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 Suxors2006-12-05 16:08
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Hey, I just notice that I'm still #1 in a Google search for "Western Union Sucks" and "Budget Sucks".

Not that I'm particularly in the business of bad-mouthing others, but I do find it to be a wonderful balancing factor that anybody who feels they've been screwed over by some Big Soulless Corporation can simply talk about it on their own website and grab a part of the mindshare. Of course it helps a bit if one has a blog with PageRank 7.

If you didn't already know, whenever you would like to check out how clean a certain company is, searching for "[company name] sucks" in Google will give you a bit of a clue. OK, sometimes people badmouth companies for no fair reason, but if you find lots of entries from different people, you might catch wind that there might be some problems with their practices.

As you can see in the comments to my Western Union post, there's no lack of other people who've had the exact same experience. In brief, what happened to me was that I needed to transfer some money quickly, and they accepted the order, charged the money from my bank account immediately, and then later sent me an e-mail to call them, after which they presented me with a "security" interview, confronting me with erroneous 15 year old credit report entries on me, and when I didn't agree with them, they denied my transfer, and then took 10 days to refund my money. So much for "money in minutes".

And don't get me started on Budget Rent-a-car.

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5 Dec 2006 @ 18:13 by Ge Zi @ : hypocritical
You know, I am one who often has to check himself - so, yes - I ran that google search and had fun with it because right of the search results in the sponsored (paid) ads on google I found:

Western UnionĀ® Online
Send money or bill payments online.
Hassle-Free! Transfer money fast.

Cute - huh?  

5 Dec 2006 @ 18:35 by ming : Ads
Ha, actually it sort of startled me for a moment when I did it myself, although it didn't show Western Union, but it showed me other money transfer ads. And when I clicked on the Budget one, it showed me car rental ads, although none from Budget.

I easily forget that I put Google ads on my blog. They only appear in the full articles when one arrives from the outside, like from a search engine search. Which I found was a reasonable compromise, as I don't feel like having ads on the main page, or when one is looking at articles while logged in. But that also means I forget it, because I rarely see them.

So, yes, sort of strange with car rental ads when I'm complaining about car rental. Does that make me a hypocrite, or does it just create a bit of surreality, I don't know.  

5 Dec 2006 @ 20:34 by Ge Zi @ : hyper - hypo - critical ...
... really - what's the difference?
I actually had noticed this only on the google results page - when I ran the search for western union sucks - on the left all the natural results from the search and then on the right the sponsored ads from google.

And if Western Union ads show up on your own blog as paid ads - all of us visitors should actually click those ads to make them pay for some of your distress. It's them who don't have a negative keyword of "-sucks" in their list of keywords.
Serves them right and shows that they really suck ;-) not only in sending money.  

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