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 Noodlepie2007-01-12 16:31
picture by Flemming Funch

The other day at English Limited, I met Graham Holliday, who's a blogger and journalist. His blog is noodlepie. Which is mostly about food and restaurants. Until recently he was based in Saigon, but now he's a Toulouse local. So, it is cool to read some world-class reviews of local Toulouse hangouts now. I mean, in English. There are very few English blogs here. Like here he stops by a little café at the Victor Hugo market in downtown.

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12 Jan 2007 @ 18:45 by Merlin Silk @ : jet setter city
Wow - Toulouse really becoming a jet set city, huh?

First Flemming moves there and now you even have a world class reviewer moving in from Saigon! Wow - double wow.

Speaking of Toulouse - I just have this circuit running off whenever I hear this name mentioned:

An English gentlemen being asked: Do you like Toulouse-Lautrec, to which he answers: I don't like to loose anything!

(sorry for that, but now you have that bug too ;-)  

12 Jan 2007 @ 22:23 by ming : Toulouse
Ha, yeah, Toulouse sounds kind of weird in English. Toulouse or not to lose, that is the question.

Graham's blog reminds me that I probably should blog more about life here, and take pictures and stuff. So, maybe when I get in the mood.  

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