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 Gothic Lolitas2004-03-27 05:22
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Japanese youth culture and alternative fashions are always fascinating. Here's one I hadn't heard about before:
An Elegant Gothic Lolita, EGL or Gothic Lolita for short, is a Japanese teen or young adult who dresses in amazingly elaborate Gothic looking babydoll costumes. On the weekends these women walk the streets of Tokyo and Osaka and fill Yoyogi Park and Harajuku neighborhood where they pose for tourist’s pictures and sit around looking pretty. They are beautiful, glamorous, doll-like manifestations of their favorite Visual Rock stars.
This subculture’s physical look began around the fall of 1999 as a sort of French Maid meets Alice in Wonderland style and has expanded gradually to encompass many nuances in a Victorian Gothic look.
That was from Morbid Outlook.

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5 Jul 2005 @ 07:35 by GothLoli @ : EGL
Elegant Gothic Lolita is the term coined by Mana for his own store moixmemexmoitie and not the long term for Gothic Lolita.  

30 Jul 2007 @ 09:08 by Caesar @ : A True Lolita
Lolita in any form isn't just a way of dressing, it is also a life style. A Lolita must not only look the part, but act and be the part as well. On that vein, it is not a costume that a Lolita wears, but it is the way s/he actually dresses. Also a Lolita isn't alway a "manifestation of their favorite Visual Rock star."  

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