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 Unusual Suspects2004-01-20 09:05
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Thomas mentions Russian art group AES that produces interesting and usually controversial pieces. Like the Islamic Statue of Liberty on the left. More here. The picture on the right is from a piece called "Suspects". There are 14 pictures of young Russian girls. 7 of them are in prison, convicted of brutal and unnecessary murders. 7 of them are normal students. Can you see which ones are which? And if you can't, what does that mean? I can give you my guess, but chances are I'm off by a few.

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20 Jan 2004 @ 12:27 by sharie : I picked seven... wasn't easy...
The first two were easy.

So who did you guess, Ming?

You asked, What does that mean if we can't figure out who the killers are?

The stories of these teenage girls sounds as if most of them had been raped. Why else would they be harboring such vicious anger? If they had been raped, then ... in their mind they had every right to protect themselves from being raped again... so in their mind it wasn't unnecessary... the killing was necessary... which is why we can't tell who's *guilty* or should be ashamed.

As for the girl who killed her brother's girlfriend, I suspect incest between the girl and her brother, which caused the girl to become very jealous. There was a movie starring Parker Posey on a similar storyline.

I've personally heard so many stories of rape and incest from women... the statistic is that one in every seven women in the U.S. are raped, and one in every four females have been molested...

I can only imagine the kind of hell that a young girl goes through after being raped...

If a girl was defending herself from rape, she has every right, and shouldn't be in prison.

That's my view.

How come they don't give us a link so we can see who the killers are?  

20 Jan 2004 @ 13:15 by ming : Answers
My guess is that the uneven ones are the killers and the even ones are the other ones. One could fill in their form with the choices, and supposedly they would tell you if you got it all right. But not if you got any wrong.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 00:27 by Zeal @ : RFxbTjrrCs
Essays like this are so important to broeiandng people's horizons.  

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