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 Free Culture2004-09-22 22:24
by Flemming Funch

David Weinberger posted a speech he just gave to the World Economic Forum called "Barbarian Culture". Excellent words. Some excerpts:
[F]or one moment, I'd like you to perform an exercise in selective attention. Forget every other consideration - even though they're fair and important considerations - and see if you can acknowledge that a world in which everyone has free access to every work of creativity in the world is a better world. Imagine your children could listen to any song ever created anywhere. What a blessing that would be!

... We publish stuff that gets its meaning and its reality by being read, viewed or heard. An unpublished novel is about as meaningful and real as an imaginary novel. It needs its readers to be. But readers aren't passive consumers. We reimagine the book, we complete the vision of the book. Readers appropriate works, make them their own. Listeners and viewers, too. In making a work public, artists enter into partnership with their audience. The work succeeds insofar as the audience makes it their own, takes it up, understands it within their own unpredictable circumstances. It leaves the artist's hands and enters our lives. And that's not a betrayal of the work. That's its success. It succeeds insofar as we hum it, quote it, appropriate it so thoroughly that we no longer remember where the phrase came from. That's artistic success, although it's a branding failure.
I hope the BigCo media companies were listening just a little bit.

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19 Dec 2014 @ 15:39 by Liis @ : vvfOjzRgIeJYXVtPyWHD
Sounds like you are enjoying your new bike! Sorry about your Jag. I used to have one and you are right about the trsinmisasons problems! But when it was working I really loved it! Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbie  

23 Dec 2014 @ 15:05 by Ismailin @ : NFuOSzAQEzUvHhnD
Why would you WANT to work as a VW mechanic. I work on argvaee 1 a week and thats 1 too many. I think I would commit suicide if every car I had to work on was a VW.  

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