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Monday, November 17, 2003day link 

picture picture I spent a couple of days traveling and meeting people. London and Munich. In London, a couple of very pleasant blogger meetings. Julie took the train in from Glastonbury and we met first with Julian Elvé and Dina Mehta, who was passing through from India. And then with Euan Semple later. Delightful conversations, and good as always to meet people in the flesh that you've only known virtually beforehand. And when it is through blogs, one can usually hit the ground running, as we already know a lot about each other.
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 Russian Transformation
picture A new friend from Moscow mentioned to me that my Transformational Processing books are out in their third printing in Russian. And that she's run into many psychologists who're raving about them. Which is fabulous of course. But it is also a little strange in that I didn't at all know they were reprinted. I might have made too casual an agreement with the translator who's representing them on my behalf. But, regardless, the key point for me is that they get into the hands of people who can benefit from them, and not necessarily that I make money from it, although it would be nice. It is also a little strange to be more famous somewhere where I don't understand the language, rather than anywhere where I do. Anyway, after a little searching I managed to find the publisher's site. It is in Russian, but a run through an automatic translator reveals that it in part says something approximately like this:
"In the book by simple and accessible language are thoroughly revealed the principles, technology and the practice of psychological consultation. Its author, being based on the rich practical experience, proposes to the attention of the readers the effective and flexible system of psychological aid, which absorbed into himself the newest achievements in this region. With the aid of this book it is possible not only to be introduced to the theory of psychological consultation, but also to study it in practice, using the proposed exercises; and also to become acquainted with the philosophical bases of the described approaches and technician.

Because of the consistency of construction and the living metaphorical style of the author, this book will interest professionals in psychological consultation, and all those, who are interested in personal development, psychological aid to itself and their close one. In the formulation of the book the figures of the author are used."
Not a perfect translation, obviously, but it gives the idea. ".. the living metaphorical style of the author" - heheh, I like that. And the fact that I can write "simple and accessible" Russian. Apparently you can buy the first book here. 343 rubels.

I'm wondering if I should maybe change my mind and pursue getting them published in English. I never really thought that would be appropriate, as they're in the format of instruction manuals, and I really imagined a rather limited audience for them.
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 Hold On to Your Humanity
Below is an open letter from Vietnam vet Stan Goff to GIs in Iraq. It arrived in my e-mail today. A powerful, touching and sad message.
"They told us that we were in Vietnam to make sure everyone there could vote.

What they didn't tell me was that before I got there in 1970, the American armed forces had been burning villages, killing livestock, poisoning farmlands and forests, killing civilians for sport, bombing whole villages, and committing rapes and massacres, and the people who were grieving and raging over that weren't in a position to figure out the difference between me 'just in country' and the people who had done those things to them.

What they didn't tell you is that over a million and a half Iraqis died between 1991 and 2003 from malnutrition, medical neglect, and bad sanitation. Over half a million of those who died were the weakest: the children, especially very young children.

My son who is over there now has a baby. We visit with our grandson every chance we get. He is eleven months old now. Lots of you have children, so you know how easy it is to really love them, and love them so hard you just know your entire world would collapse if anything happened to them. Iraqis feel that way about their babies, too. And they are not going to forget that the United States government was largely responsible for the deaths of half a million kids. ..."

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