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Monday, May 31, 2004day link 

 Carnival in Copenhagen
Well, I'm not there, but it would be fun. The Carnival in Copenhagen started in 1982. Samba rhythms fill the strees for a few days in May every year. Seemed a little out of place at first glance, but it instantly became a tradition.
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 Transcendental Realms
picture Terence McKenna on levity.org via FutureHi:
History is a kind of indicator of the nearby presence of a transcendental object. And as we approach the transcendental object, history will become more and more hallucinatory, more and more dreamlike, more and more surreal--does this sound familiar to you? It's the neighborhood, right? [laughter] That's because we are so close now to this transcendental object, that is the inspiration for religion and vision and revelation, that all you have to do to connect up to it is close your eyes, smoke a bomber, take five grams of mushrooms in silent darkness, and the veil will be lifted, and you seen, then, the plan. You see what all these historical vectors have been pointing towards. You see the transcendental object at the end of time--a cross between your own soul and the flying saucer of cheap science fiction. I mean--the city of Revelations, hanging at the end of the Twentieth Century like a beacon. I really think that this is happening, and that what the-- It's as though we are boring through a mountain, towards someone else who is boring through that mountain, and there will be a handshake at a certain point in time. We are moving, literally, into the realm of the imagination. This is where the human future lies.

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 The important question
Via Empowerment Illustrated:
According to Andrew Cohen ... the most important question you can ask yourself is 'What would you do if you knew that you would die tomorrow?' The answer is that you would want to unburden yourself of feelings of guilt and shame. You would want to become transparent to loved ones and to god. And there are many cases of dying people doing this very movingly. The next question is 'why not start doing it now?' The ego hates the idea of doing this and will avoid it right up to the moment of physical death. And overcoming the ego is the only way to liberate the authentic self and experience the energy of evolutionary enlightenment.
Yeah, the things to do today are probably the things you would rush out doing if you knew you would die tomorrow. The mental and emotional exercise of considering what that would be, brings out what is really important. For most people it brings up who you need to tell that you love them. Things you need to apologize for. Somebody you need to be present with, without worrying about what they've been or what they should do or what you should do.
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