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 Suicide Girls2003-12-30 17:07
picture by Flemming Funch

From George Dafermos' weblog:
"This is a blog unlike others. some pretty nice girls pose without their clothes driving us mad. great business model too: there are a few pics available online but they're just teasers; if you wanna see the real thing, the actual hardcore stuff, you have to buy a subscription. and it seems this revenue stream keeps them afloat as they are on my radar for quite some time now. chat rooms, member pages, and the occassional event are also part of the seduction game.

I'm not sure whether i did well blogging this since i'm already involved in a project related to Suicide Girls, but what the hell...No, i'm not doing any porn sites; in our case the use of nude pics is put to the service of expanding contemporary perceptions of culture and society..basically, how the human body with all its scars, tattooos, piercing, etc. is perceived by different cults, communities and how the outer skin affects human relationships and popular culture."
OK, I just needed an excuse for posting the picture of the cute colorful girls. But I'm all for expanding the contemporary perceptions of culture and society. And, yes, there actually are porn sites with integrity, done by people who enjoy what they're doing, and that actually provide an honest service to people who go there, as well as contributing something to the richness of our culture. Although I wouldn't have guessed that from the contents of my junkmail folder.

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30 Dec 2003 @ 17:59 by george dafermos @ : glad you liked the pic......
and yes, i don't think that suicide girls is porn wrapped up in a closed-kind of commodified experience, or online community, if you prefer. it's more than that. and whether we like it or not, this is culture. for if it wasn't a cultural thing, not so many people would coalesce around the site.....  

30 Dec 2003 @ 18:16 by ming : Real culture
I think there's an increasingly sharp division forming on the net, and in the regular world, between what is 'real' and what is 'fake', in all fields. 'Real' to me meaning authentic. It might involve purple hair and piercings, or virtual reality, but it is real if it is what it pretends to be, and if it is honest and of service. But there are still people around who think the way to make money is to make things look like what they aren't, and to hit people hard enough over the head while you charge their credit card. In the long run, that has to go out of style sooner or later. It has to eventually become bad business to be fake. Not to mention, of no value to the culture.  

31 Dec 2003 @ 06:06 by george dafermos @ : hyper-real.....
well, to begin with, what is fake and what is real? and when does fake become the real real thing? in the age of hyper-real that we are certainly in the centre of, i am not sure i can distinguish between what is fake (but made to look like being real) and what is real (meaning not 100% commercial). i bet baudrillard would concur.

And consequently, what is culture? is it LotR, terminator 3, and MTV? they surely are....What about sites like suicide girls? are they culture? well, they are because they are authentic in the sense they 're not of mass appeal. for instance, i like girls with collars around their necks, with as many tattos as possible, and with the attitude that characterises suicide girls. so, i'm part of a sub-culture that values a certain attitude and a specific set of norms, and so forth. i reckon that such sites are co-evolving with the sub-culture they're meant to be focusing upon, and if they're honest about their commercial aspirations - i can deal with that.

and to avoid any misunderstandings stemming from my post where i say that i'm involved in a project related to SG, perhaps the word "related to" wasn't the most appropriate choice. our project is not associated with SG, but it's very influenced by it, and it can be said to be a weblog, as well as adopting a similar perspective on sexuality. so, i suppose i should have said the project i'm doing is similar in many respects to SG, but not related to it.

happy new year and all the best!!  

31 Dec 2003 @ 06:40 by jstarrs : Interesting post....
...it looks like spontaneous culture.
It looks like girls doing their independant thing.
After, does it become 'voyeurism'?
If it does, that concerns the voyeur and not the content.
Does the content (SG) want to be seen?
I think so.
We all want to be seen.
Fake or not fake?
It's relative but the heart of the object knows whether it's presenting 'fake' or 'authentic', IMHO.
Anyway; watch your mind.

31 Dec 2003 @ 08:06 by Jon Husband @ : Real and Artificial
Yeah ... it's getting so obvious that it's getting harder to distinguish real from not-real, and that's so very interesting. If reality is based on us looking at, hearing, touching, doing real, solid things, that's one thing. If it's based on how we view, participate and do things with ideas, inages, thoughts, concepts, feelings, that's another. If it's both/and, then we've all got a long conversation both behind us and ahead of us.

Any of you ever read an article in Harper's, by Thomas Zengotita, from about two years ago titled "The Numbing of the American Mind - Culture as Anaesthetic" ?

I found it insightful. It had a lovely three-or-four paragraph bit in the middle of it about the different gradations of reality we ingest or deal with in media-saturated North America.  

13 Feb 2004 @ 09:00 by johnathan @ : the girls
i think it's a real good pic and if any one else says different there damb rong lololo  

6 Apr 2004 @ 19:52 by This Guy @ : SUICIDE GIRLS RULE!
Suicide Girls Fuckin' Rule! There the HOTTEST chicks on the net. Goog god just look at 'em. There the kneetest chicks ever. You might say I'm keen on Suicide Girls. Check out my website - www.thegravey.cjb.net - for FREE SUICIDE GIRLS PICS! Do it!  

7 Jun 2004 @ 15:05 by dezired @ : SUICIDE

7 Jun 2004 @ 16:59 by ming : Suicide
I hope you're just kidding. No, you shouldn't!! Life can be wonderful, even if it is hard sometimes. The world needs every one of us. I sent you an e-mail  

2 Jul 2004 @ 19:29 by Sacrificial_lamb @ : i like SG too
But there is not reason in living. What is the point does it really mater if some one is to die, most the theme you won’t even know ppl die all the time with no grater consequence. If it’s all fate then I dose not mater at all it was always going to happen. Why do on the world is getting overpopulated and look at the state of the world do you really wont to be part of a species that kills it’s own kind in such grate numbers and destroying it’s one environment so rapidly we are all doomed and we all die would you rather die now quickly or be forever wondering “when is my time” and stand the possibility of dieing slowly in a sterile hospital in your one filth coz you cant make it to the toilet in time. (don’t worry I don’t have enough motivation to really kill myself)
About the Fake or not fake. If you can tall it’s fake are you not able to know that it’s ashamed of who it is and can give you more insight in to who/what it is in the first place, would that not make it more real that the other more open. But is there any thing that is real every thing you see you experience is filtered and referenced to every thing you have see and experience in the past and there for you see and experience the present different to any one.

I read the “The numbing of the American mind: culture as anesthetic – Essay by Thomas Zengotita,” it at
have not read it all yet but seems to say acceptance of change is bad and we should still be pissed of about 9/11 but I have not read it all yet

oh and the pic is hot i love SG

excuse the spelling/grammar I have Dyslexia (which is really hard to spelling for a that Dyslexk ppl have to spelling reguly)  

4 Jul 2004 @ 11:43 by Quirkeboy @ : You know whats weird..
when a sub-culture takes on tastes and styles all their own and it sort of differentiates them from the rest of the sheep..
Sort of like when women started wearing (yes.. sexy) black chunky framed glasses.. if you ran into a girl like this.. you could bet she was quirky.. intellectual.. usually had something going on upstairs..
BUT.. then they became fashionable.. and it was a crushing moment when I first talked to a flake wearing chunky glasses.. (sigh....)
And of course this causes a lack in authenticity..
Listen to politicians speeches.. it used to be that politicians could be light hearted but serious and foreboding at the appropriate times.. BUT our current politicians have tried to imitate the most serious, important speeches in history.. and applied the same tone to ALL their speeches. SO.. now listen to George and John.. (no not the Beatles!).. have they ever given a speech that was not warning us? or based on accusation? Not based on fear?.. (controlling us?).. And of course this has the same effect as the fashionable chunky glasses.. now we have flakes giving speeches.. imitating the truly honest great politicians.. and with no authenticity.  

3 Aug 2004 @ 00:26 by monika @ : okay?
i think that yal are dumb, i dont know how i stumbled across this stupid and sick site, yal need to get lives and start living them up, and not worry about suicidal chicks that just want attenition  

30 Aug 2004 @ 14:46 by Ahzeereal @ : Reply to "monika"
I bet you're a flake, aren't you? aren't you!? you are nothing more than a corporate political robot that probably has hand twitches throughout the day in the shape of your hand hitting the TV remote buttons for MTV... you are a worthless heap of all-amiercan media controlled shlitz. I fear for your safety, as well as you're general humanity, for the day of judgement is coming, as the elections are coming up soon, and the unprepared, mindless, pop-culture addicts, like yourself, will be coded, and catalogued into the american army of mindless autonomatons, who's sole purpose in life has become a servant to the Media/Corporate/Political regimé that plans to take control over every person in America, and then harvesting them as little militery equipped slaves so as to promptly dominate the world in the same fashion. you are nothing more right now than a stupid, atkins dieter with no asperations or plans for anything beyond going to the mall, or buying the new issue of "Cosmo" so that you can see what you have to do to be 'hot'.... and the modern american view of 'hot' is just plain disgusting in most cases, anyhow... all these tiny little 'size zero' women with eating disorders. pfft... whatever happened to girls with a little bit of fat on 'em!?!? whatever happened to healthy lookng girls!?!? where have the girls gone who you could take out to dinner at a nice bar/resaurant [the ritzy places are fun because you can scare the "normies"!!] and she wouldn't go to the bathroom and choke it all up at the end of the meal?? and conversely, what the fuck happened to ambition in america!? if you arent eating way too little, you're eating waaay too much! fat people have never had so many numbers before [both in population and mass]! for chrissake people, just because McDonald's is convenient, doesn't mean it's a healthy meal every day! and a box of fruit roll-ups does not count as your daily serving of fruit!!! PEOPLE: WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING FAST! THE LOGICAL, THOUGHT PROVOKING COMMUNITY IS DWINDLING QUICKLY, AND IF WE DON'T RISE UP, AND START A NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION, THEN THE WORLD IS DONE! I'M TALKING 1984 KIND OF DONE! [anyone who isn't a complete retard should know what book i am speaking of]  

2 Sep 2004 @ 21:17 by Assmaster @ : Life
Like what the fuck is this blog all about?

Lets all get fucked ("in the mean time" as certain people would like to add).

Instead of slashing wrists, just get really fucked and drink loads of fucking beer and strong alcohol.

Fuck yea.  

2 Sep 2004 @ 21:18 by Assmaster @ : Life


24 Sep 2004 @ 12:57 by Nick @ : real and unreal/amerian sheep
I'm glad to see some people out there who are actually self aware, and have more than half of a fucking brain. People that also realize this sad state of existence as it is thrown on us by the Gov./ media/ etc. Link above to numbing of the amerian mind.....was good. Interesting to think about all this fake shit being spewed from the mouth of the monster, (that being the "system" among many other things) and realize that 90% of people think its normal. What exactly is it that prevents people from having even half a clue of whats really going on behind the curtain. (Wizard of Oz style) The whole thing in my opinion could be related to this relationship- for example: A very clever person in a position of power, that is charasmatic, knows his peers on a personal level in some way, and can sway people easily. now this person basically puts on a facad of strenght/confidence to be the uber manager/boss whatever. but in fact he is just as human as anyone else and indeed has weaknesses. Just like the man behind the curtain. He is portrayed to have God like powers and can do "amazing things", but is really just a peice of shit that is secretly hideing. This is our current situation in america. suicide girls are great. people that post shit about their concerns about the girls being "suicidal" are fucking out of it. obviously that is just a title. Like your name. get it.  

26 Sep 2004 @ 06:38 by Phenius @ : RE: Ahzeereal-nick Blue Pill
Gald Im not the only fuck that took the damn thing.....  

26 Sep 2004 @ 06:39 by LaserStaff @ : Blue Pill For conscience...
hehe@monika the matrix has you.  

26 Sep 2004 @ 06:47 by Phenius @ : Porn
You know why we have porn? OUR ANIMAL INSTINCT HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY! Your livingroom is a factory for a product. You.

1984 all over again. New York is a goddamn police state. Our 'democracy is border line tyranical/ communistic/ feudal like government.

Bet you believe a 757 hit the pentagon too huh?  

10 Oct 2004 @ 11:59 by diego @ : splooge
That picture is so great I had to jack off in front of it and cum all over my computer screen. I just got done cleaning it up and I feel like doing it again. Thanks for that wonderful image.  

14 Nov 2004 @ 21:32 by SG @ : FUCK YOU.
We do it because we like it.

i don't know you, i don't know anyone on here i don't know how old this "blog" is.

but this pisses me off beyond beleive.

the site has NOTHING to do with anyone being suicidal. NOBODY is cutting themselfs....
the name is morbid. some people are.... and don't have to follow it up with actually killing themselfs..

We are different girls.
And it dosnt even matter anyone elt's opinion bc SG is already fuckin' famous world wide.  

22 Nov 2004 @ 07:23 by Emmi-Lou @ : HOWDY
i think the idea of the suiced girls is AMAZING i mena what person wouldn;t think it was beautiful to put a new spin on an old tradition  

7 Dec 2004 @ 18:58 by Klipman @ : 't'is the shit!
i love SG, you girls are so hot, never stop!  

21 Jan 2005 @ 20:08 by HumanWaste @ : ???
Yeah, I think that the suicide girls are damn fine and their website is damn straight with me and if anyone sez otherwise i'll boot stomp their asses myself...  

21 Jan 2005 @ 21:12 by subvert @ : so sexy!
ooooh I just love those suicide girls!

I wish there were girls like you in my town! Its all fashion hos where I live (some place in Scotland)  

24 Jan 2005 @ 13:50 by Dan @ : nice...
You know what? Good on them, all porn and adult material has consisted of air-head blonde and cheap twenty cent street whores. Its nice to have a break from the norm and have some girls that are a bit more alternative to others doing this. I myself am a member of the alternative nature and I am exposed to these kind of girls on numerous occasions and they are damn sexy.. much more sexy than all those Pamela Lees and Katie Prices.  

24 Mar 2005 @ 15:15 by Mikey @ : More Pics
Need more pics of hot goth sluts!  

24 Mar 2005 @ 17:00 by kayla @ : hot
i love the suicide girls, my boyfriend and i love to look through the books and get ideas. it's art  

2 Apr 2005 @ 18:30 by stinger @ : freedom
suicidegirls.com is art, just like every other piece of porn out there. After speaking personally to people such as lotus on suicidegirls.com and an ex escort. I find many parallels in both the online pay-for-sex sites such as suicidegirls.com and real life pay-for-sex escorts. This is not a lifestyle nor is is a "community" and if i may quote a suicide girl "I should get paid for my body while it's still young". So tell me, how is this crap that we view anything other than just porn or deviance within our society? Sex should remain free, no pay, just play.  

17 Jul 2005 @ 15:45 by redwind : veamos
Todo el tiron de la foto esta relacionado con el sexo y la muerte,mas bien con la cuidadosa ocultacion de la muerte por parte del sistema en todo el mundo,las chicas suicidas son falsas,porque no hacen honor a su nombre,y traicionan la memoria y la realidad de las chicas que si se han suicidado por su propia honestidad,y porque este mundo sera invivible si no distingue la realidad del cachondeo,impostoras,pura kaka,que se llamen las putillas,pero claro la verdad no vende,es como cuando dice Bush la palabra Libertad ,la realidad esta a años luz del discurso.  

2 Sep 2005 @ 12:46 by Neon @ : Lighten up kitty's
Lighten up kitty's , it's just a magazine with hot chicks in it with tats.
If you live to be a 100 it wont matter anyways.Stop by my site, thanks Neon.  

2 Sep 2005 @ 12:50 by Noen @ : try this link
TRy this link, last one failed.  

11 Sep 2005 @ 02:39 by ihate @ : asdasd
oh..all girls like this, kids like this all be murdered. damn little necrophilliac idiots. lol. attention wanting pussy goth poser idiots  

8 Oct 2005 @ 02:54 by vanessa @ : this site.
i personally have nothing against this site, i actually think it's doing very well,
ive herd nothing but good news about it, i personally love the tattoo work, and peircings these women have, i think they are doing a great job and and are getting further then i am in life..lol... to anyone who thinks less of these people are just envious, and jelous that they could not commit to such a life!
to the women of this site, good work, and keep it up!! good luck!  

29 Nov 2005 @ 21:31 by gonutheman @ : Do the world a favor
I dont know how i eve got to thissite but what i have read its all complaining about killing yourself or something like that...but seriously do thw world a favor and just kill yourself now, save your breath and jump off a biulding or the old fashion way by "cutting your wrists" so stop complaining and get it done, im sick of hearing of it all and stop bragng "oooooh i alllllreadddy ccuuuuut myselllf" ya right maybe nicked yourself while cutting potatoes, just stop and do it no complaining no second thoughts GET IT DOEN AND STOP COMPLAINING!  

23 Dec 2005 @ 01:05 by Brenda Barns @ : I want to have sex with you!
this picture is so fuckin hot im going to go masterbate!  

23 Dec 2005 @ 01:10 by Arial nebraska @ : i want to be her
If i was her i could suck her nipples and finally get some of that super hot action! there should be more photos of girl on girl action. there so fuckin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

25 Jul 2006 @ 04:55 by ... @ : suicide girls suicidal? wut the hell....
i dont ever read these. im a really big fan of suicide girls and i own the first tour DVD. why are some of you saying that these girls are suicidal? because the word in it? suicide girls actually comes from the photographers name which her last name is suicide. theyre so hot. they are all their own person, theyre not your regular hot chicks. the punk scene is hot, and theyre hot!  

19 Dec 2006 @ 14:18 by sistero @ : deluded global capitalism mask
if you think this is the punk scene
you are totally deluded  

29 Dec 2006 @ 11:21 by SUICIDLEANGEL666 @ : DEATH&DEATH

3 May 2007 @ 18:03 by Thedy @ : LOVE THEM
These girls are so hot! And Marie is the hottest I love it.I woul like to meet her one day or just to talk to her in the net.All these tattooes and piercings are great and so beautiful .Guys who dont like them JUST FUCK OFF !!!  

10 Nov 2007 @ 06:56 by VIGEROTH @ : OMG

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10 Apr 2016 @ 20:05 by Blogger @ : Lots of laugh
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10 Apr 2016 @ 20:06 by Blog @ : hahahah
lol when he said he just needed an excuse to post the lesbian photos. In the momento I saw, this was my first tought.  

13 Jun 2016 @ 16:05 by Ninfetas @ : Ninfetas
I just love Suicide Girls  

19 Aug 2016 @ 10:23 by National drink of Pakistan @ : Malik
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29 Sep 2016 @ 13:05 by imo @ : good post
good article.  

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