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Cassiopeia A

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 Cassiopeia A2004-08-29 22:27
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picture by Flemming Funch

Picture Cassiopeia A in the most detailed image ever made of the remains of an exploded star. The colors represent different ranges of X-rays with red, green, and blue representing, low, medium, and higher X-ray energies of the supernova remnant. The one million second image shows a bright outer ring (green) ten light years in diameter that marks the location of a shock wave generated by the supernova explosion. Taken in the first half of 2004 by the Chandra Advanced Charged Coupled Device Imaging Spectrometer, launched July 23, 1999, aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.

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1 comment

30 Aug 2004 @ 10:06 by vaxen : Wow ming:
X (Xenu!) rays! The GM revolts! El rays? red green and blue bound books? hmmm The greatest game in the multiverse goes on and on and on! Thanks for the heads up. ;)




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