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 Free Culture Commies2005-01-08 20:07
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Bill Gates did an interview last week where he essentially labeled all those folks who are into free software and sharing of content with liberal licenses and that kind of frivolity as a modern form of communists. So, great, some clever folks, made some nice commie graphics for the occasion. See BoingBoing here, here, and here. So, join the revolution, comrades.

In case you somehow don't know, that reverse C in the circle is the copyleft symbol. Copyleft is the license you apply to work that is free and that must remain free. Pure communism, of course.


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8 Jan 2005 @ 21:43 by jstarrs : I think Bill got it mixed up...
...way back then, them bad ol' commies FORCED you to share!!!  

9 Jan 2005 @ 11:49 by ming : Sharing
Yeah, there's a key distinction there. Free sharing is an entirely different category.  

10 Jan 2005 @ 16:22 by jmarc : "Pure communism, of course."
i wasn't aware of the millions who died in gulags to make firefox and other freeware a reality.  

13 Jan 2005 @ 16:54 by EdKnight @ : Bill
So bill, IF i share a useful tool, THEN.... Political power flows from the barrel of sharing. I like that better than Mao's line. what is the great purge of the sharers going to look like? will there be a gulag where all the people who share go to? If so, sign me up for the jubilee.  

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