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 24-hour dotcom2004-06-14 16:32
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by Flemming Funch

As an art and business project, some folks at a conference in Berlin created a dotcom company in 24 hours. Including a kick-off party, planning, nightly coding, various milestones, release, and a public IPO. I.e. they put the company for sale on ebay. There's still time to go and bid.

Well, it is in part performance art, but not altogether crazy. Why shouldn't it be possible? Getting the right people together, with a good deal of creativity, some intensive work, good promotion, no big reason it shouldn't happen really quickly. It is not really the time that matters, but whether they can come up with a unique product niche and selling proposition. I can't quite see what their product ended up being, and it is somewhat doubtful if it is useful. But the best of luck. The company is up to only $1225, so if it is anything at all, there should be possibility for some profit there. Now if that turned into a billion dollar company, that would be really fun.

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1 comment

1 May 2016 @ 10:47 by Buffee @ : LlAhocJgxiS
I read your ponitsg and was jealous  

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