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 Nymphaeum2007-01-21 13:39
by Flemming Funch

And now a little classic art. A nice bunch of nymphs, painted in 1878 by William Adolphe Bouguereau.

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21 Jan 2007 @ 23:36 by swanny : Interesting
interesting to note the change in the female form of the time
Seems it has gotten a lot leaner and meaner...today or
hmmmm the softness seems missing today
perhaps a vexation of the ad companys or the womens movement
perhaps women have reinvented themselves more along the lines
of a streamlined automobile

Actually the softness of the 1800s is nice
and well proportioned to
seems to have equal distribution through out the body
and not concentrated on hip or bust or thigh etc


22 Jan 2007 @ 16:21 by ming : Female forms
Yeah, interesting how the ideals change over time. I think I prefer that kind of ideal there over the skinny supermodels of today.  

22 Jan 2007 @ 19:52 by Hanae @ : And gentlemen prefer blondes

Or so the story goes ;-)

But, if one were, say, a lioness, chances are that Swanny or Ming's ideal would be for deep brunettes lions (or so scientists claims.)

Such attractions are some of the stuff upon which evolution is perpetuated. It is present everywhere and {link:http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/__show_article/_a000010-001759.htm|what one sees}, amongst other factors (if one were, say, a song sparrow, one's bias toward certain learned songs would influence one's {link:http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/__show_article/_a000010-001759.htm|choice} - rather than sight) affects behavior in many ways, including in how one behaves, how people interact with each other, even {link:http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/__show_article/_a000010-001765.htm|the advertisements one sees}.  

22 Jan 2007 @ 20:49 by ming : Preferences
And if I were a jellyfish, I'd prefer, eh, the light blue, fluffy ones.

However much we think it is our own very individual preferences, it is shocking how much it probably just is evolution working through us.  

23 Jan 2007 @ 12:58 by jmarc : Here is A short article
in which the writer's position is that men's ideal woman has not changed all that much, as looked at through an evolutionary psychology prism. {LINK:http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=8516458|Breathe In Girls!} This article looks at the views of writers over the last 1,000 years though, not painters.  

27 Jan 2007 @ 00:53 by Matt @ : tastes
I seriously doubt it is evolution that is the source of the change.
Homosexual male clothing designers in France and other places started designing high fashion. I read an article some years back where a group recruited 19 university boys, taught them how to walk like the female super models, gave them makeovers, gave them convincing wigs and silicon false breasts and dressed them in the latest fashions. They got some of the usual judges and press and told them that they were introducing some new models into the circuit. they put one actual female fashion model newbie in with them. After the fashion show where the boys wore dresses, skirts, and all sorts of female garb and walked down the runway with that fashion model gait the group handed out the first page of a questionnaire.
On this there were questions such as; "On a scale from one to ten how do you think the models you saw today portrayed the ideal of today's concept of feminine beauty?" There was no score below a 6 and most of them were 8 or 9. Another question was "Did you find that the models portrayed today's idea of the sexy woman? 90 percent replied that they did. The questions went on. Each time they finished a questionnaire sheet they were handed in and the next sheet handed out. finally all of the models were marched out onto the runway holding a number from 1 to 20. A final questionnaire sheet was passed out. It had one question on it. "Which model is a woman? answer 1 - 20."
The group was a group of university students that were trying to prove a thesis. They were trying to prove that by allowing homosexual males to design what is considered the ideal of beauty that the designers were impressing their idea of what would be beautiful into the worlds idea of feminine beauty.
I have discussed this with a couple of my friends who are homosexual and they agree that it sounds like a sound theory. I asked both of them (in their 20's) if they found a 18 year old male that was not physically developed to obvious maleness attractive. One of them said that he feels threatened by the "jock" look. I tried to find this article to link to but couldn't come up with key words that would pull it up if it is still even listed anywhere. A couple of the fashion magazine people who were judges sued them. It makes you think.

Disclaimer- I am not bad mouthing homosexuals.
I am just saying that their idea of beauty and mine might not be the same, yet over a period of years now many of them have been the primary trend setters in what was considered beauty by media of all sorts. We are then bombarded by these images throughout our lives. The images we are bombarded with imprint on what we define as beauty. Basic programming.

I tried to find the article, it was about 8 years ago and I guess it has disappeared.  

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