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 Creativity 1002007-06-07 21:16
by Flemming Funch

A list of 100 fine pieces of advice about creativity, by Henriette Weber Andersen. Here are some samples:
3. What doesn’t work in one context - might work in another. Test your options

7. Look at the past to predict the future. Patterns mostly form themselves and repeat themselves

8. Being the first is more important to creativity than to be the best. when somebody becomes the best - the first are being first in something else

10. Creative action speaks louder than creative words

21. Don’t go where no man has gone before - go where YOU haven’t gone before - if you don’t like it, see it as an experience, if you do - use it to grow further

28. Dress up everyday

31. Make your marks in the sand, claim what is yours before somebody else does

55: picture what will be written on your tombstone - picture you’re a hundred and look back at your life, what do you want to be remembered for?

68: ask the questions you are scared about first

76: become a designer, in your mind and in your ways of acting

79: write “what if?” scenarios

85: Imagine other contexts for things. Macguyver everything

99: picture yourself doing things you never thought you’d do.
It is an excellent exercise to come up a list of 100 anything, particularly when it is good stuff like creativity.

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7 Jun 2007 @ 21:20 by vaxen : I like...
Co-intelligence - best - especially where our 'creative commons' is concerned. ;)

Six basic manifestations of co-intelligence

If we are going to take wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity seriously, we are going to have to face some very challenging implications regarding intelligence:
First: Intelligence must involve more than logical reason, since rationality constitutes only a tiny piece of our full capacity to learn from and relate to life.
Second: Intelligence must involve more than learning how to control and predict things, since that does not engage the powerful co-creativity of life.
Third: Intelligence must be far more than personal, since even ants can together generate an intelligence that's greater than they have individually.
Fourth: Intelligence needs to reach far beyond the obvious, since whatever is obvious is connected to things that aren't so obvious, and intelligence should engage with the wholeness and relatedness of things, as much as possible.
Fifth: Intelligence should be able to arise among us and through us, as a result of our kinship in the interconnected family of life.
Sixth: It would seem likely that some form of intelligence would exist beyond us--in and beyond the living world--built into the very wholeness of life.


7 Jun 2007 @ 22:14 by ming : Co-intelligence
Ah, I love Tom Atlee's work with the Co-Intelligence Institute. Wise words. Yes, we need to tap more kinds of intelligence.  

8 Jun 2007 @ 08:37 by vaxen : Yes, me too...
"Intelligence is mental sensitivity and analytical ability. Dynamic is the persistency of the individual in obedience to the command, survive!" - Hubbard

Ah for the 'basic individual.'

"A clear is one who has become the basic individual through auditing." - ibid., above  

10 Jun 2007 @ 15:50 by Matthijs @ : What do you want to be remembered for...
55: picture what will be written on your tombstone - picture you’re a hundred and look back at your life, what do you want to be remembered for?

A couple of years ago, I used to play a social game called 'Utopia' pretty intensely. Every 3 months, the game stopped and restarted. One of these periods I truly gave all of myself to reach goals and got myself pretty high up to honour-lists. When the game stopped again, I had a short moment of euphoria. But quickly realised in the big picture the actual result did not matter anything. Reading your post I realise this situation actually simulated dying.

What is the point of being remembered when you are dead? Are famous people happy? Isn't success something very personal? For the one it is earning a lot of money, for the other it is staying healthy, for yet another it is helping his/her children grow up, and some might feel successfull if they fight for their country.

I think being remembered is not important at all. I think all that matters is trying your best to contribute the best way you can. And I am convinced that every contribution truly matters in some way, from serving burgers to developing bigger tomatoes. Maybe even buying illegal drugs contributes in some way: it might feed poor farmers. So be respectful to everything that's alive.  

10 Jun 2007 @ 21:47 by ming : Being remembered
Another angle on it is whether one feels one has done something worthwhile. Whether one is famous and remembered widely isn't the point. But maybe the point is whether one did things that were worth remembering. One added one's piece to the puzzle, played one's part, lived life as well as one could, whether it be in any big or small way.  

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