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 Delettering the Public Space2005-08-11 14:27
picture by Flemming Funch

A couple of art projects aimed at showing urban settings with all text removed from signs and billboards. Apparently several people got that idea. It has been done both by a little doctoring of images, and by actually covering the real signs with yellow plastic. Either way, it is interesting to notice how much text we're being bombarded with, and consider how it would be if it weren't there.

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11 Aug 2005 @ 18:13 by jstarrs : Good one...
..I posted this on other sites.
Where are we without typo support?
Everything's gone yellow!  

11 Aug 2005 @ 18:23 by ming : All yellow
Maybe we'd just have to look around a little more. But, strange, one might actually feel like one is missing all that text, even when it is mostly advertisements.  

11 Aug 2005 @ 20:05 by vaxen : Meaning...
mind control. Ever see the film "They live?"
Something of great beauty awaits us all...
A realm beyond text and words,
of higher vibration and deeper experience.  

11 Aug 2005 @ 20:20 by jstarrs : Well, Tom Cruise lives...
..(sort of) is that what you mean, Vax?  

11 Aug 2005 @ 23:38 by ming : They live
Consume, Conform, Obey! Yeah, sure I've seen it. So, really it is the subliminal text we ought to delete.  

7 Oct 2005 @ 16:13 by rayon : Well, if there is no text
if there is no text, there would definitely be no signs, not even empty ones!  

8 Oct 2005 @ 02:31 by ming : Text
You're right, of course. And we probably wouldn't be missing them all that much. But it shows how much of our life is plastered with signs.  

13 Oct 2005 @ 15:31 by rayon : Depends on style of writing
Western alphabet has serif and non serif, the first from Roman alphabet, I believe is the single component apart from the Arch in the Roman world to allow the flow of the Ionic, or chi. The incised letters apart from defying gravity in their stylisation also emit a tiny resonance as the air moves over, which could be like a silent song, forever playing silently. Having had to pray alot as a child, I envied the Tibetans their prayer wheel, walking past a line of them, and touch each with a little spin. The resonances of all the carved letters actually emit a sound which God can certainly hear, and all prayers are said. I believe it is the same with the serif, and I also believe the brain is aware of 3 dimensional design, and automatically sees it as form, together with a resonance. This is basis of my thesis. I lived in a house designed by a congenitally deaf person and tried to uncover the secrets to the ellusive ubiquitous quality all architects call Resonance. The non serif alphabet, Helvetica, presents problematic connotations. Helvetica is used in Orders, You Must, etc, and different settings relate either to function, factory utilitarean conveyor belt life or simply to the individual. It will be one of my logs and categories when I have puzzled these all out. The Japanse, Arabic, etc, seem to me to be very careful to reside with the natural order of things, with strokes that flow, ebb, as if they really did not want them to do any harm. In ancient Green world, things written down were all ill omens. These things seem to be part of a balance structure in different cultures, it is actually fantastic. And the West is brutal in this regard. (still hunting for other article).  

1 May 2016 @ 22:51 by Marilu @ : DhCgVwdTyn
Why all these Magnolia girls don't have mouths? ;-) (it reminds me what happend once to Neo from Matrix ...) Netevrheless, they are sooo cute. I would be happy to win this one.I've linked your blog on my sidebar.hugs from Poland  

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