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 Budget answers2004-01-16 18:21
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A minor update on my struggle with Budget-rent-a-car previously mentioned here, here and here. They actually, finally answered me. That is, I got a brief e-mail from a person at Cendant Corporation. Very brief, but friendly, apologizing for the late response, saying they would contact their French and German people to try to get a resolution. Now, as I previously mentioned, my bank has already gotten most of it resolved. I.e. they paid some money back. What is remaining is 800 euros. If they get me that back too, I'll be rather satisfied with the whole thing. I'll be back where I started, having rented a car and paid for it. And just wasted a lot of time, and stress. Of course they could decide to be really nice and actually pay me something for my undeserved trouble and extra expenses.

I wonder if they responded because they realized how often my story comes up in the search engines, or if they simply didn't get around to it before, and it actually is standard policy to pleasantly try to help people resolve their problems. I might never know.

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1 comment

17 Jan 2004 @ 05:57 by ming : Asking
Heheh, I actually didn't think of that. Yes, of course.  

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