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 Gross International Happiness2004-04-21 18:54
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Via Bird on the Moon, Gross International Happiness:
The Gross International Happiness Project (‘GIH’) is based on the insight that conventional development concepts such as GNP and Per Capita Income do not properly reflect the general well being of the inhabitants of a nation. In order to develop real progress and sustainability and to effectively combat trends which compromise the planet’s natural and human ecosystems, GIH aims to develop more appropriate and inclusive indicators which truly measure the quality of life within nations and organizations. GIH is inspired by the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH) proposed by the King of Bhutan, which puts the well being of individuals on top of the national development agenda. Rooted in Buddhist philosophy and values, GIH presents a radically different development paradigm, but one that holds a promise for achieving real sustainability. GIH aims to connect the international efforts which are taking place in the field of developing alternative development indicators, human economics and happiness psychology, so that individual efforts can benefit from each other and that collectively these efforts more strongly impact international development agendas.
I think that is just great. Maximizing Quality of Life should be the guiding principle of society. I don't see any details on how exactly you would calculate it. Seems like some conferences will carry forward the conversation about that. Next one in Mongolia in July.

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1 comment

21 Apr 2004 @ 19:02 by sharie : That is soooo fabulous!
Thanks for this post!

I know the corporate board members want us to think the "economic" standing or Gross National Product or income earnings are the indicators of health and well-being... what a crock!

Glad to hear some people are wiping that greedy smirk off their billionaire faces.  

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