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Wednesday, April 30, 2003day link 

I'm turning on public commenting to my weblog. Let's see how that works. It isn't that people had not been able to comment, but it required being a member of NCN and logging in first. Part of my reservation about public commenting is that, with the current software here, it means that one essentially can post anonymously. But, if too much junk happens, I guess I'll just have to make a more easy and quick way of registering.

Commenting works fine for a bunch of blogs I'm reading, and actually supports and expands on the subject matter. So, maybe there's nothing to be afraid of.
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picture I haven't tried the new Apple iTunes Music Store myself, but my wife adopted it in about five minutes and has been really busy browsing and downloading. I've always said that I'd be perfectly willing to pay $1 per song, so the pricing is right. And from what I understand so far, the copy protection features shouldn't be getting in the way. Although the jury might still be out on whether there's a problem with it somewhere.
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 Patriot Raid
Chilling account of the U.S. police state in action. Some folks who made the mistake of having dinner at an Indian restaurant in New York City.
"You have no right to hold us," Asher insisted.

"Yes, we have every right," responded one of the agents. "You are being held under the Patriot Act following suspicion under an internal Homeland Security investigation."

[...]As I continued to press for legal counsel, a female officer who had been busy typing on her laptop in the front of the restaurant, walked over and put her finger in my face. "We are at war, we are at war and this is for your safety," she exclaimed. As she walked away from the table, she continued to repeat it to herself? "We are at war, we are at war. How can they not understand this."
Yes, we don't quite understand. In this case, the person who's telling the story got an apology eventually. Because he's a white middle class American. The rough treatment was meant for the Asian and Hispanic immigrants who worked there.
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 Guerrilla Masquerade Party
picture SmartMobs mentions this site:
Guerrilla Masquerade Party is a monthly event consisting of large groups of people dressed in costumes of all sorts, arriving unannounced at various locations (most often bars). The concept comes from the tradition of Guerrilla Queer Bar -- where gays, lesbians, fags, dykes, trannies, bisexuals, and their friends show up en masse at 'straight' bars, effectively turning them queer for the nite. The agenda of GMP is simply to dress up and have fun. Nothing political, nothing complicated. We just want to add a little variety to Seattle's nitelife, and a little chaos while we're at it.
Sounds like great fun. Count me in.
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