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Motorcycling the Chernobyl Dead Zone

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 Motorcycling the Chernobyl Dead Zone2004-04-10 11:01
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It has been posted widely, but it is a good story, so let me mention it too. This lady lives in the Ukraine and rides a big Kawasaki. One of her favorite excursion targets is the "dead zone" around the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Nobody lives there, and there's nobody around for miles and miles and miles. It is a ghost town that looks exactly like it did 20 years ago, a frozen snapshot of Soviet era life, just without the people.

The trick is that on the asphalt in the middle of the road, the radiation level isn't bad. Go to the side of the road and it doubles. One meter away from the road and it is 4-5 times higher. So, if you stay moving on your bike, and you go alone, without anybody else to turn up dust, and you bring your geiger counter, you're probably alright.

Not that it is anything to take lightly. The whole area will not be fit for human habitation for another 600 years or so, and it will have heightened radiation for around 48,000 years.

And don't forget, many people died from the radiation released here. There are no good official numbers, but it might well have added up to several hundred thousands.

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11 Apr 2004 @ 09:19 by Gregory Wright @ : The Animal Ghosts of Chernobyl
When the Soviets ordered the residents out of what became the Chernobyl Dead Zone, the comrades and their families were not allowed to take any of their cats and dogs and other pets. For what reason!? These poor creatures were condemned to wander that radioactive horrorscape, without food or water or their accustomed human companions, for as long as it took each of them to die of thirst, starvation, radiation ... and maybe the deepest of animal depressions. The technocrats and fatheads who ran that damned excuse for a country richly deserved to see their entire nearly-century-long national communist experiment rot on the ashheap of history. Good riddance to the USSR.
Those of us now living in (and in dread for the future of) Amerika have serious reason to hope that the USA -- in the hands of our own current political majority of venal and stupid misleaders and malfeasers (read Republicans) -- isn't that far along on the road to becoming the USSA.  

21 May 2004 @ 08:39 by Born in the USA @ : Greg Wrong
LOL @ Greg Wright. I especially like the punchline.  

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