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 Telekinesis2006-05-30 23:43
by Flemming Funch

Aha, so that's how it is done. You just need a minor demon. I'm not sure if this is from an instruction manual, or from somebody warning against that kind of devillish stuff.

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1 Jun 2006 @ 17:37 by Ed Dawson @ : comments
Hi Flemming. :)

There are three "spirit" bodies. (actually four but I don't want to speak of the fourth, but given the information below you will be able to figure out the fourth easily).

Each of the three is formed of energy of a specific energy band.

There is a spirit body made of effort band energy. Usually called the Etheric Body in traditional occult literature.

There is a spirit body made of emotion/desire band energy. Usually called the Astral Body in traditional occult literature.

There is a spirit body made of thought band energy. Sometimes called the Causal Body in traditional occult literature.

In Hermetic magick, one can train to strengthen the first two by adding energy to them, and also to exteriorize each from the vicinity of the meat body. They have specific processes and training regimens for doing these things. Once exteriorized, the thetan can inhabit these subtle bodies, or form an entity and send the entity out to run the exteriorized subtle bodies.

As for lifting a table as in the illustration above, using subtle bodies this requires a rather large expenditure of energy to charge up the subtle bodies. Sometimes this sort of highly energized field occurs by accident when a person reaches puberty, and poltergeist phenomena results.


8 Jun 2006 @ 23:21 by johan @ : if you have the faith of a musred seed
or again as jesus spoke
thy faith has made you well.  

17 Aug 2006 @ 02:14 by simona @ : oh really?!
i for one have been studing this phsiskhonesis ( or telekinesis ) for quite a whille and i have really been amazed. four websites have the almost excactly alike with the same basic stuff to do phisiskhonesis. this had lead me to belive that it was real plus using the quatum thoery to see my way through mass and science proving that phisiskhonesis is simply as one two three. then i read obout air wave links( or air links ) that a psy wheel could also be used by heat like taking 5 mugs an pour hot water in it it will move by the hot air proving its not real i got to go my cousin is babysitting us and she said to get off ( i'm eleven ) bye  

17 Aug 2006 @ 02:17 by simona @ : oh yeah!
it has nothing to do with magic or poldergeist  

3 Sep 2006 @ 07:40 by allison @ : i don see TK as such a complex thing!
when i was younger i could bend objects litle stuff like plasic spoons or paper but it freaked my dad out so i stopped and every now and again i use it at parties but i didnt know there was such a science to it lol. i just focus on watever object and ask it to bend or somthing lol. didnt know a spirit body was made.  

24 Nov 2006 @ 03:42 by Taylor Stafford @ : HELPME WITH MY TELEKINESIS!!!!!!!!
I know thatI have telekinesis, but It wont work. I know that I have it because i feel this tingling sensation in my fingertips. I dont know what is keepin me
E-mail please if you can HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Jan 2007 @ 07:04 by blaine @ : telekinesis
ok look...telekinesis is energy coming from your mind and u guide it out through your fingertips.tele-meaning through mind.kinesis-meaning the energy of movement.so basicly i am a practicer of this art. i have been told it is a demonic connection.but look if u dont interfear with demons they wont interfear with you.TK is just a power of the sub-concious mind and it can be accsest by the third eye which is located in between the middle of your eyebrows or up a little. but anyways back to the demonic thing i believe the pictures up there could be a possibility but not for telekinesis. like i said if u dont interfear with demons they wont interfear with you. now im a christian so i have been told by some1 its a sin but, is it possible its a power we all posses we just left behind and forgot about then later came back to and just thought it was *magic*.(i dont know much about demonicism but here it goes)magic is a act of demonic stuff and i still dont understand it all the way but there is black magic,white magic, and gray magic(white magic that turned into black magic)a example of gray magic is lets say u wanted alot of money and later your mom dies so u inhearit her money or something.white magic would be like spells for money or to help some1.and black magic is spells that deal with dark what i mean by dark is like spells that will destroy your enemy or something. now in the bible it says alot of stuff about whats sinns and SPELLS was one of them being a sin. and deals with the spirit world and some are good spirits and some are bad now since i dont know all about this in my oppinion i think spells itself is all demonic.so lets say the pics are the real thing of tk(how its formed) But wouldnt u know if u were in your spirit form i mean come on think about it. thank you  

7 Feb 2007 @ 00:50 by nano @ : mentirosos
no es cierto esto. rs algo natural que uno desarrya con el tiempo  

11 Feb 2007 @ 04:53 by Midnight Demon @ : KIDS
Ok you weardos....i believe in TK but i DONT believe that every single person can use it as it would be norma....no its not i believe that some ppl i mean really low %of ppl could do it..so get really and end this tea party for once!!  

16 Feb 2007 @ 02:00 by Maqick Girl @ : TK
ok look I do TK too and I can make a Psi ball easy... i do it for fun...I can watch t.v and do it...but when I really try my hardest and I mean give it all I get...I still can't see it...If anyone hear would like to explain to me why, please do....and i would like to learn more about this ability and wat I can do with it... please email me at peacefulangel26@yahoo.com ^-^  

6 May 2007 @ 22:13 by Guru Kid @ : Telekinesis
Its been a while since anyone has added anything to this so here it goes." Ye who seeks the truth, the truth shall set you free."John 8:26. What ever answers you hear dont judge off of what is said even if its from me or who ever, go out and seek the answers and determine on your own. Buddha once said. These kinds of things are natural abilites that exist within us already. The only problem is that its human nature to set up blockages and over time we forget about it. Younger kids are more perceptive of these kinds of things and we were taught to be materialistic and thats why its contriversial. Im not sure about the whole demon thing because theres a difference in defining your potential for these kinds of phenomenons which is just using your mind and like blain said 6th chakra (third eye). And then theres the new age term wicca. And yes wicca you associate your self in an evil demonic them to enherit these abilites. Besides TK there is also Pk (psychokinesis) which is more so to deal with the spirit body because Tk is more kinetic energy. Basically if you get into this stuff and you are aware of your spiritual knowledge and use it for your own potential purposes instead of taking advantage of it and using it for the wrong doings, its not a demonic thing, sin or agiants the divine will. hope that helps out to those that seek answers.  

16 Jun 2007 @ 02:41 by JR. @ : Telekinesis
OK. I am a strong believer in telekinesis. One day really really mad at my parents. So I went to the kichen and i was doing the dishes whaen one of the glasses sitting on the middle of the counter slid off as shattered on the floor. At first I thought it was a spirt or something, but after doing a whole bunch of research on telekinesis i found out that emotions have to do with alot with telekinesis and concentration. most people i talk to dont believe in it because they think is static electricity or there just gay because they cant do it and some people can.  

19 Nov 2007 @ 13:50 by Telek @ : telekinesis is real
hello all, Ihave telekisesis and i use it every day
tge problem with with your tactics is that ur imagining something or somebody else doing it, instead believe without a dought you can do it with your mind, because you can! for more info go to:http://www.takeactionnowonline.com/ for a free ebook,
it realy helped me unlock my abilaties and I am still learning.  

24 Nov 2007 @ 01:02 by Mina @ : Who knows how to open the third eye?
I tried to do all the meditations that most of site recommending to do to open the third eye but it seems that i'm not progressing at all... Nothing is happening up to now. My mother though is born with her sixth senses open she can see some unnatural things but not oftenly she's trying to control it and as for me i can feel or sometimes predict what will happend next. Only sometimes, which really annoyed me because i wanted to expand my skills. I just want to know if i'm doing something wrong or i'm not meditating enough. Anyway please if you can help me try to reach me in this e-add nize_rathle2007@yahoo.com I'm longing for anyone to reply. Thank you very much...  

26 May 2009 @ 19:58 by cosmin @ : about this
Demons are persons(invisible to the eye), and a person can't live inside another person;but that person may control other(like your boss:he says 'do that' and you are bound to do it, otherwise he cuts your salary).In order for the demon to posess someone,that someone must allow him to do this - e.g.:by practicing the so-called 'meditation'(emptying the mind).Spirits are a lot stronger than people and can easily move things, and they can make it seem that the human is doing all the work.Think about it:our own hands and legs can't move things?Yes, they can and they do it if we will.They ARE enough.  

16 Oct 2009 @ 14:42 by M. Homan @ : Telekinesis
From what I read so far... there are a few people who seem they might be good at healing, others clairvoyant... the pictures depict a scene that looks like an OBE. As said, a charged energy body, and separation of consciousness. I do not think that for the average person that example is possible. The energy body would have to be so charged up, and the individual skilled at willed astral project, plus to have that much energy as to cause the astral body (energy body) to be able to influence the physical world... that person would have to be remarkably energized and skilled. Creating psi balls is not telekinesis, more like the signs of a healer. Third eye related to clairvoyants and clear seeing. I suggest people look uo their talents, then find how to better them if that is what they want. As far as demons are concerned, these are works of the mind, just as angels.  

23 Oct 2009 @ 04:35 by Devin @ : Careful...
Before you guys go about thinking it's all cool and this and that... know that you might dip too far into the paranormal world. I practiced the beginning stages of learning telekinesis. I could move toilet paper...and that was it. I could also give myself bursts of energy and control my body heat.

Great, right?

Nope. I started to get awakened by demonic breathing and grunts. I got crazy evil nightmares. Then one day I saw a darkness in the room...just hovering there. I never thought It was the TK, because I thought it to be a human science. I guess the paranormal world goes crazy when they see you using their powers. Some haterade I guess.

Just be warned.  

27 Nov 2010 @ 01:07 by crystal @ : help
i have since i was a child have had unusall sourroundings and i know it is based on my emotions. but i just don't know how to control it i even threw someone across the room when i was mad  

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