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 Project Entropia2004-04-11 09:32
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Project Entropia is a new online multiplayer VR universe. There are a bunch of those already, with many users. But now see this Business Model. Several of the others have economies where one can buy and sell items for some internal virtual currency. But in this one they go a bit step further. One can convert the currency back and forth from normal currencies, like dollars and euros. And people can set up businesses inside the world. There's a stock market, there are casinos, there are stores, you can buy a house. Most everything is for sale, or is convertible to real money. So, if you find a hidden treasure, you can go and cash it out.

My son Zach, who's quite a veteran in some of these games, told me about it. He and some of his friends were plotting how they could finance their playing of the game. The game itself is free, but you need some cash for buying things you need in the start. If you're successful, you might become self-sustainable later of course. But now they were exploring money making ideas they could find elsewhere on the net, like being paid for looking at ads.

Maybe this kind of thing just becomes another clever way of relieving subscribers of their money. Or this kind of virtual/non-virtual economy starts something new that somehow is meaningful. If nothing else, making teenagers think like entrepreneurs.

If the economy is a little slow in the meat world, and there's unemployment and prices are rising - can you then drop into a virtual world and start creating value there instead, and feed that back into the real world? It's an idea.

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20 Dec 2014 @ 06:42 by Geo @ : qXUQbJUReNwFKIpJf
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23 Dec 2014 @ 21:25 by Tatiane @ : jagwoWzGxPRFAaSK
Nous avons eu un vrai coup de coeur pour Entropia. C'est de loin le meilleur rearautsnt que nous ayons fait a San Cristobal : musique d'ambiance et decoration vintage top, feu de cheminee tres apprecie pendant les soirees fraiches, accueil super sympa (et en francais !), et surtout : excellente nourriture. Nous avons goute la soupe du jour ainsi que la crepe vegetarienne, puis une crepe au nutella : rien a redire, c'etait DE-LI-CIEUX ! Nos papilles etaient enchantees.Apres cette tres agreable soiree, nous avions envie de revenir des le lendemain matin pour le petit dej/brunch, mais malheureusement le resto n'ouvre ses portes qu'a partir de midi, trop tard pour nos horaires de bus Dommage !  

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