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Imperial Guards

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 Imperial Guards2006-07-22 14:46
by Flemming Funch

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Not such a long time ago, in a galaxy south-east of Paris, there was a battle between myth and reality. The Empire really had struck back - at least, in the vision of French photographer Cedric Delsaux.
An award-winner in the newcomers' Bourse du Talent competition, he is keen to preserve the illusion behind his Star Wars-inspired images. R2-D2, Darth and his storm troopers may just have been model toys, superimposed on to shots of Parisian architecture, but that illusion works.

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22 Jul 2006 @ 14:53 by jstarrs : What a bunch...
...of shit.
What's the point?

(yer pal, jeff.)  

22 Jul 2006 @ 18:16 by ming : Star Wars in Paris
Hey, it is art, what can I say!  

23 Jul 2006 @ 00:41 by Hanae @ : This is good :-}

But, NCN was ahead of Cedric Delsaux on that one ;-)

Remember this {link:http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v97/__show_article/_a000097-000055.htm|link}?

23 Jul 2006 @ 12:17 by ming : The Empire
Ha, that's even better, yes.  

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