but the native failed to take picture due to camera malfunctioned.
5)A friend of the undersigned has a treasure project also near the area, according to him his contact is the son of a former japs collaborator who was told by the japs to guard a big treasure cache inside a tunnel which allegedly stored 15,000 pcs. 75 kilos gold bars. But the son left the site and barred down the small exit of tunnel chamber when his father was killed during land conflict in 1960's. In 1994, they made several treasure hunting expedition to locate the missing treasure cache but due to bad weather hamper their operation. And the project was abandoned due to lack of funds.

6) Another group of manila based treasure hunters tried to operate the same area looking for 7,000 pcs. 75 kilos gold cache. They have a man made waterfalls in their map but the group failed to locate the site.
7) Another 83 yrs. old japs collaborator also revealed that during the war 5,000 japs troops, natives, POW's hauled thousand of boxes toward this area. Big cargo ship anchored in the bay. Old japs trail is still used by the natives.
8) Another guide of the undersigned, a Dumagat native who grew up in the suspected treasure area confirmed the existence of this waterfalls with 4 big bottles beside the pool and another 3 foot tall bottle pointing to the cascading waterfalls. Some foolish treasuere hunters demolished the big bottles.
9) August-September 2004 exploration...with $4,000 budget , A 16 man team was formed to locate the famous waterfalls.

10)After a week of hiking, our exploration team have located the suspected waterfalls (we have the pictures), but did not touch the treasure site bcoz they were accompanied by dishonest guides and porters.
11) The two skull markers were already destroyed by military treasure hunters who conducted a month long treasure hunting operation. A human caricature marker facing the waterfalls was also destroyed.
12)An old guava tree marker was cut down by two native brothers, who admit they used to hide under the cascading waterfalls (leaning toward the rip/rap rock door entrance).
13) The water must be diverted in order to have a good view of the entrance of the cave.
14)With complete camping/climbing equipment and budget...this project is FEASIBLE AND AVAILABLE....only for those believers of japs treasure.  

16 Dec 2005 @ 12:18 by Rudy @ : Brian
If you wanted to know my email address, all you had to do is click on my 15 Nov posting. I wanted to talk to you about some treasure sites in your area.
The site you mentioned in Aringay is not by the train station but you are right, it is near a school but it is also near the municipal hall. My email is Diviningrod44@yahoo.com. Send me you cp# thru my email address so I can call you.  

17 Dec 2005 @ 03:36 by Gboy @ : Japs Treasure Story 3

(The altar,log foot bridge and cliffwall cave treasure)

Sometimes in 2003, the informant/live pointer with his cousin were sitting up several pig traps and hunting wild boar in Sierra Madre mountain range. They accidentally stumbled into concrete objects which resembled like an altar on top of the cliff ridge, estimated to be 2 ft wide,7 ft high and 5 ft long in triangle position and on top of the structure was a cement flatform est. to be 2 ft thick, 5 ft wide and 5 ft long. These concrete altar like stuctures were found near the area of former WW2 Japs jungle base of the JIA under Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita. The live pointer and his cousin curious of the structures tried to investigate further and 20-30 meters away from the top of the ridge they spotted a drum size log, several meters long which served as a foot bridge to cross to the other side of the cliffwall ridge. They spotted near the end of the log on the opposite cliff wall a cave opening, and they saw....several stockpile of items, they suspect to be a sharpener or carburandum (suspect gold bars covered with asphalt) But because they afraid something might explode, they were just contented observing the items from afar or from the cave entrance only. They observed that the items inside the cave were illuminated from sunrays during early morning up to 9 am.
The live pointer had a good mark of the area bcoz its their hunting ground laying traps for the wild boar specially near the concrete altar. When we interrogate the live pointer during our expedition of Dumagat Secret treasure 1 (waterfalls) last Oct.2004 he told us that he is willing to accompany our exploration team to his treasure area....This is a good treasure lead and worth exploring...as usual we need complete camping,climbing and budget...Mabuhay.  

17 Dec 2005 @ 10:23 by CM @ : I'm a friend of Admiral's grandson
3 weeks ago nagkaroon kami ng pagpupulong ng samahan sa botanic garden los banos at pagkatapos ng meeting kaming 3 magkaibigan humiwalay na din. Dumaan at umupo kami tabi ng mahabang tore sa freedom park los banos na may tindig na 120 ft. sa tingin ko, at may kampana sa itaas. 1999 may mga hapon pumunta dun at may ginawa. Nung nabalitaan nila ito ang sabi ng papa niya “bantayan mo yan dahil meron sila kukunin dyan”. After 6 wks 6 na truck ang naghakot dun at sabay din pinatalsik ang chancellor ng UP los banos na siyang kontak ng mga hapon. Sa oval na iyon naikwento ng papa ng kaibigan ko dun tinambak ang maraming gold bars in different sizes, at iba’t ibang diamonds in different colors and sizes, mga estatwang ginto hindi lamang buddha . Tinakpan nang tulda at saka ibinabaon sa buong area ng campus na yon. Dati na raw ganon ang hitsura ng UP during peace time at parang walang nabago hanggang sa ngayon at tandang tanda niya. Di niya makalimutan tanong niya sa papa niya (admiral) bakit marami daw tanso dun para ba gawin ding bala? Napatango na lang daw ang admiral. Sa sangli point cavite kasi daongan at gawaan ng mga barko ng hapon saan nag oofice ang admiral marami din tanso dun na ginawang bala.  

17 Dec 2005 @ 10:27 by CM @ : continuation...
Sino ang lolo ng kaibigan ko? Ang tawag ng kanyang mga kasamahang hapon ay “Ginsa”, ito ang kanyang palayaw. Ang Ginsa ay lugar ng Egypt na naconquer niya at sinamsam ibat ibang treasure at isa sa mga dinala sa Pilipinas. Siya ay si admiral Yamamoto.Tumira siya sa cavite nagpakilalang Chinese mahaba ang buhok namimili ng bote at mga scrap at nagkaasawa dun. Siya ay spy ng Japan dito during that time. 1939 o 1940 umalis ito at di na nagpakita sa kanyang pamilya. 10 years old ang papa ng kaibigan ko nun. 1941 o 1942 habang nagwawalis ang 10 yrs. old na batang ito sa bakuran ng sangli point kasama ang maraming mga bata (trabaho nila ito), yumuko silang lahat sa pagdaan ng kotseng kulay ube, may dalawang flag ng hapon sa magkabilaang unahan, Dahan dahan itong dumaan at mula dun may tumawag sa kanyang pangalan at siya’y natakot. Sinundan siya nito hanggang sa nagpakilakila sa kanya. Isang Official maraming sabit na medalya sa damit maiksi ang buhok, hindi niya agad ito nakilala sa tayo pero nabobosesan niya. Sumulat ito sa papel pinapabigay sa gwardiya. Nagulat ang guwardiya at ganun na lang ang pag aasikaso sa kanya. Siya ay anak ng Admiral ng Navy. Pumunta sa office ng papa niya at binigyan siya ng baril at damit puting tela may sulat hapon tali sa balikat. Binigyan siya uniforme. Ang rank niya captain. 12 yrs. old siya nun. May access siya sa loob at sinasama siya sa lahat ng operation ng pagbabaon di lamang sa Pilipinas kundi pati Guam at Saipan. Madalas din siya sinasama sa barkong Yamato na napakalaking barko daw.  

17 Dec 2005 @ 10:31 by CM @ : continuation...
Ang estorya ng papa ng kaibigan ko. Malungkot ang pagkakahiwalay nila ng Admiral. Nagpaalam itong umuwi ng Japan kasama ang maraming Japanese officials dahil nabalitaan nila mga Amerkano ay parating na. Gusto siya isama pero di pumayag ang lola niya. Sumakay silang barko pero naabutan sila ng mga amerkano sa laot. Magaling na piloto ang Admiral, (papa ng kaibigan ko ay dito madalas isinasakay) at ayon sa kasaysayan lumipad ito sakay ng eroplano mula sa malaking barko pero nasundan sila ng eroplano ng mga amerkano at dun siya namatay. May natirang official na hapon na nagkwento sa kanya sa mga nangyayari at gusto siya isama sa pagtakas, civilian na ang pakilala nito Di siya sumama. Tumakas ito mula Mindanao papuntang Borneo at paakyat paikot pabalik ng Japan. Dinakip ang papa ng kaibigan ko ng mga hukbalahap nang nalaman siya’y anak ng hapon. Itinali siya sa puno ng kahoy at kinabukasan schedule siyang patayin pero pinatakas siya nung gabing yon ng pinsan niya membro din ng hukbalahap at sinabi sa kanya umalis na silang magkapatid sa bayan ng Cavite. Pumunta silang Davao at dun din siya nag kaasawa. 12 anak niya kung di ako nagkamali at nung lumaki na sila. Bumalik silang Cavite at doon na naninirahan at dun na rin nagkaasawa ang mga anak niya. Mahirap lang din sila. Namuhay ng tahimik at simple. Gustohin man niyang i retrieve ang mga sites na alam niya, wala silang kakayahan financially. Mahirap kunin ang ibinaon ng hapon ito ang madalas niyang sinasabi. Ayon sa plano ang pinaghahandaan talaga ng mga hapon ay ang mga amerkano kaya ganun nalang kahirap ang kanilang pagtago ng treasures. Ibinaon nila ito hindi para ipakuha. Kilala rin niya si Gen. Yamashita dahil kaibigan ito ng kanyang papa. Gen. Yamashita ang hawak ay army, ang project nila kadalasan sa bundok. Ang project nila Admiral Yamamoto ay sa patag kung saan malapit sa tubig/dagat, ilog o water falls, hawak niya navy. Mga TH, ako’y magsasabi din na totoo ang golden lily treasure sa Pilipinas. Sana may makakuha na at tumulong din naman sa iba. God bless.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:…” Ecc. 3:1

“A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” Prov. 13:22  

18 Dec 2005 @ 02:06 by Ophir777 @ : Red Pajero
Tol Red, Im Back here in Kuwait again. Bumisita ako sa ilang sites sa cavite i found out na sayang yung mga ginastos nila i introduce them some stories regarding this site. kawawa naman yung financier nila na German almost 3 million na nauubos sa isang sites pa lang sayang yun tol kasing halaga na yun ng isang Explorer 5000. Sana ma meet kita someday here babalik ako ng march para sa sarili kong project kumpleto na ako ng connection pero di pa ayos yung isang american partner ko sabi ko nga kahit na yung exp 3000 na lang kaya na nya yun 30,000 USD halaga ngayon sa US.  

19 Dec 2005 @ 00:51 by goldlilly @ : Marcos 5000 piso coin on ebay

68.74 GRAMS .900 FINE GOLD

price: US $1,275.00 (Approximately EUR 1,061.44)



19 Dec 2005 @ 02:38 by RedPajero @ : Marcos Coin

Ophir777, i will call my partner here in Kuwait to help you in your quest. He had lil progress do far.  

19 Dec 2005 @ 03:35 by gboy @ : Treasure hunters need to be organized..
Treasure hunters,

I observed that most of us treasure hunters lack all the requirements to recover treasure...some lack funds, good treasure sites, japs codes,treasure knowledge, treasure equipment, etc...due to lack of organized treasure group to HELP ONE ANOTHER.
However, all these endless obstacle can be SOLVE....ONLY IF WE HELP ONE ANOTHER AND ORGANIZED OURSELVES....and recover treasure...
I proposed to form an organized treasure group...so that we can JOIN FORCES OR COMBINE ALL OUR TALENTS,SITES,RESOURCES AND EQUIPMENTS...

Is there anybody wanted to join or form a new organized group...so that we can set up our MEETING ASAP...and we can combine all our resources and recover treasure ASAP...

Please...post here those interested, and put in your email address or celfon number....however for those who wanted their cel/email address to be confidential you can email it to me at gergio2004@yahoo.com so that i can post only your treasure name here in ming forum....oks?
Mag join na kayo para makapagmeeting na tayo at maka hits na tayo ng treasure...  

19 Dec 2005 @ 12:19 by Financier @ : Willing to Finance 5M Up
Our group is willing to finance positive sites in the following areas: Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Bulacan only. In order for us to meet, you have to submit email address and wait our reply. We cannot give you our email addresses and Tel #s due to some scammers. We need only the following: Scanner Print out result, orig maps and send via email when we response. Okey? Thanks Financier  

19 Dec 2005 @ 23:46 by nugget @ : A TRUE STORY ABOUT GOLD

There once was a rich man who was near death. He was very grieved because he had worked so hard for his money and wanted to be able to take it with him to heaven. So he began to pray that he might be able to take some of his wealth with him.

An angel heard his plea and appeared to him. "Sorry, but you can't take your wealth with you."

The man begged the angel to speak to God to see if He might bend the rules. The man continued to pray that his wealth could follow him.

The angel reappeared and informed the man that God had decided to allow him to take one suitcase with him.

Overjoyed, the man gathered his largest suitcase and filled it with pure gold bars and placed it beside his bed.

Soon afterward, he died and showed up at the gates of heaven to greet St. Peter.

St. Peter, seeing the suitcase, said, "Hold on, you can't bring that in here!"

The man explained to St. Peter that he had permission and asked him to verify his story with the Lord.

Sure enough, St. Peter checked it out, came back and said, "You're right. You are allowed one carry-on bag, but I'm supposed to check its contents before letting it through."

St. Peter opened the suitcase to inspect the worldly items that the man found too precious to leave behind and exclaimed,


Author Unknown

disclaimer: this story did not came from me...


20 Dec 2005 @ 03:13 by Gboy @ : Financier
My email is gergio2004@yahoo.com , We have treasure sites pictures sample in my yahoo picture album, i can send it to you...if you want?

However, I have a question....why you need "scanner print out result with orig maps"...
Do you think treasure hunter with orig maps and gpr/resistivity imaging equipment will give to you their SCANNED TREASURE SITE?...THEY WILL NO LONGER NEED FINANCIER...once they have capability to confirmed it with a hi-tech
People need financier...precisely bcoz they wanted to acquire hi-tech scanning technology result, if they already have confirmed scan result, they no longer need financier bcoz they can dig it already on their own even on limited budget...pagtityagaan nila hukayin yan pag sureball sa scanner...
Treasure hunter NEEDS FINANCIER... so that THEY CAN PRODUCE SCANNER PRIN OUT RESULT...not the other way around....tama ba?  

20 Dec 2005 @ 09:51 by goldlilly @ : financer
Gboy I think they want hunters to computer scan their maps and send them the images and further details via email ... They didnt even leave an email address .... dont look too legitimate to me .  

20 Dec 2005 @ 11:36 by Financier @ : Gboy
The reason why we need such docs, in order that both parties are serious on this matter. Without such docs, we will not waste our time to entertain a long story. We copy your email, pls wait our reply and be sure you can give us one positive area back up with docs. Okey? i hope you understand what we mean, scammers are in this forum, so we need only a serious docs or the owner of the property will produce docs base on his allegation pertaining treasures on his site. Thanks ----- Financier  

20 Dec 2005 @ 21:16 by Rudy @ : Darrel, Brian
Darrel, my mail to you is bouncing back, did you change account ? Brian, my mail is getting no response, are you that busy ? Merry Cristmas to you and All TH, Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat.  

21 Dec 2005 @ 03:04 by Gboy @ : What kind of docs?
I understand that you need some treasure documents to satisfy your curiousity. But WHAT KIND OF DOCS?
If you need treasure feasiblity/project study....we have more than 250 pages of treasure files complete with 21 maps, treasure history, pictures, skectches, equipment requirements...etc. (but of course most of these files are confidential... we can't simply send it to you bcoz you claim to be financier).
We will show proof that we have SEVERAL TREASURE SITES...and you show proof that you are indeed treasure financier...
But if you require us to produce...SCANNER(GEOPHYSICAL) PRINT OUT RESULT?

21 Dec 2005 @ 06:25 by wala lang @ : financier
be careful with those financier, i can claim to be financier( but not a real financier) then lend your documents to me then bye bye,,,  

21 Dec 2005 @ 07:15 by mercyjane @ : financing
makes sense lolz (" ,)  

22 Dec 2005 @ 01:24 by brian? @ : JOWA
squall_888@lycos.com or contack Boylara and ask for my #.  

22 Dec 2005 @ 03:12 by Gboy @ : Fraudulent financier
Yah...I'm careful already bcoz we have been a victim of fake financier just this year...by an american treasure hunter...
This american has been treasure hunting here for two years and was bankrupt due to his BAD treasure sites....he offer us to finance our site and we give him our well research treasure feasiblity study/files...he went to U.S. and raise funds using our treasure files....when he comeback with $1M budget...he simply ignore us... and continue his OWN digging on his treasure sites...HE REMOVE 1000 TONS OF DIRT...NO TREASURE...and lost lots of money...buti nga sa kanya, akala siguro nya magugulangan kami....di niya alam lahat na treasure may curse...kaya napordoy sya, kahit sobra budget at hi-tech gamit nya.
We call it KARMA....gin gabaan ba...  

23 Dec 2005 @ 10:03 by TALISMAN @ : THers
I do believe in treasures....but would you believe that you'll need not only hi-tech equipment....but also spirit intervention para makita treasures.... its true na may nagbabantay sa ibang treasures....kaya ingat at dasal kayo lahat...wag kayo magahaman,magpapaalam kayo at makiusap bago kayo maghugay...  

24 Dec 2005 @ 02:24 by justpassin @ : merrychristmas sa mga tunay!
sa lahat ng mga tunay ... i trust you read and discern...analyze and realize, truth from lies be more wise... mabuhay! maligayang pasko!  

24 Dec 2005 @ 12:16 by Rob Rey @ : need buyers
It is true that there are still untapped sites available and there are equally successful finds. In our case, at least, the real problem is not how to hunt for these treasures and unearth them, but how common Filipinos who had the luck to really acquire these treasures could find trustworthy and willing buyers. I'm sure a lot of you knows the perils of moving these hoards and prospective buyers are similarly wary of these problems. I think just as everyone here is truly interested in unearthing their own hoards, there are many of us who are equally interested in finding willing, trustworthy, and capable buyers who would buy without question and who would be willing to move the merchandise through their own resources. I think the best method for a TH to dispose of the merchandise is cash-on pick up. nothing else. and all responsibility falls into the shoulders of the buyer. If anyone can provide me with information on buyers who are willing to take care of shipping and would have no questions asked, then the party I represent can negotiate for a test buy of 2 pcs 75 kilogram bars at their desired price.  

25 Dec 2005 @ 02:24 by Gboy @ : Gold Buyers woes
Rob Rey,

There are a lot of buyers around....but the problem is...NOBODY BRING CASH ($2M or less) TO BUY 2 PCS. 75 KG ON PICK-UP/ON SELLER SITE....a lot of gold buyer have lost money to these fake gold bars or hold uppers...some legitimate sellers are affected....kaya wala papatol na buyer sa ganyan....
In your case...AM SURE YOUR GOLD SELLER ARE AFRAID ALSO TO GO TO THE BUYER DESIGNATED SITE...it happen hundred times to AGENT like you, TRANSACTION NEVER PUSH THRU...bcoz its like CHICKEN AND EGG...nobody gives in....and most of the time (99%) its the AGENT who are indebted due to his personal expenditure of this transaction.
I suggest tell your Gold Seller to chop off the 75 kg....and sell 1kg a day to C.B....after 2 months they were be able to sell at least 1 pc. 75 kg (but usually most seller (99%) never agree this kind of SIMPLE arrangement bcoz their gold bar are fake).
Graduate na kami sa ganyan klase ng AU transaction....iba talaga pag ikaw ang nakahukay at hindi lang nag aahente...kasi napakadali naman tadtarin at ibenta ang...GINTO..(C.B.,jewelry shops,foreign buyer,pawnshops)...mga haosiao lang naman ang nahihirapan magbenta nyan....kasi isa kilometro pa ang layo sa totoo gold holder....or japeks ang dilaw...
99% of buy/sell gold transaction NEVER PUSH THRU...kaya napopordoy ahente sa katratransact ng marami taon....kaya pare-prehas ....magtreasure na lang tayo...
huwag umasa sa ginto ng iba....oks?


26 Dec 2005 @ 11:50 by kwik @ : we found stone signs and arrows....
can someone help me ...we dig almost 20 feet but the arrows going zigzag direction,we found some stone signs ang arrow signs but we are just amaeture,we are not good on japanese signs and symbols if your interested txt me at 09194117955  

26 Dec 2005 @ 11:52 by kwik @ : my location
my location is in baracatan,toril davao city  

27 Dec 2005 @ 10:22 by Rob Rey @ : Re: need buyers
The gold's been with us for years now. We've considered selling to CB but we really didn't think involving the CB here was a good idea in the sense that the government automatically takes 60% out of any successful find on the grounds that the Yamashita treasure is recognized as a "Heritage Property". Also, selling 1 kg a day might take us more than 30 years. We're serious in finding a buyer and we are fully aware of the difficulties and potential consequences of going into a forum like this one. I have no intention of giving any details in this forum but I can only trust that with the hundreds of people registered here, somebody might actually have links to buyers who can and are willing to deal at such magnitude. Otherwise, there's no point for any of you to continue searching for gold that you can't sell in the magnitude that you desire. I'll stay here while I still think that there's a chance I can find someone who has knowledge of buyers.  

28 Dec 2005 @ 03:37 by Gboy @ : Gold Buyers woes
Rob Rey,
Selling 1 kg a day is better than NO SALE at all..... Another option...buy a mining company and process your treasure gold as if it came from the mine. If still this doesn't work.....either your treasure is just a hearsay or the gold holder has "treasure insanity syndrome"...(these refer to a gold holder of big volume treasure ....and yet...he is POOR bcoz he is afraid to sell)....
I've encountered these kind of people before....mayaman sa ginto, pero naghihirap....kaya sama lang ng loob aabutin nyo...waste of time/money for agents....  

28 Dec 2005 @ 09:30 by FM @ : all sellers
if you have gold in your hand then sell to us. just scan our procedures in this forum posted before. we don't entertain if you dont have proof submitted to us. email me thanks fm  

28 Dec 2005 @ 10:24 by explorer @ : Rob Rey
Pls check your email. Cheers.  

29 Dec 2005 @ 03:14 by Gboy @ : Buyer woes

Pati ba naman kayo nagpapaniwala pa na may magbebenta ng malakihang ginto...Ano ba yan...para kayo mga bagets sa au transaction, alam nyo naman na tadtad ng sindikato at kasinungalingan ang mga au sellers at agents....
Ang die hard makipag negotiate....ay mga haosiao agents lang yan....nag iilusyon na sana totoo ang ginto ng kakwentohan nila au holder daw.
Ang malakihang bentahan ng ginto ay wala pinagkaiba sa mga PALPAK na transaction ng....Marcos GBC, ABL, Australis, FRN, Japs notes, Carvoufraux, nickel babbit,at iba pa....tone toneladang ginto DAW....
Panay mga haosiao na agents lang yan ang nangangarap makabenta nyan....
Wala yan maipapakita khit isa gramo ng ginto...at kung mayron man tiyak ang picture na ipapakita ay ang PINAKAMADALAS MAKOPYA AT MAPEKE NA TATAK.... Cambodia,Burma,Djakarta at Sumatra (this hallmarks...ay pinakamarami napeke at kumita na yaaaaaaaannn)....lalo na pag ang picture ay maputla ang dilaw at masyado malinis ang bara.....yong iba bara nakabaluktot pa kasi malambot daw....ano ba yaaaannn....kumita na yaaaaan...

The last group i know who were able to consumate the sale of 10 tons of gold was Imelda Marcos in 1992...ang mobilization fund nila ay $1 million at may sarili pa jet plane.....

29 Dec 2005 @ 09:08 by ophir777 @ : BASTA AKO WALNG GINTO HE HE!
The legendary Gold-Bounty of the Marcos-clan lies in Zurich

ZURICH (Switzerland) - More than 20 years ago Fernando Marcos soaked the Philippines nation and channeled moneys from economic aid to developing countries and Japanese Reparation to his personal bank account.
After the death of the dictator his widow, Imelda, kept the existence of the treasure a secret. Now the proof is in. 1,240 tons of Marcos gold worth about 25 billion Marks are stored in a duty free storage bin under the Zurich airport.
An unimationary amount. The money could fill an 80 sqm flat with 30cm high in one scoop (1 sqm = 1.196 yd, 1" = 2.5 cm).
The debt-ridden state of the Philippines could pay the most urgent part of their debt.
The Marcos gold is from embezzled Economic Aid to Developing Countries and the Japanese War Coffer (the loot from pillaged countries) which fell into the hands of Marcos after WWII.
After their flight to Hawaii in June 1986, the Marcos clan took all their valuables with them. Left were only the outfits of the beauty Queen, Imelda Marcos, 1,200 pairs of shoes, designer clothing, ludicrous was a bulletproof brassier. But gold and diamonds vanished.
In 1989 Marcos died and since them Imelda is guardian of the treasure.
The government of Corina Aquino tried to bring back the Marcos billions into the country. Manila hired an Australian ex-CIA man, Reiner Jacobi. The treasure hunter whom the government offered 10% finders fee tracked down the precious metals. Walter Mitchel, the supervisor of the Zuricher Freilager, A.G. (storage chamber), told a private investigator, "We have 1,240 tons of gold which belong to the Marcoses".
The gold, according to information to the Austrian "NEWS", is listed under the name of "de Preux", a long time friend of the dictator.
So far, 605 million marks of the Marcoses has been detected and that account frozen. Small peanuts compared to the gold 'treasure'.
On account of Jacobi's knowledge the government of Manila wants to get the gold out of the reach of the widow of Marcos and have all funds frozen. Until now she had no financial problems, "we could stay in contact by phone; buying and selling, without any problems", says Mitche  

29 Dec 2005 @ 09:31 by Ophir777 @ : FINAL DISPOSITION
Information on the final disposition of Yamashita's gold. Was it actuallyfound? If so what has happened to it? Is it still in the Philippines or did Marcos find it and remove it from the country and if so, HOW?
A $22 billion verdict rendered against former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos was the largest in the United States in 1996. In fact, this verdict was so big, it was more than the total of all the other "Top Ten" largest verdicts as reported in the National Law Journal. The story behind the verdict reaches back to World War II, when Japan occupied most of East Asia, including the Philippines. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, commander of Japanese forces in the Philippines, brought to that country treasures he had stolen from other countries, mostly gold. But, as Allied forces began taking back the islands, Gen. Yamashita ran out of time and could not take the gold back to Japan. So, he dug a tunnel and buried the gold there. The story of General Yamashita's gold endures to this day. Whether the buried treasure existed, or where it was buried, remains forever a secret: After the war, the Allied hanged Gen. Yamashita. One Philippino believed that the treasure exists, and claimed in fact that he found it. During the Japanese occupation, Mr. Roxas worked as an interpreter for Gen. Yamashita. Using information he had, Mr. Roxas began digging where he thought the treasure was, and found a tunnel full of gold and some skeletons. He took home a three-foot-tall gold Buddha and some gold coins, hoping to sell the gold, get some money, and go back for the rest. He also told Pio Marcos, a local judge who was related to the President. Mr. Roxas claimed that two months later, allegedly on President Marcos's order, police raided his home, took the Buddha, and arrested him. (Now, this is where I thought the story was incredulous: What was Mr. Roxas doing during those two months?) He was tortured until he revealed the location of the treasure. Soldiers then went to the tunnel and took the gold. Mr. Roxas eventually escaped from prison and went into hiding until Marcos abdicated in 1986. When the Marcoses settled in Hawaii, Mr. Roxas sued Ferdinand and Imelda there, for the theft of the treasure, false imprisonment, and torture. By the time the case went to trial, both Mr. Roxas and Mr. Marcos had passed away. On July 19, 1996, a jury returned a verdict in favor of Mrs. Imelda Marcos, and a verdict of $22 billion against Mr. Ferdinand Marcos for the value of the treasure, plus $7.4 million for the false imprisonment and pain and suffering. One may ask, now that Mr. Roxas (or rather, since Roxas has passed away, his estate) got a judgment against a dead man, what good would that do? In most states, when a person loses at trial and then dies, the winner may collect from the loser's estate. However, and this is a big "however," property that was held in "joint tenancy" passes to the other joint tenants without going through the decedent's estate. Which means that the winner cannot go after that property. Most husbands and wives hold their property in joint tenancy. Which means, if the property of the Marcoses were held in joint tenancy, Mr. Roxas got nothing. In this case, the Marcoses' lawyer has filed an appeal, which leads me to believe that in fact there is something for Mr. Roxas to go after.
February 28, 1997

29 Dec 2005 @ 09:55 by Ophirr777 @ : Roxas True Story
I Have read once, the roger roxas story the book titled The Marcos Gold! it is written by D ahl Umali now THAPI president, any one here can find me a very rare copy of this book? pls let me know my dear fello treasure hunter! i beleve the true teasure comes from our knowledge first. the one i post here is quite different.the failure of roxas is he believed in the japanese introduce himself to roxas as a Au buyer, the rest is the history. that japanese buyer is a marcos men.  

29 Dec 2005 @ 23:41 by goldlilly @ : greedy japs kill each other
GENERAL SANTOS CITY--Police in the southern
Philippines said Wednesday they were seeking the
return of a Japanese man for information on the murder
of another Japanese.

The Japanese consulate has been asked to help locate
Satoshi Ueda, 27, of Osaka so he can shed light on the
brutal murder of his friend, Yasuaki Sawada, 25, also
of Osaka, said General Santos City police chief Senior
Superintendent Alfredo Toroctocon.

Ueda and Sawada left a hotel in General Santos late
December 10 but only Ueda returned the next day.

He said that Sawada had left with an unidentified
Filipina companion and he did not know where they had
gone. Ueda left for Japan on December 12.
Sawada was later found dead in a ravine with his
throat slashed and a steel cord tied around his neck,
police said.
The victim's parents arrived in Mindanao last week to
identify the body. Yukio Sawada, the victim's father,
told police that the family was unaware that his son,
a driver, had left for the Philippines.

Ueda later informed the family that Sawada was missing
in the Philippines, the father had said.

Local officials suspect the two Japanese may have been
involved in a treasure-hunting scheme that went awry.
For years, there have been unfounded rumors of
Japanese World War II stragglers or their descendants
hiding a treasure in the area around General Santos
City in the southern island of Mindanao.

Con men in the area have also cheated people by
offering them a share of this rumored treasure in
exchange for money.

Last May, Japanese diplomats visited General Santos to
check on reports of two Japanese World War II
stragglers wishing to surface. However the diplomats
left after failing to find proof that such stragglers
really existed.  

1 Jan 2006 @ 01:59 by bulawan @ : New Year!
Greeting You All a Very Happy New Year may this be a rewarding and prosperous year for all the Filipino,let us unite to make this nation great again!Mabuhay sa Sambayanang Filipino !  

1 Jan 2006 @ 04:46 by ThePrinter @ : united
You should try to get together in your search for the hidden treasures not just try to outdo each other with rhetorics that lead to frail nerves and depressions. Remember we're here to find what the Japs have hidden, not to quarrel with one another. If you think you have done a great deal by displaying how good you are in writing stupid comments that tend to hurt another then think again. You know what? The Japs are laughing at us because of our stupidity of trying to outdo each other. Maybe time will come that after destroying one another, the Japs would have their sweet time in collecting what they have hidden from us all these years. And whose to blame? We stupid Filipinos who show our wits in stupid rhetorics. For once, let's try to get our acts together. Remember, we're Filipinos, as they say "iba ang Pinoy", pero don't tell me iba talaga ang Pilipino -- not just stupids but VERY STUPID. That makes the difference. Could you explain why one who has a GPR and wants his GPR rented for P75,000.00 plus hotel accommodation and not wanting to have a share of the find? Just to think about this, why should they resort to renting their machine? Could it be that they have NO GUARANTEE IF THEY COULD REALLY LOCATE THE GOLD THEY ARE LOOKING FOR OR ARE THEY JUST SUSPICIOUS THAT THE ONE WHO WANTS HELP WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO LEAVE THE ONE'S WITH THE GPR WITH THE PROVERBIAL EMPTY BAG? Iba talaga ang Pinoy!
How I wish we could change our insights and bring in the real Pinoy! Maybe someday I wan't to be of different nationality if we continue our stupidity and our high handedness in declaring we have a sight and we need more financial assistance and GPRs and SCANNERS and ALL.
Let's be one. Let's unite. Let's be Filipinos woth dying for...


1 Jan 2006 @ 07:33 by Gboy @ : pinoy unity... mayroon ba tayo nun?
The Printer,

Its nice to hear...but PINOY UNITY NEVER EXIST...its only a dream...crab mentality still exist and thats a fact.
I posted more than 100 treasure sites...and exposed myself to the scrutiny of skeptics...including the monitoring intel community and bad guys (i'm the only one who exposed my name .tel and adress in treasure forum)....WHAT I GET ...IS RIDICULE AND CRITICISM....
I posted to unite and organized treasure hunters...WHO BOTHER TO JOIN MY APPEAL...3 people? ...you didn't even bother to email me or join...
"The SUGO" to unite us all....is not yet been born....
it may take a few more hundred years....of waiting...the way christian waited Jesus...
Kaya pareho2 tayo ngayon manigas sa hirap....pagalingan na lang at kanya2 ng sarili diskarte sa treasure...

2 Jan 2006 @ 02:56 by paul @ : Need financiers for 7 days operation
The site was formerly a Japanese military camp and located in business area within Quezon City. Scanned several times with different model of high tech scanners and the result was 100% positive. The target is 18 tons buried only in 15 to 20 feet within the man made tunnel. We need financier to do a mechanical operation to unearth the said deposits which will last only for 7 days. Before the operation, interested financier will bring their own scanners for them to prove that the area is positive. If the financiers are satisfied with the results of their scanners, that the time we have to sit down to discuss our terms and conditions and plan on how to operate. Interested? Call me at 0915-347-7990 or email me at paulyao05@yahoo.com I will show you the print out result of Sub-surface Interface Radar (S.I.R # 2, # 10 models). We can operate right away if you are willing to finance before month of may 2006.  

2 Jan 2006 @ 05:36 by ed @ : gold lily
I think you have your facts wrong. In the 70's and 80's? If I was part of Lolo Ferdie's inner circle i would have been like 5 to 7 years old then! Im a lot younger than you ho  

2 Jan 2006 @ 05:38 by Gboy @ : Confirmedsite? Why wait for financier?
To Paul,
You said you have a 100% confirmed shallow site at 15 to 20 feet only?
Why wait for financier...whereas...YOU CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN AT THAT SHALLOW DEPTH...akala ko ba sureball na yan....bakit di mo pagtiyagaan, kahit 1 foot a day of shoveling...after 20 days naka 18 feet deep ka na...tiyak may 18 tons ka na...
Ang tunay na treasure hunter....kahit abutin paghukay ng isang taon...pag sureball nandyan ng 18 tons...kaya2 yaaaaaannn...
Ang nagpapafinace ay yong di pa sureball ang exact depth at location at kaya nagpapafinace kasi wala pang gastos pang pa scan....
Kaya mukhang di kapanipaniwala...kasi 15-20 feet na lang at 100% confirmed ng scanner ang 18 tons at ipapafinance nyo pa? kung sureball yaaaan...matagal nyo na dapat pinagtyagaan yan hukayin...napakababaw lang....kaya kadudaduda yan... kalokohan lang yan....
Ang tunay na treasure hunter....di na pinatatagal yan, sureball na mababaw di ba? pero kung lokohan lang...talaga malabo yan...  

2 Jan 2006 @ 05:47 by ed @ : me
for everyone's info I am not a treasure hunter, I do not have 'projects', I do not require financing. No way. I'm just an ordinary antique dealer and amateur history buff.  

2 Jan 2006 @ 06:28 by Financier @ : Paul
Pls send me a print out result of your area, we are very much interested to spend if your area is positive. At last, we can get a true target if your area is positive.It was a long time, we waited a person like you to post with docs for us (financier)to believe allegations. We know, even you got already to the right target but if you dont have enough money to unearth precious metals, you will not succeed. Pls check your email now for you to get our complete email address and our mm address thanks and more power to you.  

2 Jan 2006 @ 06:56 by Joy @ : Gboy
Tama lang si paul na kumuha ng financier. Kahit gaano ka babaw ang area kung di naman nila alam kung ano ang gagawin, kailangan talaga nila financier. Sa tingin ko walang lokohan kasi hamon nya sa financier bago labas ang pera scan muna ang area hanggang mapatunayan ang area na positive. Sa tingin ko po napakaganda mag convince sya ng financier kasi proven na nila ang area. Di katulad sa iba puro kwento at wala naman maipakita na positive ang area. To paul, nawa makuha na po ninyo at sa financier tingnan po ninyo kung may basehan ang allegation ni paul. thanks  

2 Jan 2006 @ 07:40 by ed @ : joy
I have to agree with gboy

If it were a confirmed site, I would hide it, not talk about it. I would try to recover it myself and not inform people about it at all. If you had the money to spend on a ground penetrating radar and the intelligence to use it then surely you must be able to recover something that is only 18 ft deep.

Isn't what I stated above the 'logical' outlook one takes when encountering a site? If i can't get it with all the resources at my disposal...then I sure the hell won't let anybody else get a crack at it just for money right?  

2 Jan 2006 @ 14:20 by mokong @ : treasure sign?
mga magigiting na treasure hunter, ano po ba ibig sabihin nito, kmi po ay nagtreasure hunting din, naghukay ng mga 6.5 m sa lugar namin pero tubig na, bigla naging kulay berde ang tubig at makati, sa gilid ng nahukay na may tubig ay malamig pero sa gitna ay mainit ng matapakan.Ano ibig sabihin nito mga igan?  

3 Jan 2006 @ 00:28 by ulupong @ : paul yao
Paul, tarantado ka, matagal na kayo may usapan ni Redpajero bakit ngayon eto kana naman hayop ka, umalis ka na d2 panggulo ka lang..Baka naman agaw armas ka lang, naghihintay ng may gamit na maaagaw, ungas, gago ka talaga, ulul.  

3 Jan 2006 @ 00:33 by ulupong @ : paul/redpajero/joy
Isang tao lang kayo ano, parepareho lang style mo.. Ungas gago ...  

3 Jan 2006 @ 02:50 by justpassin @ : thread review
its a good thing na all we say here are preserved ,,, that way makikita natin yung mga consistent at inconsistent na personalidad...mga nambobola at mga makakalimutin... mga transaktador na peke ,, mga sinungaling at trying hard... mga sinsero at tunay,, mga sindikato at scammers nandyan po lahat bashin nyo lang u  

3 Jan 2006 @ 06:24 by Peter Piper @ : Looking for Financier
Akoy 23 taong gulang na nabibighani sa mga kayamanan at kung paano ito gagamitin upang makatulong sa ating mga kababayan. Mayroon akong tito na naghahanap ng financier, ang site ay sa bandang Antipolo. Umabot ng 20-30 Ft tapos ay may tinamaang bunker. Napakatigas! Kung sino gusto mag finance para dito, okay lang. maganda ang hatian. basta gagamitan ng backhoe. reply lang mga bro.  

3 Jan 2006 @ 06:30 by Gboy @ : Confirmed treasure site?
walang personalan ...only treasure criticism lang...

To Paul,
I'm just wandering at that shallow 15-20 feet CONFIRMED DEPTH may 18 tons ka na worth a few billion pesos...ANG TANONG...BAKIT DI NYO PA HUKAYIN YAN? baka naman di pa sureball kaya hnaghahanap ka pa financier?
Just imagine....tell your jobless neighbor...you dig 20 feet and I will give you 20 thousand pesos...SEGURADO TAMBAK ANG MGA TAMBAY MAGHUHUKAY SA BUTAS MO...FOR ONLY 20 THOUSAND PESOS PRIZE....
Ano pa kaya pag sinabi mo BILYONES ANG GINTO NAKABAON DYAN? baka 1 oras lang yan...naka 20 feet na...o partida kahit kamay lang gamit paghukay dyan pag sureball, huhukayin yan...
Ang nagpapafinance...ay yong walang pang renta sa scanner or masyado malalim ang site.  

3 Jan 2006 @ 07:37 by Rudy @ : Project in Quezon CityPaul Yao and FM
I have read both of your posting and at least three times the both of you used the same URLs, either you Paul and FM is one person or you share the same
location and know each other but I.d say the former is true. You nand FM collaborate each others posting and to be more specific, you Paul witnessed the BIG TILAPIA recovery of FM and FM was going to fix everything in the site in QC, Building permits and all for a front, or did you guys forget, I did'nt, do you think we're fools, give us some credit, Look back in your postings. As far as some of us is concerned, for both of you, your credibility is sucks, thats the strongest word I can muster and I am being nice. A word of advice, if there is a next time, do not ever use the same URLs.  

3 Jan 2006 @ 08:25 by ed @ : everyone
ok, seriously, how many of you people here have been under the tunnel complexes in Metro Manila? There is still plenty of loot left around here. Do not be afraid to share your experiences.

I have entered the tunnel from the former AFP museum in Fort Bonifacio, I walked underneath McKinley and the corridor leading to NAIA but I did not reach the end of it. I also walked the part that goes under the Pasig river with a small staircase that leads to a private residence in Mandaluyong. They are all interconnected --- intramuros, pier 15, fort bonifacio. Anyone else out there who has entered some other way?  

4 Jan 2006 @ 15:32 by justpassin @ : tunnel complexes
lucky you ed... no we havent been in them (hope you didnt find squatter communities in them hehehe)but we know they exist... some are pre war ,most from ww2. manila was burnt to the ground ,,,so they have to be vast some interconnected some independent ive heard,,, interesting! so whats inside? old stuff? any? cleaned out ? any war materiel? its the same in baguio a tunnel leads out to my friends garage! calculating possibilities ill bet on baguio for loot...there could be in manila too ... if they were mapped ...maybe a scanner would be handy there ...not mds too much metallic trash they are just too vast....ive heard  

5 Jan 2006 @ 01:02 by goldlilly @ : Treasure hunters meet to discuss tactics
Gboys recent appeal for treasure hunters to form a united group may have met with little interest ... but the Malachanang crew saw the potential ...

Courtesy of Philstar ...

FVR reportedly quashed speculation yesterday that he was severing ties with President Arroyo.

"That will never happen," he reportedly said when asked if he would join the opposition.

He also reportedly downplayed his meeting with Drilon and Sotto, saying, "I meet with many people."

Rumors of a falling out between Ramos and Mrs. Arroyo were further fueled yesterday by reports of a planned meeting between Ramos and two other former presidents, estranged Arroyo ally Corazon Aquino and Arroyo nemesis Joseph Estrada.  

5 Jan 2006 @ 02:14 by justpassin @ : the real t hunters!
makes sense goldlily hehehehe i hope they agree on something for the benefit of dear juan delacruz!  

5 Jan 2006 @ 03:22 by ed @ : justpassin, paul yao and everyone
If the paul yao site is in fact in a tunnel in quezon city as he stated, he actually does not need to dig it up, those tunnels are interconnected. They are not blocked or caved in as others would tell you -- snakes and rats maybe but they are free and clear. What mr. yao needs to do is go to the nearest wartime church, hospital or school...look for an entrance there and work your way back to your site underground. --- No digging, nobody to see you, just figure out how to neutralize the bomb.

THAT is my hot tip for today  

5 Jan 2006 @ 03:40 by Gboy @ : Our site have been recovered?
Nagkaletse2 na....sabi ni Boy nabawasan na naman ang napost ko treasure site...pero di bale...aabutin sila ng sampu2 (siyam2) ..bago nila maubos lahat yong treasure site ko....kung mabawasan ng isa treasure site...lima site ang idadagdag ko...pero wala rin...wala pa rin budget...  

5 Jan 2006 @ 04:24 by Donnal @ : Nextel i930 for sale 110.00usd
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6 Jan 2006 @ 00:51 by ed @ : cliff
sabi naman kasi sayo gumamit ka nang boots e. ayan tuloy! happy new year pare, magmeditate ka na lang muna hahaha  

6 Jan 2006 @ 02:16 by Gboy @ : Sierra accident
Thats the problem with our team, good sites but with low budget even for basics needs. We should wear adidas with water strainer/holes P5,000(for river crossing)...but we can't afford it bcoz nobody help us financially, so....we have no choice but to wear sandals or ordinary slippery shoes....cliffhanger ay halos mapaihi siya sa sakit ng sugat nya sa may sakong, buti magaling maglagay dahon2 ang dumagat....but its just a minor sacrifice...once we hit the treasure trove....filipino will never be the same again....hopefully soon.  

6 Jan 2006 @ 06:13 by Rudy @ : MECO
Cliffhanger, you stated ," Pinadala ko na sa MECO yun mga photages(Whatever that means) for Photo Scanning,pag may laman tiyak e operate nila" your words, quote, unquote. If the MECO that I know that is supposed to issue permits or licensing for Treasure Hunting is supporting you, why is your partner Gboy always asking for a financier or assistance, that is my question. Go ahead, erase my doubts. You're welcome to comment on this issue Gboy, since you and Cliffhanger are partners. Do you guys work for MECO?  

6 Jan 2006 @ 06:51 by ed @ : guys
guys is it true that santaromana is buried in cabanatuan city?  

6 Jan 2006 @ 09:22 by moondrops @ : Ed, Gboy
Ed, yung original map na hinahanap mo meron yata copya si Brian. yung msg ko sayo sa friendster alam pala ni brian yun tungkol dun sa japanese general at yun map nya na kasinlaki ng lamesa nandun din un map ng T-8.

Gboy, interesado kame sa mga Treasure cave nyo yung hindi na kailangang hukayin one of this days contakin kita for a meeting.

Sa may pasay at bwendia meron dun Tunnel ang entrance nasa isang compound Lapit sa may manila sanitaryum. sa marikina meron din mga tunnel ^___^  

6 Jan 2006 @ 12:51 by Cliffhanger @ : WE ARE NOT YET WORKING 4 MECO
TO RUDY;wE ARE NOT YET WORKING FOR MECO,Someone suggest to me to send some photages to them so i send,we had send,give some copies of our files to some people interested in our sites from Mindanao,Visayas,to Luzon ever since and some had made money out of it like those so called American financier but never finance us,pero okey lang sa amin bakit akala nila HINDI SILA MA BAD KARMA ilan na sa kanila ang tinamaan ng sumpa or Curse ng Treasure,yung isa nasabugan ng bomba sa amin sa Davao putol ang mga paa sa Cebuano pa GABA Ra!Hindi kami swapang ni Gboy at ang iba namin kasama,sini share namin sa kanila ang mga alam namin kasi baka sila ang swertehin baka maisipan nila kaming baratuhan at yan ang bilin sa akin ng father ko wag maging swapang sa mga treasure na binilin nya sa akin.Okey lang sa akin kung di nila ako bigyan I have more than 500 sites naman hindi to para lang sa akin o sa atin para ito sa lahat at sa kay GOD ito o sa kay BABA.Kung mag finance ang MECO the better kung hindi okey lang di lang naman sila ang financier,dito sa Davao maraming din financier pero masyado ako ma pili aywa ko ng financier na swapang,o mgas taong hinahaloang ang treasure hunting ng pambabae,inum,sugal etc.ang pag treasure hunting kasi para sa akin a parang Spiritual journey kailangan malinis ang kalooban mo o isip,kaya MARAMING PALPAK NA MGA NAg treasure dahil hindi pa nakakuha kung ano ano ng di magandang inisip at di pa nga nagumpisa di na magkasundo sa hatian. Kaya ako mas gusto ko pang kasama ang mga Native o Katutubo tulad ng mga kasama ko doon sa Aurora,at Isabela simple lang sila at wala sa isip nila yung mga hatian,pero ako dahil mission namin sa Ananda Marga Yoga magsilbi sa sangkatauhan doon namim gagamitin ang mga proceeds na makuha namin sa mga treasure o ginto na marecover, at ito at tuparin namin dahil ayaw namin magkaroon ng BAD KARMA. To Rudy 20plus sites lang naman ang pinadala ko sa MECO meeron pa kami mga almost 480 plus sites at halos lingolingo nadagdagan pa tulad nitong bagong info na natangap ko dito sa Compostela Valley yung Japanese gold Mining tunnel noon mga 30's na nakarehas ang entrance,o gate at tinalian ng malaking kadena at more than one foot square na kandado o PaDLOCK baka eto yung tinatago ng lolo ko 350mt ng ginto na hinahanap ng mga treasure hunter galing Manila bka next week e explore ko eto kunan ng video photages. By the Way si GBOY yung pinadala nyang photages sa MECO ay ni negative daw ang result so hindi sila nag finance pero ako miron akong Japanese na nagassist sa akin sa mga lakad ko sa Sierra Madre pero di big time na financier yung budget nya pang exploration ko lang pero pag na approved yung loan nya sa Japan mag operate na kami ng mga site namin ni GBOY,yung mga project namin first come first serve kung sino mauna magbigay ng funding yun ang e entartain namin o bigyan priority o e accomodate at pwede kami mag double,triple or sabay sabay na operation kasi marami naman kaming mga kasama na mag oversee sa mga operation. example si GBOY pwede nya e oversee ang Billionaires Mountain,ako sa SKull Cache,Yung isa namin ksama sa Cage Statue,yung isa sa HEadless Statue,etc.etc.pero kung maari ayaw namin magsabay sabay pero kung marami ang mag finance e di pagsabayin na lang.I hope I have answered your question please feel free to us and thanz.Goodluck!  

6 Jan 2006 @ 15:26 by bulawan @ : Gboy
Happy New Year tsoy! na kuha mo ba mga e-mail ko sayo?if Possible give me contact no.mayda ko ipikiana ha imo.salamat  

7 Jan 2006 @ 01:23 by justpassin @ : D N D W N N
D N D W N N (go figure)  

7 Jan 2006 @ 04:53 by Gboy @ : Our treasure sites....
Dre, hinay2 lang and take it easy,binibisto mo naman masyado mga sites natin 100+ nga lang ipinost ko dito eh, binisto mo lahat ang 500+ treasure sites natin.... secret/savings na sana natin ang 400 sites...pero okey lang.
For others, who are wandering why we have lots of treasure sites....simple lang, thru these years we have a lot of treasure hunter friends all over the Philippines...they share to us their treasure sites...ayon napadami tuloy...and everytime we explore... additional 5 treasure sites leads is given...ganun lang kasimple.
Now its our team job to look/isolate for the best/easiest treasure sites among these several hundred sites....para malaman mo kung totoo yan...PUNTAHAN MO...KAYA LANG WALA KAMI AREPS...he, he,he... kaya hanap financier pa rin.
By the way....don't blame cliffhanger...he is eager to recover treasure...simply bcoz...nakapasok na yan sa treasure cave ng mga mindanao native in late 1980's as agent for buy/sell....kaya GIGIL siya makahanap ng sarili namin treasure cave....alam namin....MALAPIT NA YAAAAAAAAN...kung sino man sa inyo gusto sumama...mag ipon2 na kayo areps kasi summer na...its treasure hunting season...our projects is first come first serve basis...

I did submit some treasurer sites pictures to MECO for atomic scan, kaya lang di pumasa, pero may residue ng diamond at ginto pero di masyado...maybe the picture was not at the right angle they require...

Its true we have several open treasure caves sites...matagal na yan sinasabi ng mga dumagat...pinapahakot na nga sa amin eh....kaya lang wala tayo magawa eh, wala pera pang gastos papunta dun sa area....ang tagal2 ko na nagpopost dito at sa iba pa treasure forum, wala naman naniniwala (maybe iba treasure hunter/ financier...die hard masyado sa hukayan)....kaya sarili kami kayod ni cliffhanger...  

7 Jan 2006 @ 12:34 by mokong @ : galing ni kamote
galing mo kamote, kaya ka cguro napangalanan kamote dahil sa galing mo. ngaun lng ako naka basa comment na ganyan. san planeta ka ba galing. sana dumami pa lahi mo. para marami makain. d ka puede mag analyze, pangkain ka lng. paturo ka muna sa tatay mo.  

7 Jan 2006 @ 23:37 by Humbug @ : HUMBUG KA 500%
You boast of so maraming mga sites (500?) and you haven't have one fine? Are you a little bit HUMBUG? A treasure hunter's success is not how many his sites are but what he has found. SO PLEASE... no matter kong si Presidente Arroyo pa ang yong patner or si Speaker Jose De Venecia o si Chavit Singson kung wala kang nakukuha, eh, that makes you a HUMBUG... Keep that in mind!  

8 Jan 2006 @ 09:16 by Gboy @ : Humbug
Ano ba problema mo? Bakit nanginginig ka sa inggit sa 500 sites namin? Ungasis ka pala eh...pinaghirapan namin makita at mailista yan. And for your information...di kami may ari ng mga treasure sites na yan, pinalista yan sa mga treasure hunter friend namin thru these years, gusto nila isama sa listahan namin mga sites nila, baka sakali makakita ng funder.
ANG TANONG? ANO ANG PROBLEMA MO BAKIT KA NANGINGINIG SA INGGIT? Dahil wala ka treasure sites? ganuuunnnnn???

PADRAMA DRAMA KA PA KUNWARI ...LETS UNITE FILIPINOS FOR OUR TREASURE (see..the printer...post)....Gusto mo mag unite ang pilipino pero No. 1 ka pala ingitero ?

Ang pagkakaroon ng marami sites....di kayabangan yan....pianghihirapan yan at matinding pakikisama sa kapwa treasure hunters. Kung konti lang sites mo... PROBLEMA MO NA YAN.

Sino nagsabi sayo wala kami nakuha?...hoy ungasis...pagtiyagaan mo basahin maigi ang mga post ko dito, spindle at treasurenet...
1)Ang treasure during Marcos time nakuha ng old folks namin...NANDUN SA PCGG worth $400M.....(budz)
2)Concrete vault in Aurora na hinila namin ...nakumpiska sa casiguran 2 tons yon (Sept 2000)....(gboy)
3) Ung 64 pcs(12 kg) na inambus sa benget mines... 5 dead...(Aug. 2003), kasama namin nagturo sa treasure sites na yon...minalas lang...marami talaga hold upper.... (budz)
4) Blindfolded and herded into treasure cave ...late 1980's...(cliffhanger)

(kaya di mo kami masasabi na bokya pa sa treasure...)... nagkatreasure... nakumpiska/inaambus nga lang...HE,HE,HE....elib?
Ganyan talaga ang buhay sa treasure...di pa oras natin yumaman...

Ikaw nakahits ka na ba,kahit sa panaginip lang?...tsk,tsk,tsk...palagay ko bumalaaaaabs !  

8 Jan 2006 @ 10:14 by Gboy @ : Bad news/Good news : latest update

To Cliffhanger,

BAD NEWS....According to teburshock today....
1)SECRET OF DALIRIG was recovered by construction company from cagayan De oro.
2)SECRET OF SILAE was recovered by korean religious group...
3)SECRET OF PANGANTUCAN...A Korean construction company is already near the area... NAGKALETSE2 NAAAAA....


Dre, anyway nandyan ka na sa Davao....pakimonotor nga sa mga asset, ang mga latest update sa mga sites natin dyan....mukhang unti2 nauubos, di natin namamalayan....tsk.tsk,tsk....pero di bale....marami pa tayo sites...ibalato na lang sa kanila yon....  

8 Jan 2006 @ 11:40 by Hambug @ : HAMBUG PA RIN
Well, what do you know? Nakakuha na kayo? Saan ang nakuha nyo? Naambush? Same old story I hear 10,000 years ago. I still have to hear a more reliable story. Pre, yong bago... Parang plakang nasisira na. Lumang tugtugin na yan. But still the same... HUMBUG pa rin...  

9 Jan 2006 @ 02:10 by ed @ : hambug and gboy
ganito yan. hindi yan 500 a lot of those are fake. the americans say its 175 -- these are the ones confirmed and real. In fact Marcos got to 38 of them or 36 depending on how you count some sites. The source of these maps for the 175 is one person lang, he failed to get the remainder...there is a total of 319. The others are either fake or are very small stashes for personal use.

Gboy, do not worry, it is almost impossible that they got everything. In fact, you can now go to those recovered sites and find the main caches, if you actually believe them to be true. :)  

9 Jan 2006 @ 03:50 by Gboy @ : Number of Treasure sites at si ingitero
Actually NOBODY knows the exact number of treasure sites...even the Emperor doesn't know the exact number. The 175 (319 ?) big volume treasure sites of Balmori are his own kowledge/maps...There are several big volume sites that we ARE NOT SURE if it was included in 175 sites.
EX: Gen Murakami treasure ...lolo mismo ni cliffhanger yan at nakabaon ng 200 feet tunnel (54 truckloads)...ang tanong kasama ba yan sa 175 big volume sites?
Panu na ang mga 21 big volume treasure maps namin...ang tingin namin malalaki ang laman dahil nakasdescribe ang contents...kasama ba yan sa 175 or 319(?) treasure sites/maps ni Balmori? Hinde...mapa namin to eh...ni minsan di nahawakan ni Balmori to...o ung prinsipe ng Japs.
Lalo na yong maliit na treasures binaon ng mga ordinary foot soldiers...still it is considered a treasure...and there are several hundred treasure sites of them, kaya yong 500 suspected sites namin...ay posible yan... Panu natin maconfirm kung may laman lahat yan...TANUNGIN NATIN ANG JAPS NAGBAON NYAN...palagay ko alam nila...

Pasensiya ka kung MASAPAWAN AT DI MAPANSIN ang site mo dahil sa marami sites namin....
Kung sa palagay mo hambog kami kasi marami kami sites...PAYAG KAMI DYAN...mas maganda na yon kaysa sa wala o nag iisa site ng katulad mo.
Reklamo ng reklamo ka, angas ng angas...wala ka naman alam sa treasure hunting MAGPOST KA NG TREASURE STORY/SITES MO DITO...PARA MASCRUTINIZE NG BUONG MUNDO... tingnan natin ang galing mo...O BAKA SA NGAK-NGAK KA LANG MAGALING...  

9 Jan 2006 @ 05:17 by Newbie @ : gold bars
for sell:
gold bars, 6.5 kgs, 12kgs, all marked with Cambodia on top.
Interested parties just find me somewhere else. If you're lucky then you will got rich .  

9 Jan 2006 @ 05:51 by Gboy @ : Treasure confiscation and ambuscade
Nagtataka ako kung bakit si "Hambug" ay nagugulat sa treasure confiscation and ambuscade in treasure hunting....hoy gisssssing !
Bakit ano ba sa akala mo treasure hunting? pagnaghukay ka...nakakuha treasure... feeling mo...live happily ever after ka na? Ungas....nag uumpisa pa lang ang isa libong mong problema....
Pag hawak mo GINTO...death, betrayal, confiscation....is your next problem...AND YOU CANNOT PREVENT ABOUT IT (YOU CAN ONLY DELAY) ....BCOZ ITS THE "RISKY" PART OF TREASURE HUNTING....
Kung di mo pa ALAM O nadadaanan ganyan klase sitwasyon....BAGETS AT IGNORANTE KA PA NGA sa treasure hunting...at wala ka pa K humusga...ok?  

9 Jan 2006 @ 05:52 by mrcarlo @ : SINDIKATO
6 Oct 2005 @ 12:03 by fm @ : Paul Yao
8 Nov 2005 @ 03:57 by Lito @ : FM
17 Nov 2005 @ 05:22 by Shierly Perez @ : Yamashita and others
21 Nov 2005 @ 08:20 by Manny R. Sta. Cruz @ : Yamashita Challenge
24 Nov 2005 @ 03:25 by ROBERT P. @ : ED, FM, JOSE RIZAL & ALL TH
2 Jan 2006 @ 02:56 by paul @ : Need financiers for 7 days operation

19 Sep 2005 @ 12:20 by paul @ : Royal
19 Sep 2005 @ 12:28 by fm @ : Ed

27 Jan 2005 @ 05:12 by ogie guzman @ : yamashita treasure
25 Oct 2005 @ 07:57 by fm @ : all TH

16 Sep 2005 @ 12:28 by fm @ : ed
16 Sep 2005 @ 12:33 by paulyao @ : need financier

Ingat tayo sa mga taong ito.
Si FM, Paul Yao, Lito Cedeño, Shirly Perez, Manny R. Sta. Cruz, Robert P. & Ogie Guzman ay parang iisang tao.
Naghahanap ng Financiers si Paul Yao pero yung IP nya minsan gamit ni FM sa ibang date na nagsabi sa kanya na dapat wag magpakabit ng DSL para makaiwas sa Flying Squad. Shierly Perez secretary ni FM & Manny R. Sta. Cruz best business partner ni FM, si Robert P. kunwari na para din kay FM ang comments nya sa mga messages ni YAMASITA pero same IP nya as FM. Si Ogie Guzman nagtanong kung paano kalabanin ang mga spirits sa sites same IP gamit nila ni FM di ba dapat alam nya yun kung paano gamitan ng Medium. Si Robert P nagtatanong kina Ed, moondrops, brian kung positive ang area nya, diba dapat alam nya yun dahil si Paul my scanner na worth 3.5M pati si FM laging may dalang scanner na pareho din ng IP nya. Si Lito Cedeño nagpapafinance kay FM pero same IP pa din sila, secretary pa daw ang nagbigay nitong forum pero kung si Shierly Perez yun bakit pareho IP nila.  

9 Jan 2006 @ 05:57 by mrcarlo @ : buyer of commodities
Sana may marecomend kayong AU, Palladium buyer na tested and trusted nyo na dahil sa dami naming naitransact wala na kaming magastos dahil 100% walang magkabilihan dahil hindi magkasundo ang buyer/seller sa mga procedures, okey lagi sa napagkasunduan ngayun tapos bukas iba na ang hinihingi, sa huli gagawa sila ng istorya na wala kaming mailabas.
We are also looking for redeemer of GBC, FRN, ABL, Wells Fargo, Peruvian, Iraqi Dinar (Langis ang back-up) at marami pa kaming contact na holders ng halos lahat ng commodities. Ang habol talaga ng mga redeemer dito ay ang tonetoneladang gold back-up kaya yung iba nagtataka kasi demonetize na bakit nga naman maybibili, alam ko sa mga pakawalang CIAs naghahanap yan tapos bibili ng partial para masira na ang sets dahil maging mas mayaman pa ang Pinas keysa sa US pag na redeem na lahat ito kaya yun din ang iniingatan namin. Yung JAPNOTES walang back-up na AU pero binibili ng Emperor ng Japan para ibenta din nila sa mga Hapon na namatayan imbes na Yen ang ialay nila, may grupo dito nagkabilihan nyan noon pero meron nagahaman kaya sinolo ang pera na umabot sa mahigit P250M + ang commission natangay. Sa tingin ko ang redeemer kasi ng mga ito ay Marcos din, parang puzzle na hindi nya ibinigay sa iisang tao lamang para hindi nga naman masolo ng pagbibigyan nya ang pera kaya maraming signatories na pagdadaanan, kaya kung magkakabilihan ang mga back-up na AU nito ay gagamitin sa mga projects dapat noon ni F Marcos para maiangat na ang Pinas.  

9 Jan 2006 @ 06:02 by mrcarlo @ : looking for buyer of commodities
Sana may marecomend kayong AU, Palladium buyer na tested and trusted nyo na dahil sa dami naming naitransact wala na kaming magastos dahil 100% walang magkabilihan dahil hindi magkasundo ang buyer/seller sa mga procedures, okey lagi sa napagkasunduan ngayun tapos bukas iba na ang hinihingi, sa huli gagawa sila ng istorya na wala kaming mailabas.
We are also looking for redeemer of GBC, FRN, ABL, Wells Fargo, Peruvian, Iraqi Dinar (Langis ang back-up) at marami pa kaming contact na holders ng halos lahat ng commodities. Ang habol talaga ng mga redeemer dito ay ang tonetoneladang gold back-up kaya yung iba nagtataka kasi demonetize na bakit nga naman maybibili, alam ko sa mga pakawalang CIAs naghahanap yan tapos bibili ng partial para masira na ang sets dahil maging mas mayaman pa ang Pinas keysa sa US pag na redeem na lahat ito kaya yun din ang iniingatan namin. Yung JAPNOTES walang back-up na AU pero binibili ng Emperor ng Japan para ibenta din nila sa mga Hapon na namatayan imbes na Yen ang ialay nila, may grupo dito nagkabilihan nyan noon pero meron nagahaman kaya sinolo ang pera na umabot sa mahigit P250M + ang commission natangay. Sa tingin ko ang redeemer kasi ng mga ito ay Marcos din, parang puzzle na hindi nya ibinigay sa iisang tao lamang para hindi nga naman masolo ng pagbibigyan nya ang pera kaya maraming signatories na pagdadaanan, kaya kung magkakabilihan ang mga back-up na AU nito ay gagamitin sa mga projects dapat noon ni F Marcos para maiangat na ang Pinas.  

9 Jan 2006 @ 06:12 by ric @ : the hidden treausre
To all treausre hunters, i got a reasearched for many years about the markings the signs & symbols and study how the japanese made thier traps to thier hidden treasures, throught hardly researched i want to share my books but i have to print it for your copies and reference, but there is no free since this is a publication book which i expense it in my own pocket. I will let you know if i publish this book. thank you my cell # 011639182297397  

9 Jan 2006 @ 13:44 by emily homma @ : Sta Maria Treasure Maps inNorthernLuzon?
I'm looking for treasure maps for sites in Northern Luzon, boundary of Pangasinan, particularly titled Sta Maria treasure maps. My grandfather himself saw how the Jap WWII soldiers buried them in 2 sites but one of the sites is not ours anymore. Our hill is believed to have tunnels underneath used as mini hospital in WWII so most likely really has lots of the gold bars another old man claims really massive deposit. If anybody is interested especially expert diggers and those who have previous experience finding one, please contact me right away at emilyhomma@yahoo.com

I'm married to a Japanese but he has no knowledge of wars and treasure though he could be one of Gen. Homma's kins. Anyway, contact me soon if you have some ideas how to save those treasures. My uncle and my brother know the secret landmarks now that grandpa has died, but we need people who have the expertise and funds to start operations. This blog has lots of messages that it would take me ages to read all. Right people and reliable God-fearing ones only please. Emily  

10 Jan 2006 @ 01:35 by justpassin @ : commodities?
2 types, legal and illegal....(otherwise outrageous!)if they are legal any large and established international bank may entertain, listen, verify and perhaps transact..,illegal (local or even foreign manufactured certificates etc)designed to decieve ,feed on the greed....target the innocent...billions of $$$ worth of WFcertifcates floating around,,,,abls, yds, australis....a warehouse full of japnotes, etc ...personalities meet from smoky rooms to international hotels ..,to the barrios far flung... the figures are staggering, billions even trillions outrageous...but you have a new weapon to verify ,the internet!and i wouldnt be surprised if you find out most of these arent real....(if any at all)no offense meant  

10 Jan 2006 @ 04:17 by Gboy @ : Useless Transaction....
As I have been telling you all along....these paper notes transactions (GBC,Yd,Australis,jap notes,frn,abl and etc)....useless transaction yaaaan, pnapagod lang kayo nyan....
TAMA KAYO.... may foreign redeemer/buyer DAW? (usually japanese/americans/ europeans) who spend a lot of money in hotels,giving mobilization funds to look for these items....BUT THE TRUTH IS....these people are VICTIMS THEMSELVES... kasi po akala din nila KAYA2 NILA MAWITRHDRAW ANG BACK UP NA GINTO SA MGA BANGKO, DAHIL YON DAW ANG SABI NG MGA BANGKERO NILA ....pero hindi nila kaya mawithdraw ang bilyones na yan. Kasi di papayag ang CIA ....ok?
Marami na ako nakilala na FOREIGNERS na redeemer/buyer daw...ang NAPORDOY, kasi feeling nila kaya nila ang sindikato ng mga international banks...pero feeling lang....
Kaya ang mga ahente...nababaliw at natataranta sa mga transaksyon na to...kasi alam nila may buyer/redeemer at kitang kita nila na GUMAGASTOS talaga sa mga hotel....pero di nila alam itong mga buyer at redeemeer daw...ay BIKTIMA din.....
Kaya ...if your dreaming these transaction will push through...it will remain a dream....
Panu ko alam yan....yong kakilala ko "big time agents" dala2 mga papeles na yan...umikot na sa mundo ng sampu beses para matransak yan, pumasok na mismo sa loob na Federal Reserve Bank, UBS,other Swiss at European banks (muntik-muntikan makulong).... kumita siya sa PERA NG FINANCIER/buyer or redeemer daw...(ito yong inaakala/nababalitaan nyo kumita sa transaksyon...pero pera pala ng financier) ....PERO ANG TOTOO TRANSAKSYON SA MGA DE PAPELES NA YAN....WALA MANGYAYARI...ok? intiendes?
Kaya kong pipitsugin ahente ka lang...wala mangyayari...yong big time agents nga with millions dollars budget and decades of international transaction experience ...WALA NANGYAYARI....ikaw pa?
Ung PCGG (reperesentative na yan ng PILIPINAS) nga di nila kaya european/ american banks...ikaw pa...na pipitsugin ahente lang?

THE BEST WAY....GET OUR OWN TREASURE....BCOZ...GOLD ...IS UNDENIABLE...di nila kaya balewalain o palabasin peke yong nakuha mo mismo....  

10 Jan 2006 @ 08:36 by boylara @ : gusto nyo paper notes
madaming negotiator, buyer, dreamer, dyan sa may Edsa Centra, Farmers, Shangrila, Starmall, saan sila hanapin, sa Edsa Centermall dun sa may food court, sa Stramall dun sa may pababaan ng MRT sa kainan, sa Farmers, sa Food Court pati Shangrila, kung may nkikita kang mga matatanda o medyo di pa gurang na nagkaupo at may kausap sila na yan, sila na nga nagbubukas at nagsasara ng mga mall...karamihan sila trustee kuno ni Marcos..tumanda na sila sa kauupo sa mga mall..ay naku mga pinoy talaga, ilan pa sa kanila mga dating Col., kuno o general..ay naku pinoy talaga..d best talaga ginto na lang  

10 Jan 2006 @ 09:07 by Cliffhanger @ : 500 sites not only maybe 5,000 sites
Noon nag nagsama kami ni insan Oscar Apo ni Capt. ODA didto sa Davao ang sabi ng lolo nya sya mismo at ang kanyang troops buried more 100 plus warbooties or treasure from one box,5 boxes,3 drums mini and big within the vicinities of Manumbulan,Mulig,Bangkas,Tugbok,Barakayo,Calinan,etc. of Davao City,.The Japanese Engineering Brigade under Gen. YURUSAWA who supervised the burying of Warbooties within or from km.71 to km.85 of Miral(now Bansalan)Davao del Sur more than 100 plus sites so this is alone more or less 200 sites,Gen. Sakurai of Bukidnon sector buried supervised the buriying od warbooties in a creek in Valencia Bukidnon in 80 plus different location, the Late Gen. told my friend you can retrived all the 79 sites or object but just leave the Blasted tunnel for him,in Silae along where the late General Olano recovered some treasure in 1977 where 300 plus carabaos,horses hauled those boxes from Malaybalay they cattered these boxes within the area in many pits,chambers,caves,vaults,hoe about those they buried within the different sits in Pulangi river like the famous Crocodile cave 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc.those that they hauled to San Fernando Bukidnon,like the famous Horse Cave etc.If you see the Map of Ge. Tungho of Bukidnon you would say it's unbelievable, so many treasure sites,The General Map of Cotabato or South Cotabato along almost 100 sites,how about the Treassure Maps of Misamis Provinces, Agusan Provinces, Surigao Provinces,Cebu Island,Gen. Taur Map along indicate 250 sites within Naga area along,How about the Treasure Maps of Negros Islands,Bohol Islands etc, di na isali ang mga treaqsure maps sa boung Luzon Island 175 sites? Di lang yun,let the map speaks for themselves,true their are fake maps,marami yun,pero as a researcher yan ang trabaho namin to verify,seek the truth,investigate,profile,para MALAMAN ANG TOTOO O PEKE AND WE had done this for the past several years because we are planning to published a book parza maging guide sa gusto magtreasure or makipagsugal sa ganitong uri ng libangan or hobby,or profession,hindi kami nakipag compete sa may mga alam sa treasure,kaya nga sini share namin ang mga info namin sa gustong magkaroon ng idea,knowledge about this matter,makipag tulungan sa gustong magpatulong,for myself as of now I will NOT consider myself a professional Treasure Hunter hangga't di ko na retrieved ang mga malalaking site like the Crown of Cambodia,The Seven General Treasure,Gen. Tanaka Treasure or Tamaso,Djakarta Tunnel or Harada Butai or Mazda Butai,Takahashi Butai,CamoFlage Submarine, Siwa Maru etc.etc.Hindi ako nakipagcompete sa listahan ng Golden Lily or kay the late Valmores sa dami ng Treasure Sites,di ko kasalanan e share sa akin ng ibang Japanese ang alam nilang mga treasure sites,di ko kasalanan napasa kamay ko ang mga Japanese Treasure Map,na bigay sa akin ng ibang mga Japanese national,tulad ng anak ni Japanese Navy Capt. KIMURA na resposible sa pagbaon,palubog ng mga Japanese Ships within Davao Gulf kasama ang Grandpa ko at sa Samal Island vicinity,di ko kasalanan masipag kami ng mga kasama ko mag research,magexplore,document ng mga suspected areas,Trabaho Lang mga tol,at salamat sa mga comments,salamat sa mga nagtiwala at humihingi ng advice o tulong,Dito sa Davao isa ako sa mga pinagkatiwalaan o hiningian ng mga opinion,advice tungkol sa mgas bagay na ito at walang bayad kung dinala nila ako sa mga sites nila di ako nanghihingi ng Consultation fee,kadalasan ako pa ang gumagastos para mapuntahan ang mga sites para ma proved and area kaya di makapagtataka marami akong nakukuha na mga informations magaling lang ako mag PR o makisama,yan ang kailangan natin.Hindi ako magyayabang na isa ako sa mga Consultant d2 sa Davao Pag Treasure na ang pinagusapan kasi madali akong lapitan at dati yun anak kung lalaki nA ASTRAL TRAVELLER,X'RAY EYES,MEDIUM,clairvouyant ang nilalapitan at ginagamit ng mga treasure hunter dito sa Davao para tingnan ang mga site nila kung talaga may nakabaon kayamanan o wala since 1990 hangang 2000 kaya maraming sites ang na comfirmed dahil sa kanya,tapos dinodble check ng mga detector,locator,at mga signs nakikita sa area.at e refer sa mga Treasure Map kung totoo findings nya.Tatlo ang confirm na ka hit pero kahit isang bara di nagbigay balato sa amin pero okey lang at least konsuelo namin o ng anak ko na totoo yun findings nya at accurate sya.Hope this comment gives some good inputs to those who are real treasure. Sa mga hindi naniniwala wala akong magawa hindi rin para eto sa inyo kung hindi para sa mga gustong magtreassure hunting o naghahunting ..Goodluck darating din ang Swerte ninyo,tiyaga lang yan ang sabi ng mga Japs at hwag umumpisa sa mga malalaking object sa maliit muna,sabi nga nila From small thing to Big things..Thanz!  

10 Jan 2006 @ 11:39 by emily homma @ : Gboy, Cliffhanger , any pangasinan map?
Your stories seem to be true as they match many of the "real stories " told by the friends or relatives of real diggers. I've also met and negotiated with a US veteran but so far their own projects have not turned out AU bars yet, either the holes are so deep or they have the wrong map,so funds for them are still badly needed. I can't wait for them to shift to our land as their next project, so if anybody has the equipment, something state-of-the-art unlike the natives of Baguio who've tried scratching the surface of our land with their traditional dowsing and, ...whatever. Their effort yielded just metal accessories. Photos were already taken, but the ionization count reveals much of the ground is hollow. What does that mean? Emptied? I can recall decades ago, it was bulldozed by the former owners. However, no report of AU recovered. That was the 1970's. But the biggest site AU dumping was witnessed by my own grandpa(RIP), sad thing is the land is still untouched but would soon be bulldozed too by the long time owners. Our own village is now a community of TH that all stores have drunkards talking about nothing but AU stuff. I believed in my grandpa most of all- TRUE that the WWII Japs really did stash a lot of loot and killed all soldiers who helped. Now if anyone has the money esp. Chinese/Filipino business gamblers, now is your chance to help out TH littlemen in their operations by buying sophisticated equipment abroad and let the TH like my brothers and friends here try their luck. As they've said, many are fake maps, so now I'm really pushing hubby to study "kungi" and kanji again to interpret those indecipherable signs. Well, I'm selling gold jewelry too in Japan, and other jeweler contacts are ready to buy marked gold "jewelry" not chunks or bars, sorry. One of the brothers of this big Japanese jeweler here is involved in many TH projects in Mindanao. Operations really are costly. But see how the family in Davao recently earned big wealth due to patience and wisdom. I'm contacting my Japanese translator to help out unlock those symbols.  

10 Jan 2006 @ 12:29 by Ophir777 @ : Only 175 Sites
Dont fool ourselselves people as far as i know only 172 is a major sites and as per UMALI & company only 30% of this un earthed, by Americans, Marcos group and some others individual, Marcos melted almost 3 million pieces of this gold by 12.5 kilos each and sell it to singapore see attached files:  

11 Jan 2006 @ 02:31 by Cliffhanger @ : 175 MaJOR SITES



11 Jan 2006 @ 03:26 by Gboy @ : Umali and co?

Ophirr 777,
Don't believe too much on the info of Al Umali, THAPI president....in early 1990's he borrowed the cambodia gold bars picture(taken in mindanao) of cliffhanger.... when I and cliffhanger was browsing some books at nat'l bookstore, we found Umali's authored book of Rogelio Roxas story about marcos gold. In the frontpage cover of the book....was the CAMBODIA GOLD BAR PICTURE used without permission from cliffhanger....Al Umali made it appear that the gold bars picture was part of Golden Budha treasure hoard in Baguio....while in reality... it came from cliffhanger buy/sell picture souvenier in mindanao....
That's why we are just laughing with Al Umali's....LIES... and his exploit to new treasure hunter by asking few thousand dollars as member fee in THAPI...
Lalo na pag nag painteriew sa TV regarding treasure...akala mo magaling...kaya natatawa na lang kami ni Cliffhanger....
If you are an....avid fan of....AL UMALI....sorry...he is just a small fry in TH world and he is more interested to fool innocent new treasure hunter member....

Nagkaletse2 na....the balikatan exercise with 5,000 fil/am troops are now in Carmen, North Cotabato.....our treasure site...SECRETS OF CARMEN...ay kukunin na namaaaaannnn....waaaaaa...  

11 Jan 2006 @ 07:11 by Darrel @ : Gboy
It was two years ago when I came across the book of Umali. Yes, there is truth in what he is into in his book, but only generically. Nevertheless, there are a lot of inconsistencies in the book though. Here is one of them. Reading the Court of Hawaii decision on the case of Roger Roxas, one of the factual evidence presented was the exact location where the golden buddha and rows of boxes of gold were found. In the book of Umali,it narrates that they unearthed the buddha in a town, called Bugias, exactly 98 kilometers northeast of Baguio. However, in a sworn statement submitted by Roxas in the court of Hawaii, Roxas and company, Umali included, did the excavation just behind Baguio General Hospital. Who's telling the truth Roger Roxas, giving his testimony in his case against Marcos or Umali,in his book?

Gboy: You're right! The US soldiers, coming over in the guise of anti-terrorism exercises in Mindanao, are again here to retrieve the laundered gold. As we know, US needs more gold this time than ever because of the successive calamities that struck their country. Their economy is going down.
The politicking in the country, with 'Tabako', Drilon/Soto, Imee Marcos, etc. coming out on media, is just a psy-war scheme being employed by US and the Gloria gov't to camouflage the former's retrieval of the gold in the south. It's a pity those Filipino leaders who are aware of the gold issue refuse to see the real intention of US presence in the south. Shame on our very own leaders, they're too inward-looking that's why they can't even see their own shadows anymore.  

11 Jan 2006 @ 16:43 by goldlilly @ : apology to ed.
yo ed. I apologise for my earlier drunken outburst re. marcos boy ... schitzophernia seems to have got the better of me these past few weeks.  

11 Jan 2006 @ 19:36 by bicolanoini @ : to cliffhanger
"Gen. Taur Map along indicate 250 sites within Naga area along".....is this in camarines sur?coz im bicolano...kindly give me some specific for this naga area...  

11 Jan 2006 @ 23:19 by NOEL @ : interested pesron
hi, Cliffhanger, im treasure hunter here in davao city, i have my brother by name noel and we have a site here in davao, can you contack him his cell no: 011639278979179, but im elder brother but im here in california, usa. Can you txt my brother ok We are God-fearing person and share whatever intended God bless


11 Jan 2006 @ 23:23 by noel @ : interested
clifhanger pls contact noel in this landline number 2268636, we have site and we are now sa blacksand in a tunnel. ok  

12 Jan 2006 @ 04:10 by Gboy @ : Treasure replies
Darrel....I think the Roxas site was in Baguio General Hospital ( a typical Japs treasure landmark)

Cliffhanger text me yesterday,he is in Campostela valley assisting some treasure hunters...i don't know when he will be back ...online. Anyway you can relay your messages to me bcoz i'm always online.

Bicolanioni: The Gen. taur map in naga...possibly it is in Mindanao barrio bcoz he never went to Bicol for treasure hunting... as far as I know. The whole Mindanao is cliffhanger playground....nobody else know more treasure sites than him...kaya lang mahihirap sites dun.... kaya gusto2 nya sa Sierra Madre playground ko...
Dati 100+ sites lang binisto ko....ginalit nyo si cliffhanger...ngayon umabot na ng libo tuloy...wala tayo magawa resercher talaga yan...13 Japs straggler nga dati hawak nyan, lagi nila pinapasyalan ng lolo Murakami nyan up to late 70's ang mga pinagtataguan. Last early 1990s Cliffhanger and me are planning to bring down Japs stragglers, a Japanese Kempetai Colonel(mahaba buhok may tattoo pa sa balikat) and Captain...(bcoz we want to surpass the fame when Lt. Onoda surrender, papanisin sana namin si Onoda kasi junior officer lang yon, hawak namin matataas Japs opisyal)....actually we are after their hidden treasure and the backpay/ overtime pay guarding their military post(for more than 50 years... world record sana)...as usual lack of budget hamper our plan....palagay ko todas na yon ngayon...sayang nga eh.

Noel: I will text all your message/numbers to cliffhanger.

12 Jan 2006 @ 05:36 by noel @ : treasures
thanks gboy, pake txt lang c noel okey he expecting from your call or text, masmaganda ito dahil sa sand black na tayo, baka ito na, ang hinahanap natin.okey  

12 Jan 2006 @ 06:45 by paul yao @ : mrcarlo
Pare ang galing mo mag imbistiga sa I.P at naghusga ka kaagad na sindikato kami. Ang iba na isinulat mo ay hindi ko kilala, siguro si FM kilala nya. Alam mo ba na pareho kami I.P ginagamit? Kasi tatlong computer shop lang lagi ang aming tagpuan kung saan kami magkikita ni FM. Ang kilala ko lang sa binanggit mo ay si Shierly secretary ni FM at dun din sya inuutusan para mag send ng meesage ng boss nya.

Pare wala po akong Scanner, pero kung may pambili ka pwede kitang bentahan galing America okey?

Ang sinasabi mo may AU, Palladium,GBC, FRN, ABL, Wells Fargo, Peruvian, Iraqi Dinar (Langis ang back-up) at kung ano-ano pa na benebenta ngunit naghahanap ka ng totoong buyer, kailangan ang proof of burden must start from the seller. Kung meron ka talaga kilala o hawak nyo marami tayong buyer. Ang problema lang, walang totoong seller puro peke. Kung meron tlaga ikaw hawak na ginto magbenta ka na lang sa Bulacan o di kaya sa Ongpin, may totoong buyer dun. Sana totoo ang hawak para di ka mabilang sa mga seller na sindikato. Okey? Kung pwede magpakilala ka kung ano ang tunay mo na pangalan bago ka maghusga na sindikato kami. thanks  

12 Jan 2006 @ 10:12 by Yamashita San @ : McCarlo
Yeah, my man! I thot i was just the one who noticed rotten fish here.... thanks for that computer trail you've done. Obviously these people are trying to fool some poor treasure hunters here. I think FM is the President of the Syndicate and Paul Yao is the Vice President and Shierly is the Executive Secretary and the rest. Whew, people fooling people. I just pray that my friends here in these forum won't become victims of these big Cartel of Gold Scamming Syndicate ran by scumheads like FM and Paul Yao and Robert P and the rest.

Here's your message again Mc Carlo, let the people scrutinize and think how come these people we sometimes think to be modest and educated people are nothing but members of a Scamming Syndicate (ala Nigerian, damn you scumbags!).

6 Oct 2005 @ 12:03 by fm @ : Paul Yao
8 Nov 2005 @ 03:57 by Lito @ : FM
17 Nov 2005 @ 05:22 by Shierly Perez @ : Yamashita and others
21 Nov 2005 @ 08:20 by Manny R. Sta. Cruz @ : Yamashita Challenge
24 Nov 2005 @ 03:25 by ROBERT P. @ : ED, FM, JOSE RIZAL & ALL TH
2 Jan 2006 @ 02:56 by paul @ : Need financiers for 7 days operation

19 Sep 2005 @ 12:20 by paul @ : Royal
19 Sep 2005 @ 12:28 by fm @ : Ed

27 Jan 2005 @ 05:12 by ogie guzman @ : yamashita treasure
25 Oct 2005 @ 07:57 by fm @ : all TH

16 Sep 2005 @ 12:28 by fm @ : ed
16 Sep 2005 @ 12:33 by paulyao @ : need financier

Ingat tayo sa mga taong ito.
Si FM, Paul Yao, Lito Cedeño, Shirly Perez, Manny R. Sta. Cruz, Robert P. & Ogie Guzman ay parang iisang tao.
Naghahanap ng Financiers si Paul Yao pero yung IP nya minsan gamit ni FM sa ibang date na nagsabi sa kanya na dapat wag magpakabit ng DSL para makaiwas sa Flying Squad. Shierly Perez secretary ni FM & Manny R. Sta. Cruz best business partner ni FM, si Robert P. kunwari na para din kay FM ang comments nya sa mga messages ni YAMASITA pero same IP nya as FM. Si Ogie Guzman nagtanong kung paano kalabanin ang mga spirits sa sites same IP gamit nila ni FM di ba dapat alam nya yun kung paano gamitan ng Medium. Si Robert P nagtatanong kina Ed, moondrops, brian kung positive ang area nya, diba dapat alam nya yun dahil si Paul my scanner na worth 3.5M pati si FM laging may dalang scanner na pareho din ng IP nya. Si Lito Cedeño nagpapafinance kay FM pero same IP pa din sila, secretary pa daw ang nagbigay nitong forum pero kung si Shierly Perez yun bakit pareho IP nila.  

12 Jan 2006 @ 10:34 by Ophir777 @ : Noel
tol, nasa green clay yung object, pagkatapos nyo dyan sa black sand one meter rip rap stone at sa kulay violet na clay pa daanan nyo saka nyo mararating yung object kung nasa kapatagan yang site nyo.  

12 Jan 2006 @ 10:34 by Gboy @ : Re: Noel

Noel: I already text and gave your number to Cliffhanger, sabi nya nasa Toril daw siya nag picture taking sa mga treasure signs...its up to him to textback to your bro.

TO Pasaway,
Magbagong buhay na kayo...at tulungan nyo kapwa niyo Pilipino...  

12 Jan 2006 @ 10:41 by Yamashita San @ : To all TH here.
I hope you now understand why i never revealed my identity. These scumbags are are just waiting to prey on innocent treasure hunters who woul bite their bait. Beware mga kaibigan!  

12 Jan 2006 @ 10:48 by Earth Imager 5000 @ : My American Friend Vanishing
It sad to know after all the info i injected to an old time buddy, he's now vanishing. anyway wherever you are my friend still wishing you the best in life. Amerikano ka lang kulay lang mag kaiba sa atin at lamang pa rin ako sa yo dahil amerikano ka lang.  

12 Jan 2006 @ 22:35 by Rudy @ : Paul Yao, FM, Manny R. Sta Cruz,Etcetera
Yamashta San, MrCarlo & Ulupong. Ulopong did comment on that same subject, only he was barking on the wrong tree as he connected Red Pajero to FM which I can't see the connection, I did comment on the two just after the posting of Ulopong, Paul Yao and FM, the two main players but I did'nt go to the extreme of naming all the other aliases of FM or Paul Yao and the URLs they have been using with the other entities. Like I said previously, their credibility is SUCKS in this forum and let that be a warning to all TH in this forum that the subjects mentioned are not to be trusted. I can see somebody having two or three identities, for reasons of their own, but outright changing of identities to obviously fool or mislead other people is not to be left alone, they have to be exposed. They are not the only ones having more than three identities or aliases in this forum but I haven't seen any outright reason to fool somebody or positive reason to bring them into the open. This forum is full of scammers, pretending to be TH trying to help you but beware, they're not what they are. There is a saying" Maski kapatid mo ay di mo mapagkakatiwalaan pag pera ang pinaguusapan becoz money is the root of all evil, not always, but some of you maybe has experienced or heard kins going against kins in the treasure hunting world of ours. Magingat-ingat lang sa mga ibang tao dito sa forum, and iba ay di maganda ang layuning, ang kapakanan lang nila ang nasa isip. Just a word of caution, MAGINGAT!  

13 Jan 2006 @ 02:28 by Rexie @ : Cliffhanger
Tol Cliff musta na? tagal mo di nka online ah, positive ba yung area mo? tol may mapa ako dito kaso nahihirapan ako paano basahin, pede mo basahin at paki translate sa akin tol. Pakibigay uli ng email add. tanx in advance tol....HAPPY NEW YEAR OF HUNTING TO ALL... GOD BLESS....  

Gboy, Dre hayaan mo yan mga Amerkano mag kakuha ng treasure sa North Cotabato kasi hindi naman nila makuha yun malaking object doon mga sucker o give way lang,yun expose ba,at cgurado dahil hindi nila tayo bigyan ng share the Filipino people magka BadKarma din sila baka mas matindi pa sa lupit ng Hurricane Katrina and hahagupit sa kanila,di ako bothered dre dahil marami pang sites na maiwan sa atin,wala kasing alam curo yun Governor sa North Cotabato sa mga buried treasure o baka kasabwat sya kasi gusto talaga nila doon e held ang balikatan dito sa Davao ayaw ni Mayor at ayaw ng mga taga Davao pwera lang yung mga pro-Balikatan at walang alam sa mga Jap. War-booties,at hindi naniniwala.

To. Bicolini: Sorry hindi sa Naga City yun Binagit ko kung hindi sa Naga, Cebu
pero marami din nakabaon dyan sa Naga City lalo na sa Mt. Isarog na inakyat ko last 1984,ayaw kung makialam dyan kasi nadyan dati si Maj. NAKAMURA YUN NAGBABAnTAY SA MGA IYAN,ginagalang ko yun bilin sa akin ng matanda na hwag ko pakialaman ang Bicol area habang buhay siya,Straggler yun na hindi talaga sumuko
ayaw kung mag treaspas sa area niya kung may target ako dyan magpaalam muna ako sa kanya at tutulungan din nya ako kaya lang balita KO nag passed away na matanda sabi sa akin ni ODA last year..

Good luck and Happy Hunting to all!God Bless! Noel I'will call you today!  

13 Jan 2006 @ 04:20 by emily homma @ : Kanji translations and other map symbols
Eight years ago, my Japanese husband got it's first treasure map translation offer in my hometown, but since it was our wedding day, we didn't pay much attention to it. We noticed though that the type of paper and kanji used revealed the authenticity or non-authenticity of the material. Although we had some reservations on the validity/accurateness of the map presented, some kungi/old kanji terminology were used throughout which shows some respectable resource. The owner/group is still active digging in our barrio; all those years of digging without employment...amazing how their family survived.

Now having worked here with 2 partners in Japan for 6 years teaching English and translating documents from/to E/J, J/E, T/J, I've learned that more elements must be considered in interpreting or translating documents especially maps. Education of the cartographer or maker of map, purpose, and place of publication/production affect how a teasure map is made. Meanings of symbols vary according to age of Jap. native readers, and generally Japanese principles and mentality. If you are holding on to a map right now, it's wise to first know/guess WHO made it. Mostly a...because of the symbols....

Please, please, if you have any Japanese tourist friend hanging around, deal with them nicely and not force them into reading kanji that are not commonly used in daily life. We have read accounts of young Japanese tourists or volunteers pushed into reading kanji...much to their embarassment.In most cases, they can not help so much because of their limited kanji mastery.

My partners in translating business as well as my Japanese friends aged 50 to 75 are currently making a Kanji Guide to Map Reading. I'm planning to sell copies to my fellow barrio people so they'd stop disturbing us to do some translating work during our vacation in April. As all the work/effort is paid for, I'd be asking 10 USD (500 PHP)per copy of about 30 pages A4 unpublished manual.I'd be having this copyrighted in the future, so don't ask why it's not free. I'll share the Free-synopsis in this list though when everything is ready.

For other translating jobs Japanese to English; Japanese to Tagalog, contact me directly at emilyhomma@yahoo.com

Treasure Hunting is fun as a hobby, no matter how much the cost is. It is also a chance to improve your analytical and intellectual skills.
For me, it is more than a hobby though, as it's a promise we made to our late grandfather, and I'm sure this is true to many. There are pitfalls though: Test for one's patience and temperament; test for kinship and camaraderie; test for one's meaning of happiness.

Whatever the difficulty, however bad the circumstance, let's keep our own good values and respect for human life. Man is by nature good. Goodluck to everyone!  

13 Jan 2006 @ 05:33 by noel @ : hidden
Gboy \, thanks being a filipino at matulungin sa kapwa, malapit na KAMI dahil nakita na namin sinabi sa mapa so loob ng cave ok,  

14 Jan 2006 @ 07:15 by justpassin @ : kudos
youre right rudy hats off to you bro! medyo makakalimutin ang iba ...saying one thing and then another...  

14 Jan 2006 @ 10:40 by Rudy @ : 12Jan2006 Posting of Paul Yao to mrcarlo
Your explanation of having the same IP with FM or his secretary is "Kasi tatlong computer shop lang lagi ang aming tagpuan kung saan kami magkikita ni FM. Ang kilala ko lang sa binangit mo ay si Shierley ang secretary ni FM at doon din siya inuutusan para magsend ng messsage ng boss niya." Just quoting what you said. Previous postings, you witnessed the recovery of BiG Tilapia by FM and FM going after Yamashita talks about millions for bets, little bets,
and FM is a buyer of AU and other precious metals and here you are telling us a big FISH like FM will go to an enternet cafe to send messages and you expect us to buy that. Truthfully, I have nothing against you or FM and I am not picking on you but my curiosity got the best of me and I also get a little irritated at you for treating us like dummies. Now, if I err on this matter, I'll apologize but I'll have to hear or read a better explanation from you. Remember, we are in a forum and everybody here can read our posting. Have you made your new years resolution, it is always nice to have a few, I can suggest one, do not put your feet in your mouth, specially in front of everybody. Peace be with you !  

14 Jan 2006 @ 14:32 by bicolanoini @ : to cliffhanger
meron din ba mabababaw na items sa isarog....how about mayon....mayon looks like mt fuji....a sacred mountain to japanese....tnx a lot tol...one more thing...how about in camarines norte area...meron din ba dun na small deposits?
i live there in cam.norte...i guess its much safer to explore your hometown for possible site...right?... so kindly share your info on us....  

16 Jan 2006 @ 00:27 by pathfinder @ : asking for assistance from cliffhanger
Cliffhanger Sir,may we request for your help about our prospect somewhere in luzon.We would like you to please finance and help us retieved a gold bullion that was of great value since it was the subject of a number of treasure hunters but they are not lucky enough to find it.But it is now in our posession and unfortunately we have no resources and equipment to do the job.We have a MAP that would benefit us to finally retrieve the said treasures.We have three locations where the treasures are buried.Please communicate with us so that we can put our act together and be a partner thereafter.Thank you.My e-mai:zo_bea@yahoo.com,CP NO:09216476591  

16 Jan 2006 @ 02:46 by paul yao @ : Rudy
Rudy give me your email add for me to explain thanks  

16 Jan 2006 @ 03:02 by Rudy @ : Ed, about Sta Romana
Run across a friend and he confirmed that Severinos' remains is in Cabanatuan.  

16 Jan 2006 @ 03:39 by ed @ : goldlily and juastpassin and others
thats ok man im psycholoically challenged myself. Ok, guys about those security papers and bonds floating out there. Let me state this one time only; they are real. These are derivatives of assets secured or otherwise. They were issued by banks or governments as pledges for favors, arms, quick transfers, anything and everthing needed for a quick fix -- there is no one format because each is individually made by issuing banks. These were made during the war and accepted as instruments by governments -- european countries, the U.S. and China. These were accepted as payment for arms and entire armies, or they were certificates for wealth that you wanted hidden too, the large ampounts are for weapons --- amounts to be redeemed when the war ended or IF it ended and you were not dead. Those things were NOT meant to be redeemed. But they were necessary because you had to PAY people with something if you wanted something in return.

Now here is the situation, do you honestly believe that a bank or a government will honor those certificates? Or will they even acknowledge their authenticity? Do you actually believe those banks their carry enough cash and coin to honor those certificates? If they did...isn't it cheaper to assasinate you or arrest you for fraud? E napakinabangan na nila mga yan e.

Were there successful transactions for redemption? Yes--there are a grand total of 12. All of them involved the US and Japanese governments plus 1 or two other stringers.

Note to others: scanners/detectors/GPR do not work MOST of the time, its the same technology they had in the war-- the only difference is the portability and processing speed. The japs WERE technologically advanced then and would have found ways to counter these things. Ask anyone outh there with a GPR if they have a gold bar that they recovered. Marcos bars DO NOT count, he relied on pointers and research.  

16 Jan 2006 @ 09:07 by Gboy @ : Scanners and funder
Cliffhanger and I have one and the same projects...if you are asking for funding from him.... SORRY...WE DO NOT HAVE FUNDS...EVEN FOR OUR OWN TREASURE PROJECTS...an tagal na nga namin namamalimos dito eh?...but your prayers will help us ..somehow recover treasure...thats the only time we will help your project.

Some scanners/detector/gpr may not work to... non-technical people. Just try to lend me one....it will help me ...locate gold bars...pagtitiyagaan ko yan... kasi po...bcoz i know the limitation and capability of each electronics equipment and.... how its electron atoms...works inside the circuit...  

17 Jan 2006 @ 06:14 by alarishi @ : treasure
no amount of detector can detect the gold bars, bec of different kinds of layers of chemical, i bought sophisticated detector in the usa, still no of use, i can suggest detector that can detect a tunnel, bec japanese buried thier treasures mostly in the tunnel, when you locate the tunnel, thier you can follow the signs bec it hold you to locate the exact location. If you dont know how to read the signs its better for you to be careful because most of tunnel there is death trap, which is a goccha rock not less than 60tons, and some piosonous and bombs, you need to be expert to read the signs & symbols, in one mistake it destroy much good, your life is the price. What is in your heart is, your treasure is there.  

17 Jan 2006 @ 06:32 by alarshi @ : hidden
To: Mokong, yung hukay may kulay berde at then may mainit at lamig, alam mo ang japanese buried their treasure in plan, yung mainit ay galing yan sa ulan na tubig, kasi sa ilalim nilagyan nila ng butas irrigation, the water stay there, then supply to the tunnel where the gold is, mayroong pundong suply yan sa ilalim then the water drip dwon slowly to the gold para mabasa ang lupa, at ang malamig ay sa nakapalig na chemical na it will not react during sa sikat ng araw, tubig din supply sa ilalim, kaya pag hukay naging berde dahil you disturb the chemical from the soil, alam mo malayo pa kayo mokong, ang hinukay mo may tunnel yan sa ilalim at malaki iyan na naka deposito dyan, but may regalo yan, kapag nakita mo na may butas, sabihin sa akin turuan kita paano yaan ok  

17 Jan 2006 @ 08:07 by Cliffhanger @ : Am not a Financier
To Pathfinder. Tol am very sorry am not in the position to extend you financial aqssistance am just an average person with no wealth or job,the reason am into continous exploration,expedition in search of this fabulous treasure is because some or many people have faith in me that if I continue my search,venture I will be able to make it,retrieved some of this tresasure like want we have done before kahit pakonti konti lang,we have not yet retrieved the Big Volume but we will come to that. Right now my exploration,search in the Sierra Madre ranges is finance by some people of wrongly venture into this quest and lost millions of money several years ago.They now finance me becuase they fully belive that with just 150T or 250T they could recover their 70million loses before,imgine these guys losing millions of pesos and what is very funny they are Japanese not Filipinos so it just show that not even these Japanese are knowlegeable about these buried treasures, and if your object is half heartedly research or your informations,lacks the necessary requisites to operate and object you would end up a failure.All I can advice you is to properly document your object treasure,secure maps,signs,Living witness testimoies kung meron pa natitirang buhay,inquire from the local folks about the area during the war etc. If your site is realy positve what is your basis? or supporting facts,yes your site might be very positive but what kind of object your targetting an underground chamber below 250 feet depth like the Tunnel 8 and 9 wow that would mean 50million to 100million of pesos budget for operation,equipments,logistic etc. Tol hanap ka muna maliliit object dyan sa site na sinasabi mo so if you recover some sucker or give away targets like 12 gold bars of 6 kilos then you can have already a budget for maybe bigger object like a 45 feet 3 drums of gold bars which could already fund your much bigger target..That's we and my group are searching or continue searching,exploring,investigating,probbing allegedly expose open object,like an expose 4x4x6ft.cement object,a Golden Buddha statue inside a Cliffwall cave,chamber,but blocked by a grill bars or rehas as we call it,a cement vault within 15 fathoms depth water,a cement drum,a stainless box underwater etc.follow up some goldbars under the care of some natives sold only for 30T or 50T a piece of 6.2 kgs.etc. Again Tol hanapin mo muna maliliit na objectg dyan sa site mo,wag ka magalala pag nakahit kami tutulong kami sa site mo pero e properly document muna natin yan,e Scan ng husto,e pa interpret ng husto ang mga signs,markers,etc.etc.No question siguro ang site or object mo,aang tanong ganoon ba kalalim o kalaki,saan nakatago,nakabaon etc. I hope I have enlightened you,Tol youn venture natin Archeological undertaking yan kaya di basta bast yan tulad yan ng mga ArcheologicaL EXPEDITIONS sa mga lost,hidden,missing Pharoahs Tombs,treasure of Egypt at sa iba pang mga Archeological Expeditions sa iba ibang lugar sa mundo na gawan ng National Georgraphic,Discovery Channel,ibaq ibang Museum sa Mundo. Thank you and again Happy Hunting,Goodluck and more power sa lahaqt ng totoong mga Treasure Hunters maybe our breed multiply GODBLESS!  

17 Jan 2006 @ 08:49 by ming @ : To all TH
Its nice to think if filipinos will work together to achieve goals of treaures recovery. I've notice that some are making fun by throwing their reaction if someone would post unbelievable statements. This forum is open to everybody and nobody has the right to stop somebody who wants to convey their feelings. The key word is "RESPECT" each other. If somebody publicly announced several sites, get information and offer help for success. If others wants financier, then dont give bad comments but rather extend help to them. Who knows? if the site is true, filipinos will benefit for that. If others are looking investors, then help if you know somebody who has the capacity to meet the financial requirements, don't give negative assumption that they belong to any syndicate activities without any hard evidence. If you are very suspicious and skeptical, why not invite personally a person, examine and try to size up if things posted are true so that all negative from your mind will find a true answer. Negative statements will bring destructive to everybody's goal, but a constructive statements will bring positive and creative results. Let us not make word war in this forum, but lets help each other. If somebody brings trouble in this forum, let them enjoy and the end destruction will follow them. Anyway you are not affected in terms of time, money and effort, but we are sure trouble makers at the end will be a loser. Again our key word is RESPECT each other, okey? have nice day and enjoy treasure hunting. Good luck and God Bless us all  

17 Jan 2006 @ 14:07 by jerry @ : Ming
Thanks a lot ming............God bless.........:)  

17 Jan 2006 @ 22:18 by emily homma @ : GET YOUR COPY BY 2ND WEEK FEB.
How's everyone? Enjoying treasure hunting? I'm so glad some are sending sample pictures to describe. Thank you to those sending pictures of markings for my group to analyze. I'll be sending my project materials- RANDOM NOTES ON KANJI READING AND INTERPRETING JAPANESE SIGNS AND SYMBOLS soon tp Phil. so get your copy if you want one. For now, these are the tentative contents of the material:

1. Basic Guide to reading Kanji and pictographic kana reading
2. Code symbols in Japanese maps with sample "non-treasure" maps: old 1850's; 1930's to 1944; current-type map
3. A partial/sample "treasure map" reading, etc.(?)
4. Personal Interpretations to traditional Japanese signs and symbols
5. Attempts in Interpreting popular marks in Yamashita Treasure Troves
6. Significant articles in Japanese structural designs (not complete yet)
7. Relevant issues/notes in Yamashita Treasure Hunting-Attachments

This material is just a friendly correspondence material, "compilation or rough notes" not intended for distribution and formal publication in the future, but exclusive to the TH clubs I'm joining. Please keep the material and refrain from further distribution.

To those interested to have a copy, I suggest you ask my brother directly from the second week of February. I'll be sending the copies by next week, so contact Rolly Benosa at this number: (63) 919-248-7886 from Feb. 8. I'm asking for just the printing cost of the material, you should understand, although I've spent a lot already in the research. You pay 500 pesos plus postage fee (from Pangasinan) depending on how and where you want it sent. E-mail me first if interested so that I could allot enough copies.

Contact me if you have questions.


17 Jan 2006 @ 22:31 by emily homma @ : my number, if you want to know
Here's my email address: emilyhomma@yahoo.com

Other questions on markings and signs, FREE by email. If you'd like your map be translated, send a portion for sampling(scan/photocopy /fax to me only one-eighth 1/8 ,or larger)of your map , or list the kanji characters at random (copy-paste) if you want a safer translation process.

18 Jan 2006 @ 02:08 by Rudy @ : Alarshi posting of 17 Jan2006,
Alarshi,or Noel and for all TH. Alarshi said that no detector exist that can detect gold bars, you're wrong Buddy. A good Ground Penetrating Radar can do that and more.It will detect voids,cavities or tunnels , metals and minerals by color. Attached to a computer or laptop, you could view your scans in 3D, can determine the depth of target. When analyzing or reading your scans, do not rely too much on the color but rely on the shape of the target. If the target is round, triangle or square in shape like a box, what would that tell you, to be more specific, those shape is man made and was placed there by man, do I need to say more. GPRs can detect bombs but not poison gas like some people think. Most of your metal detectors is no good for this kind of treasure hunting, at the most they can only detect about 12 inches, if the target is big enough, not very deep, so I suggest you skip the metal detectors. What you guys can do is pool your resources and buy the GPRs. OKM of Germany has come up with the EXP 3000 and the EXP 5000, you are talking big bucks. Once you've located your target which is the easy part, now, how to get to the target and that is an accomplishment and a half, the Japs did'nt make it easy. Then you have to deal with the entities that guard the treasure, if you believe that, there are spirits, also the dwarfs and there is three kinds of dwarfs, the white, the red and the black and they do not like to be called spirits and they are not,they are also a creation of GOD and they will tell you that. You just hope the black duwende is not the ones guarding your site as they are not very generous. You also have your white ladies which are usually spirits of women killed to watch over the site and then the encantados or encantadas and a few others I need not mention. Am I losing it, whatever and it does'nt bother me. A word of advice, cleanse your hearts and have good intentions when you're treasure hunting, and praying each day before the days labor or digging will help. Take these advice for what its worth. Thank You and good hunting .  

18 Jan 2006 @ 02:35 by pathfinder @ : response about help
Cliffhanger Sir,thanks for your response.The site that I was talking is not a tunnel but actually a very difficult one,given the fact that it is located along the road where the Japs once have an encampment and retreated.Difficult because politicians in the said area are voltures that they want to be paid in millions before any diggings starts.Based on the witnesses' oral arguments and a piece of map,the said treasures really exist because their landmark is still standing(a church)based on the map's drawing itself.The said map is somewhat a piece of vintage clothe or old traditional Japanese hemp/textile.Also,based on the people who are really familiar in the area,the said site was already digged by some caucasian looking financier but they failed to locate the treasure.So,maybe someof these days we will be able to convince you and your friends (japs and pinoys)to have a look and see for yourselves if we can retreive those hard-to-find treasures.God bless PAL.  

18 Jan 2006 @ 02:56 by pathfinder @ : just want to ask question
GOOD DAY TO ALL.Since I am just new in this treasure hunters' forum,I am very happy to say that you guys are lucky enough to have this kind of chat room whose dedication really is on the forefront of treasure hunting.GOOD FOR US DON'T WE?But anyway,thanks indeed.RESPECT! is really what makes us open our minds in this forum.Thanks MING for giving us good quotations.So people out there,be friendly to anyone,and be a TRUE FILIPINO.HEARD ABOUT "PINOY AKO?" KEEP IT UP PEOPLE!!!  

18 Jan 2006 @ 04:15 by yamashita san @ : at last
Now i feel good reading and browsing this forum. Mabuhay ang mga totoo at seryosong mga treasure hunter!  

18 Jan 2006 @ 04:39 by Yamashita San @ : To All
To: FM and his Gold Bullion Scam Company
To: Paul Yao and his Treasure Hunting Scam Company
To catch a FISH is thru his MOUTH!
No one is above the law my friends.
The Law will soon get to you! (Operation Yamashita Gold)

To: All Treasure Hunters

Mag-ingat sa mga sindikato. Kasalukuyang binabantayan ng ahensya ang mga hakbang ng mga sindikatong ito. Pinaniniwalaan na ang mga taong ito ay sila ang pasimuno sa iba't-ibang racket ng mg kriminal dito sa ating bayan. Marami na silang nabiktima at sila ay nasasangkot sa iba't-ibang kaso ng estafa at pagpatay. Ang mga taong ito ay High Profile Criminals at marami silang modus operandi upang mkapangloko lang nang kapwa nila. Ang lahat na nabiktima na o nakasalamuha ng mga taong ito ay pinapayuhang magsumbong at ipag-bigay alam ang kinaroroonan ng mga taong ito. Para sa mapayapang bansa, PUKSAIN ANG KRIMINALIDAD!

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Operation Yamashita Gold  

18 Jan 2006 @ 06:14 by Nicky @ : Yamashita San, pls respect
17 Jan 2006 @ 08:49 by ming @ : To all TH
Its nice to think if filipinos will work together to achieve goals of treaures recovery. I've notice that some are making fun by throwing their reaction if someone would post unbelievable statements. This forum is open to everybody and nobody has the right to stop somebody who wants to convey their feelings. The key word is "RESPECT" each other. If somebody publicly announced several sites, get information and offer help for success. If others wants financier, then dont give bad comments but rather extend help to them. Who knows? if the site is true, filipinos will benefit for that. If others are looking investors, then help if you know somebody who has the capacity to meet the financial requirements, don't give negative assumption that they belong to any syndicate activities without any hard evidence. If you are very suspicious and skeptical, why not invite personally a person, examine and try to size up if things posted are true so that all negative from your mind will find a true answer. Negative statements will bring destructive to everybody's goal, but a constructive statements will bring positive and creative results. Let us not make word war in this forum, but lets help each other. If somebody brings trouble in this forum, let them enjoy and the end destruction will follow them. Anyway you are not affected in terms of time, money and effort, but we are sure trouble makers at the end will be a loser. Again our key word is RESPECT each other, okey? have nice day and enjoy treasure hunting. Good luck and God Bless us all  

18 Jan 2006 @ 06:19 by NICKY @ : YAMASHITA READ CAREFULLY

18 Jan 2006 @ 06:42 by moondrops @ : the truth
Believe it or not, Those spirits you claim to be: Dwarfs,Dead human Souls, encanto, fairies, Ghost, elf etc.. ARE JUST A DEMON IN DISGUISE. Demon? yes! Demon who wants to fool everyone that such thing exist! They want to fool you and wants to hide the truth. The truth? uhu.. the truth about their LIES! What Lies? The Lies about their purpose and the reason of their existance and how they come to be demons that rebel against the Creator..

Its a long story if you want to know more email Luz the one who posted-
"23 Nov 2005 @ 10:39 by luz @ : re: gold"

Im pretty sure he knows alot about these stuffs.^___^  

18 Jan 2006 @ 07:35 by marielle @ : hellow
meron ba d2 umibili ng gintong ipin? lol  

18 Jan 2006 @ 07:43 by trixha @ : tanong ulit
sino po ba dito nagpapa-arkila ng scanner..yung mejo hi-tech po sana. pa-post ng email address. thanks  

18 Jan 2006 @ 08:18 by james @ : trixha
pls email me gprscanners@yahoo.com.ph thanks james  

18 Jan 2006 @ 10:32 by Rudy @ : What is the truth
These world holds a lot of mysteries, unexplainable things and one has to have an open mind. Because one reads the bible, he or she knows everything. Ask that person what was his or her attainment at school, and all of a sudden they know everything that is written in the bible, or did the minister make the translation for them. The UFO phenomenom, is that a work of your demons also? You know where the demons are, I'll tell you, its in the hearts of men, or women. Some of those demons you referred to is even better than some people I know.You want to save souls, you're in the wrong place, no, I'll take that back, there is a few of them in this forum that needs saving. I should'nt be saying these things, this is a TH forum. Luz said that "Money is the root of all evil". Are you making MONEY ? Watch yourself ! Anyway,I expected that some people would react when I mentioned dwarfs, spirits,etc. I am having fun, are you ? Sorry, don't take it too seriously. I"ll tell my friend Diwata what you said and King Jillboel, I'm sure they'll be amused. Peace !
For Trixha, you are the one that is in need, please post your email address, you'll be surprised at the response you'll get. Understand, this is only a suggestion, you don't have to do it.  

19 Jan 2006 @ 03:44 by Gboy @ : Hi-tech treasure/geophysical instrument

1)Gold bars embedded inside tree trunk, exposed cement vault and rock boulders
a)Pulse Detector
b)Ground Penetrating Radar

2)Treasure buried from 20-500 feet depth.(good for exact pinpoint location of depth and ground mapping of the whole treasure area for several hectares.
a) GPR

3)Treasure sites on suspected wide area or mountain, good for aerial ground mapping in wide areas or square kilometers (towns, provinces)

4)Ground probing and drilling for gold/treasure samples
B) PROTABLE WATER DRILLS (200 feet depth)

5)Underwater treasure
d) ROV ( remote operated vehicle)



....$ MILLION DOLLARS ANG BUDGET DYAN....kompleto na yaaaaan...pag may gamit ako ganyan kaganda...nagkaletse2 na...ubos lahat treasure nakatago ng Japs....
pero ...as usual ALAWS PA RIN AREPS SI GBOY, kahit pambili load...waaaaaa
....kaya pakamot2 wetpu muna...OKS?
NARESEARCH KO NA MGA HI-TECH NA GAMIT AT 100+ TREASURE SITES....nag ngingit2 na ngayon mga forigners kasi medyo pa hi-tech na tayo....pero wala rin magawa.... ooohhaaaa  

19 Jan 2006 @ 05:29 by alarishi @ : hidden
alam mo rudy, gusto na nga ibinta ng kaibigan ang GPR nya, sa akin he is a filipino, hanggang ngayong kahit kusing na ginto wala na detect ng GPR na iyon, hindi mo alam treasure hunting, may matalik akong kaibigan na filipino japanese, no amount detector dahil sa black cortal (alkitran) at ibang ibang chemical sa ilalim at maraming layer na chemical, malaki na ginasto ko sa detector, alam nandito ko ngayon sa usa california, i research lahat na detector, rudy puntahan mo ito sa internet: Geotech technology for treasure hunting mag pakikilala ka doon, nakilala ko ang taong by the name Carl, he offered $20,000 us dollar anybody can prove to detect gold by any detector, alam and detector mag detect kung ang ginto hindi nakatago, pero kung itago mo sa rubber and layer of chemical under the surface, naku kahit GPR mo pa, makadahilap sa paghanap ng sinasabing ginto, and GPR para lang sa pipe, concrete, at steel sa ilalim, hindi yan design sa mga chemikal, tandaaan ang hapon buried thier in different kings layer of chemikal, i research already the GPR lahat sa ilalim red at mahirap ma idendify kung ano yun, pati bato sa ilalim ay maging yellow or red, so akala mo ginto na, kaya pala bato lang pala, you have to study carefully dahil maraming pera ko na naubos treasure na yan, when i got here in the states, i study the signs and symbols, and i have 11 books original in treasure hunting at lahat original, kasama na lahat traps ng ilalim, kapag hindi mo alam delikado ang buhay, i shared in the philippines, at sabi lahat symbols makikita ny sa book at lahat trap sa ilalim pareho lahat, kaya pag aaralan mo ng mabuti, kay kung detector lang binili ko na ang GPR ng kaibigan kaso, kahit kuting na ginto wala sya nakuha, sayang ang pera na binili nya sa GPr na yan, dont tell me, sa mga sprirts i graduated in study sa bible school sa tatlong taon na pag aaral, lahat ko lahat yan na sinasabing espiritu, dalwang spiritu sabi ng biblia, spiritu ng Dios at spiritu ng demonyo, kung anong sprit na yan eh spritu yan ng demonyo, bakit nakikita mo sila? kaya nga spritu, hindi makita, huwag ng hindi mo makikita, we have believed the sprit, but you cant describe unless nakikita mo ok lang ba, walang personanalan ha ok  

19 Jan 2006 @ 12:06 by Yamshita San @ : Nicky
Thanks sa comment, you are right about that. We don't have to argue about the word... RESPECT. Everybody in this forum deserved the right of being respected by other members in this forum except for the people who really are not and don't really belong to this forum who's only intention is to con people of their money. I think you are a newbie here and that you first have to read and learn more about the posts that we have here in this forum. Even without Ming saying that we need to practice RESPECT in this forum, it is indeed a moral obligation by everyone of us here to Respect other opinion (note: some post here are not just opinions, they are plans, syndicated plans to con other people of their most valued money). Respect is not just the word... Love is!  

20 Jan 2006 @ 00:30 by humbug @ : to GBOY ET AL
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
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When will they ever learn?

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bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla  

20 Jan 2006 @ 03:23 by Gboy @ : Treasure eqp't challenge?

You mentioned that your friend Carl in Geotech is offering/giving US$20T for anybody that will use detector that can detect gold? Tama ba pag kaintindi ko sa challenge nya?
OK CALL AKO DYAN...bigyan nya ako standard pulse detector (Pulse Star 2 or SSP-2050 Discriminator)...at ipapakita ko sa kanya panu ako kukuha ng gold bars...using DETECTOR... Tell Carl that I accept his challenge...
Maybe Carl thinks that all filipinos doesn't know the capability and limitation of each treasure equipment...(ang dami namin alam na mga buntis na puno, exposed cement vault at rock boulders, suspected embededd with gold bars....ewan ko lang pag di madetect yan ng pulse detector...)

EX: GPR - it is effective in detecting gold bars embedded inside tree trunk, exposed cement vault, rock boulders and shallow sites...If you used these GPR beyond its capability like deeply burued treasure w/o using ground probe or drill...naturally you will never be able to analyze or understand the result.

Remember every equipment is invented with its own limitation and capability...if you go beyond its capability...naturally ...it will give you negative results...
Treasure hunting is about constant research and study ....to understand how recover treasure...

Hoy ! Umeepal at nagpapansin ka na naman dyaaaaannn !  

20 Jan 2006 @ 03:31 by Rudy @ : Hidden
Not bothered at all by negative comments on my views that is why I said earlier ""Take it for what's its worth"". Yes, I have read the articles of Carl of Geotech and for your info, the reward started at $10,000 and its now $25,000. That is why we post in the forum, not only to share information but also to learn the pros and cons of the subject TH, and related subjects. Would you agree that the Japs were very smart and very cunning when they hid those treasures, and do they know what they were doing, I suppose so and I think so. Now, here is something for you to tinker in your minds, the Japs killed the diggers and you would say, so they cannot disclose the location, Great, Now, why would they kill their OWN on the treasure sites, or leave them entomb on the tunnels which is sure death ? The Ancient people has done it,the Egyptians did it, so did the Mayans, pirates has done the same thing, Why ? You call these entities Demons, and if you see a paranormal apparition of your relatives or kins that died, yes, they have to be demons. You are not the only one that reads the Bible my friend, I too read the Bible, but I did'nt graduate like you did . THe Japanese when they start their digs or visit the sites, what do they do, they offer their respects to the spirits that they left behind to guard the place, DUMB NIPPONS, they're that to you. Okay, your grandparents or great grandparents that has left this world of ours to met the Creator, they are dumb also, because they believe on ghost, capris, tikbalangs, dwendes while those entities are just demons. Since you do not believe in these things, I hope you can bring something out of the ground, without their blessings, there's more where that money came from to finance those digs.
Moondrops, can't recall LUZ saying anything about demons, what she is saying is, don't let your greed get the best of you that you will forget the real reason why God created us. What LUZ don't know is, there are PEOPLE here in this forum that has very honorable intentions once they find the GOLD, not only to amass wealth but also to help the poor and this seemingly hopeless ISLAND of yours, and mine also. For LUZ, the politicians need you more than us.
Did I irritated or antagonized any more souls in this forum, be surprised if I did not, SORRY !I thank Ming for having the oppurtunity to express myself in this forum even if people thinks I've lost it. I think I'm occupying too much space, Pardo me! Thanks !  

20 Jan 2006 @ 03:45 by Rudy @ : Gboys' response to thechallenge of Carl.
I should've said Pardon me instead of Pardo me, we all make mistakes, I do.
Anyway, Gboy, you could extend your challenge to Carl yourself, his Email address" Carl@hunting.com or you could visit "Thphilippines.cjb.net" and click on Gadgets. The Reward is now $25,000. Good Luck !  

20 Jan 2006 @ 06:01 by ed @ : gboy
500 feet?? totoo ba yan? have you tried going down even to 300 feet? meron ka pang 1,000 feet...wow. I doubt if you have anything that goes vertical 500 feet at all. You need to supply air to those people already, maybe oxygen candles. Sobrang lalim naman yan...don't you think that is past the water table?  

20 Jan 2006 @ 07:45 by nugget @ : opinyon ko lang
mawalang galang lang po,opinyon ko lang,correct me if im wrong...sa pagkakaintindi ko yung challenge ni carl eh para lang sa LRL (LONG RANGE LOCATOR) type of treasure hunting equipment(MODERNIZED DOWSING)...and this equipment works in the principle of dowsing method...like the german stick, pendulum, etc...which all people daw can learn, kung sensitive ka daw....and this is a 50/50 change guessing....works in the power of your suggestion kung ano gusto mong maging outcome...like magic....other than that...the gpr, the resistivity with 3d, magnetron are equipments i beleive to identify some manmade objects underground base on some signatures like shape...the equipments is useful depends on the operator and the interpreter...meron ka ngang gpr, tapos ang site mo naman yields a negative anomaly, wala rin...miski isang taon ka na site mo wala ka talagang ma detect nyan....right equipment on the rite time and location...di ba mga sir...kaya lang meron ding mga manufacturer ng treasure hunter equipments na di totoong gumagana...so research...opinyon lang po....
God speed!  

20 Jan 2006 @ 09:54 by Gboy @ : Buried at 500 feet depth? NO IDEA
I have NO IDEA if indeed Japs buried up to 500 feet depth(masyado napakalalim na yata nyan...wala naman siguro ganun sites)....however,what I actually mean by posting those equipment...is that there are equipment that can detect up to 500 feet deep or deeper than that. Meaning "IF" there are treasure buried at that 500 depth...the technology is existing. Again, I posted the "mining equipment" as an alternative for treasure hunting equipment for those deeply buried sites. Bcoz most treasure equipment today are useless for those deeply buried sites.
ex: SIROTEM ($80T) - transient electromagnetics can give you conductive readings up to 1000 feet depth or more....thats understandable bcoz gold mines in africa is indeed deeper than that and they uses these equipment.

Regarding LRL....wala ako tiwala dyan...as you observed I never put it in my "dream" equipment.If the challenge of Carl is for LRL...I won't accept...however if the equipment is Pulse Detector...papatulan ko siya...kasi po nakakaintindi tayo ng konti sa electronics at panu ang capability at limitation nyan..  

20 Jan 2006 @ 14:11 by just passin @ : just be discerning
i doubt if that was ming, ip add would be a give away... forums are open to arguments and personal views,(he would know) anyway ,i dont respect the disrespectibles... be true to the game...im being me, be yourself express! by the way ,regarding those gbcs and abls not all are real... read the news! syndicates being caught with fakes and printing equipment etc.... scammers about ,thats that. max 7 thanks for the email... im flattered... but no, i dont give info or tips ... its a sensitive matter (i dont want to guarantee anything)besides ,you may ask info from the"experts "in here... im sure they know a lot more than i probably would....whatever we know will be verified by time thanks and more power!  

20 Jan 2006 @ 16:19 by moondrops @ : ...........
1Timothy 6:10 - "For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have been led astray from the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with many pains."

Now u wanna talk about souls,spirits and demons...

Our body is Our Soul itself:
Genesis 2:7 - "And Jehovah God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a living soul."

The Human soul Die:
Ezekiel 18:4 - "Look! All the souls-to me they belong. As the soul of the father so likewise the soul of the son-to me they belong. The soul that is sinning -it itself will die."

Psalms 146:4 - "His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish."

Ecclesiastes 9:5 - "For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are concious of nothing at all, neither do they have anymore wages, because the remembrance of them has been forgotten."

Isaiah 26:14 - "They are dead; they will not live. Impotent in death, they will not rise up......."

The Bible speaks of a hope for An Everlasting life, An Earthly Resurrection from the dead.(john 5:28,29) That the wicked ones will be no more and the righteous meek ones will possess the earth and there will be peace.(psalms 37:10-11)
SOo If there is already an immortal soul, that if we die we may go up in heaven or in hell..Why would the Bible speak of an everlasting life here on earth..?! Just be logical..

The Belief that One has an immortal soul that will never die is a pagan teachings that originated from the Devil. Its Purpose are to deny the Truth About the Creator and His Purpose on Creating Humans and the Hope for mankind. Its meant to Fool us with their Demonic Lies.

2 Corinthians 11:14 - "And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness. But their end shall be according to their works."
John 8:44 - "You are from Your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because the truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie."
2 Thessalonians 2:9 - "But the lawless one's presence is according to the operation of satan with every powerful work and lying signs and portents."

As for Dwarfs, Fairies, UFO, ET etc... Are also a part of those Lies. Demons have the power to immitate these stuffs to make you believe that they are real, They can make you see visions, they may even benefit you just like an "angel of light" or forming and acting like your dead love one's, but in reality they are really fooling you.. If you deny this and still believes on such Lies then you also deny God and the Truth about Him. You are now a part of the rebellion of Satan and His Demons that will very soon be crushed and ended by The Kingdom Of God.

Galatians 5:19-21 - "Now the works of the flesh are manifest, and they are fornication, uncleanness, loose conduct, idolatry, practice of spiritsm, enmities, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, contentions, divisions, sects, envies, drunken bouts, revelries, and things like these. As to these things I am forewarning You, the same way as I did forewarn You, that those who practice such things will not inherit God's kingdom."

John 17:3 - "This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one
whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ."

(Scripture Quotations are from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures)  

20 Jan 2006 @ 17:30 by nugget @ : LRL
LRL of fitzgerald and kellyco doesnt work.....and other company's LRL's//
just an info...  

20 Jan 2006 @ 17:40 by nugget @ : LRL
and this product sells at about 1200 USD...  

20 Jan 2006 @ 18:54 by Rudy @ : Watch Tower
Thanks Moondrops, my suspicion has been confirmed. Now I know who I dealing with. I used to read Watch Tower but now I"d rather read the Bible, do it on my own and not rely on somebodies translation. I got nothing against the Jehovahs Witness, I just do not believe on their elders translation of the Bible but thats neither here and there, if I need to read or go to a forum about the bible, I'll just go to STUDYBIBLE FORUM.COM and you too can go in there. Back to TH subjects, thats' what we are here for.  

20 Jan 2006 @ 22:31 by ming : Ming
I don't follow the discussion here much, but just to clarify one thing. This forum, which isn't really a forum, but the comment thread on one of my weblog postings, is owned by me. My name is Flemming Funch, and my nickname is Ming. I notice that somebody has been posting here as "Ming". I don't know if that's to deceive you guys, or if somebody else happened to be using the same name. Anyway, the postings that actually are from me would have no IP after the name, as I'm actually logged into my weblog program when I'm posting. IPs only appear after the names of people who aren't logged in. So, if you see a "Ming" with an IP, it most likely isn't me.  

20 Jan 2006 @ 22:41 by goldlilly @ : wanna buy a cellphone FUCK GMA
Gone are hopes that Arroyo's presidency might herald a better future for the majority of Filipinos after she replaced former B-movie star, Joseph "Erap" Estrada in the "Peoples Power II" popular revolt of January 2001. An ardent neoliberal, she moved quickly to assure the World Bank and IMF that the privatisation, deregulation and liberalisation policies imposed by previous administrations - to which there has been massive opposition from many sectors of society - would remain in place  

20 Jan 2006 @ 23:12 by goldlilly @ : Real treasure on your coastline
Today in London's River Thames reports say that 3 Northern Bottlenosed Whales have swum upriver and are apparently stranded. Thousands of Londoners have gone to the riverbanks to view the spectacle. These magnificent creatures weigh between 3 and 7 tons and are at home in the deep waters of the North sea (Europe) ... A few years ago an extremely rare megamouth shark was captued and killed off the coast of Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro)The scientific community was outraged by the slaughter of this valuable specimen ...

The real treasure is not precious metal. SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR WILDLIFE.

wanna buy a cellphone ?  

21 Jan 2006 @ 02:27 by justpassin @ : you heard it from "the man"
thanks mr. funch for that clarification... to all loggers please donot impersonate anybody ...too much fakin wont do any good... even if you mean well, by the way...R E S P E C T is something that is earned.. not imposed upon so if you want respect be true to the game! happy hunting!  

21 Jan 2006 @ 03:23 by Gboy @ : Reminder to everyone
I think this forum is about yamashita treasure topic...pls. stay on the topic only...  

21 Jan 2006 @ 07:49 by Rudy @ : Justpassin & Gboy
For a man just passing by, you're pretty observant and the fake Ming did'nt fool everybody, and right after that, the praise, then the reprimand, somebody was trying to benefit from it and do I have my suspicion, its better unsaid, I've been ruffling some feathers and I have the feeling my postings is not very welcome to everyone, what do you think ? It's difficult to stay on track because one gets sidetracked and I do get sidetracked, easily.
Gboy, thanks for the reminder, this is a Yamashita Treasure Hunting forum and I totally agree, next time I get off the line, Kick me in the ass, verbally of couse, won.t hurt me a bit.
I was following this water truck one day and on the back of the tank it reads "" WATER IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD "", do you guys agree? I laughed
and there is plenty of that where I was digging, and I agree, but the sad part is, nobody is buying that commodity, so, back to treasure hunting, and this is no shit. Smile fellas, who knows, you might hit the jackpot this year. And for the people here that is getting hyper, CHILL OUT !  

21 Jan 2006 @ 12:22 by Jef @ : Rudy
I think your the most sensible person in this forum.  

21 Jan 2006 @ 12:26 by Jef @ : Rudy
You are the most sensible person in this forum.  

21 Jan 2006 @ 12:31 by Jef @ : Moondrops
Hi there bro, just passing through my friend. TC!  

21 Jan 2006 @ 12:33 by Jef @ : Ming
Nice forum man, keep it up!  

21 Jan 2006 @ 12:44 by Jef @ : Speaking of the Devil
The earth is currently ruled over by angelic principalities and powers. Spiritual conflict is unseen but ongoing, with the holy angels often battling the fallen angels to fulfill God's will. Demons, the evil spirits of the departed nephilim, roam the earth tormenting and afflicting mankind.

The fallen angels and the demons will be fully unleashed on the earth during the end of this age, when God's wrath is vented on a sinning and unrepentant humanity. In the end, however, Christ will return and subjugate all who won't submit to God's authority, including Satan and the fallen host. Their punishment will be age-lasting destruction and refinement within the lake of fire. The disembodied spirits of the giants will eventually be destroyed forever.  

21 Jan 2006 @ 12:53 by Jef @ : God decides everything.
I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:
And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. Isaiah 45:2&3  

21 Jan 2006 @ 12:58 by Jef @ : The Greatest Treasure
"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field, the which when a man hath found, he hides, and for joy thereof goes and sells all that he hath, and buys that field." (Matt 13:44)  

21 Jan 2006 @ 13:00 by Jef @ : Where is your treasure?
"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Luke 12:34)  

21 Jan 2006 @ 13:10 by Jef @ : The Kingdom of Heaven
The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of pure gold, like transparent glass.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Revelation 21:21 NIV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

21 Jan 2006 @ 16:53 by goldlilly @ : Whale rescue in LONDON

Sat 21st Jan 2006, 15:50 GMT: The Northern Bottlenose whale has been moved by crane on to vessel MV Crossness which is now moving East down the Thames. Examination of the whale is continuing while it's making its journey and the vet is said to be "cautiously optimistic" at this stage. No decision has been made on whether or when it will be released yet, or where it will be released, if appropriate. The volunteers of BDMLR are doing a superb job and relying on their training and professionalism - thank you to them and all the agencies assisting us.

PUTNEY UPDATE: the cetacean found dead upstream at Putney has been tentatively identified as a Harbour Porpoise.


We'd like to thank everyone who has contacted and emailed us with messages and support. We are obviously *very* busy today and would like to thank you for your support - we'll get back to you as soon as we can!  

21 Jan 2006 @ 19:27 by Rudy @ : Jeff
You gave me too much credit but thanks anyway.  

21 Jan 2006 @ 23:54 by yamashita @ : gold
Gboy, papaano mo ma dril kung hindi mo alam kung saan nakabaon ang ginto ng hapon, huwag sabihin e drill lahat ang sampung hectare na lupa para makita mo lang ang sinasabing mong ginto, kapag ang ginto sa trunk siyempre kaya yan detect ng GPR unless walang alketran, dahil yung GPr ay electrical pulses wavelength na maari yang detect sa ilalim, kung may chemikal at rubber at alkitran, ang ginto papaano mo e detect dahil dahil non conductance yan, e kung sa traunk ng kahoy e bakit gamitan mo pa ng GPR, alam mo pala nandayan ang ginto, e huwag kanag gumamit ng GPR dahil no nobody can afford to buy thats a million in our money, at ikaw na lang ang maghukay at huwag kanag mag pasama ng iba, baka traidorin ka lang, kung mag treasure dapat may mapa ka ng hapon, dahil may kaibigan akong amrikano may dala dalang GPR at 5 million na nagasto nya, umuwi nalang ng amrika kahit kusing na kayamanan walang nakuha, if you want to chalenge Cark bakit mo sulatan, baka mapahiya ka lang, dahil the great inventor of detector ay takot sa challenge nya na $25,000 dollar, subukan mo sulatan baka dyan ka yayaman, malaki na yan sa peso, at ubusin mo ang gintong hapon, kasi ganyan kanan expert, huwag kang hambug sa salita, subukan mo si Carl i chalenge you, email him or puntahan mo site nya, tingnan natin hanggang saan ang laban mo.  

22 Jan 2006 @ 02:23 by goldlilly @ : japanese bastards
The rescue and later demise of the London Whale has focused World attention on these beautiful creatures . The events of the past few days in the UK have drawn praise and attention of the word community for the Great British Public and the struggle to recognise the awful injustices against these fellow mammals perpetrated by japanese scum ... who despite the international communitys outrage continue to slaughter these beautiful creatures by the thousands every year

Gboy I apologise for hijacking this forum to highlight this issue. But the very cavalier attitude of those slant eye inhuman scum has a bearing on the yamashita legacy ... Those bastard went around Asia in the 1940's Slaughtering raping and burning whereever they went. The so called yamashita treasue is stolen property. It does not belong to either japs or Pilipino's .

thou SHALT NOT STEAL ... Thou shalt not deal or prosper in/from stolen goods.
This is the law according to your god.

Destroy everything japanese ... nippon ... Fucking BASTARDS  

22 Jan 2006 @ 06:59 by Rudy @ : Forgiving
Something to poinder. How can the FATHER in Heaven forgive you if you cannot even forgive your Brother here on Earth?  

22 Jan 2006 @ 09:57 by justpassin @ : detectors
there was someone who took carls challenge about that... but ngayon si carl ang medyo umatras a company called "accurate locators" check it out in tnet theres also a video... i understand your outrage goldlily but that was war... and its over, way too long...time to heal...rudy thanks bro... but im for scientific recovery .,,(maybe if your dwende friends can help good for you!) were not that lucky to know some....wink...being observant in evrything is very important specially in this th thing its a 100 to 1 ratio gotta filter it happy hunting!  

22 Jan 2006 @ 21:21 by gride187 @ : gold buyer
we need a gold buyer (yamashita gold) is there someone can help  

22 Jan 2006 @ 21:29 by gride1878 @ : gold buyer
hey ed do you know anyone that buy's gold over in the philippines. we need someone that don't mess around and bullshit around when it comes to paying up. thank you please gave info if you can  

22 Jan 2006 @ 21:50 by yamashita @ : third eye
hindi ako maniwala dyan sa third or dwende na yan, dahil may kaibigan kaming nakilala na makikita nya ang ginto sa ilalim, naku kumuha kami ng dalawang backhoe, at nakita nanim ang malaking bato, at ang sabi sa loob ng bato daw, hanggand bumili ako ng Bristar, katakottakot dahil kaunti lang ang nabiyak at ginawa namin sinunog ang malaking bato at nilagyan ng malamig na bato, nahati ang bato at wala kaming kitang ginto, at ang sabi nya na takpan daw ng kumot then afterwards buksan daw after 3 hours, naku pag bukas namin bato parin, kaya nga grabe ang paniniwala ng may ari at lahat, sa thgird na yan, subalit nabigo ang paniniwala ng lahat dahil ang bato at bato pa rin, kaya nga kung maniwala ka, kawawa ang bulsa mo, we spend more less 300,000 pesos sa equipment kaya kalimtan mo ni si dewende at third eye  

23 Jan 2006 @ 02:18 by ed @ : goldlily and just passing
lets discuss morals...is there anything wrong with stealing something thats already stolen (and the real owner cant be found by the way)? furthermore, is there anything wrong with staling from theives? Maybe in this case, two wrongs make a right don't you think?

justpassin -- lemme ask you this, why make several boxes of fake anything when one will do? Why make fake abls at all if they are so hard to liquidate? Why not just make fake cash? Which underground syndicate do you think would be dumb enough to fake something controversial and difficult that it would lead to their arrest? Just asking.  

23 Jan 2006 @ 04:22 by Rudy @ : Yamashitas' Superman
Fortunately, I have never meet a person that can see what is below the ground, and for you to go all out on his Xray vision, like Superman, that is foolishness. I have heard rumors of people claiming to be that, even the real FM had one but that does'nt mean he have that power. 300,000 pesos down the drain, how much of that went to Superman? Well, that is another one of your fairy tales. You're not even a Treasure Hunter. My source says you are from Balibago, Pampanga, and at the time of your last posting, you were wearing dark pants and blue shirt, am I wrong? And you had sneekers at the time. Justpassin, I too rely on science to detect my finds thats' why I have a GPR from Okm that I bought from Accurate Locators more than a year ago. Do me a favor, when you posted "detectors", were you wearing brown pants and blue shirt with white, just checking the accuracy of my source,cannot ask verification from Yamashita because the truth is not in him, He is reading these and he is fuming. Your're Tagalog but your parents are not. Let me know where I erred. Wow, when one has time to squander, he gets to all kinds of mischief. Ha ha, but I am having fun. I'll go all out, Brian in Pangasinan and Jeff is in the Visayan region, go ahead, fire back, I got my flack jacket on.

23 Jan 2006 @ 05:21 by Gboy @ : questions and answer...

You ask me, how can i drill if there is a wide area like a few hectares....who said i will drill without geophysical survey? look at my post...I posted several "DREAM" geophysical instrument, that can map the whole area even as wide as town...and as deep as 1,200 meters...(wala na seguro ganun kalalim na Japs treasure)...it only mean one thing...in mining or geophysical equipment...EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE...no matter HOW WIDE THE AREA...OR HOW DEEP THE TARGET....
Sa mining technology ka kasi magresearch para dun ka makakita ng magaganda equipment that can be use for treasure hunting..,1990's pa lang, di pa uso ang internet....umaatend na ako sa mga mining seminar (i even used a fake mining company to get in, bcoz treasure hunter is not allowed the mining seminar in 1990's up to now..)...at nakiki usyoso ng mga hi-tech geo equipment that can be used for treasure hunting....kasi alam ko pag ordinaryo treasure equipment lang yan....ALAWS SILBI,...intiendes?

Regarding Carl....according to Nugget post, Carl challenge is about INEFFECTIVENESS of Long range Locator....I also never belive these equipment, i never posted LRL in my dream equipment...meaning...we both have the same observation... so no more need to challenge/email Carl...oks?

Yamashita is a stolen treasure....not for Japs or Filipinos...I dis agree...get into your museum....ALL THE ART TREASURE INSIDE YOUR MUSEUM ARE STOLEN FROM OTHER COUNTRIES AS WAR BOOTIES, BOUGHT ILLEGALLY ....etc.
GOLD TREASURES IN EVERY BANK....just transfer from one dictator, ruler, conqueror....to one another....in every centuries...

23 Jan 2006 @ 05:42 by Gboy @ : P.S.

If the gold bars is already inside the tree trunk, why still use the expensive GPR?....USE YOUR COMMON SENSE MAN....IF THE PERSON CAN AFFORD A GPR...Why not use it on tree trunk?
You said you knew an american who had a GPR and 5 miliion pesos...and still failure?...At sino naman ang ungasis nag sabi syo na pag may GPR at pera ka...guarantee na yon sa pagrecover ng treasure...aber? PANU KUNG PANGIT O MALALIM ANG SITE NYA....BEYOND THE CAPABILITY OF GPR TO DETECT OR LOCATE THE EXACT LOCATION?... NATURAL MAPOPORDOY SYA SA PAGHUKAY SA MALI SITE....mag isip2 ka muna bago ka bumatikos sa akin...hah? sentido kommon lang yaaaan...  

23 Jan 2006 @ 13:48 by The Negotiator @ : gride1878
just email me.  

23 Jan 2006 @ 13:54 by Jef @ : Rudy
Wrong about my location man, just here up north luzon drinking rice wine to heat up my cold and freezing tongue!  

24 Jan 2006 @ 00:14 by justpassin @ : ed and rudy
they were printing billions of dollars worth of wells fargo ed along with some abls .gbcs (the nbi got to them last year in an posh apt. in manila) you never know how brazen and wide these syndicates are!we did encounter some and seen their stuff, quite outrageous, but they never fool us ,their transactions reach nationwide maybe even overseas. even if the printers are caught... their stuff still circulate... cause somehow some people think its the real deal so they attempt....(mentioned in my earlier threads sorry i did not detail)rudy im sorry man, aint here to argue...but tell your friend jp doesnt wear brown pants....im a jeans guy... pure pinoy to the bone ,parents too...thanks anyway gosh ed i even met a man who said he was a son of marcos himself!with pictures to boot this guys successfully fooled millions of our people with his fraud foundation! caught realeased on bail nonetheless a millionaire!  

24 Jan 2006 @ 04:49 by ed @ : gride
plenty in binondo, just walk into any shop in escolta  

24 Jan 2006 @ 17:00 by mickey @ : ed
tol kta tayo sa pedro gil bukas lrt station mga 4 pm,u know my cel# just col me when u get there  

25 Jan 2006 @ 07:30 by ed @ : mickey
pare stil dont have my phone, i cant go later pare, im working on something hanggang mga 8 pm, sorry pare  

25 Jan 2006 @ 14:21 by Gospadiamond @ : Future Gpr from OKM (germany)
Hello, I have part of the plans of future I-160, anybody who seeks
informations on the head radar of I-160 (type of head), as well as
the program of the micro prosessor. Will know that I seek a serious
person who knows this technology perfectly. CONTACT:

26 Jan 2006 @ 03:47 by Brian @ : Ed and Mickey
Tol, relax lang ha. Ingat lang palagi tol! kita tayo pagmatapos kami dito, tag-ulan na naman dito eh! kung kelan makakatapos sana ngayon january, nadedelay pa dahil sa ulan.
Pare, masyado ka na ata busy... nagttext ako sayo, walang reply.  

26 Jan 2006 @ 03:56 by Brian @ : trixia and ngusong bwaya site
trixia: pwede ba malaman site mo?

cno kamang matanda ka, binigyan ka na nga ng site bakit sinolo mo pa? kuntento ka naba sa 3 drims? alam mo, marami sanang makikinabang dyan kung hindi ka gahaman! peste ka! well, mag ingat nalang kayo, military na ang nag-mamanman sa inyo dyan! nun una, pinagbawalan nyo yan opisyal na pumasok dyan, nun nakuha nyo sa kanya info tinira nyo na wala sya!  

26 Jan 2006 @ 04:02 by Brian @ : Rudy
Sorry, mali ka sa area ko nun time na tinawagan mo ako, nasa L.U. ako diba? :) Good luck!  

26 Jan 2006 @ 13:36 by johnny farnacio @ : tanong
mga kapatid alam ho ba niyo ang mga 7th diadi. kung sino mga to.  

26 Jan 2006 @ 16:19 by mickey @ : sir rudy
ip68-101-211-211.sd.sd.cox.net San Diego, CA, USA... sir and2 po b kayo ngayon?ask k lng po may GPR PO BA KYO? THANKS PO!!!!!  

26 Jan 2006 @ 19:36 by Rudy @ : Mickey
Yep, I'm here and I do have what you are asking,a gpr. What region are you located if in case you need assistance. I can only deviate so much from my operations area and I operate in northern Luzon. Check my 15Nov05 posting if you want to email me and give me just enough details why you think your site is positive. You can also give me a cell no. in case I need to text you, if you can trust me that much..
Jef, Brian, Justpasssin, I was just being devious in getting the information that I needed and it worked on Jef and Brian, but not on Yamashita, they gave me their location. What I am saying is somebody can get information from you without you thinking of the real reason why they want that info. No offense meant.  

27 Jan 2006 @ 00:59 by justpassin @ : "social engineering"
im aware of that rudy... from day 1 ,,,if ever i gave some info its because i want to...its because its needed... specially to people who are about to be decieved into something...that could drain off their hard earned pesos...specially in these hard times!good luck on your sites and happy huntin!  

27 Jan 2006 @ 04:36 by ex @ : gride187
pls check ur email.  

27 Jan 2006 @ 05:18 by ed @ : brian
forgot my phone pare, sorry. 1 week na wala  

27 Jan 2006 @ 07:19 by Brian @ : Ed
cge pare, kontakin mo nalang agad ako pag meron na.  

27 Jan 2006 @ 18:13 by mickey @ : rudy
hello sir!!
regarding po sa site positive po un site ko
i was on a region 3 of luzon kwento k lng po kc nung during wwII it was a japanese
garizon un lugar nmin before po un location ng bahay namin ay may
bahay ng kastila ginwang tirahan po un ng high ranking official ng
jap.imperial army sa gilid po ng bahay n un may lumang balon na kaskaho
adobe dun po un nakunan nmain ng heart shape na bato 4 pcs po
pyramid na bato din try ko po kyo padalan ng pictures.....i just want
be sure lng po kun saan location un item kc pumasok na po kmi sa ilalim
ng house namin so i had to stopped muna para mapagplanuhan mabuti un
site,mas mainam po kung may GPR may gamit din po ako na L STICK at
GTI 2500 but the problem is kpag malapit n un item d nya kaya i detect
im talking about the garret..so mas maganda po cguro kung may GPR n
magagamit at saka marami po na site d2 sa lugar ko ang kailangan lng eh
tamang gadget....kailan po ba kyo uwi ng pinas???para makauwi din po
ako ng and2 kyo stin....salamat po sir sa reply nyo!! GOD BLESS YOU

itinatry ko po magpadala s e-mail nyo kaso ayaw pumasok mailer daemon lumalabas ask nyo lng po kay brian at kay ed un e-mail add ko at cell # ko

brian.....tol wait kn lng go signal mo naka ready na kami sa equipment at transportation ingat lagi tol!!

ed...tol sayang di tayo nagkita manila medyo busy ka ata ngayon??just keep in touch pare  

28 Jan 2006 @ 06:16 by Rudy @ : Mickey
Ive read your earlier postings and correct me if I'm wrong, you're still referring to that site you mentioned earlier in Bulacan. Yep, that site is positive alright and the real McCoy got some of it but not all. I thought you and Ed had a communication going and he said he was going to send you some info to help you out. Brian said something about rain in his area, that means I'll stay here some more until the rain totally stops, kind of expensive and time consuming when one has to do his project and has to deal with the rain most of the time. I, kind of, enjoying the weather here, dry and cool. Yeah, I'll ask Brian your email or CP#.
You mentioned L Stick, not all people is gifted to use that but some people amazes me with that L Stick and nobody can explain how it works the way that I can understand. You know what I think, the LRL or Fitzgerald works the same way, they just added the electical boxes to make it more convincing and it would look HI-Tech. See Nugget, here's one that agrees with you, besides Carl of Geotech. Watch, I'll get some flack.  

29 Jan 2006 @ 00:25 by zldy @ : treasure advse
bai Brian,ed,cliffhanger&rtedpajero,gboy pls help hope you can read and advise me what to do pls.our area here letterw/numbers in bigstone engraved D1-23-51, O4-17-53,N2-25-55,7-27-57,from stone dig me3.5,7m,10.5m,to14mtrs. walaman,ug another area atabay 1m/sq. distance 1.5mtr.dig sab mi at6' kuha mihexagon nga bottle green,at 8'kita kahon nga paloshina wala sulod,at10'wala gihapon stop mi kay tubigan i believe you have an idea of this pls comment and help or punta kayo ditosa misoc.  

29 Jan 2006 @ 03:47 by emily homma @ : Need old walkie talkie AM Hz
Hello TH friends! If there's anyone here who has an old walkie talkie AM (not FM) and you don't need it anymore, kindly sell to me cheap. I'm pushing my brother (Electronics engineer)into creating a more effective detector just like the principle they used in their past fishfinder project, but to start with, according to him he needs this obsolete gadget. See, we can still utilize trash into something. My son has some kind of walkie talkie here too but I don't know if it would work. Bro has no chance to search for old items like this, so please contribute to this project by selling your old radio device. Who knows, when the machine is a success, you'll have big discount. Sell your scrap to me. And if somebody has tried McMaster pipe detector, could you please comment on its effectivity, please? By the way, if you need my Kanji Guide and other materials, email me at emilyhomma@yahoo.com
Happy THunting! Emily  

29 Jan 2006 @ 05:56 by Gboy @ : Updte...

Bangin na sampayan,
Dre...aksidenteng nakita at naakyat daw ni agta ang butas...niyakap pa daw niya si buntis na kalbo....marami nakakalat hinog na mangga...dre..pigain mo na kasi si sakang para mag bigay areps...pra kung kalmada...makaakyat tayo asap...  

29 Jan 2006 @ 17:31 by mickey @ : rudy
cge po wait kn lng e-mail nyo mhirap po kc mag post ng e-mail at phone number d2,malapit na po tag araw sana sa pag uwi nyo d2 sa pinas and2 din ako ng magkita tayo....salamat po sa inyo  

30 Jan 2006 @ 02:08 by roswell @ : for mickey
i have the most sophisticated gadget exp 5000 want to try mickey??  

30 Jan 2006 @ 03:20 by Gboy @ : Hoy UFO !
Roswell UFO...
This is not a celfon store forum that you can advertise your celfons...THIS IS A TREASURE FORUM....even if you advertise here a hundred times...NOBODY WILL BUT IT bcoz WE ARE TREASURE HUNTERS NOT CELFON TRADERS OKEEEEE? intiendes? you are wasting your time posting your products....  

30 Jan 2006 @ 04:39 by roswell @ : Gboy
You dont know what you are saying mr. Gboy please deeply research what kind of product i am mentioning. You dont know the person you are dealing with please stop pushing unnecesary words on me.  

30 Jan 2006 @ 18:48 by YAMASHITA @ : CELLPON

30 Jan 2006 @ 23:33 by justpassin @ : scam alert!!! the yd scam revealed!
often in th circles some syndicates try to push a 500 000 000 000 yugoslavian dinara note (500 billion)a bank note which is a real note..( they circulated during the hyper inflation days of the former yugoslavia and it could only buy 2 dozen eggs back then) somehow because its a high denomination note with big figures, syndicates printed fake letter of intructions... and gold bullion certificates (gbc)indicating that it supposedly came from marcos,,, this scam victimized so many innocent people and they still do it even to this day! so please if you ever come across this... be careful its better to just say no...  

31 Jan 2006 @ 03:58 by mickey @ : roswell
sir saan po ang location nyo???puede po ba natin subukan un gadget nyo???d2 lng po ako sa bulacan...paano po ang agreement s gpr nyo may bayad po ba or sharing na lng??thanks po ng marami  

31 Jan 2006 @ 04:22 by Gboy @ : Celfon agents

Wolfgang and Roswell...
HOY dun kayo magbenta ng mga celfon nyo sa Greenhills....istorbo at pasaway lang kayo sa mga treasure hunters d2....magsilayas kayo...#&*#@%$!!  

31 Jan 2006 @ 11:31 by Jason Bilog @ : Treasure hunting in Ifugfao Province
My hometown was the last stand of Gen. Tomoyoki Yamashita. Need somebody to help in recovering the treasure sites  

31 Jan 2006 @ 11:50 by roswell @ : stupid
Marami palang stupids and idiots dito especially Gboy. Kung may bayag ka Gboy sabihin mo kong saan tayo magtagpo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! punyeta ka!!!!!!!!
You have no discipline you animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

31 Jan 2006 @ 11:52 by roswell @ : Mickey
Kung kasama mo rin lang si Gboy hwag na. Treasure nyo lang treasure nyo.....  

31 Jan 2006 @ 14:57 by mitch_olaivar @ : meron dito
sinung meron detector sa inyo
bilisan na to
marami kasi masasamang tao sa lugar#09068354255  

31 Jan 2006 @ 15:58 by mickey @ : roswell
sorry po hindi ko kilala un c gboy,hindi ko po kasi u gali un makialam sa tao na hindi ko kilala....nagpadala po ako sa e mail nyo ng cell# ko txt nyo na lng ako kung interested po kayo na mag joint venture tayo kasi sandali lang po ako d2 sa atin..wag po kayo mag alala tao po ako kausap meet po tayo tapos kayo na po ang mag judge sana nga po makita nyo un site ko at ng masiyahan kayo..thanks po  

31 Jan 2006 @ 18:21 by eastwind @ : Rawang, Tanay Site
Guys...boylara, cliffhanger, brian, gboys. Been visiting and just reading your exchange of information and forum on this site so often and the forum was so very mind opening and interesting. Anyone of you, Anybody or somebody who knows this potental treasure site along Barangay Rawang /Rawang River, near Daranak falls, Tanay, Rizal? This lot area in boots form is bounded in triangulation with three mountains. Rocky stones in triangle formation facing the east in line with the mountain on top with former japanese flagpole. If somebody could have an operational map even a copy then we could be of help to each other. Just email me ( eastwindgld@yahoo.com.ph) Thanks.  

1 Feb 2006 @ 03:21 by Gboy @ : Roswell...challenge...
Roswell UFO,
Relllaaaxxxx.....wag ka masyado magalit...para kang bading eh...
Kung gusto mo ng away di mo na kailangan manggalaiti sa ngitngit...mawawala diskarte mo eh...bk matamaan ka ng uppercut o right cross n Gboy...o pumili ka pa armas mo...may kargado din tayo...
At exactly...Feb. 1 ...the whole afternoon...I will be in Park Square Makati
usually am in Sports shops...looking for camping eqp't....if you want to mess me...am free...ok?
Soo....no need to post...aksyon agad...o di ba?....punta ka ha?  

1 Feb 2006 @ 03:42 by boylara @ : mga pare ko
wala na naman kong cp..yun 3200 kinuha na nun nagpahiram sa akin..alam nyo naman itong kumpare nyo very poor ngayon..mga katropa ko sa spindle wla na yun ..dun na lang tayo sa ginawa kong forum..musta mga project natin........  

1 Feb 2006 @ 10:11 by emily homma @ : Relax everyone...New Story
Ahermmn, Sorry guys. Relax! Let's have a cup of tea.
We'll understand and communicate better if we are feeling comfortable and relaxed. We sometimes overlook things if we are in a hurry...tired...then...
Let's think twice (10 times sometimes) before we send our post, or review closely previous posts before we reply (now look who's talking). Negative forces are happy if they see people here exchange arguments like these.

To change the mood, here's my new story. I'm crossposting it for those who've not read it at treasure.net:

It's been 4 days now.
I can't believe my eyes...I am still looking at this old Japanese news magazine dated 1938 though it's been days now after I discovered a few sets of antique materials from an antique shop. EUREKA! Gotcha! So now I have concrete evidence...there are tunnels and there are lots of them.

In one picture. Jap and Fil soldiers dig inside a tunnel during this first phase of the war. The Jap. soldiers and engineers are using their "very sophisticated instrument" in digging...lots of trucks pass through a zig -zag road (Northern Luzon); the American forces bomb tha place, they say...Now I have new materials to tie my previous finding- a model of all Jap tunnels made from late 1930's translated ...with the two major methods used in the construction. So don't wonder why you often find cement during your drilling.

I don't want to just keep this to myself guys.Get your copy to study it for yourself. Anyway, if you want copies of the photos and some translations to captions, just ask for your copy from my bro. Added to the 30-page Kanji Guide, a few more pages of my latest research is yours (about 50 pages in all). But, (Sigh) I regret to have said that I'm charging just 500 PHP when I've spent about 1,500 PHP already per copy. Anyway, if you can add (or double the price), I can conduct further researches...If you can't, well, 500 pesos is better than nothing.

If you can't still get a grasp of Kanji, you need the whole map translated, so contact me/my team anytime.

As to the "summary" I promised to list...here goes:
1. It seems that there are 2 major types of markers and signs in YTH: for treasure and for graveyards
2. The way kanji characters are written depends on time, country being studied, purpose, and material
3. Although the Japanese prefer to use certain traditional construction methods in the past, difficulties made them realize to be flexible and make adjustments.
4. The Filipino people and the whole country sacrificed a lot during the war and helped the Japanese with lots of supplies, so we deserve to get what is left. ;)  

1 Feb 2006 @ 18:51 by Bong-Vhong @ : Why?
I like the idea of this Th forum, and the suggestions and insights are very knowledgeable. However it is hard to distinguish which are real and which are fake. So why dont we all meet, be a man, then we could all be friends, helping each other towards our goals, find and eliminate the FAKES. It is hard, but if we try, we can. What can you say guys?  

1 Feb 2006 @ 22:31 by mickey @ : roswell
sir if you have gpr it would be a big help from us kasi po na reach na namin un tunnel and we have plenty of sign recovered problema lng po gus2 ko maging precise un galaw namin,sna po reply kyo as soon as posible,thanks!!  

1 Feb 2006 @ 23:41 by ariel @ : totoo ba?
may tanong lng ako kasi may nag kuwento sa akin matanda may nakita siya bolang apoy tapos bumagsak sa lupa, parte ng magubat na bundok sa may southern luzon tinignan namin yung site parang positive kc medyo lumulbog yung lupa pag tinapakan. ang problema may may bahay sa paligid baka mapuna nila na may huhukayin kami, gusto ko lang malamam sa experienced hunter kung tutoo yung mtyh ng bolang apoy?  

2 Feb 2006 @ 02:48 by explorer @ : emily
you are a breath of fresh air to this site with your positive outlook and real contributions, keep on.  

2 Feb 2006 @ 04:02 by Gboy @ : Bolang apoy, TH meeting?
The bolang apoy na nakwento sayo ay posible....bulalakaw (meteor) or St. Elmos Fire (santilmo)...halos gases, chemical reaction from mineral/gases/ decaying faura/fauna.

TH meeting?...I don't think it will push tru...am been trying to do that eversince...NOBODY INTERESTED....kaya mag kanya2 na lang tayo ng diskarte...

Treasure hunters,
It pessed me off people trying to challenge me "personally" specially if its OUT OF TREASURE TOPIC, and I would like to remind them that I never back out if my ...personally dignity...is being challenge...kung NAKAYA ko ang harassment ng military, npa, native head hunters sa Sierra Madre...kayo pa kaya na mga pasaway lang...kaya next time for those who challenge me "personally" be careful what you wish for...kasi papalagan ko kayo.  

2 Feb 2006 @ 10:18 by Yamashita San @ : Gboy, Ed, Ulopong at iba pa
Ang yabang nyo. Lahat kayo puro daldal wala naman ginto sa pilipinas a? lalo na si gaboy ngork ng ngork na parang baboy sa forum na ito dami daw site wala naman na recover na isang site. Tama ba? Aminin????????????? hehehe  

2 Feb 2006 @ 10:33 by NewLandMetals @ : Buyer of Gold Bars

Subject : Preliminary Discussion

We recognize the above as pre-requisite to a good sale. Hence, we look forward to a pleasant and fruitful discussion.

We recognize that it is perfectly normal for us to have differences in opinion, concept, idea, etc. Therefore, we are open to a cordial and high degree of respect towards each other’s view and privacy.

We recognize that it is going to be a normal sales transaction, meaning, the seller will be able and willing to show the commodity for us to appreciate. Like all prospective buyers, we reserve the right to accept or reject.

We recognize that should we proceed with this transaction, we need to have a third party who is going to determine the right price, the ASSAYER who must be duly certified by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

If you find all the above statement acceptable, only then, may we proceed with the preliminary, otherwise, we just have to forget the whole thing.

Thank you.








For Undocumented but Documentable AU

1. Direct viewing & pre-assay of just one or two (1 or 2) bar(s) is necessary for test buy purposes.

2. Venue: Preferably in a neutral and safe place conveniently located near the bank(s).

3. Once the pre-assay test looks ok, we will call our official assayer to re-affirm the Au's fineness (999.9500% or better) & price at buyer's account.

4. If the official assayer says ok, we will arrange payment as agreed upon, immediately as possible within banking hours.

5. Subsequent transaction on a larger volume maybe arranged thereafter. A MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT (MOA) will be implemented.

6. We pay after assay on a per day basis at approximately 3 to 5 tons.

7. We pay premium for its price at LMER second London fixing on day of closing less 30% distributed as follows:

a. 20% Buyer's net discount
b. 10% commissions (for negotiators & intermediaries)
i. 5% Buyer's mandated group
ii. 5% Seller's mandated group

Interested parties, please contact us:
Email: nlm_7360@yahoo.com
Contact Number: 09202563235


Thank You and God bless.  

3 Feb 2006 @ 08:46 by Sensei @ : Roswell
Forgive Gboy bro, obviously " little knowledge is dangerous". I would just like to know if your EXP 5000 is for rent or free for a share, advise me naman bro. Your equipment is what we really need, that one is made from Germany right? One of the breaktrough equipment ever invented. Sana not for rent ang equipment mo. We really have a good site up north but we lack finance and the right equipment to use for it's succesful recovery.  

3 Feb 2006 @ 09:03 by Sensei @ : NewLandMetals
Maybe your company would like to venture with us. Digging your own gold for a year is better than selling others gold for a lifetime.

To all TH: Some of us here are negotiating metals without even seen a piece of them, they talk like they own the gold, they talk as if they have seen the metals, but sad truth is, they were just victims of syndicates who mastered their trade for decades who made them think there really was an item to be sold and these people are just hungry people who loves to lobby in the malls for a free meal and coffee that you could offer them. I hope Gboy is not one them. I just have the idea that Gboy is the one that I saw once I dropped by the "MALL", the one with the bald head with two large attache case full of documents.  

3 Feb 2006 @ 09:04 by explorer @ : In defense of Gboy
I have met Gboy and had a long chat with him and went over his 3 volumes of research and documentation. He may not be as articulate in expressing his thoughts or as polished in his language but I dont think it is fair to judge and lightly dismiss his knowledge which he has gained through painstaking effort and experience. True he may not have the resources and wherewhithal to go after the sites in his and cliffhangers inventory but pareng Gboy, cool ka lang. By summer baka matulungan na kita.  

3 Feb 2006 @ 09:15 by Gboy @ : gold proof?
Yamashita san...
Do you want proof that treasure exist? I will accompany you to AU holder who owns a treasure cave/tunnel...You don't have to bring money ...however, if he can produce and show to you several orig gold bars...what now? Are you willing to bet...your balls or head?

Treasure Hunters,
Am glad Ming had erased the "post of some celfon agents here"...walang personalan...treasure hunting topic lang...  

3 Feb 2006 @ 09:16 by Explorer @ : Let us respect each other
Let us respect each other and act civilized, refraining from insults, character assassinations, boasting, attacking the persons dignity etc. Let us stick to providing information, giving opinions or facts that can help the others succeed or caution them so they dont fail or be victimized by scams. If you have personal issues on a person or want to pick a fight, take your battle elsewhere or personally with the party concerned.

I think only those who have a good heart or a minimum of good will can really succeed in obtaining the treasures that we are after and benefit from them. Those who succeed because they cheat, confiscate, grab or are ill intentioned, may enjoy the fruits for a short time or will be the cause of their personal misery.  

3 Feb 2006 @ 09:37 by Gboy @ : Mall?
Sorry, I never go to the "mall" and have these endless transaction...am a treasure hunter/researcher...am always belong to the field.

Our natives assets are eager to accompany us and explore their open cave sites...hopefully we can do it soon....before other treasure hunter group can convince these treasure assets to go with them...baka masulot pa tayo ng iba grupo...malaking sayang...
Nagtext kahapon yong asset ko...yong isang au source natin nasilat ng chinese buyer...nakabili sila ng 6 pcs...sayang napakamura lang nun (isa taon namin inabangan yon bumaba para magbenta...sayang tayo sana nakabili nun)...pero di bale...marami pa tayo dyan sa tabi2....areps2 lang yan.  

4 Feb 2006 @ 02:55 by Gboy @ : comment on mark site...

May naghukay ng yamashita treasure pero bakit wala nakuha? Baka kasi mali ang site nila at wala talaga treasure nakabaon dyan...or baka positive ang site pero walang capability(budget/eqp't) ang grupo makahanap at makakuha ng treasure.... napakarami dahilan para pumalpak sa treasure hunting...99% sa mga nagpopost dito wala pa nakuha treasure...kaya pwede mo rin tanungin sila kung bakit...  

4 Feb 2006 @ 14:36 by trueseeker91 @ : mabuhay ang tunay!
to sir justpassin (jp)salamat po sa mga expose nyo.... tama po kayo buti nalang at di kami naloko at naturuan nyo kami ng tama...sa totoo lang po binabasa namin ang mga comments nyo... tama po kayo... may saysay po di tulad ng iba mayayabang pa sana po dumami ang mga katulad nyo sa forum na ito ! email kopo kayo meet po tayo ng grupo namin dito lang po sa north marami po tayong paguusapan kung pwede lang po...  

5 Feb 2006 @ 04:36 by zaldy @ : treasure
hello gud am. to all bai Brian,Ed,Cliff, red gboy,& boylara.yong advise or suggestion,comment sa area namin dito,may ika advise ba kayo? tulongan nyo naman kami dito,posible bang sa spanish ito?or what? Pls. .. I repeat the site engrave sa bato letters w/nos. D 1-23-51, O 4-17-53, N 2-25-55, 7-27-57. at sa isang site may atabay measure ko 1.5mtr.west,then dig, at 6-8' we found bottle green color hexagon form ang bottom,then box of paloshina,cont., me digging at10' wala gihapon undangan sa namo karon. we need your advise this two site pls.We dig the first site /area, we found engraved circle at 3'deep 3.5mtrs.distance from the tree nangka. we stop now coz we wait of your advise/suggestion nga until now wala pa man gyod bai? pls. help. or you can call me sa akong g-dutyhan karon or at night time. 0885311231 e-mail zsmmoc@yahoo.co.ph  

5 Feb 2006 @ 07:41 by zaldy @ : advise/comment
Gud Pm. BRIAN,CLIFF,ED,REDPJERO,BOYLRA,$GBOY, yong payo na hiningi ko sa inyo bahin sa aming site dito di nyo pa nabasa? maawa naman kayo BRO...dinhi lang ang advise nyo sa akin kasi dito ako naka-abang pagmay pambili ako ng card sa nternet.Those engraved letters and numbers were facing North.and the Atabay was another site doon ako muntik natabunan buti na lang12'pa ang deep, at mabuhangin ang area.As of now stop operation sa mi.I repeat Pls. help naman kayo, bro....  

5 Feb 2006 @ 10:34 by zaldy @ : advise/comment
gud pm. BRIAN,CLIFF,ED,REDPJERO,BOYLRA,&GBOY.nasa area pa kayo kumusta na?bakit wala pang sumagot sa mga tanong ko? Busy kayo? Sana pagnabasa ninyo ang message ko,dito rin sana ninyo sagutin ang mga katanungan ko...at sana matulungan nyo ako.  

5 Feb 2006 @ 15:47 by zaldy @ : Brian,Cliffhanger,Redpjero,Boylara,Gboy.
I'll wait of your response, kung sakaling ma-read nyo ito,yong mga sinasabi ko lahat yan ay totoo.Yong isang area nadig namin may heartnakaukit sa nangka atmay cross sa itaas, 3tress kasi yon gitna yong nangka,that's enough baka Busy siguro kayo sa area nyo,sana pag-open na kayo sagutin nyo, tulungan nyo kami dito. thanks....wait you here ...  

6 Feb 2006 @ 05:02 by yamashita's @ : au
kung gusto nyo mag binta ng ginto, doon sa central bank, ang gawin mo, yu hav to deformed first the gold, lahat ng ginto galing sa tagum, at diwalwal, at boringot doon binibinta sa Central bank davao, but the goverment will get 30% off for the taxes, and remaining sa yo na yan, but bago mangyari yan ipapadala yung lahat ng ginto sa question ng airplain at doon e assay then thats the thing na, bayaran ka ng government, huwag kang kayong matakot at legal yan, at walang dayaan, dahil lahat ng galing sa mga may tunnel doon na ibinibinta, so bakit hanaphanap pa kayo ng agent or forigner at lahat iyan ay peke lang, actaully hindi yan tutou, maraming na akong kaibigan sa na peke sa ganyang transaction, huwag mo nang paherapan ang sarili mo sa pagbenta, at huwag kang magpaloko sa mga manloloko ok  

6 Feb 2006 @ 05:05 by yamashita's @ : gold transaction
kung gusto nyo mag binta ng ginto, doon sa central bank, ang gawin mo, yu hav to deformed first the gold, lahat ng ginto galing sa tagum, at diwalwal, at boringot doon binibinta sa Central bank davao, but the goverment will get 30% off for the taxes, and remaining sa yo na yan, but bago mangyari yan ipapadala yung lahat ng ginto sa question city manila ng eroplano at doon e assay then thats the thing na, bayaran ka ng government, huwag kang kayong matakot at legal yan, at walang dayaan, dahil lahat ng galing sa mga may tunnel doon na ibinibinta, so bakit hanaphanap pa kayo ng agent or forigner at lahat iyan ay peke lang, actaully hindi yan tutou, maraming na akong kaibigan sa na peke sa ganyang transaction, huwag mo nang paherapan ang sarili mo sa pagbenta, at huwag kang magpaloko sa mga manloloko ok

Your Name  

6 Feb 2006 @ 07:02 by Ed @ : Yamashita San
I D I O T  

6 Feb 2006 @ 07:07 by Ed @ : Zaldy
get the location of your site, town and municipality, email brian and ask him about your site. He can help you.  

6 Feb 2006 @ 07:10 by Ed @ : Yamashita San
1.Go to the nearest facsimile machine
2.Write down the phone number of the fax
3.Find another facsimile machine
4.Write a message on a piece of paper
5.Put it in the facsimile machine,
6.Dial the number you just wrote down and ...

G O F A X Y OU R S E L F  

6 Feb 2006 @ 07:55 by Brian @ : Zaldy
Yong isang area nadig namin may heartnakaukit sa nangka atmay cross sa itaas, 3tress kasi yon gitna yong nangka...-----Hinukay nyo rin ba yon nangka? yun nasa gitna. at gaano kalaki yon puno ng nangka? meron kc dito, manga naman nakaukit heart,yon tapat mismo ng heart nilagay 7 bars. yon naman nahukayan mo ng bote,saan nakaharap yon nguso? ingat lang sa bombs.

we found engraved circle at 3'deep 3.5mtrs.distance from the tree nangka-----means nasa paligid ang objects.ang tanong,saan sa paligid db? find arrows,or for example may bato na medyo malaki then may basag sa kaliwa,so yun itemsnasakaliwa rin kung saan naka harap yon basag. pero kung yun basag nya ma parang mga hagdan,makikit nyo naman sa kaliwa ay hagdan papunta sa items. Di ko po sinasabi na expert ako sa T.Hunting,sir.
Re sa letters with numbers, check ko muna kung ano tlga yan pero may naisip na ako kung ano yan and gusto ko lang makasiguro. kung pareho yan sa list namin,malalaman ko ang location mo. God blessus all!  

6 Feb 2006 @ 07:59 by Brian @ : Cliffhanger
Tol, i think it's time na para kunin yon nasa falls. marami na masyado naghahanap sa site na yon,ang sabi mo dati may mga gamit ka na para sa falls na yon db?so, kindly call me asap. pasyal ka ditopara mapag usapan natin ng personal or txt/call ka then usap tayo. sana sa madaling panahon na tol. happy hunting!  

6 Feb 2006 @ 08:14 by Brian @ : Zaldy
D 1-23-51,December? O 4-17-53,-October? N 2-25-55, 7-27-57-November? bka ganyan yan? :)  

6 Feb 2006 @ 08:26 by Brian @ : Gusto nyo makakita ng Gold Bars(s)?
Hindi sa pagyayabang, magpunta kayo dito at assay nyo,khit tunawin nyo,tadtarin nyo,walang hihingin na pera sa inyo.pag kuntento na kayo, deretso nyo sa bank at doon nyo na bayaran. make surelang na kaya ng buyernyo bayaran. 1 time nadamay pa ata ako sa isyu na "baliw,fake etc" dito sa forum, now halika at tignan mo ang Au,at kung tunay bayaran nyo.atbilang kapalit sa madaldal nyong bunganga,isampal pa nila sa inyo ang ginto gusto nyo? ang mensaheng ito ay para lang sa mga maninirang tao! ilang gold ba hanap nyo? sabihin nyo lang! badtrip. sa mga nakausap ko dito re Au,meron sainyo di naniniwalaalam ko yon.ano na ngayon? punta na kayo dito, hwag na patagalin. Good luck sa Treasure Hunters!  

6 Feb 2006 @ 09:14 by Ed @ : Dear Ms. Homma
Quoted from your pots: can't believe my eyes...I am still looking at this old Japanese news magazine dated 1938 though it's been days now after I discovered a few sets of antique materials from an antique shop. EUREKA! Gotcha! So now I have concrete evidence...there are tunnels and there are lots of them.

In one picture. Jap and Fil soldiers dig inside a tunnel during this first phase of the war. The Jap. soldiers and engineers are using their "very sophisticated instrument" in digging...lots of trucks pass through a zig -zag road (Northern Luzon); the American forces bomb tha place, they say...Now I have new materials to tie my previous finding- a model of all Jap tunnels made from late 1930's translated ...with the two major methods used in the construction. So don't wonder why you often find cement during your drilling.

Japanese news magazine in 1938 with American Forces bombing the place? Didn't the war start in december 1941? with regard to bombing-- the americans were not able to bomb anything in North Luzon until 1944. All their bombers were destroyed in Clark Field. Do you mean artillery? Uncle Douglas' artillery was mostly confined around Manila and Corregidor. Baka mortar? In any case how can the magazine be dated 1938?  

6 Feb 2006 @ 15:29 by mickey @ : brian
tol cool lang!!!hayaan m cla mamatay sa ingit!!maraming taong sakim at gahaman alam mo na ibig kong sabihin.......ingat lang lagi tol sa mga kausap na tao  

6 Feb 2006 @ 17:10 by zaldy @ : BRIAN, AND ED.
Gud Pm. maraming,maraming,salamat at nabasa nyo rin ang hiningi kong tulong sa inyo, akala ko ay hindi nyo ako pansinin,Sorry nga pala na ngayon ko pa nabasa ang respose nyo.Bai Brian ,Ed,.12Mdnte kasi ang duty ko,Sguard po ako, at 8:am ang off ko.At at 10:am papunta na ako sa site, up to 6-pm.At location ko ay Mindanao, Mis.Occ.,Oroquieta City.at sa operation namin ay sariling hikap or baon.At tama ka Sir Brian yan din ang sinubukan ko sa may naka-engrave na bato w/numbers at ginamit ko dito ay compass,month of Dec.05, for the location of no.23at S/E.hindi namin hinukay yon for reference,No.7 sa east,at nakita ko yong parang ulo ng baka may mata ilong at bbig,at sa gilid ilalim may buho parang bulsa,atmay tatlong malaking bato measure, 7mtr,ang pangalawa 7mtrs distance gitna dalawa ang nag-abay/nakatanday, yong pangatlo dako almost 9mtrs.
ang dstance.Sa N/W may hinukat kami 7mtrs. rin ang distance from the enggraved letters w/# kay may pormang bakokang/bug ang katawan,at 3'may nakita kaming lanta na kahoy gabok na kaayo at 6'nakita namin yong parang ulo ng playboy,stop namin kasi negative, balhin mi sa North 14mtrs. dig. at 1'nakita namin yon parang circleor oblong kaya lang at 3'tubigan na hirap,stop sa mi. okey lang.At yong doon sa isang site malapit ra man 300+mtrs.,ang layo gikan sa sitedoon kahoy na balobo iwan kong ano ang tawag sa tagalog hardwood na kahoynakalinya yon, gitna ang nangka na may naka-ukit na heartmay crosss,at dapdap-yong dapdap pula ang bulaklak tuwing march lang yong mamulaklak, 5mtrs each distance, hinukay namin yong nangka at 6' wala man, kaya pa north ako 3.5mtrs. at 3'deep yong circle na may arrow pababa,enopen cut namin yong buho wala gihapon. stop namin balik ko sa nangkapa S/E ko nakita ko yong maliit na lapa-lapa na sapatos ng bata. hindi lang namin hinukay for reference din. SA NANGKA IPADAYON BA TO NAMO UG KALOT/HUKAY AT WHAT DEEP?At yong may bote green color 12"ang taas na malakilaki lang sa tinapa ang nguso baba ba yon? nakataub pero tindigang puwit sa itaas doon ako muntik nang natabunan kasi sandy yong area,matubig kasi, at sa ngayong stop sa mi sa opration mag-isang buwan na.at nagscan ako sa nternet matagal-tagal narin, buti na lang nakita ko ang furom na ito at enivaluate ko ang mga nakalog kung sino-sino ang nagsabi ng totooat paano , at kayo ang napili ko na mapagkatiwalaan sa ganitong uri na pinakahirap na trabaho lalo na kong sarili lang ang ginagasto. Sa totoo lang matagal na rin akong nag treashunting may finacer, nakita namin yong cemento with 32dia may taas na 32" at may butas sa ilalim na 8"x12"x8" umuwi kami dahil buntag na sabi sa tauhan ng financer babalikan mamaya pagka gabi,kaya with trust on them, uwi din kami.pero pagbalik namin sus!!! wala na!!! Hindi lang yan Sir, hindi kami nawalan ng PAG-ASA. AT SANA DITO SA FUROM NA ITO NASIGLA AKONG MULI. AT SANA KAYO SIR HINDI MAGSAWA SA PAGTULONG SA AMIN. DI LANG KO MAGSAAD NINYO.

at tama  

6 Feb 2006 @ 18:03 by ZALDY @ : BRIAN AND ED
SORRY nga nataastaasan ko ang pagsulti,kahit pagtawanan ako dito sa colum, okey lang walang problema sa aking yong, sabagay totoo man ang sinabi ko.kahit dito may ganon rin,bugalbugal.kutya ba yon sa tagalog. pero okey lang hindi kasi nakakita o nakaranas. Sir, Brian, Ed, yong bang sa may bote laliman pa yon sa paghukay? at may bomb ba yon?atsa bato may nakaengraved/kulit facing north yon. yon kalot/hukay namin ay maramirami narin maximum deep namin ay 4'to 6'mabaw pa yon?rolling kasi ang area gahi ang yuta inistop namin kung ang yuta/soil wala matandog or disturb,atsa basakan/bukid N/E 35mtrs.from the ref.points digging may nakita kaming kahoy malaki at taas,barrel kadako ang diameter sa ilalim na yon at 6'.guba yon chainbloc namin kaya inistop madaghan rin tubig,kaya doon kami sa mala. I drawn the location site w/ degrees and mesurements,in every kalot/hukay.this coming march up to June wala pa koy setting.at January and Febuary wala pa mi gasugod sa kalot/hukay. kay nagdaro/araro sa basakan ang uban namong kasama. SANA SIR BRIAN, ED, matulungan nyo kami dito at hindi kayo magsawa ba.,as of now online of duty ko, up to 8am.  

7 Feb 2006 @ 00:15 by Ed @ : Zaldy
Sir, military ka ba before? Ngano man gikalot ninyo kanang site dinha? Naa ba mo map, o naa ba mo pointer? Kan-kinsa man kanang yuta na inyo gina kalot?

Suggestion ko lang bai, strict radio silence ta for this forum. E-mail si brian privately kay daghan man diri tonto ba. Good luck bai. Semper fi.  

7 Feb 2006 @ 04:30 by emily homma @ : issued 1943, mag publication started1938
Thanks Ed,
I thought I've posted my correction here too, not only in Treasurenet. I made the correction the other day yet at Treasurenet but forgot it here. Sorry.

Sometimes, I feel annoyed reading "personal attacks" here, that I feel more comfortable reading other formal related forums, thus avoiding this site lately. So I forgot to post it, GOMEN! And thank you Ed for your being quick witted.

As with the material dated 1938, my younger translators translated it that way, but when the oldest guy came and reread the magazine, to our surprise, he said the old way to read it was 1943. There are old and modern ways of reading kanji, that's why. At first I really couldn't believe that the Japs were there as early as 1938, although lots of J businessmen were already in Baguio and Manila around 1930's.

Other corrections in reading/transcribing:
Tanna Tunnel not Atama tunnel
ryo, ken : not house or community but kilometer

I was just slow in posting the correction, sorry.

This happens not only in translating articles but also in map reading: a young reader's interpretation differs from that of the older generation.

7 Feb 2006 @ 07:53 by emily homma @ : New ideas...What's Black Powder Poison?
Many have raised questions on how to dig safely without getting into the poison trap. That's also a big question for me; my relatives and barrio folks have been searching for answers for a long time now since stories in nearby communities tell of strong poison that actually killed one excavator recently.

Here's the tip (my personal view): If the Nips have dug tunnels not only for their safe mobilization but also to extract mineral deposits in Phil. to finance and support their needs during the war, the type of ores and metals must have been the sources of various types of poison used to safeguard the "precious loots". As that magazine stated (some photos proved it, April 11, 1943) the Japanese and Filipinos mined hand in hand for copper, manganese, chrome, zinc, etc. Considering "black powder" poison was one of the concoctions, any of these minerals with carbon oxide in them to form compounds, and certain impurities or concentration could really create natural poison that didn't need any laboratory processes. Some of these poisons could paralyze the respiratory system and coud lead to immediate....But yould ask. How could soldiers and engineers dig while fighting the war? It was a MUST. pHIL. WAS THE ONLY SOURCE OF THE MUCH NEEDED SUPPLIES. But that happened really...you would even laugh at their "sense of humor" using a "sophisticated weapon" in digging. Well, not really sophisticated, you'll find out ;-)

Plutonium, as others suspected, could not possibly be that poison as it was discovered in USA in 1938, and not used in Japan at that time yet.Unless it was the Germans who brought and shared it to the Jap...If that's the case, water is your best friend; it supresses the contamination and controls the spread of the deadly gas.

Do your own research about what chemicals can be produced out of these minerals mentioned above. Chemists can help a lot. Buy a contamination gauge just like what the Nuclear plants use and equip yourself with gas masks, suits like "frog men's" thick suits that prevent poison penetration. That's all for now. Be safe out there!

7 Feb 2006 @ 09:15 by yamashita @ : Ed
Ed gago idiot ka rin.  

7 Feb 2006 @ 09:29 by yamashita @ : Ed/Gboy baboy
Ed ulol ka at gago, tarantado, kala mo kung sino ka magaling. ikaw gaboy dami ka daldal na ginto wala ka naman nakuha ni isa. Sinungaling ka at sindikato ka bay. Buti pa tumahhimik ka sa forum na ito okey?  

7 Feb 2006 @ 09:50 by Ed @ : yamashita san
Hey...youre back. Well what happend? Faxed yourself already?  

7 Feb 2006 @ 09:57 by Ed @ : yamashita san and everyone
Hey what school did you graduate from? Or did you graduate at all? Didn't they teach you any manners ha? Didn't your mom care enough to teach you proper decorum? Maybe you were physically abused as a child or you fell on your head?

people, yamashita san doesn't want to tell you but he got kicked out of harvard and he had to enroll at mababang paaralan nang san andres bukid. When that happened, the average IQ of both schools increased by 100%. Isn't that right classmate?  

7 Feb 2006 @ 11:58 by Sensei @ : Best Deal
If I would have had recovered some precious metals... Bangko Sentral is the only buyer I want to sell my commodities with. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the only establishment in the Philippines who is a member of the London Bullion Metal Association(LBMA), and the only legal entity that can give you a bulk of clean money.

If I were you people... negotiate with an insider in the Central Bank.  

7 Feb 2006 @ 16:43 by zaldy @ : BRIAN & ED.
Gud midnight Sir, Brian and Sir Ed. I'm not a military nor official of any gov't and private agency I' an ordinary citizen. It's true... before gov't employee ko, nag-resign ko for my aging father since 1989 and he was a volunteer during WWII, he pass away lated 2003.here,at present S/G ako, sec.guard ba. About the area the ownner is our co., kaya lang sa ngayon nag-araro mag-uuma man gud dayon tanom/tanim ng humay or palay, after that event by mid or first week of March this year, balik na sab mi sa operation/tarbaho sa area, and about the map we have here,pero dili ni mao ang among gi-tarbaho karon., kining site it's only base on the pointer that I located thru my little knowledge and experience for the past years,To: Sir Ed,Brian pasagda-i nang uban nga nagbugal-bugal kutya ba yong sa tagalog wala man gud na kasabot sa unsa man kalisod/kahirap ang ganito lalo na kung sa isip nila guni-guni lang pabayaan na lang sila.Anyway doon sa area sinasabi kong nangka as base of my reference, may nakita akong ulo ng ibon kulit S/E,pero hanggan leeg lang, facing N/E. at doon rin ang maliit na korteng sapatos/sinilas ng maliit na bata N/E 35mtrs.distance,at west naman yong nangka.Sir Brian and Ed I repeat ordinary citizens kami, ayaw namin na may military sa operation namin.at lalong ayaw namin sa opration na may baril! yong normal lang.okey na. Sa ngayong nagduty ko, nightshift. Sir Brian and Ed,sana matulungan nyo ako dito para makaahon /o makasalbar man lang sa kalisod ba. Anyway, I'm married with four children. and Please I repeat tulungan ninyo ako. GUD AM.  

7 Feb 2006 @ 17:15 by zaldy @ : BRIAN & ED.
Sir BRIAN, ED, yong bato na may engraved letters and numbers wala pa namo hukaya or kalota, amo tong hukayon? o may corresponding distance asa dapit sa North ba or n/e, East or S/E, South or S/E, South or S/W, West or N/W, in what distance, degree ? tabangi ko,kay 9holes na ang hukay namin measured 6mtrs.square kadako ang among kalot diri depth of 4 to 6' only, except kong may makita mi nga makapabuhi sa dugo, mo-maximum mi ug eightfeet. Mabaw pa yon? PLEASE REPLY.  

7 Feb 2006 @ 17:17 by zaldy @ : BRIAN & ED.
Sir BRIAN, ED, yong bato na may engraved letters and numbers wala pa namo hukaya or kalota, amo tong hukayon? o may corresponding distance asa dapit sa North ba or n/e, East or S/E, South or S/E, South or S/W, West or N/W, in what distance, degree ? tabangi ko,kay 9holes pa man ang among na hukay namin measured 6mtrs.square kadako, sa among kalot diri depth of 4 to 6' only, except kong may makita mi nga makapabuhi sa dugo, mo-maximum mi ug eightfeet. Mabaw pa yon? PLEASE REPLY.  

8 Feb 2006 @ 00:24 by Ed @ : Sensei
If the central bank is legit, why go thru an insider as you stated?  

8 Feb 2006 @ 00:39 by ed @ : zaldy
bai, kasabot ko na lisod kanang imo ginahimo. To minimize costs ayaw pag kalot muna, get all the info and tips from brian bai. Dili kinhanglan sophisticated equipment, kinhanglan lang correct ang imo kalot. Good luck bai.  

8 Feb 2006 @ 04:15 by Gboy @ : Treasure comments...

Sorry for not posting replies ASAP, were chatting with our prospect funders and sending some team for exploration...The numbers looks certain dates...in 1950's....maybe thats not a treasure site...it would be best to reconfirm it with eqp't.
The Nangka tree you mentioned...am not expert or meticoulous in solving puzzles of the Japs markers...our team usually look for the basic mark like x , triangle or arrows and rectangle, etc....wherein no more need for solving Japs marker puzzle or riddles...meaning we concentrate more on "easier to understand markers"...and usually those are the "easier" markers of treasure sites we gathered thru these years...sorry ha, di na manin pinapansin or nirereject namin agad ang treasure site, pag tantaya namin di namin maintindihan...anyway marami pa naman kami madadali sites para dun kami magconcentrate, lalo na yon bbasagin semento, metal box, open cave sites,etc...thats why...we are not expert in solving those Japs markers puzzle/riddles...our exposure/knowledge is limited on these Japs markers/riddles...sa totoo lang, ok?

Cliffahanger arrives yesterday from davao, and I gave him his backpack and sit harness, he went to mountains today,he will wait our native au asset to look and buy cheap gold bars sample...if were are lucky...then thats the only time our team can have budget and possibly operate our waterfalls treasure sites projects...and other open cave haulings.
We sent already two team...one for cheap au buy/sell...and the second team are already hiking...looking for the metal box underwater infront of the waterfalls...We know there are several groups looking for waterfalls sites...its okey, we have many waterfalls sites...pagalingan na lang ng diskarte...
I refrain cliff from posting here bcoz he didn't gain anything, i prefer him on the mountains always...besides according to him, he is being monitored already..so..i text/communicate with him on his new cel number now...

yamashita san,
Kawawa ka naman,kulang ka na sa pansin,ok papansinin na kita...paaakkk! oks ba?
solve ka na?  

8 Feb 2006 @ 05:06 by Bong - Vhong @ : Need suggestions
Hello guys, may mabilis lang akong tanong. I would appreciate it kung makabigay kyo ng tips. here it goes. Ang kasintahan ko ay nanaginip tungkol sa lugar sa farm ko na may butas, tapos kinalikut nya ung lupa at lumabas ang a thousand yellow birds. Pag gising nya, she was sure na alam nya ang lugar na nakita nya sa panaginip. Anyway, hinanap nya ang lugar ng panaginip which is within the vicinities of my farm. she was sure na un na yung spot na un.She said, God if this is true, show me a sigh. right den and den, bumagsak sa harap nya ang isang branch ng puno. So she told me the story, pero wow, panaginip lang. anyway, I had a friend who dropped by with a gold detector. I dont know what model or anything. but this friend of mine, pointed the exact spot where the dream was. Sakatabi nung spot, may tinuro syang marker na pagong daw. Di naman mukang pagong, mukang bato lang na may nakaturo san banda ung spot na tinuro ng gld detector at nung panaginip. Gusto ko na to hukayin, pero di ko alam kung ano ba ang sasagasaan ko. Baka ako pa ma dedo. Ano kya mga interpretasyon ng mga experienced th dito. Im only 22 and di pa nakakahukay ng kahit ano. pero palagi kong sinusubaybayan ang forum na ito at bka makapulot ng info. pls help. thanks  

8 Feb 2006 @ 05:35 by boylara @ : yamashita hehehehe
wag nyo ng pansinin si yamashita...KSP yan walang alam sa topic tungkol sa treasure hunting....alam nyo naman mga ganyan na tao di na kailangan pansinin...kaya mga katropa...tama na..WAG nyo ng pansinin....GUd news mga kasama...may 6 na bars narecover sa quezon province last week...buti na lang di nalaman ng mga buwisit na nsa gobierno at mga militar..ayun, nag hahanap na sila ng buyer..6.23 kilos bigat mga 22karats ...yun pics...secret ..paano ko nalaman...secret......sino nakakuha..bahala na kayo mag hahanap...hahahahahahaha....ibig sabihin totoo may TREASURE..dats it...idiot..musta na mga magaling kong kumapare....ed, brian, badz, vic, jerz, gboy, red etc,....  

8 Feb 2006 @ 06:22 by gilbert @ : to alarishi
Sana matulungan mo kami on what is the best detector, kasi we are planning to buy the accurate locator "GPR" and the "Imager", eh baka waste of money lang. we already used a garret pinpointer and the PULSE STAR 2 (dalawa na ang nasira naming Pulse Star 2 kasi nahulog sa digging site), at tama ka pag nakabalot sa alkitran ung object, hindi namin madetermine. we have been in this hunting since 1997. please help kung ano ang the best na scanner  

8 Feb 2006 @ 06:32 by GILBERT @ : to emily homma
I am interested in your kanji work, how can i avail it  

8 Feb 2006 @ 08:24 by Cliffhanger @ : AM IN SIERRA MADRE
To all Treasure Hunters;
Am back in Sierra Madre to resume our quest ssince Jan 20 and we had four(4)trying to penetrate areas where some gold are already in the position of several holder but these bad weather in Aurora and Isabela is too much for us we almost lost one team when there pumpboat over turn due to the big waves in the pacific Ocean goin to Maconacon lucky all of them survive.We fully believed it's only this Bad weather STANDS between our group,team to have those gold
fells into your hands..Kailangan talaga tiyaga,mahabang pasensya,at totoon contact.Cge mga parts,friends Exit na ako kasi may bibilihin pa aKO mga gamit .
12 hrs pa byahi ko bukas sana walang baha at landslide..HAPPY HUNTING SANA SUCCESSFULL DIN KAYO O TAYONG LAHAT SA VENTURE NA ITO..  

8 Feb 2006 @ 08:43 by rudy @ : converging
Brian, my source says you are a few miles west of Baguio but what is bothering me is Yamashita , Zaldy and Bong Vhong is in the same area, what is going on, did you guys team up ? I can't see you teaming up with Yam because of your negative remarks in retaliation to his negative postings but I am warning you, he is in your area so heads up. You and the individuals I mentioned is in the same latitude and longitude and thats near Baguio City.  

8 Feb 2006 @ 11:54 by justpassin @ : scams galore
to trueseeker91and co. tnx! glad to be of assistance...glad to know you werent victimized, in our desire to expose d bone of reality amidst well disguised lies its natural to make more enemies and a few allies...more gold scams comin up...all are documented articles from media i compiled for reference purposes, modus operandis etc,s coming soon.. to guide people so as not to fall victims to unscrupulous criminals...we will probably meet tis summer medyo busy lang po kasi tayo sa business...if im ever going sooner, will let you know....goodluck! more power!  

8 Feb 2006 @ 13:09 by Bong Vhong @ : Im here!
ey rudy wats up? wala akong ka team dito. Solo lang ako, 8 hrs away from baguio. Ang tanong ko lang kanina ay for personal advise lang and info. un lang. ok!  

8 Feb 2006 @ 15:46 by zaldy @ : GBOY TREASURE COMMENTS-
Sir GBOY salamat sa comments/advise mo,its okey no problema, pero yong signs/symbols basic like X triangle,arrow,atb.,marami yan dito, ang problema lang how to locate the fix deposit,sa N or N/E ba?, sa EAST or S/E?, S or S/E?, W orS/W? N or N/W ba?,and the measurement in every signs,and how depth? PLEASE TURUAN MO NAMAN KAMI KAHIT KONTI.AT LEAST MAY IDEA NA. and about cave, falls meron yan dito, malayo lang from the city.Anyway maraming salamat at sinagot mo rin ang bumabagabag sa isipan namin, sana,if you have some idea,advise PLEASE HELP US. i REPEAT MARAMING SALAMAT SA IYO.

8 Feb 2006 @ 16:13 by ZALDY @ : BRIAN,ED
Gud am. Insider news na kasi may tv kasi sa gilid ko. Sir Brian nag-email ako sa iyo kagabi kaya lang nag-bounce man dili ma send, e-try ko ngayon,baka mo-send na, balusi baya ha.
At sana maturu-an, at matulongan mo ako. At Sir Ed, Brian,Gboy, Cliff,Red salamat din at huwag kayong mag-alala pag may grasya tayo dito, hindi lang pangako, kung hindi usapan lalaki at kapatid, at kung may higit pa dyan na salitang ganyan may grasya rin kayo.  

8 Feb 2006 @ 16:54 by zaldy @ : SIR CARLOS M.
SIR,SALAMAT SA ADVISE MO SIR. tinood gyod na imong guiingon,pero naa man gud sign/symbols,naa clue,ang ako lang basin mabaw diay,dili lang lisod kaayo nga kinahanglan ug dako nga gasto like tunnel,cave,falls. kana lang gud imo giingon nga giveaways. Anyway salamat concern sab ka diay sa mga tawo sama nako,dili man gud malikayan mangandoy tungod sa kalisod, ug kong naa kay knowledge, I know nga naa as I observed of what you have said, please try to help.TY.  

9 Feb 2006 @ 01:32 by boylara @ : cliff..zaldy
cliff kung nasa sierra madre ka pasyalan mo ka sa DInapigue..may kontak ko dyan... yun isang area nyo dyan on going na naman retrieval operation, under capt. lasam..kasabwat yun mga army sa Gamu.....ingat ka lang pag pumunta ka sa san mariano, daming mga private army dyan, esta sabi nila NPA daw....yun 2 mong site..ok yun ah..galing mga tropa ko rin dun las month..nag survey lang sa area... yun sa may Moconacon area..may maganda dun sa boundary ng Penablanca yun maconacon....mag base camp sila dyan...nandun pa nga yun airstrip nila nun...pati nga yun sirae mga eruplano, nandon pa rin...kaso natubuan na ng mga kahoy...

Zaldy...wag kang magbisaya, mga taga luzon kami nina brian,,,yun may malaking kahoy wag ka nag maginteres dun nakuha na...yun sa may mga bato na lang tirahin nyo..  

9 Feb 2006 @ 01:37 by boylara @ : to all surfer
alam nyo kahit may nakuha mga pinoy na ginto, walang aamin,, kahit nga si Pres. Marcos dati, inamin kaso nag retract, lam nyo bakit Pinoy kasi...pero sa mga di naniniwala na may Treasure hin yamashita treasure kundi treasure talaga ..CORRECT kayo dyan...gusto nyo ipakita ko....hehehehehehehe.

musta mga pare........yun mga taga Negros...bantayan nyo yan malapit na naman na marecover yun nandun sa old airport, pati yun nasa Palawan...hina naman intel nila...hehehehe  

9 Feb 2006 @ 01:42 by emily homma @ : GILBERT...KANJI GUIDE
Just ring my brother at 919-248-7886 (Rolly). He now has a few copies but could make more for you and others. In the guide, I also included katakana and hiragana charts with sample Philippine place names for your guide. Learn how to transcribe the proper place names in katakana...Remember "Manila" is "Manira" in Jap. pronunciation for they don't have "l". Hiragana is used for other words with Jap equivalents; Kanji is used for some other formal terms. For further advice after you've acquired your copy, contact me for a FREE translation of your map(1/4, 1/2) or a few characters if there's any difficulty.

There are signs that denote North, South, West , East. Look for those. Lahat ng heavenly bodies sign na makita mo, animal signs, shapes, paki lista mo lang dito. Siguraduhin mo na stable ang pagkakabaon ng mga ito. Meron din bang kanji marks sa mga bato?

9 Feb 2006 @ 01:54 by emily homma @ : TO ZALDY again
I'm trying to study the numerical (D---) combination you posted here. It looks like a "cipher" or a code to me. Just looking at it, I'd immediately drop the endings: 51, 53, 55, 57 for they are "pangggulo" usual odd ending counting of the Jap. So after that, does it make sense now? Well, I'll study a lot more.It's very interesting.

9 Feb 2006 @ 02:43 by ed @ : zaldy and emily homma
with all due respect ms. homma, brian is correct, those are dates  

9 Feb 2006 @ 03:32 by Gboy @ : Zaldy concrete with dates...

Be careful in handling those concrete with dates....maybe its just an ordinary cadastral land boundary concrete markers during 1950's....if you demolish it...land owners may quarrel due to lost land boundary markers...nagkaletse2 na!
Dahil sa sobra gigil sa mga Japs (kuno) na semento sa bundok...marami2 na rin kami nabasag na ganyan...as usual...hahabulin ka lang naman ng itak ng land owner ! ganyan talaga pag bagets/ignorante ka sa treasure hunting...daanan nyo rin dinaan namin...bago natoto...oks? hinay2 lang bai pag basag ha?  

9 Feb 2006 @ 03:52 by Gboy @ : Batsi ka na....

Tantyahin mo muna kung maulan pa sa bundok bago ka umakyat...para maabangan mo sina Bahag boys baka bigla nakalusot yon at may mangga.Para makatipid areps,huwag ka muna sumunod sa Maddela kina Quirino boys, sila na bahala mag angat ng metal box sa falls, pag ok na...saka ka na pumunta.
Ingatan mo na lang mga spy asset ng special forces dyan...marami pakalat2 dyan...yong 48th company nandun na daw malapit kina Bebang...
Pasyalan mo din sina Bal at Dra. humingi ka balato,baka nakalusot na si Ka Natong...nabigyan sila. Ipa alala mo celfon ni Dong kay Bal.
Huwag ka na muna magpost dito(news blackout)....ako na lang bahala mag update sayo sa mga imported na darating....tipirin mo budget para mag pang abot kayo ng bahag boys....emonitor mo rin sina Sato/Miyagi....gud lak !  

9 Feb 2006 @ 08:06 by Rudy @ : Bong Vhong
I was just warning Brian that the Darth Vader(Yamashita) is in his area, your area too and I am just curios what he is doing in that area since a week ago he was in Muntinlupa, that guy travels around. Since I am already here to answer your posting, I might as well put my ten cents in your inquiry. About the dream of your girlfriend, sometimes those dreams has meaning and I believe
your GF was contacted by whoever is the guardian of that site in your farm. A turtle is a very common marker but there are three, if it looks like its traveling, legs out and head is out, it means the treasure is still a distance away; if it is at rest, meaning the legs are in and so is the head, it means its underneath; and the third, if the head is turned to one side, it means its booby trapped. If you have to dig, do not dig directly over the suspected treasure as the booby traps is normally set above the treasure. Like I said, my knowledge is worth ten cents so take it for what its worth. You should've asked your friend with the detector if there is a bomb. I think somebody said earlier" Little Knowledge is Dangerous" and I agree so if in doubt, ask the experts here in this forum, you have to weed them out. Good Luck and Happy Hunting.  

9 Feb 2006 @ 09:14 by Gilbert @ : Treasure eqp't requirement

If you don't mind....I maybe able to give you some inputs regarding treasure eqp't that will suit your treasure requirement. Just email/chat(yahoo messenger) with me (gergio2004@yahoo.com) usually am online 10am-1Pm mon-sat...or you can see me personally.
I think gold covered with asphalt has nothing to do with your failed pulse detection. Bcoz the pulse electromagnetic wave has nothing to do with the chemical composition of asphalt to deter detection...meaning,no scientific proof has been done yet to confirm your conclusion... however you can experiment with your pulse detector...insert a gold ring underneath the asphalt road...if it c
My suspicion however...maybe your target gold cache is too deep and is beyond the detection depth range of your pulse detector...
We may discuss this later for your site description...  

9 Feb 2006 @ 09:32 by Gboy @ : ooops wrong username...
Ooooppss, wrong move....the above message was from me towards you...an dami ko kasi kachat...nagkakamali ako pagtype.  

9 Feb 2006 @ 10:34 by emily homma @ : Ooops "Mohon" pala
Dates sa concrete blocks? Mohon nga. Asoka :-)  

9 Feb 2006 @ 12:14 by Sensei @ : Ed and Rudy and All
Ed: The Central Bank buys only a maximum of 4 kilos per transaction. An insider can mediate for you if you want to sell Bullion.

Rudy: i'm here in baguio, no need to locate me man.

To All: Banko Sentral has a buying station in Baguio City, anybody who has a find can sell it here. Just post your email and I will email you. Confidentiality of all transactions is assured to you. BSP is the only legitimate buyer you can trust. Let's do it... filipinos for filipinos!  

9 Feb 2006 @ 17:58 by Bong-Vhong @ : Rudy
Thanks for the info.  

10 Feb 2006 @ 01:07 by golay @ : Sensei
4 kilos per transaction....is that 4kls/transaction per day or 4 kls/transaction only...if thats the case, its the same as bullion transaction....  

10 Feb 2006 @ 01:21 by emily homma @ : How much usually is a kilo AU?
I'm just wondering how much usually a bar of gold is sold? How much do some people here sell their find per kilo of marked 22K, 24K, etc? Of course the selling price is different from buying price esp. if unprocessed. Marked gold, I gather, is of definite value (I'm buying wholesale and selling retail jewelry too, you know). It could be really way too cheap certain buyers or companies appraise the poor hunter's find. In case I find one bar, I'd ask my old Professor (who lives in Bulacan) who owns a college ring business to transform it into jewelry so I can easily sell it. I'll post the market value computation here later so you can put a tag price to your own find.Choose the highest bidder! Pls. E-mail me privately if you know of the current pricing, if you don't mind: emilyhomma@yahoo.com

10 Feb 2006 @ 12:43 by jeweler @ : AU WORTH VALUE
Guys I'm just passin by to this site, I'm fascinated all the facts that you all posted to this forum regarding yamashita treasure. I admit me too i'd been dreaming someday if i have guts to unearth those hidden AU to become rich. Why not? the way you guys posted to this forum the knowledge and experience I'd found out very interesting!. well, the reason Id posted my comment to this forum. Some of you guys had all the info, maps, techniques, equipment etc. searching for the so called "Goldenlily"... But if you're the fortunate one to unearth those AU! rememberguys!
a bar is worth a treasure! why is that so? for example: 1 pc of gold ring weighing 10grams of 22k equivalent to more or less 10,000 pesos (depending on current market value). 1 bar of 6.2kg equivalent to more or less 5 Million pesos!!!..Ton of of those gold bullion? maybe if possible a 300 Tons of gold bullion??? well,guys imagine how much a lots of 5M pesos a piece of bar!!. in my jewelry business i'd encountered a lot of fake au bar and bogus seller from yamashita treasure daw!..the basic way to assay a bar just saw it with simple hacksaw blade for you to find out if it is 100 percent pure au. so be careful from dealing your treasure, a lot fake and bogus person nakakalat sa tabi tabi!!
Dont believe on i'd read from those who posted to this column a 250,000 pesos
a piece of bar?... hummmm! baka brass or tanso ang loob non!...
as i was said a one piece of this so called "Black Gold" is worth treasure!...  

11 Feb 2006 @ 01:25 by goldlilly @ : Treasure in the News
Great stuff today in Egypt ... Archaeoligists found a new Royal tomb in the Valley of the Kings ... So far 5 coffins have been found inside ... further chambers remain unexplored ... sorry for off topic ... interesting stuff  

11 Feb 2006 @ 04:13 by emily homma @ : GOOD NEWS TO "K GUIDE" holders
Hello everyone, how's treasure hunting?
To those who've asked me for copies of the guide I made, I have good news for you. I am sending new information for you guys, direct from Japan to cut costs (FREE to "subscribers"). I'll send 4 more pages on CODES and CIPHERS that baffle so many a hunter. I have a few "unlocked" already (?), but of course I need feedback and confirmation of my Jp friends. The unit of measurement and distance also are confusing, but hope this new info could lead you to more light. All these are exclusive to those who've received/ordered/will order for the KANJI GUIDE for now...bec. uploading them here is hard due to lots of graphics, blah, blah.,etc. I'm not ready to process the file yet, so an Ebook could not be possible until after a few months. Sorry, if the material looks insufficient/incomplete for now, but you'd always receive addional fillers in the future.

I'll definitely summarize the new "stuff" here in this forum too of course.

I need more signs and symbols analyzed as well (my barrio people are pressing me on this) so if you have some photos out there, send me thru my email so my team could give more ideas.

That's all folks.Thanks.
(Ring my bro directly for a copy at 919-248-7886)  

11 Feb 2006 @ 04:19 by Gboy @ : Fake gold bars....

If you found somebody selling a 6 kg. gold bar at $2000+ (P 100,000+) or more...am certain thats 100% fake....bcoz syndicate needs lot of money...
However,If you meet natives selling 6 kg. gold bar at 5 to 1,000 pesos only....am certain its original bcoz no syndicate will sell 6 kg gold or bronze at a cheap price...bcoz its not worth the risk...natives doesn't know the real worth of gold thats why they sell it at a cheap price...
So, based on my experience, if somebody offer you gold bar at high price, forget it...if you are in the remote mountain and native offer you cheap gold bar...you better gamble your 5-1,000 pesos, it is worth the risk...  

11 Feb 2006 @ 04:42 by zaldy @ : SIR GBOY/ SIR BRIAN,ED,

SIR GBOY gud day, sorry that I mixed bisaya,nahirapan kasi akong mag-tagalog, pero salamat pipilitin ko ayusin ang tagalog ko,para maintindihan nyo ako.Syanga pala yon sinulat ko dito lahat yon ay totoo, mahirap magsinungaling, at yong bato w/ engraved numbers iwan kong mohon yon, pero hindi siguro kasi pinuntahan ko yong civil registry kong meron bang ganon na land boundary, wala man... at kinunsulta ko rin sa GEngr.kasi baka meron ganon sa kanila for temporary marking wala rin ganon boundary O mohon man lang.Sabi nang may-ari sa area ngayon lang sila nakakita nang ganon,kung itak or ordinary metal yong gamitin talagang mapurol kung yon ang gamitin.may protruded yong edged sa engraved Sir.At yong nangka w/ engraved na Heart kami lang ang naka-disacover, at kami rin ang kauna-unang naghukay. Siguro/baka nga may nakakuha na noon,pero sabi ng may-ari na syang kasama namin wala ng nag-hukay noon kasi doon rin siya lumaki since childhood. AT SIR BRIAN, ED sa ngayon hinintay pa namin yong kasamahan sa digging, at nag-meeting din kami,fixed na yong Ist week sa March kasi palaging umuulan dito.Syanga Sir may nakita kami dito apat na long C w/2-inches withd,almost 1/2depth,and 1mtr.long. engraved yon sa mga malaking bato with 1.5mtrs and 3.5mtrs ang distance sa bawat bato yong isa continuos !mtr. din,parang diamond or square form, all are facing North.The distance sa bato with engraved letters and numbers mahigit kumulang sa 400meters.Sir Brian, Ed, huwag kang magsawa sa pagtulong at to answer or response, sa iyo rin Sir G-Boy, and to Ms/Mr.Emily Homma,help naman pls.  

11 Feb 2006 @ 04:47 by zaldy @ : SIR GBOY/ SIR BRIAN,ED,

SIR GBOY gud day, sorry that I mixed bisaya,nahirapan kasi akong mag-tagalog, pero salamat pipilitin ko ayusin ang tagalog ko,para maintindihan nyo ako.Syanga pala yon sinulat ko dito lahat yon ay totoo, mahirap magsinungaling, at yong bato w/ engraved numbers iwan kong mohon yon, pero hindi siguro kasi pinuntahan ko yong civil registry kong meron bang ganon na land boundary, wala man... at kinunsulta ko rin sa GEngr.kasi baka meron ganon sa kanila for temporary marking wala rin ganon boundary O mohon man lang.Sabi nang may-ari sa area ngayon lang sila nakakita nang ganon,kung itak or ordinary metal yong gamitin talagang mapurol kung yon ang gamitin.may protruded yong edged sa engraved Sir.At yong nangka w/ engraved na Heart kami lang ang naka-disacover, at kami rin ang kauna-unang naghukay. Siguro/baka nga may nakakuha na noon,pero sabi ng may-ari na syang kasama namin wala ng nag-hukay noon kasi doon rin siya lumaki since childhood. AT SIR BRIAN, ED sa ngayon hinintay pa namin yong kasamahan sa digging, at nag-meeting din kami,fixed na yong Ist week sa March kasi palaging umuulan dito.Syanga Sir may nakita kami dito apat na long C w/2-inches withd,almost 1/2depth,and 1mtr.long. engraved yon sa mga malaking bato with 1.5mtrs and 3.5mtrs ang distance sa bawat bato yong isa continuos in heart form 1mtr. din,parang diamond or square form ang position sa mga bato, all are facing North.The distance sa bato with engraved letters and numbers mahigit kumulang sa 400meters.Sir Brian, Ed, huwag kang magsawa sa pagtulong at to answer or response, sa iyo rin Sir G-Boy, and to Ms/Mr.Emily Homma,help naman pls.  

11 Feb 2006 @ 05:54 by take @ : treasure
Hanap kayo Y-Treasure ba?  

11 Feb 2006 @ 05:58 by take @ : Yamashita treasure
Nippongo ga wakaru kata.watashi wa kyu-dainippon teikoku riku-gun nanpou-houmengun ni syozoku shiteita butai no gunjin kara kin ni kansuru chizu wo senjitu yatto nyusyu shimashita!dareka kyoumi arukata wa isyoni sagashimasenka?chixu wa gunjin tyokusetu kaite moraimashita.shikin no arukata wo sagashiteimasu!tomoni kin wo mitsukemasyo!  

11 Feb 2006 @ 06:14 by take @ : Yamashita treasure
Hapon ako.advice to all of treasure hunter in phil.Kung hanap kayo Y-treasure sa Pinas,kailangan kayo kuha totoo information galing J-army.alam ko yan. may hindi totoo information malami sa Pinas.kc mahilap kayo kuha Y-treasure talaga.melon ako mapa galing J-army.punta kami sa pinas.We start find Y-treasure in the Phil soon.god bless Treasure hunter in the Phil.  

11 Feb 2006 @ 06:45 by jeweler @ : gboy
gboy, indeed sounds interesting huhh!... I'd read some of your comment to this column and other sites. Id liked the way you depend your idea and perception to this Y treasure. am interested what you said a 1,000 pesos a gold bar from natives of what particular mountain or province?.. Confidential ba? ok, maybe we can meet or I'll mail you. Dont be so foolish soliciting for funds of treasure to the other country for financing your project, it might be sound so fool. tayo na lang nagkakaintindihan bakit din natin i try filipios for filipinos? Meron ako budget kahit konti, baka matulungan kita. di ako ganid...childhood dream ko na yan pag treasure hunt. my father might as well interseted din. may proj. din siya parte south spanish treasure naman. wala lang gpr or metal detector.  

11 Feb 2006 @ 06:59 by take @ : Yamashita treasure
i advice to treasure hunter only.cz daghan ilad kaayo sa pinas.kawawa treasure hunter pinoy at galing hapon,iba bansa.db!J-army planed[Ruson-tou sakusen]Year 1942.if u want find Y-treasure,u study J-army secret code and original map first.i think of difficult find Y-treasure,cz we spend of time 8years about infromation from J-army.and study here in japan.we have knowlege about bomb poison and all of trick.we want keep safety dig in the Phil.Gud luck ur team.  

11 Feb 2006 @ 07:14 by take @ : Yamashita treasure
J-army secret code words...1.[Yamato kyuen motomu]2.[Yoshidayama sakura chiru]
Yamshita Treasure hunter need study it.secret cord and words chalactor of Kanji.i mean Where is Yoshidayama in the Phil? What is Sakura? Chiru is what?we know already it.  

11 Feb 2006 @ 09:25 by zaldy @ : Sir BoyLara
Sir good daay, e-maiL ko sa iyo ha kasi magbounce man, -failure for Sir Brian ang email ko,please read at ikaw na ang magforward kay Sir Brian , pasensya ka na may konting bisaya nasagol ha. okey. At huwag mo rin ipag-kait ang iyong nalalaman, tulungan mo rin kami,salamat,
It's yours to correct my letter,not to be insulted. I repeat pasensya ka na bago pa ako nag nternet.TYM.  

11 Feb 2006 @ 09:28 by fm @ : we buy gold
We buy gold if your stocks are genuine, pls get my email address and procedures thanks and have a nice day. Fm  

11 Feb 2006 @ 12:26 by emily homma @ : Thank you!
Thank you Take for offering your services if you really want to help. We are really in need of honest and sincere individuals who are willing to help others "for free or at an affordable cost". I am also interested to learn what you know.

By the way, I'd like to advise friends who are contacting the ph. number I mentioned above (my previous message) to better contact my brother by CALLING or RINGING him directly. DO NOT text and DO NOT EMAIL HIM because there was somebody trying to hack and copy his cell ph. number via smart web messaging and sent me CODE messages with that number a while ago. Why some people are doing this kind of snooping, I have no idea. So, marami talagang may ibang intensyon! Sino sa palagay ninyo ang gumagawa ng ganito?  

11 Feb 2006 @ 23:15 by justpassin @ : ENKANTOS GOLD(another scam revealed!)
it was almost dark when they arrived,2natives from the mountains met with a wealthy townsfolk,they were telling him of a big jar full of gold somewhere in a remote hill near a river but they cant cant get although they can see it because its being guarded by an enkanto (forest spirit) in hush meeting they talked about the details, the man being a skeptic asked them to be led to this so called site where the gold of the enkanto is,we leave early morning he said and ask them to stay for the night...the next day they went they drove an hour and walked 2 hours into the jungle here they met the medium who led them to the site and by the stream the man couldnt believe his eyes...an old jar sits by the stones behind the bamboo tree...its filled with gleaming gold!!!  

11 Feb 2006 @ 23:47 by just passin @ : enkantos gold
frustrated by years of digging empty holes, the man was transfixed... all those bars... first time he saw such a site...the mouth of the jar barely touches the water..gold bars seemed to have spilled from it filling the the puddle with yellow gleam!the medium cautioned him not to go any further... but he took another step... out of nowhere he heard a voice, its a strange voice.. that seems to come from underground...warning him not to come near...he stopped and listened .. and the medium talked with the entity...the man now trembling in fear and awe listened.. then the medium turned to him and said if you want the gold we must appease this spirit,,, the medium asked him to bring a lot of paper money and an exploding weapon he must be pleased or we will be cursed! he said the man being a wealthy farmer thought of riches beyond his wildest dreams, these are worth tens of millions he said in his mind... the next day he came back and offered his entire profit from the harvest of rice and along with some that he saved he counted 300 thousand pesos and an m16 rifle he bought offered it all to the engkanto  

12 Feb 2006 @ 00:35 by justpassin @ : enkantos gold
although his actions were beyond logic he went on..this is supernatural he said... i must be truthful or else... a strange laughter filled the air... he is pleased the medium said.... you may come back by sunrise tomorrow and all that gold is yours!he tossed and turned he couldnt sleep that night, he was waitng for the sun... went it came he went thinking he will be rich...at the site no medium came to asssist him it was just him, he went on to the stream the offering was gone, he cautioned every step toward the gold no voice... no enkanto,,,he carefully took all that he can carry... still some left ... ill come back for it he said in his mind took aone bar to a jeweler and found out it was brass... no he said he couldnt believe what happened... but there was an enkanto! he said .. along with some friends they went back to the stream it was defeaning silence,,, slowly they start to probe and saw that there was a garden hose connected to the jar burried beneath they pulled it out it led them to a nearby thick bush were a perpetrator could easily be concealed while doing the enkantos voice... the poor man cried ....the money and gun along with the perpetrators are long gone he can only blame himself...as you see its even quite theatrical!syndicates carefully planned this scam and the victims usually us the treasure hunters! so just be cautious with the people youre dealing with, they will go to great lengths to scam...ingenious indeed... this is based on actual events exposed on local nes around 6 years ago some of you might have seen it  

12 Feb 2006 @ 04:02 by Gboy @ : native cheap gold....our story...

Actually this are our story regarding those ellusive cheap gold. We have been feed up by those fake gold bars...we have been in gold/treasure community for soooo loooong, thats why we know all those syndicate modus operandi from cagayan,vizcaya, benguet,bicol,tarlac,mindanao syndicates groups...name it.. we knew them...
So we concentrate more on treasure hunting ...at least if we recover gold...its not fake anymore...
We monitored that there are gold bars/treasure sites around in Sierra Madre, thats why we concentrate more on these sites.One time while exploring treasure sites in sierra madre for almost 2 weeks, while coming down due to unproductive roaming inside the jungle,suddenly my native guide told me that the next mountain, a native is selling gold bars!...the native show me 6 pcs. 6 kg of gold bar, i chop off a small piece and poured nitric acid...its original! (we are in the middle of sierra madre mountain, the nearest town is 50-70 km away, there is no way they can manufacture fake gold bars)....I ask, what price? my guide told me...maybe 1,000 to 5,000 pesos each! But during that time, we no longer