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 Toothing?2004-03-27 06:11
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Just heard somebody mention "toothing" in an IRC chat in relation to a conference, and I really had no clue what they meant. But then I just notice that Judith Meskill has a nice introduction on The Social Software Weblog. Ah... I'm shocked! ;-)
There’s the Toothing Blog — A blog all about Toothing - finding partners for sex using bluetooth mobile phones. And then there’s the Toothing FAQ — which encourages the utilization of public places and safe sex practices. There’s even a Toothing Forum to discuss location, location, location. And now there is a story today in Wired News — Brits Going at It Tooth and Nail. Daniel Terdiman starts out with “The Brits sure are randy.” Anyone watch Coupling?

So… Is this Social Software? If one factors in the exhibitionist aspect of these Toothing encounters, the experience does have the potential to take on a ‘group’ perspective. Oh, wait a sec, the Brits have already done that with Dogging. And to think, all thanks to the wireless technology — Bluetooth.
Well, yeah, that's social software alright. I just still don't get how it can be practical. Bluetooth reaches about 10 meters if you're lucky. About one car in a train. And you'd have to sit and manually message one person at a time. Of course it would make sense if it were automatic, and your phone would alert you only when it had found a person of appropriate gender who for some inscrutable reason would be happy to meet you in the bathroom. Shouldn't be that hard to make.

Anyway, there could be many other legitimate uses of being able to chat with people close by through your phones. Here's a short intro to Bluechat, as that phenomenon is called, when done over bluetooth. In a meeting, in a conference, at school.

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1 comment

29 Mar 2004 @ 11:34 by ming : Shagbile
Hahah, well, you could have a service for people to find each other. You know, if you've got the extra phone, but you don't have an illicit love affair yet. Maybe it could be SMS based.  

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